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Good morning once again radio family is it time to begin welcome to our public affairs challenge thank you for great company. Every Saturday and Sunday mornings that we get additional community focus is underway. And I thank you for not only joining me rename bond but it's always nice to be able to be reunited shall we say. What members of our community focused family haven't chatted with the show and lady in a while but she is back she did a fabulous job. Many of you may remember PT RC. And our senior long term care ombudsman Tim Johnson is back. How do you manage family what's what's going on what has it been going on since the last time we chatted absolutely you then gusting great excellent excellent. Well today on the program we have you with the Piedmont Triad regional. Council area agency on aging located in Carter's self. Now just two reef trash or recap what their listeners you have been working with discreet area agency on aging. For twelve years. And has over twenty years experience cam working with older adults. And so you're not only have the experience you have the expertise you have the knowledge. Really everything that we need because very likely. For our radio family in our listeners we likely have aging parents. Or at that point where the importance of key heiress just sell certain accountable. For a lot of individuals in just thank you everytime you come on the program I really learned a lot more than what I thought I already knew. About a wonderful seniors are elders are moms and dads. And as a matter of fact just kind of jump ahead and won't get into this in the course of our conversation. Jim I wonder our listeners to now. That there is actually an event known as world elder. Abuse awareness to their hands and like I said we'll get into the particulars of that a lesser conversation this morning. Can you give us a definition what exactly is elder abuse absolutely so it is it. Any act minor intentional or unintentional that causes harm to an old burned out. And when we say elder bees were really meaning. Anyone who is over age eighteen and there may be disabled. Brown or an older person we typically say every six right on anything that causes harm to that person it can be physical abuse emotional abuse exploitation and neglect. On any of those things taken advantage of an older person arsenal rain upon it and. In brings harm to that residual whether intentionally or unintentionally. Harm is harm. Kim why don't we hear much about elder abuse what was it like he has access. Well it is it is sort of coming into the forefront slowly none slightly. And I think it's it's partially because individuals are hesitant to talk about it right. Often older adults and I talked to a lady the other day he said. You know I'm I'm afraid to tell my children that I was taken advantage of when he was just a bad decision and I'm afraid they're gonna think and I can't make my own decisions anymore. I'm so there's a lot of fears sometimes that individual was isolated they're not able to talk to anyone else about those concerns. And it's just. Sometimes people view it as a family issue right on something that I don't want to share Austin over older people of this generation are not. You wind in half social media hacks that you're reading everything maybe you do every draft minutes out of public exactly they're very confident. Exactly innocent very uninteresting you mentioned that because for a lot of us who would likely are not aware it's going on. That's mainly how we're discovering and it. So whether it's our own family members or we see others that are being mentally or physically and in some case a sexually abuse in just. Horrifies me. That when we do read or or see stories about. Elder sewer Irsay actually taking advantage of whether it's in a nursing home or some sun up some sort of rather. Facility that we can trust individuals to take care. Our parents and then we find out terrible things like this happen absolutely. Apps like. Like MEN and fortunately it can happen anywhere exact you know it. It knows or demographic and rice know it you know race creed it ate me whoever you are in nature you. Someone can be taken advantage and then and fortunately NC really have to have to look out for each other. And you look out and know what you know what the warning signs are absolutely. Speaking of which is elder abuse are really a big problem. Well and Amy. It's hard to say what we know is that Tom estimated every year and in this nationwide about two point one million individuals are victimized in some way. And what we statistically no is that it's very likely that only a portion of those are actually reported ride on so we think for about. For every cases reported there probably times and never come to any sort of attention of any authorities to run to address it then. So in elder abuse of financially cost victims nationwide. Over two billion dollars ha salon offense being taken advantage. Absolutely like in and just like you mentioned camp on a daily basis. Another thought that sort of popped in my head if you will when we talk about elder abuse now that we have defined didn't have a better understanding open. I also think about a lot of times sadly. Our elders are likely abuse because they don't. Or at least the person who was abusing an individual falsely believes that that individual isn't in the best of mental state. Sometimes not in their right mind is so it's a shame even. When we are younger that can be the case at times absolutely and we all make bad decision we do. We do and how much so that has our parents are aging that we had this topic of discussion. Because there may be somebody listening to this program this morning. That may have just gotten news that this is happening to their mother or their father or on or an uncle or just an older relative or even a dear friend. You know whether you have a neighbor perhaps may be a co worker or somebody. That you just have frequent contact with on a daily basis. And it's very likely even though cameras sometimes we may not see the signs right away. Maybe their personality or their demeanor may start to change they can start out as a really happy and jovial person. Gary involved with everything in the next thing you know you kind of noticed their isolating. Themselves. Whether it's from family or friends or just from the general public. In but in the case. How can a person tell if on those lines of somebody has to be used. So it really depends on the type of MPs but somebody may be absolutely withdrawing from normal activities then if it was someone that attended. Church on a regular basis or activities and all the send they're not come may shout and play. If you're reaching out to that person and and perhaps they have a family member or someone who has befriended them from that is is seeking to restrict that person's activities. And when that would be a concern. Any sudden changes in that person's banking accounts we know and if he's Syrian usual activities as someone who has a safer and Allison there's. Thank activity that should be of concern right. In terms of physical abuse. In bruising that is visible on that person's torso or head. I mean you know I bump into things all the time same here and that I typically am bumping my legs and arms you try not so my face exactly exactly if there's any marks that look like there. Hands or fingers I mean any any of those types of things her. Cons for. Absolutely sir look our conversations. Are such excellent examples an excellent points and Kim do because on the on the same way I'm right there with you on I'm coming around a corner. Maybe a little too fast on exactly want to weren't going. I'm I'm really isn't focused on OK that edge of the table is about to make contact with your knee which you're right in those in usual places where we start to see breezy. That in recent concern especially for our elderly loved ones and I was thinking too. About what you were seen in terms of. Perhaps money suddenly disappearing from one's bank account that also says scam for a listeners here on the weekend edition of community focus. That the signs of elder abuse don't always have to be physical. Absolutely yeah absolutely not if that person is. Not even just unusual if activity if there are changes to that person's a whale. He if there are checks written as gifts and we're playing checks isn't being written. You know anything like that our activity that would be. You know at 3 o'clock in the morning if this is someone that doesn't have any Internet access to write their own pot they wouldn't have a reason is athletic activity there trying to and I. There Richard and that's another good point because that that reminds me of this this activity that unfortunately seems to me on the rise. As you say you have people. Or calling elders pretending to be easily that grandchild. Or pretending to be a son or daughter in. Asking for money activity like you say that normally does it just happens out of the blue. It's not normal and of course just so many ways sadly in which scant Mercer taking advantage axle of our elders as well excellent. Whether it's through a phone call to grandparents cam Newton's theory often you know now pollen say. Grandma I'm in trouble exactly and what they're looking for is anchoring impair that an individual on a fan to say. Tommy is this you really and then they've got a name exactly but if that person just responds land. Well let me call your mom my mom do exactly and and more talk and now cut them right off. Even just folks home walking up to your door ranked you know as we've and wind and rain in and disaster tie things. Someone just trying to sell something exactly because as we see leery of who you are her. Letting Ian absolute letter through phone or in person. Very true. And you just mentioning that that made me think I had two ladies recently line. The program who represented these small business association along with FEMA. And of course the big topic was. Getting the assistance long after the April 15 hurricane. Tornado rather. That and devastated both Rockingham in Guilford counties. And thinking how those ladies just kept stressing the importance of what the lady that was representing FEMA the important thing is swing you do see someone. At your door. The first thing you wanna look out for immediately is identification right because that's what the Federal Emergency Management Agency will do they will have their batch rights because it has to be more than just wearing it I thought I thought pay him had made an interesting point. She said anybody. Can take. The FEMA logo on them and print it on insurer taps only to make it look authentic. Absolutely but there are other things have to go along with that that identification badge. And number two home all right to even verify that that is the person representing that agency task trying to help that individual. Absolutely it they are legitimate they're not tennis question is you say. Let me just take a minute and verify exactly recent mine here exactly answer so many wonderful points Kim that you're bringing out to our listeners this morning. And really a great time too and we've talked about this before. The importance of release sitting down and just having those conversations. Maybe having some practice sessions just as we're talking about things to go over. To help our aging parents or grandparents. Look out for those important science says that if we don't have. Children who were living and home with her parents and terms of taking care of them what they're not in close proximity. To keep an eye on because we have a lot of our listeners who probably. Have parents who live elsewhere apps they're not in the immediate area. And so there's that constant concern. Is my mom or dad doing okay because. They don't live very close to me and vice Versa the parents and the children. Living close to them. And and financially one of the things she can do is come to have an extra bank statement. Sent to a family member that you trust point just so somebody else's laying hands on an information actually communicating regularly as saying. This happened I'm more concerned about it. You know just just keep intents and in turn pass on that. Absolutely. Well great information. More to come Kim is it's good to have you back or senior long term care ombudsman with the. Piedmont Triad regional council area agency. On aging. Which again is located in turner so. Kimmel you share during the actual physical address and a solid waste our address is 1398. Carrollton crossing triumph in Koerner spell and our phone number is 336904030. This year. Wonderful well good to have you got family. Drink I'm glad to be here I am glad to have you here and radio family and it's great to have your company as well Ken Johnson joins me Rene Avon and we will indeed be bad. With more of the weekend edition of community focus right activists it's the weekend edition of community focus thank you re a family again for the great company if you're just joining us we appreciate it and thank you as well for being with us since the beginning. Of the program Kym Johnson rejoins me Rene Vonn here on the week an additional community focused. Urged Saturday and Sunday mornings in our intercom stations. We have been engaged in a great conversation this morning cam is the season. We're seeing Europe won't say season two the senior regional long term care ombudsman. With PT RC again a stance for the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. And we're talking about elder abuse of very important topic of discussion and helmets were back. To continue our conversation. My first question to you here in the second half of our public affairs show can an individual spot in a piece of let's discuss that. Absolutely well and it it's there's no typical profile business butt off and it may be someone who. Is relying on that older person. Whether financially or emotionally and went in on that person. They arm may be has an often an individual has some of their own issues going on. So there's to have some drug and alcohol abuse concerns. Often they are seeking to control that older person. They made that person may have some previous criminal history. Just. 81 who is trying to take over an individual. Went error. Even if it seemingly on just coming now than we need it should just raise some question absolutely how much. Authority that now when a person is. Keeping to and other individuals exactly and in speaking on spotting an abuser him. Just thinking to India and asking the discussion as an aside. Are you finding especially through the agency and the number of elders say your happening. Does elder abuse seem to occur more. Amongst. Single. And elder individuals as opposed to those who have married okay act chipped it in the Manhattan victims are most often women average. While. Yet an and partially because as women live longer trip their access around when we get aging nurture. The idea absolutely. And mean. For a lot of older women I mean I can think about my grandmother she didn't even. She didn't manage for a bank and so I mean it may be someone who doesn't have a lot of knowledge about running things going on pizza and an often unfortunately as we age we G become more physically dependent we do on so there were relying on a. Reference vs exactly sometimes there's an angels were taken pains exactly. But it's also to attack ad to cams that this is elder abuse that really. No lose. No sex. And age. Because they are sadly even as many cases likely of men. Elderly men who were being abused as well capsule. Or even couples right I mean being taken advantage I caregiver or someone that they trust and that's exactly. Exactly. That's who set risk for abuse. Truly anybody who what can make a person. More vulnerable is someone who is socially isolated where someone who's not have that regular contact even just someone checking in with them when you render church member neighbor right someone Hugh has some type of mental impairment if a person has some dementia. I'm not remembering things the way that they show and and then sometimes someone involved in their life who has their own personal problems and someone who is emotionally or financially dependent. On past history of alcohol and drug abuse. That kind of creates a toxic yet common. So definitely those red flags that we need to be on the lookout for as family members or friends or whoever the person happens to. On that note how can an older person begin to protect themselves if they haven't done so. I think if that person won't just maintain regular contact. With their loved ones that start. Just keeping tabs on them. If you're seeing things that are causing concern for a moment if you're walking in that person's home and they have house and house of mail they're getting solicitations. The lotteries are another move like that we see frequently. Aren't lotteries on that. It just cost just have a conversation. Absolutely I'm concerned. If you creature and I blinked at him because. You know when you when I was growing up that that was the thing not only the close family contact which I'm sure of course is still the case. For a lot of families I think the belt. Just her neighborhoods in general were everybody just Connick happen on. And everybody. I don't know about you but I remember there were times were of course that the general rule was you had to be at home and a certain time before that porch while he came on. But the the thing about it was. You also had neighbors who were light. Our secondary mothers and fathers. Looking out for us so that if they saw that we war. Really doing something we had no business doing or should I be doing. You know they would go on tell our parents. They would tell somebody in the family you know look so and so Renee or count down there and you know in inches and shenanigans they really shouldn't be so. It gets to the point where in in this is another area we talked about before rolls start to reverse. You know our parents take care of us were certain number of years and then the time comes. With children with a child starts taking care. Of the parents or the mom to actually. Yeah absolutely. So I'd like. The fact shoot him in this can be another great way. Speaking of protecting. Our elderly loved ones is to get in contact with the agency thank you so proudly represent. Which is the PT RC council so if you just read a camera hearing about the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. For the first time. Thank you for that. If you have hurt him before and actually other members of your staff. I've been on the program let me ask you this how is Bob Teresa and learned there aren't great. Please send them my hallows too by the way I really appreciate that. But yes it's a great way to get in contact with you at thirteen 98 Carrollton. Crossing driving coroner's Phil and thank you for sharing that number again cam which is area code 3369040300. So may we suggest. To our radio family or community focus and my listeners. To kind of put that as when your favorite she knows starting your phone. Story someplace and even pass a number one. Chew. A senior weather richer parents or somebody just know and have a good association witness. Share with them the number in the giraffe so that. If something should happen. Outside of course immediately contacting someone in the family and you've got to plan. Absolutely and and they can always call us. And if CNN's. It and just to have a conversation about it if you are truly concerned that someone is in danger if sent them one. Definitely. Or calls. So we have a lot of options and one. Agencies can definitely help us. Kim an expression what shared a person do if they suspect elder appease. Absolutely says and that's wind depending on the severity you wanna call the police ride you wanna contact your local department of social services and a think term member is that you don't need to prove that is happening and yeah. You can just have some concerns us you know you've seen some red flags right. And it's time to make that phone call and and truly trust your instincts absolutely don't be afraid ascent person questioned the legal wanna really someone by asking so many questions but that's true chip. If in the back of your mind you're thinking something's just not right right go ahead and make amber. Absolutely and and possibly two cam to trust another person outside of the family. Apps that you definitely feel the most comfortable with that you can share year. Of course not everything but the pertinent information so that if the sun or to order cannot be reached or the grand child. You've got another individual that the family as a whole contrast. So. As another means of making sure that our seniors and our elders are in the best possible care because. The one thing that we. Always when I try to emphasize. That these are seniors. They are such a remarkable group of individuals who are just wanting to enjoy as long as possible. Their quality and care of life just as the rest of us to. You know because as we age. That's the one thing that we hope we can still have intact used to some degree as her independence. Yeah because I think about my grandmother who lived to be nine. And it wasn't until she was really close to nineteen that you know just for every day faculties started to diminish a little bit. And it's just it should really in. It's it's sad and it's also disheartening because when you know over a family member that has lived that long. And this has that quality of of independence in and free spirited and free will in. And being able to do things. Really without the assistance of other family members. It's hard. For a lot of family to see that person just kind of slowly. Slide a little bit and then especially to the point where you have the onset. Of dementia. And alzheimer's. And that becomes a whole totally different struggle for a lot of families but the important thing cam that we all what's wanna remind. Our listeners who were taking care of her elderly or aging parents you don't have to be alone and that's excellent and maps and. We have resources and animals through is very true it's just a matter preaching now exactly outing conversation right. And that's what I appreciate about having our public affairs show to where we can talk about subject matters such as this. To where we can really continue to. Help. Our seniors our our our aging parents and live the best quality of life that they possibly can. It is the week an additional community focus thank you radio finally great company. And of course great company members of our community focused family representing the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. Again Kym Johnson the senior regional long term care ombudsman joins me Rene violent program. Now Kim I blew it would be were missed because we talked about this for the first half of the program. I mentioned that peachy RC has an up coming up at me. World elder abuse awareness day tell us about it tell us a date and help the community can't involved in so. Is an internationally recognized staying in this June 15. And we are hosting our seventh annual elder abuse awareness day and all these tests on that will be the following day on June 16 at Tryon park in Turner's own. And registration starts at nine and the walk starts at ten. I always tell folks it is a fun event with a serious purpose so anybody of any age is welcome wonderful we make the walk accessible to anyone of any ability. X times and so registration is ads PT RC dot org slash walk okay or 33690403. Series you room. And then also coming up right after that on Tuesday June 19 is an opportunity to learn more about how to protect yourself from Procter and scams and excellent so there's a friend's against fraud program that will be at the Lusk center in Greensboro from 1130 to 130. And that they are both free and open to the public and the and and then on June 19 lunch will be permanent wonderful and registration is that 336. 4975615. Excellent we're gonna repeat that information and as we get towards the end of prepped at great conversation. This morning the two absolutely phenomenal events. That are forthcoming. And one thing let me and I can I am. I'm very familiar which Ryan park it's a beautiful park in congress know. Located on radio family for those of you will of course if you already in the personal area. You know exactly where that is is actually office east mountain street view if you're heading toward west market like you point two warts Greensboro so really. Probably the best way at least the way I com is directly through calls that yet. There's always something going on and on interstate forty so. If there's ever a situation where there may be a major traffic jam more concerning you need a back. Way to go out you can simply go through Colfax and find a partner beautiful. Facility Triad park is and whether you walk around the entire grounds of the park they've got paying very nice I track facility that also doubles as a soccer field I seen a lot of area teams. That practice when when I go out and walking of course was is nice and comfortable. As we band but they heats it's about to return. It's not even officially summer. Yeah so so enjoying these last remaining days of spring according to the calendar but that will be a perfect facility. To have. The world elder abuse awareness Staten. Again which is on Friday on June 15 and again like I said radio famine or mention the other Venice well. But getting back to our conversation cam on elder abuse what should I expect. When I do you call for help if I do you suspect that someone is deemed to be used. And in at that point it is providing as much information as you have. Right so that person's name and dressed contact information if you know who friends and family information right. And this much is you can provide about what's your concern then. As much DT really sure able to provides. I when we help in net aid in that process. Yes absolutely yeah Kim another aside questions. If someone whether it's a family member or it's actually the elder themselves. That that are being abused and and I thought. Our earlier conversation. When you were mentioning and it's so true a lot of times that's it's really for any other us. If we are a victim of abuse a lot of times it is hard. You have an open dialogue because we money field not just embarrassed but we may feel personally violated. That it happened. What are some steps or perhaps a course that we continue to sort of kept the conversation started you. If we do see those signs like we sent the change in personality. Things that are changing with her everyday routine. And we mentioned. Financial. Or any personal information that may be compromised. I think it really just starts with expressing concern yeah. I'm concerned about you because of this and run on and I think if it comes from a place not an accusation whose remains have concern. Very and that conversation will be much. Easier how sad it will be much better received. Very true engine us hoping. Our seniors and their elders to understand. That there are people who are genuinely concerned about them. And it's not just the family members you know they may have. Their own contemporaries. Individuals that they know and I think that's really. The good thing to keep in mind as well because we know that we have a lot of her parents who have friends that are in that close proximity of their own age group. So it's really good to be also able to sort of have. A companion link here if you will another. Individual who is close in age to you that you felt most comfortable with you and sharing information because sometimes. We may not always be able to go to few if tempers. Sometimes it's good win we can confide in a friend or someone else that we trust. And that's really why difference against Ron program is without eggs out what it is about empowering seniors to educate rank each other exactly. And let me tell you can men and I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me on this our our seniors are amazing group of people. It adjusts. Fascinates me to kind of watch had to distance. To see how much they are able to still do a lot of things for themselves. Many seniors I think up because you don't typically think of someone who's in there late eighties or early ninety's still draw thing. But some are and some are very competent. On the road they can Obey the laws in the signs just like everybody else. Many of our elders I think of my grandparents who were fabulous books. There's nothing heartache. Being able to get a delicious home cooked meal. From someone who can make it from scratch. You know because we live in essentially fast food processed society. It's nice to be able to get a nice meal from an individual who can grow it in their own backyard. Or know of ways to prepare it a little more healthier and that's another thing to see seniors engage in a lot of physical. Activity to yet I can't tell you how many countless times you've seen videos or go viral. Or individuals are in fact just not too long ago. I selling young lady who I think just turn a hundred years of age and competing in a track meet super seniors in her age. It was gonna say you need to come see senior games yeah there's an ass. That's a good areas everything from pickle ball I was spraying to answer imam moon. Very terse it's just wonderful in fact I think just the other day I saw on social media. Theory is I believe an agency in London. That. Particularly focuses on seniors. It's actually. Around if you if you think about a night club we're just going to a place where gear is entertainment at a certain facility who they specifically. Make sure that there is an activity that focuses just on the seniors. Because many do suffer from loneliness. When you're away from their children their children are grown and they're raising their own families. I think it's really beautiful for a lot of windows as well we have individuals who have lost their mates yeah. And you know that's the most devastating thing is to lose someone that you love dearly because we have a lot of seniors who have been married to their mates for. 405060. Even seventy some years. And for them to no longer be fair and it's just like a part of the world is just gone. So to have activities that make an inclusive. And remind them but we still love them and we still care. Or about we have wonderful resource is absolutely manners he. I mean some of these trips that they go along yeah mine I can't wait for the seven day cruise in Alaska. Well. I really know exactly. You've done it. And especially when they get to in many have the wonderful opportunity. To enjoy their retirement years is to be able to make trips like that capsule lately and meet new friends exactly it being involved in activities that tree they had never tried beef exactly. Another great thing to learn with PT RC is helping our seniors. Learn how to financially provide for themselves because many are really good with money. And they know how under prepared financially for the long term so that long after they stop working and and they can go and. And do the things that they can do on their own time. And enjoy like cruises in and trips where you can. Buyer or rent an RV and just travel across the country so many fun things that seniors do you tentative. And I'm actually looking forward to if I'd make it should eat that aids. Absolutely. One last question for the morning for a from the camera for you how can a person help fight Al Turkey's. Absolutely. And it really starts with recognizing that every older person has the right to be safe. Yes. So if we in the more we can all educate ourselves. Look out for our loved ones and neighbors and if we suspect something report. Right exactly. Absolutely sure that that's the entrusting your instincts and I'm looking out for each other. Very true what Kim I have enjoyed our conversation is always time eludes us. Win that we are engaged in. Very important information so thank you for coming back welcome back to the community focused amateur. If you will only compliment is that we have remaining we please repeat the information about the world elder abuse awareness stacked. Starts lately so our elder abuse awareness walk is on Saturday June 16 at Tryon park in coroner's panel. I'm registration begins at nine the walk starts at ten. There are free T shirts hats and lots of calls them to come registration is at PT RC dot ORG slash walk. Or at 3369040300. And then on the following Tuesday June 19 we will have our friends against frog presentation of the Lusk centering Greensboro from 1130 to 130. On none of their bench free lunches provided in the registration is it 3364975615. Fantastic and Tim if I can add a radio family. If you need additional information about an even just taken the opportunity to visit. The Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. They have a wonderful location at thirteen 98 Carrollton crossing driving -- cell. And Timmy just mentioned the number and I'll repeat again 33690403. Sera Sera. Absolutely fantastic job. Anything that I didn't cover or any closing comments she liked me in Canada and just appreciate the opportunity absolutely and I am just happy to see you again my friend. So I'm looking forward to the next time. As I say nuke advise on this program so until that next time. Thank you very much Kym Johnson again the senior regional long term care ombudsman with PT RC joins me Rene is on. And we both thank you radio family for joining us as we bring. This week in addition a community focus to a close hoping you have a wonderful day and a wonderful rest of this weekend until next time take care.