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Real family thank you again for your great company more the weekend edition out community focused you're listening here on our Entercom stations and thank you for the company Saturday and Sunday mornings. And the company out a new member. Of our community focused Stanley joins me this morning we are going to talk about one organization many of you may be familiar when I say legal aid. And see some of you may be new. She knew exactly what legal aid in C does but just what I try my best to get the experts. On subject matter such as this I want to say good morning. To our new member were shown Morrison Rochelle how are you and you fairly seal court I work. A morning thank you won your hand and thank you Michelle for taking the timeout isn't just sent a lot of people are familiar with legal aid. In C and some may not know all the particulars and that's why you and I have come together. And just a great way to jumpstart. The second half of our public affairs show. A little bit about Warren what health insurance navigator is now that is something. With a lot of people who are looking for health insurance in general. Have probably heard of and what do you do for the community by means of illegal aliens. Okay. Lately it is actually a nonprofit civil law firm. I'm relocated in Winston-Salem North Carolina that's where the local office is a rare I offices throughout North Carolina on great. We are located at 102 whispered street which is across the street from the site and a courthouse where as we work. The years ago located on the corner of fourth street and hand. And as we move a lot of people aren't for me. Exactly and I do remember your your old location for a lot of us who frequent the downtown area. We find like you said the courthouse in the legal aid it's a good thing that everything is in Italy's within walking distance when you got downtown absolutely. What what do you you do for the community by means of okay. It legally and actually Annie paralegal. And I two. Special projects are right now special project is the port here OK except. You get into becoming a part of a legal in what what's the background for you and ask you a story. Actually came in as a special projects worker Ers a campaign anywhere had a program cost TBB the benefits. That was when the town's market crashed in on a at home the and once that was over our. Italy has started paralegal work and the talk is in being a special projects come along I him. Inducted into the space so okay right now. It's a caring and excellent. Now. We're shell also if we can get some clarification is probably more a question for me eight. As opposed to. Members of our radio family. What is the difference when we hear you say the word or we hear the word paralegal. What is the difference between that and when we talk about her speak of a lawyer what do you know what the primary differences. Appear legal. As a paralegal. We he. Do research for us it a tiny full tank as well feared having we do them lighter clothes I care of him with court. Okay. Okay because I always wondered just okay what's the difference appear legal lawyer. But there are some similarities and like you said you cure the lighter load yeah carry the heavier parts of it when it comes to. The cases actually taken place with and the court is paralegals cannot you legally buy. Hot air week OK now I do now fantastic. Know that to our subject so you help people enroll in insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Can people call you in her role as in right now just as we're having this congress. Yes mayhem you can call us at 185. 7333711. Or go online to Debbie Debbie W tactic covenant Erica. Dot org slash connect. Him on that string out right now we we in while people. During the year open enrollment is actually November 1 to the house ever. There are certain circumstances especially involvement here is is he p.s as we've liked how can that will allow you to in relevant policies and things haven't paid be noon call your country each. Aging out of the pants plain and those things went on cheap especially round it appears so if you have one of these evenings. And many other life changing it is when you would be able to grow. Okay excellence the nice thing that you you mentioned you were shell is a fact that you serve all the counties within North Carolina all 100 counties. So with the number of which were gonna repeat throughout the course of our conversation. In the show is that when they call that number depended upon which only there in. Then they can get the specified hours for the assistance they'll need in their eerie OK excellent and that's a great thing about especially when we look at radio nowadays. We're in the advent of course of a social media. And the fact that ads are really a family tunes into the program. They also can hear our conversation on our podcast. Cell radio family as your you're taking good notes which I know we always do. We're shall repeat the number force again. Yes epitomized yes mean it is 1855733. Three says in one line. Are you can also go on line. And that web site is or at web address is www. Hit covered America. Or good. Forward slash connect. Okay fantastic. So again radio Stanley whichever method you use old fashioned way of picking up the phone call late. Or of course as we said if you want to reach out on the worldwide web you can do either or. So this information we shall that that you're doing a wonderful job of sharing. We just wanna encourage or ready a famine to pass along to others and I like the fact too that you said that we can also went calling. We're visiting on the worldwide web. The fact that when those special events do happen. That that there will be somebody on the other side whether it's on the phone line or when we reach out by means of the world wide web someone will be in contact. Within a median C because those are those are life of this that are very immediate if you don't when you have. A baby or you're giving birth or you have a sudden death in the family. Those can be very life changing our life altering event so it's nice to know that of course certain things you just can't wait. So like you said with enrollment period not coming up until November if those instances do happen again Theres immediate help. Yes and I like to and you have sixty days from date time of the a the parent okay before that stance in spirit and in theory that. No my next question what are the top three things in our listeners need to know about the Affordable Care Act and what do you call to. No pain. On the first thing is even though there's been a lot of conflicting information surrounding the affordable care and an eighth EA and it is important to know that is still the law. And they you must have health insurance in order to not be penalized when and you can't. Right very good because some of those penalties can be huge on we have. A member of our community focus Stanley who happens to be enrolled agent he's standing certified tax accounting tax prepare. For a number of years and every time I have him visit that's one of the things comes up. The importance of knowing you know what the laws are. And how you know we certainly tried to abide. By those laws and may not always agree with them but we know it's it's important so that you can get the media coverage because of you think about it. Sometimes that penalty can be more than what you're paying to get your coverage and that certainly. Not what you want to be the case and says so the importance of that there what are the other two tanks. Wave their arms and paying to note is that financial help is available it out and and the great news is nine at a T in north and Iranians who have been old in a plane. They aren't getting killed on paying pretty premiums excuse me to lose a financial help Israel. That's absolutely excellent and once the last thing and the third thing is there is someone available to help you navigate through the health care marketplace if you need assistance and that's. Absolutely so when we call that number again 185573337. Elevenths. Or we visit on the worldwide web and I didn't finish it is get covered America finish the rest from English OK it's Debbie Debbie Debbie that it covered America dot award. Well slash connect okay air recount. Now make shall write it helped not so I can tell you and repeating that. So what ever works best for you radio famine the point it was trying to make Michelle is that whether they call you or visit on the worldwide web they will have an opportunity. To speak to a friendly knowledgeable person very much like yourself. So thank you for that and thank you radio family wonderful company has always hear on the week in addition of community focus. I have our newest Q ask family member and over shall Morrison. Who is with a legal aid and cede or thank you my idea act and that is they take you. For this great information your Sharon how long have you been with legal aid into the illegally from Sidney. Have you as a seem like it's being in Alice. Is lined by yeah. Also think when when you work with a particular agency specially a nonprofit. And you enjoy it what it is that you do which I can tell your your young beautiful facing your smile just says it all that you really enjoy giving back to the community. There's so many things going on people oh. And that Amy and sent a Nikita step you know people to note that we are there absolutely. On that note. Michelle and that's necessarily put you on the spot but I love Schering. Experiences. With members of our community focused family. Who are doing phenomenal things like yourself is there any one particular incident you don't have to get the person's name. Any particular situation in the seven years you've been near that have really stood out. In in helping a person to better understand. Whether it's C affordable. Care act health insurance anything in which a person. Initially it was so topsy turvy because he or she didn't know where to go and then with your assistants really put that person back on track. It like this is legally does civil law so a lot of times on an ad in the community a lot of people having issues with custody and things happening each and you know legally doesn't actually. Jude representation for custody and divorce but they will give you paperwork thing you can use. Two on and do what's called post say meaning on your own right and you don't keep the paperwork and took X institute instructions on how to fill that and you. Your own. And that's very helpful because what could be very intimidating. Especially when you're not familiar win us. The legalese for lack of for lack of a better term since you do represented legal aid and C. But how comforting to know that when we have an expert like yourself. That can literally and figuratively. Take is by the hand. And walk us in the process because you do have a lot of people. But don't know the ins amounts and of course we we don't know what the outcome won't be until we put forth the effort. And getting the help that we need to thank you for for being readily available you when your entire staff are really appreciate it. Now this is a nice thing about having our conversations. Lisa outside of the I mean recently shell. Lisa came from. We were you actually talking about a mutual person that it may end so Lisa where you are aware are you doing yeah but we're still. But the nice thing about having this conversation is not only can. Our radio family learn about legal aid in C but they'll have an opportunity to see you up close and personal as the expression goes so I hear. You'd do you have a community event coming out. Let's talk about this year a little bit more with the information you have. Okay yes and I'm so excited to and offers community at the end and it is title and healthy journey to address property. And even our primary focus is the Affordable Care Act in health care. Insurance. And getting to the doctor isn't the only aspect of your will be. A people face many challenges to be healthy your mental well being adequate housing. I'm having thing as safe environment to leave and and a healthy diet even transportation. Can be an issue. Rachel with this hour presentation if you we don't. I want to I'll introduce other nonprofit agencies certain. They can hill on this journey to address party and some people may have heart of these earn. Other organizations and not really knows what capacity exactly that they can come be consistent okay. Wonderful. So now they can you mentioned some of those agencies if you don't (%expletive) off the top theories and we experienced a mine which is ES time. I only got financial packed way. Com we got it down with us and police department. Family services wants. Me costs and absolutely. And just a naming those agencies and organizations. Alone Rochelle. Will be a big part of this community event. And you have a date in location for this way just often yes man is going to be in Winston-Salem. It's going to be at liberty street vendors might it actually is Genesis fifteen feet deep line north of puberty street I can't. It is going to be. For the chance to. If you're interested in being at the end are you welcome to give me a comma 33 CE. Seventy. And then 9162. X. I'm gonna have some giveaway it's. And just good old time. Absolutely and and getting together which is what community is all about and Rihanna and actual date. June 30 OK and I don't thirty's yes absolutely fantastic. And we are already in two about the second weekend or so give or take. Oh we can't that our radio family is listening to us here on the weekend edition of community focused on value or show. But we'd eat it just seems at least to me twin eighteen to start. And here we are into the halfway mark of this year. So the thirtieth won't get here quickly. So radio fairly this'll be a wonderful opportunity to prepare for that great day. Again Saturday June 30 ten to two. 1551. North liberty street and that's where you can find the Winston-Salem liberty street market and get more information about legal aid in C. As well and again the event is being called a healthy journey to address poverty excellent now if folks. Are not for whatever reason challenge we wanna try to get this Morton is much rather support. For this event as possible if they aren't able to make an outlet they still need help. Getting it convert or understanding the process how can they reach out to get in contact with. As I mentioned we are available to wrap 100 counties in north and then and we try to make it as accessible as possible. So once thinking and you can call 18. 7333711. Or you can go online to Debbie Debbie Debbie you. Dad get covered America dot alert. Forward slash connect Newton and you can search for a convenient location is. Excellent. But if you have that date opened an easier time that's right come we encourage. Don't come alone bring as many people within the families who knows absolutely as many people as you know. No else he won our listeners to know about this event and about the Affordable Care Act which. I'm wages would like to reiterate how important it is to hand out adequate health insurance. Two news. You know beat. Connected to organizations. That may be beneficial to your situation someone you know and just college if you have any questions is it in C navigator dot name. And we hear from the mounds of coast and we want to make sure folks get covered in state cup absolutely and I like that and. Probably Rochelle at great suggestion will be four. Her listeners tuning into us here in the week in addition of community focused. Reynolds questions with you the day of the event Guinness you know yes that's so we don't know the answer would definitely get it for absolutely you know I love that because that's what I have found out another segment of words of wisdom yeah. Shall we say is that. Usually when people may come to me with a question nor wants some particular advice about somebody and I don't now. Trust me I'm more fond or get somebody who does now that can help you. And that's really the same or similar line of thought with legal aid is that if they don't have anyone readily available the day of the event. You held them and finding or putting them together with someone who yes and that's an excellent thing. While we're sure look at war or two more questions for you in that. In the seven years you've been with legal aid are there any common misconceptions. About. The agency that he would like to take the time to to help clarify. Our listeners this morning I want and I definitely can think of the top of my hated as we are still. Yet on. We are a few years ago located on the corner of fourth street yeah. And we've now moved so relocated conveniently across the street from the site Kenny courthouse. He's Jess is actually went over to waste our streets and in a room suite 460. And we are steal there too hill view. Excellent suite four. Six. Just make sure it. OK so radio finally now that you know the location and particularly. If you are a resident. Of the Twin Cities you know whether you're just new to the Winston-Salem North Carolina area. Or like myself and quite possibly you were show we've been here a minute it. Yeah in my case very long minute happening now grown up in my formative years as the expression goes. And the nice staying even when you've been in a particular area for a long period of time I know for me personally. I'm still learning a lot of things about Winston-Salem. And especially when you see such gross. For a beautiful city that's been around for a long time. And likely we have radio family. Are streaming. Us here on our public affairs show had just. Heard of Winston-Salem not too familiar with it. I remember when I first moved to the area at the one thing actually they were two things about Winston-Salem at that sound I growing up. That was really synonymous. With the area that of course being tobacco. And the other thing was them arabians because of old saint being he. But just to really. Say. And again for for those who are residents of the area. And have practically grown up here in in the city like you and I have. We shall there is so much to Winston-Salem that you can learn about. Where it is more than just about tobacco an old saying what they're settlements there's so much rich history. With the area and so much to learn. About once a sale and the great thing about it is. Living in the immediate Piedmont Triad area because most neighboring cities Greensboro high point Jamestown. Even a little further down if you're traveling on interstate forty and you get into the triangle area. Raleigh Durham and Chapel Hill and we've got radio family there. And even with family in neighboring Virginia and we think of Martinsville Danville Virginia. And we have a lot of radio family in South Boston. The that I really appreciate the love that we just kind of get. A little bit from everywhere. And like us at the nice thing about where radio is now. That people from. Even outside of North Carolina. Can listen in and learn more about this great state. Just so many things I'm just taken this opportunity more or less to got to brag. And NC. A little bit particularly Winston-Salem vicious a lot of things that you can learn. And particularly when you're learning information about the Affordable Care Act the health insurance navigator. It's so nice to have an agency such as legal aid that can really just give you even further knowledge. About the agency and what it is you do so just wanna say thank you for what you do thank you for this event so let's recap. That calm Saturday June 30 is going to be huge community event that will be taking place at the Winston-Salem. Liberty street market again for the locals you know where it is but for those who may be visiting from surrounding areas the physical address again or show us 1551. North liberty street it's going to be from ten to chew it and just an ideal time because most people typically on a Saturday our out in battle ready. So to be a nice opportunity to make that trip to downtown Winston-Salem. To be a part of a healthy journey to address poverty. A net and in the meantime if you have any additional questions between now and the thirtieth. Please make sure that you take piece this number down and pass it on to someone else as we like to say I was shell. This is a great way to pay it forward and spread the knowledge so the number again it's 1855. 733. 3711. Or visit any time on the worldwide web. Get covered America all one wore it. Dot ward. Forward slash connector. Okay I'll be quiet and split and if you ran shelves. The opportunity any closing thoughts or comments that you would like to share with her radio Stanley this morning I just want to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to and that reminds me and two other listeners please let us see I am sure you won't be disappointed I wasn't disappointed in our meeting. And as the saying goes forever shall better late than sure he and hopefully not to let this would be the one and only time. That your on the programs so if we can going fort were shell anything else that definitely of course would benefit the community. By means of legal a stay in contact with me I'd love to have you on a future program maybe even to do a follow suit to the event. And justice really cheap. Our radio family informed. Like you said legal aid has been around for a while. It is a central part of Winston-Salem and really the Winston-Salem community. And just wanting people to know like you and generally you're still here. We and also if you don't mind I just kind of have talked more a bit more or less about the affordable care and how to get in contact with and navigator. If you need legal aid's assistants. Did they have an essential class help line number and that number is 186. Seats. 219. 5262. And a few cub at number act armed Alice 830 to 330 Monday through Friday. They are looking to be some limited legal advice. And let you know if there's something that legally can he'll be re at and if we came ill fortune to your local outlets where ever your local office sometimes. Somebody's local office might be Greensboro or somewhere else that's essential last. In taking in the eighth triage you outraged. Fantastic where we're shell. Like I said you are new be no more so welcome to the community felt Stanley thanks for head oh absolutely I enjoyed my conversation and looking forward to the next one so we're shell as. Typically say to our community focused family no good. Scrutiny. Just until next on so I look forward to that next time until absolutely no idea. You're so welcome and thank you radio family wonderful company with US well and the good things that you're doing in our communities. Please keep up the great work and indeed until that next time. For a show Morrison. I'm Renee Vaughn thank you for tuning in as we do bring to a close another weekend edition of community focused. And as always I want you to enjoy not only the rest of this day but the rest of your weekend take care.