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Radio family happy weekend and welcome another weekend edition of community focus gets underway heard on our intercom stations thinking you so much. For your wonderful company and certainly the good things you're doing in our communities here Shirley Renee gonna join but a definite member of our community focused family. We have been doing this for a long time home has no question the voice say you just heard at. So a lot of you radio family sounds very familiar especially if you have grown. In an around the Twin Cities of Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Around that Cleveland avenue where my home that's right some of the places that whenever. We have our good friend didn't take it all good mode on the program good Mont and art and more on him hello my brother my friend powervu band. All I'm bliss remains is this. Know what is really give me and really be red brick Hillman has their own forewarned of tunes. Wonderful and very happy. To have you here and and thank you very much for given praise where it's. Really do this yes this this I mean you know is is it to remain. This is really. Blessed. To be sitting here grow across new and us. Now these use of flown back. Haven't say it. Ben I can remember the very first time he's do you and I've met so already your family please forgive this is if we go down remember I think that's just a little bit. But definitely some some great moment. I'm Dan when we think about other individuals. Who. Have been with us this recluse sadly are no longer with the -- we think a very different a cease down Casey that was many mound telling you all of the occasions with which we got together for a phone that's right for what is to be our topic of discussion today years the annual peace toys for war toys exchange or is a well known community event then. Not not only just spearheaded by you but as a community of individuals and salute. Who really care of doubts. Our youths as right and our young people and and what this event is really all about. To encourage our our young ones too as has always been the mission that's right to exchange those violent choice that's right for peace toys such as basketball's of the video games of the by ex pastor. All the things that really keep our young people not only physically active that's rights but it keeps them mentally active Manuel mentioned. And the thing and then it's been what about 25 years and counting went you allow. Just seems like TSA December this I'm not done do I need a. As I went and I know you mentioned hey see you go to and a lot about youth and his wife is a member of my church. And also Sabrina she had fail I Serena and I Sabrina and also. She has also done some things also in the pairs to raise toys and strangle her right. You know in in on basic she is the wants to say to fry department educate wonderful we have done some things didn't go in and also. We're simply using I don't know abusive. So Walter Mac and union that so. Thank you Sabrina feet out. Absolutely and and then the last time. I saw our dear friends Sabrina was in the homecoming parade Yale Winston-Salem state university so was really nice. To see Sabrina who haven't seen in awhile he's arrogant abuse she is a next time you see you're given to go hmmm don't do it. I really appreciate that will then it is about that time yes it is as the peace tours for warts ways we have a date for a this year we do you which will be Saturday December 16 that's right noon until 2 PM absolutely you going to be inside the Winston-Salem fairgrounds education bills will be going absolutely which is a course on the grounds of the Winston-Salem Dixie classic fair absolutely. Adore this year Danica and open at 11 AM registration ending at 1245 that's exactly. Exactly exactly. And see this issue. Mean even though we have a lot of our sponsors or shoot things in the Spanish responsibly just got by surprise yeah. Due to me is. Emerald bowl moves out we'll market in ripped. And I think she also Bordeaux for skiing is miss Elizabeth. Miller who is the executive director of scary. See if she won't do joy and I'll wonder Spain. To bring toys. To be. Fred round and is they're only a glimpse when general tell me about this it's kind of jumped up and she. Because you know idea which abuse exactly and what. Bill feet and do you fan you have a group black screen right and earned a partnership to murders in that put the diesel as well absolutely. And of course scanned standing for a stop child abuse now that's right exactly and partnering not only with you Dan. Through the Karl. Russell senior restoration sinners but we also include another a great organization in the Winston-Salem recreation that's right and parks soon rigorous and imply that's right that's right. Everybody coming together to pursue their twentieth annual citywide. And we want to stress that stadium. Family that citywide in Winston-Salem. And Newt. Band two too likely share with our listeners and this is something that we've done over the years. But it's not to exclude others who may wanna come from areas surrounding Sampson whom we don't exclude the exact. Mean we we we show won't and it's and in two column and seeded big big thing of it is we even though we exchanged. Toward balloons at him and bones of thing that even if your parents don't have that type thing. We just ask you to bring. Three. Up to date can be just. Which you know it would turn you into response to see is one thing about giving and receiving. But when you deal. You fat and as you'd it is as blossom everything around me in auto blow. Nice sword to put it back. Absolutely. I love that cell. Radio family Dan just did a nice job and sharing the admission this in which one can calm to be sort of the peace toys for war torn exactly it. Non perishable and I like that you always emphasized the up to date up to dig out please don't bring your family if you make sure check the dating. On you can't pass that as you're bringing them and that's gonna help of course stock that venturing that's right at age care service items collected of course by the lovely ladies of the Winston-Salem alumnae chapter of delta sigma. Beta sorority incorporated. You seem to think about it. We have been put emphasis whom thing of beauty and C would you. CN adults and then we also have lots and crafts. Three deejay music. Gains. Cynical to add this year you know you lose and they had you know place quote. That's wonderful years and SM can't rely on. Alone and another Joan to please send a blow to a normal trade GAO. Would probably be ill. Your merchant and on a new role as yeah phils win all up. That's ELF. Has nothing else. And in try to move around because autism being we won't she is from ages of zero to seventeen you know. You can come home to deceiving. And receive. Different items in toys and food and then be entertained because I'm allowed to as we have been some ideas sometimes it is. All age appropriate but now runs it from 017. Did you comedy. Absolutely. And then the one thing and all the years with which I've had the opportunity to attend and with the support of their intercom stations in the community. As a whole to really have seen this one particular event grow this over the years and especially bin when we talk about. The kids who are directly impacted US now as they get older. As they gauge as they start families of their own this right how wonderful to see. The little ones who started out this way that's right now mothers and fathers themselves variety bringing their own kids so it's really become a tradition of tourists to this for a lot of area families. And then when you lifted the two entities of horses and police department at home and there were necessary and all of recreation and parks department. You've got to to strong leaders you get the a nude in new Karachi askew new permission can right. Good trainers tops. Who's doing a fantastic job coming mania I mean she sees it schools she's going to be one of the speakers. And then from Tim grant to William rust. He's a great leader who's man he is very excited about merging. Seemed to communicated chances these two entities come together where Spain ranked. To brawling their perspectives of give and look into commute. Absolutely and with that radio friendly of course you have the official. Invitation to be a part of this annual event in 25. Years and and growing. And in addition of course to speaking of family when we were talking about NEC earlier he's of course we can't leave out our our other Brothers and in rock did not end yeah as Cedric mosaic jail and do that's right that's right I mean you know and that's our radio family right. Here these guys have been very inspiration in my life and we won't to he absolutely. Actually forgive duels true I'm a cruises absolutely in and his dad and Steve grabbed some photo finish proficient in detail and and use toss assailing this man and these people wanna puke and there are others that I can name. But I guess it is you know it as you come to me we're calling all Ed TV it. Bush and is won't be due notice a lot of moon ago. Absolutely and you bring them every time you come this program sedan. Thank you so much for that love here in the first half of the week in addition. Of community focused you know how we do ready a fairly we'll take a quick break Canterbury and then we will be back right after this. And it's more the weekend edition of community focus are in accounts stations are here so are you ready your family Saturday and Sunday mornings to get the word out. And to talk about good people doing some good things. And our communities one for show our is our dear friend didn't take it live you live there love you more sir Karl H Russell senior community center. And by the way and then in addition to you've been a contact person for the peace toys for war toys we want also recognize and give a shout out and shows some low for Lee Shapiro this release apparently I was really at the fairgrounds. And that that's so as we shared contact information not that big and doesn't mind I'm hearing from a smooth Basra radio family just don't want you to get overwhelmed with everybody calling you guys write at one time so Lee has. Taken it upon himself to see if it's too to be a contact person as well so Lee we appreciate she received Julie up and picking up the momentum if you will. And definitely helping bin of course ban it it really is a family affair in the sponsors that we had over the years. The support from the community and I wanted to recognize another individual on that a lady that you and I have both known for a number of years. And she was a mentor to both of us is she still is he's tough and I'm sure when I mentioned this name that most of this listening audience will recognize. The name in the one and only meter Evan zone music there is so much and to what you have done in in supporting this this due over the years with Dan and the staff at the Carl H Russell senior community center and even when things bin originally started for us when you were at the sounds that's right at the rich recreation sinners we definitely want to give love to our brother recreation center. If you will that's right because it it was for very long time held at The Sims rec center has rights and has very much been a part of the Carl H Russell senior rec center never used to only be just joining us thank you so much for the great company. In case she didn't miss the date for the peace choice award toys it is Saturday December 16 beginning at noon gears again you wanna bring yourself and your family more gimme a break down sue. Of the individuals. It's far is our kids right that this event has BN designated for over its 25 years. So the location is the Winston-Salem fairgrounds education building was doors opening at 1130 December 16 let's go ahead and do that then we we really focus on on our babies are used all the way up to our juniors and seniors in high school. This right as the good thing about these things you. Not only in the column. ABC but you Austin beat cone spots by bringing them three. Three today came news. And then also too. Put those people who won't give you listen to this evening to keep it going. You can call. Me. 3367272. 80. Being previewed at the college Ross who rigor as soon as located at spirited at one if there to war in Colorado school row. With certain moto 2710. Flat. It would have been there for is new unwrapped toy donations. And those donations would be use for a zero to seventeen age group where it comes to the straws toward towards exchange. We wanna keep people happy in Latin. And see you once you do that you would know where you items. Absolutely. And then asking this question every year because of one sue may be new to this program right. Who may not necessarily be familiar with the peace stores for a war toys. Or perhaps they have been away for awhile and are are coming back. But what I really appreciated and I want to make a point that every year you're here. I want our listeners to know. Why or how the peace choice award toys came about. Because is a very important personal history yes to this event that had an impact on your own family. And met mass effect. To listen. This evening it was actually started by Chile. It was a killing that was indeed he just hours community which I asked them to be reduced. We had to go through some very. Some blew my leaked and made great mom welcomed me pigs and told result is a fan do we must learn to two G. One of the things about this young man who moon is committed to murder two broke them they were districts. Lot of people don't stand for is given arguments in buses and bikes and things just mentioned sometimes emotions. Take oh. Literature was emotions take over again. Drastic actions happen. Well once that thing evolved. We my mother gathered as a as a fan I mean I have several soon enough for them and her biggest thing was because she is a no vote of life mother she moves to a good mood you know woods and those. Every wounded moves lag her there was two Fuji. Forgive and lit. Dot Helms that can be. That moment ally. Yes you have those feelings of anguish and ask guest this realistic do you have did those feelings of anger that's realistic. But my mother told us as a family. We will. Love Jerome Smith who's called G Dayton and he also it was a studio call it's really visible for me in my broad humor base for. So she just thought that was right idea. We had a chance to talk to his mother's mode was very good news for giving. Our family has been given. That band and that's why we won't you all to know demeanor man piece to it is not to retaliate. And is to bring Luo. And that's what were a neat. We've got to stop taking things in all hands. And study mostly give blow. All the way to go. And that's how to start and that's why. I feel remain because. My family did did you an idea did. Is that Joseph has blessed. Us as a fan and everything we do. I feel it if we do redundant. Opposite. I think we it is being in bed at home and we have to learn to listen to them the sounds of blue man. And while the greatest qualities. That was given to us and demand. And of course an imitation of our creator absolute I think he's just some wonderfully wonderfully said. The band in and the importance of why this is done. Every year this is vetted there's also underlying message is more for our young ones even though this is a very nice occasion in which. They will be receiving toy days since we know what happens generally during the holidays yes but this is also more about the importance of that quality being expressed every day. Forgiveness and love. Because if you know ran out of Indy right now you know people are going to him about it time and yet there's been allowed Cubans lose him out of period benefit we being had keys get mistaken. They're ready Rio goons and you know Mary olds who know their nature have no retaliated against that. But this season is about peace and hidden so. Isn't my brother maybe Cassel is what is for all children. Who have went through violent situations. And if we learn how to. Turn. Emotions to love instead of retaliation and instead of hate. I think that we can have a much that world. And we can give. Loads over the prairies and and really have strong background where we get to do. Well thank you for the love that you always show oh yeah everywhere you go van and I don't mean just on this program. We have landed exactly. Exactly have to and I can't think of one individual who has more loving the new model. You know today PO I say there's an element. NC that people who move mean feel a bit if we as he did not learn to forgive you. And then how I know we're OK you beat. I think about a broom who's decisions in the masons the and that finger but even my council member who moves so much. Doctors didn't convert who allowed me to calm inside of call Russell salute to do my creativity bright and they were about to remove guru and and it Simpson uses W my creativity. At the sands of happy were you might. Good god just even council member just the jobs lose lose when she was this. Seeing god is that people in modest dips and I don't think that would have happened if I don't retaliate. Perry that point I don't really feel I want key is who are listening. To listen that. Everything has it is and life is not pay but which you have to do. Is to beat. Acceptable to your own room decisions you have to be responsible for what you were thinking and what you feel. Released dead negative feeling about heat and then turn it to load. And you can have a better life that you never get anything. Snap. Nurture them thank you so much for that then. And to also own. Radio family see this event. As a wonderful opportunity to be around association. All you good association to for a young ones is so important also appreciate you. Making that point that. You know sadly we here in too many stories Truman is still about our young ones and it's not always in a positive light yes so to really. Take that light began and included in a direction in which. It does shine on the good things seem so bad that are happening. That a lot of times we unfortunately don't get to talk about beat duke which is why I appreciate it. Public affairs programs like this hole because that is the focus it's to talk about the good discs and even though this can be looked upon as aid. Temporary escape temporary skate from from all the things that are happening around us that are not good. Hmm I like the fact our conversations such as these men. Allow us to focus on what's good and once loving what's peaceable schools you know and all of those qualities. Seasoning all of these programs actually started looking at have been happy here look at him. Ranked that community knew it was a monster attack until it is you lose it. A lot of those young people who have came at a community has became successful some not because it was because of the low play. We got through Texas heat in real and Kristen look and then they fielded orders right and in its break. So I mean. If kids would just lit it and stop trying to be like gangsters. And stopped trying to be like what you see on TV. And paint it when you see you a group of people pray. You'll want to do good shoot through the cracks. Me. Reverse debt. And whole. Crazy. You blew. Dole sort of things that last test. That play. It's just like you sent and it's it's all about giving that love an inch and showing it in return from yes showing in his much. And you just really see. The content mint on on young ones I mean a lot. I've children who likely be and whether it's around this time of the year or edit any. Period or point of the year this right don't have an opportunity to have. Something nice like a bison absolute or a computer that's true or a basketball. Or. Video games that promote positive ID in fact only think about the things that a lot of our key is that as they get older. And they think about a lot of the things that they're taking in school of course when you an hour coming through things technology was was. A little more. Archaic for a lack of better word president is now it just amazes me the technology that our children are able to use nowadays it. And it's hate that that technology. Combine it with that knowledge into music in such a positive way they gives back. To the community in which they come from. When you think about video. Programming program wore the different things again focusing on that positive Eddie House does that are key is that when they go off to college or. Take on a trade or maturity and do something for a living that works around computers works well. Compute because it made me think about Marion venerable blue Texas right. See this lady she continues to give confused and missed when a fabulous writer. Paul Sweeney and he. But I don't you can't he continues to view over no. That is what is that is seeks. His CNN and and their man as this scene and all to view trailer on a cruises. Won't the key. You look around and you see people like. Paul only Steve grabs the monarchy and hanging. Churches. Hockey we have to continue Zulu king obviously thank you I did accuse our when you get to receive do you. From a sponsor. I took a moment to say thank you. When you some positive influence character who's prone to say thank again. Because those are the type things a long list in turn. Good tennis you know we just blessed Christmas. Absolutely every day band and the reason why you have been such a contributor so all the things that have taken place. In our community whether it's through the Sam's recreation sinner or Carl H Russell senior community center. And is my opportunity in my friend say thank. You all they are you own that you've done. And you know what if this is what community and family is always snub bowel. It is then you're so right we talked about this time and time again it's a teachable moments she's tomorrow when our young people see firsthand. The active giving actively. When they see and hear firsthand. The act of saying those words and thank you can showing appreciation. Because you know it it really does Ben in this interest in were having this conversation. That word you who. Who I feel you don't hear as often do as I think one should. Don't and then maybe just my personal feelings on some things you ran on time. And it's not just the kids some of us that adult ascent liberals let's see you haven't looked as as that as they kids used to say out of they say it now let's keep it rake in all grown up. A lot of times even you know if you hold the door for somebody and just do a little little things war for anyone. She every is still alive. Shiver a toad no man or the day emit this. To have a good man speaks uncle they opened a dual prime interest it's OK they have good grades. You know unfortunately in my field in me and I have accused it TO me the due to dvds in my agrees with please come to him reference. Because. Of DeDe negative connotation. Being Smart is not popular popular nature. Dressed in a certain way where it it. It may be offensive to some bad. It is is it's great to something yeah but we know to get a job you get to that the yet to be pleased you have to be propped up and act and but. We as a people what we uses the bills. We should we continue to show them. And in Gaza would a child do is actually have to put all moron and tournament I don't know. Regardless of bad behavior because we got there you do reach the Newton. About what went by any means necessary. To reach to. And and have some relationship. In Gaza would Vicky thinks this will come out of some pretty deep Y yeah hometown. Ups and it's like he's he said then it's again it he goes back to the action stack actions manage these kids. Not only see the end here a bit like you said that interaction interaction is so important. Yes and so happy we we have that very interact and this morning. A look I don't know Su Banda week in addition of community focus heard on our intercom stations of the news program and love. The program around the peace toys. That in addition to the great partnership where scanned stop child abuse now. The Winston-Salem recreation parks is proved presenting the 25 annual citywide event again Saturday December 16. Beginning at noon. So radio family I make sure you bears the doors open as early as 1130 police come and stay with your children or if you send them with someone else just make sure please that there accompanied by an adult Winston-Salem fairgrounds education bill. In Renee had my eyes were if I have the time is it folks know that no mister Pickett is return to. And radio friendly and then missing. Retirement is not always mean assists bring you must do do. Do you thing loses she is in pleases me to open but you know. There was a rigorous and talked upon allowed me the job opportunity here. Would say prays every time I come to work and let them know hey. He's doing and made these programs pos prank. He's doing when it gives me motivation and the way and well lord savior when it would be no me so. One that all those people noted that very thankful. And blessed you we're. All these years now. Is 42 years his work which you wound and continues. This dirty war okay. But but we're and we cues from the boy as clue president to Miller hill who was set restoration talks. Exported to use a lot of. Yeah definitely 42 years and so happy to ban that I'm on behalf of all of our radio family who are listening who know you either directly or indirectly that. If I could speak on behalf of all of those persons. And extend. That's thank you for the love and so happy band at that love isn't going anywhere and it even though you are retiring and I'm happy for you for now thank you my friend thank you well deserved your many years of service. Especially to our children you know he's. Then you leave a lot of families with some beautiful memory always of this of what the peace tours for war tool ways. That you have done for the year and not just win this program. But all of the programs that you have been involved that we've had an opportunity to talk about him on community focus. Own community their focus is it to me is so bliss and to have community focus in there Woon who listens to you blessed. To have it renew a broad. Who really pushes himself if for instance in the community. To limit was going well so. Home Lucy and how can I am returning those people who get on your show we have been the list. For this reduced days and all you listens about it in no way. We give cool moves to the station. You kudos to really broad and may god continue to bless the stationers will always view it. The word you know what I'm don't do on the return those. And and I receive Tesla family and community and are only now then we were Wii U we try to be a support group we do. For one another. And just like you my friend I wanna stay humble. And certainly acknowledge that I will not take all the credit we then just so happy that we we have this opportunity. To support one another as community with a piece stores yes award toys envision just mentioned it's just gonna be a great day a couple of hours and then some. Of a lot of activities from arts and crafts yes gains this year to. Music. Just great entertainment and again the key word being. Is this a something for family program has always been stress and what an event such business and be and that's when she definitely and then. For a lot of us Mattel is definitely families have take my head out to my they agreed mental. Certainly agree. Mo Luke's he had food. More news was my confidant and a plan and Evan looted this is going to in my field of word but. He was one knows what that reason and also to me angry George read it now. He was a police he was a policeman must save them a lot of you accused of watching make it to the Jewish communities when limitations so that took police went home loans. More of this victory ups. And I would never forget. George reinsurance. He was a leader to me. He hit me and also mr. Joseph met fan who was a great. Also an NC we grew up around police offices and we looked him. Let me ask you this one question did officer ran about the chance of a son or as they saw this on the name occurrence yes we went to school again pretty yeah yeah. Game when you when you know the grand. Really injury and President Bush now to our harbor alarm. All of whom who are listening call blue this this morning absolutely Chris was a classmate of mine he's still it is group but when when I think about. You mentioning his dad is you still. Yeah the Indy we all call him dad Henry who's. And this one man I was playing basketball in Kabul under the deal the issue of cold out proposal yes there was situations but Tacoma and you know IDC a whole lot of police officers some reason he's still going to be easy to accuse you really get out of it only one man won't be Jewish. Do you know George reedy when he pointed as being I know your mom I know you're dead and her dad disturbance ceased everybody who know me or did it really didn't see sense spoke volumes that in most. And a swollen he was at all those games now and a morality cheated same bathroom so Renee got his road this whole sue don't do would bring we learn here in order to bring back memories. And I have not been low for the community. Thank you of the community has nothing but love for you then so even though this is a retirement you know meaning. There will never be any good. I just I for a total good too many of us know that you Ben Teague it will not be sitting around for very long he's still going to be active in the community. And just look. Looking forward to other ways with wings no question you're gonna give back so definitely not Fred I'm just looking forward to the next time and you know and you were all your next crawl. They just keep doing what you do is when you sit in because there's a good friend who's a great artist Suzanne. Can you know we had missed hooked just list. And he was that oust then it's not talking to degrade I was Jerry hey he's from American legion post number one to me. This man also came to my Rick's name and spoke and talking about how to take advantage. On Q tell Sheen. And this means when the greens artists who knows. But there names on the view man you wanted to be pretty dramatic happy about it mr. mr. mr. hook off road you know be forget. And we never gonna forget achieved in a thank you very much my friend of course whenever we engage in a great conversation sometimes hate to see that town okay I see so quickly but this Colombian next time distributable tell your friends and thank you so much do you remain absolutely so radio family again p.s toys. Reward choice Saturday December 16 Ashraf beginning at noon west Salem fairgrounds education building. 33672725. AD is. Yes also reach out to Lee Shapiro. At the fairgrounds annex that number is 3367341582. And if you OK give me bitter and you can do you know do you must say 336414. 058. Net if you have a certain things what we did come to do it because on stage some turned that phone do you cannot tight but that's my personal sales and give. Since help loving you are then taken only given the same number 41 score. This thing broke 589. I love you my fire engines so monsoons through absolute lay and from all of us happy retirement Terry thank you you're so welcome. And thank you radio family indeed another wonderful way to bring this week in addition of community focus to a close enjoy the resident in Bay Area family and the rest of this weekend take care they embrace his.