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A family good morning is that time once again to welcome the UN to say hello it's the week in addition. A community focus and their intercom stations some nice to have your great company and of course the company as well as. Of members of our community focus spam link at issue definitely your family this is another great opportunity. To get together and talk about. The annual sickle cell charity ride so I wanna say to you can't ignore. And TU Billy Douglas good morning how you ban. Good good good good to have you back in. Camping and Billy when we talk about the annual sickle cell Ryan we really get to share some information about. The benefits are derived. Brings to the community every year and especially Cathy for you with the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. Does and our communities as well so how the two of you Dennis it's bent a little. Over a year ago. That's good. Yes. And that's right or twelve MC are you guys and bill is still have a good time choir is not quite as much you've only slowed down just a little bit about right and years. Just eight years where it absolutely. But Kathy when we do talk about the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency and teaming up. In the community with the various motorcycle clubs in the various agencies. This really is quite a camaraderie that's going on it and many years will this be now for 2017. Is. The ninth here delegate. Do you think Tom has just flown by a very quickly Rio. Real fast absolutely. And Kathy when we do speak. Sickle cell how does someone get the disease it's always good to focus. Was sort of the background information and why we have the surety right every year. Is that in any condition of these persons on board and each is not contagious king sitting at. Or drinking water and I am. We each have eight hemoglobin in fact. It is determined package me that we inherited from our eye off from its. So when he person inherits YSG. -- being eaten from mom and aids apology from. In person circles I'm. And he's kind deeds is. Say yes this is considered the most severe type of sickle cell disease. They have various different types but the one thing I'll have in common is pain. And that pain usually occurs in general areas it can sometimes be treaties home. With leave Motrin and many times they have to would be. Take into the emergency ruling mean to hospital forced. Out. And Kathy sickle cell. Can really happen in. Packed one some of our youngest. Individuals. As opposed to persons who are like a little older closer to RA it's. Well Bacharach because it is an inherent in issued a boy who. Since though. Babies. ET on you playing hurt you exam are. Different between. Just think we have we crack. And it is today grow older. It can impact on people's eyes special teams because they don't appears to now it seem. Like seek. But as we. Tried to do it. Agency which actors aren't education theory early and we try to gays and compete and it's. They need Charles equals. Circles and so. So we try to teach him how to take care in his hands like me to do. She. Seems. And eat proper foods because Allen plays and two. Slightly I think it's. H is years. So appearances with its east. And Bruce Cain and very long and productive. Absolutely and I'd like that when we hear about individuals. Such as that only seventy plus years young and yeah I like to say. And very excellent. Description one dad in an explanation a lot of the benefits. That can help an individual because Kathy I think of in theory. Close. Family that I have known for a number of years. They have a son who is dealing with sickle cell and just like you said. Was born with a trade I think he's about seven years of age now he's doing really well. And this was a time I think the first time ever if I remember mom recently sharing on social media. He had an opportunity to. Be engaged in activity or an activity that was really a way from horror. The immediate care that she's always given to her son. Which of course as parents we we just won a lava man hung up on him and sometimes the jays who little breathing room. Which was the case for her son and this was his real. First chance. To be away from mom and to really be hit it to truly be a seven year old. And how she was chests. So wonderfully glad. To hear that he was doing amazingly well to be that far away from Amman. But didn't really have some of the ongoing symptoms. And we usually think about that you discuss with us when you come on the program. That are associated with sickle cell of course he's still gonna have his days and that makes me think of how much of an effect does the web there have foreperson has sickle cell because he does he thrives very well. When we have very warm temperatures. Like we've been having and of course living where we are. When we get into those winter months it's such a struggle for him because it's constantly cold all the time. As sometimes. De Willie have to go out of state. Go into warmer climates you know when you think of places like Florida. During those months of November through possibly march and April. Just warmer climates where he doesn't feel that constant cold because as his muscles as bones are aching all the time. So how how does that how does the weather. Play a factor. They can't. Hey. Al actor but that's why we try to educate them how to address our right. Would be able to address years. Opt to stay out of extreme Karl exam we try to stay at extreme excess of eight need to pay extra Kolb. You like. To go. Took a walk on. Here. Like it. So that's why education. And learning how to manage. And the issue. Lying true answers. Oh we will talk to schools and I'll go. All other children make laps I play on Chile. As to how. And that doesn't mean that just because they can't go outside of that type and environments. Doesn't mean that they have to be excluded from the fundraising hands isn't much fun inside eggs as you can house absolutely. And Kathy not only as the executive director in all the years of of your training from me. Medical profession if you will. Do you have. From a personal standpoint anyone of your family and same question to you Billy who may be effective I sickle cell with a trade itself. Actually act you'd. He is now nineteen years old when. It's completed its first year aren't even worse during their day with him. Hours away from us. He has done extremely well excellent dean's. ED eighties works. He aches and pains me. Talked to him encouraged. With the students. Op. He's done remarkably. And I am very proud and so he's been a few. How wonderful wonderful project and likewise I have for you Billy or just knowing what you know with your relationship with Kathy. There's no one I know in my hand in hand views trade arms and cash prize what can't they let me ask you this and it is such a wonderful job and in sharing when this house and went gets the disease. Next question is how is it diagnosed how does one find out whether or not they do carry this century. Since 1980. Like babies in. An act or aren't newborns screening. 1990s. 1980s. And starting on why. In nineteen tiny four. Number so I'll lady's taste. Her within two weeks of babies I believe if they obstacles ease. We had known fact that states across syndrome program. We reach out to local pediatrician. To the east. An act cases we have area news Kelly. But in July Indy. Just like circles around disease but we don't him and the obstacles disease and one. It is on me 8 am appalled now should she. And from cradle to. Leave in. And thank you for the love and support that you continually show. Why do you think it's so prevalent witness. Individuals. Who are of color why does it seem to be such. An issue with. Babies of color. It is quite acts at ease examples outs for. Gene and came back out as is is. A men marry. A common. In African currency and in Korea B but his house here for. Two. Sea. Ice is. So we'd see more. How. But upstate new York and I each. Persons to. Strictly and I scheme purse isn't. Where we are seen more in our community. Purses is. Because. He was aware of Harry you and. Now that is something I did not know so thank you very much for sharing that and that has to be. A testament if you will. Kathy to the fact that in all the years and that and and that includes. Being executive director. But before even taking on that role. How much you're continuing to learn. As. An individual in the line of work that you do and for any and all in the medical professions that are learning. About sickle cell you're continuing to learn each and every day here you know. Each and every day because it also of disease. Thanks everyone to. Act that's the only common symptom is. And I tell any one of the best teacher at these Latin absent some of these top declines. Because the complications. It had. Always takes. Nurture air teacher and sometimes when you have those experiences where you are seeing individuals. One on one and faced a patient learn. Just as much if not more. Exactly like you said what you fine and textbook because there is a difference between the textbook knowledge. In the real life real life rather now to take it as well. With that said Billy this had to been a situation that really inspired you to start. The sickle cell motorcycle ride. How far back and that includes your relationship with Kathy Nguyen was that deciding factor. If you can take us back to when you knew he wanted to do business. I guess I've built real Potts goes off about twenty years. Laugh. I'm on the on ferret employees. Yeah. My wife was attacked with. You know diary content right. I got. To travel fee keys are. And go to camp in the thumb button or you don't you pick up alive and the other. Are. And we thank you for that because as you said going into our ninth year. Thank you so much for join this year after year. And I just can't say how glad I am to see the both of you back here. On this public affairs show. And these first few medicine just flown by so Billy and Kathy let's take a break we definitely have a lot more to discuss. Especially on how we can get the community involved. With the annual sickle cell cherry rye. So Kathleen archive and Billy Douglas is great to see European family welcome back. Do you you're so welcome glad to have you here and likewise for you radio family as we indeed after this break. We will come back with a much more of the week in addition our community focus for the weekend edition of community focus and it's her Saturday and Sunday mornings and our income stations thank you for your great company. And radio family thank you for the good things you're doing in our communities. And another opportunity to say that is well two members of our community focused family and Kathy norte who is the executive director of Piedmont health services. And sickle cell agency. And Billy Douglas who is wrapped present in Billy for the original twelve MC one of the many fine motorcycle clubs in fact. Billy let's go through the list of those who have teamed up with you and it helped sponsor this event year after year. Are we out. Fit in so long. And it motorcycle club Brothers brawl with buffalo soldiers. Two wheels in motion of course results would absolutely. And you've been a part of the original twelve cents. Originally. Happy I am not a Nat knot current wild play advocate for about twenty years so it. Along with the name original. From the club was really is an all and that it was twelve of them okay there was some movement on the ridge in the stock. Excellent and so Billy you have had the opportunity to team up with those wonderful motorcycle clubs that you just mentioned. What is there as a club that is listening that would like to team up with you. And would like to be a part of the event is that Hamas is no problem. More than playing. Excellent. With that said it would just go ahead and and give up that contact and connection. Are you can contact Eva circles they office. 336. To sell them for. One trap holes that was. Are you can contact Billy Douglas 336317. Pass them too fat excellent and billing and Kathy we're gonna repeat those numbers as often as we can't. As we continue on with the second half. Community focused. And of course already a family this really does serve as a twofold purpose. To get you familiar with the annual sickle cell charity ride. And at the same time Kathy with your help as the executive director of the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency continue to educate us as listeners. And members of our community focus camera. When that's said getting back to you what are the complications. Of sickle cell disease. Think it gives me. An eight and most times when yours saint. Anthony's. I mean. When that happens is deprivation of oxygen. When there's deprivation of oxygen like me to damp tissues and muscles in my view. And because we can't let's ask our our our bodies some persons unfortunately. Strokes. Some persons and in out with what we comment crosses on. Dampen their arms and shoulders yeah he ups and things like. Persons. Can. I feed the optics cleaned her. But in and went there might be paying for it seemed that's when I'll panes of feats Leo. Paying agent is happening to war. It's pretty much. Know ash from sickle cell disease. They may actually complications caused so. Thank you for for explaining that and Kathy when we hear. Information such as that. The one thing that comes to mind mind is the importance of really. Taking care of ourselves even if were already at that point were doing it now. To have the type of relationship that we have witness a doctor. Or medical professional. Is really of the utmost importance really of any age. On especially of course swing and as new parents. We certainly wanna make sure that that our babies are in the best condition that they can be. And even if they do get the news that they have a son or daughter that carry saturate. Like you mentioned earlier that doesn't have to be a death sentence I mean we have wonderful examples and C I believe he says 79. Year old your oldest patient you've got your nineteen year old nephew who was living proof. Who has sickle cell was doing extremely. Well and let me as an aside just ask you. Did you know or how much information had you taken in outside. Or before you even decided that he wanted to get into the nursing profession. How much of sickle cell were you aware of through your own family. Actually Aaron Harris and social social work outs are let's start working. Agency teens and knees and and now I. Outrage. Symbols of disease. Drama. We're not all of because now it's on eight weeks months he was now Alice told that he is Amy. That news. Article in the newspaper. About circles I mean I think. It was an act people obstacles in Indian and I challenge and told me. What does that mean you are put to and together. I started to rain is booths like him off of his Arnold. And when we went act and act or check out he wasn't iniki anymore but at the nineties. Line. I knew the difference in the nineties and not out. Circles Aaron India he is the name because he preferred drink and eat. Itself so that that entire time and that wasn't a no fault of your own you just didn't act is no and I. Just. As a new crop. Ask Larry have her wicked act if I may now. But I still aren't and it's excuse me and it was acting and I shall I out space forward. But knowing and and disease start from nothing. It has ground to. Exactly in the passion Kathy that I just say thank you for having. All of these years and continued to have and that goes to you and your entire staff at the Piedmont health services. And sickle cell agency because like you said. You go to various places whether it's to schools. Or to the workplace order churches and various places of worship. And you're willing. For those that want to learn and want to be educated information is there for us we just have to take the initiative. Renee let me let me. Ask me Claire act shocked yes sickle cell trait. And circles of disease. 22 different things sickle sell out right. Does not turn to circles of disease. Complications. And I spoke. Early. Confuse. When you have sickle cell trait you Ali Carrey one. When you have circles of disease you have to. Sell but to learn more aegis and Carl. At 3362741. At zero sand and we will be asking you questions income or con to. TU TE organization teachers. Have so that we can't act proper. And that's as as the familiar saying goes knowledge and education really is key we hear that all the time but we really. Look at if from the standpoint that it can have an impact yet we take advantage of it excellently. Explained. Capping and thank you for that that there is a difference. Know what treatments. From that perspective are they are for sickle cell disease. How diseases are treated it as paying each. We are Ares I mean advocates on the market well actually here too with the wind is Romney's is hydroxy you re. You re weights some persons may have heard that is in. Medication but when it does is it arm. Increases the baby black fetal hemoglobin in. He dispersants from have been paying campus or as frequently. And they usually the pain episodes bounced our. I don't ask now. So that's and I could mean it's really been helpful. For a number of our clients there are things our thanks. Susan thanks. The benefits outweigh. It's an excellent you know we think is an air promise. ID it failed to meet John it is. Possible. Each bring an excellent way parents can watch your children. Asking would be. Mortgage on his usual way to things they can honestly do is act and act was. Because now with the race so again passing along that knowledge Kathy thank you very much in of course being a part of the pima. Of the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. Obviously it's still early for me into some aspects guys thank you for your patience. But the fact that with the agency. You have really an opportunity to see closely our first hand because I'm sure of it just about every day. There are. Ways in which in the medical field. That new to sort of treatments war the year are hopefully those instances where they are trying to find. I as many ways as possible as as you were talking about the benefits. In helping those who have either the tree or the disease because when we think about the advancement of medicine in general. And how it has really come a long way because thinking back to win and UN describing your son. That was back in the seventies says that's going on if I do my math right that's over forty some years ago. And they only think about the advances and where it is now and how of the traits and the disease are being treated here in 2017. Who's to say you know two years from now five years from now how much. More sell the advancements. In treatments that will be available for those who have either war. And there are also. Bone marrow transplants. But is not you should. And people who have received about marriage. Handing cue sound. But what our marriage. There has hurt its. And usually they're perfect perfect. Fit. Not all persons. Case. Obey house does not. Match. But it left and as you know Herschel there's no. Now PO note. That any means that we can come at because we have here. Always education continues to be key. With a losing hand maybe it's. So we just have to keep continued. On. Motorcycle groups. Through camp right. Either you well I yeah exists transition yeah. There's that well Alan programs. Lately. And that's a wonderful. Way ability to get you back into the conversation. What will the proceeds from the ride be used for obviously. All of the proceeds. Directly to Piedmont and services that they. They closed. Buffalo soldiers in solo and a host of problems to Rio's most. And the original whale. We find. Rat 100%. Wonderful. We chip and each who have chips in a certain amount of money. And at the end of the rat them honest with. Joy and I was connected to the real testament. And you watch. Are there LA 100% of owners activities that's wonderful. And that's the one thing Billy that I look forward to when we'll get together you mean at the end we talk about. This time of year which is ideal for bikers who like to. Get on those highways and byways now I'd just depends on how much of the summer heat the one. Actually really enjoys it had when you're on a nice bike and you got that wins. Up again she was it's really not too bad he's got a constant breeze and yeah where you go. I tell you this he has just been something else but really that that's not the focus obviously because whatever the weather is going to brain. This is obviously going to be for a wonderful cause. And the fact really that you've been able to do it nine years strong. And as you mentioned earlier for any motorcycle club that's listening was not had an opportunity to. Volunteer their time in their services. This will be a great opportunity with which to do it. And again share your contact information if they do want to get in contact with you for more and. Are not on the motorcycle clubs. Car closed and one is an RS. It sure would. Registration tag. You'll be able to ups make contributions. And to volunteer work with registration. Directed traffic whale. We can always use volunteer tax and again. And almost to the offices 336. She's selling for. When files they have. And you can reach Benedict is it 336317. Passed 72 fat. Or in a one of them almost the buffalo soldiers that solo ended brothels to rob. Two wheels in motion and it doesn't just in of those gas. Make you need to refer you give me an affirmation in the about us with. Absolutely thank you for that Billy and of course ready a failure here and on the information. Firsthand. On the weekend edition of community focus Billy every year this question of course gets asked where will the ride be held this year. Rather start it all plays. Office on. Eleven to ease market street. And it will here and has the paw. That date is Saturday August 20 sixth. When a seventeen. Registration with 9 o'clock kick stand up and out. And we know give out. When this nation that's always surprise. Absolutely and that's a nice thing about it. Billy is that every year it is something different it's something exciting. To look forward to an end just something about the month of August you know we're. We're getting close to be the end if you will of the summer months. Now depending upon how the kids fail because that's also the travel months many of them and get ready to head back to scope as well. What a great opportunity because Billy even though we are thinking of motorcycle clubs and in car clubs and in any and all who want to participate. And I don't think we've ever mentioned this before but to. The point of especially what this event is about. And why you have the charity ride we want to extend this invitation as family oriented he's acting. And that's something I don't think we have mentioned before cell radio family. And all the great years and I've had the opportunity to sit down with with Kathy in and Billy that's the one thing that we want to stress. That you don't necessarily have to be tied to. A motorcycle club or our car club. That this is something that the entire family. Can participate and benefit from. And who knows this may be an instance where you actually can start clubs for families or notes that. And a lot of jazz during registration. With people come out any keys in the Dubai right here it's Aron might contribution. Knives and come out clause and paid interest fees and follow it in an excellent the most. Yeah and also we have the sheriff department. Plot out our route. Wonderful and issue they would have motorcycle. School that's always XOX. It is to just see a seat full Italy a beautiful bikes going down that secret destination where did you. But is definitely it makes arrive relieved that much more fun. And to look forward to every time that we get together and talk about the event. So already a family really just a great event a great occasion we've given you. The main particulars that of course being the date of August 26. 9 AM registration kick stand at 11 AM and one of the thing Billy that you wanted to mention too yes. We also. In Iraq would have affected the raffle. Yes there Obama item. With the raft and which carnage acted. Ailments. He made an equipment all kind of good is. Absolute and gals now and yeah yeah. And they'll repeat and socialize and have this right that. Absolutely so hence why we say that this is a family oriented event and really witty a family great opportunity to come out whether you have. Supported before. What you're hearing about it for the first time and you really want to show your support. This particular year and hopefully billing Kathy the years following is a great opportunity get a jumpstart on that as well. Yeah how many people would you say in an end I'm just put the question now the guys especially. Billy. How does it make you feel. And I guess for a lack of a better word emotion wise when you see. The camaraderie. With the motorcycle clubs and just people in general who come out of support in sync question to for for you cap it is actually for both. Is that the real you know especially at the end there and everybody is hyped up there rad. I've. Fit man Eaton and wrap everything. And biggest question your path in Bratton. Do just an excuse nice bet that's what really. Makes me feel good yen makes excellent idea come up with you guys did this. Wonderful absolutely. And Kathy same question for eons in the ass. Any time accuracy are people come together for common costs it makes me. For our clients who come to TV. You know everybody at winning now they are. Both for DM to be able to see people coming together to help. With the programs that we put back you know it makes me feel extremely. Extremely. Thank you for touching on that because that was my next question would services. Does the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency for what in addition to education counseling testing we also have HIV aids program. It would that I education counseling and testing. We have a baby program we work with women postpartum. Shield in two H two. In light up food air quality high. And we are also a day in reaching tomorrow young mean which is at a match. Pregnancy prevention program males that's excellent and Atlantic being. You touched down early Renee. We have a summer camp for children's. With sickle cell disease AG's. Six to eighteen. I thought about our camp because Armenia arts you know men of our parents. I Lara pitch out to come to act the first time be away from the town boy in Tarrant we leak. It's a recognized and you freeze and I ET. I wanted to get things at encouraged moms especially to do. Is to take this week. And four time to take care of herself. If there's another chow in the and it does not obstacles out disease. They take the active army that Sharon because I don't times and les. Achieve this shaft takes up at a time. And therefore alienating. A check out but is skis and I changed to read the line. Take here on each absolutely. And in nicely said Kathy because this can also be wonderful opportunity. For the parent. Or the parents to have an opportunity to regroup. And take care of themselves. Because with parents. That's the one thing. Moms and dads are so excellent at taking care everybody else but then sometimes in the collect themselves. And so that's a wonderful opportunity for them to get back into regroup. And two to be dare for others when we give. Bad day yeah children on Sunday and we re I'm glad to give impacted him on my yeah MI AA doesn't go anywhere and yeah yeah weight than it lately we love camp but that's most need our help support. Of mr. Wonderful it goes to pay. Excellent. What Kathy and Billy as always you do such a phenomenal job thank you Pham a good to see you again thank you Renee thank you and I always look forward to this time of year because we know. That there is definitely. Good things taking place in our communities and that includes and we talk about the annual sickle cell ride. Now just to sort of recap everything Billy and Kathy. The date is August 26. 9 AM registration kick start is at eleven. 1102. East market street. And even a travel through Hester park again secret location family so you just Garnett come out and find out where that final destination is going to be. But in the meantime a great opportunity to bond as a community. A great opportunity to get additional information as well with Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. And of course were any questions for any of our motorcycle or car clubs. Including the one that building represents the original twelve MC. And we gave a couple of numbers. In the process just wanted to repeat them now for you personally bill in its 3363175725. And one of the motorcycle clubs and include the original twelve MC. Is 2741507. Pack rat. Is Greensboro office okay. And of course of the Piedmont health services and sickle cell agency. It's at 3360. That is the one that's the Greensboro office. And is there any other number that I may have left out. Outweighs perhaps my offices where okay 33688624. Degrees. Wonderful. Well thank you guys is there anything that I may have left out in her closing comments or weakness. Renee weren't home. We. Also I think you make sure everything is covered and we really appreciate you out what you do and I'm. Com. The support I really appreciate you know I can't do that without. Radio family like you its ability Kathy thank you very much and you know me they're never. Any good guys just and so next time sound look fortunate next time you're so welcome and thank you family indeed until that next time. Continue with the good things you're doing in our communities as well as we wrap up another weekend edition of community focus enjoy the rest of your day and this weekend take care.