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This is QMG said Susan Chilean coal and today I had the distinct pleasure to speak with miss Kim Harris from career center of the try it and how are you know scary I'm doing well thank you so much for having me this cola I really appreciate it thank you for being here. Now for me who made them though. Miss hairs giant career sinner is responsible for just helping people in the try AAU jobs correct yes we are dummy first Luna about your agency. Yes the careers and that try and we specializing career fairs whom Harrington dance. Referrals we also did career counseling and resume writing to ask for job seekers here in the right thing. And last month I guess and a huge career fair and a Greensboro coliseum. Yeah. Yeah. Very very successful career fair we hit over 12100 careers seekers Lal all over from Raleigh from Charlotte from Virginia and we hand out fifty plus employers there. And so far we've heard that over 200 people back to work. Amazing. Amazing you know that affect this is so important. You know for us to talk about because there's so many people out of jobs. And a with with that say and when people are looking for jobs up ought to be great for us talk about. Just some important tips on what to do with you're looking for a job because a lot of times we know we needed job we know we wanna Jabber we. Sometimes don't present our best selves and the in India objects on the butt to get to the interview you needed it resonate yesterday. And some people don't may not know what exactly to put in a resume so it can you talk a little bit about. You know what makes a good resonate. Yes there are several things that make a good resume. I'm in this sounds I'm like something that we all know but I see this every day out. Updated information as number one pitcher you have an updated email address them. A correct phone number that employer can you know can contact you on please make sure that all your information is an update it. Tom Longo and our to days of the objective. Please take off the objective policy that a lie ahead in he's taken all we want to put my summary of qualifications. Okay we wanna highlight all of the things that you've done now with each position that an employee will close they may have tuned to 300. Applicants. Apply for the position out of that may be. 5% are actually qualify and so we want to give them enough time pitcher resonate this time and so Wrangler. All relays deals at the topic you read the if four is this if you're applying for a job. And a call senator. We don't need to know that she works. At a daycare center when you were fifteen and exactly and click is made sure and I'm. Myself I have three resume you know and a sales of their marketing are gonna workforce development so look at is make sure you have there was an excellent I'll. Reference please make sure that the job your client or right you have the related experience. For the job and I also tell our career seekers don't go back for seventeen years on your resume. You know want to make everything as I'm related to whom and everything this recent that you've done you know they want to know what is your recent experience has something you may have been fifteen years ago. You know please take it off your resume. We also include your education. Any certifications. And I know is hard especially for seasoned professionals right but if you can keep the resonate down to one page. Mom that would be can it also their different types of resonate to you on our website on the percent of the Triad. Issues you and we made to a functional resume a functional resonates with those who. They haven't had a lot of success they've gone to few companies in the past few years we wanna highlight their qualities in their talent Japan and will list the jobs at the top. And yes my. OK well that's great information to know because a lot of people who have. Head several jobs or a name they've they've got. A gazillion awards and at least tell us what that forum and how do employers look at it was someone please. You know the amount of awards they won for the work they've done in the pass Howell the pharmacy think that there really really matters it just depends on position. If you are sales person whom you definitely want to list. All of your accomplishments that you made in sales in the U. You know earned over one point four million just an example of this account. But if you're listing things like you were a voice can absolutely error or we can't say I am right you just don't wanna do anything political you won't drag anything. You know affiliated with religion you just wanted to anything that will have been any want. And aren't related to the rack and I we are cry out that you have those accomplishments you want to do is keep it at all. Relays. And but I DN there are some vetoes circumstances or graphic designer and didn't wanna say you know. Or show they work or you know what they've done so. But if you're apply for position and you know just a professional positions they recruit her more and health care please don't list. You know what you've done in the past it you've been affiliated with this organization and are you did this volunteer army get in front of the employee key to the rats and Mary is to give. In finance decision maker you resume asked that it has the standout yet. As a retain sue the cover letter Howell long or short if you're just being shortened to the point you're introducing yourself with your restorations of the you know. Attaining the job is as sufficient enough in a cover letter AS. I'm not a big fan of a cover letter of intent. Duke is a cover letter if the employer request one account I'm like a nice introduction a nice email introduction and highlighting which you and expressing your interest in the position and did you know about the position. But a cover letter should be no more to repair our house and it is just kind of up. A little teaser to get to know the year you know if you want to stand out to the employer but again I'm just not a big fan I don't see got a lot mom. You know if I'm looking at the latest brands or I go and indeed your career builder out CN the united employers are not really requesting that right Kent Brockman. Now what about. Attire found think that this may be of BP. The issue. When you're when he gets the call back. How to dress for the interview. Dressed for 6658. Degree that's our success. I've made it I always tell people to. Overly dress I mean it shows that you have respect for the person who interviewing you do you have respect for yourself Rahm we're in a new age right now where everyone is business cash says oh yeah are. Natural the end but I do is say where college her you know if you are a woman a blaze there of them or. You know Steele addressed or skirts something that's appropriate right not a lot of make not a lot of perfume them. You know just things that are honest and how it begin additions were stick it shows respect that person right this interviewing you and I know. You know there's a pulse actor then if you're looking for a job you've been happy tiger. There are agencies. The Salvation Army why is trying Ryan they have a career also that you can borrow professional climb out though. We can also give any information out to list of and whale but it always is dress for success if you have to think about it my grandmother had on second don't let it now. Have you have to think twice about it if it is ugly he's bound for the now. Is that that is right Ed Randall employer room play live now home. When it comes to the interview. Is did did officials sued the interview we need to. Thumb ask questions yesterday okay. You definitely want a resource. On the gassing before you inner right so you'd have presented an excellent resume need guidance for and I missed calls for example it. You've Google team you know I tell people to drive to. The capping the night before and I know the timing how much traffic you know allowed traffic it's time you just wanna be prepay your ranking arrived ten minutes early when he managed this is so you know little to send another ten or five minutes early and in your bare prepared do your research on the company rang bomb do your research about the culture or any changes in the lead by als. And then write your questions. Do not discuss money. An interview process that's not the time to learn as many turn our. To discuss Dana Fister dared to get the need and that detail to us out of it this absolutely I'd definitely. Ask questions but. Let person that's interviewing you. Leads you allowed him to speak and listen. And when is your turn you know they will simply do you have any questions or if they don't you know definitely suggested how questions you know and some questions. You know wanted to culture you may be the perfect person that your knowledgeable about the position but it may not be a good culture. And can you want asked and witty look at for an ideal candidate more. Give me an example a person is successful charity successful. And you may even wanna ask Amanda to tell me about your management style you may be right there and east to be micromanage thing a year meeting when a manager who is even though I need you to be free incoming galleries police drag out may and it's right so are the questions are always. Ask. Now. Here's here's a question and I feel that's an I'm not a 100% sure but. I'd think a lot of employers may ask this question where you see yourself in five years yes please. Be specific. And don't give Al land usual I'll be your president in his umbrella sure job you know name yeah. Are exactly right we all ask this and I realized since we all hairs where you see yourself and keep it job relaying ES cells say you wanna have five Q are you know I've heard that I've recruited for ten years I interviewed. Probably about 25 people per week while I was recruiting have heard some things we keep that job relating I guess it. Good example you now wanna grow and learn and be successful in this company right you go but please. Families good they are companies that you know they Lowe family very family argument is keep it professional and keep it in the rose slightly different. Now that you say you recruited for us every is a fifteen years ten years AS SOK it will now though. What you don't have to be too specific the water salute the most unusual answers you've heard to the questions you tests. Let's see where I want to be and 518 years. On a beach drink. Hi all hah ha ha I don't know that red flags retired in his first is why these I mean not alone yeah. Today our DNA and so that was an interesting Tom question or I think the funniest line I was talking about is a day. A journalist I need to ask Hawaii. So that was out and that. Hello my name he knew he was I. Good honest and actually he was I was of the staffing agency was one of the best in employee. That we hey Ed that he would refer to his wife for a lot of laughs. Yeah. Those words sit here well now now O. We recovered the the five year question. Now when we legally we know that there are certain questions and employees employers cannot ask you. And they may not even know that that's fills the asking you to you know that type of question. What advice would you give a person sees. How to respond to a question that may make them feel a bit uncomfortable. In an interview. Oh while that's a terrific question. And until my job seekers. Not every line in and human resource or decision maker. Position may be a leader right or they may not have hit it training less than a industrial capacity you may see a person that was once. You know in one position in the warehouse in the and they were moved up so you may not have received that proper training Bryant and you can educate a person you know you can just say you know assault response that you I just choose not to respond to amp amp. Our rather. Just speak about things related to the job defense on both I came to interview to learn more about the company but thank you for asking and Indian assault approach nonaggressive rang and and you may have be educating them and they can answer those questions and unfortunately. People steal do media people steal do ask questions on the back out ground in children and marriage and and employers to tell me. Not only when a list or Mary. Arnold warning analysts are. They turn it would be more dependable and I'm. You can't. Please don't let us happy blue room. Irony in being here a lot of them knew that we are doing war yes. Lal will move governor a lot of ground so far listing of another question I was asking. Nelly you say that in the interview don't bring up this hour question when is the appropriate time to bring up these hour requirement so what do you think that you should be making for the position that trip you applying for if you resource a position they should've had a salary range out there are so you're actually in. The closing part is what I call on boarding movies when you start the salary negotiations that I'm gonna tell you people are a little worried about as. I don't want him not to hire me. But if they have gone through a process. Of weeding people out interviewing. Backgrounds today. They're not gonna lose you I have I mean I heard there's a misconception. Right isn't big and only a few times I've heard this backfired. You know it best they really want to bring on board if they've gone through all of those stats that's a time where you should talk about pay and benefit since and I'll wind up off a letter sounds. And then as now once you get the job because sometimes. There's a lot of situations where. You get hired and then you get on the job and may not be you know what you envisioned it to be in its. And then that EM unite as motivated. What advice did you give a person that you know gates into that situation. And then they lose the job. A job or they may not have wanted in the beginning will they may have wanting to begin in the band. It and they has so unrealistic expectations. So menacing you or your expectations in the job. I think that is an important aspect of of of keeping the job. It is a very very important. Solves deals we talk about that a lot. You know groups and I'm involved in the punctuality attendance and performance this way. On the employers are looking for that also has a job seeker you know Tom is call I would always go into a job before opening career center who has I'm gonna make this job what I need to be for me and my family laughed and again use is it realistic expectation yes. I may not be able to change is culture. We're changes in the day I'm gonna make it the best that I can and he can also notes who properly communicate. Wit. I'm chancellor and leader ship position to say you know in a Guillen and respectful way right and we talked about this chain earned this is what I'm see them and our people we'll lists and you know they will listen and not every one. You talked to did not always close minded they are right on rank so again communicate. Effectively. Put things in writing reborn the challenge is always the things Enron. Yes in houses are only outsold use our DC EC ACC if Ryan communique and again. It is sounds boring but just have a positive months it. Do not leave that job until you've got another possessed and they Matt Perrier and not leave their jobs being pretty big as eight and I'm sure you agree with this statement because it is much easier to give it a jab while he's still Andy I ask you are more attractive candidate if you're working right if you've been out of work for you know several months and I'm looking at more the commercial light industrial industry -- -- employers say they haven't been working in six months so they haven't been using muscles and energy they may be willing to do the job are they able to do the obvious so you don't wanna have those gaps always tell people les. You know unless this is hostile volatile and that does happen yes but make sure you have an exit of an you know it may be. Circumstance where is just not the right seek for you the company's okay with you may be in a department. Or in a position does not edit it right please look internally and C united you have a passion for marketing but right now your uncle Colin sales boom within you need to share that information on share your talents and yes I mean that person and marketing has called it no. That Cynthia is say holes passes extensive graphic design you know and talk to your managers I would like to share it when it's cold you know to transfer. It takes about 50000 dollars to train a person and mounted on board the insurance and I'm telling you implore you would rather move you to another position and lose our eyes right oh please how like those talents let people know kind blue. And while a lot of great information. Some anything else you think that movies you know important for a job seekers to know. You know throughout the process of of getting you know the interview and and and you know the resume in on this of any is think we left anything out I'm. This sounds old fashioned but is nothing like a hand written notes. After you're in now please ask for the business cards that you have the correct and incorrect spelling and immediately stand a handwritten thank you are from his time. When I was on my jobs are several years ago I can't thank you are Smart Car and as soon as I left an interview I would that in mailbox. And I'm telling you it stands out people who again thank you cards I probably have 200 normal wall the last hour remember each and every person. So is nothing like a hand written thank you note book and also when Europe on your job search give yourself a break. And it's easy to say you know win you're out there and you're looking and and you need employment but. Allow yourself be kind to yourself. If you feel like constant rejection. You know -- followed in his black hole but just be patient and allowed yourself. And also on network. You know when you're on that our job search go to the chamber of fans go to denying he's ever in Q mean Q community of hit it up go out and network and let people know who you are in the community I mean it is this is so important go to these joppy is go to these hiring event volunteer. You know women's resource center urban ministry get out there again and meet people. As well you know social media also is theory beat you and your link in making your linking pages that day. It make sure your FaceBook page is brought it. And that your not posting a number of Thailand earlier in Verizon and Lleyton because employee here is do they. Do look up your FaceBook page is that you are a candidate for a job and yes they do my sister recently got engaged as she interviews somewhere yesterday from an owner of the company civil congratulations. As you several why he so I see here again. But at Canada I think you have fifty pitches I guess. That's public DL and CNN now that about her in Allah you know please make your pitcher is either a profit. I wanna save. One private and two positive error sorry laughter. Who is always posting negative stuff you know on your social media as is Europe page it belongs CU but if an employer if you're trying to get a job and employer happens to see that they may sale this. This is a negative Nancy we don't need that here or you know we don't need that in our organization we need a positive up lifting. You know upbeat personality. So you know these self they've oracle is a seat at the un on social media. Or again and. I want another common mistake I have seen. Is we downplay our talents of when I'm working on a resonate with a career seeker no matter what industry they come from. Always have to pull things out of the end of them and we can halt about someone else's speak Cali you know this coal is this is. But we don't do that about are you all right so just write down things you know I am I spoke with someone yesterday and he you see it as you've ever train anyone human is this him for twenty years. Tiny people every week Eisenach president or finer. I didn't know about my similar yeah. I think there are people so I mean I think you have transferable ski poles and that someone may say this may be an ideal candidate for any stick it in position ranks so please just say clearly not everything that you've done on your last that means if you just want to highlight those talents and dean and the key ES. And I say it is everytime I mean it's not secure outlining QQ in front of the this is the maker whereas my goal and that is my job so they can see how beautiful you look and gave. If allowed now those facts. Two we're talking on a few minutes ago I feel like it could seem like a black hole when you out there and you try to get. Would you agree that it if if the person can find some type of free online training course than hat as it relates to the job or their looking for that they take all the training making get. That makes them more appealing to the employer doesn't it it does it does. Any free online training course is that you can saying. Police take them and has so many had offered online you can Google free on certifications and yes very low call certifications as well for 20000 dollars aiming explore something where you had a passion for one thing you say really this is my passion the moon you know I'm recruiting was my passion that I added to workforce development and I see this is my true talent and you know. Asia as a married I found my gifts and Alice Arlen bubbles or he so calm please again if any certifications. You may have obtain advances and greets when he years ago and so please highlight any certifications training courses that you've done on their resume is way. Lot of great aunts and some great advice and how many of the meat and asking how many. These career fairs to you guys to. On a yearly basis. We do. Eight mega career failures can't hobble we have more than twenty plus employers whom and we also do hiring this way Aaron advances. Forcing our single employer. Often and we also have gone shopping area networking and on April 27 and I point that you're excited in half on fifteen and employers how well OK okay so you've got all this great and lay is true Kim Aris. Now you take it and you know put it to use and you know. Be successful in getting the job because. You can be successful. In one saying and then you get there and things may not goalie you think they should go when you cutting it. You know less motivated to do your job but she got a Keith we'll always keep a positive mindset. Especially when you when you're and I in a workplace. Thank you so none. Yeah me I know these are so not no. Not me you haven't come real soon to say they did it well from. Okay I'll yeah. Me and knowledgeable and didn't wanna you know. Add Adam. I think it comes with experience in more you know I've been a program director for. Ash over twenty years that I've been a program director here for about. Fifteen years. So in that role of head to conduct interviews and do hiring foreigners you know you learn you since learned and as those sticks and AZ did. It no you know what to look for you know it's you don't want. And you you Noble's triggers you see those triggers that may say none I am not sure this person is a good fit. So but it's I think is very important for people to know all this information. Because I think it will help them in in the future when it Thompson whose job seeking and we know yes we. He's so well. And I think you did you idiots am I. And visit all the time now so no one to get into twenty alone for the DD called cheating on her. Oriented career counseling okay also do resonate assist us and we do employment referrals. And so what are employment referrals we work in over 200 partners and how is encourage our job seekers if you have a I would. Anthony please as the candidate number. And I probably know the employee and less than it over to them and they're very appreciative as they also have this. We call it the. Old dark hole loved. Let things aren't that talented pianist and a right -- actually a talent shortage allow our. Employers are very appreciative any recipes that we spent so just get our information as someone once the contacts you or career counseling and and how they can find you on the Internet and at a please visit our web site is tracked career center that or you can reach us at 3368974299. Or email me directly and K heiress. It's Friday career center cop. Perfect bit thank you again thank you do it.