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BIRTHPLACE: Wilmington, NC

BIRTHDATE: July 5, 1969

FAVORITE FOOD: Has to be Mom's mac and cheese. She does it like Grandma!

FAVORITE COLOR: Too Easy! Black!

FAVORITE ARTISTS:Wow! This list could get long because I have plenty of favorite musicians. Otherwise, Gladys Knight and the Pips..

FAVORITE MOVIES: I'm an old movie buff. I can watch the Bill Cosby/Sidney Poitier trilogy over and over. Piece of the Action, Let's Do it Again, and Uptown Saturday Night.

FIRST JOB: Paperboy when I was 12.

WORST JOB: That's a tuff one. I've like all of my jobs.

FIRST RADIO JOB: POWER 97! Back in the day!

MOST EMBARRASING MOMENT ON-THE-AIR: I almost don't want to say.. (Maybe no one will read this), but we used to do a live call in show called Dr. Deb's Heart and Soul. One night I was telling a story about a lady who mailed the house key back to her friend. She called the station on the air and said she was the one I was talking about. I turned RED.


FAVORITE INTERNET SITES: Sheldon Beatty Photoggraphy, Amazon, B&H Photo, Facebook, Model Mayhem

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