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Returning with another weekend edition of community focus heard every Saturday and Sunday mornings on our intercom stations thank you very much radio family for your attentive ear to today's topic of discussion. With the color of recent women's community council based in Greensboro, North Carolina so a very local entity. That devotes their energy to community service and efficacy for women and to do so passionately. For communities often. Marginalized. And under represented. With a mission and vision to and a fly and embolden those same communities. Through activities and encourage Sharif autonomy. Community and even self awareness and to share more on that. And an upcoming events that you radio family. And the community as a whole can be a part of joining me Rene Vonn is severe bricks Cynthia good morning and welcome as a. There was a member of the community focused heavily this morning. And miss Cynthia I think I may have answered the first question of the morning and please forgive me. For overstepping you answering the question but what is the mission of the women's community council commissioner and they women's community council is to. To engage embrace any empower the community about up lifting young women through leadership development. And encouraging community service and into Casey. Thank you Visanthe unlike the way he said it better. And share with us for those who may not be familiar with the term what is meant by marginalized communities. Marginalized communities. I mean sometimes that. Some community is do not get stuck in the I don't think they always get the noticed as much as other some other communities. Until we wanted to draw out the importance of young women in these communities and. Camp Leo to become successful. And that the amount that there is a possibility that they can do while things. If they would total in those two work toward their skills. Get an education. Do community service are those things are very important. In becoming successful slowly doesn't manner. What community you're from you can become successful. Absolutely in nicely said been Cynthia. No talk about the four main points you have and stress in all of your activities where are those exactly. The main points that we stress down about activities. The leadership. We would like young women always feel that they hand the strong leadership skills. Financial literacy is extremely impaired tint. Life ski deals very very important as well as professional development it. Very good. Know what type of things since the council due to help our various and diverse communities the council does so many different things one of the programs that I'm very pleased with that we do annually is valid domestic violence. Awareness for whom we also do a healthy life staff symposium. Each year. We do. Al girls' leadership by design and program each heel which is very very successful with the young women between the ages of age fourteen and eighteen years of age. And we also do how my father daughter that day it extra money near annually. Which is our largest fund raiser for the year. As certainly looking forward to hearing the particulars on this annual event. Until then I'd to wanna ask you since Theo with the recent scandals that have made headlines in Hollywood with Harvey Weinstein a host of other. Powerful men. How would you address situations like these with our young women. First and foremost. You as a young woman. Should be confident and we hope to instill enough companies in our young women to always steal there truth. Telling the truth about what do you feel and how you feel is extremely impaired to. Show whenever you do that too. And you bring it to the people in leadership. I think most of your problems will be addressed. So always remember to be confident in who you are and to use truth. Spot on miss Cynthia and perhaps to add to that for our young women and ladies listening here this morning on the week in addition of community focused. Don't be afraid. Or intimidated. To go to someone who is willing to listen TU and in addition to listening. Are also willing to how you to address that particular issue. Absolutely. Absolutely at Connecticut city manner I appreciate that miss Cynthia but the real thanks goes to you. And to all who are involved with the women's community council in providing that needed help and speaking of which discussed the areas that you serve. We serve our areas. All of the children from different areas some income high point of going as well also rounding area is a welcome. We opened this two women that the and that they what to be a part in order to grow in the coming out even though they're doing very well be a very bright. In school in high school. There are things sometimes that they don't have an opportunity to grasp as much in. In the classroom as they do in other outside programs. Has collapsed programs. I designed to us she is with their learning. It's deals and to encourage the M to be successful and that is one of the reasons we bring in. Professional people to share things such as financial literacy to talk to them about the importance. Of having good credit. We also bring in Peabody Toppert do amount life's deals. Just living everyday life is extremely important. Mean we have people come talking about entrepreneurship. About. You can own your own business CTG's two and how to start that. And we have to get re solicit for those types of dangers so all of those things and employment and professional development. Learning to be professional in any arena they keep choose to go only to. And very important area is indeed to injure us. Especially miss him DNA if we're talking about a woman who is a single parent raising a child or her children. She may even work more than one job working several hours at a time. And here are those situations in which they may not even be aware of the programs that are out there and available. By means of caloric recent women's community council. You absolutely correct and that is where we TO wit that we can channel fill alone in the each with these young women. And it now program the space in the one that we just didn't starting in September 2017. We had no life skills program and all of those other three segments that went along with that and the class is what full each each week he and children getting apple set in the morning because they hunger for knowledge. Of these particular steals he had and they were very engaged and we weren't extremely pleased with the outcome wonderful. And these programs or services do you provide funding. To keep going and you mentioned to us earlier. And here's where Cynthia you can indeed share the particulars all the details about what won't be. In its fifth year congratulations. Share with us about the father daughter dance. All of the father done this isn't very extraordinary. Easy yet it is square the young women. And Meehan get an opportunity to dress up in their very advanced come out to an edict. To engage with the end family members. And we also it is a politically is program when they danced. They also we have a keynote speaker each year. We found I have a silent auction there we play games with them it is a full family. ED an even though it is entitled filed a daughter we have mothers come and who bring their daughter as we ham. Mothers to come and who bring their Stearns grandparents. Uncle's home amber is a very employment. Figure in that person's July 8 and so we want to invite everyone to come out from aged three to. 103. To enjoy this because we have parents that trail went to come to be with there's children and come out to these eating its annual. And I just love which is set three to a hundred and Terry. And loving your great company as well already a family thank you so much for tuning into the weekend edition of community focused. Heard on our intercom stations thank you for joining me Rene Von. Along with the lovely Cynthia Rex she is founder of the color of reason. Women's community council strength. Tommy community self awareness. The advocacy programs that they provide here in Greensboro, North Carolina include literacy programs. Scholarship programs. And a whole lot more in fact some of the recent programs. Have included the young women's leadership and mentoring. Program parents for education. Achievement advocacy program. Read to achieve literacy program. Color of reason to succeed scholarship program. And current trends and issues monthly discussion forums and Cynthia was just mentioning. It is the annual going on its fifty year. Father and daughter dance extraordinaire. A semi formal event that you have the invitation. To be apart out. And Nelson dear let's discuss the event it was talked about last year how to go out. Absolutely awesome. Had a big large crowds. If they won't was so excited to be there. We played a lot of games. We had a lot of pump people involved in the silent auction we have and the keynote speaker was outstanding. His name was not English quickly who's who represented did here in North Carolina he he came out he was a key note speaker. And talked about the importance of his daughters in his life. And will have someone. Speaking this year. About the importance of a father daughter bonding in their labs and and others and we have Mother's Day it. Played major roles in their children last Al returning. And other family members but it is just important. Two income is lit and fathers and daughters know the importance of that town relationship because it. Heads in many instances to lead the children known to be. Very successful nicely sent. And it is a wonderful opportunity to get in dressed up to look your best for that one special occasion but there's also an underlying. Point in having this event and where and when it takes place. It used. The underlying point being that the relationship beef between a father and order is extremely important. And eat it it goes mostly to elect the day is though. The important role that they play in their daughters Lance and put medium to be able to couldn't make with that. And and. Does spin that quality time with the daughters. Easiest overwhelming. And you concede the goalie in the joy in each of their ads when they. Coming into the ED it. And assuming down the stairs and getting their photos taken it is an awesome awesome edict. So they always very pleased and down we just have a wonderful time to get the that is a very special moment that neither will ever forget it. And Cynthia A shear is a beautiful way and opportunity. For daughters to see their fathers. In the role as a male or as a man and how they can be treated. As a female or as they become older. And start relationships. And possibly families of their own they can see first hand. How wonderful it is to be treated by your male who will treat her with the utmost respect as they continued to grow up. It absolutely. Is. And this is one of the reasons that we thought this would be a Grady didn't fall out fund raiser each year was to show young ladies how they are to be treated. Because most women judge the males in their last match their game it's and that is extremely important. It to him and against Cynthia we want to re emphasized to our community focus Stanley this morning. Here on the weekend edition of community focus that this upcoming event is not just restricted or only for. Fathers and daughters. It absolutely is not is that stated earlier it is in Tyler's father daughter but we have mothers. Condit come in and bring their daughters we have mothers sometimes come in and bring their sons. It is a family edict for the most part but it started out being toddler daughter dais and it's so beautifully he did so it is basically up AM ED it'll come out and join us. Any joy on not table where the seventeen. At the impanel room downtown going Saddam. And that was certainly going to be missed Cynthia my next question thank you for sharing the date of the event and the location as well. Now how do our lists nurse our community focused family. Get involved in getting this tickets. People can get tickets by going to our website. At WWW. Color of reason dot org and there's a link they are all they can go to ED it right. There's also a FaceBook page on our web site to a date used to be able to link up with and get your ticket. It's and let me ask you this is well if things simply just go to color were breezing confirming information there. If they just go color a reason. Dot org they should be able to to find its. Excellent isn't here where do the proceeds of the event go to him. Many of the proceeds will go to our girls' leadership by design and program that we have annually. It would also go to that EDS that we have in the organization is William but. The majority of the proceeds will go to Al girls' leadership mag designed program. We also while we speaking on that implementing other programs this year. To hip now we young women learn how to take a standardized test data. Because there is there has a key to testing will in some people do not hits will. Any any if we can show the am certain ways to. I tasted better they will play and then in the in they would have him highest scores doing their testing we do when they take this in an iced tea. Asked and again ready a family we want to you re emphasize as well that when you go to color of recent. Dot com you can see first hand and get more information about the various. Advocacy. Programs. That are included with the color of reason women's community council again there in Greensboro. It includes certain literacy programs along with a scholarship programs. And a whole lot more and it's this was mentioned earlier. Different things and include the color of reason to succeed scholarship program. The program parents for education achievement advocacy program even on how you can volunteer your time. And become a part. Arm the color of reason. Women's community council in Greensboro so he could become a part of the advocacy program as well. Miss Cynthia let's do a little recap all the pertinent information that you have so wonderfully shared. For those who may just be joining us here on the weekend edition of community focused. And want to be a part of again the color of reason women's counsel women's community council. And your fifth annual father and daughter dance extraordinaire. The father daughter dance. Is going to be able lawyers seventeenth at that time will be from 6:30 PM until 10:30 PM it would be hailed that the impact our room located at 203 sap AM street greens Borough North Carolina. The tickets will be 35 dollars. Her adult and one parent. And a child under the age of eighteen. Can come in on that 13 at bat valid ticket additional children under the age of eighteen will be twenty dollars per child and went in person over the age of eighteen it would be 30000 dollars whether it's a daughter on if you're eighteen over it would be a thirty Thad Allen Tiki. And thank you again for the clarification and Cynthia wind putting on a big event such as this you obviously. So you certainly can take this opportunity to make mention of all the wonderful hope. That went into assisting you on this talk about theory sponsors. EA sweet love to me to some amassed sponsors as well as at some of that donors. Blow jaguar own wind over avenue in Wales Fargo. We're so pleased to have him. They were sponsors blame CN Ambac on warning in DC because they were very pleased with the outcome and we have other donors that participates and hips with this edict. And down will have that anymore forthcoming. As we get closer to out father Notre Dame program. And Cynthia once again to make sure that members of our community focus Stanley. Visit the website it has often and to learn about the various programs. That you do provide and to get additional information about the father and daughter dance ashore near again they need to go to color of reason. Dot com. Yes absolutely that is correct more information about what we do is on the web site so please sound. Go to our web site and see what's available there. And we hope to see you at our largest fund raiser to comment on ending it on February 17. And again the location of radio family to add to that is the empire room. Two military south elm street downtown Greensboro is your physical location. And Cynthia I would also like to add a couple of numbers and our listeners can also call if they should need additional ticket information. One being area code 336. 7062239. Or 3367060936. So again both numbers with the same area code of 336. The first number 7062239. Or 7060936. Once again she is the founder of the color of reason and women's community council. In Greensboro Cynthia ricks thank you so much for the wonderful company and the great information here on the week in addition. Off community focus and welcome to the community focused I am thinking so much and you are so welcome. And thank you rid your family I know you are doing some wonderful things in our communities as well. Please keep up the good work and thank you for the great company here. On the weekend edition of community focus and of course any time that you join this year on Saturday and Sunday mornings. No this is well you can also catch. These wonderful. One on one conversations with members of our community focus Stanley. Win that you go to our podcast. At WQLG. Dot com. Until that next time as there are no good size. I'm Renee Von thank you again for your great company wrapping up another week in addition of community focus and certainly hoping. That you enjoy not only the rest of this day but the rest of your weekend. As well until that next time take care.