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Good morning radio family and welcomed yet again another week and to get the worn down and talk about good people doing some great things and our communities. Always a case you're not Entercom stations welcoming you to the weekend edition. A community focus and thanking you for your wonderful company Saturday and Sunday mornings I'm Renee Vonn and this member of our q.s family definitely no stranger. I think I should say Antonio McCord you continue to Wear many hats and you likely have added one more dismantle and I today. So well thank you so much of course Antonio. You are with MC Howard business coaching yes. But here are you are representing which organization he might have been worse sigma. All right very good and hard topic of discussion Antonio won and that. Some people may be prepare for others are likely dreading until that April is at the fifteenth or seventeenth this year. Oh what do evidently about it I know the deadlines for most of the places on the fourteenth and on solid and somewhat offering the seventeenth. Ryan with a deadline just a minute heroics on the spot it OK it's fine and I'm I'm wondering it seems like sometimes from a year a year yet that tax deadline on big things is guaranteed ask you you're right location okay in in Aniston at the deadline is the seventy look at. It's a radio family in case you were wondering what our topic of discussion this regatta dark taxed at tax time. You know vita sites volunteer tax assistance axle on just wanted to view you know part of bigger better business. Obviously Mike has three programs become better business. On social action. Which deals with the voting rights all I know him over awareness and then there's education with helping. You know tutoring in spelling bees and stem programs and stuff like that so much abnormal for bigger better business and one of the programs. That we have is the vita program on to bigger better business. Creating awareness. Very good and they've even a member of five Edison while commendable in my second year really MI six are still kind of new usually don't match Sam knew why don't. You knew but I'm a month in just a little dusting brush off the game a little well yeah oh yeah American heart though that is some of the brother still try to get yards I'm. You know almost say it is an end at the risk at the rear of a millionaire and I've been very blessed. With the work that I've been on before but I do around strategic planning and right and things like that I'm actually working with the international president. On the national level yes so as I told them when not to Arizona. On this week to do to be leadership retreat. To help you know the fraternity grow in and do great things that continue to do great diesel because I've been able to work at the national lab business. Oh here to Munich now how long because there aren't too many people that are working. Around here at the national. Well first of law and an original list. Very much so and I wanted to say just from what I've been able to see and this is where social media plays such a huge part. Seen a lot of what finding it was five beta sigma excuse me. Does in the community and just to see kudos to you by others for your hard work. Your input and in wryly I'm sure the joy that as a community. Individuals are benefiting from the many programs and services that you provide yes that has been in that was one of the reasons why I was glad to be a part of it. Because I was always ready trying to do things in the community from right standpoint right it's just really meant absolutely. And if I may and I believe there is another young man that you and I know very well now men who happens to be your son. You're who I have seen is he up and coming so I bet they'd say don't wanna be a we have three programs okay I added a fourth this year yes and it's been a program but we've made one of our national programs this year. Which the sigma beta club. Well we mean to war. Young boys so a lot of times it's our sons and sometimes it's not a lot of times is not even on a lot of guys are in the sigma beta program that while this aren't signals. And so. On they have their own paying the ground they have their own that we have vote on regional conference in South Carolina next month to seek the five in my latest go off. Then do their thing we have a conclave. Every two years they have their own and is now lest issues in Vegas we didn't want the kids in Vegas. So they're going to Louisiana I think going to be joining Xavier University OK they actually stay on the university. In the dorm. They did a to get it from the cavs get the college experience exactly and that's a big part. Of what we try to do with me touring. The guys in the sigma beta now I'd go to FaceBook lap last week and then we had something called the Super Bowl with super beings we will yes or you. ER's number that I can be listed yeah base or at NASA's now you know getting nonperishable food items together. To take to samaritan ministries. And I you know get a FaceBook while the sigma beta chapter from Winston. I think we collected over the over 200 pieces house food and down. And it was interesting but it's just making them aware of how blessed. They are that they don't have to rely. You know oil and that means for being able to be fit exactly evening they got parents wind you know they've got a home to go to yeah they've got a warm beer and want clean bid to sleep in them and nobody else has slipped and so really helps them understand. You know how fortunate. They are we we get to sleep out earlier must have participated in that. Almost the same State's campus to under the homeless Luke looked corporal boxes and whatnot although they. They slept in a tent but he slept on all night in Atlanta on the homeless. To get an idea what it's like although most homes you don't sleep in a tea blends you know for someone who lives and house every night. Happening you know stay out all night. I was pretty chilly out exactly so little different have to go one up. And no we hit 23 sigma beta is that participating in their usually the collegiate. It was due to at all costs us all campus and we collect food there as well. Oh very nice yeah you know what Antonio for civil war your son sees Jerry chew a piece of willing. To participate in and community. Involved activities. And for any young person whether in his age group a little young girl little older. Really giving. Props and if you will to our young generation of individuals who as we say. Passing the torch from parents and grandparents to see. But there are still in need and really a responsibility. To take care of one another US community and how great for him to get that direct involvement. Obviously from his dad who is setting an example but you know what yeah. A lease on his interest yes and it happened last meeting. You talk about passing down the torch we have some signal pages and those that subject for today but we have some signal it is. The singers and one as a student athlete he Wendy at some college didn't handle football great filly seeks to. The key to me to learn and if opera that's a big bowl and then we had the meeting. He told the younger kids like moss and CJ who's a middle school assembly of the middle school keys to watch you greats. Because when the time comes if you wanna play football basketball golf across whatever at that level. It to look at it than the other being daddy told them was they look too great when you get your permit Iran. First AC DC we got to Kirk he's always asking me to drive yet eight for thirteen years old data can address right but but. And what he literature progress report and Europe of report card. Would you permit and that's nothing we do we collect the report cards from all of them they have. Yeah you know and I'll be honest with you I believe that peer pressure. I'm having to. Turning your report card really got CJ really cognizant of warning what he had to do and what he wanted to do. To make good grades you know and he started. When he started having to pass in his report card in although I'll stop and have been bouncing in the conditioning today. It was no in and no where near the impact and influence Wright as have in the past and it sigma beta meeting. Report card you go to mr. cat the cat now and and and brother against incumbents and brother can now it appears well you know. Debt more powerful than anything. It true of an effort very true but in addition to that to Antonio climbing and it really is a wonderful thing to see not just a young boy or youth. Especially youth of color we have to be in a a room surrounded by other black male is black men were. We're doing something positive difference. And you know calm about deposit activity and just again just so proud of our young ones that are taking that initiative. To wanna continue to to move forward in a more positive direction so that they as they get older. You know to CC's Jay in a similar role as to what you're doing exactly with a sad don't right right to possibly his children. What's your right but that's a nice society and though we. Get back to our topic which was to be on taxes. A little bit about you mentioned that bigger better business what does. How is that helping the community. So so bigger bitter business was a national program that was established. On the iPod beta sigma in December of 1924. And what it was designed to do was to promote and I'm using the word of the time. And to promote negro business. And and is this afternoon program sought to encourage negro businesses. To improve their business acumen and her efficiency and service to the public and to be competitive with the other businesses so it was about teaching them. How to be more efficient more profitable. And and to raise as this it it's of their business acumen and non strategy. Brian you know and things like to be better business news ending Anchorage more black people to be days. Absolutely and that really is when we think can Tony about the history of business in general especially in. Our communities and especially in a black communities and issue cans as of the time the war being in our name grow communities. Their work quite a few. Business owners. In that date dating back to the 1920s. And especially as we look at where things are in 2018. How many successful entrepreneur awards and and businessmen and businesswomen. Are really succeeding and what they're doing and have a passion to do absolutely. That's fantastic know what is by beta sigma and bigger better business going to do for the community not just today here on the weekend edition. A community focus Antonio but going forward. So so phi beta sigma is a brotherhood. Of conscience Brothers. Min consciousness it right of approval of conscious smear and actively serve in the community. What I wanna do it day to be commander business. Is create some awareness around we hear. Vita sites are written and where people can go out to get their taxes done is specifically those. They don't underserved in the community run. Maybe just able maybe have a language barrier. I'm mapping that the threshold is 54000 miles a year balloon. To go get their taxes done. Get assistance and is free nice and K so I just want to come today Ian and maybe share. I'm some locations. On and Winston-Salem Greensboro high point absolute hum where delisting bloodiest and go if they beat the criteria just describe Brian and they can go and get around some tax assistance. And get their taxes. Excellent and this is an excellent point to take just a quick break into any out. And we're gonna get into specifics and hopefully as much as time will allow us. To name some of those locations. That are better serving our communities in just to say thank you to the service that phi beta sigma. And bigger better business is doing and especially with veto when we learn more about it as well. So my friend community focused family is good to have you back is. Always. And ready a family it is good to have your company. As we will continue with much more. Of the week in addition of community focus we are coming back. It is the weekend edition of community focus sits right here it's right now and it's an intercom stations every Saturday and Sunday morning radio family thank you very much for your great company. Also extending a thank you for what you're doing in our communities are no one mentioned that towards the end of great conversation with members of our community focusing on the but wanted to share that with you coming back with more on the weekend edition of community focus and one of our q.s family members. Is a rejoining me Rene Vonn again in his many roles and many hats you know him by voice you know him. As a business coach with MC Howard business coaching but Antonio McCoy representing the fine Brothers the man you a phi beta sigma. And also bigger better business Antonio we were mentioning just before the break. It is taxis and yes the really all of us most of us anyway. But there are a lot of us in our communities that are either either rather under is underserved. And that's the word I'm trying to get out. Or even just don't have the means with which to get their taxes time so how nice of a wonderful organizations such as spy beta sigma. And what bigger better business. Is doing to address the needs and concerns. Of getting the taxes done the track absolutely. And thank you for taking the opportunity to come here on the program our public affairs show. We were mentioning your welcome before we went to break that they were a number of locations than in wanted to share with. Our radio family this morning so let's talk about before you mentioned those locations. What's indeed outlets let's skip a familiar. Familiar rarity. So those volunteer. Income tax assistance is a program is actually to be operas okay and the iris provides certified volunteers. And it's something that goes on throughout the country. Hey I'm I think castle mine last night BB he has a bus. That's the site column. But. You know certain organizations have agreed to the house and and facilitate. You know tax preparation. And using the IRS officials to Colombian. And and to do you know the tax I guess they do to make sure that they don't right Corey and and people can come in when they it. You know the cracked to you for the underserved community it elderly is able. Don't make it before thousand dollars a listless a year a year or the language peace mom can come meaning get their taxes done. Absolutely free no charge tax preparation are excellent in ways that right there it sure if you get a hearing on her free and like us and what I wanted to do. Was to come on as part of my obligation to phi beta sigma one and and direct a bigger better business for my chapter. Is to come in and share some of the locations. With the listening audience what they fit the criteria. They can go to these places and to thank you for doing this you Antonio so whenever you're ready the floor is yours Lisa you wanna start and was to say yes let's not mention the relocation okay so ES are experiment in self reliance they're located at 3480 dominion street. A Monday through Friday from nine to full war. Okay they're gonna be doing our taxes go what industries both locations on university parkway. On and show on drive now. The location dance on university they're doing Wednesdays and Thursdays from 48 okay and in the location on Peters creek. They're doing Tuesday and Thursday from four to 730 OK okay. And then we got the L walnut cove senior center. We get it in a broad street some of walnut coal that's Monday on from one of five by appointment. Only only can answer that phone and adamantly so yes 336591. On 5442. To make an appointment. OK so last three in west and we got and I did Health Department can public library. The prosperity sinners now and for Hispanic in her home the cost of my good news because those serving serve you feels it's an old act you know it's 5490 shadow on drive. Why Hispanic Brothers and sisters it's Monday through Friday from nine to five. Appointment only numbered years or 7227040. Very very guard Antonio thank you for that says yes. For Hispanic Brothers and sisters and I'll bond not butchery eyes and French. Yeah daddy and know a lot of that doesn't come I guess so memory. Years yeah has so does that bring back memories but yes CI a blast annual yes you do yeah that's very exactly. Exactly. Well it's great to know Antonio that we have all of these locations. And that's just in winced as they are saying right now or radio family in Greensboro forced relocation has had a lot. More locations out report out of those that's OK it's and so Candice and resources of Guilford that's a drop off drop office also offered their fourteen no one. Benjamin parkway. Called on weekdays that's 3363336981. And you have an S Monday Wednesday and Friday on afternoons from one to 2 PM. You have to shepherd center at the Rio to west market street and that's Monday Tuesday Wednesday afternoon's. From one to 2:15 PM seniors. Only owned not a single. Eight open not to worry if April 11 on their clothes April 2. And their criteria as you must be aged sixty plus. So for us and your listeners airing in our series season to you matters and how that I like that Australia and I know since they steal secret to greatly okay it's not every season listeners you this is the place for you in Greensboro. And xenon. Mount Zion Baptist Church Monday evening from 530 to 7 PM. They're located at thirteen no one elements church wrote. No appointments walked in only and assist in February 5 to April 9. But they're letting you know to expect a long way because he is yes exactly okay also that's just a few when Greensboro. And can look at my point. And you know what. Do you have any more on the Greensboro list goes on and listen I'm looking at our studio clock what. We got to work out what I think we're OK on time on this always gotten longer Horton library. Drop off is available will be heard next Tuesday evenings from six to 8 PM. They're located twenty Bible one Phillips avenue then dates open February 6 to April 10. OK drop off was the was only from every 6 April 3 okay. You can make an appointment for the date only but not to tie. And OK so they're not they want a repeat that okay social smoker. Horton library. They're located 251 Phillips avenue. They're gonna be open on there where six. April 10. You can call 336373. 5810. You can make the appointment but not promising you a tie him okay. So that's good evening we got the infield library. Wednesday evenings by 3730. PM. And and now a leading edges to Muster 68 PM Tuesday evening okay okay tiger Wednesday evenings into library. 530 to 7:30 PM there have been daily avenue in Greensboro. In their numbers three through 6373. 2925. One more Greensboro yes OK Thursday evenings from six to 7:30 PM was such Davis library OK okay 900 south Kimball road. On dates open February 1 outta fear. You can call on 336373. 5838. They have nothing here about appointments are opting and that's a first round comes first served basis absolutely. Do you is that old beat him I think you said all the color. All based in Orlando OK all be out on long and the economics is success today in her own business. Thursday march 1 only one day don't want to act and defended their locating united wait 15100 yet he Beale street. Okay 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Bet they only called on weekdays at 3363336981. This is only Thursday march 1 okay. And the economic success 9430. March 1. Did you have this entry library. Drop off only the case Saturday mornings. 9:30 AM 12:15 PM they're located 290 church street. No appointment walking zone OK drop off. The endure for college. Located at 800 whisper in the avenue. 104. Bolt and building an interview with the campus. Saturday mornings 9 AM to 1 PM. And they're going to be close march 3 in the tent. And you can call on weekdays in the united ways a daily basis will 336378. By zero to nine. And in the last one is to make Mary library. Us all wet 4860. Late Jeanette wrote in Greensboro. Nine a Saturday mornings 9:30 AM on to a 12:30 PM. They to open it will return to April 7 and you can call him at 336373201. Nicely done Antonio what I really appreciate about the locations that you've mentioned so far. For Winston-Salem. And Greensboro we're gonna get high points are already a family in high point. Yes stay close and we're gonna mention those locations the nice thing about this Antonio wins. Phi beta sigma and bigger better business is that. These are various locations that are easily accessible. To a lot of individuals as we mentioned whether they are underserved. As our seniors. On those who are perhaps low income individuals just various case scenarios and how nice. That individuals who are taxed repairs are willing to take the time to be a place locations and whatever the case scenario may be for the individual. It can accommodate. A person's needs seat. And that and that's what it's all about exactly at all and that's what phi beta sigma is all about me it's serving our community as well. Now let's get to these find locations and I. OK so no veto locations and I point are open six days a week. During taxis Eric and so we don't we have the location. Where the name the location and the answer is no phone numbers okay. Community and neighborhood development center. Located at 201 Wall Street. Macedonia fan research center located at for a one late afternoon. Westin ministries community center located in 903 English wrote. On the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of high point. 121 south west clover leaf place. On GT CC high point and Jamestown locations. Why do you CA high point 155. West west wood and a very good. I'm sorry if I can ask this look question rather as far as the locations with. Vita how long has this particular service or pro gram been around the community that you know while. While you know that's a good question how would I would introduce a it's probably been in place at least two years OK and I probably not doing it. Doing it justice I became aware everything the fraternal right and and like us did. On that's probably something good. Good for cooling. I'm looking through my notes to see it classy needing to see where we're to give her and it's and I am not saying anything as far as wind originated right I know there's another program yes it is available yeah exactly yeah but I know it's probably been in existence. Least we use at least three years at least two years excellent and just again Antonio really nice to know. That the services are available because. This can be when we think about taxis and in general I think the one word that comes to mind for simple it can be stressful always because so many of us whether we make an attempt to try to prepare our taxes and we know. There's tons of software out there we but now give us the capability to do sell. Perhaps. And team used the word against downside on that news is that sometimes. They don't necessarily catch. All alone. The importance. Shall we say. I'm giving as much as you can especially if you're anticipating. A refund that's a nice thing about having individuals who are will prepare again and attacks arena. Who have been doing this or have been at this for a number of years because they know really all the loop hole so to speak. And they ins and bolts of how all. Tax preparation can be yes. And very nice and alleviates. A lot of the headache because even though we have assault we're the kind of help us along again. I think personally. There's really nothing that can ever replace. Human contact. I agree origin and touch the question exactly which is something else is the beast its software digital divide and it went music as a computer exactly. OK but I got to answer to your question you joke there and a good. So does the volunteer income tax assistance program. I'm is an initiative sponsored by the IRS founded in 1971. I Gary is Kuwait's. California state university north wow. What'd we tube before Google. You know running and I don't know other than blaming her yell back yeah walking down to our neighborhood library and research in the animation yeah. But you know the nice thing about it is and thankful that we still have libraries around because. A lot of people still like doing things the old school way of doing. Like dismay of the paper exactly adjustable height and it's not knocking modern technology by all means very thankful habit. Because when were able to really literally have it at our fingertips but such a quickness imagine when you and I we're coming up in we would've had that as an assignment yet know how much a little prayer of you know I think. Somebody else that's that's that's you know I guess a lost art unique about. The face to face experience against us in just a library and a knowledgeable librarian can tell you. The breath of of of works absolutely. Subject and give you some knowledge around hey we have this. All we have this coming in exactly you know arm would ask you. A UHQ induces will write we have this over here S of the technology. Can't do. That's true and I like the fact that you referenced it as a lost already because really. I give kudos to any and all who have been through. The public library system we have some that have either just retired and or have bin. Addict for a long period of time. And I also think too Antonio when it comes to libraries I think about how now. Downtown Winston-Salem has that he had little yes they can recording studio do they really Ismail. I got my library cards you play in it well I. I think I'm gonna have to renew mind nick I'm Mike in there they got aboard everything everything yes and you know for the two of us is. And what we do you know living as far as media that's offs and is not a cheap Mikey tell known and very well that's almost a mansion to four for kids that are majoring. Yeah and mass communication you wanna get into production wanna do what we do on a full time basis to have that access right there. At their fingertips now at their local public library and not just vote. I mean I'm is Bayer for musicians keyboard in there right in everything but now I would go check it out. Thanks for reading audio book yeah bit and house when your commitment and we arguable just echo of but it wasn't ready to might be ready now when a couple weeks ago. Couple weeks ago Clinton but they've got a blue of the Latin you know would that take people out there but they got Lou dragonfly Mike which is a nice like this guy I don't believe. So you know over and talk on or in the case singing on it and we'll get unease is just the Wall Street it would have they re. On decorative. Soundproofing. Levy has multi colored one it's just really nice things on an end and I was just really impressed. By what I put it you can order coffee they've got a coffee bar down beer. Or just makes me think when you step into now a 21 century library. These aren't the libraries of our parents or grandparents don't. By any means. That is amazing and let me ask you this on that note do you have to set up an appointment to use any of the recording equipment our suspect. When you have the library card you do rye I knew exactly afford what you have direct access with their cards right and I know people want to get the voice of right now what we're hinders them. Is you know not having the equipment has sent aren't where they've got a Mac computer in there. Okay I'm sure they have you know pro tools of some variety exactly on the on the computer and I'm Michelson a nice might. The room's been treated so that is the sound of operational sound. In the room and in all of this is provided to you because of your tax dollars absolutely you know best me and they've gotten like they've got. Coffee bar like estimate up and you out there on the second leg lock yourself down right get a nice view you know Winston-Salem. No other side wants to say who is just I. I went down there with glee in going to be guys and and you negotiate that's the hard got a record studio I want to see rain and wind down and I was just just on the way. Wow that is just means yet and to think again. Getting back to what would veto provides again for the community imagine for those that are able to take advantage of the locations. And we mentioned. Between an especially. Greensboro and in Winston-Salem and even high point yet the fact that our our local public libraries provide these much don't need services. Absolutely because I'd like what you said earlier Antonio. There are a lot of us that don't have means having a personal computer with which to use the software and purses is I. I think when I went in Winston-Salem. Library I know they had at least in computer stations wow. I mean rules it was. Yeah I think it is more than ten amount of modern conservative yes and I think it was at least he at least ten. So imagine ten people from the community you have an opportunity whether they're preparing taxes individually. Or they are asking the assistance from a professional tax prepare to get it on yes the nice thing is he can be done in a timely fashion. And again Beck getting back to the states and Antonio I wanted to interject this too our listeners hear. And to say thank you radio family for those who have been with the since the beginning of the program whether you're just joining us always appreciate your company here. Our public affairs show of the week in addition a community focus her on our intercom stations is the fact Antonio. Wind that we are talking about taxis and in general. The dates are with in the deadline is so there's time to get it done. Of course procrastinating. You always wants to get on the way and interject itself you point. Same here same here yeah. But to know that the again these services and the individuals are they are in again just a huge thank you. If I could be. The voice for audience to saying thank you. The phi beta sigma in again bigger at a business providing these services for the number of years achieved on so can I do one more thing absolutely sure. All the locations and once in a short story. Why did guessing the prosperity is an unarmed I believe and did yes easily ID and I did take Riverside County central library lab room talking about right you can get it done there is will. We'll go we'll locations king library so that's what to make sure I got everything and absolutely and when I was gonna say radio family I know they were probably a lot of locations. A lot of phone numbers. The nice thing Antonio is now our conversations here on community focus are carried on our podcast. So any time radio family between now and the tax deadline. Just make sure. That in the few days following this great conversation. With Antonio McCoy proudly representing phi beta sigma. And with bigger better business. You go to our website WQ one G dot com and you'll see it listed. And that will be a great opportunity to listen to this conversation again and mean and to get those locations the nice thing to well. Technology is we we have a stop pause and three wide black and that's exactly it just go right back to it. Absolutely Antonio is always a fantastic job with about a minute or two remaining any thing that. You wanted to mention that. Either you want I didn't cover a war like just an wanting. Is one encouraged listeners. On one to not procrastinate I know this hard to duke I'm guilty of myself but but do listen to the podcast. Take advantage of what your tax dollars are providing. You know on for you and and get to these places if you need tax assistance to get that done you fit the criteria. You know get out. You know due to taxes to make a call some places do have dropped or you have almost what drop offs right on and take advantage of what you community. Has to offer. Absolutely and especially in turning on just love the fact the one location on one a repeat that again. Especially for and I love the word you use our senior seasons yes pardon me our seasons. Listeners. In which they really. Are going to be catered to and if you will specific. If you repeat that location if you can call these for the stores that was added in I high point I think you were right on I just want to I don't know if it's sixty act exactly we're okay right now hearing it was the shepherd center. 302 west market street in Greensboro. You must be sixty. Plus. Seniors only Monday Tuesday Wednesday afternoons. From one to 15 PM February 5. Through the eleventh they are closed April 2 okay embassy again you must be sixty. Plus. Now if you know the seniors that I know Antonio sixty really is not that old police car racing. I'm. Not actually know that yeah. It. Because we love our seasons listeners absolutely. Absolutely. And has always Antonio I love the time that we have together here in the program thank you very much as always for bringing up this vital information to our public affairs show. And you know me my dear friend they are never any good diets just until next time the fall I look forward to it as well. So thank you radio family another wonderful opportunity to pass along. Some great information as good things without question continue to happen in our communities. Today the focus on phi beta sigma. As well as bigger better bigger better business. Like that is a nice time do you or maybe even a year ago and vita program. That is offered so radio family again go to the podcast at WQ one G dot com. To. Any additional information or anything that you didn't catch on the program we can certainly hear a again and definitely in its entirety. And I thank you for your company in its entirety as we do bring to a close at least for this weekend. Another addition of the weekend edition of community focus have a wonderful day and the wander for a wonderful rest. Of this weekend until that next time to take care.