Strawberry Letter - Closer Than Close Best Friends

Friday, June 8th


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Well done I. We've got to play Saturday the strawberry letter thank you have you objects closer than close. Best friends peers even surely I have a male best friend that I wanna be more than friendly. I was taught that the man is supposed to pursue the woman thought I've never attempted to tell him how I feel. About him we have been friends for ten years and although we were strictly have a strictly platonic relationship. Our friends and family make jokes about it already being a couple. My mommy the referred to him as her son in law he lives 400 miles away but we see each other several times a month. He always pays for my life hotel rooms meals when ever I go to visit him. When he empathy meet you spend time with my mom and he makes plans earth to the movies concerts play at that are. I have even been on his family vacation. I know that our friendship is not normal and we do everything a couple of except perhaps. He's never shown any interest in dating me. But it's so obvious that he liked me every time you get the new girlfriend he hears everything with me about their relationship. Even had a child a few years ago and I was there for him when things didn't work with him and the child mom. He's perfect for me and I can't imagine my future with any other man but man with any man bought him. I want to let him know how I feel but the thought of rejection. Of buys me even surely what do you think. And a man be close friends with a woman and not have any feelings for her this is driving me crazy I want him and only him. And I tell. Well I think you should tell them I really do I don't think you have anything to lose that then you have everything to gain I think he should definitely take a rip. And plus I think you'd like she'd like he said in the letter because he spends so much of his time. And his money with you paid those things are important so he does that a lot with you. And that's what makes me think he likes. Not issue but he spends time with your faintly you spend time with his family I mean ten years. I'm on a long time I mean they're should be nothing. That you can't here with this man especially appealing. After Ali you've certainly been their for him I mean with his. Girlfriends and has done an all of that I really think I really hope that your friendship can and will withstand it. If you guys did you decide to take this. To the low level you know between you gotta tell him her EU somebody has to break BI even if you you you try it and it failed. I think I hope that you guys can can be friends and come through. People always say that you should be friends earth that you guys are definitely bad and you've been friends for ten years that should mean something Dave. Just didn't know what it was you. A couple settlement in its team to leave on news that's why we have Ali you know me youthful. You don't is woman right here isn't. In. Yeah I'll go family vacation. Dobson to do and everything else that caught our flag leniency each of the several tam tomorrow. He paper you might hold till room. Meals whenever you go to visit did he can't see you. Good town tomorrow. Makes whampoa double see movies concerts please. Obvious right here and what me. Lets them get to. Something. Is well. Cause nor does it need to argue being an athlete he element. He yet know the girl for you detail as you all about it and he had a son a couple of years ago when he was damp forwarded didn't work out we know mommy debate. The sleep in which somebody. Eating cheap. Black. Has. Not me to move you. It'll why you won't hear sold he's so perfect for you. It could be one of two things only with the main. Number one he is. Off forty. That if he makes a move to you that it will destroy the free and she'll. And he's just hang it around because it's so stupid about it where he has not figured out that you have a physical. And mental spiritual attraction to heal. Dex. Go first option. That still want that you hope britney's. Not a second reason he uses men is causing an attractive to. That is Kobe definitely brutal to you ego. Sort of what you gotta do is he's talking about all of his all of the girl three. Don't FaceBook and drew get a pitcher deal. Now you view this animal re. Asked Jim and there are three years you have the only looks he's not attracted to that's going to be now. Not chances are I don't think that's the trees cause we don't be in money. No we don't know eight iron and we do not being entangled with people. Were. We just do treatment they feel they're not sorry. What we are just dues. So I'm hoping it's the first one. That he's a free. That he would lose Joseph friendship. Before he's had the courage of the mayor to make the move calls is something about Judas sold special. That he don't want Hussein. I led a girl give that would mean for years like this nameless machine you use. All the past who. Even through comic. Mancha. Putin say anything I just wouldn't. Come on let's get to it part of your response to today's strawberry letter. Closer than close best friends is the subject. Yeah. Here it is woman being friends would do to me in fourteen years. They've done everything together vacations. Flat all hundred miles away he'd taken a play these counselors don't. Take a mama how big do everything together even a family joked about it Yani and a couple. Even better relation what other women to you all about it darling network talked about that it's so difficult to believe. Three dollars and army would they have it ended in a movie that wants out Dodgers where there. Mean don't don't yes. He had a baby wouldn't go that girl caught use. And obviously broke it I'll. That didn't work him out and you go would help me and what I'll I'll be. Where were batch. Lack fascinated it's only two days to be stopping. He's so afraid. Of losing your friendship that he's heading known outskirts thinking you don't really see him that way. And he just hope when you come around one day me and can't do that. Because we don't be it money old women that we are not attracted to we just don't do that. I know it's funny is that says any ways that don't get Sunnis and I'm I'm just so yeah into crude. We're putting odds are tortured on Tuesday it would. Now the other thing news he's not attracted to me. And that would be the most devastating weeks. Because nothing you can do to make him attractive to you continues. But I seriously doubt that that's the case. Because he keeps flour until you have made you mean something to this do than. And I've got news for you she loves you. I have news for you. They know do door knob from the woman for ten years you don't novel. Beyond the thumping Ferrer how I ever got to leave large U. Any won't Symbian which you what are you don't want to lose a low marks always can't imagine and in low block is trying to walk masses and ethnic. The. Mobile or do you not think. It. Let me go to implement. Even. Expect you to do some wild game that I'll copy and that is the. Like you re the good and they're not even know it. Kind of find out after the it would Memphis comedy is different did when Oprah maybe maybe you got which proposal. Oh well I'll read I'll probably glad to know he had this would have you walk past and Google and you'll hear none. We do you look back and he's been out there. Mean. Do you walk over us that you negative right next to him and act like you off Williams and keep watching that game as CI alone I didn't expect national map. Game votes and. I did have a good advocate in bush says that it's only to be like yeah yeah. And Mickey news when you just take you know honor machine has the game don't walk around in front glad it's you. Yeah. You become a I'm in Minnesota can see a real low. And does nick at bush and analytic work hours to give a good equip them to be a breath would go and attack it. And they O'Neal's owner in Upton. There. Columbia barefoot you know you're better which it to a jump on details house who can lift that up I would just be put that in voice the act. Being in bed in the and a you know plants amount real quick. If. He's got to let him know you agree with that for sure she needs that to them and they need to break the guys. By many Beirut and we. Ten years via. And he spent a lot of time and money with her. There. He has never shown any interest in dating means big. Who. Well that's what she says in the letter he's never shown any interest in dating me you know you have no obvious that he likes yes the if there's no obvious deal less than a year since you haven't. Look motorists slow. You've got litmus tests then you got Craig we see tens. You've got to they got cancer tests out there. You detect HIV tents you can take diabetes tests. You've got to take the bullet this neck. It sounds very nice right now. Now you're gonna vote humble and wrote a letter asking it has no that was fun. Dot attempted to ask if that's got ten there than it is so obvious we'll wait wait a black hole. You know yeah thank you obviously pregnant or wait a way to Amman. You thank you obviously sick we got a wave of bad out there and they got to do unto you and they're trying to argue though that none of our time is the difference between it and my butt naked naked naked. Just when you come up to she. I'm Beckett is when taken a bit little kid is when you changing clothes in the dangerous. You just netcam. What when you walk out of form or somebody followed him to see human. Oh yeah dad Matt McComb what day it. What we talked about this morning. John O'Neill couples suggesting he's known it the next time you Mickey do you really want to do that didn't put it immediately song. That's all. There. Though he little boy and little thing led to do is as we were to ask don't do it. Fellows yeah it should come to be at Mickey we just a mic so. Moon. Yeah whom. You know. Article it is it's them. Haven't grown thank you Steve we got to go email enter into. Build if you look at the negative and they. I. We got it got email is gonna mustard plug this reminder oh surely okay thank you so very much. Aha well I appreciate you guys are you a student. Or discovery let her live after show will be better than you you're listening. Pete when he should.