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We're a family good morning and happy weekend once again welcome to the weekend edition of community focus on our Entercom stations so glad to have you company. Every Saturday and Sunday mornings he runner Entercom stations. And of course glad to have the company of members of our community focused family. It's become a regular routine of sorts. To have this gentleman on the program because usually at the start of a new year. A lot of us have on our minds at least we certainly hope cell Rudy clay. That is that time to get those taxes prepared. So good morning and and welcome to the weekend edition of community focus good to see you again good to see to me and don't want to give money. Thank you so much rooting for taking. The time now and I Rudy clip Goler Rudolph now. Do you want anybody other than the lovely mrs. Inco on you by your full name. Well it's funny my family members who. That's and I was still limit would someone and then muffin and all call me Rudolph relay in rural surrounding colleagues and most of my friends. Call me relief. All you Rudy yeah I thought you were going to say when every you'd think you're about to be in trouble. You know how sometimes I see it when our parents Collins Bob old names are right we know something's about to go doubt if that's good to know that got the family affectionately calls you by your given name this and I won't Rudy I really do appreciate you coming back here on the week in addition of community focused to help position you've done in the past. And have done a phenomenal job of giving us all the information we need. To prepare for this tax season. And as an EDA and that was one of the things I got to learn the last couple times you've been here and enrolled agent. And you are also what's known as an end. TPI. Felony not to break that down to put our listeners Earth's yeah. Will this past November I had this you have to go is a three year program him to the could take tennis to be. Passes a certain. Studied using in Orlando where. And and they have won in Vegas too but I went to Atlanta cause little closer to me man down. And you go through these series of of well worth studies and you become a with a common national. Tax. Pia advocate and you become a fellow and and Ali peeling Rico fellow have to be either CPA and a tax attorney Zocor was enrolled agents. And so this is a a step well above that. That requirement you know dead yet Bryan little more uneducated we had a vanity of educational we have. It's instant film on the issues and tension presentation. Wow and the tax laws in general which are constantly changing exactly say you're really part of a very unique an elite group yeah yeah well congratulations. And let me also add to that Rudy. Speaking of and it leaked designation and you were recently feature nicer right up by the way in. One of the local papers a car is no record. Then you read off. ANC accounting services. You actually as a practitioner. Completed the national tax. Practice institute. So indeed an honor and a very nice write up on your accomplishments so nicely done lived thank you thank you very welcome. So no wonder we're able to come to professionals like you. Who really know your stuff yeah so what that said Rudy this is a nice way to transition into my first question of the morning. Speaking of the tax changes so what are we in store for. For this year. Yes this thing is do we mention we emphasize this year because you know there's been a lot of discussion. On the you know congress is doing about the tax that detects that exactly. Right and instantly and but this year that whole discussion is. Not important because not gonna change any thing. For the 2017 year. And so. Most of the tax loved it happened back and really back in Dillon in Bala ministries in and 2013 fourteenth. Those are the steal the changes that we still going to be count on. So so so distant goal would lead to changes of the seventeen year right there's going to be some inflation changes you know which is normal meticulous you know some real. The pin an exemption Luke will will remain the same and some of the other understated his dogs when rats just a little bit. And depending on the you'll status when he made founding John handle council's okay. I'll with the singles so they would change just limited they just adjusted for inflation does not be much change there for us that a recent tax increases though for. Some of our people. That. That make over 400000 dollars a year for repeat that allow you merely see attacks increased. And then the capital gains test and also glow from 15% to 20%. Most of those old will be fought high income honesty of Medicare. Deduction will go up a little bit of time nine point 9%. But. Generally. Speaking most of the changes are. Not going to be very. Impassable for a while. For a people this year yet. And thank you for that really I acting. If you can just hear the southeast. Of relief it is in the room. Outside the wind coming from my yeah it irrationally. Is that for a lot of hustle for a lot of our listeners and for members of the community focused Stanley who were listening. I think you had a lot of people who were very nervous and I think a lot of it. Had to do witness the changing of administration I I appreciate you mentioning that fact. Between the Obama administration and now we're dealing with the trumpet administration. I think a lot of people. Would just frantic. As to what was going to happen. Because we're seeing such a difference. Between the two minutes normal with any new administration. That comes into office but generally. You have from a proceeding president to a succeeding one. There's always going to be change regardless and I think a lot of people or Michael what is this president going to do couldn't. Who basically want it to do or undo the doubles a lot of things right that the president was doing I think that brings first of all are a lot of relief for a lot of people as we are in the process. I'm trying to get our taxes prepare for the 2017. A tax season and again why I so appreciate. And look forward to our time together it really get into the particulars of how we can properly prepare. Correct read it yet. One of the discussions. This with this need tax deal was. Was you know what happened on the personal exemption and riots like a Eaton from so glad that would not fit doesn't Al this year and at the be the one impact that we will have that's a little different is. On the medical deduction you know it used to be 10% of EO the flawless 2% right abused terribly in the people almost 65 had a and he's if you're a man. So that's still exists is gonna go back down though and not to seven point 5% which is. We some relief but he knows given next year when the new tax. It in change. But we just ran with the with those changes they Lansing and you leave we will hand and let the city kid by most details and Colin Powell. The this tax season should have not. Not a big impact on management. OK very good. Now let's talk a little bit of doubt the Affordable Care Act that was a huge. Topic of discussion speaking out of that but you presidents between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Has that been repealed. It has not and it of lift the new year and coming here it seems that the the full look at the economy with some time. Now what does happen. Which will not affinity she still have to have. A mandate in whom they detest code to get him attention work and if you have health insurance then of course you'll. You'll employee or. If he had ideas from the exchange use in due diligence to 95 ABC. And competing on your circumstances. And that will remain the same and it would remain the same for sometime it appears. But what has changed is that not a few minutes here. The mandate to have health insurance program it will has gone away in any tax code okay so. You don't have to unite you know mandated to have health insurance. In the upcoming year then but in these years the exchanges and still open people's till signing up bright and peace deal have to have insurance when you compute at. OK so it's still the area if one needs it in my. Let me British let me back up a little bit and in an I apologize if I get a little bit off track you're going back to the tax changes for this particular year. In all the years that that you have done this with a over twenty years of experience. Not only and business sales and financial services and working in accounting and tax on behalf of business owners and professional individuals from more than fifteen years. What are some of the big changes or how many tax changes. Overall. If you can recall to memory since you've been doing this and you you can remember. Others. Multiple they have some of most small and let it the most and you know and that will firm Arafat. The tax rate for businesses into the biggest thing about this new test that is potentially the businesses. Patrick who businesses is around 35% when it is just him move a little bit and they. A lay. Misnomer because most it is as though pay that then amounts you know. Multiple corporations do pay sometimes that retail stores may pay. May get up to have a but most don't know but didn't but you know as the years come on that bet penetrated gunman on a twenty present but to get more. Concisely to question. I think detects changes. This is laughing that we should use professionals that we care and Ryan. Because of terrible attacks as some of these other they they don't really get into the depth of the changes in the cages are. In minutes they change almost eerie Siegel year. Matter of fact I'll find massive relief kind of feel around. What the changes are not offend last year gotten those changes subtle change where. The corporation's total and a lower normally found Ian Martin like all the other corporation right. Will they change that if I get to nowhere in News Corp. is now can be found in April late fifties and all the other. People that is corporation still that I found in March OK until those changes like I had it's always happening apple corporations and business owners hoosiers trying to keep well. Here's another side question I'm now I have and ask you this before are but I was just thinking along those those lines and that wonderful explanation Rudy thank you for that. Now I have to taxman prepares everybody else's taxes who prepares it tags is tech. And hey it happens I don't give ever been asked that question. Is your taxes there are. Yeah well I didn't do my own witnesses did. The because. You know loaded nobody knows my situation better than me cry but most central fares do. These Irani no parent yeah. All right so like a lot of us who sometimes attempt to Angela on that word. Didn't do it on our own how nice it is that we can't go to professionals such as yourself. Rooting let me. Ask this question in the remaining minutes we have for the first half of the show Sheila and if if need a little more time that's okay. But getting back to the Affordable Care Act being repealed. You know we know it has not. Does one need a health insurance form known as a 1095. Right. That's what. Exactly there's that's what should come to you look back. Oh who will you have insurance through you know employee and run a with the health oh playing through little eight exchanges. Bet 1090. And I guess it will be a deal CD I know you circumstances. Is Sunday if you wanna take to you prepare when you have your parents done. OK excellent nice timing their my friend and is good to have. Family back here on the weekend additional community focus always good to talk to you rooting. Yeah yeah thank you very much so Rudy click what ANC accounting services. We're gonna share all the particulars already a family including the location. And especially how you can get in contact with Rudy in the second half. Of the program but in the meantime as we do take this quick break. Thank you for your great company and indeed we will be back when more of the weekend edition of community focus. More than we can additional community focus thank you for joining us and our intercom stations or radio family we do have a lot of good things. Taking place in our communities and it certainly is a great weekend as my conversation with ANC accounting services. Rudolph click joins me or Rudy clinic as as a friend's like collier Rudy can Wear short and we have been discussing not only the tax changes. For this year but before the break we were discussing. How the Affordable Care Act number one not being repealed Rudy and the information one needs. To obtain that form 1095. As we continue in conversation. Guess we can call this part be about the question does one need to pay a penalty if they don't have insurance. Right that's that's one of the things that's. He still with those with Affordable Care Act were intact. If we do not have health insurance. When you do found there will be a penalty now. There are. The last cal fifteen different exceptions including news and this is why is also good to have a professional market doesn't officials have to listen those exceptions. You will probably in most cases are found right he knew who do not have enough pitches will qualify one of the for the exceptions. And this is it is hard to. Maybe they so attending ribbon nine and then it was hard to know that you may qualify apple Ryan so it is important he attend but yes. If you do not know if pitchers this year he's been here and then you have to pay a penalty. Okay thank you very much now ready a family for those of you who may just be joining us live meek. Go back a little bit and really give view Rudy does the proper introduction or props if you will. You are enrolled agent you are also an NT PI fellow you are federally authorized as a tax practitioner. Empowered by the United States Department of the Treasury. To represent taxpayers that's us before the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service. And so you really have years of experience to back you up. As certainly as people who have either had the opportunity to work with you or planning to work with you. Let me just say and I'm not just saying mr. extra friendly for Nixon by anybody and but no question that they will be working with one of the best so thank you for what it is that you do. Well thank you thank you very well I don't. Another I'm sure. Frequently asked question really is there an age limit on claiming. A child as a dependent that comes up every year and just about during taxis. Yeah it does and in and he knows the eligibility index out. In order to claim a challenging payment to must either me the qualifying child test all the relationship tests and and to meet toast says you know. The child needs to be you know younger than age nineteen or lived in your home within you know all you provide necessary not menacing and has lived in your home if you have an agreement there's a Femi who has. Either through separation and divorce she don't have an agreement through where that person. QB can take it sound and they don't miss and have to live an omen is you know I dependent that they could use the right. So they use that if there's no there's an agreement between the two so a former spouses. I also there's still that young an age 24 he couldn't even that is doesn't strategy to take. So who really ARRIS is looking full support room so okay Eric C he supported that shelf of what ranks amongst some cash. Whether it was in whether it tells a student let in up to age 24 or that tells the other than nineteenth. Lived in your home or at Pete you provide a support ploy of living in you know and it's also something nice that they. Very good to know on that note from rooting and here's another question I'm thinking of having opportunities to ask you and the past. And as we mentioned earlier tax laws are constantly changing. Have you ever worked with parents or individuals speaking of taking care of children. Are there instances let's say for instance you have a parent or parents. Who has either a special needs child more child it hasn't developmental disability but how do the tax laws or rules apply to situations such as that. Well very good question. The believe that there is no age limit. Or any limit on. They are dependent who is disabled or have special needs okay that's out of being different and on there. There is movement in the Rangers Susan you know things can always be taken as qualified to tell Pacquiao can. Also if if a child is. No lesson you have these situations where. The a person may be out on their own right be and they they Indy in an enemy we mean they may even have a go of Boswell. John we're doing it was a goodwill industries like their rights even as even may tasty steel club by the patent challenges to. And it. I tell you every time you come on the program I I learn something new so Yankee for that additional information so like we said everybody is a case is going to be different. Obviously you find that working with so many different individuals here who do come to to work with you. On that note to. Rudy. Let's get into the specifics of go ahead and putting this out here as far as contact information first of all where you located. Both I mean I'm in the city of presently he just says. 22 NBC entry boulevard. That's right I'll flown flown both south main street near the the Harris Tivo across the street from a non line soccer hello even at that location though going 03 years now whole kind of museum is our camp if I can ask where were you prior. We allowed the littlest is there is still in trends via law. But it was near Aaron squared Colfax and transit will meet they all okay I'll get there a year I did this in greens really the end of world history didn't rise again. Then does like math 35 east. Mountain stream and he wasn't sure. Hey I can't know is now I'm sure you own bed seeing before I know you are kind of somewhat new or added idea Kyra of where you're located. And definitely a centralized location Rudy because for whether individuals. Limited Turner's bill so many. People in general myself included commute from surrounding cities. You whether it's Winston-Salem Greensboro high point. Kern is Ellis just right. Smack dab in the middle but right yeah so yes. It was intentionally we live to be very yeah exactly and especially as well traveled has as a main street. Has become. In in the years that you view the war export or lived in personal did you ever envision or imagine the growth of that area. No no I'm not an all year. It has always been in my view they you know they may tell where. People would like bid they'd run community what he would go to sleep in more I'm gonna run but it is extremely. Taken off so to speak it. Has because in all the years of really good that I have lived in and around corners well actually with with family mainly in the Winston-Salem area. And then some you know cousins and in Greensboro and other places. The one thing and I remember on growing up in and living here about coroner's milk. Was one and I had always heard that that was a place to retire. Here. Secondly. It was really quote unquote old money. With the individuals who were working with RJ Reynolds tobacco he terrorized so you that you have that the combination of of that. But now especially as as we look at where we are in terms of 2018. And even just a few years before that is as saying growth spurt really began. You're one finding really more of an eclectic mix he don't necessarily have to retire Reese. Yeah as much as you used to and and Elise I'm singing this. A lot more of the millennial ports throughout our discomfort pain. Currently Turner's bill he had a chance why there may be such an explosion Bryant yeah PS3. And and that will lead. What that is one reason that he has a viable growth and including my young people coming exactly. Of the of the young individuals are Rudy and I think I have. Get in conversation with you on this. Before getting back to tax preparation. How often do you have the opportunity speaking of young people to work where individuals who are. Just entering their college years. Like the freshman through their senior year end this is. As with with most things it's a new experience. As a young adult when you start to realize that. This is the point where you gonna have to start doing things on your own right just like he said and in most households. After a certain age or threshold. Would basically no longer a hunt that exists. Portion. Of our parents' income tax of now it's our turn. To start being responsible as a taxpayer. So what are the instances on that from year to year does that increase stay is about the same. It increases we know they come into the film Marley and get. We we were local on the number of young adults Cutler who got their first job right blues who surprised that they got to pay taxes and Melissa that exact no expense and so. So it is it is a challenge for the M and inflammation they don't know we tile was the you know writing on on. An ongoing basis on how intense planning. Because angle that person who is treasure that person has a pretty good income who exactly is doing is paying the highest tax. Knew it was interesting you mention that Rudy because there are a lot of young individuals who are doing very well but in whatever area of work. They may be engaged in you always seem to find those those rare individuals who weathering and dare. Early twenties or late twenties early thirties. Who are doing quite well financial. Trust and are looking for a tax professional like yourself. To to help them. I'm just wondering and I guess is the ruling is gonna tell my eighteen students before I'm. And secondly. If there are or if they are hand being have you heard of any courses. In school particularly in our colleges and universities. That. Really teacher prepare our kids for situations like this when it comes to taxes. OEEL a facade says has fitness okay opposes the don't very got to show some real mood brightened my crazy to have fun like this and I've been out of the loop for a lot of our right guy. Yet they have that you know you can take. Look as small business courses I think meaningless interstate Bryant and AMT problem he has I don't know money antibody Melissa and state does have. The but he called the business of sinners and they illegally needed clothes at the chambers have course OK very good Monica. Now the bill only she would chamber that you got to join in most young love and joining chamber. But you get to of course is free those led through the size 10 o'clock perhaps through. What they call Donald adult learning. Excellent yeah again on another. Opportunity to learn something new on this public affairs thank you for that we're doing then get him back a little bit on and try meant that we got off completely you know like just just a couple of things and I'm glad we had the opportunity. To mention here and to take this time too to welcome those of you re a family thank you for tuning in the week in additional community focus. Heard here on I intercom stations. Armor name on joined by Rudy Clay Aiken enrolled agent with agency. Accounting services of course our topic of discussion. It's taxes it's sad time routed or about to be as generally at the start of of any new year. Some people dread it Rooney and others are. Somewhat well prepared for the end it just depends on which side now. Do you find yourself just right. To get ready to get your income tax and what needs to be done whether you own or you are expected to get a refund. Any of the tax changes that are taking place. Someone like Rudy clay it definitely is here. And will be at his location and will worksheet that information to really. I had been in contact with you so that between now and the April 15 deadline. By individuals can be well prepared. Speaking of a lot of these scenarios. Shall we say that we talked about throughout the program here on community focused. Here's another likely frequently asked question of view what are some of your standard. Tax deductions because I'm pretty sure people will trying to keep it fine them. Let's say creative way yeah right but in some way to get a reduction on some things very. And that's that's that is who won the thing that most people wanna talk to to you about who would deduct zinc intake now understand a deduction that. The IRS awe of the news the tax code allows you this new single you found Sampras. You hit a 6300. Below fifty dollar reduction. And then of course it goes up he thought he narrated musicals two twice and we just 121000. 700 and if you hit a house those 9350. I know the extent it does is now when he found a schedule a meet million Jim what deductions and you go pull it okay and meaning to schedule a deductions are are being held. Like. The home interest deductions neat. Deductions that BP do you give charity goodwill and those sort of things right. You medical deductions if he Helm of this is six love that you running. All we have busy excuses that is not reimburse those and he doesn't achieved. Where in the important see with with that send Rudy. One and alana was still doing things the old school way of keeping a paper trail a pariah to drive or doing things electronically whether you know we have some electronic device. The importance in either case is to keep up with those records yes yes yes yes absolutely. Him and bring them with you to write me I especially when we come to see an individual such as yourself right. Thank you for that now that we've gone over the standard tax deductions of course Steve the next obvious question. What are the tax credits. Brian end Lotta times. Tax. People become confused people and a deduction isn't what the critics fear that's a good point let's let's differentiate between its. That deduction sedate generally doesn't help you letters of credit because a deduction remains a Sunday. Deduction we did you can. It didn't mean exactly says it wouldn't you tax liability is Ryan a kid it can be used to -- dove from net tax liability ten. Where is of divesting about credit isn't a critic can wipe out to test two enemies you. My huge hit the united you both thousand dollars from a reduction in mean you'll maybe 500 because they do it in a big doubts from us right now. But critics away a couple of thousand dollars salute. You wanna try as she. And is imported via text into an a year that's what we always try to talk to people about always coming to us during the years my ankle about a time December 31 rose around here it's too late to get any kind of is to lead to qualify for credit on contact OK I said earlier the better buried the other early start talking to us about certain credits running gear and noble we couldn't. In this is golden guilty and especially how absolutely weekend. Pritchard situation when you recent trend. Right here and really I think really for for all of us other than just the young people. Because I think that's the one thing when we just talk about taxes in general it's really just giraffe faulted. Yeah some people. And probably hits in all seriousness though times. You know we we ought to be lighthearted about some things but at the same time. The reality kicks in where. A lot of times procrastinate shin is not a good thing to do know but then again you just find so many people in that. Particular position. For whatever reason and so terms are good reasons to go along with that. But then again at the same time is dishes I guess the common practice kind of not wanting to do away because it has to be done I think right so we try to put it off as long as possible. That out yet at that is that is today in terribly true is what happens. They did what they wanted to mention about the criticism record it is. The media was not aware of mayors solos may be aware of Italy may be around attacks coastal plan and but maybe it was not aloof not aware there's a difference in credits wanted to do and as a refundable credit okay ray looked yeah castles prevent down here. Today that refund OK it is very important because there's so there's. Three a full that are out there that we all know about and run meant the most popular. It's earned income credit OK there and income credit is given to those folks who know who weren't maybe. Can do that. Give a sufficient. Income working you're thinking of another credit not a they demand testing about. About refundable credits is it. Regardless of what he owe taxes not. You can get a credit so let's say. If we have zero tax obligation yeah but you do qualify for the current income credit. You can receive up to 6000 dollars I think it's as she gets 6000 dollars. And hanging can't grind so and then an intense and income has gone up considerably is so listen up now to round you can make nearly 23000 dollars. Dating come from him and and and not have a net could. Tax obligation is to hit. You know. Some of the credits thanks so. The best thing about. That means that you may not have a tax obligation he didn't get a refund OK yeah very good as a very did we photo credit is a very good to. To look into see if you do qualify now of course the way that works out is that if you have a situation. Room where you do qualify for. That's the earned income credit the additional child credits right there added to name a few of those credits and home that is. It does take a little Moya documentation joke I don't give me that. Critics wrong you have to you know bring a child school record a Sunday night when he shot red curtains and even have documentation. A due diligence dodging days that you did the town doesn't really if you weren't the only thing. But they'll worthwhile. If you can give that information to get to stock ms. Gillard fancy titles that is a little save you link TV a lot more. Monies that you can usefully families absolute lay. And like you said and and really the importance. Rudy and a key word in this conversation is preparedness. Yes and the importance of it of being prepared like you mentioned earlier. To really have all of your affairs in order and to get in contact with someone like yourself as as quickly as possible so they can make a visit to U. And once again to ten century boulevard. I'd be isn't billing the NN and turner snell and that is ANC. Accounting services. Is there any pain for Rudy in all the years that that you've done this especially as an enrolled agent is there anything within the tax code or laws. That have either or just greatly surprised Jew. Or the opposite end it really has had little to no impact. At all hope. The more I learn about the tax collusion. And is using looney tune in a realist and fear it we don't wanna talk IRS. My buddy you be surprised if your business person talking real name is. The tax code is really sent out to in his this is a great surprise is to help you. Right it is it is zero to make shoe and it's huge should be able to do it was all what all you deserve a bail. We noted you have to pay tax you know we all have to pay ten unless we do we do that to support country I know where. The code set of proposals that deserve. Certain credits Arif room credits and deductions. That those. Deductions go to the right people. Exactly and this is so ironic that you mention that Rudy because I have any. A friend to actually is looking to get into. His own business did he makes a living. Repairing cars. It is excellent at it. Right and actually when he has the time and it just amazes me that he can can somehow suited hit and when he's away from the job he also works on cars or home. And to have actually happier more Kwon. My own car oh yeah. And to see that this individual is very talented at what he does. That's really the next step in which she wants to take is to go into business for himself. As a mechanic. And he was actually looking forward to as far as. Once he gets his business set up with the changes that are coming along with the tax code. To become a business owner. He's just been so elated about the fact that that is going to be a plus for him yet. To go from being. NN NN employee eat too being his own employer if you will try owning his own business. And and indices say them because it has coup for those folks and wanna go in their own business. And create stuff on to finish it right attest so it is certainly. Friendly tools are very good media frenzy that even. Have a a a lot of happy folk and in that arena CNN and for the rest of us again as the tax codes and laws changed. What's good for us is that we have individuals like you who keep up with those changes. And you are constantly remaining. I'm very much. The individual event that is staying on top of your game Rudy if you well. So again I wanna thank you for that and really all the great information that he shared thus far this morning is there any thing that I did not bring a lot. That come to mind that you wanna share with our listeners make closing remarks for the program. Oh I really enjoyed this talk of public service opportunity to come into the enjoy coming on the show here. And that that the I think you do event testing job and I think the the staging them is a great service to our community can appreciate an aggregate. Really enjoy just coming home and in visiting every year annually in the UNC and so no another suit so it I don't think you missed a thing of the union's great. OK well likewise senator and I think the same definitely has to be said for you and what you do. That is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination because one thing really that can be said. But you're constantly learning and that's something we all do. But on particular subject matter especially as complicated. But I as the tax laws includes can be com comment is just wonderful that individuals like you can just keep hookup because that really isn't a position free everybody picked it's. Exactly. What a night I'd like to say or is just didn't end in closing is. You know I know there are folks out there and that that may have may have taxes that they own a handgun ban on attack right. These men as the price come into them in the mail they probably just put him in a trance and I don't know what to do. I understand that the fear that Paris can can. Cannot put up on industries have been very charity and have. So what Alison just since you do is just give us a call from Leo we. Like the little does show of wealth the deal. The fellas designation neon DA designated. Then that means it I can go far beyond what a normal prepared to do foliage I just did. I get those calls stopped I'd get those people who you know at a youth champion Tampa Bay. In an image from the Leland you're probably somebody that we can get that stop fully we making hits you in a situation where. Which he thinks he will will not be near you what you adult. Excellent again another sigh of relief. The ugly underside of their radio. Or of individuals and listening to us on the podcast Rudy and that's an excellent transition because that number and let me make sure. I still have that correct tier 336. 9967650. That's current oh wonderful friend again the physical location or your family. To attend century boulevard BE. As and Billy and Curtis on North Carolina pretty click it's great to have you back from authority so glad to be here thank you as so glad that you were here with us radio family. Indeed keep up the great work with a good things that you are doing in our communities and once again. I think really click with ANC accounting services for joining me when Avon as we bring to a close another week in addition a community focus enjoy the rest of you today. And the rest of this weekend take care.