Friday, June 22nd

D.L. Hughley on EVERYTHING!

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And so excited and got a numb and missed and DO you not only do miss lady I'm doing great voice for radio and they still. Love thing you love me and Humana. And so we. So you're up early comedies. Greensboro odd to army myself enjoy Lopes said the end and Eddie Griffin is the county get that though is that. Three leg due them meg. Well tourist elegant not an. Those blue hair ISI you years ago my guys to king's account idea. It is yeah this is that Keenan and the guy will you don't want to lay to miss from. Oh yeah absolutely this is kind of the kind of the Genesis the colonel with the C do his plan now with from here so Bernie may ROU Vizio food and. I'll listen to you. For years as being non tundra to show them. And you know I've talked about you because you know what they call the programmers. Time and and and as fluffy Beckel is just as you know that idea doesn't have his own show. I. I'd say you know that Asian beyond enjoyed this show more this light years ago thank you. He's Smart he's funny he's you know he's got his hand on the pulse of what's going on in the world number at three standard that's my 07. The Honolulu. All Renault EU home yeah. It would. Yeah. Well Ahmanson the men that immigration in this fiasco elements I easily get your take on what's going all I had. Think he's is disingenuous for American lieutenant Dan missing as usual yeah yeah. Deb America has been separated. To slit her hair always been this way I was slavery Jim I was a native Americans. It was the Italians before they've started tons of white people in the world what to whom 7000. Italian where interns every infinite amount. It was it is Japanese and so America has really never had a problem separating people of color from their families because in the knowingly. When you present in their case you these NN. Absolutely so I and that patriot according but I odds sound as it is it does actually were animals if they will be Eagles. And and colleagues hump instead of migrant children. People are servant almost like citizens or for brutalized and animal yeah. You know in California. You can even treat animals that you're about to consume. Hello you can't streets seeking his peaks cows lambs sheep and you can't treat him like Eugene these children. It's terrible broccoli is treated more humane and the people best client thank you so why we treat every so bad and then they wonder why you guy E. Coli in Syria. Oh yeah absolutely pure joy you know I ended up put his blood is doing and this is is is. And and then you you watch what happened and I think that people make a mistake when they believe that their fight is an Arafat. We'll know soon gonna. They are fight the best and whether it goes there the problem is that we all one thing did. Which is investing human absolutely what's awareness is key it is in these kids of mayonnaise sat that this boy guy sacked from. They did the police have as Shanahan has sworn dean added police self that is before this took this seven dean and a lunch break away with killing black. So I just I just think that we have more in common. And then leave game we. Feel like we do and our fights are really the same home we really want. Is to be treated humanely. But it's hard to. To grasp that idea because we have such a polarizing figure in the office there or he's erase it but but he did it that's Kennedys used to. Adding a race is for president is not new is a razor. That's probably into prison is that Morris and I'm isn't saying too because I guess there's at least one do why do that I mean we. I might get so I'm just I. Friday but you can't pretend like leg whereas then where would this is when people say this is not who we are this is exactly exactly exact as aboriginal like it is. Exactly and then had about people that that are. All listen in Boldin and to be you do you know yet and say what they line. Doesn't usually get like a like Timmy. There are things you can say but obviously a huge proponent of two of free speech but what kind these days you know all liberals enjoy the sewers. What does that that would mean that parents have always this is traveling. I remain. Then she was escorting people today are B&Bs right now and that lead them out of said it's you know so to get. No like Kanye sale lease again now welcome Anna. But it's to meet in there there are consequences. To the things you do in their real like Baghdad to me. I'm told me how far. We have come are how far we have to go because. I've known a lot of people. They had middle ground on the a lot of who lost their mother on the line. But nobody ever put an ass to connect to slave now that you would do that the ED have you noticed whenever something really horrible happens if you for the denied it happened. But I do and on that day or so holocaust whatnot that day Lou all of those those still searching. Drop off this bill like the Holocaust was a hoax. So I have to say hello all of those shooting victims in part and a well actors this and is there where actors because you or humanity. What knowledge you see something like that and not be spurred to movies so you that the DM your humanity. So did she can bring you the Viet Dinh Diem you're ejected. They are is where consciously is why morality means you have to cut succumb to something more comfort zone so you can go home which don't which of political bands for house watching some. Videos they Fox News it anyways and then they were the kids were child actor isn't Europe. And and making excuses for for what's gone on now Jim beam couldn't cages these are not our kids. What's up donuts stopped telling and you know what the Indian movies that you live. This I'm telling value of the union leader for the world to stop telling us you as to give yeah Italian boy got a message or to be free incoming no B channels. As well as their from the United States is is is is it what to do is certainly a guy like Puerto Ricans are Americans yeah. That's the main street sources is is he is now I think they'd eat you know ultimately we have to decide whether out while part of the human connection or not I think they're there's just. A lot. Of you know. Passing the blunt pull in the loan over your eyes are now I'm going on in and which to me you wouldn't. Is more important now than ever to lol so the what do you say to these people was. Al low standing up I know there. Well I think it is do you really think Hillary if they would have makes you think he's thinking that kills them isn't it now do you think that no I think importer region where they live cut off. For this loan do you think could people they went on to report them on what you did in Puerto Rico for the slow you gave him muzzled when Becky got a country that is long you think it did that as CDC white supremacist. And people who oppose them are both good people on both basically good people right outside I don't Odierno and you know I just I think. Then we have to decide what we want to be and and clearly this is more about this country and it does about him. Yeah and loss of as being revealed nine it's it's. It's has tried time and I think this is the time we need him instead of just you know talking about complain about it. We need to do some. When you gotta do real well Campbell we rarely got a photo book discard I think he sat. And now they revised from might be when it comes out June 20 is saying come on Tuesday talk and as my third book. And it's about is a satirical book but I wanna make and killing we were talking about. Police brutality in an amber town collect Alando Bastille and how he. NA ECN mark Furman on right before I came on we were having a conversation about policing in. Police injustice and police brutality of police. And here and you have analyzer a convicted liar who who policeman who got complete you know losses in secretly like got OJ Simpson golfing life so much. But best of prison that you start talking about police into a black man group and the city. They knew in my kimberlite and aid the you know solely the book is very funny thing is that this man is not their book. The other two made to New York Times best seller list and I couldn't be prouder of his mind index did a dramatization and I. It's funny in his poignant and Issa is true in. I'm I'm really very proud of so I hope deeply given opponents will be out June 26 commenting is Shaq and I live iPhone might be. Well he was a social media possibly reach a real deal you blink and I am all of them. CNET and I don't answer it but you I don't think he's that need to I have to figure out how to use the. Hey you don't mail one day they keys so nice so much I appreciate it did really well thank you being.