The Strawberry Letter - Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Monday, May 14th


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Experience to stroke there I think you have subjects can't judge a book by its cover. You're even surely. I dating this thick sports cauldron of quarter for a few months. He is on generous humorous and fun to be around. We decided it was time to take the next step in our relationship. That we have been flirting and making suggestive comments to each other week. Well we did the deed if he'd get my drift. And let me tell you you cannot judge a book by its cover. With all of this tall and chocolate big commitment. He is not acting opening. I'm meaning that even hurt a live. I couldn't hear any of my normal tricked because the couldn't stay in the game. Every time that I trust and he loved his letters feet every time I tried my equivalent to hit vote. He blew it out of bounds. Boyfriend it's from the motherland and them stereotype. Stereotype that very truth though it for me to go from an Anaconda. To a guards and they and another thing. He talked nonstop while we were getting busy boom. Boone of the deal like dad did you did you want me when you first saw me I mean really. Man who are bringing it are loud thud. I allowed to duck the Mac and I asked questions. Even surely I need jewels that might. What do I do with little Fella. How important it great that the relationship I cannot say it again but I also don't wanna leave them over thumping the little. And no pun intended in Oakland is in yeah. And it was it would yeah it any lab are pretty clear yet. You know what it depends on what your plans. With with this man in the future if he if you have that and eat your plan you'd like him. They've done with dinner at humor and fun to be around is that where you won and he did I mean do you wanna keep up the mind state you haven't mentioned. Catching theories feelings for him or love or anything like that. So what is it that you want just that. And yet to answer your question yes that is very important relationship. Which are not in other relationship or. You mean really you know this for a few weeks. You you all having relations though you I don't know about a relationship which you I have currently and. So if you decide that they would of died. You don't torture and for you know that you've already taken for a test drive that you have to decide if that's what you want you'll have to weigh in at having a good man with a small package and that is by UN relationship. And and anything amply that comparing him to your act with B and the conduct of that tonight enemy that relationship less you know. When you got to get a bid to gain. Where you know we do. Do you read gold you hundred Sears we'll Copeland and Larry Izzo. He bag hung in there and here we go frivolous and then subject okay juror to blow. Bob Hope Karl. Dilemma. Privately let there should be yeah. I did this oh. Yeah doesn't need to take to C offered this callable. Well I changed. How and why did this over this thing won't. Distinguish surely I've been didn't sit well. Tall tall drink water and honest he's generous he's Hughes eke out to be an. His shift about to beginning. Let me ask. You know you got he's just generous and humorous yes he's humorous in the jokes he's just beginning. In. Any funny children. Low black eye shock round jump out of the flag bearer. We decided it was time. They do Nextel. We referred to mid isn't just comets for weeks now so we did indeed did you get my drew. And let me hair you. You can not judge a book browse well we're. All reviews colleague Shasta really good legs. We aid package abandon. Ready and yeah. Of Iago. He and packet and does open I mean. Guy you would live gig he couldn't even hurt Ulf Mac. I. You and here and cool where the law and who wants to be. And so all we make me hot and he couldn't even heard of black. And Ed is she tricky. Yeah cousin next to me she said. I could use it. Oman no tricks kid got tricked no tricks truthful Kia etc. but we're not even written text and growth. A processor. To grow and that's what. Greeks are who wants to be certain you can't hurt for a if she can use Obama no portrait. Couples cars she actually X. Grew all the tricks of cookie it's different pseudo. Liberal movement that. That critics yeah you'll be a gotten that under the tricks. Cause she's a cop if she did her tricks he couldn't stay in the day. Custody who wanted to treat every tab back trap mass we will and he will deal. All that blue blue blue he failed to act again. If we know what hit me. It is all after three. It if you add a run at you over a black gateway. Out of what pops lip slipped only that his aunt is over here. Let's get it out there have. I don't need your. Well. They want to get up and how she got a heck I don't even know your that it will have right out of Steve the responds to a can't judge a book by its cover come on let's go with part two of today's strawberry letter can't judge a book by its cover is the subject. Pages to boob who's code sheet metal will be. Called it a little more. Burnett. Which. B day. Neck pain. Is he sneaks would roll call that. Geo news. Whose hubris. It. You got to ban that yeah. Or yell crowded decide it's time to go to do. It's dog and all you do is he's not. A damn thing it couldn't hurt. Once again we're talking about a woman who wants to be. A chimp can make that. You have to do that. Wait. Wait wait wait hold noted that fits. The candidate. Is this a minute. But the I can't. I think none of that and the. So now she showed their support. She couldn't even use miracle tree. He captured. Amy Tan she drama swollen and he'll move you know we know to write. To him. He's really bad about what. He acted gains. The hate in Spain. Not. To. Led junior men's. Why now. So she stole curtain to support. She don't know Wesco. It got to the point now where she wrote is letting into. An assay. Because she waltzes relationship. But he came try to now the problem me she's using compared to. It's a board but it was from the moment that app. And some stereo types of do re true. This car for me go from a Anaconda to God's. And another thing. Hit a part where you get goose. Here's where you could mean you can't it was humor to him and a. So here we go. Hey how fast. While we was bids and stop anywhere that holds its. Do you like that. Did you woke me up Biotech is so I mean really ahead. If you target only me who rented it on about the announcement is quite right. How much did you do that. Mean. I'm not. I don't like. So let's go in. Who doesn't know you. Have a good. Yeah I went and let me. And we'll. How long did did we don't have. A clue is. That really should know I had an hidden. It dealt. Who's. When you. Can help us. You gotta stop a sneeze. Like I expect. That. IQ are you doing some. Yeah and now sooner than anything else. Yeah lag it asks you know what to talk. I bet they're at and the most thought Ayers and course did you will be the first time you saw you yes but not since. If you're gonna hire you third yeah. Yeah hurt about it. Seen you let alone tonight. CF. Yeah it. And she says is only people who are bringing it should be allowed to tall cement in his question Steve Michelle and I need gels advice. What do I do would move that guy how important is green sits in relationship. I came they could beginning but I also don't want to leave their mobile some console little. No permanent. Palestinians and well. Ewing got to leave your Mo was solemn salute. As a solution to that. There's a solution to. Cause he's successful and where little Fella named pac. What should I do I don't want to bring COPEL something souls now. Mean will mail. A users do. I don't think you know what is. I don't know how this is gonna work because sex is important to relationship. So right now I don't I don't know what to tear. Tommy. Are you in bowl. We have been suggestions would Islam and probably. That should go to edit over our. Maybe they're in debt yeah. You won't you come out of retirement and yup. Mean I know when I'm with you are now. 08. Coming out of reach that you need to go. Had a suggestions the what do you view that that does man done and little. And I look we've got to get out of your email at there at the damaged your dot than today's strawberry letter at micro surely telling me this Thursday 1:30 PM eastern time. But as Johnny letter live after show on faith okay you're listening. Pete when he should.