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Radio fairly good morning welcome another weekend edition of community focused very nice to be back with you as always we have the weekend to talk about good people. Doing some good things in our communities and why not of the best parts of this show. Every time we get to gathering at Stanley began to introduce new members. Newbies as I. Love that laugh. I want to welcome our newest member of our community focus families not Columbia new B for very long but this is. Thank you very she is making her first appearance and hopefully of many. Down the road as the family recruitment specialists at the children's home society of North Carolina wanna say good morning. To miss Asia McCoy now aren't you. And beautiful full name I loved the spelling very pretty ain't. You're so well as arsenic. I got a crack at Yale. Everyday thank you very much I appreciate. What Asia our radio family is going to get to know you very well. And like I said welcome newbie titles coliseum like that where. Thank you so much an issue we definitely have a great topic of discussion. Talk about because. Many of our listeners are very likely aware or have at least heard the children's home society of North Carolina you are a leading. Private child where fair agency in the state. Specialize in a lot of great services. To which we're gonna talk about this morning. To familiarize. Our radio family especially with those services. Such as Foster care adoption and family life education. And a whole lot more so hopefully we don't break all of those down OK and you're gonna give us more information. So let us start from the very beginning now for those who may not know what it is and I think I kind of answered this question. Air service please feel free to elaborate. Talk to us more about what the children's home society is an especially what is the mission okay. A problem until I'm buddy is the largest private writer a prosecutor adoption services in North Carolina. Our mission specifically. To promote the right of every child to earn an eight and loving family. In acting within our culture it is ingrained from everywhere you out with no attitudes on. Very nicely done. Asia I have to say now sitting right across from you you were such a beautiful young lady and you look very youthful. Where your age especially if you. As the family recruitment specialists so I must ask how long have have you been with the agency. I have only Billick 81 month. You you really are a newbie in every sense that I am well first of all congratulations. Must. Eat while the economy. Excellent well is climbing ask is well where were you coming from a weakened to see agents I was actually from on the environment Allen. Selling TV Internet and home phone. My favorite black experience. Help me to get the doubt absolutely and it acts can't opt not to get an economy and the like with it would buy into. Very good well if you don't mind to they should tell us a little bit about yourself where where's home where it goes school you know we do on a and the. McCoy. I I'm born and raised in product line. I went to college in Charlotte Alex UNC Charlotte 49 very nice I have a cousin graduated for she'd love the experience there that's a beautiful it is it is and I'm. As many market in the air. As art is. Mike that's a job out right. And yeah we don't we we won't get into all of you for how they got twenty yeah. It's just getting started my idea is just getting started. But getting back on track with our conversation thank you for that side that side appoint your Acer held your children actually come into the care of the children's. Society. While many of our children are the victim of abuse abandonment neglect. And I'll attack after an investigation happens studious and would sometimes you take a few months where. Then it and that's when it is decided that the home is no longer space for the children to be an and that is an IBM removed and an are. Call waiting children as in beer and eating pasta any opt in right. And when we talk about the kids Asia can you give us an idea of perhaps some of the youngest children you've dealt with up until what particular age before they age out of the systematic is is the term that we hero line. Yes absolutely. We have some sometime and come in as newborns. It could be at different circumstance it and maybe maybe drugs with the active or something like that. And we also have children that are. They're not exactly children up to 21 years old. In fact I don't mixer that you know we intervened look at it or not really on. Or adult ate out then. So we still wanna get even the young adults an opportunity to fine. There forever and. Excellent. And as such a good fit for you Asia as a family recruitment specialist because you have an opportunity no doubt to really. Get to sit down. But interest to families. Whether it's a single parent household. To parent. Maybe it's a family that already. Some children cry and sell you obviously come through many different case scenarios in your position on a daily basis. What your first experience can commute hitless in an example of when you first started. How things were what what did you experience of what we going through at that time. Well okay dole. Other business I guess that and a deep little bit. Let. So I actually left the job as a filthy and and I'll let back in April 2060 okay. And I got here. You know does BN like a year and a half Apple's grant you know is still kind of hard to find your way and I'm you know. What exactly that you Wendy's the last and it began a path of self the country. That's when I started my YouTube channel I got more involved in youth group called within two hours on young girls will remain and are really discovered it you know. Be in and failed to going after money was not exactly for me I wanted to do is I'm in where what the work that I. And what I thought and we recruitment specialist position and you. Is this and this is what I wanted to do like I prayed every single day on it. And I prayed out with the right person to be able to do now I'm so glad to be here and glad to just be able to it now get our children is that most of the fun of him. Oh very nice and I'm sure without question Asia that the children some society of North Carolina. Is very happy to have you on board as well and obviously you work with such an incredible staff write up of individuals in the work that you do in the work that everybody. Does collectively as an agency. She talked more about that let's. Shift the focus in asking this question issue what does being a Foster parent in tale. And something that's called the Foster care in therapeutic Foster care so there is a difference. Yes OK okay so with with Foster care as an as normal basically. Is the top of the parents to provide an environment. Where these children at that look came from abuse and neglect. Can't really have a home instability. And sometimes. Prosecutors need protest. A few days I just before a week in and you know we need temporary Foster care right and then there's other circumstances where. Reunification you know is an able to hack in then we can take a year two years or so locked in but basically. And there could be their family be the support system that they like home. Now on the other side we have air. Basically prosecutors seen as. Mental health treatment. With our children these children who you know have experienced great trauma. So they've got different mental and behavioral issues that the neat. A little extra K. Excellent. And with that. Asia again just trying to picture you just want it to you your new job. But the great thing about when you work with and agencies such soldiers on society of North Carolina you really do get something great extensive training. In what it is you do. And just from your bubbly personality. Yes far Asia I have a feeling that you really enjoy working with children out there. Yeah do you have any siblings sites and all of this I have. I have two Brothers and tubes with well I'll actually got us the armed when he got result Dick Powell my little sister count as your little not even to. Whack now and says she really isn't anywhere if conditions in the end. Yeah I literally an outlet to peace is Blake you know are able had a different as more like. Right because there's such an unending because there's such an age gap yeah you're trying to figure out you know finally it. Yeah I I'm potty trained well. Or maybe not that really. If it is a factor. Now do you by chance if you ever happened to be out in about his sometimes I think this happens with family members were with someone. Was relatively young a lot of people may wanna naturally assumed that your at the bottom I. I don't get better luck but you're the girl bank yeah all the time and I didn't let you know they don't even hacks like you mother is more like I. Yeah and even we your mom you know unlike. Like at her big sister she's put my biological clock back about ten year old and a soul. Nice to hear you wanna take to town that's important age is very important but just I'm just trying to imagine the looks on people's faces when you do say Tibet. No I'm her big sister her. Yeah I thought it looked like wait what it did but you know what you people look at I do look younger. And why he may not bad arm wrapped and but even if outlets like you know 1860 years old big eight. Definitely higher return very churn but the Dixie issue are and I know you like you said you love your little Sissy Lovie Brothers to an all of your family. Well thank you very much for what she shared desk far let me ask one more question answer before we go to break. How does a children's home society actually supported area families who are intercede in some of the services that you are. Well like you mentioned we do have different and we like education services. And goals are different classes that that parents can take it because a lot of people are becoming Foster adoptive parents a never actually been parents before. So all instead of just kind of rest and am a fan hate parent this child. We you can go to different classes and learn more about what it takes it'll be a good parent aunt and learn how to meet the needs of the children would come in and year. Also well our life especially as special as they're gonna be with you the whole stance when you're not you're not alone coming into prosecutor with the. Supports the whole way excellent. And with those classes do you have them on a weekly or monthly basis day your EP time. Very usually Elwood in the evening oak may be on Saturday. Is out I am not we have a couple different. OK excellent sold those are classes that really are conducive to a person's schedule you work around but those individuals. Fantastical Asia you did a great job my dear Anke I just love that smile and and you're welcome looking forward to more of our conversation. We are gonna take a quick break and thank you radio family always look forward to. Your listeners ship as we do them for the weekend edition of community focus were coming back right after this break. It's the weekend edition of community focus heard on Saturday and Sunday mornings and our intercom stations thank you radio family coming back from break and more. Of our public affairs show. And more on the children's home society as I have issue of course the family recruitment specialists. LL ID year. We had a good first half great conversation. Learning more about CHS and especially for those Asia who are tuning in. Who are seriously considering. When he to become a Foster parent and a great opportunity to learn more about what it is you do. And to learn more about how they can get in contact. With the children's home society of North Carolina in fact before we went to brake issue we were sharing. Howell on weekly and monthly basis they're actually training classes available for those who have an interest. And I think that's a good transition now that we are back from break what's the best way to either get in contact with you with the agency. Well now well if you want to reach out to meet directly outlook to talk to people do. Content you're gonna be sucked into a great individual radio and we now let me just interject that. You can reach me at 33633592. I think. All if you I don't wanna talk on the phone you can email me at a McCoy at the HS in our excellent and we're gonna repeat that information throughout the course of our conversation. Ready a family. They should let me ask you this how much of the need is there in our area for Foster Fam. We've got a great need in North Carolina alone there's over 111000 children right now who are in here and eat him. It just give you an idea of what are look like in our area and then we had in last fiscal year we had over 300 calls. These ideas that calls from. I'm asking if we had rapidly. If we have a family available. And we were only able to say yes to eighteenth. One of those. That's what you. Issue with that is they are particularly a greater need for minority as well as you may already know there's a disproportionate number. Of minority children who are in here meet him he's running now even though race isn't exactly a factor we have. Plenty of multi racial family out the year Derrick but it does help when you know they're able to stay connected to heritage in their communities. And families in general who are minorities like our depth look at now with. That and I'm glad that you brought that up issue in terms. You may have situations where you have children who come with a sibling. Right whether its a brother or sister awards more than one individual. No doubt. You want to keep the siblings intact exactly and sometimes that becomes a bit of a difficulty. Because there could be in in case you didn't hear. Before the break radio daily. Issue was so kind enough to share that with in her own family she has a two year old sister. And so a lot of times when you do have that age gap. Lot of times it's harder to keep those siblings who were so far apart in age together right. So that's one. Particular factor issue that we glad that the Childress on society and especially with you as a family recruitment specialists. You really take into consideration right and taken the place trying to keep the siblings together. That's one of the biggest challenges that we have is just getting is just finding families who are willing to take one sibling group. Right we don't want to take them away from the ceiling that they know their whole Leiden. But sometimes it does happen just because. We don't have the elite who put them well into camp and there's certain there is are there also is special light situations where he's still try to connect and loses they don't get to you know. People let's just like normal rain break Brian we need families cool. Who want to take on those that nobody who's we definitely need people who are not willing to just does not open their home to just one child. But we need them to open up Donaldson you know to. Three children. Very good and hopefully Asia. From our wonderful conversation we're having today about that will be the point. Is that we have for our radio family that are tuning in again as we mentioned if you're seriously considering becoming a Foster parent here's a great opportunity. And again with CHS. Children's home society of North Carolina we touched on this too earlier so it was good to repeat to finish it. Asia is that this is the leading private child wherever agency. In our state of North Carolina specializing in a lot of fantastic services. Whether it is Foster care whether it's adoption. Family life education and a whole lot more. I touched on this too little bit earlier Asia but this also bears repeating the age ranges of weaning children here. We have children who are from newborn I'll wait 21 via a Alice fame before we've got plenty of children. Who are adults. Look aren't exactly children who are adults who still need care. Because we're trying to kind of intervene. We don't want. We don't want adults aged out in. You know not be able to have a family as does this show that 80% of those who incarceration at the moment. Had been the prosecutor at some point. Which is staggering the fact that you can go through most the president out here in find that most of experience and I'm a prosecutor and have it would out of him and I think a lot of people. Asia may not be aware of that particular relations ranks or bring in that wanna. Don't which now did you say the oldest is is 21 years of age why is that even as adults children are still able to be in Foster care at that particular range. Well like I guess that week that. Children who are 21 who's still still want that elitist and still needed. So I hope that we can intervene before you no homelessness or incarceration that you might that was statistically acting in. Able to actually hacked into the and so we still want them to be to come with that close of idols ever and we that they. Exactly and that that's really the beautiful thing about it issues that everybody deserves a loving fans absolutely it's. Now let's get to where talk about the qualifications. To becoming either a Foster or adoptive parent. Well a lot of people think you have to be rich you have to be married yet on your own home but I'm here to play that is not decades. Oh lead guy you got to be at least 21. You got to have enough money to financially sustain your home you have to have a fairly clean criminal bag check. A you also have to have the space for the children eat every child means they're only bit. I this face in shorts. And also I'd say you have to have. Yet to have the drive to end and support in order to raise touting your home. Absolutely I think we can and one more quality to Asia and that's definitely the love app as we know there is a lot of it to go around an especially Asia I think about individuals who probably. Don't have the ability to naturally. Have children at their own. Look as Howard looked you this as a wonderful way with which to welcome another member. Of the family they just of course don't do a lot of bright. Alias family blood is still blind but really those are not very typical qualifications to know. And do you find that is the case would with most people who do contact you and the agency are they quite surprised by that wind. Well I mom at least 21. I am financially stable and enough to or make enough to where I can't support another individual. I don't know of decision field questions asking Asian and I hope it doesn't come across has being unfair but do you have individuals who really. Say when we getting back to the age range you'd likely have some that are and I don't wanna use the word I could. For lack of a better word. They have they lean more maybe that's a better way to toward it we're determined to term it. Is a lean more to a specific age group. Absolutely not the most part especially like he spoke about were families that aren't able to have children. They want babies they want newborns in the reality of it is that it's possible. But it. Barack they aren't actually available for adoption. Until a year. They have to I have to work and yeah yeah. Am the average waiting child in our in art here is nine years old and so we have plenty of older children who. Not just a bit of the younger children don't need the families as much like you know they've gone a good bit of their life so you have a chance of really intervene within their lives and really. Help out and become apostrophe absolutely enhance that. Impressionable age issue there still an opportunity. For the child to continue to grow. And to look at that Foster or adoptive parent or parents as as many wars right you know because were for a lot of us weekly and sits at. Not necessarily just our moms and as that there are others. Who are whether there with in the family unit and sometimes outside the family unit that can be an important part of that growing price finished. Q well that's one of the unique qualities of Oster in adopted into exactly get to actually. Met the interest of the family I hate cousin when you learn about children after you have gotten license he learned about what children. Don't tell you about what it into. In something that they love that's the connection otter odd man I like. That and that's an excellent word to use is is connection especially with ones and that particular age group Asia because like you said. Once that relationship develops and you get to see that young child opened up. A little bit more I hate it more especially when that young child comes to the realization. That. This is a loving family and on exactly where I need to pay. Beautiful thing real family thank you so much for your great company to just joining us welcome if you've been with us since the start of the program thank you so much. Either way I really do appreciate you being apart. Other weekend edition of community focused its low debt at about paying OK you're so well I have in our eyes on them. How was futile quick lap mine now I love Asia thank you so much wonderful company with. Acer McCoy she is the family recruitment specialist. And really wonderful people to talk to infect everyone at the children's home society. A North Carolina radio feeling you will be in contact with a good individuals who again. Are specializing in services from prosecutor to family life education. Adoption and a whole lot more here on the weekend edition of community focus hurt and our intercom stations. Switching gears Asia just a little bit let's talk about. And have you sheer what if any are some of the challenges. CHS has seen in placing children and suck. We spoke about sibling groups. I did it a lot of a lot of people Lou I want a composite is only think of it is bringing in just one child in the home when there's so many children out there who have damned as fit in their siblings as well. Really really neat homes in one ST together. So we need parents with that kind of hard to take on it is more than one child I also know acts eight bit we. About this earlier. About. A lot and we only warning younger children. Many children only media and we just want your Otis seeks Earl Wright and so we do beat amateur as well wanna take Lendl all intelligent as baby June. Just like the new. Is exactly. An issue with that look let me ask you do you have a situations where you may have. Because as we talked about earlier when it comes to the qualifications to be armed. A Foster adoptive parent when we look at an individual who's at least 21 years of age or older do you have older adults say those who maim. He. Guess I'll use myself as an example on on getting up there as an older adult not why it might well use us I can't you also sweet. But do you have older adults who are perhaps. Maybe at that age in which they have re your children. Where your age. Are my age and probably could be grandparents. Even we're looking at adopting within that age range out actually just at everything community event. Lab and I have a lot of older. Older parent and her parents we're like you know young Mardy Odom tacky dude is led. Yeah good number of older parents who just asked if you NASA right now you have when you are used to having chosen moment around your house. And grandchildren hardly fair he might wanna fill up your home again with another child. You've provided that love or mini mini is at this point 1981. And other out in the he had eaten we do have older. Institute and a great timing and bad just happened is that. Being as very good on the opposite end of that spectrum issue let's about what if you have an individual who says something along the lines. I don't think being a Foster parent is for me but I was still like to help and some. Well getting the word out is the biggest problem that we're having. At the moment I'm just like I experts you'd need a we've got over 111000 children in North Carolina who can eat home. Right now but everyone doesn't know that a lot of people consider a prosecutor I'd option but they don't take the chance to get an information. So as far as how we can help we need help badly of churches community organizations businesses. Help let's get the word out. Weather is just posting information meetings are simply putting up a poster what ever that you can help to get actually a step closer to find a forever family. Is much appreciate it. Excellent now does an individual when they either get in contact with you Asia or someone else affiliated with the children's home society. Do they go through like I interviewed type process that they do have an insurance they get in contact with you what what the necessary steps up and talk about that. So that our debt after you've gotten enough information refill like this is something that you really wanna do right. You gonna fill out your application which is online and if you call me I'll make Strauss it is you an email that you had OK excellent. So the first eagle putt application. And that includes a criminal background check he returned that application with twenty dollars and a check or money order per adult thing. Now once that's completed our process and who happens to be right does not mean they. If seal is still go through your application makes everything take out one that had been you'll get a call for higher. And shields that the interview time with the social worker and that's when you had your first interview with asked you questions but they're gonna ask a question. Blake is out it's all about you at all or you know put calls out absolutely and of course. The necessity. Of matching you with the right child after especially if you do have a specification. That you wanna be matched with someone if if it is a younger child. And as we mentioned radio family dared there is really a great need what's what is that that age range of of children that you really are hoping. To to match with Foster adoptive parents should. We've really. And truly wanna do it says and the age range of seven to 21 okay both individuals are consider older children in Foster care and elder who we really focused on is getting is getting them adopted. Great great. What spend don't do reaction from the cancer cells once once they aren't matched with that ideal thing. You know I haven't had a chance to actually meet someone who is in care why I did come across that black immediately act came across a few speeches and author and you know I think a lot of people have is because that's a man like. All would have also tout and I really got to be intact family but when they came up to the table and told me. Hey where's the latest family you know what I never thought they were just happy and a running around like normal kids so. And that's the great thing too when we talk about families you do have a lot of homes. Especially likely Asia in this day and age come from Poland if I and we think about blended families and you know in the end. I guess the best case example if for for those of you and an Asian this obviously. Have to come in the form of re runs okay. As your your section they gain it back. I'm sure you heard of an old TV program called pretty she asked milk so that was an exhibit. Blended family where a husband and wife each had three children other all in an American of French and but that kind of gives you an an example just just idealistic. Lee in realistically. Radio family and whatever your situation may have to because we talked about this too. A little bit earlier. I'm Asia is the fact that you may have those who comes from a single parent background. Some who may come from a two parent family home. Some McGinn who are looking to be in that position where. They wanna have a child. Added to the family or there already an existing family and they wanna grow oh yeah what a beautiful waited to have an addition. Exactly by having someone in that particular age group that A should just mention. You're 72 year 21 Urals. What issued this has been a great conversation have a couple more questions for you didn't like being. Specifically how can others learn more about the children's on society and becoming definitely that Foster or adoptive parent or parents. Okay what you can find more information about to withhold the I eighty at www. And they are he'll find different resources about what it takes to become a Foster and adoptive family income of our family life education services. Now if you want to reach out to me and taught me you can reach me at eight McCoy it VHS. In see that or. Or you can give me a call 338335. Knots and I think and I'll be happy with politics and more about the process. And answers the question that you might have. OK so that number once again nation is 33633592. Got okay. And CHS. NC or get additional information as well. You did a fantastic job my dear saying you're so welcome again welcome to the community focused Stanley now before we wrap up is there any things. Giving you this opportunity that I didn't either ask with a few wanna talk about in the remaining minutes of the. You know I think we've pretty much gone overt you know all the point that I wanted to touch and I. I just I just want I just keep thinking about this girl her name with the agency's one of our children yeah I think about her a lot as far as like you know when I. I have a frustrated that in terms of like that. And when they were at an actor you know what it would be like have a family she is it would be a dream come true. Though you know that kind of motivate me just say no bit you know the common across to paint parents sued differential is a dream come true and is. You know something that you can make a reality. That's a beautiful experience and thank you for sharing that story. For that young lady and perhaps are so many others and being as old she is. It out. And part time in camp part of that age group of seven to 21. Where you have issues so many kids and even preteens. That that are looking for four homes and we know. Pretty affair and there are a lot of you out there who have not just home to give that you have a lot of low. That you would like to give to a particular individuals or what a great opportunity. Even if that this is something that you have just thought about. Here's a chance and if you really wanna act on it. To take advantage of the opportunity through this wonderful conversation this morning. With Haitian McCoy by contacting her directly again at 33633592. Celtics. Or emailing CHS. In C dot war. And to directly email Asia it's a McCoy in its embassy. CEO line at CHS and seat at or Eric. And and simply tot. With Asia or with any member of the children's film society of North Carolina ish I thought she said it. So. Nicely that a lot of times you probably have individuals that. Maybe aren't the best or greatest communicators right phone. But express themselves more cell or can do would better. Through an email and that's the case for you to do it that way or fewer than obviously. An issue and it made me laugh it's. Really I guess I but it never doctor just from our conversation Asia. But but thank you for that war if you're on the opposite end of that spectrum if you do feel more comfortable. Is sitting down with someone by the phone. I take again already a family that opportunity. Lot of wonderful kids out there who are in need some good homes and I know that there are a lot of people Asia. Within our listening audience who can provide those that it's absolutely so I am looking forward to my dear because I love expanding in the. Two new members of our community focused family that you are welcome back any time. And really a show another opportunity to share a great experiences. With our young ones and just to have a reminder of of those again who aren't thinking about becoming. That Foster or adoptive parent. Maybe giving us you know the latest information as to what's happening with the children's home society. I would love to have you back on a future programs sold so let's look forward to that together lately we do and hopefully the great updates from. Out on people who are listening out there and if yes exactly what I look forward to that. So with that said Asia on this program there are no good his. Until next time. Oh well Doug Newby. Oh yeah and I and officially a member of our community focused Alec. It should not 1 idea I am just so proud of you to be the family recruitment specialists all that you do. And especially for our young lady that is in a position. To help. Our members of our community. Thank you keep up the great work. Allowed a lot of air in a good things especially the good things at young people. Like yourself who do you setting a great example. You're welcome so until that next time my dear. I look forward to our conversation. And until that next time radio famine I know they're allowed to view regardless of VOA studio had some great things. In our communities as well. Please keep doing the great things that you are doing and indeed until that next time arrives enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend. We bring to a close and the week in addition of community focus sticky.