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Ready a fairly good morning and welcome another week in addition of community focused here and intercom stations another great weekend and another. Wonderful opportunity to talk about some good things taking place. And our communities whiner not a event not only for the whole family. But one that I particularly enjoy this time of year because I know that our radio family Tina Carson Wilkens. What that was disabled transit authority visits us as is the case and Tina good morning and welcome hat and Q someone. Or is so welcomed like you have been in the sign hey you look so Schundler asked. I have I've been out there excellent how she summer have been thus far off. Is C yeah actually really busy between. Planning the accessible festival the national black theater that's that's right and it is time this year so many different things going on with the transit authority it's just really absolutely and and thank you for touching on that and speaking of the accessible festival that is. Going to be our topic of discussion what are my favorites to Tina whenever you visit. In addition to all the things that are happening with the Winston-Salem transit authority. Thank you for individuals who not only have an opportunity to return. Yearly with the accessible festival. This a great chance Tina to get our new piece yeah it would not have an opportunity to attend. And this wonderful event they've probably have heard about it yeah obviously because you have been with me here on the program. On several occasions but really do enjoy this time it be because we think about. What the accessible festival brings to the city of Winston-Salem and brings to our community as a whole as I just mention a great fun. Yeah family of that idiot yet let's talk about the fun for 2017 what's what's in store are they here this year's theme is it's an eighty's block. Look I'm like yeah so we're inviting everybody become an eighty's attire and the. Some on my co workers. And how are coming as. Salt pepper and spins around Los the last. I thought I. And yet we're gonna have our DJ is playing nothing but eighties music any intense yeah and we're gonna have a lip sync battle. A dance content and costumes you know whoever has the best attire. You know same vein the popcorn and snacks this drained spell things out absolutely lots of fine. And Tina the very fun and nice thing about the accessible festival you really come up with some fantastic being south which you have done over the years and how about that I I would say for many of our listeners in the majority of them. Well only think about the age gap Tina it varies we have that the millennial stick right and we have some re even younger who are parents who grew up with those exact here on this radio station. Who fondly remember the eighty S it was a good decade and I must say I'm an. Quite a few of Vance and things that we will win our ass back in the day I remember finally is any particular moment or memory. From the eighties that stick out in your mind well you think about the direction now my when I think about how this just some music absolutely. Oh my gosh it was so many different. Song then that's an you know I was in radio at their top rank and so it is really neat was a great decade. I think. More than anything else. The pac man yes trade me this actors are gonna even has Selma. Arcade games there was nothing in the pac man and lady well you know OPEC lady the lady pregnant whatever it is me. I have all of that there. And so we're just gonna try it. Have that on beyond its. You know a global IP coal in this interesting you mention that because speaking of the millennial was. And those from this generation who quite weren't a rant I'm Yale like you would meet our Tina in the eighties when you think about video games that were around at that time. With companies like Atari. And they were others that are out there. I know because I I remember Pacman I remember games like fraud Barrick. And Donkey Kong and I'll list just goes on up it's going to be interesting to see how this generation looks a bit how the video games were designed. Which were tied up. Back then of course video games and have certainly Cheney Eddie Eric come a long way but what a what a wonderful opportunity Tina to. Take a trip down memory lane down and like you said we think about the eighties we think about the music. We think about the style of clothing all wearing and some members only jackets and I'll. Jacket that had all the different multi colors I think they called to the eight ball. If I remember or one that had the design of an eight ball. That you actually saw one plane. A game of pool okay it was like you know the black ball that has our number eight yeah in the middle aha they somehow incorporated it into the clothing. Now I'm sure we've got radio family that are really like thinking you dad kind of remember that. But we think about those the styles the hairstyle the eighties definitely was the decade of big here no yeah it was like the bigger they aired. Late warmer and a satin. Absolutely Sosa did some pains that will be nice. To see. In 27 T yeah out some things we could look at economists say what was I thinking when I weird and I really. Now. At all. And who could ever forget who we talk about the eighties the jury occur all my goodness. Yes and the movies we were watching yeah back in the eighties I know one in particular. You get that one movie Tina that everybody. Can recite certain lines to. And the one movie that comes to mind is coming to America. Oh my god with Eddie Murphy and zinni a half. Of this all goes well because that was actually if I remember correctly. Actor Eric Close all aha and that was before. What was the medical program he was on the it was not really not only are the are the reason it was good memories yeah and that was before he really became the big star gap that he. Is to see humid that I know Ryan's scary yeah it was it was disgrace them. If I'm not mistaken I believe the jury curl just recently and in fortieth. Birthday. Now yeah I'm so what anniversary it is like all right guys we're really dating ourselves up a bank should. This subject at hand isn't a great thing about having not seen yet at this year's and. Accessible festival. Because it really eighteen it will bring some great memories. For those of us who were around exactly in that decade in of course what the accessible festival is reeling hollowed out. Well you know I expect to see a lot. People who have joined us before. And if I made a jar lady by the name of Marilyn Williams Maryland. Is one of the sweetest people in the whole wide world and he has not missed a fifth double Axel and it's. And then young man by the name of a from Coker he's a sweetheart as well so. Along with all the many many people who join families. Or. Just even we even have groups from different day programs right. Or even group homes is who've come in just have a super time absolutely wrong. Yeah and I remember to Latino have any opportunity last year to come through. During that the latter portion of it yeah everything ran out and still seeing people. As we say in this is this is a good way of saying lingering death if you will actually added an event as it is people are steadily you know cleaning their area up there. And getting ready to call it a day but just how much fun. You can have sent when you stick around Indiana is only really. I would say three events that are designed our. Are targeting. People with disabilities a year right. And the festival is just something that they can look forward to that they can just comment. Either as much as they were honest. Drink as much Pepsi and Benicio Lejeune says though. And so you know partners like clay ethnic at Pepsi Bottling ventures and Michelle happens at Frito-Lay. When they say yes to honestly it's an opportunity for our our our folks to just have one to. And that's really great that you have the type of business partnerships yeah with a lot of our area companies in and around the Winston-Salem area and we think Tina. This is going into. The how many years now this is thirteen thirteen on rent and now I've been with youth. It talking about the festival for a so so long ears yeah so that is if my math is correct. And that was somewhat. Ever stuck. Back in the eighties it was 2004. One round in 2000 and here we are wonderfully. Still talking about it and 2017. Apps that is fans and that's really great when you do have the support of individuals who have been there yeah. Since day one and especially when we talk about the new ones will have an opportunity. To calm and from what they're just hearing thus far Tina. Just the excitement that will be in the area that day still wish. I would be crazy before we go to break to not she heard the date to look at Asia. Where we're going to be at the Winston-Salem fairgrounds in the education building on Friday July 14 excellent be there from nine to three wonderful. And not only a good time it's heading into the workweek you were a lot of us and just a great way to wind down a road to jumpstart a great weekend at noon. Fantastic. Well Tina this is just the beginning of our program as you no doubt now so I'm just so happy you're back and these first few minutes always flyby. That only means that we'll have more. Exciting things to talk about. But this year is accessible festival. Especially Tina if you can continue to give us a breakdown of a sure other events that'll be taking place we're gonna save that. For the second half of the show and just say Fam it's good to have you back you're so welcome always good to see if and ready a family always great to hear from you indeed talk about some good things taking place in our communities this is the thirteenth. Year of the accessible. Combustible Tina Carson will commence with the Winston-Salem transit authority joins me Rene Vonn and indeed. We can edition of community focus will be back. Activists. Thank you so much radio family were back more than we can additional community focused heard every Saturday and Sunday mornings and our inner comes stations. Appreciate the great company and certainly love the opportunity. To be joined by members of our community focused family today she is back. With information on the 2017. Accessible. Festival Tina Carson Wilkins with. Wished the Winston-Salem transit authority. And Tina before the break we were just reminiscent about the eighties. Because that's going to be the theme for this year is accessible festival you guys went when you sit down and you make plans once putting together the festival yearly. Honey come up with the various wonderful things that you have every year well. We work win if I. Partner agencies this year its try first and families and the enrichment center yes and then we have some great staff members enough I must say. DA compliance office which is sticky Alston Erica Lowery and Seattle Williams yes so we all weren't sitting around the table and we came out with all these ideas and then. I think we just said well you know what an eighty's locked part so we just had a lot of ideas let's pray so once we get an idea we try to figure out well. Work and we take that lets we do with that and now what are. Visitors being able to our respond to that eggs out you know war or be a part of it so it eighties blot on eve party ran you know it it. We ran it up the pole and everybody salute his so as good. Isn't it great when you have co workers when you can sit down and brainstorm yeah great ideas and everybody can collectively agree you know what that sounds like a really ideal thing for this year you know they were all born in the eighties. AJ just worked in natural way right away it's. And and watch says she's gonna be shocked you make sure to tell missy out of Williams when she tunes in to tune into the program. Because I had an opportunity to meet her door I asked the try it first as always we have bowling Boeing's okay. And I tell you Tina I have a ball I didn't get a chance to participate in any of the bowling festivities but just to see. The that the community. Friends and family just getting together and enjoying a great game of bull ride. And I tea there some found out there and back induces Siri down there I their really. And that gave me an opportunity of course to see you want to see Ron kind and to see also still are tolerant. And to have an opportunity to meet other members of trying it first and ambling along with two key just really great just finally. Kind of clicked. A face to a name you know how we we get introduced by a parties and what exactly. And then we finally get to meet each other and I just had a wonderful. I just want it. To share that with you managed to pass sent a long way off thank you what think you guys for all the great things that you do sell another great partnership. Been working with Triad first and families. And likewise with the accessible festival. You have a lot of area families team with developmental disabilities down. That look forward to events like this because they're very few agencies that really can address the need sound and so one of the good things about the festival is that. We invite organizations. To come in service exit hitters may bring activities yeah so that they can be engaged with those who visit their table or their boot the winner right. But these are agencies. Who worked directly with the disability community. So Vera really aware of some of the challenges that not only. Of those with disabilities face with their families as well we're you know cause it difficulty in having. Several children. In your family bug one child in particular. May have a disability and so you you know it takes more pure time so it takes more of your treasure. And so or aunt via so we just want him. Sued I think that was the original idea that. Art orange hair when we started that. Let's just make it a day full of nothing but absolute font absolutely an end to give family members and caregivers. Really a much needed break oh gosh yeah yeah yeah because being a caregiver is not eat it really doesn't mean absolutely and so this is just. A wonderful opportunity to just slid all the stress ago yeah have a great time down and of course here with family and friends and just people. That you you love via love being around Bryant and just have a great opportunity to perhaps make new friends. And and to be part of all the fun festivities we talked a little bit. About it in the first half of the show with the accessible festival that's going to be this coming Friday. And remind me the date that's July 14. And it's going to be from 9393. On the Winston-Salem fairgrounds inside the education bill exactly. Now you haven't always been that location no I mean this is our third year is when I was thinking. Prior to that we were at both in part been limited is with these. Hot summer days exactly you know we wanted to just make sure that. We all are inside where it's nice and cool exactly and so we were at Bolton park for many years I didn't. And so it it's served its purpose sound right here right. But as we got bigger exactly that we needed to add to make sure that we had more for people to do and entertainers. You know at least more comfortable exactly and. I really believe teen of that education building is such an ideal yeah location it's a good sized space so when you think about. All the space really of the fairground it's it this year yes very years so whether. Ready or family you are a resident of the Winston-Salem area. Or of course you're more than welcome if you're visiting from other area city site and location six shut this down because again if this is the first time. But you hearing about the accessible festival. Whether you're hearing about it here through this radio program or you're hearing it from other family and friends. Just come out and see for yourself you know I think what is really only now no I mean it's as from the time they step in the door. And register because we asked them all to to do that so Brian in know who's with us. From the time they step and adored bill C you know pay out ability Asian as Salvation Army. Bill C vote rehab that just gonna see all different kinds of people. All different kinds of agencies and on different kinds of things entirely and that to Tina I'm so glad that you mention that because that will also be. A wonderful opportunity to get additional information via about the various agencies and help individuals went to the final of the one run that was. It's always something that when we're sitting at the table planning the event right we want to. B we're cognizant of the agencies that we invites her. Because we want folks know this is not an event where we're trying to sell them anything. It's just a day when they can come in gear resource is exactly information archive as a details. On what they can do to not only. Make their lives. Better them but enhance their lives exact as they progress through a sure is Spain we can't lie yeah not very tell ya so it is just we're we're always really. Aware. There's so many different kinds of disabilities. Senate so we just wanna have folks where we address. Autism we addressed Down's syndrome Ryan we address any kind of a you know visual impairment which I. So it's just all kinds of resources there that people can take absolutely and to as far as extending the invitation as well Tina. Even though this is Dennis primarily for individuals and their families with develop home. Developmental disabilities and this is really open to this open entirely public oh gosh exactly in a great opportunity for us to learn more. About these disabilities so that we can be more in tune with having. For lack of a better word the right conversation unsure as to where we can get familiar where is this the language if you will in better understanding. An individual who does have a developmental disability in finding that the individual can function. Just as good absolutely and in a lot of cases even better yeah. Then didn't them the most of us typically do were all about inclusion and eggs are currently exactly and yes so so that they'll understand you know our return we we're not gonna hold that against because you don't have a disability. Exact wanted to come on anonymity and the beautiful thing about it too Tina is that individuals who do you have a disability don't see it this. If anything we're the ones that does not they saying right because of our. Intolerance. And to a large degree are ignorance and and that's what it's primarily. What we're. I think the goal initially. For accessible festival with the help everyone understand. That in this world you we're going to be different exactly but just because we're different doesn't mean that we can't levee to no absolutely beautifully sad. And beautiful conversation and company thank you radio family the week in addition of community focus. Her here on the weekends on our intercom stations thank you for the great company. And certainly the great company of members of our community focused family that include Tina Carson Wilkens the accessible. Festival speaking of your partnerships. Teen with various agencies and organizations. Have with you if you can recall since day one well Ike and do. You're all well you know when we initially started so very many years ago it was. The arc of Winston-Salem which was located at the enrichment centers OK so use we say the enrichment centers and there are. Also who's a rental company once they're from the very beginning. And Pepsi. Bottling company Frito-Lay has joined in in being with us a long time. They BI Idaho ability shouldn't worry. They've been fantastic to work rate I mean isn't home we really really do appreciate. The partnership with them. The city of instance and yeah in some way shape performance either been a cup aren't running or their fear of ground but those are the city of Winston-Salem has been a part. Everything that we have done but there have been even organizations that would have been with those. Year after year after year like Piedmont Down's syndrome they come and net and they sit at their table Piedmont authority for regional transportation artist and one of our partners in this process. So you know we really we we just been so blessed. To have a large number of people were willing to come to give. Our aunts and to make this a wonderful. Opportunity. To listen to loosen up further Tina for perhaps an agency or a business. Who would like to become a future partner what does wind have to do in if they wanna be apart of the X well they just simply have to give us a home aunt. At 3367483243. As my direct him. Just give me a call and let me know on if they wanna be a part of it now I do have to a turn some people away sometimes because. We want folks understand this is not about sailing any thing arrange it's just about opening up on. Doris and am making people aware of the resources that are available to them. But it's it's a great chance for. Anyone who is. I'm trying to start. A nonprofit where it's at I'm excited because there's a young man by the name of Jeffrey turner who's who's. Got a nonprofit started for a sick outs now. And so for the first time ever he is going on you was gonna join us last year couldn't rain came back and say can I do it this year. And we're excited to have and so you know we we we just want people. Who are trying their level best to help other folks absent have a really good. And testing for is for the young man and I hope that things do work yeah not until we're back can be a future via a partnership as well it's fantastic. I also think shoe Tina not just from. Of being a part of the accessible festival for for persons who can volunteer their time. Oh gosh he's like yeah we love volunteers then because we have an arts and crafts area. Nancy and so with the arts and crafts we have to make sure that we have. Folks who are patient in now if you lose your help our visitors come in and take advantage of all of the aristocrats and we're gonna have their foreign and right so we also need volunteers who will help us. Oh we if you know the popcorn or the other snacks and even when the Pepsi. Or even with crowd maintenance and I forgot we're also I have on Tony's Italian ice they are doing funnel cake and oh yeah. So yeah. Bring your arrogance I know all bad hair and I'm not ready on salaries or anything else believe it or not crowd maintenance beyond. I'm Donald gates get people really really. Excited on time that's that's a lot of sugar or going to the idea what that that's that's good energy to burn areas especially when you get on the dance floor yeah. Not and you enjoy all the eighties music rights entitling it in the house picture we'd have a little movie stars like yeah it's going to be fantastic because as you. As you do every year. I Tino wits with the pictures and especially with social media. And the fact that you have a FaceBook page right going to be a great chance for us to see just how much thought oh gosh everyone had an opportunity and I cannot wait to you I was sad because I am I won't really be focusing on. All the great Haiti's entire yeah I'll be wearing. Less than I am so I'm not gonna see the Michael Jackson yes I am I gonna say they plant bat. Exactly that's gonna be good. Florida about a 13 one of our partners has been with us allowed ticks wet yes I was young by a young man by the name of Cedric guild does all of our pictures for almost let me -- sold between those pictures and the pictures from the photo boom we're even gonna have a gentleman. JR. JR's photography he's gonna be taking pictures Alvarez and so we're gonna chronicled fancy hearing now may easily that we haven't done a long time so yeah I hope folks will go to our FaceBook and Stefano and I get a chance to see all the great fun that we're going to be an. Absolutely today is so what a great way to really capture the moment yeah. Not only in still shots but already a filly to really capture it up close direct and personal again. By being there on Friday July 14 from nine until three. Again it inside the education building on the Winston-Salem fear grounds and in Winston-Salem. Again an ideal location and if you're not familiar with the area. It's right across the street from the BB NT football feel right. A wake forest university and of course senior services. Is directly across the street off a short hair dried out so it's like your run at the intersection as deacon boulevard and short garner through gate five OK fantastic 85 via yet very familiar location especially with the being close to. Of course is beyond Lawrence jolt exact coliseum in us as well so really Tina a lot. Top offer. For our community. The wonderful fact that it's going into its thirteenth year and and to have the staff that you have that really come together or spam. You know we couldn't do it without our team man. Off of staff members say proves that the stripped out to come out with some really great idea as really you know decorating ideas even the ideas of a promotional. Pact known of items that we. A gift to everybody who walks in Dorset get a little tote bag so they can put information and exact so you know it from. Eight dizzy and they really do come out with some great some great ideas that's fantastic meet him. And Tina I'm sure to the joy that comes from members of the community who I no doubt now. And I don't know why this idea just popped into my head I can actually imagine someone that once the event is over someone's gonna commit to USA. I love this so much which got planned for next yeah. Guess I should I it's OK let's use that last year when we were doing everybody has a star hunt and it was a young man who came in who had never come to any of the events before. It was his first time and he said well how long have you been doing Nancy Astor will mean at that time with its muscle this served well her. You think of why I've been missing all of this. Like where they hand yeah I think so what are you doing next. And I think I don't all but you know we hope you learned exactly and. It makes you just feel good when you have individuals like that who really do. You find have a whole lot of fun yeah absolute I need to see to scandal itself O yeah out. It's great to see the smile Dan is great to hear the laughter exactly and it's wonderful to see people. Say I'm back in shallow and so that's kind of been a lot of fun it is yes so it's nice to have. The return knees so yeah if you will but even more so to have the new ones yet again you are hearing about the accessible festival. For the first time and she really in these the thirteen years Teaneck to see it really grow. You know over the years. From its infancy when with the concept really became a reality and a. Up into where we are now on 27 our first year we had 250 people went down last year we had about 600. People plant that's Korea so it's me just say that any you know to say that it's. Because we are on your show all would have an opportunity to let the public know about anything we. We advertise a little bit of social media a little bit on the radio not a whole lot of any pain because we want. Folks who. So look for us of course where. But word of mouth is pretty an oddly out because we've we've already got groups. Large groups were asking them if you're gonna be bringing our large group where do you do you know just let us know in advance a ruby prepare for you that kind of steps right areas and has been really great is fantastic just to see those numbers continually grow yeah. And you're right I think word of mouth is really just. The great old school way idea of a sharing information. With others which I mean no without a doubt. Tina that are radio family and listening to our conversation. Today we'll spread the worry with family and friends says to the date and location all the great pains that will be taking place. All things all eighty's yeah all things all I know Aggies. Also they were looking for some it's going to be France that's right he's gonna beyond some mention it gonna be okay. It's going to be on the water went into does it. Referring to the old yeah terminology out. Week be kind of cool to that as people com you can kind of hear all of those phrases that. That we used to say on the regular back in the day see that's another what are they get out. CNET thank you so much any closing sponsor comments anything that she didn't mention that she likes soft well it's just say you know we really want folks to. Come on now to have a great time you know Roy if it's anything that we can do to make them comfortable more comfortable. You know just let us know we'll have those. Writes T shirts on a so all they have to do is look force but no we really want everybody come on out July 14 fantastic and again would you share your contact information if someone should he is down to if you want to I get more information about anything just give me a call. At 33674832. Written wonderful. Now before we bring our conversation to an end Tina wanted to recognize and there was one individual. Who could not be with us today yeah a slight. Scheduling conflict TER still out. But I know Darwin Day he wanted to be here with us and you definitely are with this here in spirit itself. Always enjoy having you both on the program will have to get to Kia and on our next conversation now will we got some great things coming up for the transit authority that's right absolutely don't know. Of Clinton's only will we will sell already were making plans to have you back on the program because as always team Mano a Mano goodbyes just and so next time out. So looking forward to that next semi dear thank you so much for all you do. With not only be accessible festival. It's my pleasure to. But also what you do with Winston-Salem transit authority so looking forward to to that information hopefully both of which he went to Kia. But indeed until next time Tina Carson Wilkins again joins us. With not only great information on the 2017. Accessible festival. But with west and again the dates market any calendar July 14 yep. Nine to three education building. Winston-Salem fierce ground so already a family would look forward to seeing you there thank you for being right here as we do wrap up another week in addition. A community focus I know you're doing some fantastic things and our communities thank you for what you do. Keep up the great work in indeed until that next time enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend take care.