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Radio friendly good morning and welcome back time for another week in addition of community focus in time. To get the word out here on our intercom stations thank you very much for your wonderful company. And on this weekend we have a very special topic of discussion all the topics are special but what really makes this show unique. And I think this will be a first for me your host Renee Von. And that is getting all four of these individuals who are joining us here. Certainly no longer newbies to the program but it was a joy getting a chance. To speak with each one representing the Piedmont Triad regional council. Area agency on aging located. And coroner's jail cell this will be I think the first round table discussion on our weekend edition. Our community focus as we are also recognizing the month of November as Stanley caregiver mob so I think I'm gonna do this in the quarter. Then I originally had the opportunity to interview everyone Bob Cleveland good morning welcome back how were you. Good good to have you back Bob joining you can Johnson camp how are you that. X glad to have you back my dear to recent Jackson and Teresa. More good morning and laughs is good to have you here and last but by no means least lower can't get Laura good to have you back as well. As good to have everybody back I'm really excited about our discussion. And to get our conversation started I wanted to actually began. With a quote from. A former First Lady. Rosalind Carter who once said Dennis. They are only four kinds of people in the world those who have been caregivers. Those who are currently caregivers. Those who will be caregivers. And those who will need care campers. That's an excellent quote and I think that is certainly wine. In which if we have not been in that situation were finding ourselves in it or we soon will be in that situation. So first of all I wanna say thank you because Teresa I think you actually had mentioned this. The last time we were together let's talk about it and certainly one that bears repeating. When we mention that particular quote. Well as we have here. On the program and as I mentioned earlier. We're all back here radio family in honor of November again being designated as national caregivers month. And before I really get into chit chatting with you guys this morning at two resent another thank you because. You all have just shared with neat and I wanted to share with members of our listening audience this morning. That you actually have from the state of North Carolina. From. The governor Roy Cooper. Family caregiver months of 2017. An actual proclamation. So first of all congratulations. Where. It states in short now therefore I Rory Cooper governor of the state of North Carolina. Do hereby. Reclaim November 2017. Is family caregiver a month in North Carolina and command its observance to all citizens. So it really is a fine opportunity to have during this month and really a topic of conversation we have each and every day. With members of our families of those that we are close to and care about when it comes to the subject matter of care giving. I wanted to begin by asking each of you. This question I'm glad we're gonna have this roundtable discussion because everyone will have an opportunity to equally give us feedback. To remind our listeners what does that mean to be a family caregiver if each of you could get the death ash. How how would you define it and whoever would like to go first. Feel free to jump right on in an answer that question for its. I'll go for sure. Reese. I deal with. Every day. Difficulties is that people don't self identify. Even. And give themselves the title of her care because they're just doing what they need to do. But if you are taking care of I'm one who has a medical concern. Any kind of health concern mental physical emotional. Health and you are supporting them and I'm way. Providing assistance. On even an irregular basis. You're caring for that person and supporting them in a wave at me. Can remain at home and be comfortable in their own surroundings and so. Most family members to stand doing when I'm supposed to do right at otter worth. Or is Al's X and so I don't really. Care if I'm just living the role and. Do absolutely just doing something that for a lot of us we think it's just routine. And it's something that like you said Teresa were supposed to do. But when we think about the actual word itself and part of it. Is is caring. For someone who is dealing with those situations. That you just mentioned so thank you a nice way to start if anybody else would like to contributor China's. Feel free gas just acting care giving can include. Only. Or Pronger not only just caring for your family members but it could just be. Oh I give my neighbor riots that doctor. You know I pick up some groceries from my neighbor. It's Regan into the wintertime help my neighbor's shovel his her earned me in the snow. You know you are providing assistance and care for another person in mind threesome and even if it's an enemy base and then and it could all be also be that you have if you remember in nursing and assisted living. And all they may be your not providing daily care you're still surprised providing support. Absolutely. And who would like to be next. And we just have to echo lake and while and just none there now lots and I think one thing I was. Spouses and known and we're here. And then. ID transportation. And more. Prepared. And mrs. Right. Oh I'm sure those. Absolutely. And and Laura chick here. And whatever that great and yeah. Really its patent on form on paid here and there aren't that paid caregivers and these are people out. If that is you know a urges. Parents and not necessarily. Have that I and it is never right happy. Resource service or or realizing that they have taken on that role. Or those journalists. Gas and to follow that it can be. People of many different generations will evaluate knowledge of the fact that there are also young teenagers. And household who are helping. To take care program aren't. Or even an ill parent brands. You know it can range the gamut in age and her attorney who is 95 taking care of a neighbor's sister's things that I'm scenarios where we always are trying to survive by. Living together and taking care of one another and two together me even make up all healthy. Absolutely and it's so interesting to reset that she mentioned that because I wanted to. Share with with a group. And this is actually at a story that went viral on social media. Where a 98. You're young mother out of England. Literally moved into the assisted living facility of her eighty your young son. To continue to care for him because he got to the point where to see every day things he couldn't do on his sound. So when he moved into the facility and his mom found out about it. She moved from her quilts into where her sign stays so now they not only have. The beautiful opportunities to continue. As mother and son but the fact that you've never stopped being a parent you never stop being a mom. That was absolutely amazing. To. Hear stories like that and especially to have the opportunity to share stories about that because. These are shall we say our unsung heroes. Are the individuals who are like like you mentioned earlier whatever the scenario may be. That individual that is taking on that responsibility where that role sell you for incorporating that actress came to its in my line of thought. And how really wonderful we have this opportunity everyone here on the weekend edition of community focus to make this is our topic of discussion. Now in each of your roles what is your inner action with family caregivers and act I wanna start. Again like we initially did Bob I have the first opportunity to speak with you so if you don't mind sharing with our listeners again. What your role is and what you do with the PT RC. Shirt. 10 and generals is a planner he would count. Programs and services for adults Newton. And as far as. And a liberal as. The applicants for agencies keeping track. And make sure we promote people. Including yours yours right. And I think I would say is that you know in the office. Phone call. And in this act application. When people call office and won about transportation. I'm Megan items on your. Trees and but so many people who else and maybe in my. While raking in the I am calling about services. So. And you know we've. Whether. One also make issues we care. Absolutely and the nice thing about it is with a four review all working pretty much in close proximity. To one another sometimes we think about agencies you can be in one building and your associate your colleague somewhere across town. But what you guys are basically centrally located in in one location so that really makes it easily accessible like you said if you can't. Refer. That particular a person Warren back client or patient. To Teresa or tell Laura or to camp you know he just walked a few feet alcohol and and and get it done. That's really nice and Al and Ann and saying the same question rather for free you cam and your role which are interaction with Hanley caregivers. So as a long term care ombudsman and interacting with Stanley caregivers. When they have loved ones placed in nursing times and assisted living facilities. And that's a point at which is treasonous and south and a time when you when you know long term care facility can really toned as a namely. And so providing them support and information on through it placement process went in there searching or facility with Hamlin went instantly questions now things are going are encountering problems. And we. Fantastic thank you very much well looking at the clock Bob and Jimmy take a breath at the hard part of that self. Other equipped Teresa and Laura on hold because we do need to go to our first break of the morning. So that would give you ladies an opportunity to to think and reflect on that question as well. But just assay. Community focus families and to have you all back you're looking great. You're so welcome so welcome and thank you re a family if I could see USA the same thing you're looking great this morning as well. Definitely great to hear from you as again I do welcome back from the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency. On EG. No on and done that no one else to keep practicing that but PT RC for short Bob Cleveland Kym Johnson Teresa Jackson and lower on it. Well we've got with me Renee on and the same for you radio family come back. We have part two of the weekend edition of community focus and we will return. Right after this sport more than we can edition of community focus and Entercom station Saturday and Sunday morning's radio family you're right here with me for names on thank you very much. And returning with me are members of the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging filled it better there located in Carter's bill will give all the particulars. On the address and how already a family you can get in contact with this agency that deals with aging programs and services and Piedmont. Choosing a nursing home or assisted living care. Taking care of aging parents while taking care of yourself let's really crucial. And the wonderful programs that are offered to help our area seniors take charge of their health. But Cleveland Jim Johnson Teresa Jackson lower. And we were back. So thank you for returning for the second half of the program let's begin with this question for the family caregivers that might be tuning into to act. What are some tips that all of you can provide to help provide that. Support and especially those resources that we are neat. This is Teresa Jackson I think I would like to follow up on that the tips are too. Reach out war assistants let people know. Your situation and know that you're not alone we do you have re sources across outward wealth county area and I work well. Betty. Care givers specialists and each twelve counties. And we actually do have sixteen partners across those are nice. And one of my role is to help support them. In educating. Caregivers and just the public at large. About the services that we have available there are many things out there that. People don't know now and then reaching critical point and one of those is support groups and some assistance and even giving them break. Away from their 24/7. Duties. Ams and so I think we have many advance across the region. That are trying to reach the folks who work here hitters and we members in eight years. Church France. To a fifth one another in in the role they're playing and taking care of. Thank you very much and Teresa before before your friends and everyone else. Thank you for saying that because as with these resources that are wonderfully. Available and provide it PP UT RC. This is where we want to encourage our listeners this morning. That it doesn't have to get to that critical point that now is a fine time as any. Even if things are are pretty much OK what's in your family if you have a mother. Or father or grandparent or wherever you're caring for it there in relatively good health good mindset. That's great. But it's always very good to. Be that shrewd individual who plans ahead. So the resource is that a were available can prepare us so that has that person progresses especially in each. And we start to cease. The things that are changing whether it's there their mentality. Or just their health overall. I think it would be such a wonderful feeling for their caregiver to know that he or she did despite forehand. So that they don't get into anecdote. And that's that they don't get to the point where they're just overwhelmed. With everything that's compounded. At that one point and and he or she just doesn't know what to jail. So here's a great opportunity that if you haven't done it now start planning. This copy the best way to. Had a follow up on what you're saying at big thing is to make sure that as a caregiver your taking care of your out. It's witch and Harris is so difficult to do you know any responsibility right things going on but it is it's so hard to make sure that. You know you're staying healthy. Being active reducing your stress focusing on new and I am really trying to figure out some health care tools that Yahoo!. Can you take that away whether that's during if you're arrest Spitzer is speaking out that he can make sure that. You're saying how it's now exactly pinpoint and. One of those components is to also maintain some socialization. Frank wit. With your friends yours yours church connections. Or whatever is important to you you don't lose your own right. Apps and apps. Any further thought on that from the economy. And I would just add it you know I think it tempers and caregivers also would be to. Never promise. That you won't put you of one. And Elantra cares. And many carriers years to. Just a lot of angst over. You know making that promise and yet you can't. By twenty or so and care that becomes more Torre and then when. It's been. And I encourage people you know. Never make that promise just promise you'll take care of my two year absence Baston and injured there needs that. Good point that doesn't mean in this past come from. Very good thank you for that I pre I never I never thought of like. That's very good thank you Bob for that and and cam when she'd like to. And any additional. Feedback to match. Just when they say and I continue it. Holidays coming up and same here and he's going to be together. Ryan is a great opportunity. Even if you don't someone in need of care and from and then start a conversation absolutely him make sure that your aim cleaners your important documents related came language which. Exam and to start as it's an uncomfortable congress and news. But just as saying hey you know what if something happens hears from important documents related. Here's what I liked Clinton. And you know here's who I want to make. I thank you for for same man because I was just picturing. You're right that that might not. B. The every day conversation that you had. I'm not her thanks with panic all comers. Right but I think you know I mean rejecting some humor here radio family. Probably after your stopped from a no pun intended carmaker cut from a good meal. And everyone is probably more in a relaxed state. That would be a good. Point. Or good time to sort of. Ease our interjected into the conversation I mean it doesn't have to be literally the first thing but that com's. Out of a person's mouth. But it at some point may be in the conversation you now. We love you mom and dad we we know that you're you're getting a little bit older and we want to try to make. Dole is as as the expression goes those golden years the best years of your life. Is there anything that comes to mind that I has a daughter or as a sign. Can do. To make those later years as easy as possible. Because those are the things that that we have a tendency to worry about the most that as we age. What's gonna happen with our other family members especially if I no longer here. To provide for the family award you know if if my children. Begin their own families in and they moved great distances and I think Teresa you and I had a conversation. A while back and. And just so many different things that we can think of but you have to to have that conversation. Especially during the holidays can be you're absolutely right. But one that I really feel every family should have at some point. What he'd do it during the holidays or whatever time that may be appropriate. Just have a conversation. Let me ask you test tell us a little bit about what we as a community can do. To help support family caregivers with and they are families or communities. Especially in honor of it being national caregivers month. We can check with our friends our neighbors we often hear. During storms winter storms check on your neighbors like how are and I think at this. Quality time in particular. And November as caregiver month week and make it in gold. To check out our close ambling members should or. They have what they need but also in support of our community Franzen then we can and gather together we find a lot of socialization. Going on social. Activities and especially fans but. Make a connection with other. And make sure those that you can reach out to cards are doing okay and see if there's anything. You can offer in the way of assistance and camps and run into the store run errands. I just join us little thing we have many people who can't get out very much and you know if you just you and give up your time to someone else during this special. And in an effort to help someone who's less fortunate I think that's one of the best things that you can do for them answer yours now. In it that giving. Part. My view and at that time. Is the best yet she really gets done and I think we should focus on being able to do that now Anderson that's the nature. Ares I. Up into absolute minute you know any time about communities and one thing that. And we don't often think about or talk about is you know on caregivers work so you know if your business are out there you know. Be thinking about that at in your caregiver. Who works for you. Need to leave at some point eight players and the carriers he loved ones and Bryant or man ran home cooking meals. And so on and so. Relenting and we ask is that owners you little more. And understand not caring relationship and each and that there's many many business owners who had and that if it's a great variety and hopefully. Sympathy and understanding. Absolutely and anything can really empathize and kudos to those who are. Likely shaking their heads yes we really do appreciate that very good point. I appreciate that. And I appreciate your great company originally taken this opportunity. A few minutes into the second half of the week in addition of community focus. Are public affairs show hurt Saturday and Sunday mornings and it's here. On our inner comes stations and here with me from the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. Bob Cleveland Kym Johnson Teresa Jackson and more plunk it. Guys and gals I want to ask this particular question and we don't necessarily have to focus on number Sierra but I was just wondering. We're in one we talked about in terms of care giving. Once there the breakdown is a tiny even nor do you find that one area of Cherie giving is at a greater number of the other and by that I mean do you find that you have more people are. Making those plans to help loved ones find assistant living. Do you find that many of them just enjoyed the independence of still being able to live in their own homes. What's what's kind of the breakdown when when you're dealing. With family members on a daily basis what do what is the overall consensus of what the family wants to do. I think most often. That are wanting to stay in there. And so I think what we see in Stanley use. Piecing together services whether that is. Accessing some of the services provided terror and partners Brent went and that's per per paying for some services and then and then sort of filling in the gaps with family friends church members. Kind of to meet all of those needs for members right. And I think what we see is. That folks are moving toward looking at this is a living and and skilled nursing. When they find that they're not able to government is needs known. Of course sometimes when there are not the resources in place. Okay and where their became a financial friend you just can't meet all of there's need to they riot. It's anyone else with any additional feedback on that. In particular. There are about a third of the family caregivers try to do it alone and not reach out and checking her. Right. And and Manny are stung by the act the costs and instead he went to mine and it. Working caregivers in particular. Many of he had to quit urged to stay home. And played that role. End. Those are working six ants here that it their ability in music. I. More. I we all know. That's a stressful time of year anyway holidays. If you were to add to that not only stress at work in all activities. And doing double memory lane and making the same thing happen. Four of their loved one home when there's going to be a stressful. And you know you know and went family members are coming in from out of state hung in there and AAC. The condition of monarch or right they decline in all. Say we've got to do something now that. We need to place. Or I need to move back years there are a lot of decisions that will contain exactly. Some of that background work indeed done that nine. Our options absolutely. Wrangling mean earth. In you know at some of those come. Some early in this special excellent point to recent because I was just thinking. About that particular scenario. You'd like we have a lot of caregivers who have siblings who don't live in the same area. And it's typically that one primary person who's looking after mom intact. And their sister or sisters or brother or Brothers. Really art fully aware of the day to day things that. The caretaker has to take on so that by the time that the siblings com. They really don't have a full grasp or understanding as to what to do. And so you're right it it really will be a good time to incorporate as well in that conversation while you're here. These are the things that I need to make you aware of that I'd do that if you could help me would be of such greater. Assistants. To to help with with their parents or Warren mob once. Let let me ask an address just all of you do you find that most caregivers do you have parents living with them more are some of their parents still. As independent as they can possibly be. On their own and they just you know going to mom or dad's house won on a regular basis as oppose to living within. A week. All had conversations where their caregivers have moved mom or dad. And went down so that has added an extra. Tension. In a home and went there with them when he force and it and it can also create. Stress within a marriage or household. You and I shared last time. I I talk to several. Family unions that had. Broken out over. A scenario. But you have both situations like house and caregivers who are just down the street or the next town and they. After work they go and check on hang it forward in the newsroom and they've got what they need so. There's just a huge variety acts exactly and it's really. Wonderful to as an attic component if you have that neighbor. Or someone that you. Have as a confidant for for lack of a better word some individual that you feel comfortable enough that if you can't get too. Your mom or dad right away that you Entrust someone else. To check in periodically on that person. And of course for the role that the per day contact. Information so that if something should happen he can't get to your mom or dad right away and you've got that. That very good name for our good friend or whoever that person happens to be back in check can't. On your loved ones. It's great that several times especially if the caregiver is on just why. And so they know they have that reassurance that the neighbors can stop that went and asked I try and get out and contact number or you know an armored. Absolutely. I'm pretty sure too that most of us as caregivers also fine getting back to that that interaction to have that we mentioned earlier. Is to be around a person that's similar to them an H who isn't necessarily. A a relative. Someone that may be based either work west. Perhaps went to church will soar or worship together with that individual or whatever the situation may be. A lot of times we we do have a tendency to bond to someone that we have more of a commonality with who is in a relative or loved one. And that's really that's important as well to have those individuals if you will in her corner. Well let me ask you guys I tell you we we. We're having good conversation time just seems to want to fly but if someone who's listening to was here in the week in addition of community focus. Wanted to Laura to recent chairman Bob find out more information. About the many services and resource is your agency and those. You work with offer what's the best way. To contact each of view either collectively or individually. So they would call us a few months and regional council area agency on aging even our numbers. Harry K 3369040300. And they can Austin, Texas sign had to read it read in the PT RC dot though aren't. Can't drink it. Hearing could anyone else would like to add to that more war in the way with which outside of listening to this program to get more information. Now is there a particular. And I don't know exactly how to address this but. Is there outside of big between the four view is there a particular order cool cool really should be. I know that one can contact the agency but is there out of the four review. An individual that someone can contact first or second or third or fourth I got your first and. I am pretty family caregivers or special earth. And they can contact me and what I often do we talk about their situation right. What is it that they feel would help them the most and him. And usually is not just one thing that they are currently looking for and so. Based on that conversation we've lived wrecked them to a local. It's worth. An assist them war and one and sometimes their support groups where where. And special contacts. Made. And if it's an urgent scenario. And immediately. Excellent. And I just wanted to say and and I'm not going to be feeling the heat wave. But the fact act. Combined. In I don't know if I'm gonna on the map this or not. Now I know we have some who have been doing this for a number of years and some newbies. But combined radio famine I just wanna say likely thirty plus years like I said if I'm not doing the math. More like oh wait more than. 405060. And the car. That. Bottom line. There's a lot of experience in this room ladies and gentlemen so thanks. Each and every one of view for doing what you're doing now. I don't believe I had the opportunity. To do this because we went to break before we came back with the second half. I don't think Teresa Laura actually had a chance to ask this question. On your interaction with family caregivers so I can't exactly what you guys. Leave the studio oh whip out each of you address. As I got Bob and Kim for the first half images Don let me wait a minute that's worse and picked up at the beginning but. Read these things happen yeah yeah it's a good thing to bring this to work and somewhat here on the program. So Laura let me begin with you since I'm looking in your direction in your role which your interaction with Finley caregivers. Sign that helped her passion for later at agency. I worked with our six evidence based health programs were that's off county region itself. My main interaction with the caregivers is there are evidence base paths and so they're intended for ordered all their caregivers a lot of times. Especially if an order adults has a bit late nineties there caregiver role com especially if there on that appears. That we and that being very and a mom for caregivers to be an option it says receipt that knowledge and that's you know buildings that they can and help as well here effort they're up and I and as I often a lot of health fairs like go out to do a lot of community outreach and through that you. You know I didn't I can givers and. I. Very nice already have them and let me just and and. Before Teresa gives her input. Especially as we've been talking about we are approaching a holiday season. This will be a great opportunity to sit down with family and perhaps you know we we have that traditional family meal. But in a lot of instances we wanna try to eat healthier as a family as well so that would be a great opportunity to find those tips. In which week in May. That Thanksgiving dinner. More healthier of course of the favorites but everything in moderation to. Of course but but that's where you would comment and helping individual that is looking to do that act and to do it together as a family act. That would be great opportunity now Teresa my dear you have the floor. One of the. Health benefit classes that we have. Connected wit is the powerful tools for caregivers class. And that is one of our evidence based programs that's six weeks Ares classes you focus on the health of the aired yet there. Among those things are. How to get rid of your stress. How to identify. Your own difficulties in communication and ways to properly talk with one another have a family meeting. I'm talking with you or professional caregivers. And health professionals documents and language. Having them answering your questions season and are in about. Our emotions which. Often times people want to ignore. It wasted little emotions and certain that are among here such as well and resentment at all. Things that build up what we re. And I hope aches and in so we offered those support classes and training we have. Educationally and regents at work it. Trying to get that information out in public and you end fighting. Connections. As well or experts in areas need. Some mental issues but you'll. Find humor in it running on legal issues. And we do have some ants that are coming out this month across the region so. People but those opportunities. In this key things and oh I hear you're the last couple days was. They need to find an outlet to. Connect without one is going thing and a car without. Talking and being lectured to. I'm. Dealing with commonality and not a long one. Thing he excelled. I talk with here yours every day and American as well as working at Angel partners. Excellence are ready a failing know that you definitely. Have direct contact with members of PT RC. Guess when he press I think it is shore up an X one and reiterate some traces. It's been critically important for carriers understand is that they need keep it to make. Because they haven't been in this situation exactly and you know there's so many issues whether it's round legal issues and power's turned Eden hills estate planning. There's issues around dementia alzheimer's. What are some differences once Syrian action. And how to how to work as you know sometimes. People have. Misunderstanding. Some X and I clintons are trying to gain some of those off. Critic. Absolutely so they can learn and better. We. All the things. Absolutely and thank you excellent shop there to about as well. Radio family as we're about to bring this week in addition of community focused too close. Do you wanna share that Deere is a location with which you can also visit TT RC. Which is thirteen 98. Carrollton. Crossing drive in personal and can you mentioned the number earlier area code 336. 9040300. No more job everybody thank you so much. And we are Wellcome and a great opportunity here. On the week in addition to again recognize a month of November 2017. As Stanley. Caregiver month into all of our caregivers listening. And even if you know of a caregiver that didn't have the opportunity to be near the radio. Share this great information with any and all fellow caregivers. And to caregivers everywhere until election now. That we aren't thinking about you and to really say thank you. Each and everything you do you may not always get the credit but now that you're getting it right here on the week in addition off community focus. Bob Cleveland Kym Johnson Teresa Jackson or plug it. Community focused family until next time no goodbyes thank you guys. Here are welcome and thank you radio family. The great things you're doing in our communities as I say keep up that great work. And until that next time enjoy the rest of your day and the rest. All of this weekend what's left of it anyway as we do bring community focus to a close take care.