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Ready a Stanley good morning it is that time welcome to our public affairs shelf somewhere intercom stations thank you for tuning in right here. And thank you for. It's and Saturday or Sunday morning with me rename Vonn it is community focus and that opportunity to get the board Alan talk about good people doing some good things in our community. Glad I have this member of IQs family back because inmate's time radio family. You are. This is the gentleman you wanna speak went as I welcome back Mustafa Shabazz real she won the key to your next move. Good wanna remember let's go to law good morning it has been too long. I need someone my back on the program again. I need to sleep at night owls cal like the way all you all people whole day you know a good thing it's pathetic this always. I got and I can not even thank you so much to stop talking and it's always a joy to talk with you and to have you on the program such as community focus because. I tell you my friend. You would need certain number one turn that into a theme some plans to sing anything Disco or animal it's got the look thought. I but that was the one thing that really I think a lot of people were able to associate. Exactly you who transition lane on of getting out of living in an apartment. And for a lot of people truly wanting to be that homeowner and salute your still making as they say must offer James come true with Tom ownership this and I don't mind just thing and then holding hands I can do that. All of you try to get in the pro and I did an ad then there are our friends. Maybe do a little something towards the end of the program but look you are our radio family attentive and to again thank you welcome back. Let's get this great conversation started issue we usually do. Because just about every time you and I get together we notice there are some changes and some loom big changes and home ownership or just the market of homeownership in general. So let's start off appropriately by asking what's the current state now the real estate market. The rules say market today is. Alive. Or driving it he's doing extremely well we have rebounded significantly. From the a recession that we went through where market values plummeted. In some markets didn't plummet in this period they did drop but they didn't plummet as it did in some some states. It has rebounded. And this is a lot but it's a different market. Is no different market. A market that I have no work experience before I speak to a lot of mud although all real so Franzen who were in this market and we've never experienced. Market quite. Like the slow let me ask you missed nothing you've been doing this as far as being a really chair. Or in this line of work for how long now. Yeah you have to yeah. You've enjoyed that part there. Are doing real straight did no problem 1990 wanted more now and that's the man that has been a minute up. I'm Doug and got out a little while in the north of the market right well good when we have been doing a full time for quite sometime now and excellent Donna Lotto. Knowledge and that's. But it's got my list Lila and a lot of please ask. I do like man come and go right exactly the good mileage may stop and good mileage and your so right it is a booming market because I think for us. And I will use myself as an example just driving around town. No matter whether it's Greensboro. Winston-Salem. Carner Isabel. Is an area where the housing market is really booming I think just about every other corner. We're section of Turner's bill. You see or you're about to see where land is being cleared and houses are going up is like entirely new neighborhoods are others that guy. And this is what Al's slow. Referring to when I talk about. It is change so newsroom. Because it's booming housing industry is booming. Contract is builders are building and run cells slowly inventory is low and the biggest. Impact to the market right now. Is the low inventory and blow to know what does that mean for for those that may not be familiar with the terminology we are we are not. What we call it sells more than. Of inventory is low the sub plot we talk about supply and demand right basic economics moral warned supply and demand it and so. I mean kind of go back a minute and camel. Sit the sure that the dome. Set the record. And when we went through the the the recession there was foreclosures. On multiple clues Lotta people lost their homes and there was a lot of inventory on the market. There was a lot of home to be sold home homes were selling. At a low price because inventory was so. Manhattan when there's a high inventory and turn a lot of inventory. Less demand and people couldn't get loans and then people were concerned about their jobs and things that born varietal with it if it flooded the market with inventory which drove the prices now how can. Simple. Oh. Econ 101 to an environment when there is along multiply. And missed the man. Prices drop on you old enough to remember we won't end. It's dvds first came out mostly young black ever again. I'm human vision or image now. And more did you talk to Oregon. Also glowingly argued because. The man was clear exact I was very low can prices were various cotton and as the market began to. Did it would trade will will approach nor did the prior. Prices came down which is basic. Now is the exact honest isn't there right inventory is sold. Oh basically right now we have 83 point four months' supply of inventory in November 2070. Compared to four point seven month supply. A home. In November of 2016 yeah many good supply. For all for the area right we need a beer at about six. Must apply and so we did down the 23. Muscle Blatche right. Inventory is low so what happens when inventory is low prices go up and so prices go up and as it relates to prices. Evers prize in the UMO list in the try it for twenty succeed in November no it was a 1772004. And 68. But it was seventeen the average price. Well the Hudson and 86982. There's eight point 38%. Increases and and holds me the price of homes being sold right in November of twenty. Seventeen verses. November of 2060 right so. War selves what that means that if you're looking to sail and now the great rate I do sometime this film because the market is dictating. That you are gonna get more. For your house today than you did and he's 8% more. Now sometimes I've seen instances where it is. More mid double digit. So that's the day that they now is to go hidden did you counsel mark the best let's sell it because it is a cell market. In mentor is low price Lauro. And it's a great situation to likely Mustafa I see it at least this is how I'm interpreting it at noon one or two ways the timing and especially as we're getting really towards the end of 2017. And a great opportunity to jump start a new year. For an individual because everybody's Kasich you know doubt now because you deal with so many various individuals. Who are in the market of selling their home to be a single individual could be on a married. A couple it could be all kinds of a different scenarios correct that you deal with on a daily basis. But again the timing especially going into the tax season. As a as a lot of people are are from carrying to get that done in and going to their nearest tax repair. And so when we hear numbers like this and thank you for crunching it and such a way it would which we all can understand. It really is a good time. If you are in the market to sell your. It's a great time it is a great time to slow your home and an opening a little more emphasizes that there are a lot of people that. Think about putting a homes on the market in the spring right we talk about the spring market and we want users to leave the tab we're. More homes are being sold more houses and being put on the market and write the mark this spring market is typically boom and then. But. Now is actually the best time to put it on the market if you're looking to sell them because what happens is that. They're not as many people looking variety but also there's not many people opened their home on the market so your competition. Is less. Chance. Right so you have the minute people to compete with a Norton Smith homes to compete with as it relates to. To seller's mind but the buyer's market is still active enough and strong enough. That he would warrant. Homes being sold. All put on the market in the present time the actual actually right now in November of this year in June. You have an idea what every day don't marketing now I have no clue about Eagles. 28 days. Really averaged. Day old mark on these 28. To eight days dash just a little over three week I'm easy is it is crazy. One never anything like this before. So what happens in most in a lot of instances homes are selling the day they hit the market and moral week after they hit the market. They are creating so much activity. Right mostly hit the market because them being buyers still out there there's no looking but the inventories solo that so used to market it's. People flocking to these homes. And oftentimes they're born on the contrary on the very first today. They go on the market another thing that I really really need to emphasize Israel Britain. Is there. You had to be very proactive in terms of trying to buy and in this market run because. Nine times out to you if you are sort of contracts are all pro the home and you're not the only won't. Good point there are three of four other people miss competing for the same price this is what's driving. The prices up because it may be listed at one price and if you get real for buyers. This try to get this thing home in the end they're below the sellers don't take the highest and best offer and oftentimes that all is higher in the list price. Why now so it's is this an. Credibly. Different market it. One that I've never experienced before and auto and Helena and exit question one I never experienced a market quite like this not true well we all know each through seller's market wow. And in all the years and I'll let my eyelids. Which you have bid in the real estate business. Two to know Mustapha did that this really is again as you mentioned. The best time to do it. And for someone who is listening to as of right here right now on the weakened additional community focused I don't think the timing for this information could have been better so thank you very much. While we're gonna pick up with that not only read emphasizing wind now was a good time. For Seles or put their homes on the market but here's a question and ask you when we come back from break. If now is a good time for sellers is at a bad time for buyers so. That's what we're gonna look in CO. For the second half of the program but in the meantime. It is so good to have his brother back Mustafa Shabazz again with real T one the key to your next move. Beat the do you must sing in the first half an aging now was no way into the show but you didn't mind when I don't homeowners are out of debt from ripped through Rhett. Learn to do the homeowners strip light that. She does not fit it. Nicely done the stuff that's so good to have you back my friends is wonderful to be here thank you so much and wonderful to have your company as well radio family. We indeed have much more than we can additional community focused were coming back after break more than we can edition of community focused back from commercial break and thank you for being with us and welcome back if you've been with a sense. The beginning of the program if you just joining us the timing. It's also good thank you ready a family for listening here and Entercom stations Saturday and Sunday mornings. I'm Renee Von along with Mustafa Shabazz or Israel T one the key to your next move. Self the south as we are officially returning. For more of the week in addition of community focus we had a little economy one on one. If you well. High inventory typically equals less demand and we talk about a flooded market. Especially when we speak on. A subject a lot of us can relate to when it comes to supply and demand a relay anything I think that's correct when we were particularly. Are talking about home ownership. And we've got individuals likely listening to us here on the show who either are looking solar home. And some were looking to buy a home correct Derek they're looking to make changes and it can be anything it could. Here. You have a family that's growing. You have perhaps a family that has grown up it may move out of the house and you're probably looking to downsize so everybody situation. Is going to be completely different and that's a great thing about working with the EU and the knowledge. That you have and thank you so much for sharing that knowledge. With this year on the week in addition of community focused I said before the break now it was a good time for sellers to put their homes on the market. One you don't have as many people as early as dimension because that is that less competition. That one has to deal with so as I premise. Coming back from break if now's a good time for sellers is it a bad time for buyers. Us does a very good question to ask when a bank and the answer to that is. It is never. A bad time to buy. There's never a bad time to secure that investment for your family because for most people in all particularly. People in the middle income. Brackets were lower income brag hasn't been orb typically you know one relative. Real estate is that by far the no more worn best investment vehicle mull all times. Most millionaires most people who woke crew. All are gay and financial independence. Do so and they use them real estate as a vehicle to do so. If you want secure you fail let's feature. As far as financially. Some type of financial stability. Then real estate is about are the best vehicle. In north to do that. As I mentioned earlier. The average price of homes in the market. This year vs last year has risen eight point 38%. Mountain does eight point 38%. Growth in you'll equity. Now you tell me rich kid and you go. What banks what federal savings alone what institution can you go to put your money into moral weekly a Motley all the monthly bases. And our crew and 8% return on your investment gym where. I can't go any play now. So hot so the point is this system is still a great investment vehicle for your family to secure your family. And of course is not going continue to grow at that rate and why but overall oval period of time soon. And it's going to appreciate the value of your homes won't appreciate you will be able to eagle pooled equity out and use what college education for your children are using to move up into him a bigger home whatever Ron Paul whatever your goals your financial goals are may be in the future going so best vehicle. For investing your future and it is real estate. As opposed to pay wrecks. And investing in the future of somebody else because you'll. Fueling. There investment vehicle because that's very investment vehicle and you make it work for bill and what are you going to do to make it more for you or you. And that's a key was stopped up and just a wonderful way of explaining it because one thing that I don't think I've had the opportunity to mention CU before. Outside of our great conversations whenever we can't get together here on the week in addition of community focus. Is Chu and this is where the administration media plays such a large part. Because I've had an opportunity to see through some of your personal post knew when you're working with individuals you're working with your clients. And just a CD the expression on their faces. To look at the background and whether you're standing in the mean. Walkway of the home. Or you're in the kitchen area or your and one of the main bedrooms are and if you're in the backyard. Just the fact that that individual is saying. All of this is mind exactly yeah this is quite a field yeah definitely is now living there's not nick is an outfield they're not done. In my. Adult life right gives me the satisfaction. That putting people in home in homes and as such an elated feeling whether your first time home buyer. Which we may have a large group listening to us this morning Mustafa. Who are saying that as we are counting down the remaining days of 2017. They're likely sane I want 2018. Or I want the beginning of the year or if it's not right at the beginning in the middle whenever whenever the timeline is war. That individual and their families. That they want to make it happen where they are getting out of that runners erupt exactly and they're getting into the home owners Chirac's. Absolutely. Now we touched on this a little bit earlier I was I was sane or mentioning Mustapha speaking of the end of the year. This is also the time where we're getting into not only in new year but a new tax season. So will the proposed new tax bill impact. New home ownership. And if so then now. It's going to impact it. And how significantly. On how it impacted him deterrent is determined by what that final meal looks like so their proposed student of changes that or be there at chase that are being proposed solution but it's not final. So what I would. Really would like to emphasize to people who are out you're listening. The time is now. Let's make a move because just as there is whining. Hello. Something that may be in debt debt patents in their tax package right that will. Put it hurtled and in your path and then there's something else that's been designed to clear that her mind. So there are things that are out here their programs out here that what help homebuyers. Get over that hurl and find alternatives. To Wear may be proposed but. It takes a professional. That works in the field who understand. How all. Everything is transitioning. Exact so that we encountered this transition was something more positive some excellent point. Those whom we talked about going into changes a war transition and and I think of the difference between the Obama administration. And now with a trumpet administration because what President Obama there was that incentive. A first time home that homebuyer desperate to encourage them to if they work whether it was a sell Laura buyer's market he was an opportunity. With which to have a certain dollar amount. That that individual could have. Exactly towards purchasing that home. Now that we have the trump administration of course obviously a different changes but when you have a person like attacks prepare. One individual but does that. There really isn't it makes me think of of you that between what that text repaired doesn't what you do was a real Turk. Those changes and how important it is to stay abreast in the top but it. A breast and a top I think that is right or I'm working for a right. To those changes debt that are happening because. That's what's gonna benefit us the most as a homeowner is taking advantage of every little opportunity like right here on this public affairs show. To get the needed information. So if that person does when a transition from an apartment to actually having a home of their own. It's really important that. That person just like you would that tax prepare does stay abreast of any changes that may be tell you that. In the right and one of the things are warning of its last. Is that. I have partners. Him. I have I'm Linda partners have ten account partners I have people that IA. Alone. Get information from that I cardinal will write so that we can put together or do right Prada the right in the head it's been born individual right exactly everyone is different everyone's situation is different there's different. Follow credit scores is different no jobs there are different. All. Needs to rise in relation to your financials ahead a young man called me just more right before I came here Kim and was asking me well what about in this alone out policies are nuclear proof weapon today and he's a well what about conventional. I mean this is what happens. Pardon you whipped the lender and moved it took total financial package. You'll total your credit score Euro mount much of that you bring in your debt to income ratio Bryant either did not total picks and determine. What is the best from my own voice you know based on your circumstances. And they see it FHA as opposed to conventional bin FHA is the way that you need to go yeah. Because we've already. Pre determined. Based on no circumstances was this product for you mind. Now I really won't give us trust something that that I really real more put out there now they want to listen. Closely and attentively to what I'm getting ready to say yes and if you don't know anyone. That works in a medical profession that is not adopt. That could be the nurse in nurse practitioner as the in any behave dental hygienist a physical therapists they speech therapist or what ever. Feel very you as long as it's in the medical profession they need to call me you need to have him call me. Because there is a part broke out here that's available for people in the medical profession that's designed. Specifically. For people in the medical profession. Where the down payment is a list and every Terry there's no more easy ensures you'll Heather Ellis six point credit score it is and absolutely. Fabulous fantastic product you need to put on your fingertips you need to dig deep in your database you need to think about anyone that you know there's in the medical field. And you need to have doomed. Call or takes mean well let's get that number so we can kick her phone rang an open book my friend. And I will murder is 33698606. Months five. Right 3369860695. Correct. Or you could find meat on the whale. If you go to well company web site is real T one Triad dot com that's real the RE bay hill TY. Or even ETR. I AD real T one Triad dot com and you can find me there is a whale but. Take this number down obviously again an almost see it slowly. 336986. 0695. In the call or text. To that numerous and now we'll respond I would prefer ticks with your name so that I can call you back typically when I do this get 23 afford it people responding and that's I can't answer the phone that quickly this is easy if you would ticks need information along with your name that way actually get met with few minutes. How America absolutely and for anybody. Radio family is specially if this is your first time. Tuning in and hearing Mustafa. On the weekend edition of community focus. Let me say this gentleman returns. Text messages and calls. And very timely fashion but the stuff again we wanna emphasize this is for individuals in the medical field. We're not doctors who are not dogs that is correct right very good speaking up let's take this opportunity to. Again welcome those of you joining us so we can additional community focus heard on our inner calm stations. And definitely. Wonderful company with you radio family and members of our community focused family. The stuff Shabazz again returning. Ceded the firm Graham Winthrop realty won the key to your next move. Speaking of real T. In general and home ownership nonstop. You basically finding that most people are looking for in their average house because everybody's styles and taste are going to be different you desperate. Rene but what I'm finding right now that most people. Are looking for at least three bedrooms noon. And it released to full bathrooms and so what do you have in the market you have a lot of homes are there have one bedroom one bathroom one half bad Bryant case. In the muck in the industry we call that functionally obsolete and basically it's a dinosaur wow and I don't find too many home so like that even know if it's beef. Single individual someone who maybe have one child right this second bathroom is all moles. Automatic. There's definitely want that right hey fool bathroom during our own you know we got the holidays come and up and know people coming in to get people visiting. If you got a home you've got people coming in and does things. We want all around man. You're here everybody. Dornin you'll can't. You can read and yeah. Yeah she's good at that and they let you know I didn't use. Things and I run into his leg not gonna have to bath mountain literally eat the mob have YE you know settling a loan or taken up that time because some people close outlook now and then I'll go. Just look at that. I'm just so happy. There is this this doesn't say is let's say you demand it is the same engine novels functionality right of people want to have that. That XX this slow that extra bathroom absolutely so it's important bright and nice to know especially with a lot of your modern homes. That's becoming the standard that's enormity is Mike you said will you do what most people have told not to not have it is what I'll say is functionally obsolete Newton now in addition to that two missed often do most people prefer either single level. We're split level with upstairs downstairs again another preference you like reference book basically hit it depends on each when he definitely believe you'll you'll older buyers don't wanna reduce the heiress exam on an heiress had to have this bond have problem with Orion Eason. Racking them up you can already relate to my. And I. You don't know this they are the knees are correct I don't law mobile almost life like there this example typically what I find is that this Houston uses and the people that are open a home. Baby boomers right neighbor boomer generation yet they're there they're typically won't either no stairs and more main level master whom. Ryan opens the currency to story yeah I wanna main level master where they don't have to climes there's absolutely give they don't want to write very well there you have the moment meals then they they really don't matter yes I did they they're they are now. There were wrong. In Missouri and there's NORAD or else there's an eye toward another 1020 years he's a late. But should do the speaking of preference in especially must stop and we which on him at this even before we we got our conversation. On the air started. Was the fact that we have been dealing with some cold. Weather. And I'm pretty sure this time of year when we talk about the winner season most people don't wanna go outside. And cranked up a car. When it's 21 in some degrees out there is not industry so very likely you have individuals that are up. Preferring to have a garage. And believe me. From experience yet. They could care for. Not having to go and stuff they can. You sort of more moderate right and an end and embrace the elements. But the truth about things about it and this is what most people don't quite get in and I'm hoping that I can get the message across and it can. Sneaky right there if you paying. 70800. Now 100000 dolls in a wet but you can own home. Nature you can only home and that the price of homes even though he has gone up there are still affordable alternatives that you prefer you can get a three bedroom home. All too caught two car garage for about as much as what you paying for in him rent. So why not what I'm not a lot not a home. Definitely. And was that too much stuff late in this is in addition to by the way. Radio family meeting get that number the first go round we gonna repeat it right here. 3369860695. Or are you wanna go to. On the worldwide web WWW. Realty one a spell out the number ONE. Real T one Triad dot com. We were mentioning earlier Mustafa about this great incentive. Or program for individuals that are in the medical field. Again if he or she is not a doctor what other programs are out there to help potential homeowners if this is a seller's market. There are a lot of alternatives for buyers there are programs out here. Where there are. No down payment no closing cost no more issuers you don't have to have programs for perfect credit their programs I that's not even credit score driven. Is not them based on credit score any people when they hear that. Whether it's on a program like community focused they hear that from you directly. Your initial reaction. Is she'll look I'm not phase and I'm the first Tom I'm hearing about various programs like that's a lot of times they hear about this and that in this unbelievable you know you hear them if this if it sound too good to be true you know yeah we're have a and how close with this particular program mom worked for referencing right now right is that I just didn't believe it yeah beat in beat you when I first found out about not been working with this program over ten years wow. But it is a program that though there is there's no doubt payment Newton there's no closing calls and there's no mortgage insurance. Yeah in and you don't have to have perfect credit. In those isn't this a great alternative they're so men all turns out you can't get much in this gamers to be funded again come on they ran out of funds for the issue of one to seventeen but not on housing finance. Is getting ready to Rio. And there's a lot of fun you know there's funds are available for down payment assistance 3% or 5% use whichever one you want yeah naught as to help you with the down payment. Our own so there are there a lot of alternatives out here and most times. A lot of people that may be thinking about looking you then don't know about these altars are ahead in the way you call that I that I hold their own nation you look infinitely Calder says he's looking to do something in a year. But she's waiting to say you. Somewhere between 1050 Al lulls single while weight or act and part why do you think you need 1050 now well what I need a much more drying. It's just what I meant toe I think will. Who had you been talking to. Is minus one might nix well I know. But solo she's definitely did not need 10151000 I'll put down or to put down on home hi how are still here and the people they indicate they want when large. Sums of money running into home. But that's not necessary it is not necessary when you buy a rules that you China about your home you won't use is less of you'll cash as yet ultimately won't keep your cash liquid. So that you can have access to when you need to when you need eight. If you can 95% to 98% and even a 100%. To purchase that home and not have to have in our pocket expenses you want to old Emmett you out of pocket expenses as much as you possibly hazel a little Jewish keep UK actual liquid so that you can use and all the. They're just absolutely in areas where it usually nine times out of ten. Situations. As as they say we always have those on for same circumstances. The stop there was something comes up. But we don't have the finances. With sleazy just your dad or this is their work. With that too and I think you've already partially answered and feel free to expand on this my friend. What advice do you have for anyone wanting to own especially going into 2018. The best advice that I can give you is the first Sutter gold. So our goal and then secondly get with a real sleep professional like myself call me ticks me. Let's sit down and messed implement eight playing Russian region gold and we want it to be a workable gold something that's attainable something this debt. We can measure we knew measurable. Goals in order to attain home warship not just wish all you know all all. You know these are all wish there will happen no we have to sit. Attainable goals and we need to have specific steps that we need to do to attain that goal right because this is a goal that is actually tangible it's within readership and reached a lot I knew what I do what they client who has knocked out till the Massa get up to foam. Turned to the self Romo. And most people do self exams that were still please I assume we need a financial. Filthy. Not you don't picture. Well you'll financial situation to work or take a financial Sanofi Newton and debt itself we need to be taken by eight and under. It may not be the man that we don't you often but I need that picture right. Once we get that picture. Then we can sick specific attainable goals based on where you are unlike what we don't know where we are. We don't know what we need to do to get to the gold and so we need to self and we need that financial self it. Take that picture so we can see where we are and we can be specific as to what we need to do. Right so not only tangible. Radio family. But a situation in which that goal is accessible. Exactly yes and attainable inalienable the other word that comes to mind. Now you just on this to a little bit Mustafa in this may be. The scores have been I can't believe. Gone by so fast which of course only means my for a and we don't get to bat. On and on another. Shell here on community focus especially as we're about it. Jumpstart a new year but the question is this. What if a person is credit challenged. How can the get the help to overcome that obstacle. That's a very good question related and as I mentioned just a few minutes ago our own. Once we get that so hopefully never financial picture Laura where you are written DN weekend. Take the steps that's necessary in order to get you where you need to to be. Part of my day. A low. Was the word only before part part of my toolbox is the that's so worried about what is also in my toolbox. Which consists of people out to the ball just like a mechanic millions who bought whole problem they have their tools and I have much to Venezuela. Not to most consistent people. And I can end I have within my toolbox. Eight credit repair. Experts. It credit consultant around the crater of a credit consultant. Who can console and meet with you and talk with you and show you how to move your credit score from one point to the next point that would make use credit worthy enough. To get a home mortgage that isn't denying this analogy with south and to. Encourage our listeners here on the weekend edition of community focus that if you don't already have that toolbox. When it comes to home ownership. Now is it's never too late to get started one want and if you already do. Jess continued to it to maintain. Correct that toolbox if you will. As always my frame you did a fabulous job again radio family. Outside of the questions that I ask if you have any of this gentleman is making himself readily available. Text messages are preferred calls you'll still take those as well but either way if you haven't already take the number now we are repeated again as stuff. 3369860695. Real cheap one Triad dot com and again spell the one out. As oh and eat any closing thoughts or comments you want to share here on community focus yes. One thing I would like to share. With everyone's particularly those who are relatives. Get out of that rap duo Rhett learn to do the homeowners strut. You do that so well my friend. This stuff up. It's good to have you back thank you yourselves either. In the pleasure is all mine and I enjoyed every single time and you know what to Mustapha. I'm looking forward to. Those cell face I am too yes so I will look for you next time on social media and I can say yeah. That individual took advantage of their toolbox. And got in contact with you and don't be wonderful to see that person as the owner. A new home will be more existing home now resolutely just like it's gonna be great to get chew on. The next edition of community how Lucas or to be in that light go on. I always I enjoy it soups and likewise with you ready a family I know a lot of you are also continually doing some fantastic things in our community. By all means just is most often does you keep up the great work as well. And the stuff you know with me there are no good guys so just in some exercise these muscles and tell us today so there again that's rise. And likewise for you radio family indeed until but next time thanks for the fine company. As we do bring another week an additional community focused too close sport now so do enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend until we do jab again. Take care.