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Good morning radio Stanley welcome. Glad to have you back glad to be back another week in addition of community focus heard. Saturday and Sunday mornings as usual and the usual spot this year and Entercom stations thank you very much for your fine company. And that of course members of our community focused Stanley give us such it is nice to have her back. She ever sense I think I have given her the name of doctor fein and age it is just stopped but it's a nice way to bring back CU and and our weekend edition of community focus are public affairs show. Doctor orange area. In Johnson good morning how have you been good morning I'm great thank you so much for Corning that tire mat now. If my videos and everywhere else very very good what I would not take the entire sole credit report. Unreal but yes you are definitely in your area of expertise. And every time you come on this program young lady I think a lot of analysts myself the community focus and we we always walk away learning something even more. Then we did from you the last time so what that says some time. Since our last conversation has read only pass the so let's get caught up with this what types of things have you been up to. In relation to your business and equally and especially so in the community Craig questions so you have been up so few things yeah let them out. I fell one of the first things is actually. Written two more books since the last time we spoke so of course I had the step by step out of start a for profit business. And hottest passed on a nonprofit business from a few years bank. And then last year are wrote step by step how to save thousands on college tuition is step by step how to improve your credit scores. And I just lost a few weeks ago my new online credit course called step by step how to improve your credit scores. Where people can work in the privacy of their own homes or wherever they choose to be to take those dips and then not only to improve their credit they do with the right way absolutely. Let me just say this I'm Syria the doctor of finance if there were to be a pictured next to no more building it and it's definitely an it. They would definitely be a picture of you my dear but that's a good busy. And just to say on behalf of those sue I'm sure it had the opportunity to personally say thank you. For all of this with these step by step books and congratulations you two newest one saint Jean you're so welcome. But every time on jury out whether or and I think about the fact that we we are lot of kids. Have either in gays are about to engage in spring break and is that time of year of course or the months and ticking by where you got a lot of kids getting ready graduate from school and then you got a lot of parents wondering who where am I gonna find the money to finance a sonnet order. If he or she should decide to go to college of course just so in the gamut. Of questions. And what to do with not only the finances of trying to. Ensure if that is the case for a child who wants to pursue. A higher education and if the money's there and even in the case of it's it's not necessarily always the child because you got a lot of parents and. Moms and dads that are now that the kids have left the nest. And they may decide that you know what. It probably is my turn. To try to go back in and get a degree so there's so many different scenarios but the point being what kind of advice would you give. Particularly chip organizations. And not just for individuals listening this morning but again to organizations that want to offer the financial education programs that you just touched on. But don't have those financial resources. Absolutely saw a couple different things here to do what I'm of course like you mentioned I have a variety of resource is. Armed you know even if a person doesn't have a budget for Amy being what I do have a YouTube page doctor Ian Ian Johnson where they can go to YouTube and look if free on CDOs and seminars yeah got every for every book that I have also help win an awesome round of Sony can watch how parents can think thousands on. College tuition Howell grant was to discuss things fell into her college students can save thousands. But I also do quite a bit of training. With organizations on either helping people with their financing to make at least write more on training and providing a variety of workshops and seminars I do everything from a Duma funniest academy I have keynote presentations down off on breaking the cycle of generational poverty which they have those heels are also available. Almighty to page one is available on the arm my home page and a mile web site. I'm to everything from a variety of things that people can use like my own life created course. We're for example what realtors mortgage lenders people bad loan people money right as shown interest to say hi we need to put our people through some kind of pro Graham. We we contracted programmes are actively working towards those names. And it on the flip side I have a nonprofit organization and I created it involves a short names call breed but put it this day is for building resource is in disadvantaged groups to economics and empowerment a very a mouthful bush. And that's what idiot that's a death what I envisioned and creating breach. But aren't so wood bridge I'm actually getting ready to donate 300 copies of my college blue. Dude Su mama mama Thomasville high school that's in conjunction it's a partnership between McNamee and as well as people in the community that donated because deep bridge is a 501 C three as well so what I deal with us being. 2 days at almost a high school when you feebly when AM march. Why just whipped. To every book they organize these so there. Acted being able to see every student pop hopefully Roddick cryptic career typically education courses to be able to just cut a deal for me and Ryan encourage him let him know that hey you don't have to have this straight able wonderfully he didn't. All but also that you know there is money for college not the way to your twelve for your kids also till that I'm walking statistic sun sentinel saying seeks Elvis rating to go as Ridley Thomas hill yeah come and that never say never. Buzz that's another type of admission about a half people's organizations to Anthony Kim we replicate that. You know the book giveaway in they sure can have their organizations that are interest did. In being able to help provide these books and why might that went organization. Did they can make a tax deductible contribution towards that initiative. A it didn't reward they have been doing is travelling back and forth to wait tick quite a B as a railroad. Because they have a partnership with suntrust foundation. Where suntrust about the funding will decide trust foundation a national financial educators council is we'll. And I'm contradicted initial findings indicate as counsel to for about the workshop right. And wait take is the playing field Sanchez has the money and solid encourage people also they want up provide these programs and what your banker if you're listening to you work for banking and you want to get involved. And how to put these things together. Because banks have the funding in mining and a lot of them are looking to funnels initiative also doles are ways. To be able to expand and of course talking to me more to talk about how to put it again absolutely in just one word to sum almost I don't I. His arm wow. And so many. Good things and just listening to you that I see come out of this one this is an excellent wind to give back to the community for those that want to contribute. To thank you for contributing and the nice thing that when you talk about. Workshops and in webinars the majority of them are at no charge and because a lot of what I see you post on social media. You invited the general public to come out free. And just to really eat. Get a grasp it. And I really like this about you on GA is that you take the time to really give a person. A firm understanding. Of what's going on because when we talk about it even just mention the word finances. It can be overwhelming. For a lot of people who may not feel comp to. Enough about managing their own money and for those that do and have been you know that the mass markets and the where all. Kudos to you guys I wish I had half the smarts and that individuals such as that do but. Again the nice thing is you want a person step by step now and that. That's why you called the book is yes ma'am that by step how to stop a nonprofit business. How to start that. For profit business and how to improve your credit score and how to save thousands on college tuition. So the step by step really comes forward when persons get to know you as the owner of any NJ consulting services. And you also answered my next question just how much about you always got on my friend why you created bridge in the first place. So British soul was interesting it may take consulting services Embree to actually boarded the same time wow 2002 when I was living in Raleigh uh huh and I did not know well I knew it gets out something with Iran has announced Bobby give it relief relocate next month but it was really more of my colleagues so I called him my twins because and. I was getting ready to move forward with a NJ consulting services because that was going to be you know how I'm a moment in my live input. Bridge was something I created to give bag but it wasn't just quite ready yet to move forward Grant Hill I said on it home for a digs 2004 when I officially get the paperwork out the problem when he threes. And mom and of course the life have been other things happen to them to go back to school do some things we're still officially in 2000 and let and then we launch what was called the juicy and Ali John's memorial scholarship that was designed to. Provide 1000 dollars scholarships each year sometimes more than a thousand dollars and we enter attacked an item on average if I. I'll address to graduates of Thomasville high school again Matt Matt must my hometown. And soul but I want to so there's a challenge when you're trying to create. You try and also programs exactly a sometimes when people look at my information and what I do they just automatically say hey I can afford chin and they have no idea. What a lot of times what I do what I have to offer. As so it's a create it and entities even. Where even and if I couldn't get in the doors to do the programs must that did do it for the hump we're gonna create something where I can do it myself and get the finding is ended up properly it's out of my motto is was a wonder what won't give you a change you give yourself a chance. The last ended up even I wasn't ready to apply for Greece into all of that rivals things I wanted to had to sit up because again you know when people give donations are tax deductible sometimes businesses are looking for those opportunities but bridge was created to give back to the Thomasville community in surrounding areas miss our 2011 we've given well over 111000 dollars in scholarships and then it gets an all Jocelyn my great grandparents are -- not to raise me Ryan still. That was the first initiative and to do it and in memory of famine and that honor what a nice. A nice way to remember them. And all the things of course and we when we think of family and and how they helped raise that gives. They did a good job with same idea are absolutely so the next question obviously one of the projects as bridge half. So all brown the race so good. Right along with a scholarship to right round sue was the book I giveaway which I really inflamed but it was really dropped in my heart and enter our visit to Korea fair and high school couple most banking right and just do justice really and not just the students at some size and then you know but they weren't they represented a lot of students already talked to which were like. Yes I did not okay yeah and sell off my hat. These keys need to copy new mom looking hang and and so I'll let around three my goal is I've been able to hear in Virgo DN over the years to communities in schools also serve the board member of the community schools but before becoming a board member. I had the opportunity go in and do some seminars with the cheerleaders like four. And yes wonderful run the play at the seat. But we need more programs on a regular basics and. Thank me and so my next step is to. The able to partner with banks. And other organizations. That want top Alford their financial education piece mind and to be able to get those programs not just it's almost a high school both surrounding high schools. I'm so that we give them that quality in that time because you know plant the seed is good. But you need to even as adults we need something just more than once so light on why we come when you're talking about money management what we got gonna talk about creating when we got talk about college and in the mix when talking about. Onto the new ship as a career option absolutely so you know it's actually about all of that. Country is that you don't just habit in one particular area and it's really nice to focus on short the scholarships and the availability they are. But what to do and helping the kids are just individuals in general yeah. What to do. When schooling is over the next financial big financial move which wore a lot of us as adults starting families. Buying their first car buying their first home so many different things so. How apropos that the credit portion of it comes at a place a girl who. Do for you because you call load the bases in more ways than one won't IQ and family where your family is good to have you back in key you're so welcome. And radio family is great to have your company. I am one of the doctor of it I can't say one Andrea in Johnson who was owner of ANJ. Consultant server she sees based out of Thomas bell and Andrea we're gonna share of course a contact information. Help people can reach out to you and the first question I wanna ask you when we come back from break is how people can learn more about bridge. So let's do that and ready a family indeed after this break. Will be back for more of community focus right after this it's more the weekend edition of community focus if you just joining us welcome radio family thank you for your great company and as always if you've been with us. Since the beginning of the program thank you for coming back for the second half. Of the shell that is heard on intercom station Saturday. As Sunday mornings community focus is not just me Rene Vonn but as other individuals who were doing some fine things in our community she is author of step by step. How to improve your credit scores how to start a for profit business. How to start a nonprofit business. And step by step how to save thousands on college to wish him available in several places including a NJ consulting services web site to which doctor Andrea and Johnson and hints where the doctor of finance comes an owner of a NJ consulting services. Rejoins us here for the second half of community focused. First of all I injury how can individuals. Reach out to you either through your website or contact other contacted from how rights. We'll stop the middle phones against 3364764710. Davis 3364764710. Or you can email me at. DR EAJ like John cern. And it the letter aid that the letter. I'm also on FaceBook so I have a I have to FaceBook group page is RK ENJ consulting services Guinness a letter a deliver in the letter. ANJ consulting. And I want instead Graham at doctor off finding a a ballot all else in my acting too is there so again again and doctor of finance. It if you only DN at eight Andrea Ian Johnson Ph.D. so. I make sure admit to keep all of those arms those muscles your media tells today right with information so he can climbing out their flats and I. Social media ready a family she is definitely there and this is one thing that can be said about URG yeah. And this is actually a quote I help people develop solutions to their financial problems step by step and end of quote. I'm like that and I really like the continuation of our conversation. The question and I'll let you would ask how can people learn more about bridge now if you will. Breakdown the Akron am once again for those that probably look here at the first okay now the thing about China shortly but it just really accomplice is what I'm about so what bridge is about so bridge against DS were building resources. In disadvantaged groups to economics and empowerment. And. Didn't really the mission of bridges to serve as a gateway of information. For people they may be disadvantaged as a result of their race gender socio economic status right things like this ought to be able all this information that we talked about the right to be able to give it to a woman sellout. The show you the logo of au brie aged. But on they can learn more about region www. Breach if the word breeds in C dot ORG and Olympian has. Breeds in C dot ORG and you know some nice about it is that's exactly what that acronym does when it comes to. Learning more about finances and general. Whether we wanna do it as a for profit non for profit business when we want to. Learn more about our credit scores this national saving thousands were college tuition in bridges the gap. Think that that financial gap that a lot of us sometimes encounter was when it comes to being in any of those case situations. That we've been talking about for most of the program. Girls like us there are definitely spot dot. Now this was touched on earlier chi when you're welcome. Our donations made to bridge tax deductible they are and and that's important for people they wanna create nonprofit Dino again. Don't just put tax deductible up their view and not I mean if your contributions are so give bridge is recognized as Texas tax exempt. Under you know the fiction code 501 C three so it all donations. Our tax deductible no matter what the amounts okay an excellent excellent. And this question to again for those who may not have been with this early in the program how cam for any organizations that are listening and saying look I love what I'm hearing. How does one partner with Bridget they wanna provide books to people in the community or so just contact main -- contact me and we can talk to sample is just that simple solid just the font color. But and we can talk about it because everybody has a different. Mission and it and how they wanna do it either they want to be trying to actually the train the L Ron Howell said. Implement the program and offer it or I can train the clients that they served and so they can really tailor make. What they want in this sitting down with him say. This is the ANJ finance academy this is what we have and all of the flip side of the morning but if they want to offer any of these. Pieces and also on them ot a. How somebody can actually donate a gift not just books right but you wanna donate a workshop or seminar and its own goals are being fit brie it's you know if you make a donation to the region. Maybe you want to donate to your favorite charity that appeared to so during the holiday season. I would talk about it you do it anytime okay and it hate all of donate you know a workshop or seminar. Are things like that guy either crash family reunions are done if they wanted to do that. Through you know I don't want to know until June just to to intercede they're a little bit. I never thought of that idea but now in just mentioning Mitt. Yeah because obviously family reunions of course is just that we're reunited with family lot of members we haven't seen in a very long time. And a lot of times is really nice when families can get creative and think of things with which to participate. Together as a family and even though the cook up portion is nice you know the food is nice good company that conversation. How nice to incorporate into perhaps make it a tradition. To have something where you talk about finances because that's not always an easy conversation. Whether it's between you know Mason what does between the parents of the kids and weather is between you know just you with viewing. The individual. That again. You're in a situation where your fight just financially overwhelmed you don't know what to do. I never thought of it like that that would be a nice the only activity and I thought about it either out of the coach I. On. Someone what we that newbie to knit working in sell date on contact it's a family it why out of date and dean at that their place where they have these. But they somebody call from out of town is that hey we haven't family reunion and I'm like early on we. King yes I did about it isn't wow yes I'll winning and all like a Friday morning hugging and out weenie and in. Tall for about 1520 minutes they wanted to talk about creating it and sell even when I'm talking about created. I have to go I'm I'm gonna cover the basic when he made his name but this is how we start talking about breaking the cycle of generational poverty kinks in affluent families yet let the people to keep fighting for equality and. Policy and all of those things but on the flip side. One of my mom models is that you take. A. And just won your how much money would get being let's just it would not families. So that was just class people write you. Hum individually it lowers the group. How much money you could you have say eat to provide us to start a scholarship and. You just don't want to somebody's business ultimately he only knows what's it ought to put isn't an emergency phone and pigs and I just you know don't apple Apple's principles so lying but yes I do not crash into things on the day of vitality there you will be there absent with. Well is nice to know full can relax and keep on you Nigeria. Now we touched on this too a little bit earlier about the wonderful thing that you're doing in giving back to your on the month. And Thomasville. High school. That is correct yeah okay then you know sometimes he even you get. Things on your brain and you enter this life doesn't always scratch our fan I went and gamecube thank you don't cut me some slack off this morning. But speaking of your alma mater is the college book the only book drive that's available now actually if somebody one after looking at all my balloons. Usually what happens when massive public got a front of people I wait a minute so they may think you know let off I wanted you to just talk about this but you know we know somebody that wants to know. You know video so with any of my books. If you decided you wanted to gift goals and regular tax deductible donate any they would come to bridge of course they are available to me. And unsure how cool it is to go back to your high school you and to see the kids that are there and like you say and when you can walk into that classroom. I don't know about you but I know the last summer went back to my high school and it was like everything's just so much smaller. Because we're more younger everything is just huge is larger than life we know. And it was like man helped things have changed now you know it's funny because. This June makes 25 years that I would he graduated from high high school. Iowa City to barely don't dislike consoles are out in her list to be able to not only. To come back to my high school no more times. Well there actually every year presenting the scholarship is wheels on here you know be back in May to visit the scholarship and this as has publicity for me right and it also to be able to. I participate like in Korea affairs at that middle school which was a difficult time for me and a whole lot of other folks mill school it even nominate you know to combat sued the department sociologist social work from time to time I teach there in that department too. But to come Ellis is their last week. Talking to students now money management and created and things like get in able to calm slow fools article Brian was walking the path where I had the most challenges in coming back and saying. I have some solutions because I'm still learning things might not still run into challenges as an entrepreneur do what I have to write this. What I preach to stay out of trouble turned to think about was the biggest armed solution but is a blessing to be able to us to come back what is issue with a high school 25 years for my case also is a real yeah I Lal but the great. Thing too about it on trio looking unit from my standpoint. Is that it's. This is also a great opportunity. Why people probably find you so personable. Because you do relate you have sort of they're the same goes walks in another person's shoes or walk in someone's foot steps so that everything that people. Are learning from you is based on personal experience. And a lot of that is relatable and move to another individual was like well it's nice to know. Basically when someone can meet someone like Q. And say to themselves whether they do an openly or do it privately and quietly do it's nice to know that somebody else understands and realizes must struggle. Salute especially from a financial standpoint and and to have these workshops these webinars these wonderful books that you've written. And that you have authored that really. Again I just thank you for calling a what you call it step by step because it's not in language that's difficult to understand. And you put it in such a way that makes it easier for us to find the solutions to those financial problems and that's a great thing about it. You're great company to my dear and that Obama radio family thank you so much. If you are just tuning and welcome to the week an additional community focus urinary intercom stations every Saturday and Sunday morning. I really don't know. Finance. She's the owner and. Doctor Andrea and Johnson. Under I want to ask this question how can people learn more about a inject consulting services will you can visit our website www. Eighth letter say the letter in the like Nancy. Www. Ian. Dot com and dot hail of palm everything ordered out under the funniest to get particular about me but you might learn about. All of the services house on the funniest academy you know each page I have a video clip. Discussing something and email on each page you get to see one of the books highlighted as relevant to the topic excellent and also that you can learn so like on BB visa Masai angle to the critic paid for humans is studying. You gonna see a video about creator repair scale arms and cry about mob look at some other things to each page has something. Different. The to educate to a big at the bottom of each page run Masai must social media handles a day or so you can click on I mean. You could make do with me is whale excellent and I want to pass. This along to members of our community focus mainly country and it's a look just mentioning some of the keynote presentations. When one visits and finance academy yeah you talked about it breaking the cycle of generational poverty but they can also find out and learn more about. Social entrepreneurship. You do a step by step approach to creating social change. Teaching social entrepreneurship particularly. At our historically black colleges and universities. Are much love HBC you risks creating financial literacy programs to improve student retention. And even understanding African American wealth attainment. Here in port so you touch a little little everything. And just about all the gamut of our community yes and then some appreciation for that and what other services through AJ consulting services are available. Helpful person myself included and prove my financial. Life overall shore so once again I have a miraculous things for people to shoot for a ride home. So whether people meet individual. So let's just on the individual side to go right iPad workshops and seminars winning learning the bulls. But if somebody says you know blitz. A still need somebody sit down Whitman explain what's going on right right all for individual sessions weather is so what it is up to a one time decision but at some. Sometimes people just want you to sit down with don't want to say hey they saved you can tell me what to do right I can do it. Whose own and that's it emea muscle with any of the services that all four I have light. That individual session where they might just wanna sit down warts in men I have some people to say not me somebody help me stay accountable. No the and I have goals. Com programs in packages. Services for you know a few months at a time to whatever they need to lead them on track right in so long and again that's in any of my services on casino pizza we'll. Quite interesting how to get pay well at different kinds of packages of we're all from individual sessions to manages the college peace a little bit trying people ought to do it then people sometimes we'll still approached me a thing to do a fourth yeah okay. I thought I had but I do want to make sure that people learned how to do so I have the variety again you know. In the book award my guess it is so nice is wolf you know people tell me some Daubach. She's toys there's like I mentioned before the library if you haven't talked to me you don't know because if you don't. Maybe you do an addition candy you just don't have anything else again rob YouTube page and it least it gives you an overview right you can start there and sometimes until Bieber just a phone call you know call and say hey. You're this is what's going on in in in in things like dead to give me a feel for our summer so don't short change. You still true post and even within that phone call just skip the process going to do what I love about two to conjure is that not only do you provide this wealth of financial information but you or so adaptable. And you Bim like stat. From day one since I've come to know you and to really just sort of watch you and actions so to speak and take those mental notes. And that the great part I'm sure on your end is watching individuals that you work with. That you teach that she trained to see them actually apply if the information and results is there any one particular. Whether it's resent or just going back to day one when you started all of this news is there one particular incidents. That stands out in your mind in which she worked with somebody. And perhaps you still stand content what that person or that person has come back to you at some point and said you know why. When you first help me here is where I am now he is the progression here's the process I'm that I may. So it's interesting because you know these it was a track record out until mumble south and also earth is I have people that have done absolutely nothing. I'm just being on its own. I don't you know sugar coating and they're not paying people to stay out or did you know I would like to see more students they used appears to ease the service is more to help more flip fortune a lot of people falloff that they get discouraged some mud on leadoff tea people. To be able to stay out of you know did did. But what does the credit peace any and you know Renee is interesting because. All of this man if this is just to get you know there is all together he's not paying people to tell me you know yapping in villages with. One long piece information you yeah I'll tables to secure thousands of dollars and penalize critic. For my business or for myself on you know I guess houses truth is that I just got some recent testimony of I want person's talking about you know. Com. Just what you you know taught me to go step by step and end your books. You know my credit scores hovering over two through your three scores also all real governor route 800. They were able to refinanced their home would get a new home at two points of it's hit out of stay calm and just you know thanking me for the process is and then ask don't clog it. I'm still working which three not three years later found the show sheer anger at any time I told I'm like no whenever you're ready to be don't you know yeah yeah I thought it may sound weird. But there are companies out it would just dread people you know when they're not really do when he carrying her but because she is experienced so much from some progress and I'm just saying this is so amazing from when I first megahertz analyses hubby did this class I have because while the best client is not so much suppressed and has the most money and he's the person that you know I asked the people who's who sink into out of a situation. Els made great class for me because we don't find a way the court to pay phone service is working with these things like there. But to this day about three years and she called about student loan peaceful we start talking mound SE deal with so many different things. Still working well hard to this day tonight does all right let's just keep Holland must go to see that manifestation. Exam and I didn't have the books via so a couple Martha go by that I mean a new book so let me send it to you. And so old. That's probably one of those that the there are some great stories all around people they just didn't have hoped but I can't great testimonials from people. Dan and it can be hard to get sometimes a testimonial because people embarrassed and don't want people to know cyberspace people's privacy. But don't think many permission to do you sound but yes she's. Who she lost a lot but she was she was. Again not just her with other people mig attack is a good place to be is not a terrible thing because we sickened tired you more than. Just like let me you know them but I guess he gets out of my god I need go I don't know what questions to ask. But let the in my prayers my answer and out. Actually two people to to teach me how and Andre four a lot of individuals a lot of those who are sick and tired that promotes action. Orion first and foremost it needs to be on our part and the action to get in contact with someone like you who has the knowledge and has. The expertise who can indeed literally. Walk a step by step and I always love to hear. Good stories and sharing those happy endings because there really are such things as those in which people may start to struggle. But once they get. In contact with a person like yourself. Once they learn that step by step process in. Mainly because you were willing to stick with her asked him do you Entrust is a big thing Jeff I'd lots of people so. Almost we don't call me SAT out or Disco or make a world that company and guess what everybody doesn't want to work with me because bait you know I'm not going to promise. I'm not gonna promise results although I do know. They if you stick with it also some later but it doesn't take failed or death but I think it really doesn't mega alone you gain control could take you control your finances. It credit scores are gonna go up and down they're gonna change all the time who would you have control and if you jelly legs are doing is going to be telling you what to do. That media yet challenges to convert to exceed that this fuels it axis it down and say okay and in turn more to reach out to say I don't know what to do you do missile that's what the power lies yeah. The options like when I talk at a high school students until the end you have options might I need when he like the next person. But I understand I have options and to be able to create what you won't let India doesn't come with a sacrifice. And dom but what we all have options so would you hate your job. The end you need put into play any nation for high you know transition into something else comedian just not making enough money access to talk to people about those things to learn how to create those options for Euro zone. And so that's I believe it witnessed today and again. Which Al designed ultimately forces me to take my own advice and their names that I did know before that I know mail and I played OK if they'll need that he's on another blue pencil and. What exact social media and there are knows the next I mean come on this had. The Packers win maybe talk about a new book I do have one actually I think that the senate works yet and you just social Austin who should HB CU and let's actually the first book I ever wrote a very good. Everything was born out of there okay but when it was being born when I was teach an ice sheet creating and taught a course that on a NT a row source on the new issue and sold those business books where actually pull down out of reach out. So years later now I need to go make an up date Needham that would Monday it started at all and for HBC used it wanna have these programs line and other out organizations because I have another. Booking general lack of will out of debt they wanna say hey we want to create these programs selected are small business owners like Ryan workshops and seminars there's something else that they can also what is social arch and wish you were hung how is that different phone traditional opt into issue but it's a mixture of salt from people that wanna create social value in their community this exists in that case is not always measured. Bob does does does the thousands and to me millions and he's the Lincoln rhyme so yeah that's the one mail on my need to go back and well I'm atheist. Doubles look that was the parent of them all there you go up so looking forward to that I do my dear and that sag ways nicely as we're about to. And that's a thing and when you're just a good conversation. Time sees always flies so I'm real looking forward to that next update and to thank you so much minding your form what you are doing. In the community please keep up the great work thanks a radio family Andrea in Johnson the doctor. A finance. Is with AJ consulting services you can reach out to or she is in Thomasville. 3364764710. You can also visit any time on the worldwide web A in. And U I everywhere on social media Canada on FaceBook darling and look just look. Lunch and just say in the search ingenuity to do radio family and she will definitely pop up what thank you my dear I so appreciate you returning. To community focus is always good to have radio family back on the program thank you so much you are so welcome and thank you ordeal Sam I know a lot of you are doing. Equally some great things in our communities you to keep up the great work and indeed I GF you know Mano goodbye as sound I'll see you. Until next all right and until that time ready a family enjoy the rest of your day. And the rest of this weekend great company as always take care.