Strawberry Letter 04-04-18 SBL - So Angry I'm Seeing Red

Friday, April 6th


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But hold on tight we got a voice you hear these strawberry letter. Subject. So angry I'm seeing red. Here's Stephen surely I begin this letter by saying. I hate my husband of twelve years. I feel as though he's made a fool of me and I feel stupid. The thought of him makes me sick to my stomach I wanna say kiss my but I left the point anyway I don't even care to confront him. For what reason another stupid lie. OK you can tell me. That he lives to me because I'm the one he doesn't want to hurt but when he lies at which point does a man realized that he is hurting me he's still hurting me. At this moment it is not. Do I leave him but how do I lead and this is why I am writing you I know getting even is not the right choice. But it would make me feel better I would like your opinion here is what I came up with so far set him up. I know he is meeting a woman in person that he needs on line he doesn't even know one of the women he's talking to is me. Do I talk to him first ask him what I am lacking. That makes him look elsewhere too I just get my ducks in a row and walk by the way I would rather put in print of his profile and put it over his side of the bed. While he's being what do you think. I think at some billboards. We were talking about earlier anyway latest straight. Uphill right. Anyway if you got an exit 250000. Dollars lying around. But my favorite line in this whole letter is when he says I love you I wanna say kiss my but wow. That's says a lot about your relationship you're that angry you're you're very very angry and emotional you wanna get him back you want revenge. You want to feel better he said. I can't ask you really isn't worth all of that if he works his do you still love this man do you still want a relationship with him can he be trusted. Those are the kinds of questions you. Need to be asking yourself once you come down and I get pitcher of that right now I understand this it's. I kind of think you are still filling them because you asked that question do you talk to him first and and do you you wanna ask him what are you lacking in all of that. So if you if there's still some feelings there that you have for this man. Go ahead and talk to him but you gotta ask yourself is he worth all of this first Steve. Man. Surely nice response. Did go to deal I got efficacy as well. I know is all of them Maine. Oh urged the ball. Would a woman in a lead over the last open commitment and that Abbas. I hate ma. And but de LEU. I hate. That she's. I want to say kiss or. Is army I'll. Say you're right you're right now the word hate. Kid I always like things. In their hate. Orders you is not words use hard Q Steven your response to today's strawberry letter. Well so angry I'm seeing red Steve. I have no nuns say this woman. Because I'm afraid scared action yeah I don't want to turn none it is only me. Oh boy this is below the dude is doing his girl Rome. This had to meet hailed have to no theory. Back where homes were at the top to lead when she say it I hate Mahmoud. This is not booed when nobody. Want a warmer and other is that words he would come to appeal bullets yeah that the economy Ed de La. Did she had a got out at once again surely I'm not seen anything that is on. Yeah more than a fellow I only did in my life but listen and a series of very serious about it. If you think you know who this guy the police called his brother in their film go. Because it shows them the strawberry letter is Mitt. To help people to solve problems sometimes we act which is Robert. In this is the first time. We've ever had a strawberry and let them. This is not work the strawberry of that is supposed to be about. This era. Ayers the guy. No way I would rather put up more of his profile. Can't put it over this shot at a big. Why these sleep. What do you. I take it literally. Print of his profile night and it profile. Oh you don't hear it come to blowing up some steam Steve. Bono is being. Dinner she choose Lieberman on not only goes better bet than the print. Wall Street took a drink Coca-Cola all. Wiig. And Steve are almost scared are you in his hands. Trembling against this woman here. How Walter permit after meet patient that up with these lies she's met up with meth that's why he. Somebody noticed me. Please for the love of god real. Mining merger. I don't know what you all think the push to set him up though she wanted to add. I wanted to where he thought he target you weren't they would you do what you got don't. All right Steve we've got to get out of here you can email answer answer Graham us your thoughts on today's strawberry letter at my girls surely. And don't forget to please join me this coming Thursday at 1:30 PM eastern time. For the strawberry letter live after show on FaceBook OK 1:30 PM eastern time join me you're listening. He morning shadow.