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Radio family good morning and welcome welcome back should say to another weekend additional community focus. Right here right now and heard and our intercom stations appreciating as always you're great company and that includes of course members of our community focused mamet. We have our good friend Mustafa Shabazz joining us again. This morning and family welcome back you look rested how have you been have been ready. Wonderful or you back on soon in the importance you. You sound bites and you can't always tell you to have you here humbled and grateful to be on thank you so much the stuff I'm always. Look forward to. Are getting together because you always have fantastic information to share. Not only for those who wanna get out of that ranchers rats yeah start doing that always struck at and a little a lot of people on the south I have been doing it really sense. Day one that you join the community focused Stanley and it's like that home owner Stanley is is just getting big. Or by the minute is getting bigger and I really appreciate outs them so they're lane is in there very helpful to the community is like lives. But more importantly for the community to get information out to be able to help me get back to him to weave which we knew and working. And the stuff I personally wanna say thank you because I to come away knowing a little bit more about homeownership. Then I did the last time you were on the programs I really appreciate that. And just looking at you my friend and we were judged and at work also laughing. Because we were joking about his radio failure before we even cracked open the my aunt how you were fired out ready to go out. With up to about four cups of coffee you Rick you're good you're god don't let go absolutely. Always the case review my friend always the case well let's get our great conversation as usual started closest state now of the local real estate market. Well we have. Really rebounded from the recession. On the market hot. Is probably the hardest market that excuse in the early this year is about indoor rules they plan now I've never seen properties Leo. As quickly as they are right now down it was a very very hot market. And this is. Transcends the entire. Country roads over the whole country is experiencing. Low. Great growth. Right and no activity in the rules they market so now that is a great time to get engaged. Just no need to know how to do please and what's that the tape and you need a guiding hand if you know experienced this before. Very good point Mustapha and speaking of that guiding hand who better as someone like yourself to to guide especially those. Who are becoming first time homebuyers who were thinking as we just mentioned. And that was little jingles radio famine for those of you were nude community focused. And a new to our public affairs program on a stop the first came on line. Our show it was the fact that he had this nice little jingle about if you heard that type of person are currently are the individual that's. You know living in apartment paying rent to rent. You have that nice little single getting out of that Renner is right into the homeowners stretch and it stuck with a lot of our listeners Mustafa. And that myself included. Now another interesting fact that you just mentioned you said you have never seen and thirty plus years that you've been in the real estate market. This much growth. Interesting you should ask that question because. Thinking back to thirty years ago that puts us in the eighties and I that seems like such a long time ago. Compared to where we are and 2018 just for you must stop as a realtor. Especially when and I have the opportunity. And we just talk about. Just technology in general. When you compared to totally different decades. Where you wore when you first started. Compared to especially how your able to really communicate. That with your homeowners we we think about social media that team that has. They're viewed as something that is exactly marketplace right now you have to be engaged in loans it. Because that's really driving. Activity right right as opposed to when I first came. Less than 919. In 91. We had books. Where all the listings were in very little work these books and I was actually in as well. 10 tools or bibles. And we want to look properties yet. Young through all these I'm properties and then on there is no GP well. They're bigger and their goalie in there is no Internet there and you know I know there is a very different frank in her ourselves in which we operate right now and the technology has given it to the point where. You can get infant inflammation instantaneous absolutely and it makes it very very competitive as well. Everyone has access to promote the same information that sure. So what a lot of people don't have access to a don't understand its process. You may have. Access to information. Don't understand processes. As it relates to me the transaction torture as X from eight is the do you need that guy. You for mentioning that can bring that down morphed into layman's terms for those of assuming too familiar. With that particular terminology you get started. With the process slugger first thing that needs to be looked is whether or not able to obtain a loan in Vietnam. In fact. And at what price point what does what does what does let's. What obstacles that are going to stand in the way of me making these particular purchase of this needs to be looked at out front upfront and to determine. If you can purchase if not when you. What obstacles and in the way we need to do to overcome those obstacles and you need to determine what what you budgeted and then oftentimes. People need money. There's money involved in doubt payment. Old Alton. And that's one that we today. Is how do we overcome some of the hurdles as it relates to funding and money down payment closing holes. We are excited about a program that will help you do that if you understand the process. And it ticks me call me extra that I can help you with this variety and that number to halt or picks I'm a fit over argued. It's 336. 9860695. Again in this 33698606. Not five. Text me your contact information pick me what's new questions and you will go further on into all lie. Fantastic now look what you you went and did who's stopping you answered my next question with some of the biggest challenges that are facing buyers and sellers and that's one of them. So well if you didn't get that number was gonna make sure by the end of this conversation here a community focused. It will be. In grange hopefully radio family with a lot of you. It was stuff there is talk about housing and connect in Greensboro exactly is. Well. Few weeks ago probably about three weeks ago the greens or it's an accountant and approve funding. To give downpayment assistance the first home. This is huge men because the amount that they have allocated per person. 101000 well wow so they can get 101000 dollars. In this and limbs of Greensboro this is just angry or not all of you were counted just greens are. You get 101000 dollar down payment assistance. And this is free money. Now basically. If you stay in the home for five years it is complete the four game so what is given it 20%. Her year that you stay in the home after about it is it is completely give well given so it's a 101000 dollar gift fund. That you can use to mean. Or the home hubris I'm Omar in addition today. You know this isn't there there are seven neighborhoods in grieves for. That they called the be development area even rich you can get an additional. Thousand dollars. And funding to help you with this part so now you're looking at 151000. Dollars. Of money for down payment assistance. If you look and seven the redevelopment areas within the city of greens more and all of this has these this this is a huge. We didn't win for everyone absolutely look into person looking to get out. All written in order to get out on the road to rip you want to do the whole posture and and as Leo excellent but both at and areas. Our our own and are. East that are. Guerrero mostly old asked oral. Builds Lombardi felt else Orwell's. So your interest in the purchasing and eating one of the holes seven redevelopment areas. There's an additional thousand dollars in operating system available for you in addition to the 101000 wells which makes it fifty ray. While fifteen well I'll bet and help you tremendously. What are you waiting for. He's not call why not fix me that number against 33698606. We want to help you get out of the ritual rhetoric. And incidental to interact homeowners. Right you always come on this program with huge news Mustapha thank you so much for that. I wanted to chew. Ask you speaking of first time. Home buyers assistants. In. We mentioned again the thirty plus years you've been a realtor. Now many people. Familiar rise that with former president Barack Obama didn't was that something bad was he. The first president to assist homeowners at the time we know something that that the current president Donald Trott. Has not even made mention now but have there been any former presidents that you were call and may have this summer. Are there are incentives out there and onto the Bush Administration as well okay all so there's an old president's from. Understood the need for housing right and the order Alvin particularly for minorities and toward the the port right. I would let me just that you brought it's brought that U of Al just informal. Well there recently and I need to I need to make people we're bet. Present the present administration and. Is cutting six billion. Dollars. From the program. Housing and urban development made. Mr. in parts. And you failed team when he was asked as to where those cuts were coming April with the coming from. Grant money right you communities was coming prone housing vouchers. You failed would not indicate where those cuts through become a problem just across the border where they were cutting six billion dollars. So what this what this means that day there Largo. Fit his municipalities. Face and get below grants from the government to help. These type program that I'm talking about so that they can help. People access home won't you be are cutting those programs so much. That I really want to last year is that time. It is these essence. That is called before those pets that come down the pipeline you need to appeal you'll still an opportunity to get the spartans. And get moving so that you can become homeowners of these funds are available for a limited amount time first come first serve you and when the funds run out there out there there was a program came out of two years ago there's fifty level now that this is in the in the early. All of your count those bonds were gone so quickly. That people want to ought excess both on the need and make themselves available. But for the funds ran out these folks in Aurora ran out as well there's this is not unlimited supply of money. Is it limited supply amounts through what the but it is that fit account for the council room but it's limited. And you need to move. Quickly. If you want to be part of this program. So most of these in a best time is of the essence. So already of him we can't stress it enough. 151. Not one final time final time for the first break of the morning the first half of this program radio family. It is and narrative. That if you are in a situation where now is the time you have made the decision that you wanna become a homeowner. You need to call 336986069. Spot and of course Mustapha and will put you. Or put that individual in contact with you. My friend is always good to have you back here on the program is all pleasant being you're thinking this was so much. You are more than welcome and if that we gonna take an opportunity. To cut a way to break this awful when we come back we're actually going to re in a raider go back over in housing connect information. So for those of you more Jess. Tuning in on the tail end. Of our conversation we're gonna get you caught up I promise you thank you so much radio family great company has always. Great information thus far with real term stop a Shabazz. Your surely Renee bond we've got for the weekend edition of community focus. Right after this more than we can additional community focus thing Q radio family great company every Saturday and Sunday mornings here on our intercom stations. Not only your great company but of course out of members of our community focused Stanley. And welcoming back once again our QF family member in most office Shabazz. The south where officially back we really have some time to give the break down that just before we went to break we were talking about. Housing connecting Greensboro. Exactly what it is now let me see if I can sort of recap. Based on the notes that I took this is 101000. Dollars. For the Greensboro only nice area. For giving monies that are forgiving so this is ten grand that doesn't have to be paid back. I disparate so 20% over if you stay. In the existing home for a five year period this is a defiant. Act right. And on top of that an additional 5000 dollars or seven redevelopment areas. Part of down payment assistance evident I agree great thank you thank you sir so that's where we're picking back up the radio program. Now if you allow me in short. This week says the study yes if you'll allow me to put ice in the UK let's. Us Jim. So in addition. To the money that you can get from greens war. There opponents also out there and no amount of housing finance. You can use. In addition all in conjunction with. The money from Greece more. So downpayment assistance program enough on housing finance will allow you to get. 3% on purchase price and personal purchase price or let 8000 dollars. Which can be combined with the 101000 or 50000 that you get. Rome the figure brings more bullet thing you up to go with 8000 dollar downpayment assistance and not the housing finance and combine that with the 151000. Dollar that you get. From green is more within these seven redevelopment areas. Now we're looking Ed. Twenty. 3000. Dollars. So you can effectively go from reacting. Paying 700 dollars per month 800 dollars a month and a rain or more in some place to find a house where you'll be paying or budget all Obama in that. Actually. I cut. Yeah do you realize the impact that the response can have point you'll like don't you'll now we don't go ability. She's been to produce up. In a much better financial situation in Egypt. Some especially when you make the comparison. Mustafa and and there's not thing against anyone who is currently living in an apartment type facility. But compared to only something that's your own. Where you get to decide is home. When and where you're gonna cut your grass. When and where you're going to put shutters on the house. When and where you wanna put a carport. As a cover for your car that you know whenever it rains or snows the weather's just you know. You don't have nice days like we had that the last several days. I mean just so many different scenarios. Is of being a homeowner as opposed to reading right exactly. Imagine having a backyard of your own. Where your kids or the family. Can roam free you know there are a lot of people who have already. Made that transition most often they've they've. Gone from the Renner is right to the homeowners strut but there's so many more who would like to join. The rest. Of the. We are they here to help you. Do just that exactly access this these funds and make sure that you understand the process process and know. It is is important that you the process is very important and it's very important that you get. Knowledgeable people who understood and across this to you know all politics is not have to tell this. Because. We're looking that's about because I know within the try and they're lower colleges and universities and within this Friday. We have a lot of college graduates out there who have student loans. It's yes and that's loans with significantly. Impact what you were able speed do or and not do as a released these won't. And great example of this is I had a client that was supposed to close or home yesterday. Now. He chose to use an alpha and then the one that I had not referred to from another state so there are a lot of Internet criminals out there you need to be aware of who are not really concerned with your business interests and you need to be bear bear killed as you know you choose team. Hartnell we're doing this process. The gospel about the heat so and Allison islander. We're supposed to clothes on yes. We I get a call from this buyer on Friday afternoon none indicating that only under. All can say they've had not doomed the loan. Because the student loan payment. Would be too much. And would take him over his debt to income ratio. So here we are portraits and closing this assault and there. In the vendor that's worth their weight in salt. We have gather this information from the very. First day. They can put his credit report and it looked at his information this is something that should not have been missed by outlander it shouldn't be caught on day one but here we are. Or days from closing and now and now they're young we can't do it alone he spit wonderful phrase he spent what do Ford's expertise it would it now or well all. Artists money do those might go to the added to the Fella. Now we're looking at my team on nobleman who possibly do is deal. At the last minute so it is imperative. Debt as it relates through the processes. That you employ people who are experience. Who are mole all important knowledgeable so that you won't end up in this thing situation this person did because. Having student loans. Will significantly. Impact what you were able to do significantly. And and I can reiterate that enough of you asked through loans. And your child do her own home. Our home you want through epic today finance Ryan Derek on the use 1% of your student loans. As north Motley it and that's just important Mustapha. It green. The fact that you really should not let those payments differ. The thing about it is making the arrangements ahead of time especially if you know. That you have a student loans fourth comic because I just think about the fact that a lot of our students just graduate. Moon and before the start of another school year and a lot of our area colleges and universities. In the area that was the one thing that probably has a graduate. A lot of graduates were dreading especially they knew those student loans were comic. I think they give you a little grace period before the payments are coming in that's true but. The thing to note to take into consideration is. They will work with you if you're willing to work with them. And some are willing to help you from the standpoint because of course everybody's amount is going to be different of course. But the fact in one I just feel so sorry for this individual that it happened but you're right it's the importance and have you mention one word. That stood out to me because you said wine he went with the lender that you didn't approve somebody that you had. No idea that he had done this with and he also used the word local. Newt because when we think. Down payment assistance. This can come from so many agencies outside of our local area. So when we speak or have an opportunity to work with someone local like yourself. Who's very knowledgeable with lenders who are from other areas. Outside it really helps is like you mentioned earlier having the proper guidance. And going through this process. It's going to be a learning experience. Where this individual these bags that's for sure and certainly it would use there you're going to help. But hopefully this will never happened to that person again or to anyone who's listening here on the week an additional community focus. Operate that this happens and no one else people via this route this is really something that whole initiative. Theme from and they wanna ride it all wrong and the noble looked incompetence. Of this particular loan officer is unsurpassed by anything ever seen witnessed as long as I've been known rules. And I don't know. Yeah we now. Wolf thank you. Most offer for sharing that experience. I mean no without question is eye opening for. Members of our community focused Stanley were tuning in. And maybe that that will get the ball rolling for those who who again are looking. To go through that process the proper steps that are needed so that one won't happen to them as well. Radio family thank you so much indeed for your great company we are. Continuing with the week in additional community focus on her name on joining me is real term stop a ship as. So not only must offer were we talking about housing connect. We were talking about areas in which a lot of college students and those student loans. And the impact of one individual and in the experience you just share one shift gears here a little bit. Let's talk about the property values wine how they plummeted during the recession. Our use scene of recovery. Yes. Every Covert men and then all of this wand that they that we really need to understand as we. Go and and flat CX this this this off right at home runs we need to understand where realizes we're in terms. Property values usually they mark and it's all of it as an impact. So property values plummeted when the recession and drop tremendously. Particularly if I'm certain neighborhoods where they were. A whole lot of will close with and yeah. But we have rebound. We have rebound. Like old home and all errors. And act mean well at night Al all. England this year. And what it for one point one. So. Values are going. In addition to the values of properties wanna. Interest rates have risen. As whale. So what does this do to them to the person in the middle we're trying to access home ownership exact and they don't have modestly. You're you're being squeezed. Out of the housing industry and the ability to purchase own future. Altogether because now the values of homes have worn out their bitter cost you more in interest rates and one. So the pulse of them all of them all to borrow the money. This is going up as well so now you are being squeezed out. The marketplace. How are you rebounder how you rebound from there how do you recall from those things. Rip this down payment assistance program. If you can get 50000 lost 2000 of 20000 dollars and downpayment assistance. To alleviate their cost to use for down payment to use clothing cost. Then you basically recapture. What you've lost as it relates to the value going out and interest rates one so isn't Eric. Did you take advantage of this opportunity because there are other things are taking place in the marketplace and that was squeeze you out of opportunity to depart. Answer look. And really must stop if you think about it radio fairly pretty much anywhere where you travel in the immediate. Piedmont Triad. How many neighborhoods pat are you starting to see spring out. How many houses are you actually starting to see being built right I mean you know just in my daily travels between. Greensboro. Coroner's bill. Winston-Salem. Just about every other neighborhood that I pass through unlike out to be a whole bunch which is the let's k's because now you're seeing where housing developments as you mentioned the they are on the rise there. Going all our lives but in addition to that yeah. The supply. Is still. An unprecedented. Low. So. And when asked them to either that the Evers a plot was or what the plot is more multiply in June with an entity right. There's three or four multiply. In June of 1218. Another report expected to consider is these Omar so properties to couple market. You rhetorical blow. It when it's empty and every is. Time for days on market with my ninety day. Every. Time for days on market in June 28 Eaton is fourteen. So if you're looking to purchase. You'd have to have all you'd go to a road you have to be a Bruins. You have to have been rated by not look. Yeah they've totally ready to buy. Because how these are slowly and an unprecedented and it rate in terms of I'm Omar and fourteen days. That is you know I've got probably that they old within 24 hours they wanna put on the market fund went on the went on the market went on the contract. And less than 24 house lap. Remember hosting a few social media here yes so. While the that you had yet to be ready to go also house is in good condition that is prized correctly it was still very quickly. So even if you try to access the if funding. You to get these. Them to purchase order about home except you have to be prepared to move quickly when you buy something that's going in the. That's an excellent point with stuff especially where we were talking about throughout the course of our conversation housing connect. In in Greensboro. That total well 101000 in addition to the 5000. And your same funds that because of the current administration. Are not going to be around for a long time so again we're going back to that phrase up time is of the essence stingy to get that done. I'm may have asked you this question before but just. In terms of whether or not you have seen numbers fluctuate. Has there been a difference between when we when we talk about home buyers whether it's their first house. Where they're you know moving into their fourth or fifth home much this. Hypothetically speaking are you sing just as many. Young person's. Single person's. Families. Buying homes what what are the numbers on those three different groups. I don't know this specific numbers mean. All. As I regularly with a variety our client sell a variety of clients in one of the things this is out now. In my mind is something that though was told me 1000 my brokers class rules but he is alone. My were my stroke and they this made this promise that with me. It's it single women. About houses. Single median would not. What I have found this to be so true that the majority of my clients. Who are single and he's always been one bear you. Rarely will that funny thing though man they want their there'll by home. I work with spam the spammers about homes and I'll know what it is about the man. All what it is about this statistic ride that makes it true. But I have found it is a very. Troops they wound. And check and to that Schumer staffer getting back to most being. Not just single women but likely women who are just getting out of school. And whether it's college or they've waited a few years after starting that family. Going back to school and then making the decision you know now is the time to be a homeowner. That's amazing that's the one thing that I found with a lot of young people. Who made that decision because that is a lifetime investment it you or anybody regardless of age. But to have a person so all year long. Who is so serious about being a home owner. At that particular case let's. Any amazing it is in this it is rare that I'm doing and exactly that's played less less than twenty file under thirty Bryant who has the foresight I mean you look at. Purchasing rules they exactly an investment. And thumping that will help secure them in that in the future's bright. They just don't think along those lines that already and don't know there are always bad except that general pride day meant I'm looking for the exceptions. Definitely and that that ties in great with this new stuff in asking for years it's been said that real estate was a great investment vehicle parked. Or financial growth and security do you feel that that's still the case or is it just a man it is editors. So what you have been real and real thing is that. Is like a wow. A Graham pickles. And now big and now. It over the long term over a long period of time and real estate has proven to be a great long term investment. Sometimes you have people out here and you feel all of these programs or HDTV and some of these oh. I'll hotels have the Seminole longer run I hate on me it to you or how he's it is the house and then they all this money from this program where we are teaching which you have the houses. And that that is that is happening but not seem. The extent that you might think big areas only and I cry because he would. But there is. Oh wait team. Room. Financial stability and get though profit from the home. But do one of the best ways to invest in rules they ought to get. On F secure over the long period of time. Is to buy and hold. And allow the property to approve ought to appreciate. Over years' time because. Overall. Oh what period of time has proven that rules they. What years would open the team. Excuse program as opposed to decline now do have used what we may have significant declines that's a that's abnormal situation that we XP just like when the recession. But it has rebounded to beat them both hill oil to gold property and rent it or hold a lot of people lost homes lost equity in the in doing the foreclosure. All of the last recession but those were able to hold all of their properties they have seen a rise in the appreciation of that property and there is do they errors equity to behead him all through the long haul so they were in case you get export is not a bit in this deal. One they won the best. And means of financial security and America is to realize that route acquisition rite of real estate or real property. Very good no assembly here's the other side of that coin as the expression goes we have a lot of members of our community focus are you family tuning and they are at that point they have made that solid decision now is the time but. As some times things what happened is that one thing that we'll try to stand on their way. So let's just say if that someone is listening wants to purchase a house. But here's the but. Is credit challenged. What advice can you give to that individual to overcome. Those obstacles are that one obstacle. Artful interpret it and mine. Buyer wants and be with them and it's a buyer. And everyone else. Felt all. Everyone thinks there's always the one those filthy. And we take felt these and we share sale these and whatever you know and and we understand what their. What I asked my buyers to do. Is I need a financial self. I need a picture. Of your financial situation. And I need that pitcher to be taken by a lender. And I need to and wherever that takes their picture may not be lamented that we use. But I need that picture to see if they need to be Photoshop. The reason being we need to polish up yo financial picture. And make it where. It's usable when he awoke to a lender. So that's the very first thing that we need to do we need to see what they're they. Deem we can determine what needs to be done in terms home. Getting it where it needs to be in terms so that you're able to get punished and that you need to personal home. That's the best the first. Then in with. Significant in terms of the Arab. Major things on there that need to be ringing in on May need to think you just someone that hit a professional person I've got out or he's going to program before Bryant are about the alleged off do set up a and yet but she's very she's very good and actually it all's. Oh. It's on not to speak but correct. These behaviors this bear reported you can go to. Some of these credit repair companies they're out there at all that the law firm there he rolls out there. That will go and challenge everything is on your credit report and we'll try to get things removed. Systematically. Used in the process of just try to. Now. They end all of everything that's only that belong to basically but what has happened and what apology to get that point and our behaviors. And what you. Talks to you about helped you with is helping you change. Behaviors. Get that point that you don't returned exactly. So it's always important that we do you get proper counseling and all of proper information information is the key to everything. So you know that's all the paper as they argued that report you pay for it if you think education expo is right now. Apart. Strip out food. And yes solo. That's that's what just do we we get it we get a look what as to what it looks lighten and then we made steps we take steps to correct it and change behaviors that it doesn't. Reoccur and move best aura so they're being the candidate helped sentiment this world to meet its age it impact but then again which goes right back and I've beaten. Talking with someone whose personal out but now you just listens to earn about well being and or. Now. Be successful in and you're endeavors business as they sultan and created an almost and things of that nature all. And we're where we're dedicated to what we do we don't look don't look for the money. We do or. Dedication and get back absolutely the love for the community. I loved Batman stuff and with that said radio family here's one way to begin that process you need to get in contact with a gentleman. That number again 336. 9860695. Once again 3369860695. Radio family you were just eight weeks away. From reaching out to missed office of bonds missed offer my brother Mark Brown. It's always good to have you here on the week an additional community focus they. Appreciate it more than you animate like I want is opportunity I'm humbled to be here. And now on the ports is serving on the greater. Community as much as I possibly can't thank you so much alcohol or ticks me alone typically when the when this is one air. Lot of people trying to call it thing timing been better. If you sit and attacks and Jerry if you take an actor respond to text message. Lot quicker and I can't call upon all good I I'm not able to get the call because so many people trying to call. If you are you can text your name and number name and number and I'm able to respond. Ball more appropriately. Very good and on that note missed jumper that's why I look forward to the next time you're on this program so no goodbye note that well. And we're gonna help you get. That ripped through Rhett learned to do the homeowner strip. Now bets are you end the week in addition of community focused ready a family thank you for the great company. Thank you for the things that you are doing and our communities you to keep up the great work. And indeed until that next time enjoy the rest of this day and the rest of your weekend take care.