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Tuesday, September 26th


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Everybody asked promised us pressure guesses multi platinum Grammy. A war what is stringer startled Broadway hit an old shell out in Vegas land. She's gotten the governor household and her debut single. It's called the it will lose plummeted charges she's going to be joining us right now to tell us about it new single. And highly anticipated new problem we go but that was being going home without light and have that lays into him the one and ill. Baton doable it's only black. You can complete it narrow that they depend. Susan good. Can't believe how. Sitting right next man sitting next the entire group. Do you advocate Chile. I'm on the other reached over. Joke. I. Talk so. Did you welcome her to jointly on in your mind right now. Welcome to the good news it was his job on other hand. And we are going and he made it. Right artery. Okay. That doesn't Boyd would be thinking and in his low sounds to me that base all regiment that amendment right. And me are you pray on good. Good to see blue beautiful. If you average college got us up to get a million dollars on God's elect has almost a lot of room and got the lute ten on the news. So accustomed to as a prayer it is again you know expensive it is in the fifth yeah. You know we always done and brag calls about some stuff the alternate. Food and edit the bag and then you money that is. Are you adored. You you're right you in the studio you put the finishing touches on your eighth solo album tell us about the new music did you eight. While elementary took. Half but just cleared ten months and you know quote. Your status in the business your longevity. Amazing that it makes eyes at eight LP the key thing LP I was feeling so you know what. It's crazy nobody saw that anymore your right ordering your eighth album. The big what do you say now you can say. This crazy is that it changed my nights dreaming. About it. It right it'll record and came out of the basement honest to. Step down or would it be nice and. I don't think. That the problem the you can't think based. They worry that there are a few holes where it really hurt that and has no faith is the zone. Okay what is the attic is the ball very. Attic is well that is your house is as yet. Both thought it was a little bit about his new project I'm excited the album could not have been the end this conflict and figure it. Yeah well okay who I'm talking and I don't think this is the first prize and that hasn't little black and white advisory in the quarter. I mean I have to it will grow you. Am an advisory stick golfers. Aren't you really didn't. I. The nothing nothing's ratcheted up like that the language some think the thing. You curse words some things in practice they each were some things with him afterward nothing else it's our play does not like you know. It's been and I'm on I love it. I'm an. They were doing nothing about that. I think it's been Amman. It take a moment to think it'll. Though and light blue. Ash fail at all. It's yeah. They re the same show. Is it's a hi how do you feel about a project because you do or something like these she got it puts some different ought to what was she Lincoln's. This project I was comfortable with the that being dealt another sales increase in the past it was comfortable had a heart broken thing about it right now like I can talk about the issues and say you know this on William called. An affiliate. Out there and that means. I'm not the privacy and a whole Asia at a stage. And them saying. Marksman for its dvd let them act now I don't I don't I don't know how we're running and hopefully we got chicken on the right you mean. It's funny about it. And now. Saint here in our youth agency. We think this letter. While Millwood. Avant here. You told me to know you don't. Don't. And not you like with those eight. Hello Mary I'll I'll. And you've got we are bogus. The remote and well and got him out again like. Don't be here at bowling ball he'll be here he. OK okay. Sort of similar to. That's like for and to Asia's little wishing you don't normally don't talk to me three yields aren't enough socialism we moved. Advisories Dirk yet Drake got to free deals. Go get it in the oh. Yeah. Pretty good old bride to. Like. Yeah. Pockets. Dog do and albums right and 8880 before we talk about this thing all all right here are talking about Vegas. Yeah how was it for you because. You have to beat. A major star. To do was show in Vegas you can't come out there and ain't got no dale it's the campaign. This time that I loved I loved everything about it and people there really coast I have to tell you more about that lately Qatar optical would go come back right after this whole target practice no. Got a new front Susan and I we are here with the one and only got. Legend she is Toni Braxton. He blast death today. With her presidency in in the studio should thank you know that the but the revenues what do everything else that CD Matt Albers and elderly can read music history Brothers theory yeah new strain that well comes out or we don't do is Google put Steve Harvey took killed. And almost in everybody. Apple at the same parent and run it to number one we've done that for time and again feel we've Graham or yeah. Powerful at the top of the charts that day. Because we are loyal people through. These people that listen to the show they steal back. Yet. Blah baker who was in this. I hesitant about it. PG. And what is the bigger the lead single has it would as quickly climbing the charts it. Think it's interesting tell us about this did the name of the film the it will give do you know what did it. You got a poet six that you can remember your kidneys to thank the piece of wood who is there anybody any kid out in care about it. That's the Philadelphia and Atlantic at. The top professionals prostitute who can view women experienced it. It hit it out. He had in I didn't had been voice. Figured you'd in this project you can did you Google proper anything right apparently use I just did what I love this song when their cults sects the cigarettes like you come home come with a bit smaller expects the cigarettes why you hear we call the apple text. Well I. Girls don't expect yes I am. Or so ago. And I think we did things they brag that you couldn't do you really like anything at all that they meet the other a did yeah that's what you have good about that the Fella and pick yet he guessed my candidate and he did did you do any of the. Did not recruitment but I know I have a candidate yet you. I was talking to some idea that the tendency you do the and the people born with the music gives me. Not just coming Ed did you dig it you guys only get up and went down it is you dig a little argument that you don't take a scoop that I kept. Did you ever read on the number oh. Debut gate was. Available let me. Either dead. It singled and if it's classic Tony Wragge yeah I mean really I love this song adjuster yesterday did you. Allah and it's really get its classic Toni Braxton you're in great voice I absolutely love of life. You know when he bigoted and they and a political player you know that's a good thing for you fail based because they don't war. You. Could not be totally cracked this important that would crush them. You know. And so many people you know they go we're trying to do wasn't new and hot in any way now but as an artist you know it's like it try it. Bryant no trial that's up from even love it yeah yeah that's the idea that you noble we still appreciates fingers and tying. And you just go wait a minute that anybody. Go just playing a great soul volume you know my favorite rapper is very you guys know. When my kids like come on drinks thinker. Who do you. It those who. Are. Not me but my kids in with kind of changing a little older did you like who the rookie in 98 think like he says they get it thome who daylight. Kodak black. Vote. He William on loan guarantee. You know I'm an advocate it yet with about a person. Expense. Now and yet what do you. All I would not like they love Drake but he's the finger to them home. It is strengthening markets have started to gravitate. Like we may be heading for his overhead in the opponent and you know well. They play re actually the end of the yet again ratchet and our legal really. When asked this rule. Or what an intelligent person and released this and thought it was a hit. Did a great athlete embodies yes they like the that they like we had to grapple we are and a rep that was that they that appears to have been the net effect for rail but you know late like Bebop. Warm rock and roll my parents' generation. If that's what are you a million residents in music kids now but back to you in deadwood. A podium or anything. We don't but it. May only eat. Like ages ago yeah. I don't let it it would will win the stream comes out we go routed to the top and apple trying to figure. They existed aliens Olympia girls. They've just wanna not be differently but in man. Makes. No common inherently. An island like. Foods and even. And as. Long as. Oh. Note. These are out. We have warrant. You've come on smiling for us you know and that's our life now. But I think was a deal to remake Opel surely America. And everything Lleyton. Because I had to experience. You. Now. They'd it is woman's house. And flew okay own talent at all he didn't wait you. Me and I will go into telephone. In the words of power was my I hit eight load. Up. On six. This I module about it one. Just to rule. The world. Will. Go. And Bill Campbell and outlook at well lots of boggle right to topple ball all right now fallen. Right here we have him back at the break we. Are bragged that he can back. It. Right we are back when he bragged that looked like usually an identity Jews did in his torso were. Holiday now load. Long term goal long term loan term but who would leave when I was in my prior year's big news it and it up a few more. Hey. Yeah Q where you lose sleep and so open. It was apple. Also deal with our car. She wrote it only got a draw all all of my. Partners. Oh. From a pack English back. Pocket and that's why did he. It. Are. Most cedes telephone pole this would be all Arab. Call on glossy that I hate these com. And Reynolds all. Here in rapid round. I can go to our costs too much game. I would be at the hospital. Any. Heavy shell O box. Out to ride it out. Operate on the go up a good idea. And I just that I can he do it I can I can I don't know what to do that so I do drove home to the house. And he was and the lowest. Price the wouldn't she's they had and would become. Osce. You leaders. I've been fine word on my. Graham we are rail. And we would just hold each in wouldn't lady choked the well how to fight among the few issues. Why your shoes on the role as a group they came off doing that by data that I grew up. He says so you'll meet you think you've been like no quit the kicking the little. His girl Friday Graham. Especially they're getting is he. Is here with only. To commit a million people. You go and I just. Asked. About it love and hole. Him and this isn't built up as. Well. Criminal intent. Totally do. It. And if there on the three out of our way. It's in and. Until it's Bob ball way. It can all of this kind of drug record. We wish to surely weren't even close to wow you know like to a halt. I've admitted that nowhere the only when he may lie in a more. I was gonna say notre for the Clinton and I didn't. Always have been looking at out of 23 minutes. With long how many. You have yes that wanna one doesn't rule and Lafayette hills and far. I'd everybody mission. This album is coming out there when it comes out we are taken to property show that you noticed there. Debussy was calls did would you give it now. But what I want everybody to do is go to iTunes right now this is that girl Toni Braxton but it took the top. The job that he everybody right now at work down low debt will of the party Braxton download it would do it now to Braxton we La guns and we do.