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Radio Stanley good morning and welcome another weekend edition of community focus gets under way thanks for tuning in our intercom stations. And every Saturday and Sunday agreed opportunity to talk about some good things taking place. And our communities. Radio failing many of you are familiar with this event and rolls around this time every year to jumpstart the Labor Day weekend. So if you are number one a lover and or Connors sort of jazz and you enjoy. The beautiful scenery and you can find an oak hollow park in high point. You know this is the weekend for the seventh annual John Coltrane international jazz. And blues festival. And it's really good to have radio family joining me this morning Rene bond here to talk about it as I say good morning team Joseph Williams and Patrick army. Fellas good morning how aria good morning Rene well good great. In this year or at least is almost see guys seven years and counting and did you think would ever get to that seventy mark gentlemen. Ideas and yeah it is yeah. I think on the beginning. Like it was. You know when you have a Good Friday and in that event you two X and finally you know bright and I think that that was the island and I. Well Joseph let me tell you and Patrick both if you hit the mark from day one and you about ticketed again. Going into year 72017. The first of all congratulations is going to be another fantastic lineup. Can you both share what we can expect to see and enjoy for this year. Well I think that you know we try to get of variety in a diverse group of artists and passing it and we've done the same thing. Always always have some surprises that anything though. Last year people hadn't heard a great reporter. And he came in he does seem to be as surprised everyone and now he's one of the most request is what national race I mean this year. You know we have aren't Ireland and special effects and then. And two young. People that I had a chance to see in the art and Alexis morons and Matthew Whitaker and I think that. I was just blown away when I have not and I think the crowd is gonna be amazed that these fifteen I think they may have just turned fixed he. The level of power lines and then you know that music in general in good hands when you see that absolutely and when we think. Really especially whom. The jazz festival is named after Joseph and Patrick and we talk about John Coltrane. And growing up as a native to North Carolina particularly in and around high point area. Just the talent within that area alone and really only talk about the entire state. Of North Carolina so really nice to be able to spotlight. Young folk. And that's really to what this festival highlights every year and thank you for that Joseph because. Our young people actually have an opportunity and we'll get into more detail about this. An opportunity to enter a writing contest for essay contest. In which they have an opportunity. To. Winning musical instruments whatever instrument they play takes it back to my days when I've thought I was going to be a flute player. I really try at it but I enjoyed it. I made a big base when I was in and union okay. We can't you know I can't play anything Patrick is a guitarist. Yeah man prays that her house who. It even do and how long tactic how old were you when you when you for your hand around the world OK and no no I'm not asking us who remain under college your hands this are a great so really for us for all three of us having a little bit of a musical background. Really helps. But Joseph again getting back to whine and this is another nice addition we talk about. John Coltrane international jazz and blues festival. Originally and its inception it was a one day all day affair. How long ago were you able to expand it to what we now have missed two days of great entertainment and music. Well this is our third year into a multi day event rate and I think you know when you start something you kind of kind of shake out the kinks and you and I realized what works and and Patrick will agree that when you start. Opening gates at twelve. Noon. In the midst of the summer. And that means that way there 7 in the morning it and getting ready and then he hits you right Iran right around this time around already a full hour your guy yes absolutely and is just two months. Or even you know the best thing and an evening in the air right you know immediately say gates open at well and they lined up at ten were so yeah we used our game to you know 10 PM even. Whoever you want to see you by the discounting is now. It hit exactly in the and you really do your best especially if you haven't a particular artist said he would like to see at a certain time of the day. When we talk about oak hollow park how did you go face how were you able to really get such. A beautiful location. Centrally located and of course that the key word is it sits. At least the stage well it's it's right across from the late what did you think. As a wanna have a at a place like oh well that was a joint decision you know live to best locations and and I know visiting the Lincoln lived close by then I just thought that this was just that can do and how it always kind of say this is this kind of a secret. He give me. That a lot of people don't realize they have in the area you need him vile water. And I. And I leave heaven abundant amount of them right in time point. I just think the scenery. That just army Johnson and it's perfect I think that's one of the comments that we give from artists than visit you know. When they stand on this days they seat you know when I look at this stage and I looked to my left and I Zito or. And I see that correct you know it's just a wonderful. Wonderful venue. It really is and it's a venue and really just an event itself gentleman that brings people rarely. From just about everywhere. In I first of all appreciate the fact that I haven't had had an opportunity it's still early for me. To be apart of this since it's day wine in helping to host the event so thank you gentlemen for that opportunity you are welcome to do it again this year I'm really excited. And that's the one thing that I that I enjoy when when talking to the audience. I think a couple of times and had people shout out where your from. And probably well over 50%. Of those individuals are not necessarily from high point. Or from North Carolina I mean I hear people from New York. DC. Atlanta they come out as far west as California. To enjoy a show like this how does that how does that make you guys feel. When you've got people coming from all over the place feels great I mean what Jess just people just lover travel they do I'll miss a return have folks and when he 36 states well uncommon in California. Ohio went in Quebec this yeah correct well very nice piece the other is just great coming as the southern hospitality extended time that mr. goto comeback coming year after year notes. And pocket and your reunion in a lot of ways absolutely recognize each other in there each other and scrupulously oaks and that's exactly. And the fact that it really falls. During the Labor Day weekend. And for a lot of folk having that extra day really apple sent when you have a two day event and then you can just really take that following day off and just kind of take it on land. And just say wow what a what a great. He knew what a great show just what a great area because very likely have a lot of people who come back year after year exactly in in units one of the questions. You need you know not the great plays and we have a great venue and the Sunnis say. You know what is it in the head as if being honest and when they captured and put in the policy insists music and when needed is so that's the question I asked artists as well as people who write me from other places and one time. They some women came from Clearwater and I Clearwater Florida who were brought you down here but they tell you and they said. While we were looking around for festivals. And they still Laura. High point lead and they knew. Right sure and they just said they never had a opportunity. To visit the area yet and they sit. They aren't as you know lovers and they just had lists let's take that trip. And they came and they said this is just wonderful Austin and you. Alarmingly yeah yeah. Yeah got a lot of ex and they say you know we love that he knows that we love the people. In a way that they made us feel and they came back. The following year and they have more people while that's how is being growing you know meet somebody in their pomp and infamous differently and the analysts say. Hey I see you next year nine and then they invite more people also is that's how is relieving growing and so it's really become a tradition for a lot of people where they look. Boards at this time of year. And show on patching it really puts into perspective that you know for individuals like ourselves who have been. Living in this area for a period of time I think sometimes we we take for granted because we're here. But then when we hear nice comments and experiences from people. Who aren't necessarily from the area how much they enjoy it. And makes this really fortunate that we could live in and around an area such as high point nine. Airlines that part of Sanchez has been twice the first time McCain. He said. You've got you really have something's. A year later. Because they contacted me directly so I wanna be on the possibly gain nanny in less than well you know in that way can you can bet that he said listen make it work I mean his. Would naturally have no. On being an and so we made it work and he says you know. He gets out walks around in the audience and face it everyone makes him feel comfortable Newton. And warming unity that is system by the government can't. You know it's a revived that is possible. That's really it's just kind of hard to explain you kind of have to radio family see for yourself President Clinton mentioned that because Joseph and Patrick reminded me of last year when Kenny G Cain. And I will be honest I've never had an opportunity and I really say I can probably marked at all my bucket list finally got to see. You know great performer in Kenechi. But not just in seeing him perform but having a chance to really chat with him in between especially when he. Helped Alps where's the presentation of the instruments to the kids. I thought that was just absolutely fantastic and it yeah and I'm sure those kids walked away seen hanging. I actually got encouragement and mentor ship. One of the best in the business but such a down to earth gentleman in Kinney. And especially when when he was plane into school and opted down. Aisles and. I remember correctly he invited a couple up on stage and so when when you walk away with great memories like that I think that released icing on the cake is that only gets. A room you know we head. Marcus Miller and we've put on Davis employ an opulent know that. Markets got started it was Davis him now. Though. When I booked us a test in the use. Possibility of something magical happened could have you know exactly you know that. Win markets came up one Davis ambulances. And they handed base tool. It was you know just something unique in that. Script exactly and then after woods. I was top in the days into you know. And around the world many times have been several festivals but this is only happened three times in my career. He says in this is one of it's Anderson he's either because he was just a status in our and he didn't even have to participate is again seen. Then go back and forth and wasn't rehearsed it was just grandeur love of music. Exactly exactly so already a family that's why the three of us are really excited. To be back to talk about. But John Coltrane international jazz and blues festival I can't believe we've gone through these first few minutes already the first half of the show but John Patrick let's take a quick break as we I. Ottmar it's not about to get people ready. And of course the event every year Labor Day weekend on September 3 and fourth. So looking forward to I cannot where I'm at and added that second second second and third I'm thinking about last year and that's right. So again gentlemen looking forward to September 2 and third. This is a great week again and again the weekend. If you'll have something to do we got some for you definitely plan. And we're gonna come back with much more here on the weekend edition of community focus will be back. Right after this it's more the weekend edition of community focus heard an intercom stations thanking you radio family. Joining me Rene and members of our community focused Stanley and Joseph Williams and Patrick department. Greats conversation gentlemen thank you very much. As we continue talking about the seventh annual John Coltrane international jazz and blues festival it is this their fame weekend. September 2 and third oak hollow part beautiful High Point, North Carolina. And Joseph and hashing before we went to break we were talking about a lot of things highlights. That have taken place over the years. Eileen of course last year's great show and what we can look forward to as far as all the performances for this year. Patrick I wanted to we were just talking about this before we got back from break. There is a nice documentary. That the community will have an opportunity to see in addition to coming to the festival this year can we talk about the. And it that's correct among the things to try to do the last couple years this sore how like the fact that. Coltrane actually group now went and got his initial start playing an instrument you're not point graduated from William Penn high school how point. So Lester had a photography exhibit at the museum in this you're shown the new documentary. Chasing train that came out and gets back in the spring because can be a free screening. A Saturday morning at eleven Newman hop on museum Alexis I'm not excellent it's people. Something to do for the case that's right now is just something that you are hoping to do on a regular basis or to have before the festival every year going forward. If that is the long term plan originally who've won a stretch into cold and weak niece is this comical when you these kinds of activities and remind folks. About corporate history and how appointments one reason started the first with the sort of the people and a lot of adjustments or was he struck the area not just how is that he was here for it if he's here as well so yeah. I'm so a considerable and yeah time is no values. Yeah exactly exactly. A German speaking of which this is a great opportunity for you good to have you and and others. Who put this great festival together. How early in advance to you guys get to sit down a Serb brainstorming on these great ideas to to get not just the artist to come to perform but like I mentioned. In the first half of our program we're gonna Wear promise you we're dedicated to especially for parents who have young ones to really have a desire. To want to further their learning. And have these wonderful musical gifts and talents with the essay writing contest but but how early do you guys get to sit down and it's going to be a fun part of the shop. Oil all have different roles with reversible in terms of my role in terms of securing talent Bryant am I'm thinking about. Eighteen in nineteen now none you really have to kind of be. Panic in the gaming Kyra I know really long term you know whose soaring and try to be in their characterization because. Eighteen is probably being planned no work. Out now among mark completed you know we are they going to be right though you knew you wanna be an economist aces and hey you know I can't get you this year but I went in 2019. Cents up the net or together right. And you're going to be in the East Coast think about me you know. Exactly and that's that's really Smart to do because and we think about how quickly this year. It's about to come ago because we're well past the halfway mark of 2017 so you 2018 are being. Right around the corner we can really say the same amount of money nineteen. An intense festivals are doing I think. Well. It is good events they they feel good event and so I I think that the best on a great talent yet you really got to be hated like that you. She mentioned that you know because when you think. John Coltrane international jazz and blues festival. You really especially if you are parents of of young children are just children in general. What is the year to do that the whole family can enjoy. And there's just certain. Venues are just certain events that really everybody can't be apart. There either say like maybe perhaps to cutie but if that's the right way to describe it and other events that. It's something that's really not suitable for young children that only mom and dad and and other adults can enjoy but this is something much. Can bring the kids you can bring ought to uncle didn't that never view the whole gambit didn't bring it you can bring everyone and you know people some people. When you say to dance they think of an adult older and honor and I think he's fiscally as can be the foundation. And zoo. A musical grease confided jazz musician to complete anything's in camp rock artist a complete. So if you can master Janzen had your own career is very is a very good point. You know that puts me in the mind dance that's speaking than in spotlighting another. Incredible. Past performance. When Leila Hathaway came. And I will be honest I only heard about start cute puppy through advertisements. As I had no idea what to expect. Until these guys said this two page and they just blew my mind you talk about variety in talent. All of the same time coming across in their performance. Is that Lee you know. In looking at talent to bring I heard about and occupy OP win they were nominated for a Grammy need kind of and C look new right and these guys are unique meaning all our Susan I'm Leo Berkeley of lead and they all. We're friends and they just jammed together and a really kind of Cree it create in the end. They would do these kind of jam sessions. And invite various artist and he invited Leila. Indeed she seems like just the ideal fit you for that exactly and you know allow people here Leila that they don't realize that lately cams from. A he hits frantic pedigree is exactly in the industry. But they did today allow performance and it was then nominated for a Grammy in the in their one wow so. So why now you know so you start asking people. Are you coping now are whom BA it well I guess. You know. I have an opportunity I wanna get them you so it worked out the cards that line and I guess and occupy a B and Leila half seemed to share as fast and then you know they did what I hope would have been yeah they participated in each of this and they really did. And just the energy that I had a chance to see from the side of the stage. In looking out on the audience I mean everybody from what I can com. I don't think you had too many peoples and to count because when they got to those. Really high tempo you know sets. Or remove and that's really great and you're right that's why it. An atmosphere like that even if you have never been to a festivals such as this. I would highly recommend radiant and the if you're newbie. Or if your regular doing this year after year after year. Again Joseph and Patrick is really something for him to bring bring bringing young kids we expose them they will be surprised you have rise over my room you know would they would gate from. Exactly got exposed to elicit great transition because I wanted to talk about. Another. Importance of the John Coltrane. International jazz and blues festival it not only of course highlights great performances. From well known jazz artist but it also shines a spotlight on our next future generation. Of kids who were musically talented. And you give them that opportunity through a wonderful essay writing content still I think. You know we other groups that we need to do something you know you you have fund raisers and Coltrane is a nonprofit organization but. No one you know other than the festival they don't really see what happens. With the proceeds. Would eat and so we wanted to come on something that. People can touch and feel immediately. And I think. The student essay was one of those vehicles that we vote that we can touch young people's lives yeah. Immediately and then let the audience actually see them and let them touch and feel and communicate with people that they idolize or they wanna. Grow up to be as talented. Are you to just improve their craft. Exactly or even pattern a similar style after individuals that that they listen to. And it's not just a proud moment gentlemen for moms and dads and family members just really proud moment. For us as a community. And because you know you you obviously have a music teacher. That helped and really just. Encouraging that talent and when those kids have an opportunity. In whatever grade you know a lot of them go on from say middle school to continue to play an instrument through high school and they do it through college and then some even. Really pursue it as professional career. In the exactly some something they may never be. The next Carlos Santana row in but they the music as a key part of their life that can actually. Went when we called some of those winners in and out of their parents and you hear that fears of of joy cry when they say hey look my. My son has been wanting his commitment. In that we can afford to rent is over. Is broke in and and assists expensive just to get offenses in this event is it too was trying to figure out how to give him an instrument and then have to participate yet. In the distant tears of joy is where if it you know it is her audience I think Patrick and we we can. Talk about this one of our mandates that we wanna really kind of expand on with those shortages or the reductions enough funding in the arts. You know the cold spring festival wanna be put itself in a position to kind of skills toys answer win when expanded now only two. Just our area one and the wise they are now seen this kind of that's more Marat. An excellent thing thank you Patrick and John Forbes were speaking on that and before we go through this year is a list of recipients. I wanna say kudos to the sponsorships of the partnership session that area businesses that are are willing to. Whether it's through donation or just as as a gift in itself. To to give these instruments to the skits. If there who have a great partner with key aides. Yes to. Manufacturing music man effect it is helpless. Subsidize some of the costs I think this year. In. I think our retail. Is is miss probably. In the 40000 well. Yep awfully thousand dollars for an instrument and we giving out this that's fantastic in that scurry over August over the years has been. I think we're given in the way over sixty instruments and number. 120000 dollar buy you land those are some mutant advocates and ultimately yeah sponsors that problem Clinton and I use a partnership. Is amazing experience every European and the watch it is. The general audience opportunity. Get wrapped up in what's happening and then it happens much KG comes on talks. Exit the only vote is amazing improving. Significantly upon it like a Mickey truck body last year kind of really stepped up and helped us a security instruments and names among the sponsors. You know this year as slave families. Nuts and they opened up when university. And a supporter and you have a Morency was trying to grow this list as well exactly and ended. As the expert successful well. Right so so we ending for two it really any area businesses that are. Listening to us here on the weekend edition of community focus and appreciate your listeners should two radio family. And their intercom station inspired by all means a British air all the pertinent contact information. Hatcher can gel before we finish up and our conversation this morning by all means because. We look forward as you mentioned Joseph already trying to plan for Tony eighteenth and on down the road 2019 and so on so if you don't have the opportunity. To be a sponsor or supporter of this year you know we can look down the road. But the sponsorships to take place stripping out these great kids economy how many recipients to we have this year for 27 and we have fifteen winners this year round. We would love to. To give more instruments that this year. Fifteen out at a number and anyone out there they're listening they did that win this year please try again they're absolutely and hopefully we get to the point where we will be able to give a 100% that's right. And before we get to the names thank you for mentioning that you know how soon. Do the kids and the parents need to start preparing to enter. The contest when just the start an index heavily we normally refresh our website Newton and we're 2018 near normally around the first of the year OK so I think that right after the first of the year and it is untested. Submitting them again and they can actually start getting it together as early as an absolutely yeah. For for next year let's go down this list of these talented individuals wanna start first with Ben coffee. Who I have on the list and still free. Fellows if you want to interject anything extra about these are individuals perhaps you know. May be their school when instrument they play how excited they are that they are selected. As this year's recipient. So we'll we'll start with with bin. And let's kind of feed off each other and Joseph if you don't mind I think we each have a list. Here. And we can pull. Yeah. That's a great thing if I had not alleged eight. And see who who we have. Just off and I will say this about Dan he is an eighth grader. At north Guilford. It tends north Guilford and it would be in. Really great especially when the day comes that we do the actual presentation. Of the instruments I'm looking forward to jail on Patrick meaning these young people. Face to face. And next on the list of when he guys when our wanna read the name. Jordan more. The next almost doing a violin jumper in banks. We'll Swiss corporate OK as well. OK and I guess we'll do low round Robin jazz which are turned. Referred Stanton. He looks like he's to. Dudley high school a very close we don't answer announced. Yeah he's he's a rising senior okay during angle. And can enter he's winning me. Sixth and tenor drone or those sweet masses in yeah. This extra amnesty the other. Congratulations. Of that. Now my turn on main meal or help with this is this allies there. I do pretty okay on this analyzer. Won a trombone. It's okay and what's allies his last name diet and month and rains and we don't get it right there yet we're gonna get it right that day out like we promise you. Moms and dads and family right right it's gonna come out so next on the list I think expect to hear mr. A Nicholas fried another tuba playing the smog that. First you're got a couple of to us. Every year this government who instrument that I would tracked down here southwest Guilford excellent. Oh and let me if I can I jump back a little bit I did not mention. Allies there is an up and coming seventh grader and leave it Jamestown Guilford. Yes. OK we we don't get this but okay so we have next on the list a dangerous back to you. Elijah looks line. A constitutive. Doesn't look like he's getting me. Trombone yes. He is need. Rising sort of great men and those who. Right it's. Link and. Canada and yes very good very good RA I have next on the list I believe this is Haley Ingram. And Haley is also the proud recipient of a try bones and that's about three term bounce. Thus far and Haley is. A student at another Dudley. High student arising eleventh grader says so far that that's two answers are there in the house. OK and who we have next. I didn't turner and saxophone in action yes to and from Alice Cammie. Ons were middle. Tremendous courses we do which is certainly no place very and eight net thing that. The issue we kinda expand we've gotten some requests from outside an area can participate in and we made some exceptions and he has long. I'm now means but I think he means him. Relocated our. And I'll do excellent our next 10. Very good all walker Schaefer with. A tenor sax from. North and Sanaa. And in actually counselor. More. Contact the festival and sit there hey you know. We have this one student that this is. Music is his life and when I heard about it they if they pounded on the Indiana about the contest and they just said it would mean a lap if you would allow them to participate. Actually ultimately and he had a compelling letter and we're happy to include include him wonderful. So after. Walker I believe it brings us to Julian is this Ortega. Mean you now thinks OK Julie we know for sure is gonna get trumpet. And Julian proudly is. A student at PG there's an opening Griffin. Yet this or that John Paul strain that's right and a lot of guys and a rising a freshman. You know this year Eric. So after a Julian that brings us to is this Zach zinc. It kind of become a very nice against the hi we gonna get the names are right don't we take the stage. Over the weekend. And be northeast of for a very. As it leaves us with about four more hours in jail if you wanna mention it OK okay he's he's like yeah well I don't know about I hit it has. Josh bro spurred the nub of the trombone. Erica my grandfather opened the trombone he went under of that David Harmon orchestra American morning is nothing new enemies that you recorded for opera announced that way now. Nags. And Raza senior from northeast of from Moscow. Excellent and his after Josh. Hannah wood burning the clarinet and senior also paying Griffin. Eric to improperly spoke for plane rhetorical current plans and now as a cool and a school yet and then we have two more left on the list. And as mr. Wyatt trumpets. Rising senior. With this go from house hole when than those. Us on this Tyrone alignments with and or sects hearing Eric Olsen Ortiz opera announced them. That's from the. They really shouldn't they relish it will congratulations. Too to all of our recipients and or perhaps any friends or family members listening here on. We get additional community focus I know they are so happy for for all of our students. And again Patrick Ngo thank you so much for recognizing. This portion of this year special as you have done. In years past I know these kids are just ecstatic. To be getting their instruments especially and again the timing couldn't be better because the kids have already started. A new school year so how cool that once the festival. Cup commences and then it's it's completed date they can go back that that following Tuesday. How about any talks about their new instrument and and how much on that they had at the festival. Exactly and we don't wanna be in there you know we know. It you know we don't want it does give me and spin and let and a merry way we were gonna stay engaged with them and then follow all. Their music careers and try to create opportunities for them to perform around the community absolutely no these are some are long term goals is to. You know there's always restaurants and looks in in the end and we want to create a partnership were wreaking and a allow these young students and women's mystical. On exactly so that when people see them vacancy hanging out remember these kids when I went to the John Coltrane international and jazz starters as well that's arrived. Absolutely. So just the next. Two days array of family we just can't stress enough if you've not had the opportunity and you strongly been considering it. Let this be the first year I think this'll be a great story. For those who have not had an opportunity to enjoy. A festivals such as this in the past and for us regular school. We'll have done this year after year. It's obvious John Patrick White people do keep coming back. And we definitely need the community's support and hasn't come out meet people from other regions that. Normal opportunity. To do I think the Patrick loans they you know we we work hard to try to bring this does it really did and we gonna continue to bring great talent and we need to support. Absolutely. And that's a great time in a patch records you know how can we as a community in contact with you to continue in that supports. Right well I mean there's information on the web site about contacting us about sponsorship opportunities. My Joseph were trying to expand Minko we used throughout the year marksman or earnings of the department folks on the in some musical performances and opening and so I don't to those who have never been to the website and etiquette coal train Jazz Fest dot com okay. And that's why it. Contact information Joe's as well and I'm sort of I'm the treasurer and payment of money how to quit. But you're still volunteer organizations over sterling and for the in volunteered as well excellent causes lots of moving parts for write a festival and then. Missed one in the growing particularly the education or. Does have a fondness dedicated that. I'm agreement and directors can tap into it in the nine is superior uniform so it's a long term goal. He says the next opponent is built Milan are going fun that they can just happen to his terms college is on me and Lotta times. In his van leading it and have the resources to make it to me. I own workshop want things lately and we need to oh room and be that entity that's trying. Because you you always skin can have a great reason for field trip. Yeah at that sued to perhaps even even visit. You know some of the area museums. That's spotlight a lot of entertainers who either grew up in the area. Or went on to to become as they say famous musicians. Thank you so much on and he did a phenomenal job anything that we didn't cover and the closing a couple of minutes. But you would like to mention in closing comments. Management urge Iran and to come out this weekend it's going to be. The weather's clearing up the looks much better. And as such human cool for the some Beers and come out and have some form of less than an I think you've either come back next Ursula. And I want to thank Renee again for your years of support and that you a year but years of bush and and and the station and I just think that it's a wonderful event. And without people like yourself we couldn't do. I appreciate that gentleman and that's what community is on the ballot and Thanksgiving and viva and look forward to it. At this time every year so Joseph Williams Patrick Carman radio family thank you for the great company. It has been another wonderful opportunity to talk about good people. Such as these gentlemen doing some fantastic things in our community. So we're all set the seventh annual John Coltrane international jazz and blues festival they look forward to seeing you there. So thank you for your time and from mean no goodbyes gentleman just until next time. So as we do bring another week in addition of community focused too close a great rest of the day really a family and enjoyed the rest of this great weekend. Until next time take care.