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Good morning radio Stanley welcome another weekend edition of community focused so wonderful. To be back with you every Saturday and Sunday morning. You're not Entercom stations not only a great opportunity. To have your company. But let me tell you the company of members of our community focused family islet. Forward to this time of the morning. Every weekend. And today. Is really a wonderful day to share with you about this particular year. 2018. Is the year hash tag opportunity. Had been a part of a community of doped. As said. Go low and getting the sisters who wanna see you shine. Is hash tag powerful as rank and that is just the beginning. She set ten X ground lady biz men yes may. Good morning see you welcome back families give more thing I try and how are you know when I'm sure you're doing great out there we're gonna give you some other things to make your day even that absolutely and it's good to see you always looking spat do you lesson mama thank you so much welcome I don't wanna come deceiving man I'll now. But I tell you what you always bring the beauty you bring the knowledge she's saying to you and we're definitely gonna make sure dad that knowledge she heard you on the weekend edition of community focused as we have an exciting of that yes we did that first of all I want to personally say thank GO. Because like it to be apart of this yes when I thought about who could be a hostess with the most is that waiting to age people in that people just love already. It couldn't be any better than me sane and grenade current or you that the stuff I'm tell you saw earlier this year thank you Renee yeah. Let's go ahead and see if she's available so I'm glad that she'll be there when I announced it. People like oh my goodness I'm preliminary and I just like. As Renee Vonage so I think that people lab they might be even more excited to see you the panelists oh now hopefully you know whether I was a part of the event or not just thank you for always thinking about me she said I really do appreciate it. And with that radio famine let's make this announcement we are hash tag brown girls winning that's right that is bringing back class. Natural beauty intelligence focus entrepreneur or shipped. And self respect because we are work that. And. Hash tag representation matters as I follow the movement. B and hash tag opportunist who looks for hash tag collaboration. Over competition yeah so as you mentioned she sent. Awesome panelists a total of four yep we're gonna breed representing everything that I just mentioned exactly. And really sending. Out a message to those who are phenomenal amount. Those who are. That of the creed of spirit definitely individuals. Who are such a representation I'm obsessed. And especially when we talk about women. And the empowerment. Who that I think a lot of times we don't always give each other. We don't always see Datsyuk absolutely eat I think that just in general I think women. And I'm gonna say this because it is a difference I think confident women. Have no problem complementing somebody else exam you know whistle is just that little little piece of you where we are you see somebody else this doing today. And it's kind of like a virtual half had exactly where my rear half fast you know just dependent on earth type personality that you have and I Aqua wing you can see somebody else that's doing something great and be inspired by in and not intimidated like I think that makes a big difference and sell. We eat now especially the reality TV don't get to see as many. Visual images and of us loving each other of lessons that point each other and it has respect him ourselves. And sell I think that that's something that we need to bring back in and make F forefront issue for people is to see that we do respect ourselves and we do respect each other. And then holding a community over competition Israeli. Look we don't work together and no but maybe we weren't together but I still respect what you don't and so it could be a combination and those writings very and it is just my eight. I can applaud somebody else Fernando is something great and still not demy like that I have gone on and I think that's really what we want women to. Understand what we're talking about brown girls went into other thing is. Brown girls often times are marginalized and so when you see women that are really powerful that are doing certain things they don't look like us. So you know this whole thing is to release saying we want to see women that look like as doing positive things in the community and we wanna highlight them they don't need to be a reality star but its okay if they aren't they don't need to be a celebrity they are real everyday women my UN me exact that deserve people to know the great works that you don't mind. And thank you for recognizing that she says and wanting others to recognize in themselves. So that really is a good description of what is brown girls winning that's right yes. Let me ask you this what is. Or why rather is the better question representation so important why focus on that particular word in general I think that the biggest. About representation is that we take it you know just literally what does it mean then you know what we're looking to see other people there we want to inspire arrest. That's the thing that turns us from being a little girls and two grown women as so if we're looking at what the little girls have to look at nowadays. Am you know. Dare actions tend to be limited when you see the things that are really being highlighted in only sell out sat image is really being how I didn't I'm not talking about just who make up and feeling good instincts here I'm talking about. You know injections and and body augmentation is not and you know just that things enemy even sometimes down to the here in enemy. I see people that will spin. What a moron hair but then when it comes to them when the start a business they don't have the money to do it exactly know or you know deal be certain things that it pops up and we have the money did today but we don't invest in ourselves and sometimes and I children insult if you took that money and you really say it will let me help my kids start a business half. And what can be did you instantly a little girlie little boy. That they can be entrepreneurial at a young age and I think that that's a look at one of the things that we're kind of missing so that representation of a person that's strong. But as best I am working with other people and that's really. Trying to better themselves and that's what we need to see more. Absolutely and that's definitely ready to family what you're gonna see as part. A brown girls winning which by the way she's so let's go ahead and just get the information as to will all of us can gather that's right everybody Gavin Grant. Iron are. Sir I think the international civil rights museum. And the date for this is going to be Saturday march 20 fours are strong fourth best so mark you calendars and mark this date it begins at two and will be until. 6 PM yeah. And she's so I'm going to share with our listeners semis sessions gonna take place. Between. 230 and 330s after racked exact outcast. To make sure exam so it's on the record now. Right now it's really people which means people we need you in the building so should you be on time I ain't CP time no see peak time we need you want sounds so far is why you'll get their their first thirty minutes it. And you'll be able to shop at Palomar exhibitors they'll be set up you can network with other people that had the air and we're also gonna have arm a photo Booth set ups he can take pictures early if you choose to his slept. You can do all of that and the angle into the session that we then have that Aaron Brown girls link panel. And damn it gives you the whole entire day we have kind of broken out so that this way. You give it multiple workshops and things throughout the course of the bank. Excellent. M and speaking of which that panel and that great representation she said that's going to be there. Come Saturday march 24 let's talk about some of the secrecy any upcoming this year. We are sound so. As one person that I know that you love is alana now and alana with I am a queen. She is now I'm working at the ANC you know being in charge of putting out a homecoming stuff together and she is always pulled in a lot of different directions trying. Because that's what happens when you're great at what she did a com and so one of the things I love about a lot is that whenever I ask had to do something you know how we try to make sure that is beneficial that it definitely helps promote her organization. And sell if he decided she'd like to don't donate time McQueen. Feel free to bring a couple extra dollars and in this way that'll help them with whatever their programming is because I know they have this summer programs not apps. You know there always doing things to get to the home list console arms she's definitely going to be there and I think a lot of is a powerful person because she's ours though. Then somebody that's gone through I'm child molestation. And so that's a different perspective when we talked about representation matters because. You know she's on those people that let you know that you can be successful after you've had something that was you know traumatized in you salad and in turn into a productive adults very sure helps other women yes and alana is I'm with you she's she's absolutely amazing. And who else do we have joining us we also had she'll make a wireless Sanjay he has natural here sweet and she just happens to be our my natural stylist. Fashion meets one thing that to say about her is that I was impressed with parent. From when I first met her when I first met her she S needed some Markkanen staffer Karen I came in and I held to with some marketing staff but the thing that was so great was thin. She just always had a full roster you know she was never like looking for all but she just needed to just. Find sown the messaging that when now runs so she is finding herself in aid transition period now. Where is why you know what I have so many clients and how also need to make time for my myself my husband my kids. And you know adding other product lines on an inch is doing other things to run our business so I noticed when the women out daylight current data in transition. That's something this good but to see this something else can be better dry and so with Harris really kind of let's talk about balancing mainly some in this business let's talk about that personal relationships. And you know how you still make money and sold those things to me are important at Nellis a lot of women like that oh absolutely. And our next panelist will pay the Nextel as we have mr. Reid and she is a DC native found she is in Charlotte right now and so she has they did they jabbed a good W zero thanks button isn't free has branded herself. Because she has blocks. And she's brand herself as just a beautiful natural woman. And I think that that's something to be admired especially when we do is solve black panther right asks so what we're talking about the whole thing and even when a quiet she took off the week what you know that you have somebody like misery that has locks are laid down to her but you've known and to me is like that patients that it's hey he's holed definite setting role that I have is one thing but then also just make an England did and madness and held in the end I'll play Eagles and so while whole lifestyle brand that you know a lot of times kind of does revolve around your here. Let it it definitely is one of those things where she's been able to brand herself to where other brands are coming to hire and to help market their products absolutely yes and that brings us to our fourth and final panelists yes and Arafat their final panelist is Whitney hound she's city GDP she is based out of Winston-Salem and she is really reaching that demographic as strike listen I got out of college would lag demand rights. What I did. Did it myself exactly interested in in how can and then take that and built a brand around NM monetize it and I think that that's an important thing too because. Now what happens have to get out of correlates let me know. Program for that exact no platform for that so it's like you get out of college and they expect okay go get a job but what if you're creative. And you wanna do something with that you have to figure out how to channel that into something this going to be worthwhile in this gonna make a business out of it has come and sell. EC exe Santa word business over and over again because part of what I want people to give from this is that. They have power within them. They have the ability to do things they just need to find out what that thing is that they wanna do so does this way they can't turn this Gillen to something they can make money for them. And to have an event that really focuses on individual needs of the community is absolutely amazing and to have it. Inside a place that really is well known she said not only in and around Greensboro, North Carolina. The world nationally and internationally when you talk about the international civil rights museum. And when you just equate the history alone. Of this area. It just only seems fitting. That not only is this an opportunity to take a look at our past and then but it's also wonderful opportunity to see all the wonderful things we can do for the future going for. Definitely I think that's one of the things that the civil rights museum wants to do they want to. Have a focus of course on the things that already had nothing but you have to look at the fact that we're making history every day exactly celled. What is important what is impact Fultz of the community now that aligns with what the civil rights museum is about. And I think that making women a priority. And because when you go back when you look at the civil rights moving you see that he had there was a lot of men that were involved but there she is. Many women never tells women they are too you know demo lab staring cousins and this is now nineteen and all of that and cell. You know sometimes dull stories don't get pushed to the fourth ranked it seems like if it was comments on that I go back to black panther but literally the first man can't there's is seems right. The women were such a force in and then you know in celled. Guess one of those things where historically is an important thing it is important to me to be at a place that recognizes. That. We are making history now content and radio family the opportunity first and foremost you have the invitation to be a part a brown girls winning. And she say is so good to have you back family. How my eleven year I'll have a happy new year here. Likewise love having you here because that means we got a whole aborted talks about I'm real excited about that so let us ready a fairly as quickly as we can't. Take this commercial break and then we're definitely returning much more of the week in addition a community focus will be back. But we get additional community focus thank you radio Stanley wonderful company has always another weekend. To talk about good people doing some good things in our communities thank you for tuning in Saturday and Sunday mornings here and are intercom stations. Joining me Rene Vaughn and of course I have the one and only cheese set. An ex brown CEO of lady business. And our great conversation she said I am really excited about this and I wanna get a radio family just as equally exciting already a family and being prepared to be a part of brown girls winning. We were discussing a first after the show. It's going to be Saturday march 24 two to 6 PM. At the international civil rights museum. Which old she's wont try to do this from memory at 134. South elm street yet out. I'd. Get out that girls in Connecticut yeah. As well. And worry list things just don't. Downtown diaries and write down exactly where did you know that some rest and we do before Google I should address it you know we remembered staff. He was Smart or. Because I. Isn't very few phone numbers I even remember now here I mean that's the same way but it's just by phone numbers known exactly I used to be able to remember like. A whole set of credit card numbers and expiration in in well. Angle CEO. Oh crap I can still had to have a license number but listening I used to be able to just remember yeah and now my. I don't know let me go to math on exactly in this same vein when you have various passwords. As word goes to get into what you know ex lions again. And sometimes I get in crisscrossed and I'm like remember this. Habits. It. And yet oppressed by that hey Larry I live right. And he's got a. Our way around and fit and they're always telling you would don't leave it on your person for somebody else to you know probably try to steal would take from you which does don't understand. Now and you know what I said that I would never concern going apple came out and they were like using it pampering yeah. And I was I still invasive and I gonna do that yes Annie that and bring it isn't on the F ma am so somebody would have the cut this mean profit taking it six years they care about absolutely but it's so much easier and in his eyes we relax so much on the technology now that. Is a little sad it is a little things that sell. You know but I mean in of course the technology can still make a Smart that's true and speaking of ten now I see a huge his work that our. Brown girl. Winning this is an event radio family that really will emphasize the impact of women entrepreneurship. An engagement in our community and as we mentioned the date location and time. She's so what are the workshops people can expect to be a part of or engage in once say they are so we are gonna have our panel which I know we discussed as the panel's going to be really are some. But we're also gonna have a make out works out back of my favorite make up artist which is Sierra Grande. And so she does this thing this he calls the says unveiled right. And she shows you how you can get a face and about fifteen minutes and it has. You know everybody is not gonna go through as a whole entire process and let if you key an all you want to console so you things that you need to back. She always makes his sold it is easy for people to really understand how to do things. And soul you know if you see a face. How and is done and that amount of time you and deleting and but just just like was the products and sometimes we have to realize our skin is different and mark complexion is different time even yes black people guess what you might need to change in the summertime from what she do in the wintertime search result is one of those things where is she really enlightened you about what you need to do. And it makes it is so much easier and so people usually leave saying why now I learn something in now that's what I need to do. Even if you talk mappings I kind trading this in a war on meaning this in exactly you could put make up on top of anything though wasn't let me take out. This is true there. And I love that point. Two she's because you're absolutely right and it's ironic that as we're having this conversation. Where actually transitioning. From the wintertime to the spring time. And know if it's just me but have taken notice that over the last let's say two or three years we seem to have maybe two to three weeks of spring and then we seem to job. Right in the summer and some I didn't say I do too I think I just prefer to be warm as opposed to freezing to death now I have friends edge. Is love us every year I'm not one album me you know I wish them way yeah it's not that would have ours it. An ironically I was born in the month of January some one of the cold time. All of the of the wintertime and is to sly and not still not for me well if you think about it like this you are made in the when it's true. I did nothing like Batman yeah that's. That may in the end I. I can't know what yeah maybe the when it's. Something's that good now he now. Hey I might then when you look at it like that is Adam Langer okay well that makes sense you know enemy must summer baby my gardening in June 2 and feel free to say and what have you need to brand. Yeah I did think I thought. You can send it on 1 June 2 at the genetic it's you're not. Are you along but acting that isn't different in edgy when the sun comes out of that when you wake up in the morning UC like. The sadness is understanding and is trying. It's not unlike the sometimes like spring to write a spring from me brings allergies. Cultural and I would rather take that analogy right now and then it smelled it just. Thank you and the fact too. This is another. Topic of discussion more or less cheese set. Daylight saving time was I wish they just leave it alone I'm tired of changing clocks twice. Every year but I will say the benefit when we spring forward speaking of the sun is a lot more a bit because his days are a lot law. That yes that act of love and I love when you started scene because I mean kids started in two weeks the town we started get in the 6 o'clock and it was their goals and I still I. And we can close in my class trying to tease you guys say heat well he is a little them while he. And now. We get its ally a close o'clock Zion once again it just like a wonderful thing but it does feel like you you can do more and has it worn right out you know and I think that is I love when the season and be honest I do like fox has it when I dislike the most and let. Fallen in love slaying she just the colors on my son Luke again apps like this ring is where we're at right now so hopefully the town that it gets the next week and it will be lovely and everybody can just come out and be comfortable and hopefully they don't have to Wear a whole bunch occult in you know they are come out and be comfortable and just have a really wonderful informative time yup with brown girl's winning. Now streaking. If she sent. Our radio family who should attend listener. Well the people should attend president would be people that aren't truly interested in. Tapping S ashore as a gonna have great vendors out so you may be the kind of person A says I'll have what I need for east yet. I need some of the graduation if I need a graduation present and in fact in looking for something new from my daughter so we have a variety of vendors happy and this is actually be the first time that I'm gonna have an exhibit out there. That has products for children you're in sales that's one thing then I also have another exhibited that has our uncles and listen ladies for the class size. Because you know a lot of times we have exhibitors and we get out there and we want that thing and we are nowhere near anybody's twelve and under thank you. For misrepresenting. It yeah of that so I mean I think that makes a difference. We also have a great food and they're out there and they're gonna have to chicken and waffles and some other things forests so. There is does the right T that I chose Wright are all black businesses. So to me that was one thing we talk about representation matters we have an aunt to two male owned businesses. But everything else is all black women and and that to me as one of the things that we talk about Aggie community over competition wacky and we spend with people that look like as. And if I can introduce you to people they have a great arm presents. And what do you think the customer service is going to be like when you get the S college try to look at those things when I choose vendors and not allow people to ages. Pap that vendor Biden you know because look it's a staff examined to see which you have and I also want to know your prices because I'm a big believer in. Being able to come out and give multiple things. And if I have people that the price it is stuff is you know 8090 dollars. They may not make as much money as slack here about two as an exhibit there. But then also the people that wanna come to make apart is I want them to spend an act and say usually with the events that we do. People averaged and between seventy fat suit like about a 120 dollars usually when they come out. And that's saying a lack. When you're talking about now they'll be able to spend with multiple exhibitors right now you know we have the nineteenth. And they have apparel that is definitely. They are acting with house Hillary before sold they have a very political focus with their staff but they also have a ping Powell Condo where man. Tom sold their excellent. Classic boutique we have Alexis boutique. It's a bunch of them we also have well this many have a great frame accessories and is the one everybody always wants and so she comes out of Charlotte test Renee. She is excellent heard her product is excellent I love glasses frames issue as she always brings the heat in my honest sometimes. And I'm just an energetic and ready definitely because this this is radio it is the order Obama you see rank them right. North and and I hope I'm not bursting your bubble here it's season. When you come you do out on some sort of where I do what's your natural today in that year and certainly I was a just a little disagreement is a little different he may get to see it on the 24 you now get to see an honest before like I. Am I decide I want to do something different began to be honest I'm Dennis unity tax Farley's years color and my hair okay. So one of the actual exhibit is that'll be out there are also is lavish. And she has a great salon is really awesome and and I kept looking at how wired and that was why you wanted them keeping west. This green in my here I don't car. An incredible Hulk. For. The current college ready are saying. Let's have a listen when you did at the right or wrong or the right just depended on which sadness and joy and Ryan might get it. So that's what they say you would like me when I'm angry that such an act even go to green mountain but on the asset OK let's experiment now because I just never done it I always Dana a blank Peron and never put a bunch of color and I did it one time in college and I was like an ass enough yeah so is this experiment a little bit and I think that's kind of one of the things you know evil we talk about representation. And maybe before I may have felt like all the colorless and his profession and you know we talk about natural here. And the look in an acceptance and everything. And you know I just atlas experiment with something new and Mombasa. As so my boss and it it was OK isn't even exist in my hair oh thanks. My boss said there was still gonna get contracts. And then we're still gonna go teach classes and we're still gonna traipse all across North Carolina. My boss tell me so you know bet to me is lit things I say let's try and release it yet how many of us can. Have those type of boss's message is do you can't yes and in that I have issue with it though. You know to meet as one of the great things about being in charge of your own businesses that you could do what you wanna do that Miller radio you asking kind of probably go wow because people aren't. The image and maybe I'd be expected for people to be a little bit more wild and radio. But down from me it was just one of those things we asset I was by excited a halt. NASA and what partly on now she was I would and why she apartment. And we gonna put as the condition and are there and I and I. What is the Telecom and just sit there Alex I did it anticipating the moment yeah I think that that's one of the things to when I went natural it was it was a change in it was a transition but couldn't be happier being in national and I hear is sold first that's how exactly that it doesn't have to be one thing and I think that's another thing about just us as women we eat exactly. And when you think about it she said just the vibrancy when you do you experiment. Different colors and the nice thing is you know wind you decide what color you want whether you're looking at an all line up pops up. Or you're looking at it through a magazine or something that you're seen on the Internet. And you see it on that person you wondering how sick and a look on me. And then and then when you actually do it and you see the finished products are like wow yeah course for a lot of us is even better I think than what we envisioned thinks so I think so that was one of those people Alice like we can't do my whole hated green right well let's just tell us that these pieces he's actually think I'm finally she explained to me you know the whole process and everything's a wanting packets say is that when you have. A great. Cosmetology Aniston or anybody is really great what they're doing right they should be able to explain to you what the processes. And why they're donating eggs and also justify a price that goals behind her that she step me through everything tell me what I needed to do not a resident because my here was so dark. We had enlightenment and to get it today and change how I run in in between the air we could black in between so is fight dark like dark like and the it was one of those things where it was a press says now. And settled in it justifies how much it cost to do something because. If you just get that box. That's not gonna usually turn out as at a much as they are that bots are sure I'm a big believer in get a professional and do it the right way enacting some people. You know they are scared to make that transition so you know with evil is Emeka which is the kinds. You know I see her doing natural hair with people and most have focuses on people relax and not what you let it trying to stack the box. And is one of those things where is kind of by eight. Look at what they looked like when they came me you know. And then look at how they look when they leave and I think now INS I ate fish transformation then had men and is just an amazing thing. It really is it's such an amazing event ready a family for just joining us welcome to the weekend edition of community focus. Just an awesome opportunity. To be here which she set. Panics brown the CEO of lady business. Getting you ready for brown girls winning again this is Saturday march when he fourteen to six at the international. Civil rights museum downtown Greensboro. And just an opportunity. Especially TC were touching on this earlier we talk about the vendors yes we're going to be in place. How significant it is to hold this event at the civil rights museum. Well about the fact that we can even be there I mean we could be believe was there as armed workers mountain so for. Black businesses to be and they are selling their again that's an amazing turnaround and I mean when you really think about the difference in time mr. Lehman hundred years sure. So you know I mean I think that they history that's there. Is represented. Of just change in general like that space is a change H. Rent. You know even if they hadn't acted and it still wouldn't replace the fact of what happened the eggs you know but isn't there is flat is the rising and they want to continue to bring in activities. That are up lit into the community as so last year I was the first one we did a women's summit there last year so that was the first women's summit and they had. At the civil rights museum and sold this year we said OK well let's not women's history month at the box again and I tell us how to change it up a little bit right. From what we did last year because we didn't have a lot of vendors last year you know was mainly speak in on the last Solheim booked. It was definitely that community I bet everything on. But this year I want to bring them something a little bit different and this is actually the second time we Dan Brown girls lending as we did in Charlotte in November. And it was awesome in Charlotte a grain it was awesome in Charlotte. So Charlotte definitely showed up Michelle and adds an essay greens Borough try and they say there is ill handling Merlin we age you asked to come through spokes they army everybody Rockingham county. Ronnie you asked as bill. Knowing the real because that thing is and this is this is my issue that I have a lot of times. People continue to say they want things or why is this not coming here and think skip the Triad because you know lack because the people in Charlotte. All the people and rally or Durham will support. You put something out and people come out and they spend their money in the back their tickets on line and they don't tackle and they don't hassle. But it seems like a lot of times when you do things here and I'm gonna say specifically in green spelling and try and people always wait to the last minute to do something and that can be disheartening if you're not. If you are not used to doing events. Or is just like B Hussein daisy tickets on our sales on the rent. This is Mitt interests when he Alice for two tickets. But people would take that money goes CBS and Jay is Ian and I didn't come until the summertime. Daisy have enough money. But what we're doing with this particular vein is this event is and so you'll be the first and NASA to everybody remain and try at. We are going to start a nonprofit with. Ranked so. I feel like my minutes why challenged me and non at and last year and he said you know the opportunities that she PGA and your events are great. But some things you're not going to be able to get because you're not a nonprofit. And so maybe in a type a personality that and I was like analyst and I am pass half thought about it before. And he was just right you know you're doing a lot of the nonprofit work already. And if the opportunity is they are free used to do exactly what you wanna do. But give more help you know Ryan Grant so what I get people donating because now is a tax write off for them more they just love the fact that this a nonprofit and so they wanted to contribute. Aegis sale whacking into channel goals of fans and to announce traffic and so of course mean being in a business coach myself I try to listen to you. How about half on a board of people that act contrasts. That I don't know what going to work because I think that's the issue would nonprofits and Michael just wanna start because they wanna geek grants and that's not even really the motivation from me. I wanna be able to do this and I wanna be able to keep the cost of things low and and still be able to service the community right and you don't see as many nonprofits that arts that are trying to help people start businesses. Eight and have a focus on to meet women. Sell you'll see people focus on women in general com and you'll see things that are with business but they usually not nonprofits exactly. So let's say dis way we can keep TV. The representation there. We keep keep focusing on helping people start their businesses and I can still focus on women which is when I wanna do my act and keep certain things a lower costs if we don't as a non pac exactly and help he knows that those. They're richer and Lisa the fact that you really wanna keep the focus on those two distinct groups and particularly women and just awesome to be in a room feel old. Where is dynamic women is nothing like it in now not at all women who have talent who have skill. Who have everything but they just need that extra push. And that's what you gonna get when you come to brown girls 17 and then I saw. To have not only the empowerment but the encouragement. Especially from others who are already they yes. For those who were coming in insane will look I have this idea what I do with yet. So I can hit the ground and not just hit it she's a bit it'd running exactly exactly let me ask you this. Why is business ownership and entrepreneurship so important for you. Is so important for me because now I knew from the from its goal right there let let's go to college Alley is not a college and because you know we grew up in the ash Hilemon era you know our real capacity and it looked did it didn't look my son used to do when something that she should achieved and it was something that I want it. So I knew that but I think I'm going to college made me decide alight. Parts of things. But I don't like being told what to do best really they're really the biggest banks and sell it was less figure out what your day that. And listen to the business out and in and sell I had jabs I've never been fired from a job but have quit a budget gaps in the past month. What can be done better to make things more efficient and sometimes people just didn't wanna listen. That's the problem and then what if the management changes and now they have an invasion and is what you get a sober accidents trip in right. It's day you know doesn't wanna listen to anybody wants you to do it this way you know and sometimes people hustle focused on the numbers that they don't care about individuals that they are so. That's that is many sick as our own business. And I think for anybody debt is working age our bright now you have to take into consideration that if that company tells you they don't need to use irises anymore and you have nothing else I mean she's not gonna take you that much violence the whole world Carl's apart and that's even if you have a spouse. Because now you don't have that income that you had before. An Arab when he of people at a living paycheck to paycheck and and and if that paycheck is pollen might even just think about the people when they just to defer allow. Right right they say you did come and alert and we're not gonna pay you know when the government SOS so as that pay you. What would you supposedly had pills Richard what do magic kids and so if you head even a side hustle and something that was making a couple hundred dollars. Think about that business and this is how look at it think about that business as to what can the G-8 year. Sold that business so what that client pays alarm. Your car payment. Did that just so it takes care of the car paint. You know coming what is that things that you need a what do you need to grow sulfur meat business is always an important thing because. That's what makes the world around a small businesses are really wet you know help this country functions just the big businesses. Very good point. She's so what do you think people will take away from a lady business events such as brown girls morning. Well listen and I met out and I'm. My biggest thing with any lady businesses is quality over quantity. Love when a whole bunch beat compound don't get that rotten but I like the quality that's going to be given and so I never lacked in quality as far as my speakers as far as the vendors. The thing you. Like people to be treated well when they come because I've insulin Vince and you give your money to somebody and it'll say thank you what they don't say how nice for. You look at you that answer is elected or app. No idea you know like people to fill warming reading I act I love it. Wind people combat themselves season and they say act had a great time exactly I love it when introvert scum. And I can see them talk in the somebody crying because they are all of a sudden be comfortable exactly how everybody every event that I do to feel like they are part of the hole and Yunel nines in practice and to sit in a sit in on the right exactly what thank you for. Now with that Santa has helped give the people to come see you. Where can we go to find you online to get additional information several gay people using golf timing of course at lady business that com L a DYIBSENESS. We have a brand new website. That was billed as it's another local woman owned business right here in the community and sell I put out information on there but you can also go to event bright. And now machine looks a little bit bright I just give me the whole link is beat GW summit. That evening bright dot com. And so he would have him right you could just type and brown grows when and it'll come up. And then if you look on FaceBook is on the air is on instead Graham is on Twitter is on link and solicitor in any social media arena and you should be able to if I'm brown girls are winning. And I would like to just make sure that people know that. This is something for the community as a whole. Which is why we kept the price locus of firstly did its clean house pars and but then you know my acting was what should come into a foreign yen. I want you to bring a door there. Boy young man or you girl boy you know I mean you whoever but I want you to bring somebody with you as so I didn't want the price to be a barrier for people but I mean you still you know is things that have to go want to make an event successful. So everything can be free but when I charge is always worth it and that's the thing is that quality. And especially and I'm glad you mentioned that she said because we really want to emphasize to those that that they did not hear earlier. Here on community focus one of the goals from brown girls winning. Is the funding yes will go to help start a nonprofit. Exactly yes yes so keep that in the back of your mind ready affair only when you think about. How your dollars can give back. To the community this is one great way. That it can be done is that graced our yes definitely race well is gonna be a great. Dagger after Landry Hank yeah. It is going to be a great day when all of its day it is it is so we want to make sure the inclusion is definitely the year with family. And would that said radio family international civil rights museum you can see me you can see chi says you can see this amazing panel that we were talking about. March 24 two to six. So big bear and we look forward to do just that places being jam packed. Yeah I have one more thing we've joked that what we're also gonna have in what kind of a notion that the event. I forget that. Alyssa you. I'm but she really add that I did forget of course I can't sell my photographer. David of image works we decided what's the best thing to do with this that I when he pictures. But we'll have this crazy pretty black and white back trap. And so we're doing are in what kind of photo shoot that you do not have to dress up if you don't want to. But it would be so much more mature kid and sell on the it what kind of photo shoot is going to be something misty and on that charge of people any extra they'll give a shack up bank. Ace Jack are ranked as an app or anything of this so you'll H shack yeah. And in this way will have this whole just beautiful just imagery that high now after the event itself. And then you'll be the one AS AT difference. Are you know you should tang at the map out from brown currently. Thank you Sally little thing and I'm telling you my best gonna be another thing I don't know. And they only went in typically doesn't we love about my radio that they. And look at the list have been there a problem that doesn't sound good at it again because they wasn't much happening now. Little content they wanted to remind me to shout out how it and you have done that you have a. List your miss in my ear she's always a pleasure family you you're so welcome and thank you radio famine always enjoy your company. And always flat and girls are having fun at dad but until that next time no good Basra needs she sent. Thank you so much ready to gambling indeed we will see you got a CU and you've been here for me every Saturday and Sunday morning. You're on the weekend edition of community focus keep up the great things you're doing in the community as well. And until that next time enjoy the rest of your day. And the rest of this weekend take care.