Strawberry Letter - The First Lady Special Offering

Monday, July 16th


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I attention marked people's. People leave you right now. It took. Earning at 726. When he central we're giving away a chance to win Steve Harvey the grand prize of one million. As I said one. Line. Million dollar view on a lot of money people and added a lot of money are you smarter than nephew Tommy we will play it again Tim. On to register right now. Leave it. Eat good. Right now are you heat ball like we've never needed you. A desperate that does it matter and it. And neighbors and our team really needs you alluded to abide. Now it's also done for today strawberry letter if you advised that relationship dating work guaranteeing that and more it's your strawberry letter. It's Steve Harvey and then dot com and click. That Mitt strawberry letter okay we could be reading your letter live on the images like line that you. All right there let's look at love and hold on tonight we haven't yet the strawberry. Left. Who who are you write. Critical and gotta you do see them show because. At all. And nothing to do radio Schumer and Graham yeah a. Yeah a little old movies. Limiting union and the Laguna and then finally in. The riot act. I'd subject the first lady's special offering listen to this when guys stares Stephen surely I may happily married man and I need your advice. Last summer. I loaned to female friend. 320. Dollars or an insurance class so she could start her own business that she was engaged to be married at the time to a preacher. After a low under the money we barely kept in touch she got married and I was busy with my family and traveling for work. Recently. I decided to check my friend and see how she was doing in her new career. As an insurance agent I also plan to ask her to pay me back. When I called shirt she thanked me for the loan but to my surprise she said she never took the insurance class. I was shocked. And I politely asked her for my 320 dollars back she told me that she didn't have my money and she did know when she would be able to pay me she also said that she could not ask her husband that after for the money because that would cause a big problem in her marriage. Even surely you are not going to believe what happened next. Instead of giving me my money she offered me her quotation marks all of that is in. Personal services so she offered me her personal services. To pay off her debts or. Like the eighties. Is a pastor's wife and she offered to repay me in X. I have never wanted to be intimate with her and I would never cheat on my life. I just want my money back should consider that the total loss at this point I thought. I'm telling her husband but I don't want unnecessary drama what (%expletive) I do and it for. 00 yeah she did a great thing you should do is does stop loaning engaged female friend. This amount of money okay that that's. Eight OK she's engaged she ought to be able to ask her beyond thing or that kind of money and you're right this was hard to believe. And yes you can count this as a lost we lost you'll never see your money again. I'm glad though. Oh you're a man of integrity I really am. And gag you decided not to cheat on your wife and sleep with the pastor's wife then I think this First Lady is really at people who work here. I really do offered her personal services to you for the re payment of 320 dollars real. Really first let me be. Again I think you should take the L in this one no please don't tiller has been the pastor hopefully you'll find out about her ratchet treat. Soon enough because I'm sure this isn't the only thing she's doing. I think a lot of stuff with left out of this letter I have to say that on they aren't counted Isabel it is a loss for you Andy you're never gonna see your money again. And don't tell him just take it as a line from an end and I learned a lesson. From this don't lend people money like them. You need to do is doing doughnuts this next Sunday. In the past. Anyone in here now would let it end up in ash. He'll swing little in the 1 am it's. Rat. Rats. And hey. She hates. Trees that have. Made. Is it game me him. And asked. Are. Hot right. Relief. Workers leads in it and this one. You. Know. Products. Which you know. It'll pay you that it saying you. Yes it did in Iraq now past and how long. Enough about Christian may what did you get paid me my damn 300 and pointed out of right now. Right now this rag now. Well. A group for a few ain't liberal. Politics confusion in the future. Pain. All right well listen we're really encourage you. Of the guys responded to today's strawberry letter when we come back. Subject the first lady's special offering will talk about it right after this you're listening. Harvey morning show. I've written a little strawberry letters Steve is on vacation by the way junior is on vacation today and is subject of today's letter the first lady's special offering. Again man wrote this letter and says he's happily married. Last summer he loaned a female friend of his 320 dollars for an insurance clad. So she could start her own business she at the time this woman who borrow the money was engaged to a man a preacher she was engaged to be married so he loaned her the money they barely kept in touch after that. So recently decided to check on its friend to see how she was doing in her new career as an insurance agent. Right GA of America. He also plan to win when he was checking on her to ask her about his money when she was gonna pay him back. Well when he called her she thanked them for the low and everything but she says she she never took the insurance plans and she didn't have. The money to pay him back. And she wouldn't be able to pay him and please don't tell her husband or ask ask him anything about it because that would cause the big stink in her marriage are big problem. So. He said you know she would. On to say that instead of giving him the money she offered him her personal services now keep in mind she is married to a pastor now she was engaged than initially when she asked for the money which about the money. But now she's married to the patsy she the first lady of the church. The guy asked for her money she said she didn't have. Added but she did offer her personal service says. Which today offered debt. And so he says he's never wanted to be intimate with her he never wanted to cheat and his wife and that lady is asking us she did he count this as a total loss. And I should he tell her husband. And what city do Weaver from cheaper for me for a from. Why don't choose the O blessing wind isn't. I don't tooth lead the blue Nancy. Let me you have 300 and what it dollars worth of urban on the you'll way. As well. What what I've got that we are men need to get out what I got out. I don't think it's a 300 pointed out awkwardness there and we can break that. All local. We. Yeah help we do we brigade at three winnable local think month wants to week we keep you bill service she wants to week I don't see why you don't know if I am so disappointed right now I really am I am not I'm not gonna be like spirit I'm much integrity is now. And do judgment. Think that the game got the gig is three to win it back in related don't have it that we give it to waited late want to give so if you want to give it a dead. I of guided them that's beauty and service dad down. All of it done so well take to beat they. Wednesday does that mean it's that. A made me a bit vague today argued to the man at the. And it's not me it doesn't make you feel any kind of way she's the first lady of the charge she's. Hey pitcher. And oh lead it in the Smart economics. When I give it up at the bit from what are common room. Out of you know. O. And Dubai creek city why not yeah when our common room. Three point happened to you and good reason. Good god mine it needs you gave me it is there that are green. I'm on the way it is thought knew and didn't. Hit callable on them. Do you see if we have every right Brian Hill go ahead. It nonetheless. Nothing wrong. The way. Insular. Team. This demands that he wants to stay in Pittsburgh is Google's service in the morning once you service you know. We that he all right. None right. All the mine area. Now path of a no he should just just forget about the three to a he's never get a seat again like I said just like in an incline and he also early like that vote. I don't today. News is that the other it's taken well. They have been. Lets them again. Tell me what to. Hear about what. I. She'd pass his life. She should have been doing. At any different about. Them and go. Out on the right I mean she into the she's free. And that's that properly ago and papers play it. Right. That was certainly drew the line if that line and happy. MBE rate. He's buried money or again that is she's giving him money that's that's. It. Not collectively. In the lower. Aman. I. And equipment that. Could have been them. That much. And. That's ten million. A lot of voter. Yes I'm. Now if you go to church. What who grapple with and you know. Are you judging me and that's not generally do it out like. I guys we definitely have to get out here you can email that it ends amateur dot. On today's strawberry letter yeah. Yeah I am. Deck I'm thinking gradually since the rocky movie the skyscraper came in line to make it for 45 million dollars in the Ryan yeah. Cinnamon yes love the rock on. Around like updated dialogue on what the what happened at a movie you know rate it paid 45 million which is great. But I'm used to it accustomed. And 45 million to make none of us here at the way that. Steve Harvey morning show right ads in this you're listening. Harvey morning show.