Midnight Poets - NBTF - 2017.mp3

Thursday, August 3rd

With the National Black Theatre Festival in town, I had the opportunity to talk with a few of the poets from "Midnight Poetry", one of the popular events during the festival.


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I'll be ready this. I and so this awake at the vessel like it a festival in town that. And of course is midnight poetry have got all of our. Those of us or. Are well let's. From midnight put juice so these are leery as is that it judicious. Now my name is the son I'm new I'm actually the host this year a commitment I hope that. My name is layered air cargo Arroyo who Pollard and I am Friday in these. My name is Elaine and then I go back LED and I am and I each and apartment where society. Money's les Barack and I am equally if it. The. Okay they'll look at some of the biggest thing he does look forward to every two years commend you Syria as the. Home for me it's. With with owns a so you know it's all about community. In. Line. And I first came to the fiscal 2001. Reza part of one of the actual production is so. Being able to be here almost all of these artists. Almost always black artists. Of all ages is one of the beautiful things all the wisdom getting passed all the love being shown all the examples of how to be successful as this dispute. Now when you guys. You know perform. In and and you know performing art. Is this coming from not. Up Purcell plays a place of experience. Personal experience or something that has to do it may be of friends or family or just the environment or is it everything. How what inspires you guys. It all depends. It ranges from love to. Things that are going on in the community right now though we need to talk about Aaliyah you have something ho word of mouth Wednesday's okay. Choose to have a topic to discuss is going on that needs to talk to and those artists we have to do wonders of the community. Absolutely and lift. So I suppose we should do. How many poets. Perform every night during minute. We usually get about. Fifteen. At least fifteen portal would try to get more dependent on how to mine is flowing. I've lived there also. Featured artist so we have our argument features that are here with us today. So there's an opportunity to allow for them to be able to showcase as well but then we also. Some of these celebrities from the festival from all the productions who come through. And also ships. Aso whose the Thursday night. The person I feature is actually. On death porches abyss. That's coming all the way from Atlanta Georgia and bringing some of the poets with them so we're excited about that he's been on BT's their cafe as well and a number of other. Programs used to alone countries which. Some big stars in the house and I backed out every night a bit at the yes it's been a beautiful beautiful. It's so. All around great social assumption. It is brings open did you prepare his thumb wrapped Sadler. Harry's almond cookies the revolution will be telling ethnic. Will be able to stay home brother. You Libya it would plug and turn on and cop out. Will be it would it's hard at his own out I'll probably end at eleven hit popped our commercial breaks because the revolution will tell about. The remind ignited with our ready until about that revolution was brought to you about life time and what parts with. You commercial interruptions a reminder of how they treated at the fourth passports of the seventies though. He shouldn't be surprised when asked what analyses in it was aptly that there's just more exposure than before because the revolution. Will tell of that. Just like art is up. The climate Dalton their rice and yet both Amanda cast it out and sterling. Revolution will be televised on Nickelodeon MTBE CN VH one patient Jesse Williams coffin mobilization that. Obama and yelled into. Seems like everybody I didn't know was not take us coming to get its overthrow confiscated from Harlem sanctuary the revolution will be streamed on FaceBook lap against the branded snack check. Why not start time of the great Wendy Williams or Spacey asked the revolution would not give you have to shoot now ask questions never. But Lewis that required to come up with a solution that doesn't result of my people aren't on the ground because you've got happy with Iran Auburn because. Revolutions will be televised brought it. Amazing. Midnight poetry every night nestled black theater festival thank you guys almost missed app and lists you know. Last thing I want a singer around. Petrie bird. Also known as bird from drag you can't wait to act in will be our co host tonight oil. Some of the special treat we have survives is kimono and join us and with the Thomas can be beautiful. Is that tonight's. There's if finite always be crowds open. Note doors open at eleven point I'm going to do the early sign up process really ease once exact. Us we'll correct exit sign me. You know which name in that Allison. You Iraq. Amazing. Achy thank you. And it.