Sandra D

M-F Midnight-5a

BIRTHPLACE: Martinsville, VA……VA Represent!!!!

ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces!!!

FAVORITE FOOD: Lasagna, pizza, spaghetti better yet, anything that I cook!

FAVORITE COLOR: I can't pick just one but I Love Earth Tones

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Too many to name but I love Old School, R&B and Hip Hop…I love music with a message and meaning!

FAVORITE MOVIES: Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar, Training Day, Rush Hour, Friday, Scarface, Silence of the Lambs, Seven.…There's more but this is a good start

FIRST RADIO JOB: WCDX-Power 92 Richmond, VA

FAVORITE ACTOR: Idris Elba & Denzel…… Great Eye Candy!!!


FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Miami (South Beach) I love being near the water. I feel at peace

FAVORITE SPORTS: Football, Basketball (I've got skillz, 3 point specialist) and Boxing.

BIGGEST INFLUENCES: Mom, Dad and Grandparents…My grandfather on my mom's side lived to be 102 years Old!

FAVORITE BOOK: I have several but let's go with….The Game of Life and How to Play It (Author) Florence Scovel Shinn

WORDS OF WISDOM: Never take anything or anyone for granted…..BE BLESSED!!!