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Radio family good morning and welcome and it's nice to be backing and it's nice to have another weekend in which are public affairs show returns. Welcoming you to the weekend edition of community focus are here. On our Americana stations wonderful opportunity yet again. To sit down with members of our community focused family and that's exactly what we're doing again today on the program. Thank you for tuning in I'm Renee Vonn and I joined by Kim Johnson who is the senior regional long term care on the bud Smith and now Kim I'm probably gonna have to pause I haven't used that war that. Yeah and cam year with a Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. Good morning and welcome to the cramping thank you for having your welcome Kim thank you for coming on board. To tell us a little bit more about wine what it is you do as the long term ombudsman. With the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on teaching. Which by the way you're located in Carter's self esteem and you have quite a track record to my dear you've been working with the area agency on aging for how many years now and it's been. Almost thirteen years well congratulations. Doesn't seem like that first twelve have gone Biron quickly quickly wonderful. Wonderful. And with that she can twenty years experience working with older adults. And very happy that we have a public affairs show that is tailored just for our senior citizens. And it's really nice that we have agencies just like this. They really concentrate on their meats so thank you for what you do you're with us today to talk about choosing a nursing home an assistant. Living facility. And those are two decision set for a lot of us listening to this program. We had to make that decision pretty much you reject him counseling yes so before we get into discussing the ombudsman program and the long term care facilities. Tell us about about yourself we shone a spotlight on you my dear and how you start your career working with senior citizens. Well and you know I originally thought maybe I wanted to work with kids yeah. Did too at one time house and start I was going around that that happened when he. But I I kind of fell into an opportunity when I was in college I were to attack and a good actress office. And one of their offices wins and a large. Senior retirement community banks and and I found I really looked forward to the days and I was over there when I'm I'm hearing really love working with only offense usually hearing about their about. History from a real life perspective exactly. And send and I came back to school and did an intern ship and just kind of Valentina since violent it. Fantastic and of course that the expression here and all the time the rest is history. And that's the beautiful thing she cam and thank you for sharing that because that's the one thing that I too enjoy when having the opportunity team. The around senior adults is delicious so much rich history. It absolutely amazes me how much they can remember. Whether it's us specific event something did happen years ago. Some some can pinpoint it today they say well you know this happened on a Monday and they can pinpoint a month in the day and even down to that time. As to what they were doing who they were doing at where friend just certain. Activities are aspects of their lives that they just really has held on to that particular memory and a lot of does a good memories too of course yes. Now before we talk about nursing homes can't tell me and of course this has. Probably the word. Thank you get asked a lot yet what exactly is an buzz has lately. So I I'll start with kind of went on Huntsman mean China is this is in jeopardy answer okay cage and longitude do. That's right you did. Ombudsman is a Swedish car and that means citizens' advocate really. I didn't know its origins first Danish Swedish one out. Essentially as a long term care around Huntsman we hear advocates for residents in that nursing Hampson assisted living facilities excellent so we work with families the president sometimes with staff when their concerns or complaints. Anything that relates to residents' rights for kind of encompassing care services billing in and everything in between. Phnom instant spark with thanks to helping answer questions and mediate. Issues excellent thank you for that definition Kim I hear the phrase long term care a lot as well now let's get a breakdown as to what that means to absolutely. And that really encompasses a wide variety of Karen service as time I think traditionally we think of long term care is being in an institutional sending writing on it it can be care provided in the home. I miners currency in May when it it really kind of encompasses all things excellent. Think you so much cam for mentioning that because when we do think about at least I do. Terms like long term care and now having a better understanding of what an ombudsman is in and how it relates to. Your particular position we talk about choosing a nursing home. And assisted living facility most people may have the misconception that you in typically comes around that time. When an older adult is at the point where they no longer can take care of themselves. It may get to that point that you have a lot of senior adults. That's still can have that Q you're like you said right in the privacy of their own home and there are still able to do a lot of the things that they've been doing for such a long period of time. An and you know some distinctly about 12% of people in nursing Hammond and Pakistan he has at least another 80% of folks living in their own homes absolutely and some of them do need Caron supports and slams there's a formal. Paid supports and my a lot of times it's informal Q and absolutely and where you have an end and this is the joy of seeing a lot over our senior adults. Many years to driving some are actually still working. And it could mainly gay by choice you know they've retired after a period of time that but they found that. They can't like. The rest of us. Whether we're young we're young at heart we can't. Really to sit still men and be secondary for a certain period of time image of the retired people on and we are busier than the marquee exact. Collect that's a great way to exit took what it absolutely. Felt Kim if someone is becoming concerned about their loved ones where should they start. In its released. Ernie wins. Having a conversation. As finding out with an individual what is important to write is an important for that person is staying home a lot of families will say Lott promised my mom now my dad and we never put them in a nursing home. And while I understand the fears and concerns and sometimes that's not reality for failing. So starting with finding out with a person when they where they are what they need and then really looking and it. What do they need. Assistance we exactly. And perhaps to cam feed the importance of engaging the individual themselves. In that conversation so only because a lot of times is as loving as we are as kids especially if we have siblings and were making decisions. But other family members a lot of times refer that person that we really do care about not included. And the conversation we just assumed that because they are at that age where they may need. The nursing home course or assisted living facility that's just an automatic thing to do sometimes obsolete test. And one more question cam maybe two more before we get her first break this morning. The difference between the two assistant living as opposed to a nursing. And it's really sort of a continuum of care so if you think of you needing to be in a hospital being your most acute medical need right. Sort of a step down from that would be an arcing and sometimes called skilled nursing facilities have lots of different names Brian. And that's really it is designed to provide medical care on a regular basis so they have a doctor on staff and our match I nurses aren't champions. And designed to meet medical needs in order actually in order to be eligible to live in a nursing Hammond individual past you need here. Mine licensed professionals usually a nurse therapist on a regular usually a daily basis behind. And and then kind of a step down from that would be an assistant Clinton's. Those are second mile lots of different names it's only care home my own days it was a dumb silly hearing room. Mix up my same thing. And they are really designed to provide care not to provide medical care honoring nice individuals are still going out except medical appointments. But really to meet what we call the news and deals as a activities of daily living so. Assistance with saving dressing medication and provide meals more on just provide their supports to help someone staying independent. Absolutely and in between that you can they are are a lot of places just in the generalized area that we think of you know whether we're talking. Carter's ill or mister Salem and Greensboro. Several of them that are around here. One more question before we do go to break how does someone know what type of cure their family members EX. And that's really a conversation in the it means essentially is a conversation I was an individual running and I'm having a discussion with their doctor about what what is that specific level of care doctor usually has to complete some paperwork. On that facility will needs and that's a conversation with an individual's physician excellent. We'll kill I did not. Mentioned this earlier in the program which you being on. This show for the very first time and obviously not for the last she were originally a new day when we got start it it it. But now that serve as long gone you're officially a member of the community focused Stanley said Kim won't calm anxious and you're so welcome and I look forward. To asking you some more questions and just really thank you. For the wonderful job that you do and such an amazing staff at Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. And radio family if the name of the agency sounds familiar. We recently had a colleague of yours on the program and one mr. Bob Cleveland please extend my hello to Bob the next time you talked to him. Thank you very much what killed let's take a quick break in the road and come back we've got part two. Much more of the week in addition a community focused and we will be back radio family. Right after this break thanks for listening and just more of the week in addition of community focused think you for tuning in or your family welcome if you are just joining us and thank you if you've been with us since the start. Our public affairs show welcomes two. Our intercom stations and community focus. And is heard on Saturday and Sunday mornings and thank you for what. You bring your family are doing in our communities and certainly want to thank our newest member of our community focused family. She again as a senior regional long term care ombudsman. With Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging gym I was practicing that before it broke it. And I had a nice little slow I didn't cause anywhere Kim Johnson thank you for joining me again here on the show. And as we've been talking about with your twelve Beers with the Piedmont Triad. Regional council area agency on aging. And Schuster twenty years working with older adults and obviously. My dear in our conversation that's for you really loft which teach them some wonderful. So thank you and as we are back from break this year was probably another question that you will likely hear very often. Whether we're talking about choosing a nursing home. And or assisted living facility. Obviously for a lot of families I'm sure one of the main concerns is likely costs. What this is gonna cost her family and when you hear that care is expensive. How. Can someone help in a family painful absolutely absolutely. And NM and there are a number of different ways I mean obviously folks are paying out of their own pockets for sometimes why. If four it's a little bit different depending on the level of care than anything alone means to run someone in the nursing home. If that care is following hospital stay often in his paid for by Medicare. At least a portion of it Medicare allot this is sort of a misnomer that Medicare will pay for care and nursing him on going basis. It's really designed to pay for acute care following an medical incidents. I'm not on an ongoing basis for someone needing on ongoing care they can certainly look she Medicaid to Burma and for that cost of caring. For individuals who may be veterans are spouses and means they might be eligible to VA benefits line. And then for younger folks or someone who is older who has housing assisting long term keep the insurance policy. That may be an option to cover that cost of care who pre and an assisted living there are similar option okay I'm certainly. Medicare does not pay for assisted living home that they can live T Medicaid or rent equivalent program as we know he's special assistance. It's a VA benefits might they may possibly be eligible for goodness. And then just looking at how long term care insurance and unfortunately that's coming you have to sign up. Before you meet in needed exactly that's when it sent ash younger folks to Brian McKnight nation. An end with that said Kim won it's nice to know that that we have options were either situation or scenario. So along with the cost I'm sure another question how can families know that they are choosing a good facility. And that really has been home a concern because now. You're hearing a lot more stories and what's in the media where you're hearing about individuals. And perhaps the best. Or most recent case scenario perhaps the best way to put it. In the fact that we are still in the middle of hurricane season and with all of the major hurricane so we have seen lately from Harvey to Irma. To Maria. And particularly. Down in Florida where there was one particular story. When there was a nursing home in which sadly many in the area residents died because of lack of air conditioning. So when you obviously you're hearing stories about peace and it's not too. Make this a fearful situation but just to make families who are listening to him aware. There are a lot of situations where we can be. So it really is important to help us come in in choosing. A good facility what what advice can you give a song on that. So lately and I and I think there is. Absolutely no substitute for being there in person and making them is it exactly. Right our Internet resources available for event you don't care rooms in the nursing hands there are star ratings for nice facilities right and I'm happy to walk fixer and formation excellent if they wanna get me wrong. And that's a great starting point looking and proximity to someone being able to come and visit an individual's proximity to friends and family. But really you know I tell folks to go indeed say there is no substitute. Go visit during the day accent learning more and then go back to back a week and come on an evening. It shouldn't look and feel that different on those off our mom and if it does that would be a cause for concern. Absolutely and that took very good point I never thought of it like that in terms. The environment may be a little bit different during the week as opposed to the weekends. Because you may have. Shall we say not as much activity during the weeks or because you do have you know for us whether where that the sons of the daughters for the grandkids. Obviously as a lot of activity within that individual going on. And probably a lot more time to spin what their loved ones on the weekends and won a little more relaxed state so to speak and of course there's so many occasions with which. A person can be visited and giving whatever medication may be. But children for disk a question for someone who already has a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living can they make sure that the person does receive good care. Absolutely I think again that that ability to be there in person and I know that we are in mobile society society and we can reliving all over the country exactly. So even just in the regular communication. Knowing that there is someone watching out for that has some news that somebody asking questions right. You know if there's an opportunity to get in poet and to Spain in complaining meetings and individuals came here. Being present to be himself aren't in that process and and helping the staff understand that and. To have civilians and speaking of being president and I like that that you use that word Kim because I think out. Well we do whether it's just a family member or just seeing older adults and general. I think that's the one thing that gets in the greatest joyous and when they see individuals. It doesn't necessarily have to be a failing memory can be just to visit. Celine. From someone that says you know what hey I was I was in the area I just wanted to Poppins Salem NC you don't like them that's really training office. When where would were in a facility that even though we are receiving the best of care it's just nice to have those additional. You know amenities so when one amenities not that that's not the password but those at an additional. Situations in which people. Do you comment then and and just just wanna see how that individual is doing something. And what can families squawk who I should say count can philly's call if they do have concerns about peiris we just talked about. Lately and they're certainly welcome to start with us we're on from Karen that's been great. And and if it's not us we have concerning her friend and she regulatory agencies from the nursing hands and assists playing fantastic. And the wonderful thing about our program is that we covered this twelve county region in North Carolina rain thumb but if your mom is in California are you. Me there are programs and services very similar that exist in those areas as well. Excellent sends out. You know it will happen according to whatever that state requirements are fantastic I was thinking of wedge. Do you mind and all I'm asking to repeat this information. Sharing where you are and how best to get in contact with you absolutely Simon at Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. Our phone number is unique and 3369040300. And it's unique and 3369040. And 30 OC thank you very much. And you actually have a physical location to cam if we can share in Patton who were. Our offices in congress felt we're at 1398. Carrollton crossing try and it's right off I forty. And we are more than happy to meet with it and just given the nature of our jobs we have six moments been covering twelve counties are excellent it's. Not in the right place to play but you know Giuliani in my how exactly are out in facility similarities that's right in in the field in the easiest artist apparently that's a right. Absolutely. What Kim you mentioned that you also provide education about elder abuse from. What can someone too as we were discussing earlier. If they do suspect that a loved one is being it is absolutely. And part of our role also is in addition Q I'm specifically working in facilities is just provide general information relative peace and neglect. An and certainly we encourage banks to contact. And their local. Entities and it can assist in investigating that either adult protective services pray for someone in Guilford County you're an element county where their existing and we justice centers bears are wonderful places to information and resources answer that with. And I think to Kim that gets back to what we were discussing earlier. The importance of attacking and your loved ones whether they actually Omar in exactly just to make sure that they are doing okay. It is the week an additional community focus thank you re a famine for your great company and the company is well with. Our newest member of our community focus Stanley and Kym Johnson again she's the senior regional long term care ombudsman with Piedmont Triad. Regional council area agency on aging. And as just mentioned should the number is 3369040300. And you can also well. Reach out to cam. And even if they don't get to see in person they will eventually hear back from years. As the location is thirteen 98 Carrollton crossing drive and personal North Carolina. Can't let's talk about the one thing with with the agency as well and certainly. To be in a position where I'm sure without question. You are looking or are needing volunteers. How can individuals such as ourselves who are part of our communities. And really want to in a similar fashion. And the opportunity to do what it is that you do which is the joy of working with older adults of someone wants to volunteer their time. How can that person go without doing so. And we are very blessed we have in each of our counties we have county appointed compare cart community advisory committees excellent and they really act is an extension of our programs let you make these visits excellent always gets you all the time right talking with residents have identified their concerns. Report back to us if there's anything that's going on that we would need to look into. And folks are welcome to contact us or contact their path to the morphing county commissioners is very good note that the process. Is there any particular requirement. Is there any well let me say for this any particular experience that apps are sending me not okay now here in place. We and they cannot have a family member or leaving in a long term oh caddie right now why and they can't be Hana financial affiliation can facility to come but no we've we've got retired nurse is and I have friends who are excellent you know. School teachers wonderful body in between Anne and folks are still working. Fantastic. So basically he just have a love as you do with working with many of our senior adults. And that she you can't just makes me think and I think I had this solution what with Bob when he was on the program. Is that what we think about the population of older adults as a whole. That number steadily growing apps when we look at the age range of of most adults. And not just in the United States that really globally. There are persons are living a little. It longer week we hear and see all these fascinating stories. About purses that are living well past their eighties. They're ninety's some or even into their 100 is an older. This makes me think of because I've actually posted this on my FaceBook page. There's a lovely lady in England who is a 105. And who actually didn't start getting into shall we say becoming physically active until she was in her ninety's and now in an as the expression goes in her hand today. She was this not renowned cricket player. And hoopla is I think she started in her twenties and played up until about her thirties. And it just went about her. Every day life of living. That was the video didn't specify whether she had. Children or was married. But at that age what fascinated me was that she said she didn't get into and I think it was particularly. When she started taking yoga. Until she was in her banging this. I don't I am just reading that in watching this video and I seen this and which by the way she still dry ink but she's so I think. A goal is to be one of the oldest living adults at least in Europe but still allow high hopes to have a truck for slices. And it is just wonderful to see individuals like that who. Don't feel. That they're stipulated. By a number. She doesn't look and being a 105 does have to be older decrepit and sitting up at my house. Every dairy and just feeling like I'm just sitting here waiting. To just die basically she's living. And she's looks just as good and is probably just as active as you and I and our respective ages. So it and the nice thing to to really wrap all of that up. Is so it is to really look at it from the perspective. Of what we can look forward to you as we age. It doesn't have to mean. Growing old doesn't necessarily have to mean being all time. Absolutely and I and I think regardless of health conditions that mean we all have something to peaks and I'll have something to share right and regardless of whether you're playing cricket yeah. Your knitting baby blankets or race of the hospital in San pleasure physical limited that's right right on giving back and that's what. Exactly. And you just look at at. That an individual an end and that particular lady and she's just a sharp has attacked and that is that's another David just tickles me. Is that her mental capacity is still just. As if she were maybe in her twenties and thirties. And when you have individuals who were who were fortunate to recall. And that's what I was talking with you about earlier in the long term memory for a lot of Alter it also makes me think of members. In my own family and my grandparents and what they could remember. You know fifty years ago. And you know so what they don't remember what happened five minutes sometimes even I and my age have to repeat myself and Juli certain things. But this just a really great to see that example. In a lot of our older adults that there are still very much alive and kicking it is there is some one way to put it. Let me get back on track you and your account now if someone has family living as you mentioned in another state where should they call for that helping you mentioned earlier likely in that respect to state that their hands. There is absolutely there is a national numbers elder careless cater. Arms if you just look up an excellent care count accurately Keener if I can they can't find information in that state. I'm just looking for the area agency on aging is a great place. Fantastic I wanna get back to a mentioning with with you in particular. I can mean you've been working with the area agency on aging. Four for twelve years how long have you been in the corners in the area we think congress now I think we're in our fourth here on the earnings. We make an exit two offices in. Winston an answer and brought them together in in Switzerland this hospital grounds some middle ground yet I like that. But it's really nice because I I will have to saying. In just speaking with both you and Bob. And luckily for a lot of our radio Hanley listing this morning probably hadn't been either. Never heard. Of the Piedmont Triad regional council area agency aging. We're just not familiar with it. So what a wonderful opportunity and again I say this time and time again. Having a public affairs shows such as is is is to say that. You're one of those hidden jams so to speak when it comes because this really is a blessing for four individuals who are looking. For. Really long term or even if it short term care just care in general. Whether it is it's that time when it comes time to have that conversation. For a lot of families in choosing more than we need to put it. That individual in a nursing home and or assisted living and I like and I appreciate. That you explained earlier there is a difference between the two so whatever needs to fit the particular family. Like he said one when it's time to have that conversation if it's really important to get. All her ducks in a capsule if you will. We'll kill you have done a fantastic job my last question of the morning worship someone call that they want to reach. An ombudsman. If it's not you or someone else so they can get in contact with have a record now that's. And it's saying just give our office call. Area came 3369. Through 40300. Interest and if it's not someone in our office. Animals and after entering OK a person's excellent what you did a fantastic job. Those are some of my questions feel free and the compliments that we have remaining anything that you wanted to act or something that I didn't touch on. That you like to bring to the conversation and more I tell you watch. Can you share any recent experience things since you've been with the agency that have been like the highlight for you especially him being besieged season. Let me try that again the senior regional long term care ombudsman. I think for me it's really just it's the. Opportunity. Comes to help so much of what we do is empowering. You know I don't have all the answers all the time and I don't have all the information. But what I can do is share information with folks and they can make their best to see why. And and for that resident helping them understand what their rights are helping families understand two things happen. He makes a huge difference and just them being able to navigate the system so often have to assuming this is like learning new language well and Gary manages. And that was going to be my next question what has been the feedback for for families and you've been able to how I can only imagine the benefits. That come because like you said its information and they're likely just hearing for the first time. Times and in unfortunately off in we went placement occurs folks don't seek out the information I eat. Say you're in that crisis exactly make a decision in them right and it's likely largely because they don't know where he can now. And they don't know who to talk to and why we are in if I can speak for our listeners. Thankful that there are individuals like yourself. Who again are so good at what they do and and I was thinking back to to your back story. And you know your opportunity of I'm up in turning as she as she mentioned earlier in the facility. And just finding you know what this is my passion this is what I wanna do and you've been doing it for twenty years my friend. Again are to believe I had. Which you know hopefully they'll be another twenty more weight on I'm looking forward and looking forward to it as well. Well thank you so much camp as I like to sign with members of our community focused family there never any good byes. So Kim I would love to have you back on the show for future program. Perhaps. Anything that comes out may be if there's anything additional. About the agency's you know because likely there are times when things do change social situations change. And it would be wonderful just to get that additional information to to keep us as a community. Informed especially as you talked about earlier for those who want to volunteer their time. And services with the Piedmont Triad regional. Council area agency on aging. Now we know how to go about it so Kim thank you so much so indeed until that next time. Thank you for what you do my dear and please keep up the great work thank you for years so welcome glad to have you. On this weekend edition of community focus likewise for you ready a family it is always. A wonderful time that I personally look forward to. And that is getting together and talking about so many good things that are taking place. In our communities and that's because of good people. Like Kim Johnson again the senior regional long term care ombudsman with Piedmont Triad regional council area agency on aging. Just to recap. If you want to reach out to camp 336904. 0300. The location has thirteen 98 Carrollton. Crossing drive. And that is in congress film North Carolina. Can make him welcome to the to a family and keep you won't come and thank you family and know a lot of you are also doing good things in our community please keep up the great work. And again no goodbyes so until that next time enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this wonderful weekend take care.