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Radio Stanley hello it is a time once again to welcome everyone back to our public affairs show. Thank you so much for being a part of the weekend edition of community focus we get it underway. And thanking you for your wonderful company Saturday and Sunday mornings. And the opportunity again already a family to talk about good things taking place and our communities not just the events from the community calendar but definitely. Good folk behind the scenes who really. Make a lot of what you Shearer abound on community focused possible. Case in point I got seen family members I cannot believe it is already. That time of year now we have jump started or have begun already. A brand new month. Of August and when I think of August I think about the annual sickle cell charity ride it. So with us say let me say good morning to fail like Billy Douglas County nor cut how are you good morning demining. It is good to have you back can you believe all ready that year has gone by quickly. It just seems like we've just talked about this yesterday yes but. Especially this year innately exciting because we're celebrating act annual the big one now yes congratulations. Did either one of view when this. Idea. Came to conception. Then after that wine it'd be followed by nine more. I need but I don't think Billy Dee. Now I barely once you say and I'm officially retired I'm a try this one to comment on why they died yeah I was a bit yeah. They want and diamonds in the works. If there's a lot of fun and we enjoy I enjoy and a civil look when you face you enjoyed every time you come on the program we get to chat about it. Absolutely. Well speaking of what if any. Has been different. About the charity ride from the very first one to last year's how have we seen it grow how he's seen it change. Would have been if any differences. Since its inception. Well I think mainly. We've had people come from. Further distanced and the first person they're good for you guys to come from Virginia nights. Now on the South Korea and Lou and it is grown. And and numb right is lacked big fan of the union absolutely a lot of people look forward to that accosted him and you get ya got through the thing rad haven't heard anything about it. Wow and wonderful when you can hear about it on our program my desk. And the word spreads and then you tell a few more people than until a few more people. Then they tell a few more people because when you think about hour South Carolina it's not really that far Billy but still. It's it's a distance and they'll come right exactly and of course we have radio family in Virginia. So that's just come out over the border South Carolina of course a little bit farther but when you have individuals. Especially when you can talk about. People hearing it from outside. If North Carolina or outside of Virginia is going to be a good feeling that people are really starting to not only hear about it. But like you said you said the key word is they look forward. To anything to add to that. Kathy the other weeks. Two ops yeah us. Up to six outs wow. That's an improvement for. Yes that's right of course we have one of those magnificent. Motorcycle clubs being represented with you building in the original 12 PMC. And of course we always want to recognize. Buffalo soldiers sitting so low. In BM scene Brothers are Brothers UNC. And two wheels in motion MC. You know I've got to ask this question how do you guys come up with these these catchy names we motorcycle club the two wheels in motion I don't Hannah Campbell Monica. Resilient where we stand off between them right some tunes and I'll just makes sense since drives it is just a matter now. How are you start often write you know use nuclear command it to group. Exactly exact and I like the original twelve because us that they keyword being an original often imitated but never duplicate or. Absolutely. Now you just mentioned. My next question Kathy but it bears repeating the event is entering its tenth. Year. That's phenomenal because of the here we are in 2018. Teen years ago was 2008. RC is like a lifetime mark felt like. Ten years that of currently past especially as the months are just taking the. I'm so quickly yes. But we're thankful. DEB. Continued. We we're appreciative of their support right Arlen and most. Even those who exactly is that responses that we handsome repeating. Clothes pins right to come here the year in his daily it's eight. People leaking it. Our attack and started in college ringing west and some let rally a week we got app estimate Sheila days before sanity in August and even years so people can. Maher can't exactly where we hammer these Andy character of those people I'll learn. It will be sanity obvious between the registration starts at eight takes pains update eleven. The moon and we never wrapped. Is outweighed suppress them grain in it in its different ask a question ideally yes I'll attack. We're a resident of heat and when I'm gonna ask you a little later on the show you really much it's. Is it on the words rock but two things from that Cappy and Billy one. You have to love the consistency. Because when you do tried to haven't around the same month within that. For us Saturday in August that becomes ingrained. Lou with most people when planning it's a weather. If you're like me and as the times take away you you really find yourself. Doing this more and that's writing it down but for those of us you know the mind is still somewhat sharp and you can remember it that is easier. You remember yeah that's right exactly yeah it can be for those who are listening to the program for the first time. Who will be newbies and what a great way to. Be apart of an event that's going into its tenth year and then of course you've got those who have been with you from day one. And are coming back for. The chance year how fantastic. Is that when you have people who have been with you from the beginning and have supported using entire time. It is it really is let me ask this one question or one more question before we go to break. Now we speaking. May have radio family or listeners who may be hearing about this for the first time. Do you mind giving again Billy and Kathy the back story as to why the charity ride was created. We will it was someone has challenged from me in June. And I assume long continues and I'm wife was working for circles well. And he was just on the mayor Michael undecideds and start doing raise money pharmaceutical agents that yes and I it was started off. As a one shot deal newsroom and in just kept growing growing growing and actually ran back ten years now Brian and I don't forces to Afghanistan so this intensity. So I can only imagine when you lovely wife came up to you with this concept piece. That look this was probably on your face like Q1 has to do what happened there tad old Brunette. And then she encouraged you to war but then it was toward Greg cars are good cop out so you do and by the way to somewhere else excellent give Ramallah for me. And I think that would be probably a good starting point you know one now let's do this I think I have a minute and a half. No pressure on you Kathy by any means but how long has both the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. Then partnered with the original two albums all ten years. I'll teen years that is how we're doing OK because a few years prior to the consistency. And your game. He meets okay of a chair at you right. But for bit. All it was is an original. Tweak peak in. Again they thought it was a the end of the year he means right out. Bailey's wife and all witness. 1818. And so he's been trains instead example home to. Yeah yeah so is this and I'm not on the original Tway are paying green in the premiums around it and so we just kind of natural connection. Let's send your arm around. Very much cell and. Lot of defensive back connection. You bring here on the program. Such as community focused because the relationship just between the two of you. But when you think about really the bit to do agencies what the agency and a motorcycle club coming together. To represented. Really which is such a nice example of what community is on now. Because. Typically. At least in my mind you know you don't always. Associated. A motorcycle club and then sickle cell necessarily in the same instant. So I think outside of close. I'll routinely all the time this man is being given. Protection exactly and this is an opportunity. They are actually helping our agency. Clients. The same time we are proving to the community. What a war. War wow. Groove people in absolutely wonderful arm right and that they are willing to. Zach in essence it's very much so I like the way you say that Kathy because Billy and feel free to attack ad or elaborate on that. With you being a part of the original twelve when you started that probably was the feedback or maybe the thinking or miss. Conception that a lot of people may have had. When they heard about the original twelve warning to become a part of this yeah. You like to say a lot of people who motorcycles pulled from a negative point of view from. But much you good to a couple of functions flat out there is a lot of thoughts exactly and most of again got to work Monday morning's Atlanta yeah. Is not a lot of riff Raff not at all. Plus you know they they keep it business and it's it's nice that you had the balance between the fine. And the recreation. Of bush got a date in between to get ready for that Monday's accident next thing about it. And it's generally around that time of year. Where this is another important factor that this is an event that involved everybody in the family. Because the kids are quite ready to head back to school it's still kind of. In between the last week or two a summer break. Before they start going back in really as people are starting to wind down with summer. Vacations. Many are likely coming back from out of town or wherever they happen to be and then to come back home in in to hear about the charity ride. That one last summer fling I Katz says it's a nice probably a good way to describe it. Yes is the in the summer actually I can be an on August 20. Is this agony before school starts right arts. Monday and we also use this evening as an opportunity. To key off. Our national singles Obama which is that sends exactly the chair to act kicks and but he's also kicks off. Our are wearing seat it's fantastic. To Taylor. The community about sickle cell disease. Agency and out of an Easter eggs is exactly. That's another beautiful thing Kathy about having you on the program because in addition to the charity ride you have also been with me here on community focused to talk about. The Piedmont health services is also agency. And sell it is nice to see that he still had a double duty at my dear industry. You're absolutely right I wasn't thinking in terms of when it is for Saturday August 25. You right there isn't a week rich Kirkuk yeah. It can't go back got following Monday so thank you for that reminder cat suit just to give our listeners you know already a family an idea what we can look forward to. So indeed mark your calendars and keep it right here we're gonna share much more information. In the meantime it is the attempt. That's a big deal I loved that tenth annual sickle cell charity ride Saturday August 25. A 10 AM to 4 PM a registration says starts at 8 it's. 8 o'clock. Nine okay registration at 90 Adam and how. As long easy there that's that man and that's the main page has come out radio fairly registration is starting at nine kicks stands at 11 AM. A win launch I'm thinking out Hollywood that scenic and secret location is going on the trot a much Robin in the Marines out. Seriously ready apparently thank you for the great company. Kathy in billing always great company and so good to see nice to have you back in the Kremlin. Loved being tracked and eat out we say we can't thank you enough. What are you gear they hated community which are allies could be an issue here on yours patient and thank you and a costly. I really appreciate that and on behalf of our intercom stations. Thank you for what you do and thank you ready a famine for the great company and it's more of the week in additional community focusing Q radio family has always for tuning in and great company of course here in our Entercom stations. Heard Saturday and Sunday mornings in your hearing. If you just joining us let's get UConn out information about the tenth annual. Sickle cell charity ride I have Kathy nor cut. With the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. And proudly representing the original twelve MC motorcycle club. And Billy Douglas so ready a family as we are officially back. From break. Billy why a bike ride we typically think or at least I do with events like this. The health agencies such as the Piedmont health services and sickle cell most people typically eat. Associated with a walk or run. So for those who were alike knew it may be a new concept or new idea. To have a bike ride again does it go back to howl. You know when you were approached with the idea that that was something you would do because you at the time already part of a motorcycle club. Well I think mainly it yes because I was involved in the modern science clubs right and when you mean look at chair did. Charity events he is most of us around and around what a person. So most of the people that bounce around noon eastern end up by coastal wow so it was a lot easier you know I don't know by grad and it would be a walk Vienna you can bet that when the two frat you can go to the language of communication they own while. On the walk yeah I'm. My dad I really liked but you know what Dell also at the same time. Just a cool concept edges being laid back on the nice bike. It in little wheels do the work. Study your feet grey ever got to add about a lack the most yeah they're just soul is this just something about an especially when you see. The camaraderie. That exists with the motorcycle clubs. It's you the original twelve sing you fellows have known each other for many years can I ask that. I think I have about 25 years and from what. That's amazing feeling. And here's to Tony club more down the road my friend here to welcome. Now here's the big question can you give us any particulars as much as you can on that beautiful scenic ride. That takes place every year that we don't find out until the day of the event. I until you that it will star as to how the program on market street. Nineties that it went in and it is still relate Parkland and apple on. In between. Came to you can tell us all out I don't even know my thing you know I. Well but I will say that the sheriff department for the last match and you do he and every year we have a different route. That's excellent as you would have a different route and everybody is always lived in Iraq. I don't know Israel can never do the things he only has seen a stain that Billy you took the words right out of my mouth. And that's just really. A testament for those of us who have lived in. The beautiful gay city whether we were born and raised here. Or a live TF four significant number of years there's so much beauty to be seen in Greensboro that we didn't even know we exist. And that's really for anywhere we live in the Piedmont Triad or you know the surrounding areas. To know that there is just so much so it has yet to be seen. And that's a great thing to about having a charity ride such as this is that it changes up. Year after year so even for those. Who do participate. On an annual basis and they do as we mentioned earlier look forward to this that's another thing to actually look forward to. Knowing that the crowd's going to be different I eat Packers and oh yeah Ali asking you know they can't and I. Ed Billy I know you do just what she did you just laughing you grinned a little bit. And like I don't know until you get into it because you really don't know him absolutely. Now and it did. Shouldn't chew this wonderful bike ride what can rioters or even just the community. As a whole also enjoy because we do want to point this out Billy and Kathy. Is that you don't necessarily have to own apply. Would be a bike rider to participate does is open to everybody. Is out every time making cartoons patches on people accuse. There's allowance. For more sales last year and nice people could critics who would be okay thank you. It is to make donations. Support the patient services that we have that agency right. He's been meeting Lou in CD they parking doings out. Which is apparently part of the opportunity to bring your children how. Excellent yeah I anchor's arm very generous than laying some of the key it's in him. I don't know I may use it was an explosive and he read that you job masked alleges he and they asked simply alleges banks they are now. You're right if I remember correctly you used to ride I will be back in his dad back in May benefit out of that bad day here and it is out in black applicant with. Our home. You have a good memory good and don't don't trash don't do that but yeah love to bring it back on. I. Became national how. Relax eat it can't be Hume. You know always stink that. Can't see an and particularly from for you Billy whenever I'm. On the road traveling somewhere and I happened to see an individual on a buying it. And it's just lie to shut up put myself in in the issues now never been on one I'm never attempted to ride a bike but I just say to myself one day. If I'm ever given me opportunity I would love to learn how to ride on you know even if it is rough from. Ear to the senate of the building just around the parking lot just to say hey I've been on a bike but it really does Billie look like a relaxing experience. Is a Muslim and you know you're on your bike yeah it's not them you. And no motorists are you can use you and your buy exactly and mess around and that in this a lot of thought. There's not it's not an activity that you do so much when you have Baghdad in her own bank right right most of the ten in the city. Yeah the hottest places right oh absolutely. You don't buy imagine I. Country roads open how I just let Iraq that's varieties just you in the room what exactly is the expression goes but your so right Billy and then we look at. Even though progress can be a great seeing I think of now in a lot of cities. Where we're seeing particularly ones sent me. That you likely well I don't know how I Disco wasn't going to mention them by name but there has been a lot of room construction. Million around the area coroner's. Some parts of you know Winston may give it some parts of Greensboro but just to the point of your right it's a little tougher trying to. Maneuver. In and around town you gotta go through traffic lights. You got stop sign she got yield signs yet people cross in history so you can't I have those challenges. In town Billy as opposed to. When you can get that bike out on the open road. And like I say this is just the bike in the wrote there's there's nothing. To interfere mine. We've with doing that and that's sort of the serenity that you can look forward to when you're part of the charity rocket. Because a lot of it is you know you may start off with in the city but then you get into the outskirts. We don't have that traffic congestion of the then with the people were writing which here. And the nice thing about it is I'm just seen in you know a nice group of people given each other adequate space. As you rise so I was like you get the best of both worlds. And the sheriff's department they always say you know we're not do you have. Matt rove rapping. Exactly goes to a community right and you get a chance to go to the city in the loop on the stand on nuclear wind and in fact. This isn't a very very very exciting and. Absolutely innocent nice to know you get the support for those who even though they may not participate they still know about it. Iran and they're out there like you said waving ash is supporting you saying you join a good thing. And you knew it was an early about people who do not matter buying from them taken part in the answers are trying. Lot of time we have Gazprom vintage cars only nine days and fog and then Rihanna well and magic Cobb and that's already exists. And if I would have whereas in your name from until all of escort the amused then make contributions in baton catalyst in the threat. This is the unique paths this this is is only one simple scenarios Syria to Iraq patasse wow and we had a one and only is the players as a view to Iraq. Absolutely. Absolutely. That's very nice so no wonder becomes a collector's item yes. And very special because it is it's a special edition at least you won't find it anywhere else. Where are you telling that's a first as as many times camping ability that we've gotten together we never really talking about that patch. That's right I like that area family I love your company the week in addition of community focusing great information. On the now tenth annual sickle cell charity ride that includes not only a 5050 raffle but many other items to be rattled. And of course the proceeds benefiting the many wonderful services. With the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. I have Kathy Dore Qaeda and Billy Douglass joining me Rene Vonn again. If you're just joining us. Do market to date and for those of you whether this is your very first time ever participating. Or your tenth time you come back year after year after year. We really appreciate the support that you plan to give comes Saturday August 25. 10 AM to 4 PM registration starting at nine kicks stands up and eleven starting. At the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. Which by the way Kathy the location is 1102 east market street and earnings per S agency to agency Madras OK we are actually. All the old post on this parking. Okay that's what will be on east markets saying this is why can't do that show and tell me and she felt that way. We have our X a lag when I lost absolutely. And the nice thing to it is. In addition to helping support this wonderful community event. It's gonna be food for those who participate commanders at the end absolutely. Great. Now will you need any volunteers again this year or how can and the community help. They can come out and volunteer we need help on parts I certainly Ellis. And took him out. Directing traffic. Will he answer them okay. Right absolutely agencies outweighs Indy Navarro and volunteers are all right is in Hungary EP itself. Think an hour is Carl agency 336. 2741. Fat 07. May do is 8881. Anti wiwa task for him to answer it. Now Kendry. Will this also be a great opportunity in case someone may need additional information. Not just about the services at Piedmont health services and sickle cell. Agency excuse me provides. But if they wanna learn more about sickle cell. Yes and at these whips and our. Agency we need for backing of the age education and human arsenal bill to go at county on in his teaching your future urgent way okay we're always want women to prove actual information obstacles. Okay X faster that's very good and two jets for. This saying Korean family of repeating. The physical location because outside of the charity ride by all means if you do need additional information do you feel free. To visit they are Lebanon to east market street location. Which is in Greensboro. Mentioned this earlier in the program but I think it bears repeating. How much did two of you have come to really. Not only enjoyed being a part of this what's been the overall feedback you have to hear the cheer from people. From the communities whether they've come for the first time awards are saying you know what I enjoyed it so much you wanna come back next year and help and support. Just can't thank you. I could only days bank down here and has an opportunity. To participate then there's nothing we haven't done any oh well yeah and we're glad to beaten. I'm not going to help would negate some of the bikers to come into running back right yeah but the most. I think the close they go back and hammer conversation about what they can do differently in Dixie yeah. Continue to cut you don't elect Kathy you are on the ball. Some great question to address billing what does it. As far as when you know you come to the completion of the ride and you look forward to. What do you plan to do for the following year what would you guys and the gals slim let me add that we would you. All normally I talk about are having discussions Whitney Bartlett as they're about to pay most of the guys. One and how do I get ones patches which is yeah actually had a going simple thing Iraq yes. And it's always has kept this thing it is always someone to compensate. Are you guys gonna do just makes you wound and moan it was too close we have involved wouldn't always news to him. Yes this is the yearly math drying agent media exactly and the beautiful thing about it billion Cathy is that every time that we get to come together here. On community focus it seems like you get a club and it. To a group and that will certainly of course be the case because for anyone who is part of a motorcycle club who may be hearing this for the first time. Like we've talked about earlier. Here's a great opportunity to learn more from. Or about the original twelve emceed the buffalo soldiers say is so low. I NV MC Brothers are Brothers UNC and two wheels in motion M say just like to be that person stick with the names of the current. I monitor Dell did all I want it now. And here's a nice thing to end thank you for. Bringing me a copy of the flyer Billy I don't think we've ever mentioned this war. Talked about it with something acting there can be nicely added to our conversation is that. And backed me up on this helmet and jacket donated. By Harley-Davidson in Greensboro who used to changed and I am only out after Vista thing is the same a captain is okay. Fantastic to know that you have those items donated. So for for anyone in even. Billy if if a person just happens to own a bike and it's not necessarily a part of a motorcycle club obviously they're invited Isla and to do is open okay. Fantastic precious really great but we've shared what of course the event benefits. We've gone over the date the time the location how does. A person. Outside of listening to community focus that they need more information. Are you guys available via social media Kazaa lite now everywhere you can go to either face but Koreans to Graham or somewhere and get better additionally. Out west I making an iceberg and also have a Twitter you do don't look instead of me. All over the Tony first century on Twitter about to go into the twenties and now that's really great is there anything guys sent. In the last remaining minutes of the program we can go over that I did not share. If you wanna have a good plan. Some good fellowship yes. Citizens chairs Iraq is a place to be almost wife absolutely and year after year. It just gets bigger and better. And again a reminder though souvenir patches are for sale at the registration correct. In. Iraq it's nice. Nice. How many person you don't have a cut off number can can a person purchased more than one of those things. You can purchase. There's many Asian mile yeah I'll let me ask you ask you had. How fully you have pets and yeah a lot of that that is available. Now now bill AM on the track this one more time only and asking from the standpoint. Yea when we talk about the drought which we really don't. Divulge its all of the information. But the fact is is there ever a particular routes. That end in all the years that you have been a part of it have you covered something different or something more than once war. Can he can you share anything from a perspective that they. Thank Allah doesn't mean you can't view India on could not correct captain commitment OK we have never uses the same route twice. I do use the same pot laws. At least wants. Me each year we have a different all of her car and I now added in a different route. Say that that just goes back to our earlier conversation of how much. Of Greensboro on individual may not even get a chance to see. On and on a given day. Just fantastic and again instead to really. Put the focus on all the time of year. Where you know is it's writer in the middle of of the year more or less we talked about again just a great waived that before the kids had backed. School. Before mom and dads get back into you know the routine that wants the kids are back into school. And really for individuals who may be and I and I want to. More or less a dress this to someone who may be listening. Who may be visiting in the area we always love it when we have folks from from out of town. Who just tune in to the radio station I happen to pick up a program. Such as community focus and has that ever been the case has anyone ever come up to you and say you know what I just happen to be visiting. The area heard about it on the radio station and just want to command a sport. That may change who knows this this may be years that may spark a little something you just never now. She we have some value what's. Passing through acting kind of how we might see some of the bikers who can't run out of the area right like South Carolina that you mentioned earlier one up. Something that the power of medium. Or just the power of radio in in general. That when we. Have and outlander wore a Platt. Formed such as community focus in the nice thing to guys. I think is the first time I mention I can't remember if we even had it last year so this is how quickly. Just. One year can make a difference because a beautiful thing speaking of media on our end is now. We have added a podcast. For our stations. So in addition to those who regularly tune in and I thank you ran your family for that. On Saturday and Sunday mornings we can also hear this great conversation. On our podcasts or you have to do you know courses. Tightness in the search engine war whichever Entercom station you have to be listening to and they'll get to hear assault again. I hear about this great event yeah. So I just want to pass that on to you guys so going forward we got a pop can I ask that is and nine swayed to even. Additionally get the word out especially in in speaking up for folks who may be out of town you know spread the word share with others let him now. That there are other means because a lot of times yes there's this public affairs may be a little early. For some getting but we know we we have individuals who are just used to being up early. No matter what day of the week it happens to be but it's nice that when you have something such as a podcast you can listen to and any time. Of the day and and share that so we're a family if you will do that formed me. On me in addition to thanking you for your great company just continue to spread the board. I'm gonna give each one of view and I think you already have given me closing comments but again now open the floor. Four for anything that you wanna either re emphasize or go over. Well what do you what do when you look forward to most I think from from this event every year. I look forward to the new frames that we did lose place orders come all right. And I'm just looking just like to thank Arlen remarks come close look at that England is easy flat esteem you look forward to. She annoys class act soon and and I know that clients that are most appreciative because of policies that we. Gathered from the SEV you know towards patient access to acts and being put him out of sleep cycles disease me something here. The needs of the last thing may have difficulty and. Thank you so much scans and Billy. Ankles and all I can say is that each year we look forward to be very good beer and then he had any can't get to be fitness or. That's Chara what a wonderful way to end our conversation. And to say it again family first of all both you looking good. And you want to thank you I'm actually happier I can yes you have to say hello trial offer little R&R it is it is nice. To come back refreshed. And just ready to as as they say you know out of boxes and engines rolling. With things I will say this too to the to reveal I'm not just saying this because your front of me. This is perhaps one of the best parts of my job. And I love doing as much as I do when I'm working during the week. Is to be able to engage in conversation with family which the two of you no doubt our. But I just really. Enjoy sharing with other members of our radio family events such assess. Because this is an opportunity for all of us to come together as a community and to be family. You know family doesn't always necessarily have to be blood related. Pastor you know family there are individuals who look out for each other we support one another. And this is definitely an event that I think covers bolts and then sound. So thank you guys are like you say Kathy nor cod and Billy Douglas please keep up the good work. And I have enjoyed our time together and I'm looking forward to that next time we can tell you know me no good that is on the shelf. So thank you both and moment he's looking forward to that next time thanks Sharon some great information with me today that there are you so welcome any time if you are on the way out on sanity yet to. I. You're very good job. Really appreciate and I really appreciate the invite every year our religion Europe so thank you and radio fairly the same thank you for the good things you're doing. And our communities please by all means keep up the great work as well. And keep it right here that next time will be upon us before we know it. I'll be right back here with you to share and to talk about good people like Cathy north kind of billing Douglas. To us and good things in our community sell until that next time here on the week in addition. Community focused enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend taking.