Run That Prank Back - Nappy Hair.

Friday, April 6th


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We've got a nephew are that I got liberal work for you mad at half he had he snapped me hey if that means. Hello hello alternative for it to paper are valued Normandy group there. A cute they go to our. You know you have to guard Kalin right yeah very much part of these are built during the they got they come amid a US at the beginning of the school year human dignity barrel. Let a lot of people let this I can't place you right now Coca no problem. They do that then are thrown out technical or you don't there's only our hands full well black here that school popular private school and rock. And now we boot beyond the black parents we all got together had a meeting a couple Mexico. Okay date all the collecting of Al what they allow what I call. Oh. Well we actually had a meeting about should RKO. Lullabot payment in me is a pilot who listen and let up at all even all outlook. Well actually what we're we're you know we feel privileged to agree you know you know electric sort of only here blacks and we try to carry out that ultimate dignified way our president die attitude the way we handle ourselves. And you know a little surgery at school aren't paying contemporary art all right cute she's getting a law. That's not a problem what we're what we're trying to create views. The gloomy. OK you know Kalin has been worried. And what we were trying to do is cute you know we had a meeting. Well all all. Yet say how old are at all until. Well or not necessarily a clothing of course you know Q would you look for bullet to the police you know we we want to recruit. That would a lot of dignity of the way we carry out sales we wanna be. You know pretty much nicer Coleen did pilot we were really super moral streak. It will be a great you know. You know ain't. Gonna try to give problem kettle type look to their natural we're trying to do all. Are you married and it doesn't want what you you don't know about him you got. If you wouldn't comment let me why you call me that. Spoiler remember meaningless to give the journal quick trip to go were all parents to look the same way about your daughter Laurie you know we don't try to keep everything after their. What account to the black attitude that you are going criminalist. You know can children attending. You like you can at the end you would would you and that he hit it too is it all I can be your. I UAL the parent I'll let them but he got the gold break is it a lot automatically open got out how great. How great their ethnic they are is nice yeah it boom and I don't know how many you know you've got a telephone number but yeah all the can't Anita he would pick racked up my you know what. Volatile market waiter talking him up there I carry myself would collapse dignity and spit and polish mail. I wanted to call and got a panel can like the glue two little club I don't know anybody you reunited mommy you're acting just in general partner. Let me say something we don't it'll be okay he used. And all it can't hit a lot about it he don't call me you know ma would know. Like it didn't ignorant and Bobby on the hit my talent will be who you gonna go to that could map that as it might call that. Yes should it be known how we haven't paid and we. Are you trying to sit here and tell me to develop problems they can operate they're unaware of are hair straight so you can look a lot more clinically. What she'd look try America pathetic look she traveled right now. You know what what are Hamlet epic jugular. Can't particularly pick the committee due to a I don't know that it EVP propagate it and picnic in the outback you look black look out at. I'm not a grade Obama they are correct that. Year at the map that we only read great dish it called I can't wait so it can be met and broke it up we don't. Friend who lived and I don't I don't wanna argue I just wanted to call and see if we can actually. You know come to a medium on its do you think they're they're the possibility. That I mean well I'm I'm pick him up DJ. Tamar after school would it would would you be all right if I picked up our home. Luke Taylor brought her home that my wife do our hair. Yeah yeah and yeah let it come on Lebanon and the Komodo. How you keep race. How would you pick Matt and I call the police. Matt and you'll not only own and I. Wouldn't be what. I am I'm just trying to get some class here at all were warned it would not wanting to fight with you it took the blacks here. We think that we won a little bit more classy look of the way we're girl but don't then we're look at people. Only cardinal beat the Atlanta and we get to what you'd only get in the clay how about and actually it they end up. Like I'll get mad ballot in one inning. I think you're better than it. By the way Kate I'm mad. And called the current meal a day. Name that that will. That that that does not does not really what part maybe that would help me would get it on the did you know real Manny and I missed my name Omar real Andre interpret. Ahmet not not. And where maybe. Yeah and again. You know Monday the company yet you come from the walk in morning show gill who think heat got me to play ball call you. Abby. Are. You. Know and and you know. And I pay you what you eat out let it rip and we. So Marines they're rare if they don't take about two women have been used a white took a low ball retreated ultimately put to what I pay. Is there well armed. It is. You are and little car that American public it would work a lot more than a bad if you would do the brand is that I mean the bad news radio show in the late. You know I think he'd. Written on it she now. How come you know we don't let it come down south not playing lights in my that's gone out all of pupils let's that it. It. Let's start via live there now.