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Good morning radio family the weekend edition of community focus this rank here and back again. On our air comes stations irony Ron thank you so much for your wonderful company. And here with me on this week in addition of the program a gentleman who is by no means ever a stranger definitely he's been a member of our community focused Stanley for quite some time he's taken on many Rawls the latest being how you can learn the strategies that will grow your business and as I say Antonio McCoy my friend first of all you look at well good morning good morning to you you won't come thank you and I were all very welcome thank you for all that you have done. Through the years not just as so we're transitioning from 2017. And 28 senior comes absolutely can you believe and Antonio. But all that you have done in the mini as I mentioned roles and facets of this which. We have known you to the program years with the US Postal Service is now as a business coach. Some I'm sure amazing things that you're looking forward to doing going into the new year and a lot of that they you have brought to this program this morning. So thank you very much self Antonio let's just say for all over onto the new orders. Business owners or anybody who's thinking of becoming one of the other them this'll be the ideal showed it to an end. And just to get some really good basic information just about business in ownership and general. As you're gonna share with us and I am looking forward to it first evolved. Antonio McCoy you are aware of MC Howard is business coaching this man so good to have you you did end up if. I've been hanging in your marriage status trouble. Same here if you know it takes care family absolutely no talking off air fans getting older he lives are changing definitely alone time with transitioning now with the top of the the the Stanley trees absolutely you know and hopefully though with and that the family is doing well yeah everybody's please give them I love how all of. Says hello I would think you for being with radio failing a pleasant this morning Antonio. In fact what we are going to be talking about this on mentioned covers quite a bit in fact. What are what are you calling this beard they are sixty various do we got Armstrong. Geez what's that there's sixty there's sixty issue soon to gay I wanna focus on now mama certified executive coach to pass on Su even business owners are CEOs didn't looking doing a lot of work and organizations. Within with universities and for profit organizations and what I wanna talk about this morning and help with our when outlying sixty issues then leaders space weather so CEO who owns a business why or whether it's a department hit within an organization. Or whether it's you know a district manager within an organizational someone. Who's just you know recently been promoted to a position because those fuss first 100 days of very crucial oh absolutely yeah. So with your permission what I wanna do is read through this XP definitely and then you've picked your favorites and down you have some dialogue and yes a little coaching around and help them listening I'm looking I'm looking forward to that because we always engage in good if you're Tony has just gonna look at a fortunate. All right you're right I am ready gay sex I guess so the following are sixty things. Then I help with it as an executive coach. With leaders business owners and whatnot which one of these speak to you and so one. I've taken my new role and want to be sure I succeed too and frustrated with the pace of change in my organization three. I'm great technology but not greeted engaging people in before we have an ad hoc team coming together. To achieve a huge goal but we all have different styles and interest. We want to support of the coach to keep us on track. Five I need to improve my leadership presence so that I can move to the sea suite six. I need to improve my ability to communicate with the investors so that my company attracts more funds that's more for business owner. Seven how would become a leader of leaders so that back to move up and run a region or division within my company and eight. I've been told I have only one way that I communicate. I need to be more flexible in different situations and nine I need help resolving conflicts that I have in my organization organization that's a big ones can content. I wanna develop our board to be more effective that's a big one eleven. I need support setting and communicating strategy. Twelve we have a strategy but some of our major initiatives are not getting done thirteen. We have a strategy to some of our major part of what the thirteen me dragging into our customer satisfaction scores are low. We need coaching to hold us accountable for improving to fourteen. I need to learn how to influence others with more impact especially with some high state conversations. That I have coming up and fifteen. We have significantly quo we have significant quality issues in our team is not beaten them quickly enough. Sixteen we need to kick in the pants because we're stuck in analysis paralysis and not taking action or getting results around seventy. Customers love the products and services offer but I can't skill my company quickly enough. I need a coach to help me call myself and some members of my team so that we can grow faster. Eighteen I'm worried that some company like Amazon is going to come in and destroy us ninety. I need to get the right team in place to help us go where we need to go. Twenty we need coaching program for our high potentials to move to the next level and to build a pipeline of leaders 21. We need a coach. We need to coach our sales leaders to get past a specific milestone in their sales performance. 22 we need to coach we need to coach some of our unit leaders branch managers to match performance levels of our battery achievers. 23 I've been told that I have a behavior that could derail my career if I don't change it from 24 and the needs of coaching to learn about the nuances of the culture slacken speed in and be better. 25. I need to be more politically astute when that traffic I didn't buy yen from my ideas. 26. I just wanna be a better leader and would like to coaching to find at least one thing. I can do better that will get me to the next level. 27. I wanna reserve I wanna sounding board to confidentially discussed new opportunities. And internal strategies I have a lot of leaders that there really needs it I'm 28. I want coaching for career transition either within the organization or meet career when uncork reorder leave a legacy now. That my career is over to ship industries order change functional roles or to start not a new venture 29. I have a very different stuff my manager and I worry that our relationship is not great thirty I'm taking on the role in a new country and want coaching to succeed with the transition. 31. I want exit my business and need coaching to prepare dual organization for succession. 32 at key being passed over for the best opportunities in this company. 33 we do succession planning we actively and I need a coach to help me make succession planning part of our culture. 34 we have grown too quickly in the coaching to develop a pool of leaders. Who can help us strengthen the company and keep us growing without falling into chaos. 35 we need coaches for our internal culture is so some companies have internal coaches and so we the coaches for those coaches director of as a sounding board for them I'm 36 we hired an employee engagement assessment firm. To measure engagement and now need coaching. And training to help improved results. 37 we have a number of technical expert experts moving into leadership roles any coaching to help them develop the soft skills required 38. I need coaching on a specific skill like negotiation. Asserting that public speaking or selling. 39 I was a great salesperson and now they've promoted me to sales management and I realize I'm outside of my my skills and forty our team is not working well together we need an objective coach to get us back on track and 41. I need someone who can roll play high stakes conversations with me before I go into the actual meeting. 42 we're in the midst of a merger and it's not working out because our cultures are two different. I need some coaching on how to bring virtualization it's together 43 I'm not comfortable delegating. 44 I have trouble giving trophy back to my people 45. I have trouble asserting and won a coach to help you learn how was certain without burning bridges or giving him too quickly and 46 I don't like conflict possibly 147. I am missing deadlines and driving myself and others crazy because I need everything to be perfect. 48 after a like a might be burning out and don't want this to happen to be 49. I need to shift from commanding control style to be more collaborative fifty I'm a micro manager and we want coaching to change this behavior. 51 I'm spending way too much time at work and not enough time will my family or on taking care of my personal needs 52. I need to get better at giving and receiving feedback. 53 we have a number of managers who tend to be abrasive and need to soften their ages 54. I want supporters I tried tried to change the culture to a more onto but the world. What customer focus more proactive. Better quality and safety minds that type of culture 55 a run at Stanley home business and we have many issues that go beyond simply running the business. 56 I am overwhelmed with too many parties and too little time in 57 and they'd been hiring decisions. A big bad hard decisions again and again and wanna stop. A few DA my music my executive team is not aligned. 59 we have four different generations here who do not seem to understand each other. That would be traditionalists who maybe boomers generation mixers and generation wise. Okay sixty and finally we do not have enough representation from women or specific ethnicity is. And need to provide additional leadership development programs specific to the needs of these populist. All right first of all Antonio fist bump my friend and oh yes ma'am nicely and I guess Jim thank you well you really do you cover. Why it's the gamut you really across the board and we talk about those who are business leaders and those who are facing. These issues and questions so I think anybody should be left out of that size is is is pretty close in a year always protect it is sterile an excellent job on that thank you and Antonio within that sixty thank you for the opportunity because we actually had an opportunity to talk a little bit about this before getting together here on community focus. And allowing me. For you to help us right as we're taking notes hopefully this morning radio family though you and in some of the things out of this sixty. But even let me choose a feud that I would love for you to go into the specifics. About shoe and with a couple of minutes remaining. Let me start awareness number five fu king. I need to improve my leadership presence so that I can move to the CE so we did yes I'll. And we're we're most leaders fall short is around communication. And communication really has very little to do with how much we talk. No I had to do with the message when we stand right by the things we do much don't do the right that people we hang around milling around. The projects we approve. And don't approve and equality that we accepted were responsible. For a quality control QC went on the quality of product we allowed to go out. Whether it's high or low we send a message. You know a lot of times too and it's about being the message. You know when we shall work. How we dress right how retarded people might have been a little bit when I'm is about you know. Being authentic. What examples for example the power coaching you yes you know what examples at any can you guild of constructive feedback that you want to give to a colleague. But you haven't given whom. And why not he and a OK because a lot of times as a leader to get people you're responsible for leading to perform and sometimes you have to do of unpleasant feedback. But that's part of their growth process and and you lose to exactly okay cause ultimately you're responsible for the results right okay. What conflicted many are your boarding at work. Even though you have something to contribute to the issue how can you properly assert your point of view. We talked about assertiveness later. Earlier. When we talk when I've written to sixties where onus will be one million people tended to enter really really really overlooked yeah what's on how willingness. Child. That is so key Antonio yeah yeah yeah so big of a challenging situation you face with a colleague manager and mourn employee what types of listening might help. You improve the situation so let me give you some exams show listening okay. Listen purely to listen without peaks and judging interrupting. And listening for emotions. Listening to understand the other person's interest community commitments aspirations or point of view. Listening for how the other person can help or how you can help. This painful way the other person to stop. This people opportunities to move things forward towards results coast as a leader. You are responsible for results that's how you read value that's how you make the company money. Listening for your impact. This people's feelings or emotions. These people what's in it for bail then yeah you Brian okay cause of people that work for you are more concerned about what's in it for a bail. Then it is. What's in it for you right. Listing for dear priorities most important to you know okay. I don't want clientele was. I'm I'm coaching. She's principle as soon. And she's in conflict with the assistant principal okay and we will as we went to you know resolving conflict and from you know. What went bing will make that person feel successful what's a priority and then she outlined in that I had asked the question so what do you think would happen. Right if you did this put this into just then yeah. They would meet on my ideas lines. They would they would do. Beat your own time and meet deadlines right. Breakthrough in. But all she had to do was acknowledge the priorities. This in any knowledge to priorities for the other person's guilt thing that I say you know a lot of times. You firmly say mr. before in in leadership through things have to be imbalance ego. Relationship and result in volatile with leaders you know I think I say this on this program before to. We all have to have some meego. You have to have ego to have faith that you can accomplish what you cannot yet see. UK you have to have ego to be able to take risk but sometimes too much ego. Okay can can be a disaster. And a lot of times ego prevents us from. From saying nor are asking things that we shoot at school address things we should address. But in identifying with this particular principle that hey you know we know to get to a XY and Z you're the leader. You have to go first. You gotta put the eagle sack is you're responsible for the results. Well okay you're the leader you have to go first and I've Sid this before this. The church pastor indicate damage with a school principal. They have folks Larry Yu VP you're director of whatever. An executive director you're the leader you have to go first. OK let last and a couple listings before I finished listening for ways to help assert more okay listening for things that. You appreciate. Then about him unanimously that again listening for a beings that you appreciate. You know all too often in most organizations I encountered. I can tell you all day long what you did wrong then I get my thirteen you'll continue what you did wrong. And you probably won't have to pay. Them okay. But a good leader does this mean. You would call appreciative appreciative inquiry would you do so whistles also will remain you can certainly ample this'll be here. But we don't do enough of it. Okay last one listing for how to get results and also spent in the relationship remember balance of Eagleton relationship results. We gotta be buddy buddy. But what we have to have a working a functioning working relationship act so we can all agree that we wanna meet these deal minds meet these goals exactly bad that the people above us have said we're responsible for mile carried ever so more presence has a lot to do. Moved literally just met little piece right there yeah it is the leader would listen better and and not listen to respond listened to understand. And can be understood. And tell chemical that's an excellent start yet this week an additional community focus. Thank you just from that one in the situation. One proving leadership presence. Really do appreciate it and looking for because we got a lot more to cover and thankfully my friend we don't have the time in the second half of the show to do that I look forward I'll look forward to it as well. And I know your future radio family say thank you for Europe. Great company certified business coach MC Howard. Antonio McCourt welcome back family think you're welcome and thank you. But he apparently we will take this quick break and come back. Much more than we can addition of community focus right after the it's it's more than we get additional community focused thank you bring your family returning with us and that oss. Were named Von along with certified executive business coached with and see how word business coaching Antonio McCoy. Antonio and he won an action pats. We information. Line to have fun absolutely not always easy that's I want you got now that's a combination like Willie brand. Absolutely and that's what we are back from commercial break to do. Excellent job in going over those sixty questions and issues and business leaders face it's. And let me just tell you radio family if he didn't get through the whole lists. Antonio is actually a way to access that. Or are I don't have a look anywhere okay right now where I might need you telling Denny did do this on listening. Do you know I'm listening listening for priorities Cuba much in the way and and that could be a goal perhaps that can be achieved yes because the one great. Thing and I think I have sent this time and time again. And with the both of us have with other members of the show the great thing about having this sort of community platform. Is that as we get people whether they have been with the since the beginning of the show even when they're just tuning in. The fact that. It's not just this one time we get to share this information that's right. What's nice about it is outside of community focus or other outlets yet with which people can can retrieve it. The nice thing and I will share this with you my friend is that we do have a podcast. So I will tell our listeners to this yes. That radio family in future. And going forward with Antonio McCoy and other members of our community focused Stanley. You can go to the website WQMG. Dot com and you can find the interviews on podcasts so. We got some problems are problems so you look great leader remain high heels sort Collins are you so are you absolutely. As we're getting back to those sixty questions and issues. You allow me to. And Celine. Ask if you were to go back through that list of sixteen yes and I wanted to skip a little bit can we talked about five needing to improve leadership presents. So that one to move to the cease school cease sweet and rent there yeah yeah. When it turned out. So let's skip a little bit to 32. Key being passed over for the best opportunities in this company. And I know I probably some listeners that are shaking their heads on this one. But Julius is a real simple solution to it and and our parents probably told us this coming up on it but it's not what you know. It's so we now. And and all too often we get so busy you can come in our data data we've field to really build relationships. The relationships we need to deal right. To propel our career yeah. And so home. The thing you wanna do we get we have a solution call power base camp and and and what you do and power base as you assess your network and her okay. And there is I do that is open Oca money NT was seniors. To think about people in key positions. Bet that may be able to help you were you know move to the next level and a lot of times in the organization. On it may be that director in May be that BP but we failed to to see the value. In trying to connect with him okay. If you're trying to get. To a certain position rank with within the company there's a very good chance that there's somebody in the building that has enough influence and OK we're to give you with the opportunities that you need. To qualify. For the position now you won't leapfrogged from where you are to their positions there's probably some skills you have to develop or acquire. There may be some exposure in regards to. Processes that you need to see within your organization to exact but to give those type of leadership opportunities. You gonna have to build relationships. And and typically what we do is we go to one assist and talk about. You know the key positions like the CEO. Does this CFO the C a mole. You know. IT. You know they have HR and you know are you friends are you connected to any of these individuals run are you want so power base is about how many phone calls are you away the game and usually. What we do is if you call would they take your calls that's one phone call away. Or do you know a person that you can call or you can call veil. That would that particular call or send an email on your behalf and on an and the gold is what you assess who when your network. Can do this for you right OK game you have to begin to strategize around how would you want to build a relationship. You typically people at this level. Always get asked to do something you know somebody's always pitching nothing to Sakhalin. But you have to kind of be strategic in your approach and say okay. What can I help him with what problem can I help doom solved bouquet. And what you approached any relationship in regards to needing someone help you get to someone will get to somewhere here. If you help him first learn from I think it was zig ziglar who say the key to success is helping other people be successful. What's the biggest challenge having mr. HR director. What's the biggest challenge having mr. IT. While mrs. ITR I know director. And create strategies like us and Iran how you will engaged so is either helping them with a problem. Going to do and seeking advice. Weren't so what does that do for the eagle five commuters who were Renee you know having this problem. And I figured you could probably you know help me help me solve it. What do you think I need to do what advice can draw from the what does that do for your ego. Room how memorable does that make me TU mind especially by implement what she shared and how quickly do we build trust when I give you a chance to share your expertise with me absolutely because the first thing the first word in China comes to mind nation building that connect. Act quickly and a quickly okay and so you've given a person I don't stop without doubt copies of the they'll stop what they're doing. One to two to drop their knowledge or New England but at the same time you're building that relationship okay half an hour now that they again now that they feel you write so I appreciate you helping you rename so is there anything I can do for you. Ryan. The answer may be no but how often do do you hear address that question today. There's nothing you can do to make you more memorable home and ask a question like that so now. You've built one connection they're so maybe you need to build another connection somewhere else in the organization who the stars. Who's really performing. Okay because chances are so I was really performing. They're connected they're being noticed you people are coming up to them what can you do to build a relationship with bill. OK so would a superstar Li ya okay they get older people you need you need to connect with it and here's the other thing yes if they serve on boards and then. Could you sum on the board to. Typically people who. Who believe and cause people who people buy from people who believe what they believe that's a tea talks that's not mine is a given their credit but but what I'm saying is. Is any time somebody. I exchange is currency weather's money whether it's information whether it's an opportunity it's an emotional exchange bouquet. And so in that emotional exchange. If we're both civil servant abort help in this organization raise money because we wanna help these children all we want out positively impact this disability you know. Do we do that together again a connection. Is is may. Where they members it mother members of the club other members as to why. Are they members at and they health club. UK tour because chances are you run into them bear the guard is down because they're not in the organization environment. OK but again even if this health club. I'm more we're doing beach press' appointment you know Wednesday I noticed your your title right over here. Pace so well what did you do to get that definition be arms and give advice you know. Okay picture so you have to be strategic but but the biggest thing ascension at work. Social how many CEOs how many how many usually when I when I did over North Carolina NT and when we started the exercise with. You know how many calls are you Whitman governor. How many calls I'm just going off my memory here and how beyond. Calls are you away from editor of the newspaper. And news anchor on television. The direct over regional chamber of commerce. On the seal the bank. The seal a fortune 500 caught a company a college dean and done these people run in two. Individuals who can you just outside the organization. Gives you op opportunities outside the organization and chances are they may know someone. Within your organization this is where Lee dean is really powerful yes I tell every one that I coach and can connect with everyone that you meet only skin because the individual pitcher trying to connect with the if you put their name in the search. And if you've been connecting with the everyone chances are you've connect it was somewhat. Who's probably one degree from away and basically your call is to go to phone calls away or to making introductions while. Very good. Very good so getting passed over has everything to do will building relationships there's one other piece that I don't get deep into and that's personal brand okay. Personal branding. Is about if I ask you you know most people don't know is if I mr. Rene what do three asked his people used to describe you and I'm gonna put you on the spot titles such as this rhetorical. Could you tell me that what do additives with the news. What their attitude is what they use. What three asked is would you want to continue to use. Snack okay do you have a walk on water story where you took X and made it why. Okay. So at the end of the day getting passed over for these opportunities has everything to do with your network and and the relationships that you need to build. In the network. And your personal brand to got a light into the personal brain rightly it it really go to those are your top period attempts through and that year yet yet so you'll like this if this is something. They your listeners can start doing right now apps and somebody's birthday is is it you know we just we just got to Christmas happy new years new your New Year's coming up. Call someone just say hey don't send an email. Don't use FaceBook then then called him or even all of our send a card in the mainly on. Still do bad. So bios stand right hands right exactly. Hard. And say hey had FaceBook until you remember if they use you know but it's just a way to open up to create an opening. And I have a conversation announce that you're for that enter your because I'm thinking for individuals. And you mentioned this earlier when we talk about a millennial Santana are generate energy in Iraq serves in and wire resilient. And even though baby boomers really can relate to that yeah I'm thinking of those millennia olds and younger. Like under 21 as you what is this and not what you. I what is the post off. Little right you don't ever tell them they don't do down there post office. Exactly what is the U right a Diaz. Folks younger ones let's Manila where and when I worked for the Postal Service and wow has been questioned by millennium deceive client Gina and the young ladies and I get that close post often rock I didn't come close news post office. Never been down these really. Do you know was it coup you you know Susan was present coo. And I'm like a serious. But they were at home wins we take for grant exactly exactly Antonia yeah thank you for that and they lose you radio failing great company. And great conversation with certified executive business coach. With MC Howard Antonio court we're going over some. Of the sixty questions and issues business leaders face. And and that sixty another one thank you for letting me chooses to Antonio. I need coaching on a specific skill whether it's negotiation. Asserting this one is huge for a lot of people use. Public speaking yes and then selling because the one thing that I think about that and I don't know whether to say it's at an advantage. Because you and I have speaking of that connects new. You and I have a connect through this line a war right that we call media that's right. In which we use our voices. On a regular basis. And with both of us having that that back ground with that training and yes if you will induce cell. A lot of people don't have that they'd they don't have well I've never worked in radio or television or. Done voice over work or things of that nature cell. That's why I stress the infants the emphasis on where you can really help when you do your coaching skills. On helping especially when it comes to giving don't lose. Business presentations. And there is nothing more intimidating. Yet they standing in front of a room of people yes. While you are conducting business and all eyes are focused on news. That's right yeah it it's this comes back to communication right okay soon. As. As a manager of the department of functional area and whom you have to have meetings weekly meetings so you're living there. Yeah you're losing the numbers the statistics where we need to improve them whom they we need to cut something. Even if you're not in sales leave that world in sales yeah obstacles we have to sell and idea through the organization. OK but if you are in sales of what you have to do a presentation to the prospective customer crime and and negotiations so. I have a speaking assessment. Okay so our own. And that if anyone's listening they have to do. Some public speaking just some things need to be mindful right around so the first thing is speaker delivers strong opening. No gain a strong opening could be you know when I have an idea you know what if okay nobody cares about your credentials and nobody cares about what school you went to my nobody cares about the awards you have they didn't come through that snack okay. They came to get some value information. From you from you OK so. Yep open with a strong that strong opening her bows speech contains no more than three messages news. So you can't talk about more than three things went right audience term there's a logical clear I deal flow. Okay. Speaker doesn't ramble the news. He or she gives the audience involves a you have to engage deal exactly just can't stand up and be a talking here and this is this just isn't in public speaking this is in the business anyways every weekend exactly okay. I'm here she gives examples shares stories gives Faxon OK and backs up with points Bryant speaker is with a straw concluding point story or quote. Okay speaker doesn't paced back and forth on the stage like a nervous tiger. Okay speaker makes I content with the audience one person at a time in about three seconds per person Ryan the example okay. Speaker user's hand gestures appropriately and effectively. Let let me interject here and ask do you ever find to have you ever suggest because this was something then that I learned the only time in your packet while it hasn't I don't think it has either in one of my public speaking class is Antonio or I remember my professors said. When you look at the audience he can find that one person that you could connect with you look for that individual that. Number one either you can look at their guy he's. And read their expression with their eyes sore especially. If you see that person smile yes back. Anke you yes yes because there is nothing again. When you can connect with someone that really is paying attention or review exactly or walk big price tag glee that I hate yeah that's being very knowledge. I know. That that's still that's still valuable to OK got it it's a daily when we talked earlier about the message that you're sending to bring a smile loses some approachable exactly. Okay social if you leader. Talking about increased your leadership presence right people are coming up to you to talk. Mean you don't smile. Dean and today. Then maybe something for my behavior you need to change but true even with connecting in erroneous there would I cannot in their hair exactly you know affirmation on no news beat her hands. Our oil are are not in pocket looking for keys or something else you know okay my speakers hands are not behind his or her back. Speakers as there are are in a figure leaf. As if hiding stain on paints and basically what we're doing we're rating whether good social needs work OK gotcha. Let's see speakers hands are relaxed and buy side when not just drink more speakers feet are planted firmly on the ground not moving around. Speakers facial expressions and match the meaning news world news. 'cause we Chris Miles effectively mean when appropriate remain speaker's voice projects loudly enough. Visuals like power corn used sparingly. But do not interfere receiving gifts we. Write the presentation. Of some Gifford expression death by a powerful button too much prop Wednesday in the morning speaker dozen mobile use empty words into wrote with self talks were apologizing for example apologizing. For not being as prepared. As usual. Speaking looks comfortable. If you're she makes a mistake was sees a title. He or she keeps going yeah exactly OK I if you she stumbles he or she takes a breath and keep going without starting over or letting the audience know in about his Dalton and speaker uses strategic pauses. And silence. To make powerful point one ounce okay. Very very helpful in those are just a few I've got more to stop yeah. Yeah but but these are just things you can do do proved exactly your public speaking and again public speaking isn't necessarily you being at some auditorium. You good you can be publicly speaking to the executive team. To your manager. And all of his car derailed ports run again to sell an idea exactly so whether it's a group of people who were even if you doing and one on one with a residential indeed so so that get communication piece. Is extremely is is is broad right okay take over the a lot of areas and even. When you're talking when you're not talking like we talk about the listening exactly talk about the not waiting talk about the nonverbal communication boy. Based on the once you're selected. These things are most important when you're presenting Exxon. But again when you're holding a meeting room when you when you're addressing you know your team were like you said one O Washington nice things. Are important they send a message absolutely okay and and in it impacts how will the receiver Athens. Exactly the very chirp or can face Antonio. Sixty questions and issues business leaders face. As we continue here on the week in addition a community focused now my final one and I think I'm. And to get aid to the bidders. You have one but there's there's one cannot touch all absolutely sure in this is a big one that leaders face and he resolving conflict yes that's how the leaders the biggest problem they have they either have conflict with someone deleting the writer they have conflict within their teams and Mort they have a conflict with the boss you know okay. So cannot touch also things les items almost take you so. You've you've you've came to me as a client has been. You know what. And coach Antonio and have the conflict I'm not getting along. You know with my boss right can you can you coach me through this so I'm gonna take you through. What I would take you through it OK to me with Palin she's okay okay okay so. I would ask you to describe the conflict basically as you see it now but look I get to work we're both of you yes OK right but a lot of times I'm only working with the 11 bit so. Ask you to describe the conflict. Then what the cost of the conflict to the organization who to specific results. To your team. To your career. You of the business relationships. And getting Europe you personally boom okay and what to costly conflict to the other person. Okay what becomes possible. If the conflict is resolved. For the organization. But the result sure responsible for again for your team your rear view of the business relationships personally and the other person. Usually when that ask the question. What's the possibilities when the conflict zone and you just kind of see this com home oh yeah I ask you billion cycle Brett. Because they have many they can't even fathom. The conflict. Men being resolved that's how hippie Nina is on a home. What would it look like at the conflict we're self described the situation describe your home life. Describe your job what would you be able to do now that you not even knew who else is involved in the conflict and how to they need to be involved in this resolution. If at all war okay. What have you tracked burden. What if anything has worked. Key number one are you willing to resolve the conflict on a scale of one to ten men and how with a non U result running. What are you know years ago when what are you willing to give up in order to have the conflict resolved. For example being bright and know looking good. Being self righteous. Or staying involved usually accomplish can be resolved because somebody say it. I'm right here's what you are wrong exactly. Are you willing to give it up. To resolve the tough because remember the conflict is cost in the organization because chances are somebody's not being as productive they're not performing as they shoot. And ultimately they may quit over it done and you're not talk before the previous program how much turnover can cost illness exactly. OK so so at MI taken up enough time. That was great that was you if you have a Gleason minuteman. Okay how much responsibility. Okay what percent of responsibility are you willing to teton how much responsibility are you willing to take for the conflict or. How much responsibility are you willing to take for your impact on the other person whom. I what do you think about your impact. On the other person right leaders can't grow until they understand. Okay. Their impact and the management environment they create more you can't motivate other people you can only create a motivating and arm more than. But people have to motivate themselves. Okay and a lot of times conflict conflict can distinctly. How much responsibility are you willing to take to resolve the conflict. His or her person up on his or her position and point of view understanding. What would the other person sing about the conflict. If I went and asked him what would Joseph policy about the conflict Quinn mean one of the past issues that have happened that from the other person's perspective. Might have caused the resentment mind. Okay. What it calls possible for the other person men. If the conflict is resolved so now make you think about Vail Tina okay I'll do what happens when I go to this framework. I find that to people for the same we about Mitchell committee down. She's great she's Smart and used us and what have you told that known. Lou Y yeah. Have you told him that. No why. You know. A lot of times conflict in can be resolved. By simply having. One person can begin to understand how the conflict. May be impacting the other person Brian Gay and exactly describe that person's world and moon and is known at all Deanna. Very good Antonio I had. Don't want to pressure you it's time don't feel that oh I know I know I know you've you've got to get lucky won't last when you want and what if we did I I I actually. I think we do assume we can do it this okay we don't have enough representation from women or specific ethnicity east. And need to provide additional leadership development programs specific to the needs of. These popular shifts so was was great about this is first among you've got to have a leadership. Team that dwarfs. To create the diversity within the organization. You've got to have a mission this earlier. I'll at least know what to the sixty you've got to have a pro active succession. Planning understand succession planning is not a one time event it's ongoing right we know people are getting ready to retire and who wealthy individuals that we can develop. Running OK so we have a program called how performance leadership academy. You can actually access it at how performance leadership in C dot com. Com where we get a 212 leaders together once a month. And we go to some of the things that we talk about your behavior coaching crew and one behaviors hindering. On your leadership effectiveness. Perceptual coaching how you perceived as a leader communication which we touched on a little right and I'm here engage and mobilize. On the employees. Bleeding and managed not non you know your your most valuable relationship that you have your career is your relationship with the boss. Your turn you making them successful we'll ultimately get you to where you wanna go I'm not saying make them look good. But find out what their goals are Ryan okay. How you can help them meet their go meet their goals and these are things that people people typically don't do. Mean you organizational. Environment and end up having to coach this interesting. But but but for the dismal here I'm on this one identifying those individuals so the fact you want. To bring those perspectives. To release your room for the organization. Is just a matter of having a program that will develop that apps and be happy but but I'm saying. Is really that simple you know but but. Leadership is an art it's an ongoing art is not something that just because you went to a three day seminar doesn't hear this. You know magical leader that they're the biggest challenge we'll talk about the fourth generation. You have to have flexibility in your leadership flexibility in your communication. Flexibility in your problem solving. Because you have so many different styles exam within a within the building. If you can communicate those individuals if you can build relationships and how those individuals and we talked about the listening if you can listen. Based on that style you're dealing with because maybe that person only wants to know was in for them and you told me you wanted to move up so guess what. If you do this this is your opportunity. How productive would that person be this exactly exactly so I hope I feel some people yes I. I think you did you definitely help me my friend so yeah you so much now a very quickly yes. How can for our radio family tuning in and they should need additional information how do they reach out to you so you can email me just make an issue. Coach Antonio and meet. Dot com coach Antonio ME dot com my phone numbers three through six. 5759920. You can text me there. Or call me whichever you prefer which of you like. And you can visit the web site as I mentioned early hot reformist leadership. In C dot com I have a great video there for you to watch about the seven questions every leader needs to be able to answer to improve employee engagement. An organization very good excellent job my friend and welcome back. We go jab against what I would look forward to it is it well it is a thank you for only to keep up the great work you're so welcome and likewise for you ready a fan Mike. He doing what you're doing some good things will keep talking about it here. On the weekend edition of community focus no is from us here on the program. Just until next time indeed take care.