Strawberry Letter (04-02-18) No Kissing and No Loving

Tuesday, April 3rd


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It's that guy name Bob and the code and tightly habit for you drawl it out. Thank you nephew subject no kissing and no eleven being. There's even surely for the past two years I have been friends with a really nice guy. He is very handsome and Philly opens his mouth and shows that little scary looking sharp. Oh. Not even an automatic right year. I after the first year hanging out yeah and it. And then the ads the first year hanging out with each other he said he wanted to take our friendship to the next level. I told him we could try did but all I can think about with having to him in his raggedy now. I've mentioned and then lifted him and he says he had been to the dentist in years and didn't plan to go. That's board to last week while we were hanging out and he's started to get all touchy Feely and asked me about the key. Them let them figure it with times though I told him I needed to be woody was working with. There's surely with Yahoo! disappointed. We. Have little rag be shark couldn't. He it has a tiny you know why. Really. It not go through it there it there was no way out of going to do anything at all of this little man. I told him I was ready to be intimate yet and he pushed the issue. Now I don't wanna date him anymore. And I'm hoping we can go back to just being friends. Of advise them how to talk to him. Be honest with him and tell him why we can't date or should I just leave them alone and let them find someone that can put up with the heat. And his other little problem please help. This been going on for two years all that long time I mean you know that that's a really long time for you to be dealing with these loan shark T you don't like. And and why we go to the Dennis I don't I don't understand that I. Others in a you have a mere deflate everyone else. You can say just like everyone else. But it per year oh this should not be a problem because the you don't want to be in this situation. You don't have to be the situation should you be honest with him. Think he's really your friend I think you should be honest with him because. A lot of people in your mouth isn't together if you ever ragged email. You know chances are you're not gonna have a partner. I mean unless you meet someone that also had a rag mountain but yet people usually don't like to deal with you if your teeth. Are not together because you know they think a lot of things you know just to name a few a bad read gingivitis. All of that stuff we used to have a definite know to go. Yeah seven does that came on the show into the mouth as the opening tee your body to all you and everything though. You know you think of it is in that way and he said he hadn't been to the dentist in years. Years thing you know you've both got everything yeah. So I am Morton. Any didn't plan to ago now though this'll be an issue for you and if this is a deal breaker for you. Get out of it now let him know he's your friend. Just don't crush him you know let them down easily agents tell on me and I can't deal with you because that the heat's situation. And you know you don't have did address his manhood or anything but you know more and keep. Up that they that now and we're going. I don't think she should crush on my manager crushing people. But just element you have a problem with it steep and tell you still you just wanna be his friend you'd rather go back to being different and not take it to the next level well. They got the YouTube looming and you got a problem with its Easter egg or any random be yielding suffering well if they were friends in the beginning. If they were truly friends. Are right on nephew which again I think you miss an OK you always stay. Although I think he was an accident they. In them show up T accidentally bit the problem down low that's what happened. I native and Ambien have himself well that's what happens you'll see now do you realize that. If you're not going Hamlin. And I don't think you bet it. So I mean does he will be it doesn't happen you have that they had done like it and there it is opening yeah I did that by just that okay that's what happened you know he bit most of the you can utilize these why and go in the business would this mean in let him be you'll KM open he. Right. And he opened K as for you all really you know he did yes they don't have a huge cash. It's something did you do wanna be answered for new work. Arturo bid that you got a candle in the right you. And it. You have electric can opener now with him but isn't maidens you do please and appease in asthma. They you'd. Kyra. A bag to get more into the Atlanta. On let's get to part two of today's strawberry letter the subject and no kissing and no loving. A young lady wrote in she is that with the guys for two years and they've been friends are few years now. So now he wants to take the relationship to another level. But the problem is she says he had little baby shark. Art and it's got elected to the social problem and grandma. Yet. Yeah. Carolina blue collar. Gritty. Of the game his job we go from an imminent and fed that. You know he he got touchy Feely I. I aids and one time they went out and he started asking about the cookie he wanted to know where he was working with the Dow loses he does she says. Just like fifty. Yeah and then Daniel Levy. I don't have a billion eat dog you plainly yes she says that shouldn't Gary bush landed. What the he can do. That again. Don't keep regular mayonnaise and I. We don't know. Yeah pretty bad feet and it gains you know one to owning a pet the. Yeah a little brat little ragged start seeing the little tiny you know what to go along is that you know he's very disappointed. He answered yeah. The secret his food when it's an. Some hope he don't coworker. No he wanted data many more she didn't wanna be and he that we live in didn't want to know should she be honest and let him know with that they can't date any mortgage and leave them alone and let him find someone that can put up with. Though that's request Jay would you have. It just goes to shield health Gallo women. Below and on many. Has handed down. Because you miss in a tube of. A hundred and women around being mean. I know. And I'll. Love you man. Changes as as some say it's about women had at back me. My man like when I meet all of humanity I. Now and I'll admit it. Saying he could again and that they they got a note he would keep doing folk wisdom man out of the name. Load in the positive mom and me he had never been a deal break on me yeah. No. I do. The act passed him on am that would blow up well with Angel. Now the data to beat me add them all. I can think. Man yeah I'm really lives and you knew all DE yeah they'll that he examining it he can how I'm really watched that let go out of my. I. Pay off. Can you can't. Like. I don't. None. And yeah. It is probably the kind of an. Odd. Certainly Austin dropped the of by and women you wields they demand. Medal. Winning note he really that's inlet and my number of every was all go clean dolls done. Meanwhile mr. Mac chicken huh. If you want is my answers not least is out. And call it just don't. They had just on the line and how well how confident in the back. Yeah. I think it's been slow. Could be. And I am no. Yeah that's. And I dated a woman went and had no lips what do you talk about it. Her and I didn't build it. It does. Not. Stop. Being a woman an extra pick different. Bob the money. I think we'll let me play and hold. Now I don't have gotten to know the. Have you wanted to you know I was born with. Angered. The development of old. At this we do the right to an extra. Only men can clearly you do you have hit a and I. Yeah. When I went to school and nobody wanted to homeland and any the only unit landed avenue. And I live yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Don't you think you begin with you know I'm not laughed at this is suit is to think he's a bit yeah. But I didn't have its letter is not about me did man letter and not about your. All. Of the amount. Think you people give me. We if you think you made like a gig that they. I'll and you know I'm. In the county in tone and light sweet yeah but not now looms and girls. And we thought well good. Well at right old mansion on Soledad. Probably land. Aigner but at the time of war and yet so let's go back no matter though it's elements. Element. You know. I'm really starting if you guys definitely. I actually be sit there and she'd have Apatow. And she didn't talk that one. Yeah and a. After yet. You're welcome bulldozer coworkers certain. Morgan three. Yes hidden these it's bad. You speak you Steele won't begin where's that. Well any. Injury is available. They got no elbow. On the street. Mona. Come up or. They said. And. This I got home don't bring in in the elbow isn't it. Clement are different totally went like we like heat we're into the nice smile and he didn't love it sees when he walked in or ruled. It was then. You're listening. Being morning shall.