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Graham family good morning and once again welcome to another weekend edition of community focused thank you for your great company. As for tuning in here are Saturday and Sunday mornings and our Entercom stations. Again the opportunity to engage in great conversation with members of our community focused Stanley and a very important topics of discussion. As all of them armed with members of our community focusing and like but the two ladies who joined me Rene Von this morning radio family. Are sharing with us some very pertinent and very important. Information. Let me go ahead and discuss what we will be talking and sharing with you about I wanna say first of all to welcome the newest members of our community focused family. And Pam Saul street. She represents FEMA. Which is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And she's brought a partner a long who represents the Small Business Administration the office of disaster assistance or respectively. Pam Salisbury. And Lori Dana. Ladies good morning how are you both good morning Rene who aren't and thanks Al absolutely thank you for coming on board because what we're about to cover. As I mentioned again so important. One what FEMA is doing. To help with disaster relief. And Lorie with you with the SBA disaster assistance. That's available to assist homeowners. As a renters. Businesses of all sizes and even nonprofits. We really. For many. We're tuning in will never forget the day. April 15 2018. It was wine in which for a lot of persons living in Guilford County. As well as living in those in neighboring counties. Rockingham county for instance. On an EF to us it was officially confirmed tornado touchdowns. In the greens from North Carolina area. I wanted to first of all. -- start with you bring us up to speed NT with what FEMA is doing to help with disaster relief for persons impacted by the storms. Hey thank you so much and I think you. For giving us time capsules or at least this year certainly audience. What FEMA and the SBA. What we're doing to try to get people on the other side of this disaster right so we were here. On the ground right after the declaration for federal disaster assistance was declared Newton that was right around may eighth may ninth. And our stand is that we will be here as long as the state needs us excellent so we are executing a really robust. A response to the disaster and no we want to. Let those who are suffering know that there are grants there are loans that are available that can help them build back. Their lives and property. As they go through. What happens to a better traumatic XP. Absolutely and one that that they will likely never ever forget the match so I'm so our. First priority and our focus is on registration. Making sure that people understand that if they were impacted they live in an eight either of those two impacted counties Rockingham county and Guilford County. They are eligible to register or individual disaster assistance. And so far we have registered more than 1000. People between the office in our Rockingham. One and don't count. Heck so so we're glad that the word is getting out definitely kind of like our Barbara here myself where we don't want people to miss out on sat possibility for assistance. Because they just didn't know or they had misinformation. In my head into some kind of a myth. So we have the time to kinda it spell out exactly what the process is like absolutely. And I'm. Really appreciate that ladies because the recovery for a lot of families even though a few months have passed. They're still in that stage. In many are still really at that ground zero point. So to know that the assistance is in the air and it's going to be there for a period of time that's gonna really help a lot of families who likely at this time. Aren't really sure would well up until we started this conversation as to whether assistance was still available because in a lot of cases you know after a certain period of time. That's pretty much shake your your luck don't rounded down exact window I'm right you're left on your own to fend for yourself. When it comes to that. But it's wonderful that we have two well known agencies that have partnered together that have come together to help our communities in that. Lori I want it to begin with you and asking who can apply for disaster relief well the. SBA offers disaster assistance for homeowners and renters. Business and grow up all sizes and nonprofit. Excellence in the first step is to register with. And if you are referred to the FDA to complete disaster. Loan application it and it's really important to do so even if you're not sure you want along you need a loan he none of you may have insurance. It's really important complete that disaster loan applications. As significant. Home more than half of the people that. Register with FEMA will be effort to use the FAA. Right and right now there were. There's over 600 households Hillary for her to us and it completely alone and over 100 businesses. However only eight felony. Or households have a wife and the FAA and M. There leading money out on the table and here's why I mean if they're denying the disaster loan Erfurt active. FEMA for any assistance might be available right there that they don't complete that disaster loan application. All assistant stops we really encourage people to fill up that is after loan application even if you don't think you qualify for. And the and the loans. What we go and more now that is that an important part of the process. Or. Boat people that are this disaster. And and I. And I'm so glad you later see here that we'll have the time to really. Get in to excel minimum information. Reiterating it in some places for those that if you're not with this at the beginning of the program are gonna get too caught up a little later on the show. Now this time Pam. What's the focus right now and have there been any challenges us for that either agency has come across a run into you know I think the only challenge that I could speak to is just. People getting the information I need to. Getting out misinformation. I'm really proud that we have disaster survivor. I'm assistance teams that go home. Door to door street I street I'm giving people information. Answering questions and helping them register in their communities. President of the first things that are survivors began to see after that federal disaster declaration from so I am so my concern is just making sure that as many people ask me. Here that we are here and we are here to help. We're not going to be here you'll forever there's but we want people to come as soon as they can. And and and that brings me to your point of letting people know there are many ways to. Get in touch with you eaten for disaster assistance registration. They can call our help line which is 180662. Feet not 1806253362. And let me say that again 18613362. And they can register that way over the phone. They can also register online disaster assistance dot dot renders a step by step process that way. And what I always encourage when it is possible is for survivors to visit our disaster written new ventures. And we house one that's right here in Greensboro 1203. Maple street you're absolutely correct Pam and that is the Guilford county department of public health. Please continue and I'm and they are they can be one on one face to face. With men and women from FEMA who are tested and trained in getting people to the other side of the disaster. You know the people going through this and trying to build back. This is one of the worst thing that could ever happened to their lives and you know it's like you never expect is going to happen to you your you see it played out on television makes it clear that on my eyes Newman the destructive nature of the game and get the damage in the last part of our. And somehow you everything you had that's out of that is why not that's never gonna happen Bryant still until it does exactly are traumatized by this there's so many human things going on. And that the folks who work for FEMA they've been through multiple disasters. So they know what questions. I was happy when I understand the confusion in the worry men get all of that. And that it will take. As long as they need to walk people through what they need to do to be considered eligible for disaster assistance and on. I just find that when folks come into the disaster. Recovery centers the here's more of a human touch absolutely and there there aren't just FEMA workers there the FDA has a huge. President they have excellent small act as well as charity organizations I had many conversations with via Baptist men's mission in a there's no birdies gold T shirt and then where there in defeating our business and by that they start the disaster. And now yeah they're talking to you homeowners about things that they can do to help them build actor property just different construction and repairs that they can do. And it's free it's what they do on a voluntary basis. And then of course our our state partners are there they have a heavy presence of the disaster recovery centers have some time so you know once you register for FEMA days people just kind of move that kind of money double what else might I be important for an end here's what do you offer that might. Help me. Bill packed absolutely aren't always I encourage folks that they can get transportation. Com to to make that. Kind of like a priority losers can do to disaster recovery center. And talk to the men and women there are about to come disaster assistance and there. Many many programs in categories of assistance that FEMA office to survivors but the main components are in the areas of home repair. Replacing it. Items that were destroyed or severely damaged because of this here storms in the violent storms and tornadoes. On and they also to rental assistance. We're talking about grants the number relief grants so it doesn't have to be paid back and and I know where they were gonna talk. So more on Brad and but there is destiny was in between an SBA loan and federal disaster grants from FEMA. And so under under a neat that broad umbrella. There's several other category I consider other needs so if those if we don't qualify for the items that I just mentioned in those categories. They're other. Our opportunities and programs for rats ax. What talent class my teacher those repairs on the theme and certain repairs to get your house safe and sanitary it so that you know tends. But if you out extend. Extensive damage on your house right. That's not covered by a by FEMA into slope that's popularity. The difference between the loan program and be. And win great program. So quite a distinction and you're right. We're gonna get into more the particulars of that ladies I just wanted to thank you I'd like Pam that you referenced the human touch. Because. It's just a reminder. That is still on the median C. For a lot of families salute even though April 5 fifteenth has come and gone. He a lot of people have moved on maybe I mean why insurance and so they try their cupboard and they're good and they have moved on to. But there's so many new people are still infrastructure exactly. These trying times. Very much Sam definitely want them to get that information and not miss out on assistance. Because they didn't act quickly. Because they didn't know who or because they basically had done this information so even if you know your audience that they were not touched by this disaster at all. They may have you know friendships and sat family members Ryan's short war maybe elderly and not quite sure how to. Need to carry trades this new territory of building back on that I would would hope. It would be my hope that they share that's absolutely. Asset and also if it meant you know getting the car and driving them she relative they've brought into the department there and I'm letting them sit. With on some of the FEMA staff who can can really talk them through what they need absolute Angel and I thank you Pam. And Laura for sharing this great information we're just scratching the surface so we do have a lot more and we wanna share. And to thank you radio family indeed for tuning in on again as I mentioned earlier very important very pertinent information. That we're sharing about not only would FEMA is doing to help with disaster relief for what. The SBA disaster assistance is doing if you're homeowner if you're renteria at York a business of any and all sides and if you're nonprofit. We're gonna return we're gonna take a quick break I got a lot more questions of him Lori hope you don't mind. Don't mind at all hello I thank you very much for being here with me as we will come back. Much more of the week an additional community focus he and Entercom stations will continue after this. It's more than we can additional community focus and it's your net income station Saturday and Sunday morning spank you ready a famous for your great company and certainly the company of members of our community focused family. The first half of the show they were newbies they are officially now so they are definitely part of our radio family as I'm speaking with. Pam saws B again representing FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency. And representing proudly SBA. Which again stands for the Small Business Administration. Office of disaster assistance. I have Lori Dana. Ladies we covered a lot. And thankfully we have half of the show. To cover even more about helping. Our area residents would disaster relief I wanted to share something in and preparing for our conversation today I came across. An interesting site and in doing a little bit of research and I wanted to get this gentleman did that the proper. Credit. And to recognize. The work that he does. He extensively focuses on writing about main weather events especially major ones such as this one with that EF two tornado. That occurred in Greensboro. His name is Dennis messer row he's also known as the weather dude. So if he is part of a site that's called DAM whether he actually broke down the anatomy. Other April 15 2018 tornados and greens from North Carolina I wanted to share this with you on what their listeners. One of the strongest and longest track tornadoes hit north Carolina's Piedmont Triad. In years touchdown on the evening of Sunday April 15. 2018. The FEF two tornado developed just east of downtown Greensboro shortly after 5 PM. On Sunday and track north along a 33. Mile path before dissipating cell. A Danville Virginia the tornado damaged more than a thousand buildings in Guilford County North Carolina along the and resulted in one in direct fatality and at least fourteen injuries but thunderstorm responsible for the tornado. Left behind a path of wind and tornado damage from central. South Carolina. Through central Virginia. So. That is huge and we were talking about that justice just before we went to our first break the visual of that. Even if this didn't happen directly to you. Justin sharing those. Paragraphs. Of giving you that image. Of the track and the path. Of this storm. Now imagine for the families who are listening right now that would directly in the path of that. That Sunday probably for a lot of individuals are started as any other regular old day. You know the weekends winding down there trying to figure out okay Monday's. Steadily knocking on the door we get a new week to start and all of a sudden they see changes in the weather and I mean major. Changes to the fact that after the damage was assessed. It was determined that it was an EF two tornado. And that's relatively high acting in the five is five the highest of the most dangerous. Tornadoes and I'm just putting it out there for those. Or whether infuses her know a little bit more about the weather. But even for an EF to an area between Guilford Rockingham counties is huge. And we mentioned that something that just doesn't happen a year. And families left wondering. We do we go from. My house is totally destroyed everything I have just about is gone. How does recovery began how do I move on how to wipe process all of this and try to get back to some sort of normal rules. And. And you compound that with. Maybe community or neighborhood that was already you. Facing arch exactly. You know exactly on easy street already bright and so you know you're dealing with that and on top of that. Test your exactly right on top rank and so questions about how to build back. It's just art it. He used. If it's only questions and there's so much pain in the ring. You have to get exactly that out what you need right. And likely. There is absolutely Pam and and glory and the fact that for families that are impacted very likely. They're not just thinking about themselves but the thinking about the neighbors I think it about perhaps a coworker. Just a person that they know in the were immediate neighborhood and knowing they want the only ones affected by this so as we continue our conversation. How do you people ladies being a mom can address this question to you how does one register for disaster assistance and what kind. A FEMA grants are available but let's start. And then I'll start I start off by saying FEMA grants. It is financially. Does not half. To be paid back in it used to someone who was deemed eligible for food and they've gone through the process. FEMA assistance is either made in direct deposit to recipients survivors. Can check. Is made out evidence and stressing that this these funds. Have to be back. And. Once again it's registration registration. Excellent you don't know what they're eligible for the queen's two. Exactly where you start yeah and I hope that. Or an act. Like a broken record as we go from and then I am absolutely. Open op. Op programs that you may be eligible for me to to build your life. And like I spent in their home repairs there's earth on. Reimbursement. Or things that you lost. In your home whose personal possessions. And. Even there and there's a program that aids and mental knee hasn't year and it. Sometimes you don't think about what's happening to you mentally turn. Yeah. It's act like sometimes it may come after you know weeks maybe months after a faster. You began to feel the effects mentally or they are writing your face so that's even a program where there is funding for that they're. If there was on money spent on medical needs. Pharmacy. Prescriptions. If these things were lost and you suffered because of the storm. There are grants that you may be eligible for how to either get reimbursed or 22 I. What you need. So those are something we called other. Eating but the big ones out involved home repair replacing. How school property personal property that was lost. And on rental assistance and again. We're talking about homeowners of course but also in Lorton Virginia enters ranked as well is that we're talking about. We're talking about survivors who may have no inch aren't you know we talk he knows Iverson may have insurance sometimes people who are short think. I'm gonna go and register I have insurance there's going to be anything army but. I'm you know insurance sometimes doesn't cover. All. You don't meet all the needs and I. FEMA assistance could be some money that fills in exactly. An Al items people are under age and change or underinsured or no insurance. In there is a possibility. Of programs that can help you. And currently at. Neiman. SBA said. How much asking me and I near certain qualifications. Home repair and actually hear it at me get out and it. At some homeowners they are not 200000 dollars in me repairs on their primary and no. And homeowners and renters are not out Pollard. You beat air. Fare options. Are. You know low interest rates. On. One hour. Now. You know. And I or it. And can't work out in the lot. You can refinance. And asked. People actually or. Write them and you know. Heartbreaking it is Elliot can I am at that people are. If you Laurie Ebert. It right then. It's into the matter. I. Why not mountain. Air and while I. That's when it's. Don't. And you're not eligible for theme. After at. Midnight your active scene that you have to. He thank you for that in a moment let me ask you on top of this. Does one have to wait for insurance to settle to apply for disaster. Recommend a it. After I. Then it's too late at eight. Life and I've. Asked. And aunts and and and write them. On line. Nine FAA dot. After. I'm asked countries at rate. You can register theme I might add at. Our. Nation and I am island. Lot relent. And right there yet and yet I. Am. Sarah re enter don't. Well it got me and I. Get frustrated. And aren't. On Luna letter. After. It Clinton's that you. Ramp. Amber and yet very well right. After every half. Absolutely. You know latest says this brings to mind their there was a saying my grammar these. About certain ethics and dismay me pink up when it comes to. Having the assistants were disaster recovery. And when it comes to read or shall reign in getting the important paperwork filled out even if you don't think like you said you may be eligible for. An erroneous to say on certain matters I'm gonna include this as. It's better and a habit and not need it. Than to need it and you don't. Have. That's exactly what is playing absolutely. Out adequately and that stuck with me all this time. And it makes me you know. Want to apply it now in certain situations and to stress that to our radio family into our listeners. Would that Pam what happens after a person registers with disaster assistance let's talk about that. Okay well shortly thereafter. The survivor will be contacted by inspector wants to continue that if you look over the property. Examined damages and even if you have made some repairs and it doesn't look exactly like it looked on at the time. Violent storms and tornados I mean these inspectors are trained I mean vacancy. What. What's there what wasn't there how the storm impacted our property so they will contact you and schedule an appointment to come home. And I'm document the damage. You. What's your story how much did you look who's. You don't even have to necessarily showed them pictures you'd you'd need your own kind of document. It's a look at pictures are not fair to examine your documentation. I mean they're getting physical play the land. And you know let on Wii name when you're dealing with disasters calamities of this nature. It can bring out the best in the inhumanity make him bring out the workouts unless there is a criminal. I'm element at play and maybe someone is misrepresenting what they are drying out very Chara and make it very clear that. If FEMA inspector has. That it's darker. Picture on Monday registration number it is. Official you'll you'll know that they are real deal would create so don't just let. Or be sure you can get any anyway Eritrea to make sure you can see it clearly this kind of hidden it just ask. See you back to make sure our FEMA inspector. Not asking for any personal information Social Security. Numbers and they will never ask you for a month. I mean recommendations. All experts. Need running the honors in. All. It takes about 1540. The inspection and then that becomes part of your application process and as I began to fill in what you may be. Eligible for in terms excellent. Thank you force for sharing all of that information. She really emphasized. To our listeners pan and glory to our radio family. That if that individual does not represent any of that criteria. You either call the police on law enforced exactly some form of law enforcement or you just run that person as quickly away. You know a non criminal way of course but just get that person off your property off your premises if they don't properly. Represent. Who they say they now. And that's so important and on the latest numbers that I have learned is that we. I completed 400 or. Inspections so the process is moving moving. Oh. When I hate us after bats on inspection is done. The other processes that eat. Out none it will. Ultimately and. With the survivor getting that determination letter that are outspoken about him will let you know what disaster assistance. Grant eligible to receive or maybe a determination letter that says. You learn not denies you your eligibility and then that's when we really say. Or that it's really need to read it here carefully because they're not mean that it's over it can be sometimes it just took it. Why isn't exactly an insult that you know very very out quickly. And get help from the cleanup workers will help you go through the appeal process but all of the details are in the letter and in the moment. He may make up ground and faster than they did this as a denial letter young I. Need to him. Exactly and and part of the fix it could be an appeal or could be. Fantastic it is the weekend edition of community focused on our income station security a family for your great company I really wanna think the company. Our pants all spay and Lawrie Dayne and joining me great information talking about disaster assistance for residents of North Carolina. Affected by not just the tornado but the severe storms that have impacted a lot of our area residents. Yes plenty of time. Outs opt out. I absolutely. And and not gotten. I'll RO up on me greatly equipment. Inventory. And you asked me opt working capital to help them hit. It and able to say at. In any candidates. Excellent so on top of that Lori ear hears my next question because outside of personal property that was damaged area businesses. There were likely a lot of places of worship and were impacted so let's include area churches can they apply for disaster announces. You know I at an on off at noon. And slammed hard off I had. So hot I'm if you all out. I'm like that's. Your primary night can't. Here they each patient here. Yeah yeah it is it's just an aside question I'm obviously talking to the two of you. Who are experts in your various fields. Likely years of experience and in your area of expertise may ask how long. Each of you individually. That's served in your role Gloria I'll start with you with a SBA app at. OK okay and. And you made the trip here in North Carolina. Q so sprint. Earth friendly and that's our southern hospitality area uranium are. About California. Yeah I'm. Cut off and move on to listen who bond over accidents should be the Isa civic he's throws we would love to have you. And in Panama once for you I'm due repeat your community a year. I want now. On it I. A big background and the Asian why it's critical. Hand on I don't know if you're on might. Recognize me. Arm. Yes. And yeah. That's why didn't say it's like no mood this. I can't. Yeah. It's yeah. We'll lay that this is kind of like coming home army under you know unfortunate I'm circumstances but it's it's always great to absolutely. Almost always great to have to have our home girl hack apps and the two of you happen to meet and connect and have the opportunity. Not just as individuals but as agencies joining forces to work together. Because it's worth trying to do that Gary guy. As a disaster declaration. Wait and fetal the SPH one. Each way business small business and let it it. More sad. Yeah it. It really to. They're an absolutely going at the hip and try to help people build back and you know Laura mentioned and I think I just need to make it clear because. You know FEMA doesn't comment to say that ace who just beat you act to exactly where you were reports that storms and tornado hit. We consider ourselves and real well. A writ. To kick start you to the long term. And the money is not as big and rant I'm as. You may get from the if you're looking out loan eligible or. But what we do want to do is give people what they need to be in something that is too unto rebuilt. On their lives and so. The homes situations. That we leave people with we want to make sure that when they get assistance from us. Their home is on stable sanitary optional exactly sustainable. Hand on and then back is the person timed just kinda fit. Read the rest and then get on what exactly. Am I just ties and so wonderfully with the next question I wanted to ask you. Now let's just say what if people have already kinda they've made repairs to their property. They still eligible to register with just like they're still eligible to register for assistance from him and you know. After a disaster mean that's kind of you know what you instinctively want to do pain. And back to normal whatever that new normal they may look like for him that's kind of where you're. It is and so on. He stays with Smartphones and and technology. Or damage techniques heckling him. I'm receipt that you may have. Used her own money to run. All of this is just building building for documentation in your application much I said inspectors. When they get there vacancy. What was done. On in addition to what you've done ignore how you know what was caused by that tornado. And enter that into the application process. So don't let that stop you from registering you all ready running gun to its effort to to build. An excellent. And we touched on this a little bit earlier ladies with with both agencies. Is there a deadline for people to register for disaster assistance we want to make sure that. That we if. They were witness for the first half of the program some may just be joining us and just knowing all of this. And trying to take it and and hopefully radio failure taking notes in the process I know I definitely am. Let's touch on if there are any deadlines that they need to be made aware. I just have one and I know more may have a couple new to broadcast and write the the deadline to register for FEMA individual disaster assistance is July set okay. See a headline news. Life like pastor. And properties. And that mystery apparently. The deadline to life working capital. And name pat. OK and another way to look at it. Laurie if I'm correct economic injury is that would refer to as well OK okay after they Iraq. I I. Is a deadline okay. So so ready to Stanley keep those dates in mine hopefully we'll have enough time which. Always when we're in the middle of great conversation. Times seems to buddhists but in a couple minutes that we have remaining. Lorie a moment to address this question does FEMA refer people to the SP. And on turn on at. Me agency providing. On battery N. I am. Tennessee then. It. Gets you. Creighton great and and you think it's an and I hear it from survivors. It's like the last thing they say they wanna hear someone talking some of my own. We have already in debt or maybe they used their reserves just exactly. This is just something about that board lull in the way everything correct and the yeah yeah financially but Ryan Malone. There's a really good reason yeah my books. Should give some consideration right and of course you just like your grandmother's a better. Happened on it that's right. Yeah it made it. Real well at one point as low as one point eight and the time. And it up to thirty years at that point that and it's a lot cheaper in your credit card yeah. Interest rates you know I exact moment and then you can off. If an extension. And admin. Property right. I. Asked. Excellent. With that in that so another great time in nature timing is just impeccable thank you for us. Can people who are registered to check on the status of their cases. They can go to. You are needed in Greensboro on maple street in an air like you get you. Sound collegiate and find out exactly where they are. In the process. Are they can called the help line and they got her every month I issued a registration number you give the altitude the person who's going to help you on the other line 80621. FEMA. 806213362. And you can find out the status you know is there an inspection coming up in rye is what else. Waiting. For me. And and that's just a great number to keep on hand as you go. Ask silly and it is a. It is very myself and Pam thank you for mentioning that as you do talk about it earlier about the disaster recovery center on maple street will stay open. How will be based on need need as Monica and Wheeler are coming in and I've seen in bigger disasters. And disasters. It's over relative because. Win it's your home that was destroyed and your family. You know in the state of trauma and and after with and that's big to you like it. Has an impact but I've seen us. Disaster recovery centers. Closed in phases new husband to traffic no longer coming in people that he meant and so that's kind of how you might. Value or. Or measure. When anti RCA is going to closed down below we have no plans to close their candidate and greens so. I don't play. It. And I the only ale. Exactly so the sooner the better. Absolutely ladies a fabulous shot I hate time ran out on us if we ever have another opportunity. To talk about this will you please come. On the program are so what we will communicate on that I wanna thank you Pam Salisbury good to have you back home girl. Eight on every go ask. We're going to make Lori honorary. And welcoming her exit the Carolinas all the way out on the West Coast Lori Dana I appreciate you both of you for what you do. And if oh you're so welcome thank you and I wanna extend that on behalf of our radio family and our listeners. Who may not have the opportunity to to speak to either one of you directly. I wanna extend a thank you from them to the both of you I really appreciate it welcome to the community focused family. You're so well go and I hate having a Q I really appreciate that you're very welcome. And thank you radio family for the good things that you were doing in our communities and reaching out. Your neighbors your friends loved ones anyone that has been impacted by this tornado and severe storms. You have the information please act on it as quickly as you possibly can't. And thank you for your great company no goodbyes from me ladies just until next time so until that next time and enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this week and as we've ranked. Another addition of community focus to a close take care.