Strawberry Letter - Cheaters Never Win Except in this Case

Tuesday, July 31st


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I ladies and gentlemen tomorrow morning the winning continues at 7:20 eastern sixth when he central. We're giving away a chance for you when Steve grand prize of 1000 dollar do we play the game. Are you true. Are you and smarter than net you do not me are a class oh. To me. BA is. I don't reviving its. Are yet that that come to register because you can't way. If you don't register and if you're not registered can't blame him if you know you gotta win and that's what this whole thing mean she got to win beat on me okay. It's time now for the strawberry letter for today you need advice. Other relationship on dating other work on effect on urging and the Dalai submit your strawberry letter to Steve Harvey at and dot com. And click the Mets dropped Mary leather. Want Smart guy. It would book a lovable on tonight and how good it is real there that. Yeah. Luncheon today did a little longer among them removed from their win them. I'd just subject cheaters never when. Except in this case there's Stephen surely my former best friend won't speak to me. Here's what happened my best friend and a boyfriend have been and an on and off relationship for twelve years. I never really care for this man because I know that he cheated on her multiple times would multiple women. He continually take them back and hope that he might change I don't get in her business but it breaks my heart. That she is constantly being at respected by him just last week trucked trusted source. Told me that my best friend man is that the with a female he worked with I told my best friend that she pretended that it was no big deal. Later that same day a group of our girlfriends were in on her FaceBook group of my best friend was also chatting with. This subject came up about and that she and women that keep taking them back my best friend did not make any comment. Of course I had a lot to say and I was able to do it without singling out my best friend. Well that didn't work after a group chat my best friend. And texted me and said that she with her by my comment that she felt that I. Talking directly to her he ended the tech with they have a nice life. Exclamation mark. I texted her back and ask how could you forgive its leading man multiple times yet she can end our friendship over something so trivial I also called. On her to apologize and try to work it out but he still will not talk to me I feel like it's heaters one in a relationship with over our friendship over. Because of him. Do you think I was wrong for being concerned about my friend what should I do. Well I take issue with you and a couple of things that you wrote in the letter youth bed. I don't get in her business but as soon as this so called friend called you. And told you that her man with Keating with a girl at work you got on the phone and called a friend okay so you are in the business. You say you don't get in the business which are all of in the business. Now to answer your question do you think I was wrong for being concerned about my breath no I don't think you're wrong about being concerned about your friend because guess what that's what friends. Do that is what they do. You should care about her because clearly a man doesn't care anything about her and she doesn't care about herself if she keeps taking him back and allowing him to do that. People would say that you are too much in the business and I do agree with that but as best friend she's probably telling you all of her business. If not is in the street and people are talking. That's where you got it from filling called Q you're right about her and allowing. Her allowing the Hutu women escaped but my advice to you is to back off now OK you've done enough. You've tried to make amend it didn't work he told her about her cheating man. That didn't work. Okay you've got to back off now right now she's blaming you and not her man and she's going to take him back and he'll heat again because that's what he's been doing that that pattern. They got letting go OK sometimes people don't wanna hear the truth. Sometimes as a friend you have to think back say nothing. And watch as your friend go through the drama that cheating and lying and all of that and just be there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on. Today. Sometimes you have as she goes out quick him. And the question is what's more important to use eminent good friend. A man in your own damn business. You have this video itself which is more valuable to me evidence and on Madden you know all damn bit in the. You had this except. Except let go shot heat off Matt Powell. And damn business. Bow out and done. Well we'll be swat bags and whatever you do on matches you know. Damn it is what you kill them. And it. Knight is out of green and why did Mac guy home damn his knee. That and let alone damn bid. It isn't that is what matter at all and didn't. All right I junior in your have you ever been a situation like that. What I say this with that in a word that I he's it that way I put it this way. I. Wow I. Cost. If you. It both webinars loop the now. It's. One. May. Well. They may help me make me. It may pay. Yeah. And think she. Right. If you noticed that. Haven't men they are nothing in how men always say that they have always done I give them. On and I don't know that she did and am a man. And you demand he owned it. Does because that teeters stick together. They don't want you got they don't want us talking that's all that is located to control issues. I'd been subject this cheaters never win the except in this case we've heard from mean we've heard from today we've heard from junior. Who haven't we heard from the net you. The. The net you will be up wouldn't respond. Right after that this subject is cheaters never win. Except in the case will be back at that 23 after the hour you're listening should. Be morning share. I've we're in the middle of the strawberry letter is subject cheaters never win the except in. This case the young lady wrote this letter. I am not a former Beth friend who won't speak to her now she's that this is what happened their best friend and her boyfriend have been in an often on relationship for about twelve years. She says she never really cared for the man because he's always cheating on her best friend. And her best friend always take him back no matter what. In hopes that he might change. That those low rider of the letters says that he doesn't get injured business. But and it breaks your heart to see that how you know badly this man this respects her someone came up during told that. The man was cheating with a woman at the job she told her best friend and one thing led to another they went on a FaceBook. Live chat her best friend was on there they were talking about man who cheated on women. Now the best friend said that she didn't. Say anything about her best friend man or anything like that but the best friends took it that way and now she's not speaking to her and does she called to apologize but. The best friend just notre hey have a nice life in other words I'm done with you too much in my business. No that's pretty much where we are right now we have not heard from the nephew. Nephew would you have to think about the letter. Cheaters never win. The wind except in this case. Actually in order last year down a the delay elbow. You know surely today we're going through pool of this being in a different format and she'd be and Lola. Three. Under. President Ronald let's go back with a two on he team. Law. And you know once you understand that Keating is an institution. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm eating. One week. Not cheating fool you. The CD is a way over the it's that we believe me it's a way of understanding in what we have here he is. There he said. He doesn't have a win but I they did that Donald Trump the trade and he has. There he. That leave me on the bright side of life. I'm not saying I am Machida. And they had feet fares. On me yeah. The lie. I think the problem is that feat I hate. And that's which you lied you. Hey. The U man because we get away with the TD yeah mad because feet of living the good. When you really only. They're good athletes on the grounds out. OK I don't he'll mark congregate in the one is with me this morning one. That we go down I want McNabb to well at. Barry Q and lead that she got congregation has calmed again now to. Yeah man and what what the rules they don't hate that the it paid. You hate the Keating gains in the U mad at one of the plea of go Leah in the game this. Right in this situation hasn't thing to do when you. The you'll dale B is and that's what you need to do that you won't me that's what I think that's. How may I think in likes the way he can new what 12 what are you of that that he got it going home baby about a lot but this guess. That's what she'd hate it won't be bomb. Or do it at all what mobile bay be able. I'm just saying fetuses. Horrible way of making life. That in something Manhattan Matt Matt Matt and me but I am this thing off. Who leaving them right. You. Did help me it is. It is not me on this thing on the feet. Don't think. And what would you. You know it would it would we'll we'll we'll we'll when he gives a good 30. Feeding can indeed evolving. To meet you were a normal around my abdomen. In that capacity. You know that's ideal pivotal call my house in the morning. Might be seeing the when asked what. In house rip ran. Now bring an end. Addiction can bring it and I'm just saying that fetus that. Pavel Leo relieve being. And you should not destroy the away a bit that lifestyle in out of that you have nothing to do with the U angry and upset in the eighth. I'm glad you lost your free and when you get in the ring guess what kind mine yet today on being. Noticed. He is wrong you understand that right now and then the whole cons of in the salmon it was wrong fifteenth. Teaching you what not to do she Jersey and it's bouncing around him continued that yet a steady you honestly I'm teaching you to stay out of people's business. It has nothing. Hi my little bit of their best friend she could that we are proud of her best friend again do you know how I look at it really. You in the B it's. You don't have a bench and coming up this morning and I am money man. Shot out some time. It's just them B you help me out. Oh. What you don't know if she doesn't have a man if you have a mayor that you are to have the business that you wouldn't be anybody else's kids. I think yes you've concerned about her friend. I'll hit man for the last twelve years. Has cheated on her and she continually take him back. It is her business that she's her friend he'll be and we'll certainly let me ask you something have you had a free hand. I have that I was in the united unabom. Well and Hollywood and in a positive. Thank you letter. Saying how. Yeah. And I know you are driving around. This announcer lemon it's not about me. Parent Apollo. And not about that is definitely. Of the well I told I told her I'd definitely told her that she shoots will get out of what would you tell yo free. And I feel much. Well I don't know about you me and dubious cellular Meehan do that would you do that wouldn't know it was not my business. I. But I do care about my friend. I may not necessarily think that like there are about five beta seeding dole is open you know. Now I'm. I don't want to even wind today. Eating is wrong. Now and minding your business is right. If you give him managed to do bulk of yeah that's this week's. I'm wrong but man you know damn business is rankings right now only been guys that demanded it but it's neither. Guy like stick together and should stick together as well if you with a female surely this female she. And Evans ya again you don't know that much about it because I know that it what they do this as an. Oh. All right let them. Guys we do you have to go. From Eden in the next room. So what do you think Carlos injure you would tiller. My play. Not only Avago. I email us or answer amateur nuts and today's numbers letters Steve Harvey at them dot com. We haven't ten minute comedy route that right after that you're listening. He beat morning show.