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Ready a Stanley good morning and welcome the weekend edition of community focus here on our intercom stations Beckett get a few. Another great weekend a wonderful opportunity to talk about the good things that are taking place in our communities that can certainly be said. Of this gentleman. Definitely Fam. Here all line our public affairs show us has been a minute since I've been able to stop his brother and added now. What he's been up to and it's been quite a bit. Ready your family many of you are aware. Or have heard of Eric would get. Through. His organization fathers with voices. On both stopped the year Eric is good to have you back how do you BN outside of. All lumber. A busy. It's busy yeah I just I got my masters green education congratulations. On that I've been very busy with school work the past three years. So that part is over. Yes. So and and you've gone from that to what brings you back easing program is always good to have let's listen to radio ambling then on the show. A father's with ways is as us and many of our listeners are very familiar way if many have reached out TU over the years. And just happy. Airing that we had this platform. With which to talk of now not just obvious when voices but yet again. The reason you have returned because you now have a new mention. Yes. Him. A new mission with a new name and a program is. I like that now let me ask let me interject that title then I'm like thinking. First and foremost it really. Defiance. What a lot of us don't necessarily get to hear especially when we talk about bottles. That Newton. Exactly and you have a lot of mean out there that are really. Doom what they need to do to remain involved right and did the mission of this particular program is to utilize today's technology. Like FaceBook lie globally now Newton when looking it's a Twitter and we what we want to do is utilize that technology. To provide a consistent flow of information resources and also our consultation. Remain that are involved in these notes house what visitation and pressed the case. And we won also. Had these Maine connect to each other. All of the country that's whistle Sumi is about exactly no we also me I'm also many people's social media that I've never met before them know as far as South Africa. Okay why and best best Apollo social media absolutely it makes me think of shortly after. FaceBook came out how many people. And on issues warning example whenever it came time where it comes time for. A family reunion. Or class. You learn how you get the worn out into the media exactly because some years some 2030 years ago Eric Wood anyway and ham it's not oh you know it it was sick days and get the letter right isn't did you dig com. Do they didn't go right because a lot of times we lost contact with class Hammond members over the years and you know trying to track down somebody I mean wasn't the easiest. Of things to do and just finally just got to the point well like he says that it shall they option you know Chela but now it's too where you can have someone whether in your family or who you went to school with. Could be hundreds. If not a power houses of miles away. And just a click of a mouse it's Obama you can connect with some ladies so imagine the power from that like he says from social media to what bothers. And those who are supporting our fathers can now do with the fatherhood forever so this is really a wonderful opportunity Eric to see where. You have Rome first coming to us with fathers would voices I have to ask. Is that program. Still available is. Are there is still available what I did with that took a lot of elements of files voices. And and most importantly the curriculum. And Rick on that will be following has come from fathers voices but you know. We live in a very technological age right. Sadly you should now any father. Yeah of course means he has a daughter he had oh I know. And and the reason why. We we deciding you hear me say we have a co founded by name Calvin Maine it is out in Detroit Michigan. And he's been working with follows. 1015 years between as we have almost to date eight. It. Three decades. Experience working with fog. And I was telling them over the summit Thomas and look you know this problem. Of violence that's happening among experienced and am involved in these press in taos with disputes is ending in murder and suicide. And the main victims are mothers. On at times they're young children. And didn't mean a committing suicide. So win there win when people are dying. You have to provide for active may issues. To. Reduce future incident and that's what that's why we're doing is we want Maine to know. That we want to introduce them to process. It gonna hit that weren't alive. There is a process to have their voice heard in the course is. Okay men believe the process is one of eight thousands of dollars in the to an attorney he's gonna make you know all way. Let me explain you how to RS working round. The most common complaint that I give follows although the country. Asked to do it missed again I've invested. 101520000. Dollars in legal fees but I haven't seen any progress in my case my next question was what would show what the price issue took. To hire an attorney. I'm the pin you know on the online social fault. Data and asking questions about expertise and it asked how long they've been practicing law. It and asked them how much experience to hang it in as at least in the case it evolved in. We're going to tease tease me and east east different types of things so that they know how to ask those crucial question right. And even if they have to pay him. The money yet comfortable knowing okay. He's qualified. And men are not doing so that's the reason why we are introduced in the process. You know navigating the courses in the process to to. Implementing coping mechanisms in your life and things of that nature and dealing with other issues outside the court system. Act that ultimately lead to more timing cord and more money paid in the goofy. Absolutely. And something obviously. Eric in of course for for those who. Maybe tuning into the program for the first time. Just a little bit about your background history you going through a summer situation. So anytime that someone has to talk to a brother like you knew who really can't speak from experience. Domestic keyword moon is getting our fathers and dads whether they're single separated divorced. Come in contact with persons like you and count them. To understand. The importance of finding folk that can directly relate. Exactly to what an individual is going through because it's so different. When you do try to find that lawyer or some went in the legal system. Which hasn't a clue as to what your personally dealing away at him until he or she gets that case exactly. And even then how much time does a typical lawyer actually have to prepare. They there. As CD's of the little and that it's that we are going to be sharing with me in the ultimate objective is to help main. Become better prepared and educated and power. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of money Edmonton and then be spinning over opens several years. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of time. That is going back for the court we gonna we have a whole curriculum built around what we call it drama warfare gains. OK these early gains as used we played children used as upon social four. But if you have a command on how to deal with those issues at least away more petitions. More time in court Mon morning Spain court right and it. They won two one thing rather Eric that's important to point out don't think we've ever really discussed this and in all the opportunities that we had to get together. On a public affairs show like community focused. Is the understanding and this is really for everybody not just our dads and moms listening but just. Adults. In general. That these are fathers. That are not just showing up in court because it going through baby momma drama and these are men who legitimately. Are saying I want to be. In impacted my child's life mom and I'm doing what's necessary. To make that happen Bryant because immediately even if the father's not getting along with the mother. How wonderful it is for the men that one step up. And do and why is that right exactly and in what we're trying to mess is that we're trying to and this is a great leading to. And to the next segment. We're trying to give me an understanding that the main to have progress. In their respective cases they rolled up his sleeves. They were willing to be toy in the process. And he also made an investment in today. And that's what we're trying to get me an honest and you have to investing you'll own level progress. And are on the out talk about them anymore I mean absolutely infectious that's an. Excellent way into Syria is this its elaborate and why now we all. Click any bits and who will now zoom into the lone frontman and mostly radio apparently does we vibe on June and definitely are. Just to have you back because always great information and I know. From the moment that we do you have an opportunities exist talk. How many people really are opt in attentive in listening in to note. And of course as you said when we get back with the second half of the program. Sharing all the contact information for the dads out there especially. If for anyone that has a man in their life was trying to be a father Bryant to that child. We'll share all that great contact and Disney star so this isn't a great stopping point radio family thank you so much for your great company. As indeed after this break we are coming back with a much more on the weekend edition of community focus. More than we get additional community focused heard in our inner come station Saturday and Sunday mornings and thank you for tuning in radio family. We are indeed back great conversation with Derrek Lee gad. Who is joining us with good fatherhood for ever. This is the mission to provide resources and information pertaining to become more knowledgeable about the court system the goal. Providing resources for all of our men to stay connected to their children after a separation. And divorce and Erick great to be back wins you so much earlier welcome thank you so much any has been quite a high eight us. Sands where you bring you back. Come back to give back and indeed just continuing to do some amazing things can for our fathers and Eric again just to continually thank you for what you are doing. And and to saint EU EU have a partner as well and in and Calvin them and tell me Calvin last name again man Calvin man and what that you have you are doing. In making sure that resources and information not only help fathers in particular to succeed. And the court system but also provide pro active ways. To cope with a lot of distresses. Them of being involved in that court system yes so as we continue wins our information. This afternoon. We talked a little bit more about the program and now to shift gears a little bit. And how to get men directly involved in that process rights and. The membership process and I wanna just give a little background shorts. With the membership. Take you back to 1997. To 1997 and in 1999. This is tile wood in and there wasn't really that being right. And I was physically going to is at to a local local law library in Brooklyn where I was born and raised. And I may copies pertaining to Nome. Rice says that as Dan too as a visitation custody process. And how to make enough copies because I was doing group sessions in the community OK I want remain to have something tangible Reid to say okay. That's not true men do have rights OK so I would say making the copies was fair by totaling 25 dollar investment. And then you the New York City bar association in in introduce something called the Monday night legal consultation can can you pay thirty dollars you said in front of an attorney for thirty minutes. And you can ask any question you want it to. So I'm with them may be about three times so let's say my investment was about budgets when he found out right. This fall wanted to the year 2000 anything. I was involved in a visitation case are trying to get more rights to my door at that time. And I and the turning. He kept a journey in the case. And finally I was able to be in front of the judge to mother decided not to show up from Seoul based on the fault. Our career represent myself right. Are represented myself. Total savings 3500 dollars. I mean are bridging between our investment and to educate and empower myself and because of I've I was prepared. That was a that it was a 3500 dollar arms saving it and this is what we're trying to get follow us understand is that we do make a small investment. In yourself. And preparation and opportunity connects him. You gonna save money. And that's when they object is of the program so will men become a member or Bob good father and if wherever. They have access to monthly teleconference this on a variety of topics. They can go back and listen to these different teleconference is whenever they want to. They gonna have free consultation between myself. And wall with myself and missed a man over thirty years of experience and helping fathers via email we gonna have FaceBook lives. Appearances will maintain. You know typing questions why while we're you know while we're speaking to them we can ask answer those questions. Com will DeVon into jobs. This would happen in next six months right. Amare professional side from. I've worked full meaning non profit organizations in the area of employment even our beer very very successful. And you know getting my clients. Gainfully employed some very skilled they doing today and in terms it take in the mission and the goal logo program and saying look can't you help us and you know nine times out of ten very receptive curator so. The membership begins December the first and this is the great thing about the members she Newton. For the most in December of this year. January 2018. And fair worry 2018. When men in vests so fun at first four holes first nine day honeymoon if they made that initial payment knew they will not have and they will not receive an invoice or. All whatever. For payment. Not after their February. In terms of Mayo rebounds eighteen we gonna have to go to a monthly. A monthly fee and miss not gonna be very large write about arrangements can be were right for what we're working that out now. But I just think for the first ninety days and they take that out far opportunity. They won't have to worry about oh my god how am I gonna afford this know they're done. OK and he's so. And and Eric are not certain that you laugh but. To really take away the financial stress. Group. He heard it before Murray wearing because that's what you're helping fathers. She'd do is to relieve just the stress in general example going through the process and one going to the court system right. And and typically when when we think about. Just the word court itself. Ninth has led him whether it's worse situations such as this. Our parking ticket whatever the case may be into led cinema we going to court. The one thing that we are seeing. That's leaving not season by the greenbacks that's your money because we. Activate those speak ES is tales fees now let's go back to their word process and there's a process to. Purchasing a home right this is use that for an exam short. If you leave out the process believe I'll. What they call it the inspection home inspection. If you leave that out. Okay that's a very important what part of bidder to process. And you sign all the paperwork and they find termites. In your house afterward and so now you talk about another 1020000. Dollars in repairs and you're responsible for painful. OK now let's go to use car McCain most men don't go to use card a lie and say wow that's a beautiful car was look at finances us us. His Mo money no most men will go on Kelley blue book. They will take a mechanic with them who's a friend of theirs look under the Hulu and things today and why did he do that because they know. That you have some really shady used car dealerships out there and use my endo mine a Lyndon. What men are doing. That's not working for them these same. I know about that follow the program but they don't provide legal consultation. We just won a lawyer. That's not working for the man that's not working. That's not honor of that process that's now that's how I mean. The father is that you have helped write and will continue to help to succeed right now that that part of a process not working so what we're seeing is this not the world we get an attorney. Which you need to know for yourself. Right exactly okay you need to know what questions to ask an attorney before you hand him 5000 out exactly so that's where that. The importance of that inspection right if you grass come he's testing inspection part yeah. We are encouraging women. To become members. Throughout my years in in in and door falls new voice is any increase more more often every year was swimming contact them are programs wives girlfriends. Mothers grandmothers on its. Other family members and friends and coworkers exertion members right. Family if I can add him on Eric over the years that we've been together. It just makes me think of the number of people. We and we were taking calls moon how many people had called him specifically. Move with questions should just for you know within that timeframe and of course obviously we never have enough time. I think. We try that was always the issue right what was so wonderfully amazing about that. Was a people who are listening. Mention had to say they were listening and they weren't saying. Here Eric would get is telling me how to go through this process exact just like you join again today his. I am doing it doing again today he'd hand and and the reason why. We want women to be called the boom on becoming members because. They can we know how men are. Mean can hear about my program and I pay will miss it did my boyfriend called name brand NASA will know. I gave me your number two months ago after her Joyner radio and how will let him know OK that's common. Men often. Our soul into their emotions. That they don't really think that there's a father program that can help helps them right okay so what I'm asking women to do good Henning and end and become a member will sink unit information you could anticipate. In the FaceBook lives in the tell Carlos is nice zine you can give day. Information to your horse and your husband whatever have you dis is an excellent Christmas gift. To give a man and what The Beatles hair way from four men to be supported because I think that that Eric. A lot of times when guys don't readily admit. Until they perhaps can can get together with the consultation and sit down. With you and Calvin. It's a fact that many men won't readily admit I only need help no I think that's all of us in general though particularly is it something about guys. Because. The way a lot of men armed rain rain east and many are not raised with their fathers and then our raised this very interest in our. Our was watching them. Like a documentary Roman boxer that passed away when he. Tommy Morrison who's whom and real quickly. Though brother was telling the story about how they were at some type in dance when they were high school whom he was with his girlfriend. And a young lady approached him say look you know this go outside in you know let's go you know I guess. Fool around what are these I would know you know my girlfriend is in the room did you did you study the right thing where his father Soledad whole exchange and say it if you ever do that again. Basically saying if you turn down a woman. For that reason that's the way he was raised. You see an insane so yeah. They're sowing terror as Witten men are raised in national any feeling she's not showing emotion. It's national any vulnerability to say I need help from brain so I'm asking women to step in Baghdad. For them. And and again you know I'm very excited about what this program is going to represent even more than a one year from down oh definitely because right now we are in negotiations with. Long YMCA. I'll be rate now with focusing on the major CD's like. I'm in North Carolina on new York New Jersey Philadelphia. Com Merrill in Washington and Langer must start the air right. And we're going to be establishing relations with with you know YMCA's all over the country on our own culture but they'll stay east that we main. That I named. Because. A critical part of the program is encouraging many gay coping mechanism eaten. And part of the one is suggests is of course is physical fitness. Yeah that relieves a lot of stress and then he's killing two birds who wants it known and he's become educated. Yeah healthy Brian lees also recently and he's he's he's relieving the stress exactly and by relieve the stress. He understands. That he doesn't have to go that route and I'll silence. And with. Us just constantly giving information resource and if he can see I don't have to go that route exactly you know I can go here. And and and there was no falls we voices that help me right twenty years ago I am a fairly united guy. I divine intervention. I had a mother that had enough wisdom to say okay write down your experiences yeah. Okay and that's what she follows live voices. Because I was able to sit back and go OK I did this and worked boom. Just for example the judge after and after my first court case mate gave a message to my attorney says look. I want to tell you climb he should be very proud of himself on high conducted himself. He say he came dressed appropriately so what kind of doing. I gave that same advice to thousands of men laid it laid off line and when you go to court you know where certain time. So if you don't have it a nice ties with Sherry and and you know pay doctors whatever happy and you know don't. You know lose your composure. Why so because of the wisdom that my mom and that helped thousands of mainly on one room the little things exactly OK there you mean ally in the again and and fall is navigating a course and. Absolutely arrogant and that adds to. The support. I like the scenario with which she used in kidding man not just physically fit. Then it gets them mentally fit it can even help many get spiritual sees fit right we look as an outlet to. And to have. That aspect of stress removed. Moon it allows the individual the father to have clearer thinking yes. It allows them to really approach. The situation. With more positive to Vicky given what ever degree from the they're going through. In dealing with the court system and helping them have a better understanding again like you said we don't use the word a lot. Approaching the prime process. Yeah it's a process. Rename and and this just walking in court right. And just saying you know the best way for many gadget news is just to give this money to this attorney then again. I'm not seen that day and night. There aren't any great attorneys at it down wonderful attorneys at the end who helped me gain must deal my daughter who however. It just pay Easton no free itself. X and when that is when we talk about legal system we'll be talking about how do you deal with oh drubbing games yeah okay now things happen outside of course is the bank that the course is I've looked into it and so how do you deal with that. Know and we want them to have the command. On their emotions and how they're dealing with this stinks so they are not making bad choices. Okay you should the worst man in my mouth because as as we've been speaking through. The course of our conversation up to this point I think there's a lot of one situation rather I should say. That fathers or just men in general may feel that they don't have choices what they don't have options. Exactly. And that is a very one thing that's very danger A exactly but the one thing thankfully. That good father and that forever is addressing Bryant. Yeah and that's that's the message announces one touch on. The singer and actress Tara Reese. I know many people seen that video. And it was heartbreaking. And you know I had people laughing and SI but unless you know would have brother has been. And is going through I in the staying exactly where he's at emotionally the only thing is if if I was his friend. I was told him. Not to put the video on because see when you're in that space. That gives ammunition. For the person to continue doing what they didn't. And it's sad it really is sad that your dad it's that grown folks go know when children are involved. I mean is really really sad and disgusting so I did try to reach out to him a couple of towns of the social network. Is is hard to reach people like that you know is is very difficult. And not I'm hoping that at some point that I can reach him right and you know be able to interview him and things of that nature because. You know he's gonna need allow. Support apps and and that's the key word. He's scary news is support. And. Even if you just strip away what you know of him as a celebrity quote unquote. He's still a man. And he still somebody's job and any easy uses celebrity he's human just like they're by everybody else seen exactly. And that says that. We are not. Immune. To some of the difficulties that we as human beings Faso where in that yeah aided you know because life in general. It doesn't actually Joseph status. No it doesn't. It happened really is exactly to have this very line it affects us worlds is handling his foot out everybody from reached deplore the mighty. And tomorrow fool the voice this to people that have a voice in happiness so everybody exactly. Well thank you. And Calvin. Eric for bringing the voice for a lot of man who again otherwise would not have wine. And really kudos and I'm I I really appreciate you two mentioning earlier. That membership is open to. Women more mothers our sisters. Whoever that individual is six years. For our fathers he's got us that that is same to or hopefully it is Satan that they have the support that likely otherwise wouldn't be either. Air Ryan and and we want them to step in the gap because a loan and lean. You know. A lot to chase a minute for some man some may react very quickly some Maine you don't know exactly know why it is situation that really no body should have to go through a loan now when you do when we difficulties such as now invested assets in the emotionally charged. When problem. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy I really wouldn't because it's a feeling. Unlike you know felt before because this is like your soul is kind of being ripped down. Every day so when I seen tire Reese Arnot and and my barber is god bless him I love the death. They would want is that bad ass new bike is in the old that I do what is right to know what I do. And a few people in there that was waiting a little laughing. And I see no way I say it is it's not funny I said unless you are traveling in the rule that man is traveling Lorena. You have not I mean no idea how painful and it is a way he's going through and a broke my heart to see you I really didn't satellites are Reese I really do. And he just broke my heart to see deck as it it. It brought back memories Tony right. Yeah you see Euro saying and and it also says to that bit of hope who see human yeah now we you know we're all human and he's going to need a lot of support going forward. Absolutely and for all of our fathers who listening to receive a community focus rang. And radio family I think you whether your mother father brother or sister whoever you happen to be. Thanks for the great company from here on the week in addition of community focused. A public affairs show her here on in our cost stations Saturday and Sunday mornings. I'm Renee modeling thing and inducements health. There's it's back again and you know. All right yeah oh yeah yes or no no you Ali I knew people name wrong in what I live in an area is we have wanted to thank you would you Norma keep him humble good yeah that's I still want to you for those who may be tuning in. For the very first time lead is never now okay they may not. Ranking no plans at least what I did it. What put a name to the boy it's okay all of the boys said assume. Erick look at not only with fathers with the voices but a new program. That you have done a phenomenal job in sharing with us this morning thank you for that sir and you hear welcome good fatherhood for ever. Now chew. Not only welcoming everyone to good fatherhood forever how is it thinking getting contact with you outside of the screen information you share this. Our website is out is called good fatherhood. For ever. Dark car but the email address is is written differently okay is good fatherhood to numb before. For ever and And cash so it's good fatherhood in the before. Forever and Gmail dot current and when they go to web site you know the membership over is on. So again you know for those that take advantage of this ninety. For Iowa would they need our services then we hope is not full life where we want may begin to control of this situation is a you know honestly get I don't need this anymore. Great dad lets me know they you you're OK I didn't exactly for as long as you needed and then it will be there forty nice okay so. You know. Tom Tom thumb excited about what's what's about. Happy and excited for you and you and happy to hear about this program that that you and Calvin. Have collaborated on and and thirty plus years between the two review that in itself again that that speaks of the experience. He has that announcement that not just the fathers but but men and even even women in general are mothers. Can conceive firsthand. That the two of you are very passionate and compassionate about what you do. Yes yes and on this one of the main and want to introduce my little meany mean scared this he wanted to say hello. USA alone meaning. She says it's not nice which she really is here already a famine I'll ballots for that and she is Justin Bieber is begins singing and gamble not gone. Up. She's a beautiful young lady and you know I'm gonna have to Miki sock in the marine she made at a meeting if and you called and said that yeah ladies will always you don't get too close and I exact areas and. Thank you for for bringing her along and and aired this really just speaks volumes because we think about. Speaking of parents in their children to see though the wonderful relationship. Especially between fathers and daughters. And that's so important I try and be you know this season. Typically your usually. This will set a good example of what she can look for. I hope zone I hope so I do I've Charlie she should decide that she wants to get married and started spamming or for home. She has a very good example in looking at her own father he and I really appreciate that for a lot of young ladies and I can't tell you how many times it when I can see. And I actually experienced this on the job here then having co workers and whether they're single fathers separated divorced fathers and to know that they have a daughter right around the same age is George daughter. To see how much low in support that they give to these young lady's let's just so much I try our young women are. EG tragedy makes it easy season. She's a great a great young lady and a I have to say that she is in the same pain. I mean. You not I've got as a lot of media do a lot of great things in my life. And the most the best compliment. I've ever gotten. Was was from my dad listen I came down here very quickly that to visit just before I moved down here and and I legitimacy any you know Coleman deadly. Saying Lee whose access posts are from New York. He never gave me an idea trouble. Wow. And our macro RD I got to act is in my room because that was very deliberate yeah. Dow's very deliberate on my part and because I saw Har Har that man worked. For his family. That man paid for my studio term when I want to be the next Teddy Riley then. When when I was eleven years old. And my favorite group was the halt in sampling then from oh happy day even saying he had the presence of mind it to try to reach out. Night and found somebody backstage is a you know my. My son is worry in my needle how can form their music can you can you just tell Walter who's since passed. To give it give me autograph. And more to say no are eking come have dinner with that now. And when you have a parent that's willing to do it's. It's amazing and all the parents out there and being adjusts. Keep doing what what you what parents didn't. And the slope and thinking it's Nestle we can do yeah he's a business told that the seed in appreciating my. And don't take for granted absolutely and especially for the dad also want to be in that same position and to love and to be good examples for their children. So adjusts really kudos to all the dads out there they are trying to do that. And now they have the means through good father and live forever. So thank you Eric would get no family skiing here go to HQ you're the best song we are you really are. And when you who surround yourself likewise seem. I returned the compliment I think you are the best to my friend and it really does take a community. And at a village for us to to do what it is that we do need to help others and that's that's the one thing. My like that it helps others first. If it helps me that's fine. But to be in a position to help others first exactly and wits with programs like this. Exactly keep up the great work they plan and you're so welcome return thank you are looking forward to of course the next time I mean that you come through. Erica and and give us some some more. Good news about good fatherhood forever payments so you know Mino good buzz on the show knows the next just so next time absolutely absolutely itching and likewise you're welcome sir. And thank you radio family for your great company we do officially bring another great week in addition. A community focus to a close and to thank you for the good things that you're doing in our communities indeed until that next time. Have a great rest of the day and the rest of this weekend we will chat soon take care.