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Good morning radio family is is that time to talk about good things happening in our communities which can only mean one thing. Another week in addition of community focus officially starts right here and right now on our income stations. Thank you as always you tune here and our inner comes stations. And I not only enjoy your company but are bringing bond definitely like to engage in conversation with members of our community focused family my two favorite ladies. Right here are joining me. It's an event that I really look forward to talking about every year and as always. To key Austin and that Tino. Wilkins. It's always like. We talk about it we do it and then we're back at a to talk about it again. And that is accessible festival 2018. What you've done months. Ago. I'll probably be did the best team being in our conversation. But like I said I'll always love talking about this. And especially form. Knew once he may be tuning in and hearing about it for the first time. Let's really focus especially on this year what is accessible festival 2018 about. Well. Is in the hands soon now inclusiveness. It is about. Opportunity. Yeah it is a bound. Tolerance basically. You know our goal so very many years ago. Was you provide. You know a fun day for people with disabilities rank as you know one living with a disability. Can be a challenge sometimes and so on because they're not many events that target. That particular population absolutely just wanted to just you know have a reason for them to come out and have a good. Absolutely and let me first of all apologize because one. I know a lot of array of family are familiar with few Tina and Tokyo and talking about the accessible festival but of course there's also another area. In which you ladies always to a fabulous job with me here on our public affairs show. And that of course is to recognize you as well what do us assailant transit authority. But thank you for the good things that you do with west but yes to have the focus and the concentration. And I really appreciate you mentioned that Tina because this is a way. That through this program. And any other public affairs program for that matter when we get to talk about accessible festival. This really is a chance to concentrate. And really shined the spotlight. On individuals with developmental disabilities. Some of the sweetest. Most caring and nine aces and a ball almost in halogen. Group of people that any of us can ever have the opportunity to meet. And how wonderful. That we have this festival every year just like you mentioned. That really is a day. For individuals. To enjoy and it's really for all the community. But more so I think for families. Who have members that have developmental. Disabilities. And really when you talk to an individual because it it's ironic we're having this conversation just the other day. We give group tourists here at the radio stations. And it happened to be a particular group I think representing. A community college in which most of the students. We're those with developmental disabilities. And to talk to these young men and women. It's almost as if when they look at us we were kind of the that the winds and and happy you're sick. Because they don't let whatever challenge that they had to. If you really observe. How they re act and any type of environments. They're just as bubbly. Just as excited. When they get to come to a place like a radio station and they see kind of how the behind the seems. Things work around here. And then is just like when they leave us with any of us is older we really have to go because we just had so much fun we get to be on the radio when and and you know and so on and so forth. But yeah when we. Again get back to the focus of the accessible festival and for someone like myself who has had the joy of attending. On a few locations. And really seen you talk about re offend me if you have never been and let this please. Be the year. That you com to really because one thing for the three of us to engage in conversation which is so nice. That's always a joy I think the greater joy comes. We and our listeners can see firsthand. Boards themselves. What takes place now behind the way this is the fourteenth year correct yeah. Why do you think Tina NTT is lasted as long as hats. Well formed any glasses along geek as well first of all our crowd. Does not allow. Their disabilities to define salute and say come out. Full floors can't be a good time in front eight and then and so they because they have come to realize. That this is an event for example about being written and so they have some. Supported us throughout the years stamps and and we so appreciate that we'll definitely end and Tina for someone like yourself that's bin. A part of the accessible festival since its inception we. Sue. Really hear from you year after year how much you enjoy it and it's one of those events that you look forward to it. Even though it's it's a lot of time and energy put into putting it together. Wind chick she did you see the finished product and you just sit back you say it was worth. Putting that time in. To watch everybody and their families have such a good time yeah. Now the history of the festival for those as I mentioned earlier may be hearing about are tuning in to the program for the first time. Rather interesting. Idea was it to offer this kind of entertainment to the disability community. It was our general manager. Are our sin and and interestingly it was because you know for those who is Jewish and the festival hires you as movies. From. Bolton park he. It was an event so that we can help. A balloon operator. Okay and so oh his daughter. Hand it's terrible policy and you and so we had the balloon he was trying to go around the country to bring attention to her. On disability and every one who suffered from several policies were well now aren't and one of the vice president's. The company we work for. Call everybody and say listen I want you to find. Some reason to have this guy in your city you know art Florence or general managers. CAA didn't we need a partner in him so we partnered with the art. A Winston say. They are very first partner nanny Sandra we had some other agencies. And we called upon to to you know donate I and so we I initially thought this is just sold one tiny thing it's. Exactly wrong. Anyway so. Thankfully. It didn't turn out to be an okay and your gotten bigger yeah. Absolutely in and the great thing about it is I mention as we look forward to this time of year because we know now it's a staple. In our community so that when that time rolls around. I know for me it's like no it's time on hand to talk to Tina and should care about the accessible festival to kill. Before you particularly my dear what what do you find to be most exciting are joyful to be a part of this offense just. Individuals. Just sick individuals places economy and for these not only is an advance for people that development dissident. It's people with physical disability visual impairments just hold hands and so is just really nice and just just get an exciting feeling. Mean in common and and just ensuring that. Other individuals who have disabilities and the camaraderie and just. It's just come. Again because they don't as pristine image and they don't get to participate in a lot of events right on they have you know some senior proms and use more joy of arms and things are out there in the community right. But this is this is just a friend a full of food entertainment they had come out and. Just participating in various activities of the absolutely not absolutely and I really love to ladies the fact that. You are so good at finding an ideal locations. To have events like this you know over the years. A beautiful place such as Bolton part now you have to Winston-Salem fear of grounds. Which of course is for any of us who live in and around the Winston-Salem area those fairgrounds are synonymous with a lot of different community events. But particularly with the accessible festival. And that that suits me I don't know we've ever discussed this before it's such an ideal name. For the passable because us what you think about when you have all the activities which were gonna get into. Details in just a few minutes or your family all the fun and exciting things that we're about to talk about. To have the space with which to do it and which you don't feel overcrowding. You know there is enough. Room and there's enough space for everybody to have an equally good time. There conditions they. Now we've been filming. Of late talking at this and I and I. Absolutely. But it's just one of those events that again we just look forward to talking about. And also we're gonna do we're gonna take this first break of the morning come back we're gonna discuss Tina and thinking up the theme for the festival this year. We're even gonna talk about the fund that we all got to enjoy last year. So a lot to get things ready a family to look forward to here on the week in addition of community focused again. Accessible. Festival 2018 yes we're gonna give me the date of the time of this to you when we come back from the bright so you can make a mental note. To market on your calendars and to join as sticky Austin. And it Tina Carson Wilkens joins me Rene Von. More than we can addition of community focus we are coming back after this for it as more of the week in addition of community focused her Saturday and Sunday mornings and our intercom stations thank you. Radio family for listening you aren't hearing us here at bat. Us being mean Renee Von along with Tina Carson Wilkens and to key Austin we're talking about the accessible festival 2018. Let's Tina NGQ right off the bat give us the date so that flu can start planning between now in our conversation here this morning. Yes ma'am yes it's the festival is Friday July there. Erica from 93. He had hung the education building at the fairgrounds excellent. No indication he may just be joining us radio family we were expressing. And we're even talking about this a little bit during the commercial break. How it is such a blessing to be in a facility which by the way is the education building. Of the Winston-Salem fairgrounds where the accessible festival take place. We were just mentioning the fact that it's well air conditioned. So if you're listening to us and your wanna your main concerns happens to be is this going to be outdoors or indoors. Let the stress it's may very nice indoor facility. Very well ventilated. So for those of us as much as we like the summer. A lot of us myself included don't like he. And humidity at all things that come wit. Typically they can about the summertime but definitely it's just that time of year where a lot of us look forward to being a part of the event. That was I mentioned before the break I wanted to tell us on the theme for the festival for this year what are we got calm so they you know. Bottle. You guys just amaze me how every year you come up with a theme that seems to be better than your prop eight Kirk. I love that should you grouping her song idea it was out of economic what are your guy. Now if I do recall speaking of last year seeing was the eighties are back now. What about the issue and you she said shake your groove thing well. You know each year. As we start planning eat him we're looking for. Something that's going to our our crown to project too and I haven't times exactly age. And so you know we have a chance continents where better things then you got to shake it. Unfortunately. For. Other folks on the planning committee. My I. I guess history you music right. You know helps me recall well you know this song that's exactly right it was what popped. Out right. Out. All kinds of concepts but that popped out absolutely and isn't it. Nice Tina even though you that you haven't been as as we say in the business in many years. You my dear friend we go back so many years ago to win and please. See this as my way of saying thank you for paving the way. For a lot of us particularly women. Who are in this business that we called radio in just media in general when I think about you when I think amber dear friend meter Evans. When I think of women pioneers. In radio your one of the first individuals. Initial welcome that come to mind. And sell. When you have that ability to recall back in the day when you were doing this and those certain songs that spark. Really. A relationship between. Us as broadcasters. And for listeners. And when you think about that was just a decade in which music question so care for him. And you look forward to it because there were certain songs. Like shake your groove thing that really expressed here's a song that just has the ideal tempo. To do that. And to compete with which to do it and it's it's one of those songs we are nothing is suggestive. Nothing is too broadly tour it's all positive. And that goes along so nicely with an event such as the accessible festival. Absolutely. You mentioned earlier. Some of the. A mystery and we have in Richardson. Nice. AD program work. And if it is what development has the right right at the studio with Salem. Our recreation and parks department with a special relations department green here. I'm we have cancer services. And vocational rehabilitation and living. To have someone coming from the police department. Rehabilitation and then. He might authority for regional transportation and so many other I mean you your ears I am. Try first families beyond I think I mentioned. And the Salvation Army who also had legal 88 maxim health care read thunderbirds. For statistical community college Libya. At the faster Moody's air first oh good with a reservation program with VP march and regional keep them. We still haven't heard from a couple of other. How can we are expecting great great in a whistle how sometime between our conversation today and July 13. Which. And Exel lands and very nice Barry nice so when you have exhibitors of this caliber. Whether there are new v.s or they had been a wonderful part. Of the event over the years it's always nice to recognize. The fact that this is also a day in which you can obtain a lot of great information from various agencies. He when you attend the accessible festival now I can say we mentioned some of the sponsors. From years past but you're gonna be Samir co sponsors that future this year where. It total confirmation. I'll Frito-Lay. There's grief how two meetings next right right. And soon. And also actually done it in with us for such a long and excellent and it's. It's worth co sponsors we have some in kind sponsors and also. In they got to teach excellent. And because. The nature of the festival we require. Fall of the exhibitors to have an activity it's nice victory don't want it to be where people just walk up to your table. Pick up your paper running and running a grocery geeks that they. We want them to be able to truly engage absolutely and so bad it's a wave and it. They can. You know spent some time with the people who visited their tape running expanding and getting into the conversation about what they do and how exactly help. Are our visitors to be very true we see in the same exact words she went to engage them. With those in attendance that ties in nicely and asking is the general public invited to attend this because you know like the thing is that if we can't help create a better world. If we just have one particular piece there are there I think years that we hang the event at Salvation Army was in Carlson. Prior to us having the event. Q dolls and several other. Counselors. Went into the and and and and talk to the children and moralist counsel them on how to. Received an inter act with our our expected visitors to the fast and it was wonderful house. Children are so loving giving him. Yet we invited general public because we want him to understand. This world. Includes. Every everybody yeah. Absolutely. And let me share with you Tina and Shaquille on behalf. Someone like myself who is part of the general public thank you that every time that I get to calm the father's still going wrong. I don't even though I may not be able to get there it's a little bit later on in the course of the day the energy is still Jess. At its highest. When you first began at 9 o'clock in them in the morning all the way up until this conclusion right around 3 o'clock hour. And I don't time because you know for those who may live in Winston and may work in that general area. Where the education billing of the fairgrounds is located which is is really when we think about that university parkway. And deacon boulevard electronic intercept. And a lot of businesses via just suffer those two main streets alone. Even if it's just during your lunch break if you just got Columbine yeah and and and see. You know that the party you can come to the party the party can leave with you right. Ways to take it because you know you know you can look at and that is is being a nice way to kind of take a break from the JOB yeah. And just enjoy you know whether your lunch break is half an hour you're fortunate enough to have a hole now right yeah make the most of it and and be a part of the event. What screeching what kind of activities are you going to offer for those of us attending. Well we have the photo Booth gifts this year loved that that was so much yeah. Yeah we're gonna. They DJ and we had last year nice I mean he had people on the gains. On the continent are excited to. And so we're gonna have him back to its excellent work that adds and yet Lou. Missing and spoke very good very good. How did you come up with the concept of having a lips and chaos well we karaoke. Human diets and Ryan I remember that yeah it is. I. We have or participate via. Counselor there was so much find out in a weakened lip sync your favorite song yeah clue says that they may shake your groove thing yeah but the song and then your salary so. When I look at where we're on the same thing. Lately and love your great company radio family it is the week in addition of community focus heard and our intercom station Saturday and Sunday morning. Loving the accompanying. Not only you but members of our community focused family. And representing the accessible festival 2018. And getting all the particulars so. We can all be ready for July 13 again that's a Friday 9 AM to 3 PM the education building up the Winston-Salem fairgrounds. I have been late ladies my radio sisters are with me and Tina Carson Wilkins and to kiosks at. I want to ask speaking out when we have wonderful community events like this. I usually think of our volunteers. And how they are such an important part. Of this festival cell. Are there any volunteers needed again this year we are definitely still look yeah. Or volunteers. I'm just help out with rich or each right. With me knows if there individuals with disabilities who might not be able to do to come on their food or just need help here to the table yeah. We just a lot of volunteers. Learn and we. Just hope facilitation. Of the evening so. Christine and I and the rest of our community out there and our. Usually I can only do what she's going to be just like Chelsea is. The fact that I have mentioned my. Name on the radio I don't know how they're both excellent excellent what passed my pillows. To both of them and two jars were really saying thank you both tick here and Tina you just have an awesome. Staff. Of individuals were working to gather you really are sure am yeah and and getting together to enjoy an event such as the accessible festival. And really for a chance of us. As members of the community. To see your hard work come to fruition. I just wanna say thanks to all of you for all you do and really for allowing us as volunteers. To be a part of this as well because it's not only a community event this is definitely a family event. And as we mentioned and we continue to emphasize. This is a day for for persons with developmental disabilities with us also obtain to really. Come together as a community to learn more about how we as as individuals can just want to get along. And and put whatever challenges are differences that we have to decide. Yeah and just in enjoy a dates are literally shaking her bank I. That being now getting back to your let me ask you this what do you suggest for any agencies. That may be listening. An interest in in participating. Should they be involved with the festival this year are any upcoming year because we're really looking forward to two this of course continuing. In its fourteenth year for this to go on for very long time so what can those agencies do if they are interest. They can definitely time to act as. If we have you know some space available this year maybe we can now. In that I mean if not they can be on. Lists to calm next year despite a very interesting timing. But if they're not able to come this year just coming out even on to leave its integrated and I when he what it ala Allison and I went to anticipate exactly. Again just to have it. Just didn't happen as you know. It's sad the answer really a. Serve an environment in which you do have a good time yeah that's the great thing about it. Now when we think to have now not only the accessible fassel we also think about. West and the once assumed transit authority very community community oriented organization if I can get an out right. Use sponsor the festival you attend other events that have been sponsored or hosted by other agencies. I think you were just involved in with the community resource fair this is sponsored by good wills project re entry. And the community day involvement sponsored by the salvation army's boys and girls clubs. Of Winston-Salem what other events are you guys going to attend or be a part of team and we're serving as an in kind sponsor for. Try it first and families. I'll bowling turn an excellent though some of the uprise is that people are gonna take a rye and some of the information I'll take away. Has been donated with him that's an excellent now if I can add and really ultimately to share this with you because I actually had a wonderful opportunity. I've seen you both. Speaking to try it first of families a ticking and Tina and last year's a bowling term. Had so much fun at the cars are aligned. The countryside countryside if curry is very often nasty in drive targeted together and I've only lived here how many years. But I did I had so much fun and just really. To see each other you know outside in a different environments and a different element. So to get to hang out with you ladies at the accessible festival and get to be a part of of the bowling tournament. I'm telling you radio Finley if you've never been to either event this will be a great opportunity. To start something that perhaps you can incorporated make it a part of your annual family and friends. Either 10 absolutely. And just love the fact that we get to gather to talk about this year after year so I wanted to. Tina and two key and just sort of recap. For those who may just be joining us and work with us at the beginning of the program. Speaking of shaky grew I shake your groove thing that's a theme for this year is accessible festival again we have a dateline down for Friday July 13. Very familiar location for those of you who live in and around the Winston-Salem area you know exactly. With the fairgrounds are on the acidity of deacon boulevard in shorter drive I got that. That inside the education building so just look for the signs yeah. Look for the parking overflow. Of course and you'll know that you are exactly. In the right place now for those who may be coming from you know adjacent areas. Those are just some of the particulars on how to find your way they are. Any contact information in the meantime as someone should have any additional questions that they wanted to ask you. Well they can call. My office 336748. 32 or three each grain or call two Kia Eden at 3367483964. Axle and you know ask any questions get any information that they need like because typically. We're encouraging all folks coming to the festival to enter through gate five okay drink yeah and the Al with a film fairgrounds gate five is the way in. Accent yet parking history wonderful house so we just want people who disk but it is anything that they need to now. Yeah we've had people even if that's what I mean news. I'm alone had a really interesting that they take that anyway. But. Any questions that they had okay most happenstance. Excellent and. It was something to that we talked about it in the past because when you look at especially last year. When you were focusing on a particular decade and a whole lot of fun yeah to come to an event like this engine trying to comment costing yeah. If you well because only think about a song like shaking grouping this is seven dish yeah on aviation. And it's really nice to see individuals who you know it's nostalgia. Idea for a for a lot of us who are of me a certain a pass. When we were we were slim and trended market the bell bottoms and you know can easily say you have a happy that we. Shake it as much as you cheer that we are we. A little a little here in New York. And everywhere but again it's just the fact that we keep it positive yeah. We keep it fun and we love we love it when. The exhibitors come dressed yeah. And hey Nicole and they dress error boot. Nigh niece and I expect it absolutely we have some. Folks who come. To the festival every year and they will dress up every year due to an on hunt piano and it really does because it is is it's just nostalgia to have that flashback moment. And you looked and it's like. Yeah I actually had the nerve to winter okay. And I can still fit into some people have have that pleasure of being able to do that. Another great. Thing too especially in the advent of social media and this is something and I also wanted to. Pass along to our radio family ladies is that. You also do such a wonderful job of keeping us updated on your FaceBook page. So that too in addition to calling. Two key in and Tina. Radio family and you encourage you did to visit. The accessible festival on FaceBook. And and to learn more about the upcoming event and it would be a great way to to see a lot of images from past years we. And in all the fun that has taken place as this marks the fourteenth here of how is miles down time. It really just yet it does and that really Tina I'm so happy said that because that has been really the central theme. For accessible festival yeah and community and family apps all rolled into one. Ladies I really think we've done a fabulous job in covering everything but I always like to again of the opportunity appears any closing thoughts or comments anything you wanna you know go over. Because it's always great information that bears repeating. Talk about anything on the Atlanta I don't know how we're in my platforms. You've got girl and what color what color are we talking here at a time. As I have quite okay and I will listen. To yeah. And Aaron and see out of doing a great job getting into character during Gannon and that's not what I yeah. And I love the big names right now I don't don't get into it that much but armed. We just want everyone to know that. When those doors open. We would love to see them walk it absolutely not you know just stick common enjoyed the snacks and my hip CN all that exactly. Because they want to be. A part of learning what life. Is light here preacher for people with disabilities and what they can do themselves seeks to make life. Better and it's someone that they may even know we'll have. And thank you for sharing that too because as I mentioned at the onset of our conversation this morning that. If you ever had an opportunity to talk with an individual who has a developmental disability. It is just amazing. To see the independents. But that person hats. And as I said earlier they don't lipped that challenge slow them down they don't let that hinder them. They tried to enjoy the quality of life that any of us strive to do. And that's the beautiful thing about it because. You know if we should ever find ourselves. In that position. If it should ever happen. I'm sure the first thought would be would I be able to continue to function. And to see someone who dies. And they don't let that slow them to. You know it it it really goes to show that we all appreciate. Our quality of life. Yeah at 31. Things that. I appreciate from year to year. Is. Seeing. The folks who have come from your T hear you at hello acts you know attitude and no pants and reading really add she adds a few miles an agency that makes it all so worth. Into. You've really just. And said that Tina thank you for sharing that as well because it reminds me. How we really should view of life even when we aren't going through whatever personal challenges happened to be. To come to an event like the accessible as possible we can leave those key he hurts outside of those nice. Condition. Education held at. And just focus on what life was intended to be yeah so you know before they come and up and get aired. Tickets. Hines who enjoy the activities. They will see. Tony's Italian ice and fun again as us and see if something says sir yes and refreshingly little lonely. Then they'll be able to coming you know res photos water. And they'll be able to come and get out what we it's not suede -- earth and moon you know we make sure that the first. Several hundred people. Or get a bag nine those who once they do get around in Holland the activity and all of the exhibitors exact gonna have so much that the take back home where there you go wild on the initially was. You give people a chance to Q resource is yeah patient. On. How to use race those limitations absolutely and logo Latvia and so this. Is something has been and I guess a main focus for us not to use any means used to. Absolutely in a sense again radio family a wonderful community event that when you com. You may comment strangers because some people obviously you'll be meeting for the first time. But what's so loving about it as you you leave us friends because you very likely gonna make some friendships. And you're going to. Develop some new relationships. With individual us going to a little march absolutely. And love it and love the fact that we had a chance to talk about it. My sister's always love having you here on the program thank you for all you do keep up the great work its own much are you so welcome and Italy. Appreciate she even more and thank you for the great information to share with you radio fan myself you have all the particulars. Only thing that's missing is you being and there are so we'll see at the accessible festival 20182. Key Austin. Tina Carson Wilkins joins me Rene Von and I think you radio Stanley for joining us here. As we do wrap up another week in addition of community focus as always no goodbyes remain. Just until next time so enjoy your day and the rest of this weekend until then take care.