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Good morning radio family and welcome another weekend edition of community focus heard here and our Entercom stations thank you very much. Re a family great company definitely some great things happening. In our communities I wanna welcome. Members of our community focused family that I have not chatted with in a while. And you have not heard from in a while let me start with the young lady who is the creator and executive producer of stay the night. And it's that shows sounds familiar to a lot of the US I think it is radio family because he had a chance to see season one of the shall yeah. On one of our area television stations let's back for a new season. And especially good morning and chew. Shot under K go girl thought I have and well and landed need that Renee we have mentally and I get out of the Sony of the people listening. They have given so much feedback from fantastical plot to give up absolutely legal. Now to sort of bringing up to speed if you will the new v.s who work. Going to be learning about you for the first time that this is actually. When we talk about a show stay the night it involves from. The youth component of PY team which is positive views to gather yeah. And taking man and seen where you are in now all my dear. As the and I want make sure I get this right near the president of positively you incorporated. And stay the night an exciting show and what's even more exciting. Sean jury is the gentleman who joins us this morning yeah on the program who is actually I think the minute you hear his voice. As one of the main characters of the show. Own a C good morning to you like Jonathan Perry and Jonathan it is good to see you how we're used to that too morneau normal crew must assume I'm doing well let's do that Maurice. John Doerr. Let me just uranium families such a gentleman from the moment he came into the studio. Yes ma'am no thank you ma'am and I mean you know you really appreciate that because good manners. Definitely go a long way and Beckham before any of us and Jonathan thank you so much for being such a gentleman. Joining us here on the program. And you think you know I'll look forward to our conversation we're getting underway. Again the TV show is back ABC 45 by the way radio family. For seizing Qiyue beginning January. 2018 belittle or let sure rowly shock ensure a permanent or like get that word out and struggling to do so in the process. It's just around the corner well you can't shoot literally the last month of 2017. Yes Leon. So January 2018 definitely. Is upon us. And to look forward to seeing the show every Saturday from 7:30. Until 8 o'clock yet. So let's get into the show premise. Which is about a young married couple they own a bed and breakfasts in North Carolina that's kind of like bears yeah. Because I don't think I recall before. I sharing the fact that it takes place in a fictional town. Of the green when point. I love that as smash out. At Greensboro Winston-Salem in high point and definitely the find characters who work at the DNV and the hilarious characters who check in and. Act Chris. And Chris yeah which is short for Christopher and Kristina B&B which affectionately is called as it did now did. Now you get out. I show hundreds. If he will recap a little bit about the exciting for season because this was something that was new flu. For a lot of people who tuned in. To stay the night yes. And the positive feedback that you have gotten within that first season has been actually incredible. Share a little bit of insight with us on that love. To your first season with really a huge injection funnels zany hair to write to you regard do we dad aunt uncle grip. We yes we mama in mania you know who they aren't. On uncle Brit is actually Christina uncle sweet mama is actually Christopher said he can't. You Gatt on mr. Gardner who works there he's actually Mena teen activist Karen for their families and you can't leave that out of you hey you know they. Allenby and again we hadn't it is weird she is the only is down for attorney you dean we have of course Sachs analyst cristina's sister and you. Pull out around this storyline India we head who joined us this time. Was Christian. Tristan was brought. Com here in the beginning of season one has Atlanta among Warren and his wife's dad Tracy has been a terrible car accident car right below it. Families being grieving for about a year know Chris is gone off to respectfully mourn the loss of his life in the midst of day Christian entries Chris is look younger brother little brother. Actually champion often isn't field. And mom helps out Indiana so they Disney comes this whole introduction Christy into. Real world you know and a lot of Manny isn't it literally daily locate raising these girls are running now do you. How do you handle it yet understand that and only in the league in his knee that damage and isn't he AM. And calm we get to see all kind of situation you know mostly mom in a river can now they have the young guys they actually and we don't have a character named uncle grin yeah. You now know that. Astro much as. They're troubled they're just never going to be a dull moment ever had a good Graham knew he didn't ever failed to know and then sell and they didn't moment so he is sweet momma going. Now Bremer. Item may never see him being and she is sleep mum does this pretty. And she EITC hubble's sweetheart Chris Arnold appropriately named olive high school so bad is gist hit Larry is hill's thirty. It's in banking and people can't get enough so we get feedback like we want more scenes this is how specific OK and Hamburg today no more scenes. Sweet mama and grandma the other league yeah data give each we can't give you more hungry they're like don't stop writing it doesn't grant. All they want it more of Donovin Donnie can't about a way is the billionaire character who owns a huge hole tailing him. And here's the linings can say that he was in love increasing. Before the accident and so there's some some bitter blew it big here and at that time they had a running story line because somehow in season want somebody. Mysteriously takes into Donovan whose home tail and Christina Williams who is our creed seek still Donna and seeing how the finality as and sold them bad blood between he and times. They become almost on comrades and while they're working theory sell the tape. Term I just like C. Right exactly and they are described being yeah the back story to the story line was like bush dramatic music. Even on the trail I. Don't be so we can't we work hard work for next hour but when we talk about because what this really. Brings to mind the challenger in John and then it takes is back to the days where now Jonathan I'm going to be honest I'm not. Exactly sure how old you are so obviously I must sell for example. Back in the days especially when I was in college. And a lot of our friends girlfriends guide friends because some on some of the guys were engaged takes me back to the days of watching soap opera it's yeah. And your favorite so whenever it came on when Cameron. He wouldn't miss an I was explode and that's what it kind of throws me back to be when you talk about story mines were some dramatic cool. Summer shocking summer celebratory some are funny serious but always unpredictable. That pretty much sums up stay the night. Oh yeah I guess and I bet from. People I think it really knowledge my dancing people are like perfect it's clear tweeting me saying the right and we love that so even in the hands misty the night life they. Try to get as they don't know Donna. And in any case is what's going to happen like right now they are GA is wading salivating to give the knicks never saw him and learn yeah secrecy. No they don't see if she does not now ranks each CES are not. John it does a great point Johnson doesn't wanna bring you into the conversation. My friend. For you and especially for your character. Of all wit where did you or your love for wanting to do this stems from. That's as far as actually ignore or taking on this particular role. Home when I first gumbo to project a dislike do no concept don't take care to be working with kids goes all my life always look she is older people and it is is doesn't know peace and I was just having a family coming together as one. There's lots of they are working with the U fan and teaching kids right from wrong good things desolate and has been just a little. This woman to be applauded this a wonderful project we state tonight. Excellent and look we get to work last Jonathan's new species and I'm Jane I just. Larry is. I did Al but what's very attractive. An end I I say that using that word he has such a loving way Chanda because. It's just the way that your personality just really embraces. Individuals whether we've known you for a long time you hit me you for the first time. Basically we'll we get from you was genuine from the start billion and I'm sure that that makes a lasting impression when anybody that we come in contact with individual way. Amazing he said because I've even had people come to me and say it maybe even said that before when we were here. Big jazz beat at. Actual thumb coming out and auditioning mountain Powell it was totally different with act because it does no matter way you were a real content. You were seller rain and and it wasn't like OK we we solid she did your rating great know he had now. Now back it was very did feel it coming and let me tell you about the character you know let me see which he wanted to bring to the character because. It the truth of the matter is. I'm going to need to know what DUITV character isn't playing it you showed any emotion you know how would you bring meant to it and like even with John insanely he plays Christian because that was a big part of his background non working with kids so pretty steamed. In this limelight works Wiki in mister Gardner's minter no room because you could see on you know where he's gonna shine in let what's any unnaturally. Come out one to celebrate people not break them down by who we are important you gonna be glad you're even allowed in your garden gnome just more like we're glad you're here let CB do something great to get you out after that should be the mom somehow which. Absolutely in a momentum. That brings us to a great stop in porn here in the first half of the shell. As we welcome not only use Andrei and Jonathan but welcome back stay the night they even the that's for CN sat and again did a debuting or beginning I should say in January of 2018. So radio scam and here's a wonderful opportunity if you had a chance to see season winds and you're definitely gonna be in force some not taste changes. And surprise this kind of pick up up here on Chandra and Jonathan we're gonna take a quick break. And then we're gonna come back and talk about some new enhancements. Meant to the show. Lou and man. That's a ride this is definitely the morning Freddie or family as I certainly appreciate you every Saturday and Sunday morning and thanks so much for the great company tuning and to the weekend edition of community focus we are coming back right after this break it's more of the weekend edition of community focused thank you for tuning yeah and as you listen here on our intercom stations Saturday and Sunday mornings. Thank you ready a famous for joining me Rene Vaughn and I certainly wanna thank members of our community focused family who have been away for a while but with good reason. They have been planning and prepare Raymond the moment is almost here beginning January of 2018. The TV shall stay the night returns to ABC 45 for season two. Every Saturday beginning at 730 as Chandra K goal. And Jonathan Perry AKA Christian inch touch out. Join me Rene for the second half of the weekend edition of community focused. No I was saying before the break shunned her in Jonathan's a new enhancements to the show but before we get to that. Let's talk about the U fantastically. Talented young people. But the two of you have an opportunity to work went as far as they shall. What is it like when you get to work with young people who really just have the skill and talent to do this does isn't necessarily an. Easy job now not at all. Not at all and they chain Ian and when I say they nailed it these young people can Amy and they saw the opportunity. Any Guillen same spirit as the UK and we gave him around and Malia and Karen and to really into it until you're on the playground accounting and. And let me say this situation under speaking out and thank you for that cousin wanted to mention this to. When we talk about PYT since march of 2004. Yeah. I believe we go that far back the nonprofit. Organization has been touching the lives of children and families in the Triad. Do positive and creative. Find presentations. You Dunham and all sorts of places from malls so YMCA's. To big Brothers and sisters churches. Universities even the Greensboro Carlson yeah. Yeah several times we did it probably smell it cost nine times the wow food sold out every time Renee Terrell says and to see the components from that tune into where it brings us to now it's. The Tivoli EU and maybe she'll tell you proud momma happy. And sending my dear you should be out. I wanted to add that. And I didn't mean to Tisch and many more powerful because when we talking about that Danny is the momentum behind the hole youth peace including Cheney and they were like we don't mind them lighten them these things now. And today Egypt kneeled it. While new their lives and they get comfortable once they get comfortable with each other key now is it we just had to kind of a little weren't they while disk do you. The air stuff. Any key and need you to the end young people. The company and its name and the rule. And then you really shine right you're gonna do well that's at the age ranges almost eight unless you get to work little denying that youngest. And all of this well. This nineteen. Well yeah if now isn't nine the youngest that you've worked with since positively and yes well Canada meanwhile moved. They had some plans yeah so what what is it young young boy or girl. The leak Poconos these laws are all the boys grew for the entire program Italian castle all boys in this particular episode well we girls should you or does not mean you houses are definitely not sure that. Now did did that did that young man's say that he had any plans to. Continued this perhaps as he got older was to tell you exactly Mattie didn't they're part of that chance now the not just again that you're ever. There are all good regular yeah they good enough well we this 200 Hannah yeah. They already had. Families who is feeling good they wanted to be involved in Ryan you know me this is gonna keep them in that could positive change at 3 PM I know I'm not gonna Mandela and just imagine the support to that's probably coming from you know on their own family members oh. Moms and dads grandparents siblings aunts were exchange of. They're rumors do you think there's leg he's doing it you're not saying oh well there you can't do you think when they aren't really for everybody. Rima I understand everybody excellent. Talk about. As mentioned earlier the new enhancements to the shoot out OK let's began with some original music yeah. Felt really like de LA. I catch. We ire of the latest to ham that. Boris singing cast members who really do seem weather is in charge whether it's in play even things like that where they've been in group of people work and things like so silly she thinks. Let them going hey should. That's right they're not bad at Ashe who Scully he is and see if we can phone dead meaning he would always wanted to limit one's time running every chance we can Zell mom with a dean and an Angel looking now from I know the because DN. And actual on him. Production company I wanna say I'm gonna say carrying music production company has actually come to me said I want to. This dealing let's just make sure you all have the music and things that you need can year in and this does putting together so we are going in to the studio literally did. What I. Actually do songs that I had already read it because I do right song. And unless and I need every need ideas and I have some aren't. Absolutely wrong. And we'll have bills reformed in the lounge at. Emotion in your brain representation. Of what members in this billing at the moment. So we gonna have team isn't snippet and Rahul song so people can do is hand in Indian will be available. Actor website www. Steven nice tackle RT very good chance now Jonathan what's a for. And it comes to mind when you discover all these hidden gem sent out. But like shot. Does is as beautiful sunrise solar panels here there's another best as soon lose innocent energy dispute and this brings to jazz and the crew and everything can make people just wanna do what they set out to doing life. And this was about helping one another it's absolutely blessed to an all and I see that. In trying to visualize or peachy you guys join rehearsals when you have an opportunist sit down and go over is at the table read. Oh yeah and cash you know our. I don't know I am. Parents that a lot of actors you yeah the battery so I can only imagine just how much fine you guys have and Ashley were her single is is still your lines Almonte especially I Jonathan win when you first get the script and you have an opportunity to look at it. If I may ask from your perspective as a cast member typically how long does it take them just asking for your expertise this column is it to the. We take for you to memorize your lines and so to be honest with soon. Collector of Christmas of two to three days or weeks it most and just keep sending it over and over the line you are torn for good tuna. Here because not an easy job one when you think about especially. Whether it's for a show like say tonight or just what we think about acting in general. When you see an actor or an actress take on a roll and you and what ever heard the story line may be whether it's a movie or drama or things of that nature. And you think in most. Production pieces are at least an hour some are longer home. How many lying sport. Score to me that individual is responsible for learning and it is just amazing how talent is someone like Jonathan is. And the rest of the cast. Especially when it's time for lights camera action. How you don't have that piece of paper in front right you. And everything is basically up they are. That's what I was going to amazing skill for an individual to have because that's not easy for everybody tonight at all because they have to learn ninth grade they have to learn it's you lose may have still aren't black gene which is a fancy you were little leery of staying ahead when he's not a person as a number a little while and I. I edit it right uneasily it's all angles it looks own naturally in movies can literally an audience it tells me there are churning Atlantic are as bad in terms of their ninth inning you have to remember what Hal. A safe for example uncle tip that he may say something a little pretty good. So you could be a pay act inching in real very much in tune to what he's saying not the word necessarily so you've got to be really aren't we cute so tedious. Seoul. Difficult what they do I have so much respect for the she can't believe they are voting on me for me to do a little rough. And I. I definitely can Jonathan yeah there's no question about it and to. Also add to that Chandra and Jonathan is just acting but it's what's. The individual brings as far as the personality to tell you bring a character to life is what you can contribute. To really draw that character Al it was just a nice thing so a lot of times when you have community to come out. And support shows such as this. To. Really connect and that's mainly what a lot of us do. There's typically that one character. But somebody always connect somewhere. And you know worsening your line concept person group yeah. Yeah. If you don't think that's great Elliott you convert yeah. You've got to kidding Betty imagine hundreds accidents it. So we do bad they note you added it's getting off to eat some mid mid this next may name him yet no one reference. Yeah and bring their character op Ed page then Clinton and Jerry period the audience renege yeah. No I did drink every now and let you know he didn't. Print and isn't until and here. This with the Jim yeah. Only I'm only drawing this from memory yeah. Ever share in this at any bodies so you guys. Can studios sell special. Okay 220. Well I appreciate it it's only in that in the in my younger days and didn't necessarily have aspirations again into the business and I'm doing come on what I used to do I do think access. Remember in the daddies do the summer plays. And a couple of today. Let me. You know that was an opportunity for me to stay busy and really added trouble on when when grandmother wouldn't you know would take me to places where we'd have you not done and let's see I was an answer in Oklahoma. And let's see South Pacific in. And all of those. Time productions. Let me see what is oh got guys and dolls I remember that when. Yeah yeah do. I will never received. David I'm cleaning house there's no telling what I'm glad I mean can you do you can't sit. I will likely post them on my face I'm not making it. No good cable that should capital community we are gonna feel we did talk and a possible to cameo I'm gonna. I need to be continued will let you know leadership campaigns matter who's on C begins. Guys I am loving this so much fine. Now always have mission on drug and yet exactly and likewise for you Jonathan. And I didn't mean. In this error at the beginning of the show usually when we have new members to the program. You're officially a new B which she never really worse now the term didn't apply to you automatically family. Others some welcomes that is about that's right absolutely say you are definitely welcomed. Any time here on line community focus and it is about family and that's so we when we talk about positively EU again PYT. They used component presenting stay the night family and community characters education serious head. That premier is. Actually season to think. January of 2018. ABC 45. Beginning at 730 as I have Sondra K go. And Jonathan Perry joining us here on the weekend edition of community focus and take this opportunity to welcome those of you who may be joining us. Thank you for the great company the week in addition. Our community focus her here all on our intercom stations now again the back story. It's the life adventures celebrations dramas and challenges of bed and breakfast owners Christopher. And Christina Williams is located and green at one point yeah again that smash up of Greensboro Winston-Salem high point. During the course of the show all the hilarity. Family members sudden community youth and families and a parade of guests to get to checked Guillen who. While dealing with and overcoming relevant every day situations. So nice thing to about watching Michelle such as is this a show on jury is that you bring to light. A lot of real life situations that people can really relate to him. Lee is something that's completely relatable because it's not like it when you say something so powerful meaning though he's in need they can look again Anthony can we can name with any character or instant Erik ranks in the still also wanna take it one step further and I can connect. Two of the situations than meets they care to or those characters are going through its and is not always better. Yeah I know right now drama is sailing Geary will right now it's an art that I teacher but sometimes life is Jimmie I think that's just your answer today even you can have a week and Monday was demanding when they was very funny get around sat there. One day it was just so K can I just never I may change so we have politics people let's say it now we watch it what do you categorize this absolutely the whole we knew sit there and they're saying we don't know what categorize it as a we hope that it continues because we just reflecting. How life actually tells sometimes. It does seem like a reality show but that's it is most comedies out and I know I got a problem will be around on his suspenseful. Thriller. And the and do all over the. The play accidentally you've that's like you wanna tune in recent racing take a rabbit this is you don't know where we don't. Yeah you can't say oh I wanna laugh so let me like stay night Philippines and we'll talk mansion time and again as it was like every weekend we'll get something different absolutely unpredictable. And that's dat is the thing about it. And in just in what you describe Shonn I really like that because that reminds me a lot of times you're right. Life can be that it can be unpredictable and can be a roller coaster it's a wave. Of Sony and many emotions do you. That we as persons and go through an action prior to. As much as I can and it's more or less more for other people that it is necessarily. For myself from him even though it is a good reminder for myself I I always or at least the majority of the time you like to share with people there are no bad days on some days are just better. At Santana then. There is edge and it censuring we will have days at a better then sophomore. Some won't be where we feel like quit at the lowest of Paramount home and then other days or at the highest of high and then of course there's some. Some sometimes we get that that place a point in between yeah. And that's when the record company wanted to get him out because they say you know what we you all night G is making it just Panama. Funny show where you and I always clowning. And you guys actually this is bigger and this is more than just that. And once they take a look at they say you know I couldn't today because sometimes you got over here sometimes you feel in most of the time line when I needed. Still that isn't that dares say intimate did you just see here it is exactly what drew drama. Into the project so we have been trawling folks from LA leaving troublesome record companies is I'm telling you there's an Angel quarantine out over us for sure because it's cool I never dreamed I think. I was gonna say when when you think about the history first of of PYT new moon and then coming with positively you genre that's. What over fifteen semi years and counting. Since. And let me tell anyone. I know what I need but you know I. And I think John they won't bounce for me on Maggie is still look at tomorrow. And a penny and then they can I say I'll tape then ran well early on yeah we limit hiring and. Absolutely absolutely. Some. In that I wanna do in the in the few remaining minutes so we have on the shelf. And I hope I'm not putting you guys on this time. The mood but it's weird possibility to get a little bit then whether you do it from him. And defer in fact let's do that so that we don't spoil. On anything from. The new season and that's about to get under way how can you can do something perhaps from from season one just. Does lose these are all suddenly hits a yes something good okay just leak and you could definitely increase in intact. You begins here own. No one is that what do you remember when an aunt Christine first time and I'm damaging and unions are programming you're asking me when he wanted to do now and I'm here. Government's. Failure here is the only group okay. Jeanne. Yeah I don't think he really he. Yes there's a salute to. I you know hey you can't he'll honor and thank you to. So you may engage in you know Christiane home of course he ideal morning crazy in Alabama. Click you're hearing I know you change dale bloodletting until today little old lady here was good to be here. It was good to be a salute salute them to do have a rental right. They went you know all the groups Ollie didn't like he's dangerous now from Vince you are infinitely hill can do that. But you know when I just had a better idea. Mr. Gardner you hadn't and he and he and his cigar actually starting to renew me and grant program for the youth in our community who could you beat her because you've been working on the mission field you do have some much you can give to these key to this something you be willing to do. Yeah sounds good. Aren't allowed to you let me take you Whitney to show you to mr. guardians do you all too general of first data show you this Li mom she's got to see her or will they need. I'll wait. In Phoenix. And ever and clean their great Christian I arrive all right. Boy you guys seven assists. That's great. And you know that's another good thing she when you get to work with individuals that you actually like murky. Hello to you can be a challenge when when you're taking on a roll you sometimes may come across somebody that. You don't necessarily get along when we'll let you know when when it started it was seen you do what you gotta do. But when you're surrounded Jonathan and Shonn juror who is people who are just as genuine as you are is it's got to make. The process so much easier room when I'm when learning your lines do you do when you re a. I'm glad you brought into it does because we are such as family of media and you just whipping we are absolutely really the only even alien rehearsals and array. And any time that we do bring in a new character even existing disappearance Owen ever rank. And that's a big part of this selection process. Even a personality she wrangled a person and work with and I tell even people who are newcomers know in the North Hollywood. Experience you've had deep end here because we're more family changes we just that they only do 10 the wonder or immunity municipal Martin delivers up that you want to see is professionals what you press had seen before. And dearest art can and very technical peaks and this is the way we do it. Being you probably not gonna want this not just. Bludgeoned his net because I. I was thinking in terms of as far as our radio finely tuning and then listening to our conversation this morning you may have someone out there well. Who may be wondering OK when's the next opportunity. That you guys are we holding auditions because unlike king. What I'm hearing especially about the family components only which is so key. How would you go about telling him that individual because you mentioned this earlier how the nice thing about having extras yeah around the shop yeah. How does an interest sick person go about auditioning as a knicks sure are or if they knew roles should come out there. I am so glad you asked if you are listening and you have any interest at all. Didn't go to www. Stay the night and got all our cheek and go to the contact escape and fill out the little slip. It comes a right to meet it and resulted in anyone else could it comes directly to me the creator of the show and then I will follow up with you arena you'll give as to what we do need to get. T and let me tell you radio film until vouch for this lady here she's in very good about turning calls al-Qaeda contact information that's really great yes and it just so nice to see dad. After just one sees. Oh my god how much Sean juror and Jonathan this show has grown man anything in terms of viewership hasn't moved and the fact that. There really is some thing and I say this speaking on the family component home something that you feel comfortable where it's at home and watching yes with your own slammed. Actually cleaned yeah yeah how is not cleaned up call it's corny Zandt is actually really really sleepy similarly mine aren't yet that's hard to come by. A lot of days where we see so much that it's saturating. Our mind only way we cease. It's nice to see something that's different from everything else that's taking place because it's it's a throwback. It's a throwback to the days when I think. All three of us in here and really anybody lets you only there was a time when. Especially on the weekends we and our parents didn't have to work hmmm. And school and home that was family time yes see last Friday night a Saturday night or Sunday night moon we were altogether in one room. Yeah just watch in once yeah. So there Woertz. IPhone exactly my head EDT march finals even how exactly do you realize that different room and yet there are some instances. Where. You have situations where you have families want to this exact name would you get weight and all right. Right they're not doing it together as a failed like so what are a beautiful way it's too. Thinking back to that time when when Oliver's were engaged in that he's doing something fun and together as a little boy is absolutely in Rene it's all made. They make you made a point because that is exactly way. The lady in LA. Who is in just didn't show naturally she say is that Dina has drawn her to the shelter around just everybody else is sailing wait sales I now which is our rob my amnesty and unfortunately a lot of then maybe maybe it makes me. But it's been yet she didn't they name is John I'm still acute as to CEO of we are something she wants to really put major money night on it could act against gray. You are UC. Yeah last is the key bit we have got the kids still. I share this too because we were talking about this before we went on here and when he I think you had shared this with him somewhere in the notes yeah and I wanted to make sure because given the fact. That. We are also home of the Steve Harvey more. That. Why. Steve posed Stanley few news tidbit of information Lulu on that all ask when referring to the show stay the night. Heard the ratings were pretty much. She checked out. And he and you may be easy colonies and two little girl had did you do these. This we actually fall first season we tied Mickey and we didn't and we. I do with Steve Harvey's family do you know someone presently are Malone well away. Never even zoom yeah my dash I will win the young lady from LA Sanchez said it best when he's honest teach. They you're seeing something no one feels the same right Nelson did yeah they clean that they only call band two is gather news. Ease the pain he's jolly good blessing two months since he seemed we wanna see a couple things so that. Back in the occupants a major money behind you could I see you all we did love me and money's. Being able to go against green the daddies and see your nexus series hey man that's pretty huge. And an. Hour. And just to think that this is only perhaps a beginning yeah I ask you guys have done a fantastic job we have probably a couple of minutes left on the show. Any closing thoughts or comments other than to remind you radio failing go to stay the night until Oregon now to get additional information about the show tour yet and it and especially an equally. If you have an interest in being a part of the show absolutely as a mixture or whatever the case may be. Yeah I call him though that creates guilt that. Because this led to a beautiful ladies Mets sent home notes say well sorry www. State and I don't or. Supporting casts put the movement. You have a family is good for family sort of way that's every Saturday at 730. And I assume it's ABC forty frustrating night to thank you offer amnesty and some blessings they bless. Well we'll all go out and my little lanes were coming and we beach game. It's hot shots it's no mistake that chat Schaub who I play and increased Jin who is played by diet and Kyrie was here today is Leo. Island got a chance to come out because of one cheesy and this is a great way to lean don't. Found dairies like this little tension between the two. Tristan is the this sweet little missionary more playing time outside the married it. A new sister in all Hal and marriage however they spend a lot of time together because type test says internals and line. So on there's questions that starting in season one that a lot of you all that you know are really good on alma you know if it really is gonna really heat up. The needles answers in the easy and they want to know what happens season like still sees in two evenly detailed answers and he really heat up to. Common they say you know what you know picking out. Rural you weren't live where you were left. Are focused not on the last season. We addressed thank you so much I thoroughly enjoyed it glad to have you back. And just to say on this program there are never any good is to try to next time he's looking forward to it sound. Thank you Sandra hagel thank you hey Jonathan very I think you are so welcome and thank you. Radio family it was definitely a pleasure. To bring TU another weekend edition of community focused its equally thank you for all the amazing things that you're doing in our communities keep up the great work. I keep it right here until that next time for another week in addition of community focus until that take care.