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Good morning radio family and welcome to the weekend edition of community focus it is that time and nice to be back with you. Definitely look forward to this morning here and I intercom stations. To gather together to talk about some good things happening in our communities we have a great topic of discussion. As some great members of our community focused family joining me Arafat know whether it's a really calm these gentlemen newbies. Technically you are only think about the term because is the first time we've had a chance to chat on the show. But rarely these these gentlemen these Brothers are like family let me start with. Lloyd Leonard Lloyd it has been a minute how are you. Aware. And where excellent QB I don't guide you for asking and Lloyd you you have brought some company. If you run another member of the family yesterday at say the program is man and bishop Michael Perry and Michael good morning TU. Money morning is indeed glad to be glad to have you gentlemen here and this is a very important topic of discussion. You're actually both width. Financial education services. And we are going to really get an education on finances with this episode of community focus. You're not Entercom stations talking not only about the importance of educating our audience. On one financial freedom. But what we need to do in terms of her homework before we need a credit. To do the things that that we do with our everyday activities and to see how in a lot of cases we want can improve our credit score. And to do so by reducing our monthly interest rates and payments so this is really going to be a great. Money financial shell here on the programs that you gentlemen for taking the timeout. And sharing this great information with me. Let me start with the one of the most important things whether whereby and that car where that house. Or something that we have really worked hard for so many years and even as. The millennial holes are getting to that point where they're getting out of school lore. Transitioning from being a young adult and taking on the responsibilities that a lot of us already do as adults of course an important thing is that credit score and it's so I began our conversation this morning glowing and Michael why does one's credit scores matter. I would say your credit score is like your. Blood pressure. If it's high and in you're going to have to it's been a lot more money with doctors. In the going to be restricted in the things that you can do. So I'd like to look at your credit scores are. The good description yes and abetted a credit score the more about quality. That your life and it's the more energy. The more things now. Do we have. That's the key word to its east because typically do we think about a credit score and it's not exactly where we wanted to be. We do get stressed out vast stretch but just like that blood pressure that pressure at least it because we are stressed yes yes and and and people that you are in for a it will bring that stressed out. Yes your credit score is good. Buying a car. Is stressed. When their credit score isn't it. And get ready to be at that dealers whereabouts and US one. Going through a very stressful situation. With someone walking back in Latin telling you. We are trying to get it. And about it well sometimes that is. The outcomes and exactly what we had anticipated or hoped for hopeful. But the nice thing gentlemen always like to. Keep things as much as possible and in a positive perspective it yet if that individual is in that situation right now hopefully by the time we get to the end of this program which of course is the purpose yes why you gentlemen are here. Is to help us as individuals that are struggling with credit score the necessary tips and what's gonna help us to really start to turn things around is going to be an easy process of course by. Those baby steps. Is gonna help a lot aunts and and same to you anything lawyer that you would like to add 11 that credit score matters. Speaking from experience. It's funny that my mother always stressed you know my sister and I can connect rated mean you know. Straight right in the country these bills on time. Film fell off it you know for a number of years but. With with paying high interest rates for on will be who. You know homes. It's just it's just very very vital. In their shoes. Books and hundred. And you make it very. Valid point Lloyd and we talk about individuals they give a set financial advice who best really outside of an expert in that area. To get it from that from our parents. Persons of experience. Because they've been through it. And it's certainly they they know the strengths and weaknesses and a lot of times we really don't wanna hear that knows lets me out as we do about it really know until we ourselves in this situation and then when we scratch and our hands and and having to admit only ninety mom and dad were right on some things. And don't do it because this aggravated its. They do it is because they want help us and they want us to be in a position to where we're not only helping ourselves. When it comes time for us to be parents targets. We wanna pass on the best financial vice. Your advice rather that we possibly can't. That would that said gentlemen what. We're each review is considered to be a good credit score let's start to. And in good credit score begins at 700. And and Renee it if you will allow me. My partner lol it is a is a humble. You see is. You know as humble very graces graces man. And there was something in his last story that I just wanted to as energy picture when he was talking about the power of the credit score in the personal. Experience with his parents ranked it packages indirect and lower it came into the credit program. And and I mean and it really did a number. Of great things. And because of what he has. Now. Because his credit score has short. Is put him in the position. Where now he's getting ready to be com. Franchise. And Jimmy John's. Not just one but a few. Congratulations Loren asked. To go to list as important to mention it's okay. I don't think annoyed mind at all and your. Absolutely right buried very humble individual. But no again. So in nicely done and just I'm sure. Michael just one of the success stories of financial success stories of working with individuals. Who. Are in a position where they're not off to a great start but taking those important steps yes. At that transition does eventually common look all the wonderful things second calm about it. Such as being a franchise owner of the of a well known no eating place an establishment. That's really great. A lawyer would you want to touch on that as far as what's considered to be a good credit score. I mean with the cool side. And with with the with this series to 700 is is considered it and good credit score right of course anything over 700 is considered excellent. And of course you're you're able to actually purchase. Anything. With anything over. 250. Or under credit score. Getting back to that should that vital. Financial lifeline yes Michael that you mentioned earlier yet what said now what if one doesn't have that. Credit score or has not established enough credit because I can come up. And and we have experienced that with the number of mine to lose. If come in. And it's not that they had at credit if you haven't you but no credit can be just as bad as bank and but we have needs solution. When we put them on our program we have different products. One is called credit deal. We put him in there we began to establish trade. And you wanna have good at least or betray us know what exactly is it trade line let me ask you trade lad is when you have a credit card. When you are now you incur some debt Clinton and now you're actually making a monthly installment. Okay. And people think that just because I paid it with cash. That was good. But as an actor because you haven't it's this a history and that will allow you to. Procure the big purchase. Automobile right I'm sure your. Your your funny that with a lot of individuals that you have either worked with in the past or are currently working with and certainly plan to work with as many of our listeners are tuning into the program today. But you do find variations there are some people who prefer the cash method yet as opposed to credit and some credit is. That's all he or she may do but they and the nice thing to through this various program. That is sometimes we have to really. Enforce a self control. So easy to do this yeah car pool boy sometime as we did you just get one especially when we get it yet that notice. From our banking institutions yeah and you're trying to figure out what how in the world that I curl the chiefs aren't as it. Got to remember that all day about trying to check in and ledger. Yeah and you can keep account and everything we can out right yes credit cards don't exactly work that way and last year the individual that is very good at keeping up with receipts nest and leaving a paper trail that's right and we can get into that a little. At some point in the program feel free to do so let me let me ask you this if you are. Let's change and likely credit is going to be different. For each age group tees in different for us who are in our teens. Our twenties or thirties forties so on and so so what that city if you are. And individual who is in their forties or fifties is it too late to get that 700 or better credit score. Collapse of those nights. Good to now yeah absolutely I mean is actually a perfect. This July than average and they wow yeah. And when your in your forties and fifties. See you tend to live. To be less likely to be an impulse buy yet. Very sure that you're more that's when your home that wisdom search secure again Saturday Aggies need to back off just a little today hello yeah. There's no doubt brought. Yeah. Exactly yes very very good when gentlemen we are off to a fine start were already several minutes into the program. I like the fact that we don't have part two of this and really didn't see you as as we say the meat and potatoes as of our conversation but what a great way to get started. And learning more about first of all. Financial education services in general before we go to break let's go ahead and just leave some contact information so that as our listeners are taking notes. When they're doing Menem mentally or actually writing down the information first of all where you located. We have based out of Winston-Salem. We know we personally based out of west us and our company headquarters. Is out of Farmington. Michigan OK yes but headquarters is okay and we are in all fifty states grade so where people are listening from making you know fantastic yeah excellent excellent and our number it's and is 336. Or 2313. To suit. All right we're gonna get our listeners very familiar. With that number next to nowhere in all fifty states and asked the great thing about happening programs such as community focus and especially. With our our parent company. You know in this advent of a technology. We're podcasting. And being able to stream the program is great to now especially with their various radio stations that. Radio family is family wherever you go right but this night is nice to know that wherever they are listening to this program they've got that information. But also nice that we have local. Means of contacting you as well so home base and later a family home a great 36 exceed three. Thirteen 22. Like Leonard and bishop Michael Perry gentlemen. Alan newbie title it's now and Roy. Welcome Alex the program as good VIO aren't paying you're so welcome Luke thank you and likewise in radio family thank you New York great company is always appreciated. As we will return with more of the weekend edition of community focused and we're back with more than we can edition of community focus heard on their intercom stations every weekend and that's where you are radio family right here with us. With me in particular when Avon thanking you so much for your great company if you were just joining us welcome. And much appreciation as well if you've been with us since the beginning of our program. We have members of our community focused family representing financial education services. Lloyd Leonard and bishop Michael Perry. Joining me Rene on the program and certainly ready a family this has been white. A wonderful conversation. Went how we can do our best. To get educated on financial freedom. And rarely a bishop talking about changing our mindset yet when we look at finances in general because assuming different. Situations in life we go through whether it's through marriage. Divorce. Student loans hopefully duet for remember those do you remember when I finally got that letter this at a student loan with hey do. People. So I don't know there are a lot of students especially as those were getting close a lot of kids going back to school but in particularly many who were starting their freshman year. As various colleges and universities and especially up and rising seniors. Net will be returning knowing they're incurring. That student loan debt. That's why I'm glad we're back from break to continue our conversation on credit restoration. How can help us clean up into or restore our credit rating. And all this great information now one thing I do want to reiterate radio family if you weren't witness earlier in the program. Is that Michael and Lloyd. Shared with it's the ideal credit score starting at 700. Or higher. And please keep in mind if you're not at that point. And I'm like which is sad about the spells before we went to break. It's not too late to get to that point average that's right depending on what data we're looking at in regards to those credit scores. But if a person doesn't have that credit score or establish enough credit. Again tell us what are the necessary steps to get started in that direction of getting it to seven under. Well our company we began to it we. Began to enroll you in is almost like gonna get a health check this and we just begin to look at your all of your stats right. And and we began to assess to see what areas that we need to folk focus even. The beauty is most people don't notice. 98% of people out here have two with three eve only this thing on aircraft. Very easy to be taken off win yet you know and the beautiful thing about F yes is that we attack everything. At the same. He says we want to provide you. Immediate results is not like after you've thought of him for two weeks ago in eagle and Amir and you put Japan's Celanese a this yeah. Feeling good and it's the same thing with your credit exactly is now the night after about thirty days and Buchanan credit restoration program. And you look and you see us score. Fifty points. I'm feeling better it gives you momentum. It does and I like that that's a very good word Michael to use momentum because you shared the success story with Lloyd or oh Floyd yes. Any at any time during the course of our conversation if there others that you would like to share please please don't produce and fact is if there's one that comes to mind for all or either one of Teixeira their listeners today I'll please let me just see it is. Is one gentleman. And and my church. He was living in an apartment you know the long live in apartment. And but he had been renting. And his greatest what was in the war on. Yeah and so that's why he was an apartment and he had no hope is not thinking that he could become home. Long story short and rolled him in the financial education services program. Increased his or. Almost 200 points. Guided the to a housing program and about a month ago. We went to his home dedication. Or bedroom. Or bathroom. Bathroom story brick home. And he just move at all. We were it would increased credit school nothing changed in his income. Nothing else changed in his life and yet had to go get a new Y eight. Is a new pet. He he says he tried not to laugh at first it was time that he just made today at practice at right is just maintain. You inmates it and now. There's a very different jewel. I. And I just for him before that beautiful wife what a beautiful forests healthy forest Olympics yeah exactly. Thankfully thankfully. But to hear are amazing experiences like that because what caught my attention yet bishop was the fact that like you said. Nothing else around that particular circumstance changed paths is in Comcast. Is his status yet. So to speak the only thing is he went from living in that apartment. To becoming a homeowner becoming which I'll look for a lot of us that's that's one of the big struggles acts is a lot of times. We wanna own that home we wanna be in an area where we can raise. Our family and her kids yet but eventually we just don't see that the bigger picture of things because. We're so bogged down with the difficulties. That finances can brains and we never wanted to get to a point where overwhelms us right and that's the one thing that you learn with FES asks you learn how to manage. What what what is the expression we want. Our money. To work for. Us we always going to be working earn my money money yeah yeah yes and I interject something else should we have a product with an ambience has called this zero none. And share that okay nation and the import is a bit zero. Win your credit score. Is an ace up our. Like average average person. Is paying an extra 20000. Dollars a year. Some people are paying upwards of thirty of 40000 extra. So would your credit score increases. None most of the times you can cut your Beatles in hand. And now we put you in a program went in our system did zero. When we begin to work on bringing your debt now because as your debt ratios improved so there's your credit school. Searchers yet. It. Let me interject please a couple of things in and Lloyd this first question is towards you because a share in the success of your story and now becoming a franchise owner. What was what was the first thing that you learned or you walked away with so much appreciation for the she didn't know before and working with FE yes. Oh well. I bet I did the research. When Vista first came to be right in regards to. I do the research prize through but I really didn't know really where it intends. As far as what to do exactly. They have no real different services. Yet average credit restoration companies now. Actually eleven different. Components. That. You know associated with it he has broke and that's what makes them different from the start. Sarnoff you know at a at a 500 plus in court. And you know in Houston. And frustrated as many overstated. So I wanna be with the ship that community. You know it's it's it's not okay but it it's OK to say you know. I mean. And Hedo. So when bishop first introduced the program and to me you know we're really really it is from a personal standpoint. Wells from a business point. A lot of things were. Placed on my wife because she had a better credit score. So with that being serious. Well this. Is an honor for the so I wanted to step up and me in you know and you need to. To do something to it that close role model for my daughter. And that's the last thing when. It is. Great interest. So I decided to to to take into consideration do something about it with I've been turned down. I experience a world financial institutions are getting funding for the job tonight. Took issue came to be an exit loop. This was hooking to your credit score personally and in from a business standpoint this will. Join the program. Could screw one up with sixty to eighty points all within a matter of thirty to 45 days. And it was just learning about the program a couple of things to your story. Lion that I really appreciate in you and is now as it does mean I know it. But for the standpoint. Of wine and just. The amazing. Responsibility. That you knew. That this was bringing them down. And wanting to really step up to the plate and oranges do it for yourself what to do it for your family. And secondly the fact that she didn't. That's the name. Is that you didn't give up and that's what we really want to stress radio manly for those of you. That are in financial straits. That this doesn't mean it has to be the end of the road. It's just a matter of really one knowing what your options are in a third point to that story. Was she did your research. And that's important before a lot of this too is that before we make an initial decision. Look at all the options and then do decide what's best three. I'm sure a bishop that's one of the things you'll stress with financial education services. Let's transition that and for those who may not have joined us for the first hour the program and let me take this opportunity to thank you or your family if you are just tuning and welcome to the weekend edition of community focus are here. And our intercom stations thank you for joining me Rene but thanks. Really goes to members of our community focused family and bishop Michael Perry and Lloyd Leonard with financial education services or FES. Slobodan breakdown about what FE ass is especially how it stands apart from other. Agencies organizations that may be you know when we talk about government agencies in particular that makes you different and me to stand. I think the major I think the major thing is. The passionate and yes. It is. To change a person's life. So the fundamental. Fundamental core of our our our company is that we really want more entrepreneur awards. We want like always Leonard unemployment we don't want warlord led as long what people opening up franchises and Jimmie Johnson McDonald's and KFC's. Because you will never get. Working. It you know. When I do listen and I if I can just interject just thirty seconds and I think you'll bless everybody everybody's in the movie. Why did I get married you talk about 8020 rule and always tell people I'm not a statement when you are no. I'm gonna say about the 404042. In this scam. Everybody into. A back and sue if I work forty hours a week and I work forty years and an advertisement in May give me 40%. Of what I wasn't already making in you know a living. That somehow my life as it's. So you know in FTS. I think honestly you know. We want to put you at a place where you can make better this is. And a pastor company. Mega past. He didn't have a good crack at school and she was famously. But she talked to me she sent up in the program sees as it is right now I'm I'm I'm I'm not our guy here. Around because my scores just. As you said there's. Two said the best is where Ryan. We got her in increased your score almost. He took today to hear pretty easy thing. It's like thanks but no answers and things but no thanks now and then she went to a major deuce and within thirty minutes. She was in the car off too soon. And that's will be like to think. We are company. And the reason why that we bring about a much bigger success. Is that its financial education. Our company focuses on changing their minds. Because if I increase your credit score and an average age reminds. You will go back then but we work with you we have so many products they keep you on the right track. And you get notification. To your phone. OK Renee green and American Express down. You know bring the visa credit limit down because it's impacting your school and. The saudis in the kind of car as much except for the necessities. That's a sense that these these are doing and we hold your hand right through a process and that's major. Issue that's danger later when we talk about. This just because obviously everybody's financial situation is going to be different. And with FES you really have a plan that fits that individual's financial needs stance. Definitely. That note how long does it generally take he can just give me an average figure on this to increase one's credit score and again emphasizing its gonna be different for every and bitch. Bryant certainly bothered 45 days I can almost that's based on each individual's. You know situation took from my situation wasn't there before right. But that's probably about the typical norm. Those individuals annoys me is. You're gonna see that you're gonna see an increase open and and and will recall first ran out Oca yen a first round happens within thirty to forty days. Rate yet. Let me ask you this are there other services that can be bundled together with the credit restoration that you offer with FE. Yes actually we have been credited builder known. Which isn't a program to as bishops spoke about which helps increase you can text is. Some form of communication from Lafayette stating how to actually do your credit okay. Okay which other companies do not offer we've got the credit to turning that is actually filtered into the natural program as well. And they know of course the laws and policies on the association when you know how to get things are. Opt out of your actual. Off your credit isn't and then we have what we call Smart yes marker is like credit car. But more accurate this one or by car. Critic right is actually. Giving you a guest. In your credit school. Because if you go to credit common. Aches and this is with information if you don't know. If you go to credit karma is giving you a guest and underscored mature post or is is not what they've told Julius. Mark credit. Is our version of credit karma but it is based off the same credit reporting system that the banks use when they run your credit and only think of those. Credit institutions share your Equifax. And Trans Union and an inexperienced and yes. And even I'm glad you brought that up bishop because even with those three particular agencies. There is a period of time in which you have to wait to check on your credit in between sometimes dale let's look at one time but if you. Whatever the case and sometimes emergencies and other unforeseen situations come up to where you need to check it again and and they actually. Penalize you. For doing and asked the importance of Manning's mark. When you're enrolled at PS Smart credit is a window. Into your credit score now from him. And it is a free when we liked his. Because what people don't know is every time some might closure credit. It pushes down. You heard that yet and a lot of people don't know they get frustrated exit on I didn't get approved at this car dealers and act go to the next one I get there. Our greatest question or two points lower than I didn't get approved area where I go to an excellent it just went down another fifteen points and because somebody just in a hole on the credit when. But if they had Smart cravings and Pete in and seeing here is Akron school right yeah. And in addition to that what you have what's known and it's. So we have credit builder and a bit about the attorney now with some new term to me. Yes with an FTS then we provide you up to a million dollars in credit attorney services. Meaning that if I'm in the disputes. Weird. And. Creditor and I need an attorney to go up. When this judgment. When there's a tactically. May be just one of those stubborn student loans that shouldn't be on my credit rise yet. Credit attorney will will attack that. All and really work with this until we eliminate. When we continue to work with our clients. Until we achieve the results. What people don't know is Trans Union Equifax Experian and they are not national agencies. They are privately owned companies. Just like Jack in the Box or anything else. And they have to follow the laws of the fair credit reporting. Good point. Thank you for that well we just discussed Smart credit. FES debt zero. I don't brings us to a familiar term lifeline. A lot of the lot of a lot of us if I say yeah yeah slightly familiar because of the various you know and for marshals are commercials that we see on television ads yet I like it's important that it's bundled into the whole the whole pack your whole package and and just as an aside ready FE MA for those of you who may not be aware of life Locke really does deal with identity theft and and that is definitely been on the rise. We. And. It's just the the damage that its guises and in the process. And having someone's personal identity stolen stolen it's so important that because of somebody. Get your card number right and he's here is it could be your debit cards and a new England and wipe your account lean. Glad you mentioned it bishop and that's probably another reason why it's so important for us to really monitor. Yeah financial activity lead because every time you use that credit card yet know whether you're just going out to eat yeah you're making a purchase at your favorite clothing store view big box retail even purchasing that car just purchasing area yes unfortunately it's to the point we have to really be careful with who we give our cards won't because sadly you have any little. Who are not in the business of doing the right thing and and there's just too many stories unfortunately of individuals. Taking that as the golden opportunity. To steal someone's personal identity when you go to pump gas. Now yeah exactly you're that's that's a very good word and and to think that you know when you put that card that little machine yeah there's no telling. How those numbers again scam and it's right how you get the scam that's right yeah yeah so it's a really great to have programs like FE asks that. Discuss. Just we're talk. About your sanity is exactly and we knew which team 800 credit score yeah everybody listening. When you achieve 800 and we want everybody to achieve you know right. Now at that point is like having all in your house you wanna make you have a good security system. Another win two of importance. In addition to life flock there is a living will. It's a power of attorney and even a medical power of attorney feel free to cover anyone of those story. What then again what what is the bundled services that come with a credit restoration with that yes. All three of those services. At the in this all important because a lot of you you just would not. Leave the number of people who dat and don't have we run. They don't have all of their personal information is not the way and what we have now has called lock box and we take all of your. Insurance papers all of your bank papers everything you're right Leo. And we put it is something called an electronic lock box of ending ever happens to you McCain isn't happy go to this one little place within our system. And he gives him everything. Our attorneys will do the will for them and nature is done properly and make sure yet we also have within that we have a life insurance. If you become. Part of at PS there you can after you've been in for awhile you can receive a 200000 dollar life insurance policy. And we basically give as a perk of being part of the FBS's way of saying thank you. But all of that would be tied into you wield your beneficiary and everything I'm. A services. FES provides. What that. Gentlemen how much will fees raise an individual's credit score. Well we have seen on average probably 150. Yeah yeah just being an end as it on average and it came into the person is dedicated in. And hangs in there right to go and I'm glad you mentioned that because in addition to not giving up. Aren't that dire situation once we get back on the right track. Obviously it's a good idea to just keep things going keeping you had indicated positive. Absolutely. Well. I have the 730 I have to seventh if you're trying sentence seventy per gallon Tennessee and are now so yeah I'm in it another. Way. To achieve an 800 plus credit score and you can actually welcoming dilution. And not put any money now. And to do was say what you want. Portraits. An interesting point. Lloyd in and bishop in that when we do get to that 700 or bond. It's still very good to continue to maintain. A good financial routine because you want it once you get so good score like that you do what's necessary to maintain it. You know because unfortunately sometimes those instances may happen and they wanna try to not credit score back to where we work. Initially when we look for struggling. Or initially struggled. That's the proposal mindset and start that's the purpose of changing the minds right mr. Earlier this issue. You know you'd have to change minds because if you don't do Google right now where it's comfortable right. And that's why it's still a work in progress even when you're in a good position. It still takes the war to maintained. Yet to be in action. And I say when you received as an 8800. The deals will come looking for you. And when that beat yes absolutely absolutely. Gentlemen this is just venom in the amazing conversation thank you so much just in time as eluding us and I think one final question really again to ask and one that you've already answered. We continue to wanna share. Is how does one listening to the program today if they have any questions outside of and thank you for allowing me to ask some today. If they need more information about the program now where can listeners get more than info how did they reach out to you. Yes they can reach out. Our own number often. 336 war to 313. Wanted to do. And we also have a website. I go to London and is WWW. Next level. Living. USA. I. Next lowest level living USA. An again 3364231322. And three QQ because we want everybody to live. And then next thing. At that's an appropriate. And have appropriate way up into our program that bishop Michael Perry thank you so much Lloyd Leonard thank you so much and I think you you run. This like wise ass and it's always great to have family and. Public affairs shows such as this. As again I said time and time again the information that we can receive our program such as community focus. And hopefully radio family this has been information that has been of benefit to you can help you. If you do need help with your financial situation you've got two of the best. Will join me here on the program generally you know with mean there are no good byes so I really look forward to the next opportunity to catch back on the program will work on that. Thank you would love to do that so thank you both very much and thank you ready a family I know you're doing some good things in our community as well. Continue keep up their great work. And please come back and join us for the next week in addition joining me print Avon. As we bring our program to a close indeed and so that next time enjoy the resting your day and the rest of this weekend take care.