Strawberry Letter - Does Size Really Matter

Wednesday, July 25th


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Aimed at winning continued it's 7:20 eastern fixed telephony at central time. You know we're giving way to influence these grand prize that we won that. And that's right we're playing a little. Name call are you smarter than nephew Tommy. And all you have to do is go to Steve Harvey F and dot com to register I specialized. People. Debate below today though again he did don't yet yet the low line. Our big back out of it that's on us and our we'll be back. Me greatly because. I don't mean now. Stanford today it's Johnny letter that he needed by them relationships and dating on work on sex parenting and Laura please submit your letter. Two Steve Garvey FN dot com and click submit strawberry letter. Embargo that we can agree or not right. A regular. Thing you know. Moving through people object we. Today you're. Dead guys really matter let's get into it there's yet surely. I don't postpone. But when you're referring will of their art world. I. She then busted I don't know we can't combat that. Well what is. And it doesn't matter it just matters I. A little bit. Here's Stephen surely. I've made 33 year old man in my girlfriend's 31. We have been together for over five years and when I met her she was the single mom. On working part time as a waitress and barely making ends meet so we started dating and I stepped in and started doing and. Everything for her as a man should. She admit that I was the best thing that ever happened to her now five years later she's finished college and she's got a great job. I've always supported her with anything she. One to duke and after a two year anniversary of dating I had planned to ask him worry me but I had a big financial setback and I had to. I'll put that on hold. My commitment to her never changed. And I gave her a small diamond ring as a token of my love to show her that I did plan to make it official soon. She's not wearing the ring a week after I gave it sure she said it was too small. Everything is back on track financially now and I've saved a little money for a new ring. Without knowing that I was about to propose she has started pressuring me. To get married she has even showed me an example of the ring and the size diamond she wants. Ford which she wants and right now and it makes me mad every time she brings it up I am honestly starting to question if she values the ring. And the wedding ceremony over the strong bond and family life that we've built. Should be honest with her and tell her I can't afford the ring she once. Should I just get the ring I can't afford and propose anyway. I don't want to disappoint her. Please hilt while what a man what a man what a man okay let's just say you sir are a good man. I'd just like the sun goes. You know that song. You want real women jury love. You're you're that Knight in shining armor you know in the fairy tales that prince charming character. Again what am I mean women say they want a good man they want you know a man to come and help out and and support them and things like that and clearly. You are one of those who do just that because you really loving care about this woman and that everything in this letter is true. On and that's all we have to go by here on. I hope your girl realizes that before it's too late with her ungrateful. I mean you came in and changed her life she was working at the wage is the single mom. End and not doing very well. According to the letter until you step to and so you changed your life of course most women I mean you know let's let's be honest here most women won a big beautiful sparkly diamond and her ringing up. On her ring finger in everything. On the. You know that's what we want to but you know when financial reality sets in and start to dictate what you can actually afford. You know that's a different story defect that you suffered a financials that back and still on her ring and all to show intent was really really good here. So you ask that question should you be honest with her until he can afford it was she wants. Does with her communicate communications always pitted teller. You know that that's not which you wanted to get it right now which you're saving to get her a bigger and better ring because you know that's what she wants. Or or you could. Scant heard the ring that you can and can't afford you know what is it three months' salary I think is the rule on matters something that you spend on. And on engagement rink I don't say you know put yourself and any sort of financial blind to take care of her. Because who knows if she'll appreciate it anyway if you want to propose to her if you can see yourself living with her as your wife. Go ahead I understand you don't want to disappoint her. But you can't. You know get yourself in financial straits. Just trying to please her because I don't know if she's the kind that will ever be pleased. After all you've done for her Jiang. What you need to do. Is there. Is planned a woman. That would be happy witness if you look at and as in any OK Carlos. No one man. As at. Never beaten. You yet again of wow he's been able no. In Manila and dominant in middle of that in YouTube's being so flat. Of damn Lama and that was sees this as you Jack would what you did and. Any minute game is at it and you and at love and trust me as of women at the and there's bad you didn't write Mac you ain't. Got to get it. Up. I mean that the person who mentioned the press don't adamantly motion and I am bit about it indignantly quote don't. Have. You know you've given that you daddy is Eddie. It. He's not wearing Hillary because she said it was at the wrong about it the best news out. They haven't stopped that act. No more. Can't tell you how many times you've heard. Admit perfectly and they did that have they would do snag you that. You'll be happy and let humble loan and found a big one that's got that thing. And do you. Mind I knew it yeah. And probably I'll play that not a plot began and girlfriend's. Coffee. I've euphoria that would happen. All politics I don't. Goodman. Is an. Off beat and I. And we're gonna help we're gonna take a short break here will be back. Jim recap today's strawberry letter this subject does size really matter and we got to hear from gay nephew on this equipment he will be baggage when he three after you're listening. Harvey morning show. Okay here's the recap of today's strawberry letter at the subject it does size really matter. Yeah. Is this man wrote Andy's 33 years old his girlfriend is 31 they've been together for about five years now when he met this woman she was the single. On Jews working part time and the waitress and she was barely making ends meet. So they started dating and he stepped in he says as a real man would do and started. Doing everything for her he. You know she will it mean he says that she was he was the best thing and it happened to her five years later now she's finished college she's got a great job. He's always supported her with anything she's ever wanted to do and after their two year anniversary of dating. He wanted to ask her to him he had planned to proposed. On the had a little financial setback OK so he wasn't able to get the ring that he wanted to get her. So he gutter as small diamond as a token of his love to show that he didn't plan to make it official soon. Well after a week she's up wearing the ring that he bought her because she said it was too small. Now he says everything is back on track financially he saved some money for a new ring and without even knowing he was about to propose she started pressuring him. To get me married so. She even she showed them a picture of a ring that she wanted and he can't afford that so he's been a dilemma. Should he you know to go ahead and go over his budget and by this ring that she wants or should he just tell her. That he can't afford it okay is he starting to question whether. It's then the marriage in bond family bond that she wants or is it just a ring. At a ceremony that she once so that's where we are now. We've heard from we've heard from me until he was a very good man and she was ungrateful. Jason can lead in the it. And then junior. Viewers this thing before we had to get a break and we'll hear from the nephew of course. Give her girl offering is to stop talking. You don't have to put that would probably right that they saw the yellow ring as part making a comment that he got a little one minute. I'll ask all of you that is that this is it that the the back in UK get a bit of rain you've got to give up found things that you right now pop and look at it. Thank you thank you for that the subject of today's stubborn letters does size really matter we got to hear from the nephew Neff which again. This is urges them. To lose. Throw in the union. And huge new base small low woman. And Marines will be bill go. And I didn't see you all's. One after. And ring. We will be bigger and Theresa if you want to live to women LA they will be blown away bodies rate as low fat. Me I'm 99 bond yeah. Yeah. Due to look small local government and the rain. Will be here in the battle plan this tournament that is the place. Every word. Gazelle and there but if you don't want no Lexus. Line three of go. Through it. A small woman walls while they don't want noise how's this 2003000. Square upbeat you know she won't they wanna tie. Followed all the room and that's comparable to that makes. Me a lot you don't want to. A look at braves give it to a wanna be played a fool to want us both of us. Current and wanted to check is she wants it coronation. You the yeah. When you can also receive only the 161000 be paid out get a small little wobbly. And agreeing we will be being added now wide screen it says it needs to meet knowledge it is a good look crossed that they report. When he made into an alleged double. Yet about Bigby. And alienated alone not only youth. When. You. Well. Yeah it's usually suck. Well you were home little one man. Keep the relaying to keep the ball lying on Dallas the one. Did you. Here at the line when I read I don't want to disciplined manner. Did you yeah he definitely aren't unknowingly get an imam I don't like about them. Pump broke below important he's not. Currently serves. I don't know what you were certain freeway they only play with ID. Are you today. When you think. Oh yeah. We urge all. The way Ali Abdullah better relationship debts don't matter relate. Freeway only don't play with. I'm definitely tube in his. But like I have that exit out in the days CPM I agree that she's grateful again to smaller woman man. Yeah she's grateful she is. He was a violent. Approach agree Beagle K group the one who can get the do. Mommy. Brazil immediately the LA area probably. Our leader and a. And yet this is you know it's just really sad because he he's been there for her and their colleagues here yeah yeah. Doesn't he can do I mean I'm sure later he can do that ever right now this is he's doing. The best he can do and maimed or he be there but he writers Steve plotters smaller ring. Because that toll could afford at the time. Two other show his intent and the fact that he would want to propose to her at a later date. And then she kept on she stopped wearing the small ring. And she kept showing him pictures of the bigger ring. But he can't afford that and he wants to know should he tell her and he can't afford that de gras. She knows the ring she read it while it. Hope girlfriends. Back and then dumped I don't know atlas Martin. Witness and acknowledging Uga Q wearing a lot got a big receipt and the best. It out of your email enter its amateur stunt than today's strawberry letter Steve RBF and the and they're coming up in about ten minutes come any room that would. Right or what you're listening. Harvey morning show.