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Good morning radio friendly and welcome another week in addition of community focus and another great opportunity to sit down and great conversation with members of our community focused and what. We have two of the newest. Members joining us. And already they're family don't want them to know that right off the bat it's a thank you ready a family for joining us here. And our inner calm stations armor and Avon we're about to get engaged in a wonderful conversation. And to get you familiar with this wonderful organization definitely doing some good things in our communities known as bald beautify too and that's TOO. As I say good morning two year old Marla. And didn't ace money how are you mr. mrs. why. Welcome welcome to show and thank you for being a part of the week in addition of community focused. Diplomat microphone to you very little closer and you ask no shyness on the show pat this. I want you to feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. As we do get into our great conversation this morning now as I just mentioned in introducing the two of you and by the way passage you were no longer newbies. That's how quick it gotten to try to get served moved around here. What's radio family a little bit first evolved let's start with what is bald beautify TU. Bobbie if I guess it was not our organization located in Greensboro, North Carolina and to me it's for girls ages five to eighteen years of age. And we provide leadership training. He Mehmet terrorists out for completion. Like education and experience community service opportunities and resources. To increase their awareness of our members. Excellent. And how long has blown beautify Toobin around we are bringing it to OK very good now. Greensboro,. North Carolina is being your home since when we actually been praised her for about a year OK okay no no where's home home where he originally from. Home home for me is the South Carolina. What are clearly South Carolina Mary and broke my small town called since Maryland Ian encourage your coach OK you can extension of a trash only good they're good and when the madness of esoteric. My grandmother it was from Chirac look at it in that area and she grew up there and it was one of an area that just came a month. If it comes to me Dennis hale in his view yes are you failing than ever area right. There's a literally. Every you to base where we're sorry it's not okay very nice very nice and that you have you have come up with this wonderful organization. The name. Can you give us little background on why you call it bold beautify too. Well that they came from that experience I've gone through for the past ten years. I have a conditioned car allocation. Chain and it is a condition where it's different. Type of conditions minus. Cost car Allah. And as a woman. Losing your hair can be be revered turn. And so as IA. Went through the years of lose it and I ha I hit it with we we didn't eat things like that over the past year and a half I struggled with. Being comfortable not weird. Right because it didn't take a column like moons tablet my family because nobody in my family knew. I hit it from my children have been around my husband did it for my family and friends. So over the past year and a half ago S and I struggled with being comfortable with. And over the past month and a half I just decided Allison hiding. We now so Bobby unified to came from the journey and you know me to be happy with who I am right inside. And to know with the with up. Here I'll still be fine person and with the with out here to new issue are gorgeous in my do here so well I don't necessarily appreciate how absolutely but. How amazing it is swing you warned that moment arrives when you decide. That. People. We'll just have to accept me for who I am and I think a lot of times that is typical for arrests. Especially when we're going through a situation like this and particularly from women I think it's even harder. When we think about Kara Lawson think the commonality of that is that that's something that men as they age. Go through the balding process. Sound. Whether they lose their hair just decide to shave it naturally as it gets thinner I think for women. Perhaps the upbringing is the hair supposed to be our crown and glory. When the reality is it's it's way deeper than Matt. It's their personality. It's how we treat people it's how we love. On each other and it's how we love ourselves. And how wonderful to niece that even though it was a struggle for you that day came when you said you know what I'm a love on me if nobody else does it. Is but the fact that he exactly. But even more so when the love comes from your husband. Like Marlon it comes from your kids. And when you did share with other family members Howell. Likely once they knew what was going on maybe there was a better understanding of why you were going to that child. And now the fact that you've created this wonderful organization because Alex he should not only just affects women. There also cases in which young children suffer yet where young girls suffer from it too. So how beautiful it is and I like the main ball beautiful lie you know because. Usually we don't think of that. Especially for four young girl or just for a woman in general you don't equate beauty with baldness. But you take away all of that. Through this great organization what a wonderful story and thank you for sharing that. Because I'm pretty sure there's another individual this probably whether it's a younger. Whether it's a young girl. Or a young woman or even an older woman. And especially now when we NN I'll use this because this is probably. Since it's come now one of the most talked about movies thinking norm going with this now that black panther is Al and we see where. Just to see an army full of beautiful women of color with no hair yeah. I I think that's that's really going to use to set the tone if you will but truth be told what. Women have had that look they've Iraq and for a long. And I was a horrible everybody manages to get a little bit. Marlon Anthony's what is in power remain and it's interesting because we'd look at it from the standpoint of how it's spelled. You haven't spelled his capitol high in and then power man is in lower case it was a little bit of background on the. That comes from learning to love yourself. Because although here is a defining thing problem for me. And it's a process to learn to live with it is the process to learn to live with you to change the color of the texture of the style my language that would never satisfy. Even know empowerment. Even with here is learning to be accountable. For who you are. Learning to be accountable for your personal choices satisfaction with who you are in time now. And Hartman means reaching your goals. And being happy with the way you reach your goal you know so. But beatified is about helping girls reach. The power that incited them right to get to the next place they want to be in exactly. And another beautiful thing about it teenage nieces that when you and marlin have an opportunity. To mentor and work with these young girls for dam to see. With their own two eyes that there are other people who look like them. I think that's where the real bonding is four for any of us whatever situation happens to be. Is when there's another individual who can directly relate. To what we're going through these young girls have an opportunity to. Really seemed to themselves or someone else who not only looks like me. But someone else and I compete like. Let us thank you Alderson no doubt they're looking to you. As a role monitor looking to Marlins are looking to bald. Beautify to tell me the ages of the girls can you literally H let down his earliest by eighteen fantastic. Now what's the goal a ball beatified two. The goal is to get my girls who are very very inspired to have a voice green to be happy with who they are right. You know it's too happened to be comfortable. With themselves. To be it in Iraq with other girls and let's talk about compliment the heart hug to give a compliment to Mormon to a girl so is is to create. Better relationship between girl Sweden and unlike cars within being bitter with who they are running so I'm happy with myself I can give you comp exactly. So it's about creating better relationships with ourselves absolutely in each. And Anthony's perhaps to a wonderful opportunity for a lot of young girls to break down any barriers. That may exist. To really remove the stigma that probably is associated. With Allah. Or as old as eighteen or even an older woman. Who. Again. When you look at because I tell you this. There are some people that I had the opportunity to seat but no hair. Boy they had beautifully shaped hands and I think. You know because sometimes I kind of like to be daring and on the edge just would have little hyperbolic and it. And then I kind of feel around and honestly I got a nod here got a block there that might not be the best look or meet either. But the fact of the matter is for those who were going through and not necessarily by choice. How great it is to you know have someone look it she insane man. That lady is beautiful would know how are and there are a lot of women yourself included that Iraq and that look I think you. And it goes way beyond a fashion trend so to speak it just goes beyond saying not only the outer beauty and you but to see the inner beauty. And you and what you healthy young girls see. Inner beauty in themselves. And I think we had to agree experience there this week because it is create they were surprised that those who went to him. She is do exactly. And you know he's he's just seen exactly seeing as she says her some story about having a piece of because. The one thing that we we may do to but only grow when things that we saw with. People with CSC's bowl obviously with some cancer. Must be six must be going to something that was not the case at all he's absolutely the heritage and growth could have its own currency herpes B Bryant story. We through good times we absolutely and and I'm sure that the young girls justice Lou. And I knew Denise because you're giving them you're such an encouragement for them. And our Atlantic atomic and a lot of them understand. With the EC didn't understand the process of how it. Has gotten to be where it is right a lot of them have women in their fame who experiencing. Heat allocation I didn't know the term right or educate them about the term excellent and I'm. Really hope and it's hook. The apartment statements they gave it to him and share it with their feeling of this is not just for them to these girls I want this earth are also be able to sheer. Their productivity the others exactly. Before we go to break let's speaking of cheering let's share how are re a family can learn more about bald beautify two what's the best way. To learn more about you either by means of social media TM web site. And we go about. Doing that we can be set row boat and try to dot org. And then there we are so you can reach us by chrome was based where he Medina with Denise bode depart too or. And that is like 336636. Six to zero point 33636. 660. OK excellent Marlon without question we're going to repeat all of that information. By the way to ready a family when you go to ball beautify to dot org spelled out with 20 loose TOO so that's bald. Beautify too. Why Marla Anthony's radio friendly welcome you official. So I'll go and beg you radio family for your great company I am looking forward to. Continuing in this wonderful conversation ball beautify too. With marlin and Denise why to we are coming back much more the weekend edition of community focus after this it's the weekend edition of community focus heard an hour in a conversation Saturday and Sunday morning it's great company with you radio family. And especially with members of our community focus Stanley and marlin. Anthony's wife with ball beautify Qiyue. They are a not for profit group mentor organization right here in the beautiful gay city of Greensboro. Wonderful organization family if you have young girls. Between the ages of five to eighteen bald beautify two provides a leadership training for female mentor self work completion. An official life education experience is community service opportunities and with the resources. To increase positive self awareness. Of this member's cell Denise and marlin for a members of our community focus Stanley who may just be joining us and didn't. Tune in or they weren't with us for the first half of the show. That just kind of gives them an idea of what our conversation has been about so thank you guys are coming back for the second half of the show. To tell us more about this wonderful organization. I cut ties into the next question now know and I answered it if I did please forgive me it'll bear repeating. But Denise and and Marlon what is the mission of bald beautify too. We are here to assist girls with the journey to self discovery so float impersonal and her. Excellent. No why mentoring for girls in particular. Ligament in my life. None. And it's a story that is very similar to this stories I hear from girls today. And one thing that's taught me is it's not so much as the time then that is the an issue. Is. Is the love that we don't have ourselves. A look that we not talk to have ourselves and grooms. So the mentoring for girls is to teach the girls what I went. Through and how the power I had and would have learned there have been power to give in those two is now. Right that's what it's about. And folks and young girls that this just warm hearted. You don't have our own. Now how many boys and girls just fumbling when okay Inglett out outnumbered by his sister is now allow that. Excellent Mia asked what it was their agents. 23. Yeah it's there you know I'm sorry I didn't. Excellent when he 322. 1613. Team and for that is fantastic. Now with with such an age range. That's going to be amazing to see you 23 year old bonds quit their which clearly your own. Yeah a different type early show ahead and attack have a love hate Garcia but they get they get better than now that it's an earlier the box played well. And I want to hear it as a little harder Tyre blown out either we see both the new one and we just wow in excess of what I. But that's just a beautiful family that is amazing. And really when you think about it Marlins in the east to have that age range within your own family. How much easier it is when you're mentoring girls between the ages of five to eighteen because that's a pretty big age gap as well. What are some of the personalities she get to see on a daily basis when you talk about a four year old vs an eighteen year. Don't urgency array. Well just deploy hero she's the personalities she's the carpet so Canada. Today. She's spoilt she is because the last went into which reading. It who went up and what we went to when they experience today that colonel who now lives and how we felt that. Up first. Our first few will be a story lit decided he should be raised its not they should be done right. Do we can't experiences this is not how life is posted in one month is about living in doing its home. Being out we pocono say hey I don't want this would in her before and after that I don't want. That comparison that she's free then give her opinion she's free to express themselves and and that's what we feel that. We we will week. Where we evolve this tennis because. Everybody nano which everybody has to have them opinion or how how cool we if we take away an opinion. Or we take away you truly in my field people like you don't like me that's okay. They accept it and won't. And the kid that liked what she hits we can't figure out. It is an innocent thing about we just we just about Harrison's people who few like to lose your. Right dispute like different animal and the winner. And not ones. Exactly exactly and and no doubt marlin in Anthony's it's different. Win. Raising boys as opposed raising girls because they say usually. It's the way I guess it depends on the parent let me get a perspective from you as parents was it harder for you and raising your son as it was as opposed to your forty orders a war. The boy is different so. That's a good crowd. And I don't it's different because it's right in the middle yeah oh Carroll's right. That he's just been a different track is or how he thinks and how he didn't he carries himself. Yeah as far as. How to interact with women. How he interacts with society now renting it out yeah yeah it's definitely different. I don't have to go over the same type emotional things from him to write to which it partners yeah. I just out right so. I know for fact that it's imported to teach him. What is important to me to teach him that he can share his emotions that morning that. I do have an opinion on it is I don't like war voice to be told is not a crime. So that's one of the things that I really really am. Very happy day. We do agree upon. Then it's okay for voice expressed themselves exactly because we'll have a motion exactly yeah exactly so we're we're not we're not those those failing than not those parents who are. There's nothing happened Robert how ovaries real new here. Yeah where we are great individuals agree adults in gray hair. But we just see that our arm I was actually tonight not here to please. Victory to become the best individuals they can be and we wanna go out an opportunist. Exactly in in order for them to be the best that they can be they've got great examples. In the to a view but you're right you see example that they see daily from parents could batter otherwise. Those examples are. In place to where they know what it is really going to help them. Or things that they know that okay if I go down this path. Who knows what's gonna happen so yes the importance of setting boundaries and really helping our kids understand that as we get older. Whatever choice we make good bad or otherwise has consequences. Yap and personal accountability exactly is going. Yeah wrestle with and he's like you have choices even you don't. We don't they right or wrong with that you have two choices this was mainly this exactly what's been in this board chair with his effort will Sweden. Arguments for so that's a waste graduates right nearing. Very well say it. And very likely. Marlin and a niece when you. Look at an organization such as ball beautify too. That these young girls from five to eighteen they have choices to death and they have wonderful opportunities to be the best that they can be. And it's not always based on appearance. No doubt you're teaching these young girls and it goes far beyond just the looks like with hair no hair make up or no makeup. How are you present yourself from the inside out because what you put out is basically what. You know people seat and get from you. As an individual and joy to have that opportunity to work with with girls in those age range is because obviously. What what it's a five year old is learning through a miniature chip programs such as this be a little bit different than an eighteen year old yes but still. It's bolt. In both instances it's a great opportunity. For these young girls to learn and to set goals. And that's part of the program would be great go yeah it means is huge part of what it's great. How have the girls enjoyed being a part of this organization that spark as you said it's still relatively young is still got our next meeting is actually June 2 OK very good and I've had opportunity to speak this week to 678 graders at a middle school wonderful. And I had a lot of interest from the girls could organized. And I actually just a little meaning many mentoring sessions with the girls acts someone that was exciting and a lot of them were on board with what they are taught actually shocked a lot of them but yeah Matilda I'm a real mentor. I'm not one would be your cheerleaders running in I'm not going to be Foss expectations grain. I keep your reality the rank and and a lot of kids need things happen and my biggest thing with them and I. I really feel an average solve our reached a lot of them. Was until the power yeah there's not a person in the room who didn't have power that's cost. I know those girls really appreciate that and when you think Anthony's being in a room full of of of middle school sports no doubt questions or comment laughter. Yeah there yeah. There's no question about it and that really gets into what the objective. Of bald beautify two missile that. Doesn't not yet. Excellent now as we mentioned. That you are a nonprofit so. When we asked the question are you a 5013. C. How will you receive the donations to keep the organization going. We have decided to be sponsor back fiscal sponsor or can't. And we did that for several reasons from the marys and we want it to be put to focus on being mentors instead of tax deduction fortune ride and Brent what are. Iris ports in the mountains and they'll be in it happened fiscal sponsor freezes up for having to worry about that we could take. Take our time is focused on the girls could go up fiscal sponsor will be triangle advising and to remove Carolina. And so we receive our donations through there I felt when see OK our administration's theory could and that way I am they can go to didn't tax. Adrenaline by the web site content. And it. Donate through their website content and it is there any questions that can also go to our website in contact me through there. Excellent and ready a family again that is bald beautify TOO. Paul beatified two. Dot O Arne she'd get that additional information. Denise I think to ask you this briefly where we meet how often. And given to all the fun activities at these girls who get to participate in that department excited. Yeah yeah. Can't say I'm serious New Jersey. I am building a wedding designer retirement in the you know he's so anytime I can get to planned something's not something that's. That's the only thing you know what that diminish you said that I saw them and you probably see this all the time marlin. You're eyes just light dollars whenever. Obviously we didn't let you go out and using that around you yeah. Yeah actually it acts and what have you been doing that I started a year ago. Little hurtful RT your yeah I actually really really enjoyed it Heidi and today we were paid exactly exactly. Well I'm members will meet at HQ Greensboro downtown. I Greensboro in the spread illustrate your Fat Tuesday no cash and will meet the first month but first started every map okay. I'm starting June 2 from five to 7 PM Corey and there will be dinner. For all of our members and we will start with a lot of power out fashion trends and Bobby Isaac and opportunities we start with positive duty we. Go to our missions in our media productivity within it opportunities are our citizens are being positive. We don't it's not about what happened before you got to the go or what it's less currency idea. Nice and we'd lose to each other out. We ghost our individual sessions we broke up into our different. Age groups and can't cut and they will. I mean tour groups are gonna have different topics and he backed up over a curriculum. He will be the same Circuit Court. Out at first topic will be productivity far back eight Euro. It's be productivity. War I don't know letting them anyway I'll also be creating a positive environment. For older girls. So what are tied together Ryan reached the girls on individual. H and that's really great because again getting back to. Really the mentality obviously is going to be different when you compare five year old to an eighteen year old and I love the fact that your breaking it down. So that each group each age group of the girls can benefit. Specifically. For their age group is there anything people need to bring other than themselves. I'll come back soon for themselves and their babies that's intent and their appetites and I will be. That's a fantastic news who is about that the people there and well let me just I didn't tell you tell me that night that's a deal where I'm old I'm absolutely sold its that we get a. There's enough community focus are tonight and it comes station Saturday and Sunday mornings thank you ready a family for your wonderful company I am definitely enjoying the wonderful company of the newest members of our QF family. And marlin Anthony's white. With bald beautify two and that's beat a LG. DEA UTI. FIEDTL. I know I'm learning so much about this beautiful organization. Now today's Judas defined the levels of girls you won't mince her by the age groups. We have our sparklers NASCAR has our ages five to eat. And then we also have our rising stars know they're ages nine to eleven and ten. We have our stars through twelve to fourteen. And we have our superstars. They're ages fifteen to eighteen and excellent. And the fact again that we're gonna have all these wonderful activities with which these young girls can engage in. And we want to emphasize the date that will be June 2 in fact when things kick off excellent excellent attempt to become. I'm into war where the ball beautiful I too we as a community even if we don't have. Girls that are in this age group or even if we're not parents are you are you looking for mentors get them okay actually looking for mentors hacks and we are mantras we wanted terrorists who are very. Encouraged. To be a part of these girls lives not for a short time for a long term thinks this is about making positive change for these girls consistency. Into their lives exactly so we want reimbursement for first thirty and a that's just a preference but if you're under age of thirty excuse me. And the like to be part of the groom him he will consider those rockets and eight case Iraqis okay. And that's also to take into consideration there are four individuals who. Under the age. A thirty Denise there are few who are very mature yet so it's shall we say for that age but I'd like that thirty plus number because. That's really getting seasoned. Individuals. Ladies in particular. To help these little girls two young ladies who were at the age of eighteen it is usually you know when when you and I were were growing up. Eighteen just opened the door to a lot of not just opportunity does us a lot of responsibility. Because we're getting into that young adults staged. So how nice set your braking and down from five to eight. Nine to 1112. To 1415. To eighteen because. There are there's so much that goes into just a young girl's life between the ages five to eight. And we're all dealing with something no matter how young or how are young at heart to. We are but nice to know that with ball beautify chewed that that these girls are gonna be working with. Some of the best mentors. That the community can offer. Wonderful for you guys. Now we mentioned this again but let's repeat it how can people find out more about bowl to be unified to we have our web site is for our beat affront to adapt work. I'm sorry I didn't mean cut you off let me get it right ball beautify too I'm more work. On its promise and promise I made a demon did make up yeah. I. So don't work on the thing is WWW. Barbie to putt to adapt or nasty oh work. We also have a FaceBook page to its RB divides you and your president is to Graham at borrow beatified two. Excellent and just a wonderful way radio family just to keep in touch and let me tell you. Again I want push the ball beautify to doubt or because I'm I'm a tornado on my electronic device and I was talking. Which used to niece and and Marlon about this that when you go to the site. You're going to see one beautiful sister on the cover me and you. Disney shares so welcome arming you just rocking and this look. Now in and in all seriousness when you were dealing. With when you first learned that you had Alan. That you felt comfortable with being who you are. Now when you look at yourself. In the mirror what is Denise white scenes what do you see now he knew that you didn't see before. Hello me. Hello I'm here under rabbit. And that's happened so many out here. That's awesome I see I'm I'm very confident tonight I'm very confident all the things that I thought I was. Didn't myself by fighting here in putting it on and men and I'm not seeing is anything wrong that yes with the money once it does not Bobbie if I too was about be who you are that's where you are being comfortable. Beat them beat there and be happy with it peaks and I just know long lines right but now. PX meal of the day would you go back. Nothing that I some love and I'm here now. Course Anthony's we must get things from the mail all respect. Particularly as as a husband. How was it for for you and not only did nieces journey Marlon black. You've beaten by her side in that journey where it was a the fact that she came to me and him movements and when I first started right certainly. I think that was. The big step. Ever because I mean a mission to be open trust me and believes they'll look. You're the first person really tell him about this emotional and Ryan and then it's actually sit down and show me he was going oh yeah massive bait. You look at all and one all right I like oh that we've talked about it and Rome and for use abortionists and that's the opposite. How would you feel I did so he can thank him whenever you're ready. You be ready to what accidentally entity I came home she Politico yeah. Hey. If you. A lot of that's awesome beautiful beautiful it is still with the right now are not the same issues. Grown tremendously as a woman and the person and I happened to that process and market changes and I'm just excited that people can people get to see. Who she actually he's exactly the most important exactly then about it and thank you for coming here because I get to see it too. There's nothing else I really do let me say these key hell I am and I'm here. I only have a key for our and my dear I mean you are one of the way as agents had that beautifully stated well. But even if you weren't dealing with the condition you you could rock this because like I said sometimes we get to. Maybe it's at that point in their life when you really wanna do something daring and different do you think that if you didn't help allocation you were trying to listen. You would Matta tried the ballclub I was so as I. I have really or Harrison as a child Kennedy and that's what did it define me right because that was I was not all that's needed as the economy. You pretty here as uneasy with the good here so that was my definition. Was never anything he was Smart in the ECU was this was easy either. So you know I held onto it a thumbs up I should yeah bets I thought it was who's not part of me and I lost you know. Sudden. Look at Neeson. And just as beautiful. My dear and I think a lot of people find that and and not just from. Your family members to perhaps friends who knew used then and look at you now you're just as gorgeous. It's just amazing now let me ask you this. When we talk about. Application isn't something that's hereditary were there other members in your famine that we're dealing with this I'm not sure of hereditary factor because I want to adopt okay. And but what I. Was told it can't be OK but so am I 22 heroes and discussed it with her mood about how. It can here in theory that we can't offset it because of life's work diet. Exercise nurture those type thing right I did discuss the happenings in terror. And she does start having some things occur here in June. And so we did see some changes who she made some adjustments turn here as well very good. And that's exactly what for a lot of our listeners here on the weekend additional community focus especially for parents. Who are listening. I think you have become a sounding board for so many who likely had not been able to have this type of conversation. And especially now to find that there is a nonprofit organization. That mentors young girls who may be dealing with us who are dealing with this between the ages of five to eighteen. This probably will open so many avenues. For people in our community. Who canal saint thank you for Marlon and Disney's wide and for bald beautify two and what you guys will be bringing to the community I. I just look forward to hearing some amazing. More amazing things. About you with the organization thank you for what you do and a couple of minutes that we have remaining aren't there any closing thoughts or comments. If you could talk to these young girls now. What would you say to. My biggest thing and I'm biggest unions. Power. And our hearts on that that's what this is all about. My life the story that I share with people. Doesn't make me Miami when I went from ally. Doesn't make me life is the power that was in me Eden they kept me through that makes me who I am. And what I do know is that every and every person in the world has but I know for a fact I want to help every girl. To have that power. Love and I also want to do you think he served in Canada. Also putts act tag line is to be inspired to be positive and Bebop pedophile too. Man that's to be inspired to be who you are to be happy with who you are to be positive with yourself and others. Indian Bob beatified is be happy on in and out. That's where. While I am so happy to attend this opportunity. To speak with you to get to know you denouncing you are part of this community focused family. And marlin Anthony's they are never any good guys on this public affairs show. So as family the doors are always open I look forward to. Future conversations and wonderful moments like this. To get members of our community focus Stanley to really spread the word about ball beatified two and for those who are thinking of becoming men toward its. June 2 market on your calendars OK where's a location going to be again it's on eleven in whistler street. In Greensboro connected HT Greensboro downtown OK we have an information on new war. It's like OK excellent excellent. Sorority a family again visit as often as she can indeed spread the word. Bald beautify Te when that this TOO. Dot org. Marlin right Anthony's line walk into the community focused family and that you are so what am I so enjoyed our time together. And is always radio family I enjoy the time that we get to spend which he was well. Knowing that you two were doing some fabulous things in the community as always please keep up the good work and please rejoin me. Next weekend in every Saturday and Sunday morning for the weekend edition of community focus indeed no good by us until next time take care.