The Conversation About Mental Health With Candice Jackson

Wednesday, August 9th


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This is the best. A hot topic that is not talked about it's the conversation that we need to have about middle hill. In the black community and you are tell us a little bit about what you do. Yeah so I in January OPEC accounts some practice in Thomas who knocked on his penthouse and I consulting practice we provide counseling services for individuals. And families of couples. Well we also do some console to alert. That churches community organizations. Who systems. And we also do just some community oriented events are really shocked to be a community engaged. Practice culturally responsive practice and so. Whatever is going on in the community that you know full sister and we need to be talking about well not really talking about moon. We organize and those types of advanced sound. In January we had mental health and the black churches in a mystery you know into the top link and there are other events we have one in March raise an hour black police move you know that's a hot topic absolutely absolutely. Come what I do on my. We'll have one in October domestic violence with her faith and within our faith communities having that conversation. But I also just other things samples are gonna walk into a counselor and I'll answer it for help. But they will engage in self Kieran types of activities and panel. You know just from Madison self care activities sister circle type it is. Some of those. I charged for about others and those are free and open to the public and as I really want people to have speak for mental health services to be accessible riot. Now why do you think it is that. Mental health in our community is something that reaches age is. Seems taboo we don't talk about a week. We don't have sheldrake. You know we don't you know ask for help we don't reach out and help try to help others you know who we may see. It is having problems we just kind of old S is Mary is she crazy TI you know London and then next thing you know all marries got a nice and she's though not to kill somebody who. You know because she didn't get the help that she needed I. Ray I think there are lots of reasons behind that one and is accessibility. That we eat. Don't normally have access to quality mental health services and our. Communities. An asbestos effect ams often times we present. After the issue has gotten so bam right in. At hospitals and emergency rounds and so we might say. For 72 hours on a psychiatric war but really in in don't you uranium was better than they know hill rain drag the deal what happens is. We have this Kasper had ache. I'm treatment know all Golan the year you know online medication management and so ends up being aware Miree. You know deals after Guillen Miree you know it's gotten so bad as in Mary. Pulled out a knife or gun on herself for Ross someone else pray. But we also know that there are issues with Arab distrust we and our culture have a lot of distrust. Medical professionals but more cells specifically mental health professionals we will go to the doctor if we fill aren't. We are have been some issues with diabetes are tablet pressure you know but will we really seek out. Mental health professional right and there are some distress there. Who rightfully so a lot of our feel. In emcee I'm on health professionals. Is built on our was developed by our white males. I'm who didn't necessarily have the interest of minorities now around black folks at the right for them. My and so. And that has shifted and that has changed a lot away. But we also know that we were raised who it is. What happens in our house we see and I happened yep I mean I don't know anyone in my circle who has not been told that at some point prank. And so we are tolerances to kind of keep these scenes that silly secretly keep these things within our home to protect our sales protect our sales from our extended family or. Or other folks. A lot of image via our image protect our image with all those that they were querying we don't want most in thing we don't have it together. Officially there's two other big ones I don't think we talked about it enough and that is. We as a people learned to seek treatment with an hour. Churches yet and SO reminding us just say yeah it and that. A has served us well in a lot of ways to lose money many of our pastors and many of our leaders in ministry will say. They don't have the train in the C rank and helped me to treat mental health diagnoses right way right they're more than happy to talk with do you have provide she was a spiritual guide and them and that they they don't have that train time and then the other pieces. Often times we have been told. I've been told this I hear my clients say it is. We've been so we you know. CEO Graham hide your mama you're great grandma your she's uncles I mean look at everything we've been through it a million people. You feeling that think they match ancestors you can even just think about was going on today rank an and less affected us. In terms of society and look they were so strong we should not be sharp line all right and read is that's an untruth and we're still in guitar sales all right we're telling our sales say it to my momma can of into what she endured tour of you know if if my grandma and to a wishy into where why and passionately and take care of my key is right now why Iraq. Shuttle of depression. That we suffer inside right I mean this is very new lots there are a lot of reasons why we seem to be quiet about it. But those are just some of the main ones that come come to me do you think that some. On the cost of care may have something to do it is now. I think that goes into its assessed ability enemy equality mental health care often times com home. And I think it's important for Pete people sometimes have a hard time. I'm realizing that even if they don't have treatment even if they don't have insurance it's still seek treatment folks like me who lunacy you. Without pay. Was no judgment provides you with the same quality of services as I was almost painful price rang recession. Who does anyone copier insurance. There also you know people just have questions about how do I initiated even if I have health insurance. Who do I need a car if you do I need a referral from our our passion and Iranian mental health professional. So lots and lots of questions about cost people often times concerned about. You know do I and I need to pay for these expensive diagnostic tests on psychiatric evaluation and move. And I till foes if they can just reach out and make the call right. More times than not the purse and the mental health providers and speaking with whether they can help them or not it's going to be willing to please demand the right direction and help them work through that kind of Mae east. Fox the the cost is definitely a factor for Fazio last up close with health insurance to. Don't even go see their primary physicians alone mental health professionals about the specialist right thing. From what advice would you give to somebody who. Maybe struggling. Maybe a bit apprehensive about getting help from what what would you what advice would you give Emerson met. You know may hear this interview and end. Don't know what the first step is writing today. One of the things our tails and is in this is just to normalize it. This substance abuse and mental health administration to the government essayist. Pat won an interest again. Children and one in five adults and they're gonna struggle sometimes mental illness and that's not even to connect our population. All Americans are moved from the we also know two enemies are licking their racial and ethnic minorities specifically black Americans. Those numbers are elevated from OK and mental illness. Is a leading cause of disability in the United States in two thirds of the people aren't gonna seek treatment. Okay all right and so I just like to normalize it first from people who are hesitant to seek treatment. We need to normalize them they when you look at our population and you look at black folks may have black Meehan are four times more likely to die by suicide that are black women okay. As soon as they used a more lethal means than black women. But also. As a people for black man in black women were 70% less likely to die by suicide then then white votes okay. So that also goes to show you that there's some resilience and her name strength there but please don't be confused and think that our black women are shuttling there's been a lot of Diana. A lot of talk a lot of commentary lately national black woman syndrome and I I do a lot of that to this one my interest but. It's important for us to recognize our black when national premature. Death. Due to things like high blood pressure stroke. Heart heart issues rank those are directly tied to psychological stress has a lot of laps that just our diet we're talking about the diet we're not talking about distressed. As I just wanted to normalize that first time and being tailed them. It is OK. It is okay to not be okay. You do not have to carry your birdies and all your family spurred institute. You don't have to you know strains and Silas had not the same thing there's a real erratic arm between. Be as self reliant being independent being charm and being self aware americanize and when you need some help from. Will be better for. For our sales individually and our babies' actual Ryan brown we are able to start these conversations in our homes. In our relationship to bin date are more likely to train CNN's tower workplaces and terraced land systems and our churches from and ultimately it's our communities we really need a a cultural shift as seriously when it comes to. And I know you know that he is PL and they have hit me on the show but we really need to have. A cultural shift yes sounds to help seek an. With and I and normal lab to help seek him. They use I just want people to know that it's okay to follow far it's OK to break down it is okay to. To seek treatment to pray at the same time trying to. You know had to have these are nice and opening conversations. And so many times. We see when other people and our family and in our communities are not okay but instead of reaching out. We either shun them we did you know say they're crazy move. Or are we just ignore it because we don't know how to have the car I I know what to say we don't know how to reach out. And the biggest thing I can tell someone to do is one be honest with yourself when your shuttle and can you gotta be wilfried helps when exactly exactly. Will you be honest with yourself and you are are nice to have those conversations with people around you you're empowering them under the MB aren't as Bryant's very open that door without even asking them are you okay what did you tell them that you're not okay frankly tell them how you made it through a tour. Episode of depression and try but is secondly we see this someone is not okay. Do you support her right. Volunteer to go into the doctor Helton to make the appointment of and be really careful with the language we use in around them move. Moon we're talking about folks time. Who are struggling with mental illness who possess gonna kinda shut them up before before they ever open on her I know if we begin negatively about. You know. Because in the area or was being native about a isn't he soon moved him you know shuttling depression now or even struggled with alcohol and turn abuse most on relapse. I highly drug abuse of both diagnosed with a mental illness. And we are. We really struggled him in the black community was shown compassion to analyze and a lot of people you know. Self medicate. Yes to cover up those issues that they may be you know struggling with moon and that's just like you know compound in the problem right yeah hey you know they need to none out that you need to have some sort of relief room and we don't recognize that a lot of issues that they've been shown live. It buried so deep sleep they've been silent for so long that they get to the plan when they resort to some type you know of recreational drug use or you know abuse of prescription medication. And and now we we just look at it is being they know they need to stop doing it right really. That's all they know home phone Booth because that's what's provided them with some type a temporary relief for a right but the conversation. Needs to be head and then it needs to start. Would you agree in the home I would agree yeah in our homes yes if we start the conversation in our homes in our and I dinner tables. With our partners is theory there's so many foes to a shuttle is mental illness and their partners and even now right. If we haven't conversations I mean this huge myth that our babies and children are struggling. Most mental illnesses assigns will be shown before age fourteen to allow and so is important for us to be open and honest had these candid conversations in our homes so that they can filter out. My ass out of our homes and ultimately so that we as a people feel more comfortable. You know acting is really interest in the know how many celebrities have come out and yes I think he moved. You know we we idolize Hallie and and and fantasia and Serena and they've all come out talked about don't shows ration right. We know how Don Cornelius now he died and eight we. The guy Rihanna had delayed Donny Hathaway now in the hands Diana and I know I'm some of these foes we don't hear about right if struggle and to their family tells us after a riot. That is important for us we see these celebrities samples and we'll talk about it the man who. The wind is an ever make its way into our homes right open up and talk about I'm shuttle's skin or our own family members show I think because the stigma. You know it is so great so great you know it was about coming out this and AM I'm struggling when he fresh and orange and you know. They insomnia even you know yeah via a so it's it's Saddam. It's a subject that needs to be broad stimulus really nieces. We need to be honest about you know what's gone on because even. Now with the current state. A love affair is you know the social climate yes it can compound. Things as well yeah and make things worse and especially if you're having trouble dealing in that you're data daylight improves imagine dealing with is seeing you know what's going on then it in Capitol Hill was caught on in our own neighborhood the site via. For and I'm definitely not one to push this this untruth that I'll laugh coastal living in poverty are live NN. You know primary wrangling right the we also know that for for black people who are. They are three times more likely to struggle sometimes a psychological distress. They are suddenly with PT AC more often major depressive disorder more often and then and we also know that like you say we consider our social climate. How many times. Do we really see and think about we'd look at these videos are black Meehan being keel the impact that this happened on us rain. Lou raisin by police are trying to move our armed black girls are our own hand. How many times do we really see and think about. Some hateful reiterate that we CN on social media team lean on these videos and how that you know really gay since our spirits are can't. That. Along with our everyday stress or who had the negative impact on our man I'll end and we're not recognized and where is the Leanne K and then this is should we normalize this film let them move we as a people have normal I knew. These racially to Rochester so much and we don't we don't really see and think about the impact that happened on and it's happening so much that we have become desensitized yet so we just. Done Netherlands the site on other person that killed all right now. And we go on about it you know again they analyze the daily job you know just another day I'm in now realizing how it could be affecting us until we start may be acting out the acting out in different lay my. Mania. I tell my clients all the time at the same way your physical by the he'd get seek your mind can get them. And this important for us. To recognize and recognize it and we've asked for help that is a sign of strength that's absolutely sweetness absolutely but we first got to be honest Lucas yeah absolutely right. Now tell me about some of the end of the community programs that you participating in. So some things that we're doing an with TC three is we're trying to be responsive to the community so we hear about a need in the community. We hear about you know way that we can partner with the communities fassel we wanted to okay. So that may mean bring an end panelists so often times I have folks who are college professors and also mental health professional practitioners of in their own community. Unfolds in the church time to the panel that I did in January. And then have to back you mean you asking it to believers on that panel long enough he talked about their own shovel with mental illness. Initially and it was one of the most moving experiences for me now to see all the hands that went up in the audience of folks who share their own story while. About their struggle with mental illness and in their car struggle in their shuttle of overcoming rang as Phil black set these up to be conversations. To see that actually hacked and let folks opening up is really powerful and move and because I have no doubt. Does that empower other folks drank or and be honest with the same reason with the rays and I'm black boys was another conversation that we hand. And that that ended up sparking. The panelists in the community members of I think let me ask you can have these conversations. How to we act apartment and that ended up sparked and one of the panelists. Might burned to initiate. A book track to promote literacy in the in the Thomas do community so we can partner with the barber shop couldn't and Thomas Ian if you give label exe on children help these back to school tries not acceptable acceptable bad idea. Was books. Nudges. Looks that they might typically Siegel books where they can see people who look like Dan who moved. There are there's one coming up in October we'll talk about how to have a conversation our faith communities about domestic violence allow. We're not really talking about that either at all eyes and I mental illness and our Brothers and processed and money. Mum but we'll have those types of conversations in the and other other things. There is a huge symposium going on in October. I'm in Charlotte in this about black mental health ten I want by the name of the tiniest Summers who has her own. Practiced down there whose goodness sound or professionals. All over Aaron. Is ME spread across many states will commandeer a move they work primarily with black folks in their common share that expertise with other practitioners to talk about. Issues within our communities and how do we address those issues in a way this culturally sensitive defense. And when and where is it going to be dressed in Charlotte and is September 22 us Friday okay. But there's also a huge conference going on and and high point. Always a lady. His haven't has lived. Obviously it's a nonprofit organization live. But he should Tillman and and her conference is. Open to women of all ages all generations at high point and kind and alone you know. When the things I talk about on that helmet panelists is self care how do we care for our sales as women. So that we can go back into our homes and be generic terms or rioters are going to be the first got to make sure we're taking camps. Alou play absolutely well thank you so much for obvious you're doing. In the community especially to you know. Pushed a conversation. On them in 2000 our community. How can that people get into to deal if they need help Clinton also women need help and they want to. You know figure out first step. Stan. So I mean Thomas they're my colleague national how lame but I can also be reached by phone at 3364749003. Think it I house that can be reached. And you can go to my website Pahlavi the simplest of feminists say the best www. TC three. That's heat for Thomas we'll see for counseling consulting coach and so TC three online dot com impact Hamas science social media networks adamant TC three on time. But Candice Jackson. Start the conversation. About mental health in our community thank you so much thank you for Senator McCain and then.