Fantasia Talks Christmas Album and Tour.mp3

Friday, December 15th

Shilynne talks to Fantasia, who is currently getting rave reviews for both her Christmas album and tour of the same name, "Christmas After Midnight".


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You spent days. Com home. And great by his though. I'm glad I think a lot of woke. The year and it. It literally at. All. Yeah it was amazing and net you know what you said was the sole on point is so inspiring. In your acceptance beast comic the whole ceremony was does. It was sold out live being an enlightening and encouraging. The whole day was as beautiful. And why didn't it wouldn't. Looking like a little old fortunately yeah they did allow he's. I don't want to be called contribute to why I bought it at Tulane. Are completely. I don't know who the candidate that. You look at. Incalculable and I'll cool. Optimal out of watched while big trouble if that strong what they can lead they wouldn't like it one hour. We are working to make the difference. Make you turn it and I don't. Yeah absolutely absolutely inspired me is that now Ike. Overwhelmed the whole day as it was is so does a nurturing environment you know I mean. Yeah so you are on the other. You're on the Christmas after midnight to work and I'm hearing rain there is views of everybody who seniority. They're actually out there are you know articulate and eagled. When you compete. It will not be able. To fight in Latin that paint I think they apple. Doing good actor and people. Aren't backing. I'd I'd be I am and how has he been. Could actually. And laugh. I would. Eat anything you tie between like you know what the people look at me I hate it when he went in life. I. I had about 100. Indicated that color aren't. You know. Alan you won't believe he even. Lungs. Earlier acting it. I doubt it will not go a little packet that eating out the old. Aren't you don't apply to him look incredible. Look like you evil. Out of that people will weaken. The current. I don't. And well. A country. When he got older I public and I was not it's a lot about it I can take action without actually. Track and they don't bite to eat at nine after he comes in different. I'll little trip while he could get through war and Julie can go in Atlanta Georgia the orthopedic. Alcohol aren't going your pocket go out or I'll I'll. If Jackie and I don't look good. I mean what political hack and that when I was not Atlantic look at de LA Atlanta did a little bit Atlantic is out. Yeah. That changed at all and I got well. I won't be an adult let me out. I. Got talent and yeah I think he can't. Be yeah yeah. Absolutely say it Shalit an ovens auditorium this coming Tuesday night that's going to be an amazing shin. An ad just to speak up a little bit of what you said that you know you were afraid to step out and the reason that it I feel like. Because you are inspired to do this whole jazz album. And and stepped battles of endeavor because it is put in your heart to do it. You. Know what kind heed the guy and I can learn from and why did he. I want not old school not. Quote yeah you know it the old line. He grew up to. Eighty to 88. The people you can't call I don't like I got. Okay yeah I'll turn. And he movie because I I can wait until it showed comfortable with how old. All they stole it won't I won't. Basically if they allowed. It and what. Could be and what he's got a lot of these. I didn't feel good about it to me thinking. The actual car that content or that I the uncle and how it lash out and build that relationship back with my can't act like acting. I can't believe out of the lead that. Let me read just a couple of comments. Of your album Christmas after midnight. One common says and taste just like the songs that are the Christmas classics while putting her unique spin on each one. Here's another comment every song is absolutely amazing friend days of rinks so much life in every song. They say while lady please continue to give us this great music you are eight guides in. Says and here's the Netherlands isn't heavenly day as an R&B lovers will embrace this dim as a future Christmas classic. How level all music lovers regardless of age race sex or stop preference will fall helplessly into a holiday trance. After the first intoxicating listen to this holiday package from the superior vocalist. It molding from a place far beyond her young years and. Laugh out loud loud loud. Quickly to help people like. Chuck I won't let that wouldn't. Ever want a little on the track the answer isn't here quite elegant and not sure why didn't I can't give it yeah. You thought you could come EP one patent. What I like market didn't like it quiet he and I am not gonna. Be gotten you know. Going into the studio and recorded the album and we don't now what looked actually blue and gold eagle rock ball. We don't want our that he was OJ you can look at immediate. That got eaten all political on my own. I don't. Wouldn't practical. Actual act. Lot of people who believe and am glad that the healing. I can't equal weight of the political tool. Glad apple wouldn't trade pact called Watkins. Yeah and can't get on you know China. Aren't really a lot of world of his compensation. To gold he got to do that it'll do what it will make its shelves which could have. Hulu late and because it was it's being and has been so well received. Do you think that you be inspired suits him to delve further into jazz and do maybe a jazz album. And I think I wanna do a little bit and it. Had to do. Ask I mean I back. Hot like this. Yeah typical point and it won't be angled blue. Could you call that you've got to uncle uncle he can't. Tell us how we act got old. You know that Google has little I only go app called lock. Shuttle and I can't cut in that won't want to do I'm not album. I think I'm at bat that. I got talent. And I have to look at. I'm just you know all right I'll get rid does it. I. Like winning gospel album coming. Out. Content I knew a little block anything when I lead I had I want the Canadian and more importantly he. And you know what your story your testimony. It everything about uses soul inspiring. And so in gearing up thing that's quiet you know you have so many fans that love you so much because you come from a place of truth and experience. Yeah. You aren't they. Yeah. Ali how are at it you know something you said it does it still. At the awards ceremony still you know just resonates with me is is. You know we have to live each other. You know we have to encourage each other. And not get so lost in our own struggles that weekend just take five minister given encouraging words at the earth. Yeah. You know you're my aunt and I'd cut down. On the way I'm looking. People you don't all of a halt in pay is good and sometimes you can't American and I will be allowed being current collective deep creek. We've got cold quote will crowd control. Group because it got. Walk. This I don't blame. You know handing control content. I'm acting. Aaron. Or cheek yeah yeah. A lot had to pay a lot of blood. Oh. About golf and I've gone to ground platform we'll work our play. Our. All the aren't black. You can that I won't. Get home alone you know pushing and he can't be long ago and I know that people couldn't somebody that's gonna come. Yeah a couple of ladies home. I could only he can while I don't complete ball. A lot happening right thing and how talent don't achieve with them constantly buy dot. What I want I want the people why he wouldn't do I mean it when I wouldn't to a I have got apparently he's on Google camera and I hope I keep doing opulent yeah yeah can't we do you think that I think you got. Yeah this old. Don't quite hard right. You know. I want to be lead. And that it's just quietly than I do. And I actually I had all the different arm and people who come needing getting it can't quell. I can't believe. Graham I think I can't that can't get cheating and taking he had not thought he blacked out at eagle right. How all that I have a lot about packet out and that I could I wanna keep going out. I don't wanna be. Like it cool on this album. How are you an I don't know all the things that I touched I want to be playing and I want it won't. Well you know it it's already glanced it's already done an enemy. Yeah yeah. I I'll let me you're amazing you're inspiring to people and your talent is as off the charts you know your your your employees. Is is a like a beacon for this generation subtle. What ever you do just keep doing what you do it. I don't mean when he says is. Now let me ask you one final question is there any true. To the rumors that out read this several places and I've traded it is true day you brandy and says O'Sullivan may be doing something like yeah. You know. We did an old topic I'm so. Yeah I know in the I'm packing currently. I don't think well yeah is. Alan I haven't gone little old lady and me. How does the money and they won't. Help becomes so what do you I don't. We thought and one thing that I'll have a. I. So let's incident is links does us big enough and the glistening. Over everything you'd touch yours so inspiring. We love you we're angry girl and we will see you soon. I don't got launching god bless you.