Strawberry Letter- Dating Married and Single Men

Wednesday, January 3rd


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Buckle up and hold on tight it views strawberry Atlanta on three yeah I've got to surely here today. Are they up. And Google logo logo on. The opposite is true seven and then you is that you we're this. This is the subject dating married and single Meehan I date both. Single man and Mary Meehan. I find nothing wrong dating dome most of them need love too. The man that's married made the agreement with someone else not me. He's the one breaking it not meet wash it out feel guilty. This is big going on since from the beginning of time and will never change. I don't expect more from a married man Smart enough to realize that I can't. I don't want anymore I'm just enjoying that time for the moment you may call me stupid I don't care it's what I believe. I'm like a variety and I don't discriminate. Odd date single Meehan to. Desperate Q you may say no no no not. I've got many women have to realize the power they have in them. Yes I'm single and enjoy and I also had three proposal. And I turned them down I'm just not ready maybe Ivan Neville we deal but I'm happy happy happy act. Well Carlin since surely you let me tell you about it first the ball opting this has had a each issue. This is not a letter written about very mutual well. You agree with that zone. I also. Wanna know. I mean what are you that you looking for something here because why did you write the letter. You know she's not asking for any question. What should I do should I stop while Bob this way. How has this happened to me do you agree with me. She's that that's not in the letter at all. This matter came to us this is just a statement. And she putt at it but I'm happy happy happy so happy. Why do it with the hello oh see that's that's the part that throws with which lets me know. Some that his goal went home see there's a conflict in this woman's mom. So therefore she decided to any of our response to all own conscience. This is all this is to me because you're not asking us anything. You're writing down on a piece of paper. How you are responding to yourself who your question. This woman is obviously questioning what she's doing. Now she's that she'd roll let a tough sell and send it to us. Yes. Because she knows right from watching holes it's wrong today Mary me. She can host she's fairness she says outside nothing Rome. Date the most of them he leaves me love two she says demand as a married made him it would of made the agreement with someone does not mean he's the one break it and not me. This woman okay how do you miss and state anything about morality. Exit. The morality of I don't know. She issue I don't care she scares these about the letter she does skiers she absolutely Casey's absolutely she's in confidence that. And you remember you since Steve is the perfect term for you to share your book with our. You know she doesn't mean mumbled she's about. Not until booked yet that don't know nor should need to real deal. Because. Prayer. Bubble doesn't go into a morality. A bogus deals with the comets as part that I try to get him to power. Cheney's about. She needs to understand that this type of behavior. Has ramifications behind. Apps you cannot do what you wanna do. In my life it just doesn't work his way. Can't talk about he's the one breaking it not me why should I feel good to. You well apart and it's a you have to be responsible for your actions to him hello. Pill does not open just for one person. Now right hailed as open has multiple slots. You know just cause he broke the agreement not US this deal would ticket for you wait. If if you keep going to. You think as some of the self esteem issues there. It was something they're then. She feels that she can just date gaming means she's well enough and it gave me I think she's trying to prove it unhappy happy. Wish each and I think she's trying to prove something that that she's horrible. I mean Donald password that she's desires our ball man I think she wants you won't want to donor to the kind of not a word I gave you can't go out really well but I guess she's barely able to see you wouldn't die all she would. Well oh yeah. You say a wall moment again desirable. Is that what he's trying to prove bills and a sentence. Now not big islands. I'll find you very very won't go. Girl drew me to go looking up. A girl. Who is so vulnerable to me I just so rare. Item you won't you tell you like the wall noble of cabin crew. We're also callables if you. Knew he could point laudable. What are you doing. What I want you to looking. Saleable bewitched. That part to Steve's response coming up at 23 after the outcome Steve let's get to that part of today's strawberry letter to. Dave married and single made an odd day both single may have been married in a fund that wrong big there most of them these to demand as a grad made the agreement was someone else not me. He's the one breaking him not me watch about feel guilt is being gone also to begin at a time and never change. I don't expect more from a man man also monitor realized that I can't. I don't want anymore I'm just enjoyment now for the moment you may call me still but I don't care it's what I believe. I like a variety and I don't discriminate ID single Meehan to desperate you may say no no no I got into. Women have to realized polity have in him yes I'm single and joined. Also at three balls and not turn him down I'm just not ready maybe I'll never will be but I'm happy. Happy happy. Arm. You know what does this. This line you always say though stave. Infidelity cheating me in what you know good good the number one question women always ask is why do mean sheet and it's a million doses to that yeah. But one of them number one reasons why me and she. The number one reason is that there are so many women willing to cheat with them. I mean at one point term summarized got to stop polo. You know but if you got a woman out there saying look. That man is married he made an agreement with someone else not me he's the one breaking it not me. He maybe Britain breaking the waiting trial but you know there's some bigger rules. Come on man I mean. You know she how about like one of the commandments. I mean I'm not a dumb please god not don't stone because guess what I broken a lot of rules in my life so. I'm not throw stones but please don't justify your actions. My stand I have nothing to do with this it ain't because you have everything to do it. Issued Anthony she accepts and a proposal how would she feel her husband. Cheated on her little woman. This at the same excuse that ceasing. As a group more now publishing fail in his but I. Latest you know what Carl is used in an example that many women always use how would you feel if someone was out their present in that philosophy to yield Hawes. You know how how would you feel a little warmer called me on all Oprah Show in terms. I'm so sick comedian not. Attitude that's all it takes what he you know does not ought to take sometimes it is sometimes that he is only pay scale I'm trying to make an excuse is it is what it is. But whoever is being cheated all feels wrong. And now you're excused your own emotions. Out of Q what it's usually give the person and you cheat known day long like you're listening. People unleash.