Strawberry Letter (03-30-18) Im sick of my husband

Tuesday, April 3rd


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Hope we got four activities strawberry that subject. Thick of my husband. All right now. Gary Stevens surely I have been on a blind date. And eventually we got married. Now by no means in my perfect and I don't make myself out to be perfect we've been married for six years and we have two children together a son who's five a daughter who is one. And I was my oldest who's thirteen from a previous relationship. Now I have bent over backwards for this man and he has just been a jerk the whole time we've been married he talks to me like I'm a child he tells me. What I can and can't where he says that my breasts are hanging out always and he is tired of talking to me about my close. He says that I don't know how to talk to him he says I should not be raising my voice of them and that I need to respect him he yells at me all the time. My wedding ring was taken by a maintenance worker that came into our apartment to do some work that was or four years ago and he has not replaced it. Seventy deny Luther so why should he replace that they get pit stop when I don't Wear anything on my finger you said that I only do that when I get angry at him. We've been separated. I am sure five or six times into the course of our marriage the second time before the last he took me to court so he can get custody of our the stood there and told the judge that he did not think that if and it was safe with me and that I was not taking any medication my medication. Which. I was not on and did not feel that my oldest was safe either. The sheriff came to my house to my son from meek and the last time it lasted for about six months. And those six months I was not getting any help from them financially. ID give my. Only means of transportation back to the finance company because like about a fourth of the note in my own. I was really trying to make this work but I am not sure. That one of the in this marriage anymore but I stay for the kids. My husband always would say that I would never meet anyone or be with anyone because I have kids what do you think I should do. I want to make my marriage work but I am not sure if this is just one of those marriages that never works fine what should I do. Dear what you do I know this letter to meet begs the question where is the love this is a mess. Love I mean really you don't even like each other. You know you say you're bent over backwards for him and he'd been a jerk the whole time with your marriage my question to you is why have you allowed him to treat you this way for six years. You raise your voice at him he yells at you and says you need to respect him how come you know you guys still respect each other and yourself. Enough not to treat each other this way. He met him on a blind date and eventually you guys got married I don't know what that means you know I got to ask you did you know him at all when you got married. And then why did she get married to him Whiting marry you I mean. For this this really is a web marriage is about he'd lie into the cords you know they've taken the kids away because of the realm of what what do you guys dueling you've been separated five or six times. It could be right you could be right this marriage may never work you stand for the kids. You know if you guys are gonna go at it like this nobody is gonna win in this situation especially the kids. I'd suggest you guys seek counseling and you know or something. Do you do you have a job he I don't know what's going on here but you're gonna have to get yourself together and move on if you don't think this is the right if you guys can't get along and respect and love each other and and it doesn't sound like he can't. I'm excited and they agreed to disagree honestly I would only say that things welcome him. NC with part two of your response to today's strawberry letter. Sick c'mon who's with. Stephen share eleven among those little blind date and eventually we got married now by no means am I perfect and I don't make myself out to be part of would be America's six years we have two children together son was five and a daughter who would want. And I have a son my oldest who was thirteen from previous relationship. Now I've been over backwards for this man he has just been a jerk the whole time we have been married he talks to me like a metallic tells me what I can and can't where he says in my breasts always out in the east had a talk to me about Michael's he said that I don't know how to talk to him he says that I should not be raise my voice in what I need to respect him. A yells at me all the time wedding ring was taken about maintenance work. They came into my apartment to do some work and that was a woeful years ago and he has now replaced say that he loses so why should he replace. But he gets pissed off when I don't weigh panel mopping up he says that only dude when arguing with him we've been separated I'm shoot five or six times in the course of America. The second time before the last he took me to court so he can get custody of us are student told Jersey didn't think that his son was safe we meet. And I was not taking my medication which I was not or. And did not feel that my oldest son was safe either share came in my house took Mossad for me. And the last time in less about six months you know six miles I'm not mean give me any help from them financially. I had to give room only means of transportation back to define has come because I cannot afford to go to my own. I was really term. Israel return to work. On breathing room. Ashley wrote that I want to be in his marriage and immoral but I stay for my kids. She's she's smiling and always should that I would never meeting you wanna be who they want because I have keys. What do you think I should do. I want to make my marriage work but I'm not sure if this is just one of those marriages there would never work at the time where Saddam. This is a crazy person. Right no matter about a crazy heard. Which can only lead to crazy response. From a crazy person and the subject sick mom rose. Sound to me like he should they yell I asked to look up so that we just got a lot of pluralistic and you've got the you think I am basically you mean you talk to him gladly talk and backed plan. You disrespect there would you talk he differs Greg you when you tell he says you got to brass ring and out and I can assure you you'll breast is coming up. Kids not talk and you Roger upload UN would then you won't win. You got here they got you know marrying a man's going knowing you are ever break whatever I replace the talk tying Lou yeah. There are several you. If I have a six judge don't even show what number eighty phone you're on a diet but you admits that rated sixth time I've ever six models are. Go somewhere. And it fiction. I don't want to call. Told him you are taking your medication. And you sit what I was not all the fusion. And at the time and I don't know I don't go. I can assure you you've taken some of those on board and you'd think it's a message you know I'm naive yeah Madison. 'cause that's probably letter you said by no means a mop president don't make much about it Bieber. About a bit put anybody reported disclaimer at the top but it better if I'm wrong that bobbled. The and our darnedest. Easy and made it dishonest. Taught this unit had to take cob back that's another crazy person Malone big. The moment got to find mach a and it dragged down under financed out that I need a victory pay cash. Dish or call our dad taught my 76 temple all over the city I've talked in his home and it plays out wake up people got quite. Well I'm gonna be lost all around the cheated on remember what it's all up. That I keep the program repo man braves did you can't read gun at him. Not the Craig's. And all the huge run and you're not sure you won't matter Regina. Are you worried hoped. Well imagine your question period related but what else can go home and everybody grabbed it from all. The lady you don't know he ordered in manager working mode your marriage anyone can win. Young husband told you that you would never be able to meet anybody cause you got keys but you stay mimic relationship. Cows are the key he. I had let off I use this man DNA edit edit. You typed them but I'm not issue if this is just one of those marriages that wouldn't have a works. No no portion of that do. What you think you. Knew pretty clear to me. It out hit but it was thick with telemundo hot and steal his car. Hide it from him. Go to court. Haley Jews. Eat to feel that this stage bush. And now he thinks things we can. Hurt cart he has not taking you spoke loudest group. Give to keep us can't rule out. His car. You may be a pain you're crazy for real. Go to Alaska well. That of course they'll send it you don't pale. I'm afraid if you've never hunt she held town of okay each time and some. I think we've got to get out of here email at her insert amateur thoughts on today's strawberry letter at my girls surely. And thank everyone who joined me yesterday for the strawberry letter live after show always enjoy having you. Switching gears now the men's NCAA final four is this weekend in the end Antonio. Loyola Chicago vs Michigan that's it should be done a thing. Loyola Chicago. Is who compliment. Can I do a shout out real quick to league game constant. Who tried but they didn't really add their out of that it Beckett and we still low. The last you know when you and you know we're aware on on that alone. They lose you know we got confident. Talk about what I don't think human error and gave the show and would you shouted you lay out. What. Now I don't have a. Bennett Tyler Perry will be our special Datsyuk gonna tell us all about it brand new movie acrimony in theaters now you're listening. Being morning shadow.