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Ready your family good morning it is very nice to be back with you as usual it is that time to get the word out and talk about good people doing good things. In our communities designed Renee Von welcome you to the week and addition of community focus thanks for the company. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for doing the good things that you're doing and our communities today is no different. As a certainly wanna take this opportunity to welcome members of our community focus camera I have. Sued new home. Members of the Q a family joining me. This morning I wanna say hello after Richard Moore founder and CEO voices of revival ministries a short lived title but newbie welcome to the program thank you for having a secession on employee to be here thank you so much and they are quite a richer you can comb Richard thank you anything you want to come home late yeah. Well you know as early as it is this time mornings sometimes food does get on the brain but Richard you have also brought a gas which view. Another member another new member of the program pastor Dennis Willis and Dennis Simon a say good morning to you. And ask how are you say I'm doing very well you know pastor Jones rose from the you know people whose glory greens were here in town gentlemen and speaking of an event that is coming up to get listeners of our community focus Stanley prepare for and together as much information as we possibly can't. This morning and dinner she pretty much did a lovely segue into our topic of conversation this morning. The event is actually called good news Greensboro. And sell the purpose of the two of you being here to tell us a little bit more about it. Let's start for the beginning. I ask you what what is the purpose of this particular outreach. Depart. As is to reach Greensboro on the reach the people in this city you know we get we have a we have a message and that's good news. You know and in other possible is good news in no and you know the good news is that Jesus loves us. And he cares about the well being and so that's what this business about you know we wanna read this you Greensboro. We want them to know that there's good news out there who we want them to know that you know what there's there's a future for them that god has plans for him. You know what their life's not over no matter what they're going through no matter what their face and you know what. They can still live a good life and still live successful life no matter what they faced so that's really the message and and so the purpose. For this event could be Greensboro is to reach the host city of Greensboro and with the good news in the way we're gonna do it and have tons giveaways. And it's not a hoax there. You know we've done this before. And it it's it's the real deal on though I know when we talk about some of the things going to be given people think and other real vote no but this is real. Hopes and we just want to let. People greens no way there's there's church and Al. Loves them and that the lord loves them and you know what we're showing. And Richard and in a sense of true we we need a lot more good news especially in. In this system I think the world we live and yeah I'm going exactly when we see so much that's that's taking place. It really does. At times we have a on a line of individuals whether it's affecting them. Directly or indirectly whether you turn on the TV you turn on the radio you and for some of us who are still old school is still read newspapers even though a lot of things are done now. On electronic devices. Exactly but but the case being that yes it is just so much. Depression and devastation. And just things that are making people and happy. And it's not necessarily from the standpoint. I'm for seeing circumstances. Affect us all to some degree. But very nice to know that without good news comes the hope of what we can look forward to this in the future. Darius. Oh in ought they don't have to in the what there is whole and it's how positive right now yet over there originally buried her again and exactly it's just. Can be very hard and things people facing exactly quit. And people wanna give in on if people I mean living week to week in people got here no we want we want we want to people who know. And we few and we're going to show he was and so there is hopefully this there is. Hope it's not over. Without being sent gentlemen. Who Wallace invited and we say that this is good news Greensboro but obviously it's not just confined to the greater great. I'd gate city area see one as early. Sure this they certain things without them being a little tumbled out. But it's a great thing when we have conversations like this and we can interject a little humor. Another thing we need to look a little more because you know the expression laughter is the best medicine is sometimes that's what we got to do we got a laugh when we just got a smile. And be very encouraging. To one another now what's going to be happening let's break down. We wanted to make it apparent pattern. After what simply Jesus. You know we've looked like he immediately looked in the Bible we weren't in the Bible. Says tells us to have. The same minus crimes you know like mine describes what Christ do. And he simply love people. There's a there's a little passage in the Bible. It talks about. Jesus was was he was there with a fair seasons edges of religious people. And he actually moves away from him he goes out and heat in the year is that the senators and a tax collectors. That outcasts. Who went in nobody cared about the city gathered around him. And and you think why why would they gather around him he was out there. They gathered around him because he was showing him bluff he was showing him compassion he was giving him hope. And and that's exactly what we went we wanna give people we wanna share on hope we don't get who. Now I know we've we've we've we've said that for a before. But but we want a pattern aren't they jesus' pattern. In and simply do what he's had a by his word. And and how can you love people militia shall we can I can help Somalia alone all day long until I show audience. Why would he welcome Suzy you welcome. Should we should welcome them all are welcome them off I was. So this event is for for every. You know from from from makes no difference makes a difference. We won't we won't people every one of their you'd get news and when we talk about. Actions at that can be a powerful statement acting on what we say showing people. Because that is so natural all of the beautiful qualities. That Jesus had. That is beautiful for us to imitate and we talk about that we also really should think about who Jesus himself imitated. Which was a spotlight. Win at least when I think of that I think you know the world tells us whether we as kids or when we become parents and we. Teller other kids. Find those role models. Those people that you can imitate and be like. I think geez is about the best role model that an individual can imitate. Jesus is that an example as to what about it if it's a shepherd. He he has a hundred sheet and one of them just well we're only. What is needed you these owners behind egos and these searches. He looks argument diligently. He doesn't give up until he finds that when she. In the same thing is is that woman has. Pest and going to humans doing what she's just she's sweet. She's searching for ones lost and then until she finds. And so that's exactly what we we wanted to go after people aren't going to come automatically come to church they don't have a recent. And we wanted to show that you know the people that you know people don't know that security show. You don't know that level and that your concern about the laxity shall. You know and what has taken this to hold of the level you know and that's when you know that's we want people know hey. It and it's not going to be hours thereof is the message will be fifteen minutes and Lehman's. Half are the most but. We want to show people that's what this is about as have been is about one you know look it's it's not about just inhaled the Portland you know showing. And we'll show you snooze you know we gonna we're gonna have. I have the giveaways to an Al Amin who don't have budget court's. Gonna have you know bicycles for the kids enviable way and have. Backpacks. You know school supplies. The right because even though the kids are engaged in summer vacation. The way these months are taken off it will be pretty soon before we know that schools don't go back and weeks yet problem. A little over and as we're sitting here in the studio we we think about yeah it's probably a little over a month. Away if not less. And here but I have to you know we wanna give. Xbox business base stations and in extreme TVs Amish TV's. We used TV's you know I mean so. Surprises and it's not just here here's huddle. Now and it's more than you know when matches. Not just going entry of this patch on the back and say oh everything's going to be okay no no Russia. What would be I would rate what you Wear color. Is when I think people were leaving were going to do and to. Look at it as well two gentlemen from the standpoint. As we help each other as a community. To really this can be a teachable moment if you will in showing how in giving a wave these things how practical. These are things that people will likely need and can abuse. On a regular basis so we think about our kids going to school yet that backpack is going to be great because you probably have families. That are in a dire financial straits if you will and can't afford something. Something as simple as that act in and sometimes these are the things that perhaps we may take for granted because these are the things that you know when we go to. A big box retailer. And we're purchasing things for our family. It think about the families who don't have. What really if you if we also think about isn't luxury for a lot of people that's taken for granted. What you have families are living from paycheck to paycheck but are literally struggling wondered how I'm gonna take care of my children how am I gonna provide. Yes so long we think about. Events that do or will ring if you will the good news let me ask you this of all the places to have this event. What was it about the city. Of Greensboro, North Carolina. I said to you Richard Moore and say do you Dennis Willis this is where we want to do this to have good news screens for. And this is one thing getting. Would've been phenomenal. Or. Sangamo. Or single ban that the struggling. Know that they can come to an event. And have a chance to receive. An tickets. And development tons of tons of wasted a chance to receive a caller from. Grocery store in that you know what goes well enough and with one and so that's a whole corpus is to. Reached the people you know that we care ought that we she's going to grow up when number reason. Who won a low density. And and this is the Hutu these movies always a great church you know want and we want to. Take Greensboro in my heart for four. She's since I've been coming here since 1993. In your resume from where I'm originally from Kentucky a little pep floor right now right now. Live in ten or yeah we've been coming to Greensboro since 1993 in. And the church that they drove his glorious it's like a second home to listen. And it's like our separate church and so and so and then of course the pastor of the church is my duty editor for and and we just wanted to notes let's bring to ministries together. And let's. Reached its list of Ecstasy and that's that's showed us that hey there's a church and cares that the villagers don't care who they do and let. You know we're gonna we're gonna take on a little and you know what and woodland just. Now they look as we enough. And before. We continue in our conversation gentlemen let's share or have you share with the listeners. The dates so that has persons are tuning in and they were able to calm don't know what would Davis is actually going to be taking place. It's August. The tenth eleventh and twelfth so Libya Thursday Friday and sat it. And I and we listen Wheatley the Greensboro is. Is that it's it's going to be hoped for for many many things not just in natural from all the businesses and have been largely as well. And so get those dates please mark that on your calendar those that are listening August 10 eleventh and twelfth and and please get the word out and and and bring the people that the issue was glow in the address with interest we're overwhelmingly to that record. Green and Greensboro, North Carolina is a beautiful city that's right in there and see it on and point and surrounding areas are familiar all right welcome and then. Amen can't good news appointment mr. Clinton and that's what the Turks. Well gentlemen thank you very much Richard Moore and and Dennis Willis we're just getting started an hour conversation. Self welcome again to the community focused family and something that we all need in need to be. Engaged in conversation with on a regular basis. And that is bring in some good news we all can use that cell we're gonna leave that on a positive note we're gonna take a quick break and family we will be back with got much more. A that we can edition of community focused state and it's more than we get additional community focused hurt here Saturday and Sunday mornings and our intercom stations. Thank you radio family for your great company I certainly want to thank members of our community focused family. For being here you're surely Renee Vonn joined by Richard Moore again founders CEO of voices are revival ministries international. As well analysts. And I should say doctor Richard Moore. And pastor Dennis Wallace if these are all its glory 4501. Lake Jeanette wrote in Greensboro. And our topic of conversation gritty a family as we return from break good news Greensboro we were just discussing the dates of August 10 through twelfth. And what the purpose of the out reaches how it's gonna help the community. Any and all with in the sound of our voices this morning. Are invited to com is going to be in Greensboro. Have the event and we've pretty much have touched on this but for those who may be joining us here on the program Richard and tennis. Who's hosting the event. Think it was bush hosts in the band but it's this two ministries my ministry was about ministries and the Jews or impact in taxes if you let people know why. We love you and there's hope. And here's. Knowing have a message that we have you know it's. And gentlemen we talked about community it's it's pretty obvious that we are inviting. Persons all persons of various walks of life to calm. That's including families that's including our kids so really like we say just about any and all who are listening are welcome to be a part of this program. We covered of course the win where and what time is this event happening. Now for this particular. Event Richard a war or Dennis. Answer this for me is this the first time we've done something like this in the greater Greensboro area. It's not the first time I've done them a cat and others and other and other places and him. The discharge this church and you don't know smaller scale eternity ago smokers a cat. Did you two gentlemen. Mean absolutely we met and yet this is not passages and I met in 198480. Eighty (%expletive) that and Tulsa Oklahoma went out. You know we were both. We live across street from me to lose both loans and school. And this and college and then down. And though we live in the apartment complex will lead and he moved. I was in the year before OK and he moved in and that's how we met and then we also worked worked at the same place I can win alone our friendship goes back many many years and this is come full circle and yeah and witness who will stay in touch for me over the years since that day as I like we're Brothers and you know well of those deals you know when we liked him on life exactly. Even though the two of you went your separate ways he still managed to stay in contact with one another and that's what you're doing exactly where and when you move away. For a while you gotta check in on your brother I'll see how did you know I speak with the Dennis more than wants me to zoom off okay. That's kind of relate to that subject. Alou who were bogus. Erica but we've been doing things together and movement overseas together we will increase together we went Scotland together wow. All we've been you know we've been doing things together for the for the kingdom of god for all of them. What's the one thing to two of you have found in in your travels what what is there anything in particular. That stands out whether it's it's through your ministry or just knowing. Each other over the years. That when you've had places to go to light Greece and like Scotland and you see all of these beautiful countries and you have an opportunity. To meet different people from different cultures would like for you personally. But never reasonable and I think everybody should should leave America. And because we've and Pakistan and you know. Our country's Houston. I think I think everybody should leave America just having come back and appreciate. Are. Also people more people. You know and and off on everybody ever. Really doesn't matter if you're in America after if you're in Africa if you're in Europe and no matter where you are a been a Siberia everybody sort of sense. And the same thing as a boy inside everybody and ever and they don't know what the what is that the boys. That they. Need a relationship with little or they don't know that it is that's with the boy's. Autism. That's what I want everybody to understand autism on and we. Osgood is never ends. And others all the goods in north you go on as a some people you know even people that have been to church a role opened church and went on the wrong path or whatever might be. And you know what they ate some a lot of people look at of the month said you know what else to get me any non. Know he has it on and that's what people on the stand on. Is it good on. It is wonderful that when we have a creator who always sees the best in us. When we don't always see the best in ourselves. And that makes me think Richard and Dennis of the word relationships. We all have them to some degree there is for a lot of people avoid that is missing because they don't have that relationship. But here's the one thing to always keep in mind. He doesn't have to be too late to reestablish. That relationship. So in other words. Don't Cuba. Don't feel bad because you are at a low point or at the lowest of the low but the treatment. It doesn't have to be. Keep this in mind and someone recently shared this loving pot. Our inheritance. Is and loving promise. And shortness. Of life. Peace. And happiness for ever so we never have to give up. Because we're not. Our problems. Nor mistakes. So as of this moment going forward. Embrace. That promised heritage. And look forward to the good. That will eventually take place so it's wonderful to have that relationship. With Jesus who had a wonderful relationship with his own. Exactly and you know what handed desserts and gave his life in a moment ago about relationship. You know we have a relationship with god. Goes back to the whole purpose of doing good news greens. That we want people know. That months alone you know what in in and people's YE heaven giveaways float through phone of one. Out of town especially it is now you have it most people. That are hurting that are running are gonna come. They have come because at that point we have something again. Said earlier I mean you get her moms out there want to Q school and get a good education. And money for the first schools. You know what we're going to be able to. Given schools and now. We will be able to give everybody schools plot becomes no no but we have a lot of facts and and will a lot of the things that you don't you know. I mean. Just dislike I mean there's little growth they would look mom no like that bicycle mountain analysts who don't have an opportunity get us you know so. I think that the whole purpose nose is to show people we're going to all of Greensboro. And let people know hey listen of view and know what and there's hope you know the bubbles as you know you mentioned earlier the policy is that. Has a plan for. An. So amazingly when we learned. What that original purpose is he hasn't deviated from that purpose and he never will you know we might heed. And to get to know that there will be that day when that purposes that's failed and headsets and it's another thing to to focus on. Exactly what this says that's coming to Greensboro Richard and Dennis it is good news. And we need a lot more that we talked about it earlier this you don't have to be broke in he had that is and it's more or this Christopher. Well good to see Obama. Always is is to dock with students and the people Edmonds and don't know obviously good news. Absolute we needed every dad and here's the thing. You can't limited is not as not just folks that are are suffering or struggling listen honestly there's a lot of other people he's in good news. Good news is is there's and it's not limited its overall it is for all. And that is a very. Great thing to emphasize Richard in tennis and to stress that with. With that good news there there is a hope and some wonderful things that we can look forward to. And that is great when we can have community events that do just that involve the community. Because a lot of times an and I said this what with past guests but when we do things. That are left. And help our fellow neighbor or sister and a brother we don't do it just for the sake and capable of doing it. But to do it because you genuinely care about each other. Well we're so excited August 10 eleventh and twelfth yes we are excited about so once again radio Stanley for those have you. Just joining us what you've been with us since the beginning of this conversation. Thank you so much for being a part of the weekend edition of community focused. The one thing that I like about having an outlet such as this is sue indeed talk about positive things to talk about it. Things so this can be another extension of that good news. To where if we had I just aren't that crazy out of this world kind of week. To take the week in the opportunity to kind of unwind and say you know why it's nice to be able to hear from gentlemen like yourselves. Who are doing those good things in our communities. And reminding us how nice it is to have a public affairs program such as this thing gets away from all that negativity. May be dragging us down a little bit because you're right not only with that good news when he something encouraging. It's nice to know that there will be those occasions when those good things will happen and what we can look forward to. Now I wanted to get back a little bit line. The fact that YouTube not only as men but you really aren't Brothers because you've known each other for such a long time. And to just really just say from the standpoint. Extending and thank you gentlemen for doing what you're doing. In our communities because it is important that we a lift each other. Really no matter from what walk of life that that we come from and the one thing obviously that good news Greensboro is not only going to. Bring about families. And in their children and our neighbors and perhaps people we work way of bringing people together. To where we don't have these various categories. If you will that European wanting to bring people. And that's the key we're bringing people. Together. And he and I mean even if if so I'm listening to whether this is nothing more or god is really blessed. You came up with the help us I mean that's that would be a great thing because I mean you're you're you're doing the same thing that we also. Commodities. We. You know that's a good segue. Dennis in two. Asking of you outside of the address. 4501. Late Jeanette road where cathedral. Of his glorious located. How can an individual who is tuning in and listening to our conversation. Reach out to you to say that they do want help or even if they just need additional information. As to what to be taking place at that these greens are how did they reach you directly. Look on Internet. Think it was glory. COH glory dot org. A telephone numbers 336. 320679. Albie. Get up with was revival ministries. As best they call. Ultra the sport you know I want to keep him all you know absolutely. Community in the Clinton. Went to a for the community and you know we're not know we're not looking for. Us personally and open pretty unique evening. China but he's rodeo ministry. Front but my name or anything like that went but Jesus. Is love. How much you know bounces that god so loved the world he gave his most. Prize possession is so most precious can perhaps on the list now is he he gave me everything he was was it's. In and that's what we've only we've only. Gentlemen thank you so much. And we have mentioned the date a particular time in which this will be happening even that we are talking three days are doing it's specifically at. That certain time all three days or is it going to be a variation. In other words what time are you looking to begin. Everything that's going to be taking place at 7 o'clock okay. On the camp at 7 o'clock on the eleventh and that is AM. Ian Ian Ian. That we asked them that I'm OK so 7 PM on the tenth and eleventh and we mean is this is this deafening yet we're thinking about Saturday. Just just when an African Union Japan and and through my celebration. You know we have you know always inflatable exit in the parking lot right and where do we do have a staged will be having people singing. Outside in and we haven't gotten real people and the same time just just an outdoor event. We we don't point that we're not exactly sure want to Vanessa we want. Utilities and purpose in on Saturday when you design. OK and who my aunts and things things like. Clues in and stuff you've played idols were kids. So really other things to look forward to outside of what we've discussed it here on the program and it's nice to have those those extra incentives. If you will because. Sure wean we know what the general purpose of the event will be. But to know that there will be other things that will be a nice surprise of sorts if you well. And previous events that we've done I'm thinking of I'm German right now he was sleeping under the average use almost. And somebody came and presented us were doing he gave his life to Jesus for years later today the same gentleman who's traveling around the world. And editors there is no longer homeless and you know what we have the good news and we want people not just spiritually. You know two's. Knoedler Jesus as the ruler Xavier but also physically there is hope what. But then we're also going to. Go home material things as well what when people come in move of the gonna get a ticket and and so what we'll do in the event is that we'll have a bucket. And we will draw. Tommy tells gonna do it. You know 2030 towns. And it's Tom will politic and L and and that person at the ticket and guess what. Come come get your TV come get through op Ed can get your laptop computer bison come to your back. Those things that people probably otherwise win. Expect even receive in the first place especially Archie we churches are we up are still people listening. Knew it churches do on this thing and that's good news thank you for taking time out of your schedules. To share this information and thank you haven't they are more than welcome and that's what it is we keep each other encouraged. Amongst one another. And justice saying there are no good bye sir I mean Richard and that's just and so that next time. But really do appreciate. What you have brought to the program and again welcome to the community focusing cute and yourself and welcome apps in a post really appreciate it. You know the best part about this job is is meeting. All sorts of people. And I had that opportunity with you gentlemen today so thank you very very much. Needed those smiles and that bubbly personality. And we think about in relation to the good news. Its programs like this. And I really enjoy I like what I do. You know I really do because like I said it. It puts me in contact again with all sorts of people and we have the opportunity come together here on this public affairs show so gentlemen thank you so much you're very welcome. Thank you ready a family and you do on some great things in our communities as well please keep up the good work and yes by all means. Let's continue to do the best that we can't and not only. Hearing and the good news for taking the good news in sharing it with others. As a we have an opportunity to you today on this weekend edition of community focus of thank you for your time. And by all means enjoy not only the rest of your weekend enjoy the rest of your day we'll talk against him take.