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Ready a fairly good morning and welcome very nice to be back with you and very nice to have you back the weekend edition of community focus. Urinary Entercom stations every Saturday and Sunday. You are right here to hear about good people doing good things in our communities and I remains on. Really do appreciate that certainly thanking you for the good that you're doing as well. And to take this opportunity to always say when it's time to get the word out he can. Hear it right here. On our intercom stations a great opportunity and it really informative topic of discussion. With products and services that are being provided by. Insurance and financial services. And a proud of representatives shall we say of State Farm Insurance companies. I want to welcome our newest member to our community felt a Stanley and Emma. Yes Helen good morning M. You're welcome thank you for being here air and it just like that within two seconds you went from a new date. To now an official member of the community understand what you can't welcome welcome and thank you for for taking the time out. As as I just mentioned there are some great products and services that people what actually be surprise. Especially for those who. May not know a whole lot about state farm or are considering going to state farm and going to a represented as such as yourself. And of course for those who have been with state farm and have Dan York launch time were long term clients for a while this may be a nice surprise for them as well. So what's your conversation started because it's pretty much state farm covers the gamut car loans if you're looking for a mortgage loan. Mortgage refinance life insurance you offer this great services to members of our community. Thank you for that. Let's begin winds one and the what is gap insurance we hear about a lot when we talk about car loans and why do we need that particular protection. Well Gavin institute air and land especially at the current dealerships exert any people who don't know is its arm Africa islands. In on our car loans began insurance comes for pre. So. If you are elements they aren't moves aid maybe a thousand dollars as opposed to buying an illness right. With you but at the dealership or one of our firms here's what's really really important we all know that we buy a car and off the lack. Already and a lot of attack our chemistry is an incredible deal maker and you know and out of those of us out there. So if that car costs 30000 dollars each wrapped up a lot in a week or a month later and then used a little that car. Let's say it worked out any act l.s right. You probably still at 30000 pounds on that current. Let's gonna happen is only 25000 ballots can be paid off. You'd get a cat literally medically cat insurance Ryan a 5000. Dollars. If you don't get insurance that money comes out of your. Right and I heard about that Emma sort of growing up you know these were the saints if we will from our parents and grand peers and we buys something. The minute we drive and off the line it pretty much appreciate test it in value cell. Again a familiar term now does gap actually stand for something the GAP or suggest. The typical learn it it's really just and Akron and now he's yeah count an Atlantic empress and what you come get. Him out amongst our people as it happens right really isn't. Absolutely. And the timing of our conversation. Two MO when I think about. One and this is what shall we say those milestone moments one kids or started to go back to school. And will be particularly think about our children who were either upcoming juniors or seniors. It's about that time to try to get that learners permit. Or foursome of are older kids who are going off to college for the very first time. Incoming freshman. Of course we think about is as parents that moment where and there are going to be driving a certain distance. All of these things are important to keep in mind because we certainly want to. Continually ensure the safety. Of her babies when they're on the road and behind the wheel right. You know as a parent of fatigue is who both got their cars at sixteen and not only till them. So fortunately you know there are fine they had their physical being asked and appear to totaled cars piled high and so what is things is classic it's 88 conference and it's really great program fourteen race also. Track and monitor really and driving habits right to Tina just might not like so much. It's a small device honestly it was just your wealth compartments they forget they air. On the it's an opportunity for parents are really kind of gets them. Into wishing you well about driving habits and decent education. Is it from those really really well is that teens averaged issue program insipid as I asked are getting their licenses because the Crist now an epic and I'm candlelight. Right we want our firm realty is scared straight. And in terms of game of some great education about Anna and app antiques. Not particularly care and there's so many just x.s and so resolutely instantly the cell phones or France uncles things that he you know it's Ericsson Eric. Being distracted. Exactly exactly and those are excellent points and not because I think a week are at that particular age we have a tendency to think. We are sometimes invincible. But then sometimes reality gives us that wake up call. And definitely with the program like that just to imagine the peace of mind it's giving a lot of parents and guardians swing and they are at that. Position where they're kids are away from them and and they can't necessarily be hands on. But they know through a program like that that that is providing one of the safest means when our kids on the road that's great. I tell you you know why as a mom kudos she issue with your Q it's. Email us to yet another at a press writes definitely compete well I have the ability of people are trying to exact same thing I'm Brian AI. But sometimes bringing these teenagers in an having mis aided and you know here's some things that we've experienced exactly that app and Mateen perhaps it is my own avarice. And your ideals and how exactly we might be a part of that balance very absolutely. Analysts switch gears. Little bit now that we have a better understanding of what gap insurance is and the importance of it. There's also. A new mortgage program I should say programs plural that's designed to provide relief for a lot of us as consumers. Can I get you first of all to talk about what many of us have heard is the heart loan program. So the program really came about with and that mortgage crisis and so. So many folks found themselves under water in terms equity in terms of their home right excellent are designed to do really is to take those folks who don't have payment equity literally. They can own more than in the house but the house and refinance it is. Let me get credit restrictions on the credit restrictions and are on aren't nearly as repairs as some of the adamant more insidious thing is it allows him to get a lower interest rate as you know. Com because the market the pack carry the Afghani people found themselves paying more house counselor. It's typical. Of the it really hate from pretty high interest rates okay is our is designed to do with the government program really designed to provide some. Relief tennis and music ends and limiting credit. Restrictions air and the thing is. You can actually Omar in your house in the house actually arts at the really big deal on a great program that many people not. The great thing also are for us that lenders are loans it is. Limited Kapler. So when people hear about mortgages authentic and loneliness. And Aaron life together I'll be exactly sure I have all ethnic or. With our it really is limited and we can take the application writers on them has been. Nineties. And that that really is a change from from the old days of a sitting there at the office. And signing hey he's after page after page are documentation and worse than at any application and it yeah. Like that yet and certainly to me read it right and we're talking tons of pages and and really it is not the actual. What is it eight by eleven standards so I usually isn't those sheets of paper and a relatively long. Just ask you this as an aside because in just listening to you whine. You have done a phenomenal job very professional. In in answering my questions I really appreciate it. You get into this what what's your back story and I could see it. Two. That's yeah and are really small town how and that he's been ultimately you really and that village of year antley and writing it I. And not a great thing was this as an act analyst there was a lot of education grant money. And sell used as in my house I'm comets it well will Dominique is leaning talk. I'm and so I feel like I was pointing this out only net. Alice in India into expert well and you and and and for lots of reasons but mainly due to serve track and I'm a graduate from college and payments. Thirty years ago. Almost now. I have really an in. And out of the market at half looks and and I'm really kind of make featured. We're better off because of how wonderful is so much that we. We don't know really sent bases and we do a lot of out of church is seminars and educating our and epic. And. Actually Anne and Emma add to that repertoire if you will. Coming on a public affairs show my community focus are thinking that is and would love to do something like this one a regular basis something that perhaps we can we can chat about. During the break but one more question that we may have a minute or so not put retirement on you on this. But what's personal liability umbrella that's another term that a lot of our listeners may not be familiar. So the personal liability umbrella really isn't over arching protection. Engine for example we talked about. I don't lightly limits just a little bit right and minimum idol liability limits and it Eleanor are 30000. And 6002030000. Is actually injury so we have an accident irony in EU. My insurance companies and no more than 30000. If it's just it's a group of people minds and in no more than 60000 Alice injuries that I costs. In no more than 20000 pounds for him to answer car multiple that the building an indictment in. When they pick up those limits they're done. Instilled a liability umbrella. With income man and take over from air because if you hear me yet over 30000 dollars we have when case amount that's right now injuries aren't a 100000 out. So we've got 70000. Dollars that's not an actress Sharon. That liability umbrella with coming up the difference in that people don't realize is those policies only at 200 dollars and. A year it's absolutely. My neighbor but it extermination are currently under us and rain until late in the east. Broke ladies didn't she see from million dollars and one. They didn't act at him so that they had interest in case moved him. And just just trying to picture that I mean that's a lot of money in itself does a lot of money that's coming out of your personal pockets of yeah and people aren't thinking about that but it's really important protection mechanisms tackling people and why now while we certainly are no and about it. Here today my dear at thank you very much. And Emma I have a few more questions I'd like to ask excuse now. I would love being mystical ran into your cell welcome and welcome once again. In the community of Stanley the pleasure is mine Islamic here. Emma as Allen who is where the State Farm Insurance companies again providing insurance and financial services. If I can share with our listeners before we go to our first break of the morning. You are actually. Located offer browns Burl wrote a 4680. To be exact suite. And that's and the beautiful Twin Cities of Winston-Salem sort of nether former are not former but and other Winston-Salem. Native. You're on the program and we're gonna share. A more. Information in terms of how our listeners can get in contact with you if they should have some additional questions. So thank you very much Emma Allen for joining me thank you as well radio family and as I mentioned. Will be back there is more of the week in addition of community focus right after this it's the weekend edition of community focus officially back from break here and our intercom stations thank you again. Ready your family your company is greatly appreciated on Saturday and Sunday mornings. And thanks to members American. Any focus family again we welcome Emma asks Alan. Who is aware State Farm Insurance companies providing insurance and financial services. Emma you didn't create job first half of the show your welcome. Thank you and relay. Learning some things. As not only our listeners are tuning in to let me tell you as the host of this program. What I love about having a public affairs show and having. Guess like yourself and really members of our community focus families like Hitler right along with Al thank you so much. As we we picked back up in conversation we were covering a lot from the car loans to mortgage loans. Mortgage or refinancing were about to get into the particulars of life insurance let's start there and again a program radio film and you're just joining us. A lot of these products and services that are provided by State Farm Insurance. Are probably services you may be surprised that are being offered but thankfully with good folk like Emma we're gonna learn about those services today. And particularly how they can get in contact with you that they have any additional questions. But image as we do continue in conversation as swear it again. Talking about life insurance there's a difference between again too familiar terms here's the. Term. As well as whole life insurance give us a breakdown on that. Eternally concerns that temporary. People I'm a term insurance it is. Permanent insurance it's just it's a deterrent to be ten years my years. At the end of that time it goes way. Many people don't realize my aren't we see all the time. And bring it out branding we do it. Went to answer we are in the business at my house speaker. Ever. Rise. Term life insurance at temporary. Apartment. The only way to win with insurance did not return to London still there is a place for insurance. But everybody needs some prominent holes life insurance in my own life insurance is is it ninety. Amy. For your entire life does not all day and shoot nine. Instead a couple different. Like Alice in short let's talk about cells is one that I got it right out and eat. Out eight and a combined. For. Nine years rise. So at and employee. In the past. There is a elect house press pattern which you pay for a specific period of I am fifty Aaron I liked any year at policy and be done. And he but it would not expire. I'd be finished. Or it would be but it continue to cover it continued until like at any and I didn't catch continue to grow and why. Once every Thai air wing it leaves its policies not on. So most. Policies don't really belong to. They belong. Here and Amy and is so at that like. Me at every single person on each. Don't at this time it's with me and I'm like he's an attack. Exactly and M is funny you mention that because as you're explaining that that's exactly. What was popping into my head. How very likely. Our listeners who were tuning into our conversation this morning are like. Let me go over to wherever they have it safely stored. And just go back to see exactly what I have ads and that if some changes need to be made now would be the time to do it. Wow thank you for that explanation that that really. It's just sort of opens if you with L. That and thinking about the importance of making sure we stay on top. Thanks such a service and we think that it's honestly we never have to revisit and he is the most important things that we can do for us and are absolutely absolutely. Let me ask you this next question do we really need it and let's speak about. Renters insurance and is it expands it. I'll give my own personal example don't I live in downtown Winston-Salem. And there was a lady who went to bed with at bats on and it was on on the whole class it flooded the apartment underneath who. Unfortunately. The people underneath her averages insurance and needed it she then. So all of that liability now belongs to those people involved so they've lost most if things and they have no average. When does insurance in my building is about ten bucks a month. It's ten bucks. So those things connecting coverage for ten dollars a month. Many people feel like when they're renting from some place it's the owner's responsibility to cover their things on his responsibility to cover their physical place rest of that apartment conflict. Back home but nothing in there is covered by the owner's insurance in many people who don't know. And when you're just think about just ten dollars in general. How huge second baby. Just to be covered with renters insurance and dollars and it is absolutely. How much. Let's talk about insurance from the car perspective. Auto insurance is actually enough let's let's get back to that. Well you know we talked about the men in north and a minimum limits which are 3062 when he if you think about the cars on the road right now bright if you'd total car. Is 25000 hours and and in. And so that's really what we do and are firm in terms of content it looks if you run into and Allen and Jeremy yeah. And I'll likely to see you from more than 30000 pounds if it is it that night and instill when we think about that weeping at. You probably out of started out it. In terms of that at the entry. Phillips and it's really the difference in terms of the nose isn't very much supreme. So people IC insurance and not and name's Christie insurance. But she is urgency of what you really want in my opinion as a quarterback your finances. Some might come in and have obviously look at duo Rick doing right now today when I talk about what I really need to in terms of protection. Do less and kids my hemming and having. Likely that they're gonna happen next grows and supposed to mean who has an accident and years history and so it really is working through that passes for us help you determine. What you need as opposed to make it up on some eyes and hear the minimum limit is cheap insurance it's like to. Because you're really playing mr. And so we advocates for is get some expertise give an exact and I navigate access. I like that that scenario. Or or or that analogy Emma if you will because that is so important and it's such a huge difference between. These quote unquote cut rate. And the quality. That you get from an insurance companies such. As state farm. And the Thatcher right because to have an individual an agent such as yourself. And is so willing to sit down and and literally walk us through the process take its by the hand instead of really asks. Like trying to feel our way through sometimes I could be a very frustrating. Thing to do. Because we don't know all the ins and outs but with professional like yourself that's constantly on top of your game. And your learning because these policies do you have a tendency to change things get added things get taken away and so too. Have that knowledge knowledge as they say the expression is key. It really is key and we talk about these various policies and again as we touched down talked about a little bit earlier on the program. Those milestones. We have those situations where a lot of first. Come into our lives whether it's the kids learning to drive for the first time we're buying our first home. We're looking to find how. Yes what is best for me and terms of life insurance the term or the whole. What do I currently have and I mean the list of questions just go on and on and on. And I'm sure for so a lot of your clients they are just really pleased when you can just sit them down and say NA. Look we may need to make some changes and some specific areas. We chaser. Some of it lately you would just on. Because people get Izzy trend is that's sure at least eight people usually are suites you're the top and you're aiming your career that's out of our game ARRIS. Give us the effort to make sure that you were you Monday. It's a great way to look at it and thank you for that the weekend edition of community focus it's her here in our Entercom stations we think you read your family. Where your company your listeners shipped. With me Rene vine and definitely the company of members of our community focused Stanley our newest member. And Emma Allen and a let me ask this question how long have you been in the business and what made you and I talked about the slump earlier specialize in doing its. I've been in this business thirty years well. And it mines act courier is teach people how to meet their money's unite. At a program are now just rich you know means it's around the country people. Down. It's very septic in it really is borne out heartbreak and heartache ass in my own appearance. Here just in terms of abused frankly. I insurance people anchors and because of land at all at Everett on what I was born to do and that's that's that's ash and arm excellent. Now how can. Knew when we talked about this earlier B resale I I just mentioned the physical address. Which again is 4680 brown spur road suite. So great these stars currently at night it's an agent and you Emma SX and Allen. And and and on a lot of news. I office number is 367. Nine currencies there I'll certainly be reached there. Wonderful and argued taking on new clients that we are great covered griner is and we have. A number well or now Brighton U insurance agents that work out as a team like minded and very you know what they do. So absolutely welcome declines and do business with us and that's we when he is with us and that it's like. I say this loudly here. Right right to like you said educators give us the knowledge that we need so that we're not necessarily in the dark on certain things. Go back a little bit in the because you talked about it touched on a little bit. How your passion for reaching out to the community with the various services that you provide. Do you have particular programs such as this that. Are offered. To our listeners whether or seen their place of worship or may be going to various businesses or I don't know if you have something a range where they can. Invite you personally to their home yet we're leasing your place of business to really. Just get that financial instruction. We recently in. Schools teachers. Now in the current rates and as recently and there is tree. And they ask me and I'm. A really excited. It's an ant mound right I felt like. Great benefit that there certainly is so we're doing and schools and people feeling. Like ours that's as. Doing and it. Where we can get out and I talent. I've people happy did you get because people teach and very that we indeed that. That's right in the heart that we intended. While that's fantastic so for anyone who's listening. And that may be in that position where they want a represented one agent like yourself to come. But it's certainly getting contact Lee to get more information and by all means and if you will do this for me. Win you have a location and let's say a date. Where an event such as that looks thing continental will exchange email information. And after our interview work really our converse this I'd never think of a conversations those interviews or vice Versa. I just loved the fact that we have a public affairs show that does provide education knowledge to our listeners. Of course that's not possible without wonderful persons like yourself so thank you and please continue to do what you're doing now in terms of covering where you can be reached how you can be reached the fact that you are constantly taking on new clients. What is your market area because even though you are in the greater Winston-Salem. How far is your outreach said SP leader and it's. Anywhere in north. Texas. And Charlotte you know kind. Advances well it kind since Ireland. You know in this mobile Internet Eaton mountain would air it is rhetoric and he isn't any place in North Carolina really ask. Excellent and that is great to know because Emma when we we think about our our inner comes Asia's especially in this age of technology. Is so many ways with which we can reach our listeners. Not only through this program but when we think about social media. We think abouts. Podcast. We think about all of these of various ways in which we can communicate. With our listeners it's it's great because our outreach through this station. Is in the greater Carolinas we think about the pre junior area. And just to have radio family pretty much really around the world so to speak. Because now you can no matter where you are the world. If you could find out where the radio station is very likely divided on the world wide web. So for a for our our radio families here with our parent company. I just look this up whichever stationing happened to be listening to and definitely I just know that. He can get in contact with great folk like and Matt has. Out on it and sure. You and I aha we have a great where we recommend that we may eighth. Are. Transfered to Virginia and other places and sit at Amazon com to meet Bryant says you're my baby he had it yeah Allen and deliver you now to an ace in another place right I don't want people not like ask this question sad. That we can out of hand. Fantastic I love that just love your warm person. It is so great now how long have you been in the Winston-Salem area percent into instant in 20081. And her fault and thirteen cent going on for years ago anniversary there might be aired. Congratulations. And here's to many more years hopefully down the road. Yeah I enjoy your show and so we admire what you do because this happened without use just I am well pink hue and and my hat's off to you my dear this is this is why it's community and why is Stanley because we are. Where they are for sent. Yes and I really appreciate all the hard work that you do and and just. I can say keep up the Korean War and not any closing thoughts anything that I didn't cover that you can talk about that we perhaps didn't have a chance. To mention it in educate. People ought to be seeking education and we are certainly and I'm. Like many others but the big news is don't get so busy living you don't take care that's our satellite that's. Right wonderful so let's just recap a couple of things a radio family first and foremost. Wish state farm providing insurance and financial services so keep that in mind if it's for because we're so people it may be boat and for others it may be one. Or the other but just know that both are covered. And you are indeed. Going to be taking in very good care of courtesy of of Emma as Alan and really all of of your staff. At state farm but if you wanna reach out to Emma in particular. Let's begin again or recap if you will the location it's 4680. Browns pearl road suite Diaz and Donald. In Winston-Salem. And one of the best ways to reach out Emma found wise is area code 3367590205. You also can email. Emma. Act Emma asked Alan dot com. And make sure to move that speaking of social media and the UK and the like you on FaceBook do absolutely. Wonderful. Again Emma welcome to the community focus downlink. Looking forward to more conversations with few. On this Darius or on serious subject matters so whether it's car loans mortgage loans mortgage refinance. Life insurance. We know we're gonna get some some great knowledge and information from someone like yourself so again thank you. You're welcome and am as I say on this program there are no good guys just to sound axed. Ames sell it you likewise. And ready a family indeed. Likewise to the next time that we can get together on this public affairs show. Again thanks for your great company thank you for the great things you're doing in our communities definitely. Keep up the great work and until that next time you enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend until. The next edition of community focus take care. Q mob. Cell phone I enjoyed your license iced it inmates. In line. So. It. And Allison are still many many times and in my great but he had me really to increase that. And you have another radio yeah yeah.