Renee Vaughn

M-F 6a-10, Sun 6a-7a, Sun 3p-7p

BIRTHPLACE: Washington, District of Columbia

BIRTHDATE:January 20, 1970 (proud Aquarian - but referred to as borderline Aquarius/Capricorn)

FAVORITE FOOD:Just about anything I can pronounce or recognize! :)

FAVORITE COLOR:I can only pick one!?!? Okay I quess it would have to Blue

FAVORITE ARTISTS:Way too many to mention, so I'll say any singer or group from the early 70's to today!

FAVORITE MOVIES:"Imitation of Life," "The Green Mile," and "Malcom X"

FIRST JOB:A Hanes Hoisery warehouse in Winston-Salem

WORST JOB:Working in any manufacturing plant (no offense to anyone who does this for a living, but it just wasn't for me)

FIRST RADIO JOB:980 Triple A in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

MOST EMBARRASING MOMENT ON-THE-AIR:Now this is really embarrasing, but I called out the wrong call letters at my first radio job!

BIGGEST INFLUENCES:My Lord and Savior, my mother, and my Grandmother

FAVORITE INTERNET SITES: Hotmail, Yahoo, Urban Insight WORDS OF WISDOM:I usually say this at the end of my airshift: "Doubt other people if you must, but never, ever doubt yourself, because there's always someone guiding you every step of the way"!

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