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Good morning once again ready a Stanley welcome back another week in addition of community focus officially begins. Thank you for joining us and for tuning in here on our intercom stations it is. Once again. The weekend and every Saturday and Sunday morning a wonderful opportunity to talk to members of our community focused family especially when we get to welcome the newbies. To the shall now this is a program that you likely have heard about in and about the community before but he's only in newbie in this is my first time. To engage in great conversation we're gonna share with you. And helping to learn more about the scholarship community focus program. And that Raza community focus has a nice ring to it as I say good morning to you I'm jury S Richardson. And you just earn your Ph.D. did you not answered does it couldn't move on into -- wonderful I got an idea of house today and congratulations. You just here but you said it was OK is it we just keep it personal and just referred he was on insurance respond well good morning Andre how are you. No wells and now we've done well thank you very much and thank you. For this wonderful program known as a scholarship community focused programs now for some of the community who may have heard of it and Boris especially others who have not. Little bit of background information. Would tell us what is a scholarship community focused program to start with. Oh this is the program that started about three years ago with the media capital land that's out of alpha filed from time incorporated and partnership. But the cows of his case and in North Carolina and he's the university. So we felt the need to. Is gay people bows Dallas is how I guess analysis and senators do resurgent right houses. Basically breaking yourself down in in different components and things about just so Rosen discusses how often how you don't really understand. The different. Ways they can use Gaza and also different things and now they're forced. Oh absolutely that's an excellent point Andre because the timing of our conversation. Really is an appropriate time. We're getting closer to not only the spring months summer's just around the corner I know a lot of kids are ready for not only. Their summer break. But especially when we look at our juniors and seniors. And their various high schools. Here locally and especially including across the country. And what's on the mind of a lot of moms and dads and impair our aunts and grandparents possibly aunts and uncles and everybody in the family is what's the next up especially if they have a son or daughter who wants to further their education. They wanna go to a fine school fine HPC usage is North Carolina anti state university. There's always at pressing question in the back of their minds. Alma I don't pay for college. Especially as we see bet that higher education. Can be very expensive depend upon where they go. But more importantly how they can really like you said take the necessary steps. And getting the scholarship money and the key whiff scholarships is this is money's. That aren't always have to be paid back by this so basically free money yes yes well for many families saw how wonderful that we have this. With a scholarship community focused program so little benefits Andre from the program. And as you just mentioned what the program assault out. Well it was conferences is designed fluent nine degrees 20 great minority male and female students. Particularly African Americans who is and those who listened in tenth and eleven angry. A strongly encourages eating some residents who attend and of space is very limited was well we. Want to with the go to the website and register on line. And kill scholars that column and video as. CA OL eight RNS. Dot com okay though at the aids oh. Though they aren't as come a little too good and miss with a comfortable week in a plan accordingly. For the animal to that Newton. Excellent and under we're gonna make sure that we continually repeat that information. To where they can get registered. Love the fact too and this is very key for parents and four. A lot of our students who are likely listening to our program here this morning on the weekend edition of community focused the earlier you start searching. Where those scholarships at the better because. Unfortunately. There may be dose and let's just say worst case scenarios. That. A lot of virtues don't hear about the scholarships until. Practically their senior year and that really doesn't give them enough time because you only have a few monster transition through. From high school. Into college and where do you go to it a two year or four year university. Knowing that there are monies Al bared that can literally help pay for the duration. How dare stay. When we talk about an institute of higher learning it's really good to hear encouraging the kids and the parents listening to take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible. Thank you thank you that's what I wanna get the word out there some parents and let them know as you stated. There early you prepare the best absolutely and and preparation is definitely key. It touched on this a few minutes ago the program's been in existence for how long again and then go for about three years curtain back story on that how does the concept reporting the scholarship community focused program Comerica. Well while the members of the human disease and is is ex to denote the thousands as he's known colony in the he then the president. Elements in the town of Brothers and now from Pitt news the president they talked about doing. A spouse if sort of program we're just to talk to people about palaces that the new earlier this hey you know. This sums damaged due. You know. No matter even if you don't think don't know itself is going to cows as a ninth grader you know to to manage anyway because you learn more about the opportunity is there then that could turn Perez. Say the Panama's those things through his mind say you know I think we can do this again I will account and and so forth. Very good point. Now Andre if you don't mind sharing from. Your personal experience I hear you are having earned your Ph.D. Your doctorate in in your field. How soon was it for you when you have the opportunity for you when your family to take advantage of of any scholarships are out there at the time you were going through school. Of unfortunately I was one of those few that do not take events and on its own right has. Because of the of the funds in the money I didn't go dredges cows and excellence of the navy housing and play well in the nation we used gamma. And as you do is Dong well and does do does don't have an a few years after dosing and eaten it wasn't until that point that's you know. Approach to do little lived at a high schools good guys and gals of and so forth. And think about you not to be GI bill which is oh this is like styles of money also. And use that and and went to cows in and as a result of that I became a teacher. And I I taught students. That's lessons in middle school and as a start talking to them early on. About things about Monica and we go to you know that's on the pairs of bow scouts and so forth. And so is personal to me in that we've I didn't know thirty years ago as a good husband though he is an 88. And I didn't know that he is about the stuff about them is that there yeah oh or hit any of those things that was very neat near deer and tomorrow one person to me well. Thank you for sharing that and we have the same graduation day allow all our own small island and definitely even his views on how it is and luckily those same ideology just sitting right well leg now we know that they've brought you look great. They were thirty years. Did you have passed thank you so much I really appreciate that. But yes when when we have an opportunity to hear our stories such as yours that really does help to reinforce. And the fact that you were focusing on your service to country. And then to have died GI bill with which to when you made that decision. Because that really does also say that if it isn't in the immediate plan for want to go to school. Sometimes we do take up or it just happens when we have other things that we wanna focus on but if we re focus. And we have the determination to go back to school those opportunities are available so it's a scholarship that's they are. Now let me ask you one more question before we go to our first break on the morning Andre this being. Can this money be used at any school or at a particular school in general. And in school because we focus and the scholarships. And we also tubs and thousand hopefuls Collison right beyond the confidence he must go home OK here's some other ways that you can. You know look for Skiles as we also have Skiles is on the on the web site. Also they can use the scouts have rarely gets scouts and boom and anyway. Excellent and MS is the stiffness and ended when he goes over to go fight in us there's you know you have to goes in this particular institution. Right exact I bet that's a good point I wanted to see you in a may have a minute to get this one is to let this be the last discuss officially under rubble we got a break. I wanted to get back to you being in middle school teacher what was that experience like for you especially for a for wind coming out of the navy and going back to school. Getting you more teaching degree or certificate and then having the opportunity to teach middle schoolers. A little grid on its own means of a slow. Those are some also in those students now says that's on them and ruled plays an X in my hometown that's on him does not feel. I don't worry Anderson there's a thought at one remove schools this though it is very near and dear to monitor and you know and a a is once led those tunes and I you know I do them with a thousand Amin have grown men and high school of thieves will come but you can go. You know his focus and you know right now is we stuff gang you know who knows blueberries. You know people look at those transcripts on you Gibson angry not taught in green did tonight is new movies will be starting over. You startled with a transparent you can do well those who can do well on the ECT yeah see fans I just incurs enforce those things as teaser. Early on though when I thought there and those. Who is a unique situation that mobs in school because he also was you about. And that's Armenia African American males in the school went to school where I thought that's on Oprah's was African American and he had a he made a point to try to hire African American males of the year that I started using them. Six African American males studs the same time at the same time saying wow and data room with son figure out how that happened how he did exactly really make a difference because we. You know this does got a sense of seeing these guys they went to cal is no these are regular guys and who regularly got. And so we try to instill in them you know the importance of 1000 new England and now moves. High school and thank you I really every opportunity Andrei I can't win I have a chance to. Engage in great conversations such as I'm having with you here right now on the first half of the week in addition of community focused. I don't think teachers get enough. Credit most I don't think they get enough accolades I don't think you get enough thank Hughes for doing what you do. And especially when you have particularly young black bullies who can look directly in front of them and see someone who looks like them. Who is a teacher so to take this opportunity and just say thank you so much for what you have done because really an end this. It's something that I always stink about from time to time. And not to get you know off kilter whether conversation but a lot of times when I think about caring for her doctors. And her lawyers and professional sports players. And athletes. But these guys and girls had to learn from someone. They were taught by someone. And of course when we talk about the disparity unfortunately with teacher pay and that's a whole another topic of discussion right. That it's it's really amazing how some of our teachers. Are making nearly as much. As some of our professional. Individuals who are current in the working field. And so I know you don't do it necessarily for the money you do it for the joy. Of knowing that you're teaching a young boy who. Or young girl to become whatever it is he or she wants to pay for gas so kudos to you sir thank you for doing that for those. Put your middle school students. Just curiosity do you have a chance to keep in contact or have you spoken to any of your former students over the arts. I have. You know I have to teasing flow while lower hires these non. Well being organized is a long time. So I was see some of those things along way in and some of them many of them auspices of the mails where I went on the cal as a so of them when it's news different is we use in North Carolina it's either in the nails they hate. Known as a result hotel's 1001 in particular as one young man he can tell me who's going to count and he was gonna be a member of mobilization right and and how is it okay. And so one of those what we'll say right we'll see you sleeves blue tauzin has and everybody went on a high school and they will anywhere on the dollars and he graduated in he did become a member a mild disease and and then he also got a job working with the IRS from what I enhanced hope though he went on to do great things this is one in particular drug named tennis we've seen it. Yeah there were many of them that that you know lifted us and then. In this phase and they say you know in 2001 of the and you know they didn't necessarily come from backgrounds of people went down to a first and reasons also why and slow you know they do will. Oh what a beautiful story feel free to share more of those guys and the second half of the program and that's just really great that in this is 100. No doubt. As a former teacher and for teachers who are listening this is why you do what you do it this and why teachers do what they do. It's for the love their kids well thank you serve fine job for the first half of the shaft. By the way your newbie you. Am going to go down in a very rarely I'll realize I'm in the presence of greatness honestly I don't know the other way around. Yeah every thing now this is what we do is a community. Is that we uplift to not build each other's so thank you so much for the great company and you and thank you ready your family your fine company as well we're gonna hear more. From Andrei S Richardson. Recent Ph.D. sag had doctor Richardson announced the legal keep it Andrea. And to learn more about the scholarship. Community focused programs here. On the weekend edition of community focus coming back right after disparate thank you so much for tuning in radio family the weekend edition of community focus it's here Saturday and Sunday mornings on Entercom stations. Thank you very much for your great company thank you for the good things you're doing. In our communities when it to say that early and I likely will repeat that at the end. Of the program. And gains right now and continuing and wonderful conversation about the scholarship. Community focused program with Andre S Richardson. Andrea I wanted to share and so we're gonna do this. Several times to Alps the course of our conversation. That with a scholarship community focused program they can go to KL scholars dot com that's correct OK and to learn more. Now they have until is your particular deadline that you are focused on what this war. Well we use we're gonna have a date deadline day needs the rules keep it open until we get to loosen them okay we're just hearing him right now very connect. What is the process were participating that that's a nice tying in an end to that question. Well processes have been when things from Verizon business Mason engine who's gonna also going apparent with them as well as question on and ask them. Will it be bringing up there and this rule on the day of the top of thousand dollars of these it 28. Slaton. Edited it 21. Thing is 30 AM to 3 o'clock. Movie providing the light breakfast with the continental breakfast and maybe Columbus is listed underdog. Brian Kaufman and Jews. But we're also having fooled let's for pants instance. Excellent because a good a good breakfast and in a good lunch. They say and you may remember this from from the days when we're about their days Unser AD the importance of of having that breakfast is the most important meal of the day in really housing gage and in our thinking. And whether it's you know analytical making application with certain things. Because nowadays sis says we had all these various subjects. To learn from back in the day and of course what you did as as a middle schoolteacher. Your favorite subject to teach the recall well house and things these. Oh my fruits of his cool and amazing and in his own goes and it's an excellent. Now were you by chance they first generation college grants and your family well. From the and steal them and opening day. Well and there may be for many who are listening to the program and have a son or daughter who may be graduating from. High school and going to an institute of higher learning for the first time now how much money can a student potentially receive from the scholarship community focused. Well in advance with dignity in Dayton is must want this week and a we give out. Palaces will show them how to grill though. Austin game probably gain up to you know twenty to 30000000000. This you know so students. I've discussed them out there and many us Susan they have sold in this called presidential palaces and handed examples spouses Ryder. You know GPA's is is great news test was written in beautiful ride. Tuna stews and even a private institutions we're three for he's used so you have Travis does the president gossip. You know the Swiss and there's going to be must mostly when some. Susan who get a full arrive at a prom is es you have about 1000. Now can you imagine him happy parents that are listening that would say oh my son or daughter and could you know apply for that and actually get it. How much of a financial relief. Because you write in an even with a twenty to 30000 dollars that's not too shabby either because only think about. The cause of justice some master. Of going to college and can be relatively. Expensive. Now are only seniors are allowed to participate and will this be an annual program. We we want this vision and program and nice that we don't want. More of thumb wasn't doing as to a Tennessee is in town right there right there that and we're. All the spouses been given from the season and the variety a lot of focus on seven of them is that nine through twelve grades he anchors come. I'll catch excellent and settle parents you're hearing it first hand from Andre Richardson who is joining me. Here on the week in addition of community focus great information about the upcoming scholarship community focus program again the date. So Martha sunny calendars will be on. As Saturday it was eight game winning ain't funny thing is there district you know which must register online before you can OK an and is this where they need got a Cahill scholars dot com. Those goes dot com because scab Lambert's you know file along with the houses in this case and it will come and see. Host and sponsor. Excellent so radio famine that dates just around the corner so take advantage of this as of yesterday. As the expressing goes and no worse the location where will it be to do my own camp. And moved on and he in the park hall which is the thousand is decent. Though isn't Rula addressed with the right and right and even if you really with anti scientists have signed his post during that will be outside also the guy peaked with the need to go impart some his partner his re innocent. Farther apart and able we don't want foreign apart and it wouldn't part in the parking lot full park alone and do that last who have been there isn't wrecked into the freelance. And as a homeland anything below and wonderful. That's what is all about and that's definitely a keeping it Andre with in the community now must ammunitions of his alma mater and Anthony. And yeah. Yet they will meet old and he's a very racist ever and excellent excellent. Now as far as this becoming an annual program. What are some things that you hope to if it's not already incorporated. With a scholarship community focus program some of the things that you would like to see added down the road as the years of anything that comes on. Mean as soon as cultures and the wooden ultimately it's the please them. Houses universities come expand missiles and thousands bruises come and exit pay was awful on the spot. Right Skiles is so alliances extended that was you know news. Now a month isn't as Owens they are above is yes there's a good question. And was not proud to beg off as good question all of and you don't act and so I in my visit our legacy that no more tooth and hey you know. Have to. 101000 miles out of them and give. You know running person who is is this news to choose from. No rule area songs for some reason cows do and so forth. Of these like there almost like hold a lottery refuses giving out many styles of my own deal. Andre all I can say never say never. You may have that one individual that's listening to you at this very moment who may be saying Obama may be that person to to get the ball rolling. So to speak. And my friend and also will allow an opportunity of course for you know common future program. Down the road. And sad we can always do a post shall. Very team to give us some information or on the turnout. And you know obviously. The feedback that will come from families that are able to attend sorority a famine we can't stress this enough please come out and support this wonderful that. The scholarship community focus program. Andre getting back to some of the other students is there another student in particular that stands out that you wanna share from past experience. Yes news it was young lady. Who. Did not know how's this account you can go to cows. Thanks to raise of the pants and going to college and and Susan a religious and so I don't know. Exactly how this has now some money OC also is in things like trio program outbound right now we're gonna noticed is not our. On campus. And in those programs that yourself. On Moscow's. XE XP and school in Greensboro truth when you as easy on the intensity scouts that money from is too well right as soon as they would you go to school Agassi's exit now a teaser and North Carolina. As long time and it was full circle former students especially. Following the same profession. Thank you have been in and to just see. Really I'm sure they are your kids. Even though you know you may you may not be the biological father or parent but in a lot of ways and we think about it that's what teachers wore. Tell us they were the adults that we've looked up to they were the adults that said you know what. I'm one of these somebody. When I grow up and how nice because we all can probably be called at one favorite teacher that stood out. Is that the case for you can can you remember one or maybe a couple of teachers offers agreed to zoo was my food yeah ms. Valentine are. Last over the bounds you know just words words have a lot of since you always encouraged me and yeah themselves Martins of wood and I and those he was a mob of of these known well in in school entry to a riot on grain and it's really wonderful when you have great teachers like that. That sees something in you that right away you don't see in yourself. And when you have that reinforced over the years from from other teachers it is it's it's a wonderful. Opportunity I know for for me. I have so many. Probably from mean my favorite teacher was one of my favorites. When I took French and ice that was my first time engaging in a foreign language and just the fact that you know it was an opportunity to speak another language other than English. And she was just so. And it was that type a teacher who obviously had been to France. On a number of occasions so she had that personal experience. But what do what I really loved about her is is her engagement. With their students. And how she was more than just a teacher. You know a lot of times when your outside of the classroom. You still have. That that bond and if we if you will. And the great thing to about it on journey is long after you're finished with high school. And even when your finished college and you just happened to just awesome and in my case. You're out about somewhere in public. And you look and you're like. Yeah. Yes my teacher that's the best in this mine too and magical are not against my own corporate class act or frets but I remember. One time and this as. There's been so long ago but I'll I'll share a moment with you on drag and and radio and industry's years ago when my grandmother still living in week happened to. The count eating we went to a KNW. I was in Winston-Salem I think it used to be located on shadow line drive. Somewhere close to the WX ITV station stilled him. And the restaurants no longer there but at the time we were eating. And she happened to see a lady sitting in a Booth. Eating dinner by horse and she looked at me. And she said you see that lady over there. Sig yeah what about her she's so that was my third Greeks oh now mind she's gonna Unser and my grandmother was probably in her late seventies loan out. Eighties is. Ever heard you say that's a third grade teacher and I think the most and when all the. Hate you here needs now Christina looked incredible she had at least DN. If not knocking on a hundred. At that time and I really great teacher well when you get moment. It's like that where you can reflect on individuals. Especially our teachers that we may have the fortune inability to keep in contact list. And you know in some cases Andre if you think about there are a lot also are seasoned. Teachers. That not only taught us. But also may have taught our homes and and it is an reprints tool because I remember I had a lot of friends in high school that when we had. When there was a home teacher. Aura one of our financial teachers or in your case when you taught English. To have an English teacher and they say yeah I remember you would just like your mom back yeah yeah and scope. It's really amazing it really makes this so so nice to share stories like this especially here on the program so thank you for that. Andre wanted to get back to a little bit especially focusing on the scholarships. And the fact that win. Again ready a family if you're just tuning and welcome to the weekend edition. A community focus as half on jury Richardson joining me. With information on the scholarship community focused program again and K well that's KLK. Is and when word that the income and if he still candy with I very. Certain that that's why your teacher and Ellis and Larry so that's KEL scholars dot com. But Andre when you think about the good zillions. Of scholarships. That are out there. That a lot of our students and particularly. Or equally our parents aren't we are I remember one time I had another. Member of our community focused mainly on the program. We were talking about scholarships. And she mentioned scholarships. War. If you happen to be left teamed in an online world that was may well it was a scholarship when I was in school. Or if you Wear glasses there may be a scholarship for that so really it's just the gamut of what's out there. Went through this scholarship community focus program. You're really teaching families how to do. Really G. Research on how to find the scholarship dollars. In this who has asthma is an influence. On ethnic grounds. Director of program resulted in Africa. He actually did it won't count these you know Lundberg muscled down there in black male I'm tall did. I don't buy and you know whatever you know on this Sunday and he actually broken out down like that and till the pants and that is designed to say OK it is that. A scouts about four in the black male fool for being tall eight or you know being right N and a candidate asked that. Is those types of things and moves. Is now. Absolutely and again the conference a rating of him we're gonna keep reminding you Saturday April 28. 830 until 3 PM Procter and Paul on the campus of North Carolina anti state university data due out and do well you can't mess. Family is without taking my notes salary gap so he even though it's been. My answer is as we've been out of school 02 record stood where these. Or how well the minute you think you are very very we're very much no Andre any. As far as not necessarily closing thoughts on the show but in the next remaining minutes that we have. Would you tell to to any of our students are young ones who weren't listening. When they're hearing about programs like this and advice which passed on to. I was there you know any town that you have. How often take advantage of an opportune you know take in some adored. Is open and when not to open a dual. Because oftentimes. We went out on in life is sometimes are kind of pushed and steered. In a certain direction right but you know. We don't always go in that direction you know inclusive of the good to race yet and so just like this Upton Eric. Is is free. All you have to do is his goal line at the registers takes about five minutes as sound as the opportunity. We don't have to pay any money you know doing things someone's giving you something to give you information always think event. As the vessel out so young people you know no matter what he's angry. You know he doesn't really think ante a little bit old definitely but I UN high school maybe enter. Is it basically against hey you know anything about when I do a little bit of. Exactly. That's a very good point too because Andre I think about it and I don't necessarily refer to it as the horror stories blood I guess that is what it is when we hear about individuals. Who. Either didn't have an opportunity take advantage of the scholarships. Or just to know they were. We're out there they Warner aware of it but we think about individuals like ourselves when we're long done with there schooling. And unfortunately we we have those student loan it's which for some people can be nightmares I. And it just really blows my mind when when I hear stories of individuals. Who arm. In the working world they have families. They're repaying. Seasons of dollars when they were in school. And it's like they're still making payments from like over twenty to thirty plus years ago. Because you know when you when you're borrowing. That large amount of money. One obviously it's gonna take time to repay it lets you just make that I have money with with your type of a job done but. Unfortunately for the majority of us who are struggling. Just to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck it's rough. So how nice it is parents and their kids are listening. You have a conference that's really focusing won the need to really take advantage of like you said those three dollars that are out there. Yeah. It goes that is not just of this absent any doubts in absolute you Bosco is Newton program that's. College because funding these these things absolutely. Another next thing too that that just popped into my hand entrees that when we think of now. The various schools that's your kids wanna go to you always have those wonderful opportunities as I mean we think about you when you in the days. A lot of the places that you got to visit when you were in the military. Similar to some degree along the lines when kids get the scholarships especially if they wanna study. Definitely has. As a young man I was he's in 1921. In in the navy you know. Agreed to an opportunity that was 2002000. Sip. You influence it goes out the evening go to about ten different countries would've been a six month period. Well every two regional influence of the from Fort Bragg and it's and that a few paces. You know was I think more pitches and and really like been into a bit now as you business there's sensitive and school knows that it brought up to own these. You know autonomous remembered truthfully me go to another country exactly oh. It's an event Google's up to lose because you learn so much about going away from home appointments are actually trying to help you lose in the different. With the agencies you. And some days you don't want to bring back homes restaurants and helps oil. That's true I I think that the terminology when we were in school unlikely I guess it's still applies. Is that it's a great opportunity to absorb the culture. And especially the language. And when we look act. The melting pot of where we are just here in the United States alone. There are so many different languages that are spoke. In addition to English. So to get acclimated if you do have the fortunate ability to travel boron. And to learn that language and become immersed I think was the warrant and that we extremist and coats exactly back in the day. Immersed in the language and able to speak has really we think about it I'm sure our kids nowadays the norm is now becoming. Speaking more than one might. Through the loser of a stunning end. Would like this when it's actually up and now is an element is who pays through his own language is exactly listened friends and so forth running in some cases these management you know cameras and other languages though. It is is very important but I think that's good because and other countries this week more than one doing exactly in other countries many of them. Peak of their Blaine was in the Els is the English exactly and so I think this is a good idea for us you know bullet and do the same thing. Absolutely and I'm I'm glad you mention that because it taken one step further injury you have a lot of situations where. Even whether it's here in the states or abroad and the children who speak multiple languages. Really become the interpret Sears for their failed is they had they may have. Grandparents or mother and father who don't speak English very well and a lot of times when they're out maybe at the grocery store in a restaurant. You know it's it's just really just to kind of sit back and observe. The child is is interpreting you interpreting rather for for the. You have iced by speaking English or whatever the dominating language of of the culture may be so just wonderful wonderful opportunities all of round. Andre any closing thoughts anything that I didn't mention that you would like to bring up in the last remaining minutes. That's professional I think message you know and pound that she tastes and you know we've we've missed that with the cold it register news and the importance. Thinking in the house and also the importance of of thinking hires case. Because I'll work as an institution and if they had been all cows and North Carolina and the president of the engine is always a college degree is he quit his way out of poverty and into the new class. Is in this case for his view you know I'm woman says I'm woman and make it. Two's. Out of a little social economic situation. And and that's through through day in case and it is is key. Obtain your situations Angeles who other ways do as well you know industries and so will rise even if you don't go that route these public and get in ways isn't even if the Illinois case and country doesn't like. And Andre to look at it from another standpoint. You're never too old Hank and knowledge. Of of any time and backed. When we do as we get older I think that word is we we do gather or take and a little more wisdom. And in what we did when we were younger and to having opportunities to look back on those moments and and say and share with their own pockets of in our personal experience of when I was in college you know these are some of the things and ideas. I'm I know particularly. The first thing. That that most colleges will take a look at is in the freshman year and this is probably another good thing that you may remain touch on a conference. I think this is so important that for our students and kids were listening. They don't hear it from mom and dad. Hear it from us here on community focus we always seem to be the targets of certain companies. Credit card companies in all of this this. Merchandise in ways in which they wanna entice kids to to do a lot of unnecessarily expending. I think it's the same for us as adults as well as even more out of school we've we still get weather is in the form of male. And then you know when we look at technology and and social media and things of that nature. Just so many things that not just what we learn in the classroom. But going to college really can be a life learning experience. News for a lot of us as well and years ago and with Gaza I was and an absolutely losing. Well on the dynamism and you know what I think kids are still doing it because Brazil's real and so. Yeah and I still had my struggles it's like I gotta find something else it's their replace you know yeah those Rama noodles but absolutely. Other enjoyed our conversation is really brought back a lot of great memories. Being at school while Andre thank you so much again KEL scholars dot com. Is where you want to radio family register. The conference the scholarship community focused program. Maginnis Saturday. April 28 again right around the corner get registered as quickly as you possibly can't. 8:30 AM until 3 PM. Beautiful campus of North Carolina AT&T'S state university it will be inside Procter Paul Hackett. In regular eggs you produce. Idol like I like it. Andre welcome to the community focused family right thank you are so bad well recently I enjoyed your company. Andrei with me never any good buys my friend so until that next time and thank you very much and thank you ready a Stanley. When you're great company as well indeed until that next time enjoy the rest of your day. And the rest of your weekend thank you for tuning in to community focus.