SBL Trapped in a Marriage

Thursday, November 16th


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We're getting it to the letter. Art book out called outside we've got like you it is strawberries that. Subject trapped in a marriage here's Steve I've been married twenty plus years and have to almost adult kids. I've been faithful devoted trying to hold things together for my family I didn't want them to have. So live a lifestyle I would have had to give them had I left my husband. Now I'm at a point in my life work. To just look at my husband can turn my stomach never having been very compatible I did the best I could. And I'm sure he feels the same lots of sacrifices on my part living with his family living near his family taking care of his parents until they passed. Now taking care of him because he's developed a debilitating illness and will never work again and had to in the last ten years I've met a man. Not intentionally. Not with any fourth thought he was just there and always seems to be there when I need a shoulder to cry on or a token of attention. He's married and although he's been very supportive. I doubt that he has any romantic inclinations toward me anyway but the feelings I have for him really show up. What I don't feel for my husband any longer. My feelings for him went through trial by fire and there's little left but ashes now that the kids were on the verge of adulthood. And he has no one else I don't feel I can leave them alone. Yet I can't deal with these feelings I have towards someone else I feel like a hypocrite adulteress and a home record even though I've done. I've never done anything to encourage this man away from his family I don't know what to do but the skill and hypocrisy are eating away at my cell. Not happy with anything or anyone help me Steve. They're not happy yeah. You know what you saw like a woman who is just fed up you've gone to a lot you've done what any good wife would do and be on. Your marriage vows say though that you know he should stay married to sickness and health. And you are doing that. You're tired so you're unhappy you're depressed you feel trapped. And this man has come along when you're very very vulnerable and it's easy to fall and develop feelings of people when you're in that kind of opened state like that. And that's what happened then now you're sprung on this other man is a demands taken full advantage of youth and you're in a full ball blown affair now it sounds like it's aimed. And that's why. You know you have this guilt and stuff he feel this way you feel like a hypocrite you feel like an adulterous. And a home record. There's only a couple of things you really can't do. For starters stop seeing this guy you know he got a sub seeing him because you're still married okay you could stop seeing him and try to work it out with your husband. You know he didn't say that she didn't love him just Phidget sick and tired of them. You know or you can leave your husband you can leave them I mean those are really your only option. Steve. And hello snapped. And brutal. She has a real problem. She really they don't get into when we come back she has a real real problem. I'm not sure. Are happy to get exactly what to say I think you correctly yet and it's gonna show it really. I think you're very correct I think she's guilt written bill. Being two ladies. And so are giving to the best I can has just my opinion just like these are just show his opinions well what we have. You know we will have to definitely of course we will because of that. Think I would at least this show. Did the letter is posted by the way if you if you wanna check it out if you wanna comment or send us an email you can go to Steve Harvey dot com click on severed letter and Duckett to tighten. That's it. Twelve minutes after will be back down with Steve's response right after this but come on Steve come on let's get. Two part Q have your response to two days shop here. Subject Sharpton emerged he'll Meese the well Steve can help you god Cain. I can tell you that in this that occurred here in quite a position Steve really can't help you god canyon road I think surely is advice silently. He is you have to leave this man alone. On the other hand it. Do I sympathize with what to say yes and all that other woman Lucas of 2002 what you're sick I'm sure they are. And then now a married woman who are going get your hands off my man why you over there which is man's. While which is another woman's husband. Is going global waste. Over there with the other holes and you know arrest Atalanta I don't have to explain that to you does Morley not. The correct way to go about life I am sure you know that you're an adult. That's why you had these confuse Felix. But on the other hand lady accustomed to pass which as you know sacrifice yourself for twenty plus years used. They didn't manage that you really didn't wanna stay in you never wore compatible would U. You sacrifice yourself with killed his parents ninety sic now he may work continue you know weigh papal current phones that you might be supporting a whole show. He just signaled it might still be talking to you crazy and you've taken care of him and everything about it and he can't talk to you crazy. Donna compatible mostly Manning compatible talk to each of the crazy. I cause we knew they had it would divert and you won't talk crazy when you see now the site of your host returning you'll stumble. That's gonna be hard to do to rest deal life. The call it and somebody turn your stolen nice thick now to what Il does he got where he worked continued an angle ever work geared. What is he should know what do complainant. Say man. That's don't be tough to use stay in a situation. Now what you could do is divorce. You could do that and people say what's the Bob let's say the nerve I'll say through sickness and in health did do but didn't get divorced all the time. And the people leave for less than recent. Somebody was cheap no somebody somebody of financial problems came up they just think compatible whatever. Believe folder reasons well not a he's sick you feel guilty. And you don't think you could leave you as a real. You metal may not intentionally not within four thought he was does that. And was always there when you needed to shoulder the crown or a token attention problem is he married. And although he's been very supportive. You say in the letter I doubt that he has any romantic inclinations towards me anyway look at the kimono. C'mon less it is back into reality. He got thrown towards you and Uga so too is at let me grown. You know army what is. He'd have for you you are attracted to the main. That affect your development fielders but remained so you grown nowhere else to go well not sick homeboy is that how does he Sosa did he bring you know he. He for an no break in at the house you had to get to break a frat. He can't. Where he then got kotsay. Got here listen there's a little summer league home and how it though and yeah. I've got an app into great. If you lose you guys really take it out to slam the layout gets a probably a thump port security to break it well enough you know. Thought it could lead rob breaking you've got to give as break in Cote. I'm not you might not begin you'll break can cook and if they don't try to cook you'll break it this slight of hill. Make you sick to your stomach sort of in process. Even could break it when you do. God just so when it. So not as public which you what you got to do something that you have found there's Romans. We got to do married not cannot tell you it is safer to go away. Kid and you cannot find another dude getting married to develop these feelings well. Are you a pneumatic dude ain't going nowhere did you say is you don't. You've done nothing. To keep him her weight yet to encourage him. And I feel like a hypocrite adulterers and home record even though I've never done anything to encourage this man away from his fame oh yeah she had to. You are meeting hill. Him knowing you media room is to draw card away from the family. I think you can't you know we gotta get out of here you're listening. He should.