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Good morning radio family welcomed the weakened additional community focus back again and our inner comes stations and thank you for coming back each and every Saturday. And Sunday morning to hear about good people doing some good things in our communities. I'm Renee Vonn joined by the newest member. Of our community focused family and she is. Not only. I newbie but really now family. Shall I say Aaron prayers that's how quickly things work around here that I like it see you my dear. Welcome airing you serve as the development director at American children's home in Lexington. And this is a nonprofit. Children's home and you house around 35 kids on average that's your excellent so I am so happy to have you here welcome to the community focusing only. And session have an opportunity for members of our community focused Stanley in our audience who may not be familiar. With the American children's home a bit of background about. Yes staple first thanks so much you well she'd absolutely. Inane. I'm so American children's homeless open are going back in 1928. Untidy junior order of the united American mechanics in north Carolina State Council. And that's our country's oldest teacher at a fraternity. Common initially served as a home for orphans and children at the junior ordered members so he usually. Purchased by someone who. Was in the job had a high hazard men and this is kind of before on like insurance or Social Security benefits actually so over time unless unless true orphans were. Around and we began accepting on children through county department. A social services it. Now your role as the development director how did that come down how long have you served in that capacity and I have not serving capacity very long. It was kind of but I think where I was. Looking for a new challenge and I'm I'm from Ohio and I a cabinet have Stanley friends in high point and I came down to visit and literally six weeks later I moved down and started working when Annan. Assistant to the director at American children's home. And I just happens to be in the right spot the right time to be promoted within six months now well I meant that American children's home for a little bit every years we'll. Congratulations. Are in in every saying. Another new leash from that standpoint no longer of course you're on the program what part of Ohio thank announced on can't. OK I can see in her seeing Hilliard and aim at all well. So what did you find interest dean or little bit different compared when you compare Ohio to North Carolina. Well number one right off the bat of course as the weather and yes the huge drop let me ask us now and then an Ohio for a long time and I'm enjoying the milder temperatures yes com. It's just. You know honestly I actually live in Greensboro and working in Lexington is a little bit different it's us you know federal small town and it's and a old school feel he had known just you know it's a little bit different and I Greensboro it really isn't too different from where I grew up all three college town and run. Not too big not too little to. Exactly Jesse right that's right right in the middle. And the interesting thing she you errand that you've probably discovered about Lexington it's one of the Barbeque yes capitals of the world and definitely then I'm privileged to have several tasty meals out. Actually I told us that one thing about living and in the south who is that you will fine hearty appetite at in and around the area. Eleven where let's get back on track and and relayed to you also had a radio family just as a programming note in an era and just to make a little bit easier to not necessarily for us. But from this point on going forward if you hear the initials ACH. Which is gonna shortened yes. The American children's home to that cell radio family just kind of keep that in mind of course will remind you as we get further along in our conversation going. But -- the next question outside of doing a wonderful job of telling us a little bit about the history of a CH what submission. So we are a licensed or accredited nonprofit. Alternative Stanley program so first and foremost is that and we believe that every young talent has seen her rights to live. And grow and happy loving environments. On the stability of tomorrow's roll really does depend on the strength in character. With a spear each child today and so our goal is to provide a better experience for the kids. And we want to give them hope for earth a better future and really heal the broken spirits. On the kids that do come to our home. Are removed from their home by the courts and this is usually due to be an amendment lack. And parents are either in the penile system or are heading legal issues okay so. The kids come to us you know they're snapshot of their homes with really little to no. I asked for warning so they're usually told pay packet back. That's never going on now so on it really is. Important tell us to help them at all could be a healthy copy coping mechanisms. I'm improved their grades. I'm developed health cease office seems to say hey I'm confident in my own worth and value and then also to develop a strong self efficacy that. Hey I can believe that I can stay at succeed and accomplish Michael's. Absolutely an era when we think about just young people in general and the dryers. That energy the passion the spirit that they have hung in. Wanting to do whatever it is they're goals happen to impeach her what a wonderful place such as the American children's home. That can provide that environment because they don't have it. Initially to begin wet. Sort of the biggest things they're not raised in homes where that's important right they don't have on me no good. Discipline they don't have good structure so they come to us already kind of lost and then you know these kids especially without the good parental figures. Really do have. A lot of the odds stacked against them so it's very important for us to really plant those seeds for them and hoping that it'll come to fruition someday in and a positive outcome. Nicely said and transit transitions nicely into describing to assorted children that resign at a CH again so. Un children sons who are suffered abuse. And neglect abandonment. And there are removed by their home from by court order and Amin of the story is. You know in my position I don't get to hear them as much I do here's some history is coming and it's it's heartbreaking it really is. Now do you happen to be a moment I'm not a parent okay but I do you have on six. Like F five nieces and nephew well. That you know kids are geared to my heart oh absolutely. And I'm sure they love he was an auntie and I really don't I mean. Not times that the kids. Who come to us and have parents that just can't meet their needs and or to a party had multiple placements and Foster homes or group living programs. On that really need caring nurturing environment to help them deal with their past experiences. And really don't prepare them for the future so. As you mentioned before we have about 35 kids on average Susan and usually that's let pretty equally between boys and girls that on. We are able had anywhere from twelve. 221 year old can't and that usually they average ages around fourteen to nineteen and we usually have junior high and high school kids okay. No do you typically have. And any numbers that you can breakdowns and thinking about in terms of do you have some of the kids who generally calm by themselves they're alone or do they typically have a sibling or two of. I'm I'm actually rate now and typically they are alone we have. Some siblings they're now how come we had a two sisters for awhile and we just additionally not too long ago. Also were able to receive their younger brother so Atlanta really great and were able to keys and get absolutely right they love to be able to be together and him it's hard for them to be away from their siblings absolutely mum when we can and we absolutely trying to have them all together. Right fantastic I just mentioned you've been in the position as the development director. In a short period of time has there any has there been anything rather. That has has stood out within the last year that's that's really impressed you war may be even overwhelmed juke since you've become a part of the American children sound. Yeah after only what can be overwhelming his. Mean being from the area. Really wanting to reach out in and makes those relationships within the community yeah. That's really important for us not only for. Funding of course that's that's important but really just so that people know who we are and what we're dealing that we are around and that. They're kids that aren't you know need their support so that can be kind of overwhelmed plumbing. But also at the same time that's also very impressive via the outpouring that we do get from the community is fantastic. You know that huge you just answered my next question. And I appreciate I thought I paint my dear you're so welcome and asking what can we do as a community we know that when we. Had a program like community focus and we hear about great agencies such as this. Voluntarism. Chart is so huge in our communities and we have so many people. Who. Thankfully. Wanna give of their time they wanna give of their energy and their resource is what can we do to how I didn't. EC wrestling terms of things that can be done and we're actually working and kind of revamping of volunteer program you can't I be greatly if a person would like to spend any amount of time for the kids after this are pretty. Intensive vetting process which of course is for the kids protection for their protection as well yeah. Honda we have groups that have come to campus to help out with. Things such as. Mall Ching or just helping out the grounds where we are pretty large campus so now sponsor groups like that are great or who have common helped retain in building new mom. Like I said we're open in 1928 we have several their original building so I barreled higher some upkeep. So that's always important she'll. Another way the volunteers can help we've had groups come together and raise funds to throw. C skating party and the kids love to be active they are going out and doing exactly know idea that the skating rink with you know peeps are foods like sat him down. Or any kind of small party like that or even an honoring. Tickets to. Care plans or adventure leaning more on the speed part inning my math that's an activity against them trying. Out of you know being and the cottages and getting restless you know skimming and activities to deal absolutely. They've gone attorney out on church sponsored events and concerts things like that so. I'm just takes creativity and usually if it's an activity that you would enjoy doing what are your kids went those kids would enjoy to announce an excellent. I'm Rick which you mentioned at the beginning that the kids have an opportunity to engage not only in the outdoor activities that specifically were mentioned the word marching chart it's not an everyday thing let alone an activity but what a great skill. For young people sure to learn excellent especially when it comes to cultivating the land learning how to grow your own food. How to grow flowers. Just sort of agricultural. Based things which. When you think about a state of North Carolina and even Ohio really anywhere. The the importance of that I think a lot of because of that and not to say. Technology is such a bad thing that we we look at this generation of kids. That's kind of unheard out and kids are like you know what what's on gardening tools are practicing and you can just go off a whole list of things. And kids kind of have this question mark. Look on their face but what a wonderful opportunity for them to learn those type of skills and whatever other skills they can learn with ACH. That ties into a program that I'm trying to not to not called speech and action and it's an opportunity. For our kids on campus than him back to the community Gloria I'm always open and looking for ways that we can plug in. As American children time community for stack in kids to be able to give back to comedians while fantastic is that's a great time and era before we get our first break as generic. How key and our listeners can contact with you that they need more information absolutely well they can always. On give me a call her on the phone number is area code 336. 3577126. And just ask for Aron and developments. I'm not aired on Henley the message. And I can be reached at email that's. CE REW. Ass at ACH. Dash and C dot ORG. Or you can visit our website at www. ACH dash and C dot ORG. Were also on FaceBook and Graham Twitter and you aren't social media just plug in the name American children coming you can look us up that way. Fantastic nicely done. Erin welcome to the Q we shorten that community focus QF failed outbreak not some wonderful to have you here I am glad to have you here and looking forward to. The second half of the program excellent I've got more questions for you is certainly great opportunity for. Members of virtue of him you learn more about the American children's homes a stick around with me. And thank you ready a Stanley as well for sticking around indeed more of the week in addition of community focused we're coming back right activists. It's the weekend edition of community focus thank you for joining us ready a family always great company Saturday and Sunday mornings. And thank you for tuning in here on their intercom stations. I'm Renee Von along Erin cruise speed development director of American children's home in Lexington again this is a nonprofit children's home. That houses. Around 35 kids on average an air and we mentioned this earlier primarily. Are working with us or taking in teenagers not only from across the state of North Carolina. But many who are really particularly removed from their homes due to either abuse neglect or abandon it. Some of the kids stay with you a few months. Summit had an extended stay for several years scrapped another time. But what you're really trying to provide. Through a CH. He is a way to provide the support that many of our kids need to just arrived in life. That's actually it on our our goal really is to provide a home like experience Norton and comment they needed. I'm guidance from you know somebody whose order that wants to give them good advice given the direction. And we also try to provide them skills you know they're living with. Other kids they don't know from running so it's you know an opportunity for them develops social skills as well non learning to relate to others learn how to deal with conflict. And we have a great. Team of resident counselors. Are RC is in May endear train under that care model which stands for children and residential experience as cash so it's very specific. Two children who are in an alternative seem placement attack and this helps them. Focus on cognitive behavioral therapy. And it's trauma and form per gram so this is. Rooted around. Kids who have gone through trauma so the press is a little bit differently in my discipline your child you know normal healthy. Home is gonna be a little bit different than we do for our our children on campus I singles and expectations. Of the different. Exactly with that said what are what are some of the services and in case for some of her listeners X he's been. Who went with us for the first half of the program can you go over some of the services that you provide to the children on campus short so. Obviously residential is our first and foremost I service that we ride and on our seized eight make sure the kids get up for school may give them. Guidelines about you know making their bank to keep in their rooms clean mingling that they held a sign chores and health and on some healthy on responsibility again if you're not they take them to and from appointments the evening until work we have several cans on campus and part time jobs after school. We've really encourage them to participate. And activities outside of school. Sports music drama on ROTC. We have kids are really involved. And you know we wanna give them that law rounded experience exactly I'm. We also have. And mentioned are a little earlier about. Some trauma focus cognitive behavioral therapy I wouldn't they're not able to get that off campus we do you have licensed counselors on campus and that is soonest well. Yeah we also have. And program set up that really helped them. Assess their individual life skills students that helps them focus on their strength and on the strength. And other areas where they might have some weaknesses lie we helped to really pour into that so that could be. I developments Lee mental health education and even finance so we start working with some of the older kids as we kind of help them transition into adult living after it. They've run you know reached a certain age. Personally and that's an excellent point. Aaron in that another. Light skill for our young people is how to manage money chart which for a lot of us we should some liked. And perhaps room. Are you an iron probably from from the old school we have parents and grandparents where. Long before there were savings and loans and credit unions and banks the bank was the match her story and other very you know unique quote unquote plays is. To manage our money but of course things obviously have changed and we think about young people. How great to start them as early. The sooner the better right instead of them going through a lot of this money challenges I know for myself in particular. When you transition from being a senior in high school. Two embarking on those early college years sand credit card company's list. Young people when they go through those stages in cell that's a really great example because a lot of times you have young folk think affect credit card in the mail limits. You know charge charge charge but what we fail to realize and really we can't just. Address it suggests the young people 'cause for some of this as adults we need refresher courses slain on managing our money properly story now it's really great that the kids have that opportunity along with the other skills such amount and earlier. Something that I was curious about when I started working you up what happens is kids in the tourney exactly and I don't know all the details of that but I do you know that we have been allowed to keep the kids up until the age of 21 and now not all of them say that long right but this does help them incident saying hey you're eighteen see yeah. It's like hey we we still kind of have. A little an anchor here for you Mohammad Younis to help you can whether they're going to plan on going to school he rankled them and get those things lineups that they can't. You know they don't have made it apparent to help them thought the past hour to get the register exactly know Ryan and do that. Or he decided to transition into adult living behind them and a place to stay dairy employee. I'm not so we help them. With the resources in a teen employment Timothy is hanging out so nothing is kind of important to meet you I like and what happens is kids onstage. Alexei H out of the program and does that happen then. We are really fortunate to be able to keep them on monger that's fantastic. And that's really greats. Point two really Rihanna raider re emphasize. Because we're mentioning earlier. How many kids you house but particularly between the ages. A fourteen to nineteen yeah that's kind of the core HR of the kids and you're absolutely right what an excellent point because I was gonna ask you. And for the staff at ACH. What tremendous change do you get to see in these kids when they come and let's say at age fourteen and let's just say they do stand HR. At the age of nineteen. What enjoy it must be to watch. That young boy or that young girl progress. From my preteen nor tween. Until you know they're close to being know of legal age Chara being out in the real world and you're likely seeing some tremendous changes and in those young folk. And even a short time that I've been here and I'll definitely see it change for once some me first comes and you know they can be Scheyer combative and you know emotions are running really high exactly even really it. Find themselves at home you mean I'm smiling and laughing and wanna concealing your process and ask you tired it was just to see that I'm and we see that report cards coming back at degrades in recruiting and so that's really important. Met for the other staff and I heard a lot of stories. You know a lot of our staff have been there never. A decade plus so they've seen a lot of children come and go and bank. And even the generations are back refer to themselves as home kids we have homecoming every August and where they act and there's so many people to come back and I heard some really neat story is. From individuals that were. You know race in the home and Mindy went off and you know a lot of them have said you know at the time they didn't realize what a big impact in May and made somewhat of an impact. But really when they reached adulthood they look back in their like wow this was a blessing in disguise. And that's truly positive to hear us. That a lot of that on the story is you know come back full circle and they they want to come back and let's face and they wanna share their story. And how. And cash flow was and how their life might have been different if they hadn't had the opportunity to come stay with us exactly from the things that they were able to deal that they might not have been able to view my. That we just had the privilege of providing finance absolutely it's not definitely encouraging during myself. The demand for sharing them because that's the one thing about great agencies like ECH America's children home that when you think about. What happens like you said when these kids. Do you reach that age where it's time to leave the nest so to speak and to go out how loving for many of the kids to come back sore and one how. The new group so to speak community that come along and I think that's what makes the bond or the connection between. The older. Person who has been through the agency. In which the agency has helped to nurture them sharp enough to really changed their their mindset about just life in general and like you said earlier. In in your mission statement I believe I can succeed and accomplish my goals. Which a lot of the young the older ones half hour but to come back and to really give the younger ones. First hand and a look at what he or she can be console they become sort of that. Role model charter for a lot of the aggregates and a and I say that gives me you know that really tennis experts agreed idea for me I'm not sure like I haven't been here that long way and they've had un summit. The veterans come back and speak to the nominating sentiment that's mainly can actually look into doing. On a regular basis you know some of those accessories come back and talk to the kids sack about you know. That they can do it that they can make and definite you know what and. Aaron this is something that I typically. Like to mention to community focused family such as yourself and usually I way to the end of the program but I want to interject it now because that's such a great. Tie in to say. When we hat or win I have few tacked. And a future program to hear more about the success stories and maybe even the possibility of bringing a couple of kids he really hold onto the program so that way. We as an audience and as members of the community focused and we can hear from the kiss themselves only to hear about the amazing changes. That have taken place. In their lives and one thing that wouldn't with a lot of young people not that. Most of them are not very high. Albeit track program but we'll work on that something that we can talk about it the end of our of our conversation. In the meantime if a person wanted to get to know the organization better or get involved and we touched on this a little bit. But to go on a more details what are the best ways to learn more. I'm definitely can always check us out on social media and we try to keep that updated regularly with what. You know activities we have going on right it's got all of our contact information so if you're on FaceBook it's American children's home. On the answering NSA CHA and C. On Twitter is American children's home and then of course our web site which has links to all of those different social media as is www. ECH. Asked ash and C got ORG. OK excellent. Now to welcome those of you who may be joining us thank you radio Finley taken this opportunity to again identify us. Here on the week in addition of community focus summer names on joined by development director of the American children's home in Lexington. Airing cruised to an hour an amazing job up helping us to get better acquainted with ACH. And especially how we as a community can help the kids come along. Now you mentioned earlier ACH is or we've talked about it is a nonprofit where does the majority of the funding come from that was my next. Yeah that's a great question ain't your honor I. I actually 7% of our funding comes from federal state and local governments in him and then the other 30% comes from individuals just like our listeners and so on individuals and local businesses if I'm so they are definitely a big support for us and that also allows us to have. On the funds to take the kids to care wins and who knew something being a big outing for them also helps a sort of provide. You know of additional things that. Think they do get you know savings from that the government for clothing bedding and allows us to give them capture us as they when they come here. Re only have a bad worth of clothes intake of shopping at the new clothes new stuff like that wanna in any ancillary is that they medium we're able to provide that for the excellent that comes from donors just like I'm our listeners here. So I'm other funds comes from annual fund raisers can non in the fall we have an American tour bike ride which is beautiful I'm. 55 and 35 mile bike on through scenic indeed it's an. I count if Saks going to be or ten years now he's and then in May we have our twentieth annual car show show off so it's a truck car and motorcycle show. It's a lot of fun it's a big turn out we didn't over a 150 vehicles 2000. Ringleaders we've gotten on the kid's song lead you bounce house and maintaining. We do a silent auction with a lot of items we do 5050 raffle. And hundred dollar dollar gas card fifty inch LCD TV are some of the prizes. And we just have a lot of fun it's a fun day where the community can come together in town next have a good time. Absolutely and definitely learn more about is PX in the process don't want to ask you this when you do have volunteers in the community. And you have individuals whether they're spending a day with some of the young person's. In terms of maybe getting to talk to some of the young kids what's the general reaction how the kids as far as as the feedback when they have a chance to speak with. Either someone who's a retiree. Someone who may be a teacher. Someone who may be a lawyer or doctor or whatever particular field let's say myself being a broadcaster strength if you have an opportunity to get individuals to common talk to the kids. How excited are the kids generally hear from members of the community. Usually you know it being teenagers and you can't and I and enough on it is then right then and by the end of the program you know their inspired green and used seeing their reactions yet and you see them a little lights are in no man's really exciting and it makes it worth the time to have. That and haven't interaction or to go would have that experience right unsafe for example of this was listening who came in spoke but I'm. And see black repertory gave us tickets to. And I can't remember the name but it was the legend of posture and McNeal. And that was something that would take the guys to ask like we don't wanna go see him play like we're. Loved every minute on well not stop talking about it and they are lakeside indirectly maybe I could be an actor Chiu and in my life eight. It's good to be involved US Bryant eight to do with their spare time and not dense you know clearing innocent they're not normally. Maybe wouldn't wanna be open to him exactly expect similar exposed and her way you know the end of enjoyment in that same thing you know sometimes are Scheyer kind of reserved about running somebody knew him. Isn't air to just to get some kind of music are urged some kind of recognition of their really there because they care consent to concede that in Atlanta. And it brings taffeta like. I like Edyta and just trying to see the expression of a group of a young boy. I'm glad it did. So all alone yes so refreshing because usually when you when you think about young boys like you say it. That's the last thing we're any young young man yeah I get that is willing to go see a play there like this just girly that's what you know females do yes but it's nice to see that cost them an all male cats no I. All right so they can really connect and bond with that particular production of course you know the opposite end of that when the girls on an opportunity teacher. To do that and engage. A lot yeah up actually on Sunday at Childress vineyards it's called the girls Torre an honor system new program I am it's gonna be FF blog it's on two girls unnamed. Mayor Elaine and our Whitney Dylan. And she's married to Austin on a NASCAR and they put this together and it's gonna be about women's empowerment is going to be sneakers so that's another great way when they absolutely are able to tie with the community and being cast involved. Let me ask you this back up just a little bit Aaron in in mentioning. That that she mentioned rather if these various activities especially the ones that you mentioned with the by trying to do Davison county had. Now have you had a chance since you've been a North Carolina to experience a fall typically in the mountains yes. What do you know yeah isn't it gorgeous saying how main thing wonderful capsule as it would be another great adventure for for young people shortened to have an opportunity to really. Look at the beauty. Of of nature and just a look at the amazing creative works all around us that sometimes we may sometimes take for granted or really don't have an opportunity to just take the time China to really observe it absolutely and pay attention is that could be another great activity for the kids. It's fantastic that you keep them engaged and even. More so you keep them busy but it's a good visit goodness it's a productive assets absolutely. No. Erin were more caution I have for you if one is interceding giving to the American children's home what are some of the ways with which to contribute you mentioned a couple. Earlier absolutely so of course you know monetary donations are always greatly appreciated. We re received gifts on that people do in honor or in memory of a loved one or friend. And we don't send notification apps that seemly or that individual friends so that way you can kind of honor somebody. Their name goes out into our publications and things like that so that's pretty popular. Com and there are other ways to I'm you can get to us highly appreciate its stock through your stockbroker. And you may find either avoid high capital gains taxes to the second inning. I'm also their people who have paid up life insurance policies that are no longer needed. For the initial beneficiary of many analysts American children's home as a charitable beneficiary and and then of course like as he gets on those always ensure that American children's home. It's gonna continue for many years to come. Range excellent now getting back to the bond terrorism how many times let's say per week. Are you looking for individuals to volunteer their time is there a specific schedule. Should have you. It's not a schedule usually try to get our volunteers around the media special event okay outing or something like nice. And we try to get nurse monthly schedule planned to about a month ahead of time so. I'm but we're always open to anybody who wants to call in their right Anderson an email until least put him on our volunteer listen we have some thing available and they know will contact them. Excellent and so is that a radio Sammy again visit on the world wide web this is one way to get in contact with the American children some. Is www. ACH. Hyphen in C. Dot ORG and Aaron as you mentioned if you just type it in the search engine on social media. All the pertinent information. Will come up. You did a wonderful job with so I had Unger woke come. And we start a couple of minutes remaining anything that I didn't go over something you would like something that's an go over that's really important issue and I'm glad that we do have a couple minutes left. On another big service that American children's home provides millions are Foster care program a great have a really growing program here. And we licensed families and David sent. DB Forsyth Guilford ran off and Rowan counties can come we have multiple staff were trained to do group and individual pre service. For Foster carry in for adoption training. We give this a CPR certification ends and hosts continuing education for the Foster family is we've had. Several options on over ten in the past I think just six months my. That's really growing and so my and that's just another way for us to. You know gets answers to the children accidentally meet. So that's really important to us and then we also have an on campus it's called Evans. Child daycare center and that's a daycare for on infants through preschool age accidents none assures that we offer to the community as well now. So wonderful success stories. And we get to hear on the weakened additional community focused thank you for sharing that because there is any. Continual growing need yes for individuals especially her children who were looking for loving home absolutely and wonderful to know that they can find it. Through the American children's home. Aaron welcome once again my dear to the community focused around so much for you I enjoyed our time together well I did to end the great company that you have given our listeners great information to get one more time please share the telephone number if someone wants to get in contact with you directly it is area code 33 XX. 35771. To use excellent. And if you want to send an email to Aaron it is heat cruise says CR EW ass. After a sand that little and isn't. It yes ACH hyphen in C dot O Archie all right. Aaron Iowa repeat this. On the weekend edition of community focused I'm looking forward to our next conversation I'd love to be back I would love to have you back eight so I typically share with members of our community focus handling. There are no good byes on this program. Just until next time great. So until next on my dear thank you keep up the great work as a development director is so much you're getting your cell welcome thank you for being here. Likewise for you radio family thank you for your great company. And definitely for the good things that you're doing in our communities keep up the great war. 2018. Is off to a fantastic start. Because have you and good folks like hearing Kyrgyzstan so thank you radio family we do officially bring to a close for this weekend edition. Of community focus indeed no goodbyes enjoy the rest of your deck and the rest of this weekend until next.