Strawberry Letter - He Had Me Fooled

Thursday, May 10th


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Look at it and hold on to I we got for you here days of stroke area. Object. You had me cool. Here's Stephen surely I have been dating a guy for a year and he treats me really nice we have been able we live in neighboring states but we're less than an hour apart. Though I wouldn't consider it a long distance relationship we see each other a few times to weaken either I'm at his health or he's got mine on the weekend. I assumed we were in and exclude that admitted relationship. Until recently. The other day he was trying to show me picture on his phone and he mistakenly pulled up a picture. Of another woman. He tried to correctly like pass and picked her. Remaining and went today. Why. Certain. Knew I had seen it. I didn't make a fuss about that picture I asked him to deleted and he did. Things and a picture on his phone make me wonder about the nature of our relationship. I ask them if we were exclude. It responds broke my heart. He stated that before he met me he resonate very serious relationship and had had a bad break. That he was not ready to be in another relationship right now believe that this I have. I have met with them and the entire family and we all get along great. He had me fooled I will admit that I'm not ready to be married right now but I'd still want to date with a purpose and not be wasting time on this man. So is the committed relationship title just to play on words I don't wanna. Adopting this man but I did hear him loud and clear when he said he's not ready what should I do. Well what should you do would you want I mean really what do you want to in this relationship or out of this relationship. He said you don't wanna get married right now he's edgy do you want a date with a purpose though that's what you want you got to let him know that. But he's already told you use that you heard him loudly and clearly but he's not ready to be in a committed relationship. So you have to make the decision isn't entirely up to you you've been dating this man for a whole year and now. Again and what do you want if you don't want it to continue like this you have choices you can even get Al. Of the relationship or you can just change some things in the way you deal with pan. If you're thinking it's committed relationship. And it's not. Maybe you should start seeing other people or you know or something like that. Maybe you should really do what you wanna do the first you need to find out what that it used to you don't wanna be married but you do one day with a purpose. He's not ready to do either of those things that maybe he's just not that guy. Or do you at this time these. I I don't know. I'm kind of see this a little bit different here I have a different take because from the male perspective. I can really count understood what to do this day. Bomb. Their school who live here. I've been Dayton is meant for about a year he's really nice. We live in neighbors states or you don't consider along this relation bureau at his house over time we can. He's got a house sometimes week in Europe man he's a man on the weekend. Here we go out assumed we were in an exclusive. Committed relationship. And too recently though the day. Now let's go over to us through what did they tell you all the time about the song. And so we usually makes an ass out of you and me. That's what assume means now what is happening is you post so just. Yeah you could've partly got this good. Visual to go. You know what brought it up you also own and you know the other day. He was shot to show me your pitch on its own. Any mistake to put Belgium on the moment. Well yeah. When he would. Think. I'm not as sodas is so huge and yeah. You felt for him and he blinked. He didn't hit rebuilding and do. He was true to swipe. At his right pet that's what is told bush he can. She's so Utah after she started pitching. Any new you saw didn't make a fuss about it optima true. I asked him to delete it and he. Because it Pritchard could have been year old you'd never know you you just don't know. So. Eagerly depiction. But it made me wonder about the nature of our relationship so I ask you live we work scoops his response broke Omaha. He stated that before he met me he was a diversity of relationship and had a bad break that vicious. You didn't you didn't know that. I a year. You didn't know. That he was in serious relationship. And he had a bad breakup a year. This response startled you. Are you. A ball slowly UA exclusive you didn't bring that out. Yeah you. For the first army reservists is Felicia read a bad break a year before the tournament is I got colony daddy out of data that's good. But dale. Really count of the all new to now. He said he was not ready to be in another relationship right now. Syria's full blow committed relationship there and you try to fix did you go can you believe. I don't believe that it is quite forever haunt them in the what have you heard has ever measured use oracle now months ago maybe you would remain some of the decision. I've met this man is atop them we can all agree. He had me who. Hit him fool you. And it is it food juvenile does many Latino you. This man they deceived you Putin who you. You are shown. After you. Asked him would you scrutiny settings in Beverly ship you the lady he didn't Boone you stop saying this about him. You tricked you sound. Odd to you well. She chose. Yeah I'd drop you think you. Coming down that bumpy imagine if you are right and we're. I'd Steve let's get to part two of your response to today's strawberry letters subject he had me fooled. Well he didn't have you fool. Even Dayton is may have four year future really nice. You have neighbors states. No more now part absolutely none moaned as an issue you that he is out they mutual's whole week are doing a week. I assume we were an exclusive committed relationship I told you about assume. You should not assume. We try to show your pitch or is phony mistakenly porno picture of no war. Cat. Though none of this album in Italy. And Italy and London and. I'll have a problem having. Dealings with him. Don't you. Write. So. He struck quickly swipe at the pitcher but he lives and dynamic applause but preach and to deleted and obviously enormous vision if only academy if you weren't. So I asked him where we exclusive. Yeo. His response program. Stated before he was reversers glacier in her bedroom breakup. Just trauma to listen to. Instead he got ready for another relationship right now how are just talking about this after you and you ask me can you believe it. If you never talked about it. Assumed about a minute you have every right to wanna know what you're life is going ladies and I hold this over and over or what you have the right to ask the man what is going all the yeah. He won't tell you. He told you. Yes I can't believe that what you can't believe because you assume something there. So now I have met this man's adopted him we all get along great. That means he cares about either to comedians that. He had before you know he did. You Fallujah so. Because all you have had this conversation that you had just you can does conversation. That in moments ago. In moments ago. You could have easily had the view you notable. I would admit that I am not ready to be married right now technical support to trip and came ready UA written which I haven't go to. Go to continue to relationship and he's ready. And you know at that rate. So old and achieved through. Bone to the Dell but she wants to date with purpose it's important that they consider hobbled yesterday. Ago. When asked do you want to date with a purpose and not just be wasting time mormons made. A date with a purpose. You all have found the show me the war review are ready to be in at. While all all you don't wanna be married GA ready to be in an old Sears relationship. What shall eons. And do you believe there's some out of Ireland as it and he'd get himself out of golf is so. What you need to do is sit down and give my and what are the usually. Cause you win it now you bring it more yeah you. US. I don't view it is pretty Alison. You're too old beer girl for your right US girls were. This girl and you offering. In you know management. You won't be somebody damn girl. So you would they would purpose he did would have purpose you get what he won't. Due date with a purpose you get what you want additional shuttle them. You also mention more head normal or definitely put our sake Julie even ready follow. But I still wanna do with the brewers and nudges freeways to. So is to commit it in quotation of committed relationship title. Just a play on words. You know I had this conversation with the man tuna. Committed relationship he didn't say he didn't wanna be in a committed relationship his city won't be in a serious relationship. There hasn't if you can be committed to somebody and not be seen. Each owning public just testimony could be in a committed relationship. And not be seen how to. He used jays tiger are there any aides. Are now playing each. I don't want to stop C newsman. I do hear him loud and clear where he says he's not ready but since you re not so much in her. Yeah. And is that. Ready you're not ready. Why job make it work defined relationship by about what it is. And see if it will ever leak anything which could possibly do with being guess what since you heard about it clear he may not be ready forces militia on Lowell and Palo. Enemies praised them. Delete the pitchers don't mean she'd go. Well. Donald goals. During. The limit and and then now. Somebody listen to me and I just constant that you got to leave. Don't mean she go. Some time in the map. Out and remembering. And being handled him around and saw. Yeah. Close shaky EAH eight. A lot of a lot of little to coop. Yeah average. I just told you are doing little to once again away. It has begun to Tara. I do well. Iraq adult beverage and snack I did it out. And I. And. Gold backed toward Johnson pummelled I eat at this time. Evil would opt to it she didn't dazzle movie. Play in real mom I'm. Some time yeah. Yeah. Sure it's dog milk in. Early two of them are your some limit yeah all what we pay. Split. The whole day break out of the quad meet. And now we out of. Yeah right we got. And he can. Come here. At that. We've got to go well after insert amateur dot my girls early on today strawberry letter. And dad don't forget to make sure you join me today at 1:30 PM eastern time for. The strawberry letter live after show on FaceBook live okay thank you for that you're listening. Pete morning shall.