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Good morning radio family it is that time welcome to the weekend edition of community focus every Saturday and Sunday mornings. Heard on our inner come stations thank you for listening and of course thank you for the great company. And certainly an opportunity to welcomed the great company that I'm Renee Vonn gets an app right here in the studio she is definitely family. No stranger to community focus. Unless you are hearing about this event for the first time in if you are a newbie well I'll come to the show up but you have likely heard. And this is actually going into the fifth year so congratulations. As I welcome. This buying teacher a van de Elliott elementary school and all of our teachers were listening we really appreciate what you do Schering Crosby family. Good why today saying I'm not I'm doing good how are you I'm doing a whale I'm trying to make it through these rainy day you have to tell me and I hear about China honestly every time yet at my hand and Eleanor. And there's this man exactly this something's not at at times that can be soothing. About rain when we when we have the strangest. Of spring went there on not passively and caught a sprinter. I've heard that. Combination of outside and he went actors not highly operating days renters the middle I think that's a new catch phrase and maybe you I don't know right sure owner and and I think it's gonna catch on and I'll win more intimately and I think that's right absolutely. What Sherri how are the teachers and students had been in Delhi and we. Are we all we actually I'm also working on gathering some things for the Emmys and an attitude made an excellent so we're all coming together right neon haze that. We have not teaches he got together right after it happened and then went on to the communities in silent. Is also given us opportunity to come closer as great as if I am absolutely definitely has a community. And as I just mention the fifth year congratulations. Or are you reading is fun. That's what we're gonna talk about family by the way that's that's our theme for the morning. And the annual reading is fun run in families expect. To see that is new or different this year especially as I mentioned for those who may be new were losing team for the first time and program. Right I well. So than I have the same things are usually written in the book giveaway they have carnival games let him different carnival. And Ian this year grant but we want to add more of a carnival aspect issued in. Usually I usually so this as an extravaganza I changed to reflect carnival. As a watchers into half. Brian has the full line in the and the run you know exactly what it takes the fun out without you know you leave the literacy Ian which also want them at. Finally after the years of issue will be doing. Uncle Warren and will be two points though comes knowing he has a lot of vendors communion sellers of things parents can actually. I'm so if you wanna pass and jury if you wanna act and homemaker a lesson on eight K eight you can stop at those under tables as we also. We want that atmosphere and the spirit of carnival. Why dole infusing it with literacy and read. Excellent and when I really like about that sharing is of course the focus will be on the kids. But it's nice that when you do have something. For moms and dads and for grandparents and religious adults in general Ryan who were dare like you said with the jewelry with the baked goods. And really some good bonding time and it should just mention. We knew who go through especially for families that have been impacting it yet by this tornado. A day like I'm reading is fun run will really help us. Just get back into what the Savannah song about you spending time with with family but also taking our minds off. Did these so called impact this has had. And really chatter tipped it to put the focus. On get out eventual common. On the positive at the end and the good times that we can have as a family together for the of that. Yes yes definitely because. We wanna give children something to look forward to exact right now is all about essentials you know there clothing right food exactly safety. Very close at things they are our top most on the list for families right as it should be. Let children think different. And they range act differently. And I'm not talking about how they felt about this storm until months exactly into future. So what can we give the him. To lift their spear exactly something later what you and he had to realize these children that lost their homes and mosques are things they lost their books to. They appear has lost their belongings but if they had books in their home had gone. Exactly especially when we think about. The three elementary schools and now greatly impact it. So to have this event that really is about community. And I like what she said this is really an opportunity as weigh in and kudos to you sharing and the teachers. Pulling together. Because. You're already in a profession in which they're already the daily struggles he you deal with. But then when this has come pound it on top of that. As teachers you were able to pull it. Temporarily anyway your emotions to the side. And you really look at the situation asked focusing one. Your fellow neighbors and act your fellow friends. Other family members who have made directly impacted by the storm even though you may not have lost anything that you think about the ones who did. Yes you really can't separate it is true as a teacher you really every teacher knows you can't teach into the job to say. Yeah and to the talent it is their needs their basic needs me exactly so we we go thwart every day Monday through Friday that we those children are our children. Rangel is we hear about our community are and exactly affected us on and write a dear also impact it and sold the and we have to at least a pass out of ourselves once again and that's hard to teach. They're sure not it does sat in the classroom right outside especially for a school like India and mom we my BS Moscow the words into your strong. So you know you come into our doors we adopt it into our yeah. I like that she said that because that's exactly the thought that was going through my mind. That of course was an event like this it's not just opened two parents and students event Elliott. But to really express the love in terms of invitation. To invite those students who were greatly impact during that tornado who want to come out yeah. An end to know that you have. Other students in you have other teachers that went to an aberration yet that one I love you that want you to remember what having a good time. Yes all down and hit meaning that known exactly in the past weaker so right. If you tell them hey this is coming up yeah yeah we're going through right now David Kessler this is coming from China and snow here is you don't have to pay any money. To come to DC yet we want you to com. And you want you to have a good time that don't worry about not having the money and to me in here eventually in the future one and a travel aspect is not able to Olympic families IE we do to win the first year okay. On and we have committed to see it because of resources but we also want and if I had to rent a blessed you and if you Communist they had I wanna com. But I can't get the year exam without winning of resources can go pick families out for the day. And bring them out of the school and then take you back home that way those two are thinking get what they need and if anything and doesn't kick in cedar children be happy for me exact they can relax. And that's what this all about women have the fire department here this year such as you go visit the fires that are on. Our truck would have GPD the year records inning as well I think if a police department Greensboro police department. We'll be there is way out with him reformers have flow rates will have games where music will have free books. Com note this isn't an idea that you can come to really kind of accent accent and enjoy your wonderful. That ties in wonderfully with the obvious next question to Sherry who is invited should this event every one is if you. If you if you don't have any children and you know of a child that was impacted by the storm who doesn't have any resource is right or they need something to do let it go get them and bring them. I don't care radar and a mostly around in the idea because Greensboro was affecting not just east acts not just those families it was Greensboro. That was affected so everybody can PH Eaton can come out and and as long as we have it we're gonna give an. Exxon we have we that I have food with a seven hot dogs this year on children's favorite food and besides pizza for a we're serving our free line actually I don't Donnie may have to worry about leaving and went home so there's hot meal in sandy on that day you know. On come out and keep the books were gonna give prizes away as whale that you know little. Prizes to give away excellent summing things that they can come and get an autograph for taking Newton and son that two week end these things from businesses around Greensboro they write pitched in as any. Give this away and making him the is it will give ideas and has been phenomenal. And I love that these businesses Stefano and dining out so that these chairs and Andy's Q and in Juli is CV. And hopefully Schering as we are about to get our first break. Of the morning but before we do hopefully there's some business is listening right now. Our community focus we are always open to new receiving news resource is armed and they elementary school you can contact me sharing Crosby at the school. Just say reading is on the run in the phone and they will connect you to meet and we will talk. On an unwilling to come and pick up resources was not an idea of how we get it to you I want to dry the NBC's. A lot of NBC will come right out and we'll pick resources are books as well ill and missed just someone who's got attic full of children's books Wang yeah you know gently used now pointing not Smart. The united gently used books you know you don't you're not gonna do anything with them give me a call and let me now I nice these books right as a church. An organization and you've got these books and you wanna give them pretty well yes and let me know how could pick them up and so that we can get them into the opinions about the children in need. In his term they need any something besides clothes food hates you know those are important turn of fortune and won totally yeah. Totally yeah. They lost it always. They lost their favorite books and they lost their their favorite things are gone and too much out those of the most important things have signal how can we get those things. Right and I love them. Idea about contributing especially if you are parents of empty ministers. Say for instance in used to read to your chock. And you still have those books are just a line around my house you know that would be an excellent way yet to give back. To be a part of the reading as fun Ryan yeah just some excellent ideas radio famine that we want to pass on T. And you mentioned this but I won a re emphasize. Sharing costs of this event is an FR EE it kind of. Saying and if Canada our capital each tablet he loves animation people point. That's right absolutely. Free. And that is because you want to alleviate stress is a family's not been able to afford. To take the year children if they have multiple children. Even if you don't have wine and you know the fear can be XPS. Near term do you go in and you see that weren't exactly. Variety momma can I have momma can I have mama might not have that you know nothing she can't afford it but that that money is for something else success so you know comment had a good time and enjoy those things that's right path is an enemy of delay until it's gone. There you gallon that's what it's all about. By the way the event Cherie of course will be event alien elementary school. We wanna share with you radio fanning anti before we go to break at location for a seven. East and know your road in Greensboro then billion strong I'm really John that's right we got one of the strongest your Canadian family. Representing proudly for van DeLia elementary school sure Crosby. Am going momma is good to have you met back. It'll it can get but if plaza almost gone almost gone. They whenever they're truss. At least I couldn't say OK okay. So I'm so looking forward to the rest of our conversation yet on the fifth. Annual. Reading is fun but this is just kind of theater just to. You know already are really is gone back so yeah. And had never really stopped her. You know advocating yeah it's on him for all your longer give me some wine you know it would cannot be good partners accent or a good connection to opt in and out nearly all around him on so I never released the ego and every new readings fun absolutely. And who better to talk about it then with rambling. With that says how is Calvin and linking doing it they aren't we only see it with me out because they couldn't come dongle pantanal that you are now. Which is why I wanted to mention them share a so fellas we didn't think about she. We love you we give you a big radio hug and look Calvin and Lincoln. I know you'll be able to come next time and so on the same spot. Especially. For the two of them can't do this with. Yeah I can't say how many times that house of Ayers and downs in damage and check out our top aren't well. I have right or husband Clinton at watermelons act last year bless his heart but he never. And that's the time has unique. That's definitely added what you need me that's right now yes. And he's gonna have. That's right we might take over the back and let you know you'll be honest I beyond my style is happening is I can use a partner Russian Jews or radio show how well that's it. And yeah case set Calvin you back here. But seriously we are going to be back radio family. Always. Great to be with you and always great to how wonderful company members of our community focus Stanley definitely that and Sherri Crosby we're coming back it is more than we can addition. Our community focus will be back after this break thank you so much radio family the week in addition of community focus it's on Entercom stations and I Rene is on. Thank you for your wonderful company. And include the wonderful company and members of our community focused family joining me here. In the studio. Teacher event Elliott elementary school when Sherri Crosby. Now if you're just joining us our topic of discussion is the fifth annual reading is fine. Where families can expect to see what's new what's different this year. And actually she areas we re engage in conversation we kind of touched on this but. It kind and catch those up Bryant who may not have been witness for the first half the program. Where in win and will the reading is fun run take place. It would take place and Dahlia elementary school S four zeros and east and you. I'm not to be confused with and you Christian school you could Indy Christian you've gone too far turn it around. On that we're a small school will be hosted the year we have plenty of space for everyone to come out excellently has an agent feared. From Tinny eon until two. We will have the carnival portion from TNA eon. Until twelve. Absolutely. And even the teacher at school. This is mine nineteen years and slew. And yes teary eyed and honeymoon. I am I'm starting to see my children who have grown up just right and figure what college I'll. And I wanna not interns this year was it's not halt in preach in the aren't beautiful and she came back she actually volunteered in that wonderful. So. This is phenomenal cassettes still remembers. The pre kindergarten now knows pre K is makes an impact. A big impact on a child's life Selassie in combat and absolutely heart. Especially when they come back to and running and they come looking for and so many teachers move on and non cash write the chance of you finding your t.'s future nowadays nowadays might not be as it is it would be and Wrangler. So if I'm still they use. And we should have went TJ there was still of the year when you in his sack and at first they they always loved. And I remember me yeah yeah baby I'm sure I don't. I sure do I was if I remember them or not right yes I remember you. And that's what they wanna hear and and they always come right before they look nice though they remain amber and an increase yeah. They remember this is the place where I was embraced. And I loved and so nurtured now educating and easy when educated Iranians. And machine has embraced and you have the month and you have to nurture. Eat you can teach so those elements are wet in thirty years in review and you're strong and maybe in the act it out all the elements of what it takes. For the village to raise the child. Absolutely. And the reason Shari why I just love her teachers. Love that you. Don't forget about your students. You know and and I think about it for myself even though it has been awhile since I've run into some of my favorite teachers. I even think about some of the administrators. That are still around even though they're long we're tired or they've moved on into other areas on the public life. You still hear about. I want you saw a similar situation where you can kill. And you've seen that person and you want count on like this and that is the main question do you remember me so do. And some light will just refresh my memory and once you start telling them what it was that you did when you're oh yeah. You are. That particular student and it's just so amazing sharing to see you was a teacher. Or for an administrator whose eyes just light up especially when they find out what you're doing just horrible at. You know and in most of my former teachers and administrators. Especially in this line of work that I'm in with the media. Right it's really nice indeed an equally sound. When you get to see some of your old classmates. And he kind of find out what they ought to apply. And then when they look at you and they are lying. Hey man listen to the radio station all the time and I never had because see the running joke was I was the nerdy. Quiet one. It's about my senior year that I really bloom blossom didn't you knocking out in the now old enough well it can't be for this plus yeah. How many consider it until I'm gone from this they should for the day. That I get to be you know that the all laid back for day. The bloom every check we zeroing in life when they start blooming exactly when you can come back right before they go to college is because they're not injuring two. A different is designed Erie insurance exactly. The year yeah public education right and they're about to be an adult men and Jiri years. Look at what what makes me me. What was most in every angle in my life exactly how these preliminary scoping out in the open clinical practice I remember just each running she's the one told me no. When I want to do what I want to Dayton but she told me know. Exactly you know those knows that come with the. Whom he home and we come with every direction comes with love writing sample no they might not understand it. The time no when they know exactly to believe they come back and right thank you know very chip and what's. So nice about it too Schering is that when we are at their Asian as we grow and like you said as we blossom and we go back. And we reconnect a wonderful teachers like yourself. It's a loving that it's coming from another person outside of our media and it shows that we love each other. And we do it and don't necessarily have to be related by blood. You know is an extension. Of what family and community. And now you're really it's because there are children and they always will be actually you know even portable is don't like it went into maybe the. So you autistic she can site so I am eighteen years oh and here's the Monday. You'll always a variety. In I loved it they feel like they can contact instead of safety. Crime. He says and obviously we get it right even if they have become an act unless there's an now laziness and I remember and I thank you. We did it right. Excellent now. We're doing something yeah and India that I try and get you struck. That's right and here's another good thing to stress cherry explained the importance of the reading as fun. The basis of the green. Is actually researched know what happens is over the summer you have some house Iman army learning lots. So what happens is that information and the skills that children margin schooling and over the summer. They lose a large portion because they're not constantly and daily in Asia in learning. And I no fault of their own so we don't continue to engage the if they lose a lot of what they learned during the school year owe this honor and what happens in August when he speaks and we have to re teach honest. Do you remember this until I honestly sometimes they really don't remember them are especially when in this year is a lot of you know cramming in getting ready for protesting proposed as. Primaries than men so a lot industry can be stressful excess on students so when they get to summer day dearly and then go through. They're free and there they don't have to engage every single day and we want them to enjoy their son Rangel also want them to remember. To engage Iran. Are reading reading for school aged children can increase cognitive development. Intuit ages. Up until the age of fourteen so to increase cognitive development and mull over the summer would give us a chance of. When they come on him adding that element a fitness actually helps to feed oxygen to their brain. When you feed oxygen to children's prying it helps them to eight snaps is in the. So did they learn quicker even when their movement which is why you have PE is run you might want them to give them bring breaks need them believe there's a reason that it is just exactly vote. Adding those elements together literacy and reading no children to focus. Every member debt. Let me keep reading over the sound in San luncheon don't have access to two books and what they've got the same books and not one every three dancing and celebrating it true some did not vote for older children bones in children and pre kindergarten all the way. Too high school he might even have some adult books this year. Because if they don't seem reading and they won't agree children do. Nixon. You know so in your parents are reading. Exam in an interesting idea I grew up yeah I read in the paper and envelope I something in my analysis assignment and I wouldn't read too. So we have some books for our parents as well this year during the they want an exit through those when he and takes things for the. And I think that would be an excellent example in fact a combination. Of the two if you will share. For a for parents are listening and likely some who have already been doing says that when you're making your plans. Where your summer trips and let that be an activity. When you're riding in the car. You know even though they're dvds or nine should get to watch the movies and everything but switch it flip with a little bit right in Omega reading activity. Now obviously whoever's in the driving seat in every or driver's seat right and you can't do that yeah you're focused I want you to focus right on the safety that's your primary goal obviously but port but for the rest of the family. You know in engaged in in a good book where everybody can read I know for you when nine and I don't know how much of an age gap there may be between the two of us but I remember. On certain trips he was reading doctor 60. Hope. Is it an order of yours yes. Thanks enhance my name other Arenas well and this year is going to be all the places you'll go now and snow. Split Europe when you did you get your card and yeah all the places you'll go to read this statement. So even the theme for the siren is based on the doctors whose book yeah ha so you can believe books into every and you really can't house and you really cannot link in our would do in the car if if we're drop it right now linking keeps his notebook. So if actually read we've learned that aren't content and the about as well yeah it is something in the excited and I need to be reading. And they can tell you it will whether you win. It is to reading comprehension. When they're able to tell you when writing a book is when you ask those questions right with the characters in Manhattan and in the big yes. I know yeah. The littlest thing to do because normally it's. Our family members. Our parents and grandparents or do the reading to us and how nice it is to again flip the script yet if you will. Another Joseph Lowery to the parents how I'm China understand Percy Jackson. He's a enhancement Greek mythology. Actually moment and Norse and and hungry mountain. I don't know when that happens it. But if he's excited about it he's not harming anybody is helping him the end you know I'm biting in his book he doesn't. Mom this is the next book and I don't know what is about. As long as his age appropriate exactly not asking look very time he loves to talk about the book after he reads. And sell books and our history are really rightly or older children to dream because it involves elements and learning history as well as being weak on plot. On as whales a nation is great not fiction is great T eaten up encyclopedia Al east and only those in where we sure do. Follow follow online and they exactly apple is a pretty Al most of you won't be able to tell you what areas but there's so much information you. She admits tension refreshing park and really didn't think about that when you compare a good old fashioned book. And I know for me. And and there's something I really need to get back into personally in this advent of technology which is really great for all of us yet you know have various professions. But you remember when you were a kid and you got a brand spanking new book to read or even if it was gently used youth. To just grab a hold of it into that page changes here at the crispness. Crack. Yes opening of the paper yeah we're turning the pages is squandered it in it's it is a story you're looking for just Ian. Right what happens in the next exactly grateful one it sat on her part get a pretty good job engaging tumors and waiting for next next story. The next part of the story I love books and it's always about the story. Just so I told link and pass it is not about the book is out the story is it a good story and not care what our work looks black and from the right does it capture your attention from the first page to the very simply ask you why do you like Harry Potter asked. That's Lori. So wonderful story as it is in there and there's good as a as an. It's a wonderful star level wonderful story. I'm so engaging children in the story can write well and there's a lot of books I can do that like you said both fiction and nonfiction ancient enough engineers and a lot not just say that because of monitors and won't read nonfiction because they think it's war. Let especially for little boys they like to read things like comparable weren't right on things about sign in with an adventure stories and more in today. Right so didn't you try to give them what they want to read over the summer which is during the year in my have to restart and we'll exactly on but during the sometime ago. And memory what they wanna re so that they'll be excited about doing. Especially since this is some you know great in a reading. Warner in your town try you know another very realistic is it over how to anyone thought I. Connect closet and and and and to this day I don't know if my dad knew that was not my Heidi Allen Brack and Honda she'd ovary. And nobody can come back of the year except me and it was just a probable. And I don't go the year and I would bring in the mountains you know as a loner too. You went to the net it's. And urged Google doesn't added. Sounds they'll do a day. Radio badly it's the week in addition our community focus wonderful company. That have you and members of our community focus Stanley and Sherri crowns beat teacher and Ilya elementary school. Joins me Rene Yvonne we are in wonderful conversation about the fifth year for the reading is spun Ryan. Again we want to invite you the event will be June 5 from 10 AM to 2 PM it's gonna take place ads and Dahlia agendas but June the second ansari and let me get that correct is due diligence Becket yeah. Thank you that's why you see the way you do mama so let me re emphasize that radio family June 2. 10 AM to 2 PM and then Dalia elementary school for a seventh. He's been telling you wrote Sherry the next question what resources can parents take away from the shares. We're trying to hand. A public library since activity booklets OK for the year all the libraries over the course so drank they literally have an activity every day. And that not all wrapped around literacy lose some are out arts and crafts you. We have story time they have that pressure which was symphony meant on the lap Aries so it and is so deep heel in the air so if I can't afford it. To take your chat inning Weirton. It financially. In you have something the ticket chapter every day and then they had a broken they are down my clear that any such ever elaborates closest to you wanna travel to a different library as a activity and then when he. We're gonna have those pamphlets is now. And someone who also have some reading locks were chosen to take home to for Canada is on GCS reached parity. Over the right yes so. If they read over this summer or mountain and the theory yeah and eligible to win something right when they come back to school so we have those three months will be given out to parent right I'll also have information about some summer camps. I want to be available for her experience and a nice so we'll have those in the air while also have some people talking about health and nutrition I healthy living and we'll even have some money measuring the body mass in. One out. How to go about it tables how. But he Algeria as you need to know those things for him when I was growing not no one told me know what actually see it you know you need to exercise. Well you need to eat Hilton we ate what was put a gun owners there are yes usually including your vegetables right right here in about hot. Mean I'm drinking your water every day and they should you move every day so now we need those things out of Ilya is an overdose and who was asked I god exactly and -- a mountain stream to lure unless she Netanyahu when she's on airports it not come on unity yeah exactly but house that were planned and in this day and age children are more engaged and ins inside him. In it are these to be honest house. So our parents tell them that Eaton would now is time we really need to be emphasizing absolutely the video game day. Right you know I have some girls in my house watching the law is being you can go on doing anything. When you first meet summation that you reach for at least when he may in Utah. It should be. You do is needed and collapse for an hour. Dean you didn't. Whatever you're doing technology act yes and some of the acts over my hand. Thank god thank goodness for my son as he keeps me up to date date yet and what it means I'm OK and explain to me I don't know why. And all those things to. Near parity away here at some what we're watching it on. Exactly on the Internet ads you know there's still predators out the year and on you know there are dangers to our children as we deal with with technology exactly just comes along with rocks or you want to be monitoring your children with technology in the gym also want to be encouraged indium. To put the technology down and glass eye and go out there with them if we're even if you got to cheer at the door again. I see yeah. And enact any go play now. You don't have to go far too easy to get out the year and soak up this son and vitamin. It's true and we talked about this jokingly. Earlier with the word sprinter right which is a combination of a clearer and winter that is the new work. But in all seriousness. She area as the weather once it does and officially decide to make up its mind feeling to be spraying and stays spring. We think about the summer season as well as the temperatures Duquette war. You know how great it will be like you say it to soak up that vitamin. Apply the proper sun screen take the necessary precautions like you said yeah and water is that. Excellent way to stay hydrated. And it's also teaching our kids that that is such a nice if not even better alternative. All the sugary drinks or out right now. Even the snow cones that are going to be given away is. She free. Swiss that you have to worry about adjusting and how much a show today as well I'll answer because they don't need. Oklahoma's end here in exactly and and they get those same things they can get because you can make at least not the summertime. That's rage as you can enjoy fresh fruit exactly my goodness I showed it to my children went on and asked me and my deal anyway no. So I had a backup Rosalyn in an antibody is excited to what a way gasoline is no matter how are things that we assume children around and they don't know I don't know. Out how much water is and he number and a lot of mail in and how it feels there aren't eaten and now fresh fruit and how important you know vegetables on court in Atlanta. I'm so that's our job and to re teach this generation and those rains that we grew up in an appearance automatic big game tonight and then we would never hot. Right so we need to be teaching it to this next generation absolutely that they can teach it to the ears. Also was very important is this is the is about more than just headed for a new element a full line is include. But is also about education insulin pump for parents and fortunately exactly because the one thing sharing that no matter. How all young or young at heart we aren't as we each this is the one thing that will never change we never stop. Ever stop learning. Exactly. It took worries don't need to know anything you know she's not a fan I. Happy out nobody knows everything if your good teaching in you telling yourself every day. What else cannot do what else cannot learn how can write on if you're the teacher is seen as I'm you know anything else. You might be in the wrong profession because they're count on us to stay on top of all of a X so that they can get what they need from Ryan. And again such appreciation to you sharing and all the wonderful teachers are out there. And hopefully a lot that we have listening here as early in the nation that's right of community focus. Well speaking of this being a community and family event can we Sheri house community become involved in helping our children become successful readers. We get in day each is so easy to say. Go play. Go to your room mirnyi Internet tablet or whatever it is there watching videos playing games on line but a book. Is so important too much time. More because it does so much more engaged and that's important is teaching the out how to read words. Is teach in the arm on orientation of the book it teased them so much more. In just the story right you're engaged in a story they're going to be engaged in the story black. SA treat it that they're reading corner yeah. Nickel corner let them decorated Brian Internet time is their special time. I'll put books in your house on the people they wanna have their books and being able to all over the place it will not let the or husband us is our. Yeah more votes I got two books about the book downstairs and I hope bookshelf. Is writing his own book shelf and he is just around the Bible and they he has his books. I need to get his own shield via his blood has taken over and other collection is gonna grow as he grows. Siegel senior home they're not going to be in my mind if I'm not exact appropriate book isn't appropriate hope their eighty Larry chairs children's books out the video feed him and he'll make a month and us in money and you re right twenty minutes is not a lot of time now. It's not a lot gives them that twenty minutes exactly and just imagine how much they couldn't akin. Within those twenty minutes has absolutely. Sherri I tell you win. One is having an amazingly. Fun time which I always do when we get together a couple of more questions. Even have to wrap up the show that's why I think Jewish community focus. Be a little bit longer but this question would you feel it's important continue to serve children and their families especially well into the summer months. Because teaching them yeah we're not used not just teachers from. August 2. Where they teachers all the time a good example are all the teachers. Went out and do whatever it is they can do is right to serve their families after this torn and you know teaching never stops so when we re engage with our parents' house out of our right. And let them know that we always hear the of his radio and they're gonna give it. And then you gonna treat eight element of it exactly you become strong and he had an Atlanta right if our children. Have a good foundation of love and support do we won't lose into the streets and we won't lose isn't it in gangs or violence or. Or they won't run away and the fuel in so encouraged as a hornet where they are. This we can raise the on. And develop the out and give them the character and strength they need to become. A little bit we wanted to be is because these are leaders. Now you might be looking at Jonathan Shia might not be a leader Chad is going to lead in something in their life on everybody's. Walk in act is different everybody has different destinies. But we want to encourage our parents to know it they can depend on acts as absolutely. Lastly with the reading this find a two part question how's it changed you not only as a teacher but as a mom and person. Is it has been adjourned yes and okay. And sometime. And they know and this year because it requires so much and an actor guilty about. Sometimes happen to do something for the and be an away from my grandma yet as we really cherish our time. Now those musical muscle campaign team if you have a child and. You look at them and their ordinance I mean look at the fourteenth and the 24 here's. You don't want to miss any movement on but I feel like if I'm Ryan has really changed me as a teacher because he has given me. A specific focus based on my passion not passion is children and my passion is reading. And my passion is movie you know I wanna keep moving because of body emotion. Pays about. And about your wrist. These Iranians know and we get older you need it kind of reprogrammed about exactly to PT to move and not wanna sit down he might wanna take an app. Yeah I'll let you know make sure you get to heart pumping and you get moves and I had to read teach myself. A lot not as I get older acts on them my network I keep it in my between Eden I'm I have to do something just doesn't. Oh yeah labels aren't even up even if I you can do is go walking yeah. Take awhile just keep moving a little somebody has taught me to pay more attention to my. Body and as a mom because I wanted to be easier to watch much out. As a teacher is given me focus yeah passion. And I just want to be the kind of parent that much I can say I wanna be loved. And loved the time that we had together. To recap radio famine the fifth year of the reading as fun run June 2 shift from 10 AM until 2 PM. Then Dailey elementary school 407 east and Julia Rowe is there any other or additional contact information Mike to share. I can be reached a phone number from and deli is 336370827. If you wanna call it asks how you can help. Maybe they might not know what they can tune on if you wanted to comment as I can help if you ever resource is you want to donate let it be. Books or on water and war. If your business you wanna participate by donating a profit business but you would like kids meal eaten. And give away a lot of activities. For fitness over the summer for children play. Give us a call or you can reach me and my email address which is Crosby yes it GCS in C dot com. I can be reached at death on number or email address an excellent talent and there's also a page call to read this fund run on FaceBook. You can possibly union message here is wonderful. Sharing you know I mean my dear no go by assistants are next time. Out and so looking forward to I think it's a match is going to be over the right into my side that's OK you have you have Lincoln with you right so we'll keep it a family affair indeed. Thank you so much always good to see you you're so welcome and always great to hear from you radio failing indeed until that next time. For another weekend edition of community focus on morning Yvonne I'm only sure Crosby and join the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend take care.